Photo: Orot
Avi Friedman in action
Photo: Orot
Regiment commander plays with dolls
What brings a tough military man to create a prayer book for children based on modeling clay?
When he's on reserve duty he serves as commander of the Negev patrol unit, but Avi Friedman's soldiers already know that their tough regiment commander is a champion in modeling clay.


After completing his studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Friedman put his real love aside, but it was the army which re-evoked his passion for plasticine.



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Friedman recently released a prayer book for children, aimed at giving the young generation visiting the synagogue of feeling of belonging.


"I hope that when I am judged by God, after I will pass from this world, the children's prayers will help me go in the right direction," he says.


Ynet and Orot TV invite you to meet the Jewish people on Friedman's desk.



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