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Watch: Salafis launch rockets at Eilat    Roi Kais
1. من فضلك، إسرائيل، العفو لنا
Please,Israel,pardon us! My brothers are evil animals! Please,send to Gaza,in a daily base,the same numbers of rockets my evil animal brothers send to you. Thank you.
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.17.13)
Looking at this video one can only conclude that these guys are a bunch of madmen devoid of any humanity. Their insanity is obvious in all their videos and sendingb them to hell is the only solution.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (04.17.13)
3. The strong IDF hand will reach them SOON.
Abuya   (04.17.13)
4. ok I used to support Palestinians
and then after college I decided to do my due diligence. I do know their are secular Muslims but why the hell do they not publicly speak against radical Islam? I must have seen hundreds of videos on YouTube with terrorists firing rockets, exploding bombs, sending suicide bombers, and every time they yell allahu akbar. when are they going to stand up to these radicals? I'm still unsure about somethings with Israel, but I do know that Israel's has made offers for peace to the Palestinians a few times. and even some of my liberal secular Muslim friends from college would seem very cool and wanting peace, but the second you talked about Israel I would see red in their eyes and they would tell me they don't want Israel there at all. I'm a secular too, and I'm not big on the bible, but I mean everyone knows that Israel is the historical land of the Jewish people. I at one time thought the Jews stole the land 2000 years ago from the Palestinians, that what I was told. but I felt like an idiot after I did some research on it and found out that Muslims didn't even exist back then. but right now I would love to see peace and 2 states for both. but my support has tilted over to Israel in the last few years after learning most things I was told were lies, and that Israel has already made offers for peace but turned down by the Palestinians. I hated Israel so much because I was a lame a$$ follower. but I really recommend most learn the honest truth about the conflict before putting in your 2 cents. until I see the Palestinians stop placing preconditions, I never think there's going to be peace, and it's not Israel thwarting peace, they already proved what they were willing to do for peace by uprooting their own citizens in Gaza. after I witnessed that I knew immediately that what is best for Israel's interest is peace, and the 2 countries that became willing for peace "Egypt, Jordan" was able to make peace because Israel is willing. and I'm not afraid to tell anyone that I know the truth, even though last time I did at my old university, I almost got killed in a fight with 2 pro Palestinian supporters.
Nicklaus ,   san francisco   (04.18.13)
5. why shouldn't they send rockets?
after all they have observed,how their terrorist brothers in Gaza have been bombarding Israel with thousands of rockets for the last few years,and without any consequences at all,this leftist cowardly regime of Bibi,has not lifted a finger to put a stop to this,Israel the only country that refuses to protect it's citizens and homeland.People of Israel have you gone mad?,why do you tolerate this? in any other normal country these traitorous leaders would be hanging from the gallows.
chaim.s 54st ,   brooklyn ny   (04.17.13)
6. Iron Dumb
Even the venerables stones of Western Walls know the Iron Dumb! Ops! Domme is a failure.
Blaumstein ,   São Paulo   (04.17.13)
7. Cardboard Dome will not protect you.....
Well, I have an answer for that. Allah will not protect them. They better do a Nasrallah and dig a really deep hole.
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.17.13)
8. @ 1
please send your brothers back to Europe, Russia and Ethiopia
Palestinian   (04.18.13)
9. savages
one day israel will retake the sinai.
C   (04.18.13)
10. Very Primitive Brainwashing
I am surprised anybody believes this stuff anymore. Still although its a joke , needs to be dealt with.
11. #8 السلام يكون معكم
They are already occupying Europe,Russia and Ethiopia and imposing Sharia Law in these places . I am a repented Arab woman, therefore I disagree with what my brothers and sisters have been doing. We truly belong to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I long to live under the rule of my beloved King. I´m fed up to belong to a nation that behave as subhumans. The influence of Israel has shown me the way and I will follow it and convince my brothers and sister to come along. بعون ​​الله!
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.18.13)
12. To: No. 8
Please send yourself -- and your brothers -- back to the Hejaz in the Western Arabian desert from whence you came.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.18.13)
13. What are they calculating the trajectory for?
Their rockets are the most inaccurate rockets in the world. They probably used fertilizer as the explosive and concrete as the shaft.
Jason ,   USA   (04.18.13)
14. #1...there are no evil animals...just evil Arabs !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.18.13)
15. Fight Violence With Greater Violence
Worked against the nazis and imperial Japanese.
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (04.18.13)
16. #2 well said
rachel ,   usa   (04.18.13)
17. Hit them hard
Don't send planes. Send the Special Forces to hunt and eliminate them. It is good training for the Special Forces to experience actual combat before facing the Ayatollahist forces that are hell-bent on Israel's destruction by nuke.
Brod ,   USA   (04.18.13)
18. dome might not fully protect us but GOD will!!!
19. If rockets are fired from country A into country B, that
means country A attacked country B. Israel is the only country in the world, which is always attacked by "groups" and not countries. This case should be treated as if Egypt attacked Israel. And I'm not saying that this should result in IAF bombing Cairo. But there should be consequences, at least do what the Arabs always do: take it to the U.N. General Assembly. Otherwise the Egyptian government will not realise that it has to act and reinforce its low in the Sinai. Because currently there's chaos.
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.18.13)
20. #1: no problem
21. This is also a scourge for Egypt and Jordan
But yet....To all intents and purposes Hamas seem to turn a blind eye to Salafists in their midst Hamas the very two face people who will on the one hand sanction treacherous murder in Sinai of Egyptian Policemen and on the other seek political support from the Egyptian Government
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.18.13)
22. where's the rest of the story?
Although the article cites the militant group as taking responsibility for the rockets (which hurt no one), it fails to report the reason the group gave for the attack: the recent killing of two young, unarmed Palestinian demonstrators (a common occurrence) who were protesting the death in prison of another Palestinian confined as part of Israel's illegal occupation (also a common occurrence). The article also misrepresents the torture of Palestinian prisoners and the "Judaization of Jerusalem" as mere allegations; these are well-established matters of fact, the latter actually being official government policy. Such omissions falsify the story by decontextualizing it. Does any Israeli source describe, say, the Irgun's hanging of British soldiers without mentioning the executions of Irgun fighters the group claimed as justification, or Irgun's opposition to British rule -- even though these claims were, if anything, weaker than the parallel ones now made by militant Palestinian groups?
Michael Lesher ,   Passaic, USA   (04.18.13)
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