09:26 , 11.25.08


Love Letter
Photo: Tal Cohen Letter in a bottle washed ashore Photo: Tal Cohen
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From Gaza with love

Ashkelon residents find bottle containing love letter written by Palestinian man to his lover
Shmulik Hadad

Israelis are used to rockets being launched from Gaza at southern communities, but Ashkelon residents were in for a surprise Monday, after finding a wholly different "Gaza delivery."


Residents of the southern town who were engaging in a beach cleanup operation found an Arabic-language letter in a bottle. The letter read: "I love you, I'm crazy about you, and I pray that God never separates us. You changed my life…you're my life, you're my eyes."

The man who found the letter (photo: Yoav Nakash)


The letter's content makes it impossible to ascertain whether it arrived from the Gaza Strip or from an Arab state, but based on past experience it likely originated in Gaza. Ashkelon residents are used to large quantities of waste from Gaza making their way to their beaches, but this is the first time such letter was found.


Yoav Nakash, who organized the cleanup operation, said he was very touched by the letter.


"This is very touching and heart-warming," he said. "There's also some sadness involved, as this letter ultimately did not reach the man's lover…perhaps she will read the letter now that it has been published."


Ali Waked contributed to the story