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123 percent rise in new settlement construction in 2013, new stats show    Elior Levy
1. Good, but not nearly enough
Israelis are voting with their feet. That's a good thing. They realize that Judea and Samaria are beautiful places to live, with nice, affordable housing, beautiful parks and schools. Contrary to popular perception, the settlements are not exclusively haredi. Secular Israelis live there, too.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.03.14)
2. Lessons for Putin
Our government can teach Vladimir Putin a thing or two about land theft.
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.03.14)
3. why to expose internal news on the international level?
carmelus ,   israel   (03.03.14)
4. Selective Reporting
Funny how Y net selectively reports only the absolute number of housing units for the "settlements" and not the other areas.
Joe Justice ,   Jerusalem   (03.03.14)
5. Israel indivisible
Leah Goldsmith ,   Itamar Israel   (03.03.14)
6. Put in perspective - 96% of all building's inside green line
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (03.03.14)
7. Our Growth Rate Is More Than Double Than Israel As A Whole
Supply and demand. OUR land. It's that simple.
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (03.03.14)
8. Sorry but it is not good
Jews should have gone to East Jerusalem and the Galilee. Now we are losing all together
Ralph ,   Rome   (03.03.14)
9. settlements
settlements are an obstacle to war not to peace. No settlements led to the 6 day war
Gershon ,   London UK   (03.03.14)
10. Not nearly enough
Needs to be 10x as much.
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.03.14)
11. What Wounderful News
So The Jewish Israeli population is increasing and that means Build Baby Build! Mozel Tov!!!
12. There you go..the "Tango" of Bibi Milliekowsky
Lynx ,   Palestine   (03.03.14)
Lynx ,   Palestine   (03.03.14)
14. Wonderful news: Jews settle in what internatioanl law has
designated "the national home of the Jewish people" where Jews may settle at will. Anyone who thinks that we, Jews, must limit our living space under the sun, only because we are Jewish, is acting like a racist, anti-Jewish racist at that. And, anyone who thinks that we, Jews, ought to refrain from dwelling in our ancestral homeland of 4,000 years is involved in insulting us, only because we are Jewish. We say: Never Again!!
N.L. Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.03.14)
15. still under-constructing
west bank constitutes 4.4% of the population and 5.7% of the construction. however, most of that is making up for witholding construction permits previously. also, growth rate of the population there is way above the growth rate of israel in general (thee is a very high birth-rate there). also, outlying areas (i.e. not in over-constructed greater tel aviv) grow much faster since greater tel aviv can not realy gorw much more anymore. probably construction should be at least 10%-15% of total israel construction
david ,   new york   (03.03.14)
16. #8-building is mainly in settlement blocs
no problem   (03.03.14)
17. Sure! jews want peace.
18. percents mean nothing unless you want to mislead
How about giving us actual numbers!!
Zev ,   Israel   (03.03.14)
19. Pals got money+prisoners for nothing.Now they want freeze.
Palestinians come to talks looking not for peace but for free concessions. The US and EU suckers always rush to give them to them hoping it will result in peace. It never does. Why should Palestinians make peace when they get free concessions? The US and EU are hopeless at peace making.
Sam ,   Canada   (03.03.14)
20. Wow, a political crisis over 2,534 housing units?!
My own apartment house in DC has almost 500 units. So all of the construction Obama and his lackeys are concerned about - most of them in Jewish neighborhoods and settlement blocks - is barely equivalent to six buildings like mine. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegal Palestinian units went up, and we hear not a word about them from Washington. Pathetic.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.03.14)
21. #17, building is a peaceful activity. Your Jihad is not.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.03.14)
22. This land is ours. Demand UNLIMITED Judea/Samaria building.
This tiny land has belonged to Jews for 4,000 years. Countless world class legal scholars have proven Judea and Samaria are ours. Including Eugene Rostow and his co authors of UN Resolution 242. No more games with "Palestinian" poseurs. Now is the time to claim our land and demand UNLIMITED Judea and Samaria building.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.03.14)
23. #12, Arabush. The home of all Arabushes is Mecca in Hejaz
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.03.14)
24. My Antisemitic clone will get a fit & evaporate in thin air
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.03.14)
25. This is a made up crisis that no other country complies with
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.03.14)
26. Settlements increased by 123%
It means Netanyahu wants the State of Palestine's size will be the same as the Vatican.
Harold ,   USA   (03.03.14)
27. sounds like alot but it aint
First of all we need to understand what is called the West Bank. What they call the WB is integral parts of Jerusalem such as Ramot, Ramat Shlomo, etc which are huge chunks of land that is filled with hundreds of thousands of people and is still being built. It does not mean that in the far off settlements next to occupied Jenin there is an Israeli settlement that went from twenty caravans to twenty thousand. Figures don't lie, but liars figures....
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (03.03.14)
28. I want new Jewish villages and cities in Judea
and not only the exension of established ones ....................
trump   (03.03.14)
29. Kudos to you, YNET! Just in time when Bibi meets Obama
You guys are at it again! You sneaky devils. It doesn't matter where construction is happening, even if it's in existing settlements. You gotta love the timing! Even when Obama threatens Israel to accept concessions.and right before AIPAC.
Celia ,   Middle Israel   (03.03.14)
30. How exciting
Maybe we can afford a little scenic home for our family when we come home. As I travel around the world, it's wonderful to see how many people are starting to see through Arab behavior against themselves, what a tuff spot Israel has been in all these years. Judea/Samaria was not stolen like Russia taking Crimea this week, but won in a battle Israel did not provoke.
Jan ,   New York   (03.04.14)
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