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    Shafirim River diversion project underway
    NIS 10 million project to divert river away from adjacent Hiriya dump site, with aim of protecting water quality

    A new preservation project meant to protect the Shafirim River in underway, Ynet has learned.


    The river runs adjacently to the Hiriya Park. The latter served as the greater Gush Dan's largest waste disposal site in 1952-1999 receiving 3,000 tons of household waste per day; eventually growing to a 450,000 sqm mountain with a height of 60 meters and a volume of 16 million cubic meters of waste.


    The site currently serves as a waste transfer station and a recycling center, but it still contains hazardous household waste and authorities – fearing hazardous material will seep into the river's waters, have launched a NIS 10 million (roughly $2.5 million) river diversion project to protect Shafirim.


    The seepage of hazardous material into the Shafirim's waters puts its ecosystem as risk, and as it runs into the Mediterranean Sea, it stands to have a detrimental effect on its waters, as well.


    The work also coincides with Israel's obligations under the Barcelona Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution.


    The work aims to divert one mile of the river – that runs right alongside Hiriya – some 200 meters south.


    The Dan Municipal Sanitation Association began the process of rehabilitating the mountain, Hiriya in 2001, as part of its planned of the construction of the Ariel Sharon Park in its place.


    The planned 1,980-acre park is set to become the largest "green lung" of the Dan Metropolitan Area upon its completion.





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