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World powers, Iran wrap up crunch nuclear talks    News agencies
1. 'By early April' they will have the Bomb
By May, the ability to deliver it. While the West will be talking, Iran will be bombing. Ah! the joys of being run by light-weights.
2. ashton "hopes"
JL   (02.27.13)
3. If Iran wanted to negotiate
all it has to do is to sign a statememt that any nuclear work is for peaceful purposes,and allow the AEIE to inspect anything they like.The fact that in spite of all sanctions,theyhave not compied,can only mean that they are stringing us along whilst they produce enough uranium for a weapon.Why would they put themselves in a position of sanctions,if they had nothing to hide. Wish I knew what the solution is.No-one wishes to attack,but has anyone got any other bright ideas.Hopefully ,having got a nuclear weapon,they would not be stupid enough to use it,especially in the middle east,where the bomb or dirty weapong could not possibly discriminate between Jew,Arab or anyone/anything else.!
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.13)
4. Iran will never bow down to the west
The days of Western colonialism are over
Zahra   (02.27.13)
5. When Ashton represents the world power Iran
Can celebrate!! it is a joke.
Abu Yousuf el Dugri   (02.27.13)
6. #4, Colonialism??
Maybe you should look in the dictionary what colonialism mean, before stating stupid comments. Who is occupying Iran? It will be more accurate to state that Iran is occupied by mad mullahas who don't care about their own people. Anyway they declare that they develop nulear capability just for peacefull pupose, then what do they have to hide? why don't they open their sites for inspection of the IAEA?
Ted ,   UK   (02.27.13)
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