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IDF shoots down Hezbollah drone off Haifa coast    Yoav Zitun, Ron Ben-Yishai
1. reoccupy lebanon
bernard ross   (04.25.13)
2. Nasrallah is playing with fire
Nasrallah is playing with fire and he will get burnt, and then destroyed in a very short, high intensity war. Political and military "observers" estimate that that was the actual purpose of the recent US-Israeli meetings. The only open decision is when. It is estimated that Nasrallah's elimination will be shortly before an all out onslaught of Israel against Hesbollah leaders, assets and strategic targets. Remember, Israel doesn't really need a military provocation to start the onslaught. Israel will act when it estimates that it will gain maximum military and political effectiveness - in that order.
Semper Fi ,   Semper Paratus   (04.25.13)
3. So much for Iran's much vaunted
stealth technology.
Get Real ,   UK   (04.25.13)
4. greetings
this was a drone greeting BiBi chopper
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.25.13)
5. tit for tat you send flying object over lebanon
lebanon send UFO and sometimes IFO to take pictures
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.25.13)
6. False Flag
Since when does Hezbollah have drones?
Andy ,   UK   (04.25.13)
7. @6, before you learnt to read
DAVID ,   OBAMANATION   (04.25.13)
DANIEL TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (04.25.13)
10. Where is the video? Showing an old video for the
previous drone doesn't look silly?
Sami ,   Lebanon   (04.25.13)
11. the shia terror entity is led by psychopaths
the shia terror entity is not satisfied with just fighting along assad and murdering tens of thousands of syrian civilians. now they want to open a front with israel, using their terror proxy hezbollah. the shia terror entity is advancing its own demise. there will be nothing left of that vile genocidal regime.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.25.13)
12. Drone terminology
I was under the impression that the abbreviation RPV was replaced by UAV decades ago. Is this not true?
Ira L. Jacobson ,   Petah Tiqwa, Israel   (04.25.13)
13. You idiots don't get it...
If it were a Hezbollah drone, it would have made it all the way to Dimona. It was probably an Ethiopian drone video taping racism in Israel...
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (04.25.13)
14. Good one, #7
Busted out laughing upon reading that.
Cameron ,   USA   (04.25.13)
15. #4 tea man
I like the bit about the drone greeting chopper. I hope that the next greeting will be successful in getting up close and personal with BiBi Neten-yahoo...
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (04.25.13)
16. #11 Shia entity is 400 million strong
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.25.13)
17. #1 "reoccupy lebanon"
Are you out of your mind? Where were you in 2006? Who is going to occupy Lebanon? Bernard Ross and what army?
Avi ,   Israel   (04.25.13)
18. To: No. 13
Ah, we can roll right over Lebanon any time we want. Push button war. It will be over before it even starts. And this time, we will not be terribly concerned about civilian casualties. Their blood will be on Hezbollah's hands. Hope you're in Lebanon at the time -- visiting your good buds in Hezbollah.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.25.13)
19. To: No. 4
I don't believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu was at the beach in Haifa at the time, however. Iran's the one testing the waters. Failed miserably, though, didn't it? Poor old Iran. Just another embarrassment -- in case the beating their vaunted Revolutionary Guard is taking at the hands of a bunch of untrained Syrian rebels weren't embarrassing enough ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.25.13)
20. #16 tea man
Oh yeah? And the Jewish entity is more than a billion as we speak. By the time you finish reading my post, that number will rise about 20 percent thanks to our active Haredi brothers and sisters...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (04.25.13)
21. @14.
#7   (04.25.13)
22. #11 Shia entity is 400 million strong all over the world
between India and pakistan there are close to 155 million shia out of 400 million Shia world wide you want to wipe out the entity dream on two of them were the fathers of each country Nuclear weapon In USA alone there are 4 million Shia and very soon will outnumber the USA Jews
tea man ,   marjayoun   (04.25.13)
23. #20 what are you drinking in your tea?))
a billion Jews? Can you imagine the kind of arguments we would have with that many of us? And if they are mostly haridi how will the rest of us ever support them in the style to which the GOI has accustomed them.... until now that is . Quality is what counts Sarah, not quantity.
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (04.25.13)
24. Too late if it had carried a Nuclear Weapon.
Roland Seener ,   London England   (04.25.13)
25. #22
ah yes marjayoun is a lovely area, full of history and natural beauty. Very unfortunate that it's infested with shia scum like Hezbollah and yourself. Most shi'ites worldwide wouldn't dream of associating themselves with pernicious jihadist loons like Nutsrollah and his religious wacko minions.
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (04.25.13)
26. #13 Mmm Perhaps playing with your toys
Is more your thing? Your ridiculously childish ranting is quite sad and pathetic
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.25.13)
27. tea man, the shia terror entity is less than 80 million
furthermore, the population is disaffected. most hate their psychopathic leaders.
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.26.13)
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