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EU ends arms embargo on Syrian opposition    Associated Press
1. Successful foreign policy
I don't know if the credit for this remarkable turn of events is due to Kerry or Clinton, or both. Europe now recognizes the opposition, which has declared its loyalty to Al Queda, which Obama has supposedly vanquished from the face of the earth, except when they are killing Americans. Israel must shudder at the thought that that is who is supposedly watching Israel's back.
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (05.28.13)
2. Is this good news or bad news for Israel?
Oh, I forgot, there are not good news for us in this story, only bad and very bad.
Igor ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
3. Bugger! clearly the EU didn't learn anything from USA ...
involvement in Afghanistan during the 80s and 90s. This arming of rebels NEVER EVER ends well.
4. who would have thought?
While Putin is doing his best to start peace talks and reduce violence, Cameron and Hollande are arming Sunni Jihad to genocide Christians, Alawi, Shi'ite and Druze. Who knows, maybe Putin will start arming the Irish and Argentines to liberate their land from the British occupation.
5. These are the weapons our sons&daugters in IDF will be dying
from in the near future- and the "Syrians"? They will go on killing each other as is written in the Holy Kouran.... These very same thoughts must have crossed the terminally antisemitic European heads when they decided to act in this manner.
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.28.13)
6. Yes, this IS good news for Israel
It's very simple people. Who is Israel's primary enemy? Iran. Nobody would dispute this, right? Now, we all know that Iran uses the syrian regime to support Hezbollah. Therefore, in a fight between anyone and the syrian regime, it is in Israel's best interests to back the anyone. Literally, anyone. As of right now, Hezbollah is a greater threat to Israel than al-Queda. Furthermore, the demonization of the entire opposition as al-Queda is absurd and unfounded. The best comparison I can find is this: Israel is america. Iran (and Iranian proxies Assad and Hezbollah) are nazi germany. The opposition is Joseph stalin. You work with stalin to beat hitler, and then you beat stalin if you have to. Nuff said.
Sol ,   Champaign America   (05.28.13)
7. and after...
Now the rebels got a chance to get the WMD of Assad in their hands. Thank you Europe.
Mikael ,   Ashkelon   (05.28.13)
8. Bad idea
I have to agree with the folks who say this won't end well. I think everyone would be better served if we were taking weapons away from these people instead of introducing more advanced ones. This conflict should be settled with sticks and stones, not no fly zones with air to surface missiles.
Michael Lewis ,   Martinez, USA   (05.28.13)
9. Double Standards
The West are supporting al-Qaeda in Syria, but bombing people in Mali because they say the rebels there are al-Qaeda. That's Western hypocrisy for you...
Ali   (05.28.13)
10. #9 worse than you say
If anything, it is far worse than hypocrisy. Look at Cote d'Ivoire, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan. How many civilians died, were wounded, or lost their property thanks to the hypocrisy of Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and now Hollande?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.28.13)
11. The Best is Russia's response!
They have armed Assad to the hilt but they condemn the EU for arming the rebels! Best thing for Israel is stay out of it BUT if Syria's minions attack, they must be taught a lesson once and for all that they will never forget! The word "restraint" must be removed from the lexicon!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
12. #6 Sol: In theory you are right but .....
You are not taking into consideration the Arab saying : "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and when it comes to Hezbollah and Al Qaeda or whatever Arab/Muslim radical group you choose, Israel is ALWAYS the enemy! We here in Israel know very well where the danger lies and how to deal with. We also know that most people in Europe and the USA close their eyes to the dangers facing them from Islamic "Extremists" and those who are aware of it say that it's all Israels fault. The bottom line is that those weapons will be turned on Israel sooner or later and Israel will have to deal with the problem alone because of the power of Islam in the UN, the cowardice of the EU and the failure by the USA to challenge Russia and China for their support of the massacre of the Syrian people, with the best weapon availble - purchasing their goods and investment in their countries! By the way, Stalin was not defeated. He lives in Russia and his name is Putin!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
13. Advance weapons for Syria
The solution is to organize a large, paid non-military or ex-military fighting group who would not compromise the design or use of advance weapons and systems.
henry ,   Manila   (05.28.13)
14. What does this achieve?
Instead it acts as a reason for the West to remain becoming actively involved in the fighting. Direct intervention would lead to so many other problems. It prolongs the fighting keeping both sides well occupied and lets anti-Western Islamic terrorists continue fighting each other.
Get Real ,   UK   (05.28.13)
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