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MK Piron: Haredim don't pray for soldiers' well-being     Moran Azulay
1. Load of crap
All because they don't say his prayer doesn't mean they don't pray for them. This is hogwash.
KACH 613 ,   Judah Israel   (03.01.13)
2. Yesh Atid flushing years of effort down the toilet
I just want to say thanks to Yair Lapid and Co, who have finally come out with the real reason why they don't want to talk with the hareidim: they don't want compromise. Yes, you've read it here first folks. It's Yair's way or the highway. Line up the hareidim and throw them in jail and while you're at it, throw any chances of achdut and integration in there too. Now only the extremists will have a voice. Those of us hareidim who love Israel dearly, who served and work, are left with precious little to say against a state they proclaim is attempting to damage Torah. A special Kol Hakavod must be saved for Naftali Bennett, who, has gone against the wishes of his own electorate and Rabbonim to become Yair's lapdog. What happened to the posters of you standing beside Netanyahu, Naftali? There was no Lapid in those. Could it be your religious zionist support base isn't so comfortable with a man who is against religion and zionism (specifically Judea/Samaria) ?
Akiva   (02.28.13)
3. Lapid Is Weakening Israel
It's unfortunate that Lapid only cares about himself and not about the success of the nation of Israel. I had higher hopes for him and his soon to be defunct party Yesh Atid.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.01.13)
4. yesh atid
i would also like to say thanks to yair lapid for standing firm and doing what he promised. i who voted for yesh atid believe in what he is doing ...kol hakavod yair and thank you
joemoer ,   israel   (03.01.13)
5. True Democracy
I don't agree with you, therefore you have no rights, you shouldn't be in the government and we wil dictate to you what you need to do, and if you don't listen we'll throw you in jail. and all because I decided you don't pray for the soldiers. This is the Israeli version of deomcracy. what a joke!
Joe ,   Israel?   (03.01.13)
6. In the Days ahead All of Israel will need Hashem
Joshua initialy defeated the enemies in the Land of Milk and Honey By a strong united faith in what God could do.... Israel is currently surrounded by countries and terror organisions that are dedicated to Israels Removal ... a 2 state solution is only a Ruze (HUDNA) ....
Galut ia ,   selah   (03.01.13)
7. Yesh Yatid wants Thirty Mandates
Yesh Yatid wants thirty Mandates in a new Election so if Labor is Smart a Faction ought leave an form a Government and the Haredim Ought do More No Money if they don't contribute .exemptions for motivated scholars ought be allowed but many can work in Hatzollah and Medical Centres Assisting the Poor Elderly and cyber defence.
Zechariah   (03.01.13)
8. Yair Lapid is exactly right
The rest of us need to save the Haredim from themselves. They are trapped in a self-defeating, poverty-producing hole. They hide out in a Beit Midrash learning about a theoretical world from books but hardly participate in the real one. They learn about an imaginary State of Israel that may come into existence, or not, without participating in the building of the real State that they live in. That all would be fine if they had rich parents to pay for everything, but they have no right to chose a lifestyle that others must underwrite. If you want 10 kids, either prepare to get a job that pays $100,000 dollars a year, or take a class in birth control. If in your world, the Lord provides, stop begging others for help, and wait for G-d to deposit some cash in your account. Enough is enough already.
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (03.01.13)
9. Experience
Once I went into Mea Shearim at midnight on Shabbat with one of the most famous Israels. Half of the Haredim wanted to kill us (literally chasing us and spitting on us and calling us horrible names) but then others invited us into their shuls and danced with us and drank with us. So, there is no universal truth about them, just like there is no universal truth about any group of people. All the same, it is time for them to join society a bit or they will only find themselves in utter poverty forever.
Michael ,   Palo Alto, CA   (03.01.13)
10. Of course they don't pray for IDF
How could they - haredim don't recognize the state nor the mesirat nefesh of the army. They view them as the enemy. As R. Meir Kahane Z'L said about his yeshiva (Mir) and their opposition to the fight for Soviet Jewry: "How come they never even made a misheberach for them?"
Avinoam ,   Jerusalem   (03.01.13)
Does Yair (Tommy) Lapid pray for the soliders
bernei ,   bronx ny   (03.01.13)
12. cheap shots all around
Chalk this low blow comment and the entire debate as another reason why a wall of separation should exist between religion and state. Its no one's business what prayers people say or don't say or whether they even pray at all. Israel can have a strong army, protect the way of life of the secular and the observant (including haredim), allow civil marraige for straights and gays and have equal opportunity and rights for Jews and non-Jews without state supported religion. We are not so unique a people that we alone among the nations can establish a compassionate and benign theocracry - that's sort of like a compassionate and benign occupation.
avramele   (03.01.13)
13. WHAT A LOAD OF BS!! In my shul....
We DO say this tefilah and it is a bonified black hat and shtrimal wearing charedi place!! If you tell a LIE long enough people will begin to believe it.
Shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (03.01.13)
14. I am charadei
I am charadei and of course I pray for the welfare of the soldiers ... I am highly insulted ! there is a story of the Satmar Rebbe who was so opposed to the medina and one day a report that some soldiers were killed and he sat and he cried ! I am not Satmar but ccan learn form the Rebbe that there is something called Ahavat Yisrael love of all our people..that overrides all religious and political beliefs. We must love each other ... when I am at the Kotel I always stop to give a bracha to a soldier and show my appreciation to him for protecting klal yisrael the people of Israel ... I even give him a hug if he will let and show him sincere love... May we understand that nobody loves the soul of a Jew more than a true charedi (maybe equal but not more) May we learn to become one nation again !
kS ,   Brooklyn   (03.01.13)
15. praying for soldiers
I learned in the yeshiva of mir in israel. There was constantly tehillim (psalms) recited for the wellbeing and safety of the soldiers. When there was operation defensive shield, not only was there tehillim but the students were urged to learn torah instead of going out to lunch for the safe return of the soldiers. Hateful propaganda by yesh atid. Deeply hurtful and disappointing to have lies fed to the public.
moshe ,   england   (03.01.13)
16. Ks, you might see your self as a haredi
But in Israeli reality haredi community will not see you as one of theme, for you are using Internet and writing coments at ynet...... Sad but true
Baruch ,   JRS israel   (03.01.13)
17. Disgusting remark
Absolute BS. Has Rabbi Piron been to many Haredi shuls on Shabbat? Either he hasn't and he shouldn't have spoken about something he doesn't know about, or he is lying. Neither one makes him look very good. How dare he claim that Haredim don't care about the safety of their fellow Jews. Piron needs to be condemned by his party for such hateful remarks.
Avi Ze'ev ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.01.13)
18. seculars don't pray for soldiers
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.01.13)
19. chareidim dont add prayers to siddur....
that doesn't mean they don't pray for their fellow jews including soldiers. If you are a Rabbi, then shame on you for saying Motzei Shem Ra against the Jewish people.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (03.01.13)
20. Who doesnt pray for the soldiers????
I am pretty sure Yair Lapid doesnt say the prayer for the soldiers or the state in his synagogue either. In any case the Charedim have no problem praying for the soldiers its praying for the states secular leadership and misguided direction that they refuse. The rift is much deeper than you can imagine. The core issue is the respect of secular values and leadership over the jewish state. The charedim have no respect at all and the religious zionists justify it somehow despite the damage it does to Judaism.
yoni the Jew ,   Jewish Homeland   (03.01.13)
21. The Jewish version of
"we don't hate Jews, just Zionism", This reformed Rabbi has learned from those he admires, how to disguise obsessive hatred with progressive linguistics for his chorus of hate-filled religion racists. The enlightened, arrogant un-Jews amongst us, will go to any length to appear more righteous and more reasonable, which they are not. Although I can't say, that this is undeserved. If you live in a country, where there are Jews that need protection, you have to contribute. Learning Torah, or having ideological/religious differences does not exemption one from sharing in the well-being of a besieged Jewish population, and that is pure Halacha.
PaulD ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.01.13)
22. Relationship change needed
From the comments it would appear that at least some Haredi synagogues do have prayers for our sons, brothers and husbands. Be that as it may, I am now even happier that I did vote for Yesh Atid. They are standing up for the platform they laid out. They are holding firm on their principles. Kol Hakavod - stand up for what you (and those of us that voted for you) believe in!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.01.13)
23. Bottom line: equal share of the burden
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (03.01.13)
24. haredim do not prey for soldiers.
Rabbi Feron is absolutely right if you talk to haredim they'll tell you that they hate all the secular jews even though this country will not survive without their work and the arabs will sloughter the haredim the moment they'l sense any weakness and god will help them as he did in the holocoust
google ,   israel   (03.01.13)
25. #12
A pleasure to read your post. Thank you.
Mendoza ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (03.01.13)
26. #3 Chaim: The only person who is weakening Israel:
IS BENJAMIN NETANYAHU! You, as a settler, should know that the Haredim will sell you out at the drop pf a pin provided they get enough money! Israel needs a strong Government and the Haredim will use their power to make demands and if they don't get what they want they will bring down the Government! Why should Zionist kids, religious and secular, die defending Israel while the Haredim leech off the land and do the Meya Shearim Shokkel? Wake up people!
David ,   Israel   (03.01.13)
27. #18 Larry LA: NO! They fight!
Yankees, butt out. This is our problem, not yours! You elected Obama, and that is worse for Israel than the Haredim!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.01.13)
28. The late Rabbi of Zanz זצל
blessed all our sons before they went to the army. Now we will take the grandsons to the present Rebbe, בע׳ה Members of the Zanz community are in the army and are miluimnikim. They daven for our chayalim every day, not once a week.
29. But they Buy Blood for the IDF
In 1982 when Israel entered Lebanon, the Klausenberger Rebbe in Brooklyn ruled to donate money to fill blood banks for the IDF. I watched Satmar chassidum cough up thousands of dollars.
dave ,   safet   (03.01.13)
30. "Haredim don't pray for soldiers"
I find the comment completely ridiculous, as I do know from personal experience and personal knowledge that Haredim do pray for the soldiers, and the statement made by Yesh Atid is full of hatred and propaganda against a segment of the country who have a different view point of being Jewish and upholding the values of being Jewish
beth geffen ,   jerusalem israel   (03.01.13)
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