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Suspicion: Foreign caretaker abused elderly woman     Neri Brenner
1. 10 sons and they need a goya????
We've become a spoiled and sick people. Yes, there are more older people and on average people live longer today. In the past though, there were old people, and the Jews knew very well how to take care of their old. Shame on us!
Joel Yosef Busner ,   Afula, Israel   (02.28.13)
2. we care ourselves
although care assistents have to be trained for three years in France and Germany , you can read from time to time about cases of violence against elderly. So we decided to care for our Mother by ourselves. It is difficult but it is our obligation. when you come to think of it , our parents did the same and more for us !
A Base ,   France Paris   (02.28.13)
3. Why can't we take care of our elderly ourselves? Are there
no Jewish men and women to do this mitzvah? Haval we bring all these cruel goys here.
Sima ,   Israel   (03.01.13)
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