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Report: Nasrallah's deputy injured in Syria blast    Roi Kais
1. more great news !
may he rot in hell like the rest of them !
gays4Israel ,   toronto   (02.27.13)
2. Bless the Syrian rebels
What they are looking for in Syria, spreading terror?
Jozef   (02.27.13)
3. Terror tactics used against terrorists
supporting the terror of the regime. Hezbollah's presence prolonging and contributing to the rising death toll whilst it condemns outside intervention and alleges western support for the rebels.
Get Real ,   UK   (02.27.13)
4. It's a pity that Nasrallah wasn't
a back seat driver in this convoy
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (02.27.13)
5. Deputy might have disclosed his whereabouts
If his deputy was injured, he might have been forced to disclose the whereabouts of Nasr allah. This might have been the reason of his runaway to Iran disguised in "for health" reason.
one ur waitng for ,   usa   (02.27.13)
6. 5 one
Israel knows exactly which hole he is (was) hiding in. Just waiting for the right time. ITs getting very interesting !!!!!
alsky ,   toronto   (02.27.13)
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