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Yigal Amir.com

10 years after murder, website asks who killed Yitzhak Rabin
By Natalie Prishkolnik

TEL AVIV - Supporters of Yitzhak Rabin assassin Yigal Amir no longer have to rely on a weblog by Amir's fiancee Larisa Trembovler for news about their hero.


Now, they can log onto a website (in Hebrew,) claiming Amir did not act alone on November 4, 1995, and demanding his immediate release.


The website is headlined with the question "Who killed Yitzhak Rabin," and features a plethora of conspiracy theories about the murder.


Relying on reports of police investigators to "prove" Amir's innocence, supporters are instructed in ways to advance their campaign—signs, emails, and other methods. Readers are also invited to respond to articles, supposedly directly to Amir's private email address.


The home page features a series of downloads including stickers with Amir's photograph and a quote saying "I didn't kill him!"


American volunteers


The website is run by several volunteers, including one David Cohen, an American citizen living in Israel who was greatly influenced by a book by Barry Hamish, asking the same question as the website: who killed Yitzhak Rabin?"


"I read Barry's book," Cohen told Ynet. "If you look at the book, the whole story is just not logical.".


"Here's a guy, wears a kippa, friend is a Shin Bet agent, has been threatening to kill the prime minister for weeks. But he's allowed to be in the area for 40 minutes with a gun?


"When Rabin was shot in the back," he continues, "(his body guards) did nothing. Rabin "forgot" to fall down, there was no blood on the floor. Instead of calling an ambulance, Rabin got in his limo. But the media is silent."


Scapegoat with a kippa


The site editor mentions the story of the underground "Eyal" organization and Avishai Raviv, known by his code name "Champaign".


"When Amir first appeared in court, he said "if you know the truth, it would turn the whole country on it's head.


"30 days later, after extensive interrogation, he changed his story, blaming the rabbis.


"It's anti-Semitic: they looked for a scapegoat with a kippa. It couldn't happen in America, France or Germany today.


Hamish rejects claim


Author Barry Hamish is thrilled his book has achieved some success, but said he is less-than-thrilled about the website.


"My idea was never to release him from responsibility for the killing. He didn't commit the murder, but he was certainly a Shin Bet Agent who worked with Avishai Raviv. Together, they did a great amount of damage."


Amir family members told Ynet they object to Hamish's ideas, and that they have no right to publish such a website. They added the campaign angers Yigal Amir himself


Miri Hason contributed this report


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