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Giving Back
Photo: AFP Humanitarian aid to Gaza Photo: AFP
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Hamas returns UNRWA's supplies

UN agency resumes aid effort after Hamas returns blankets, 10 truckloads of food stolen Friday

The United Nations said on Monday that Hamas has returned all of the aid supplies that it seized from the agency in the Gaza Strip last week.


A Steal
UNRWA halts Gaza aid, cites Hamas theft / Hanan Greenberg
UN agency suspends operations after Hamas ministry steals 10 truckloads of food from crossing
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The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said the return of the supplies cleared the way for it to resume all of its operations in the Strip.


UNRWA had suspended imports of goods on Friday after accusing Hamas of twice seizing aid supplies.


"The Hamas authorities in Gaza have returned to the UNRWA warehouses in Gaza City and Rafah all of the aid supplies," said UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness.


UNRWA had accused Hamas of taking blankets, food and other goods from a warehouse and 10 aid trucks. Hamas denied it confiscated any supplies from UN premises.


The UN is under pressure to show international donors that it is independent of Hamas as it seeks funding to rebuild the territory after Israel's crushing three-week military offensive.