First Published:   12:36 , 01.06.12
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Car bomb used in November's terror attack
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25 killed, dozens wounded in Damascus suicide bombing

Syrian state television reports of 25 fatalities, 46 casualties in terror attack in city's central Maidan district
Elior Levy and Reuters

At least 25 were killed and 46 others were wounded in Syria Friday, in a suicide bombing in the central Damascus district of Maidan, Syrian state television reported, showing footage of what appeared to be a damaged police bus.


The television showed body parts, bloodstains and broken glass from the blast in the Maidan district, along with people shouting that this was the work of terrorists.



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Video: Reuters

Several riot police shields could be seen in the wrecked bus, which was among several vehicles with smashed windows.


"Immediate information indicates that a suicide terrorist blew himself up at a traffic light in the Maidan neighbourhood," the television said. "There are dozens of dead and wounded, mostly civilians."


The report was quick to attribute the explosion to "terrorists" by Opposition activists claimed that the regime orchestrated the bombing "to discredit" the opposition and the pro-democracy protesters.


Some opposition activists said the blast had targeted a police station, others said it was an intelligence building.


At At least 44 people were killed last month by what the Syrian authorities said were two suicide bombings against security buildings in the Syrian capital.


Syria has been racked for 10 months by an uprising against President Bashar Assad in which the United Nations says more than 5,000 people have been killed. The government says armed "terrorists" have killed 2,000 members of the security forces.