Photo: BTV
Bulgarian police
Photo: BTV
Israeli brothers arrested in Bulgaria for murder
They allegedly slay their 26-year-old countryman and fling him from their car; they are to be prosecuted in Sofia.

Two Israeli brothers were arrested overnight Wednesday in Bulgaria on suspicion of having murdered a 26-year-old Israeli citizen in the country before throwing his corpse from their car, according to local media reports.



The two suspects arrived in the eastern European country on Thursday. According to an eyewitness, the two brothers were arrested with their car nearby the town of Samokov, 40km from the capital of Sofia.


Bulgarian police investigate. (Photo: BTV)
Bulgarian police investigate. (Photo: BTV)


The corpse of the dead man, Eliad Prag of Tel Aviv, had signs of bruising and abrasions.


The two fled the scene where Prag was found, according to eyewitness reports to the local police, who set out on a manhunt after the suspects.


The police believe the incident to be a murder or possibly an overdose, and the Sofia district prosecutor will handle the case. Those close to the suspects, however, disagree with the possibility that this was a murder.


The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented that local authorities were handling the investigation and that the MFA and its embassy in Sofia were "providing assistance to the family at this difficult time."


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