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Ariel: Bennett wants to break off Bayit
Sources in Minister Ariel's National Union faction say that Bennett plans to
(13:14 , 28.03.17 )
Haifa Chemicals workers block major Tel Aviv
In an effort to prevent the closure of the Haifa ammonia facility, Haifa
(12:41 , 28.03.17 )
Man acquitted of murdering his mother
Chen Ayalati, who was charged with the murder of his mother Miriam, was
(12:05 , 28.03.17 )
New video of Umm al-Hiran shooting: 'Don't
More than two months after the incident in which police officer Erez Levi was
(10:22 , 28.03.17 ) 
Mashal on assassination: ‘We are at open war’
While not mentioning Israel by name, Hamas's Qatar-based leader says 'the enemy'
(09:35 , 28.03.17 ) 
US ambassador to UN: Days of Israel-bashing are
Addressing AIPAC conference, Nikki Haley says anti-settlement resolution passed
(08:21 , 28.03.17 ) 
Christians United For Israel visits United
A special delegation from Christians United for Israel (CUFI) visit the
(22:18 , 27.03.17 )
Stabbing attack thwarted near IDF base in Nablus
Palestinian tries to stab soldier with a screwdriver near the Samaria
(22:01 , 27.03.17 ) 
Hamas upgrading naval commando unit
With tensions rising and Egypt and Israel both enforcing blockades of the Gaza
(20:58 , 27.03.17 ) 
Bennet is not thrilled to learn of Mozes and
Naftali Bennet told Army Radio that during talks between Benjamin Netanyahu and
(20:05 , 27.03.17 )
Netanyahu: Israel committed to working with
In a satellite speech to AIPAC in Washington DC, Prime Minister Netanyahu
(19:00 , 27.03.17 ) 
Police arrests 22 ultra-Orthodox suspected of
The suspects, aged 20 to 60, allegedly committed sex crimes against women,
(16:18 , 27.03.17 )
Israeli Arab indicted for sending money to ISIS
Fadel Tzaber Knaneh was in contact with his brother, who fought with ISIS in
(16:02 , 27.03.17 )
Rivlin rejects former PM Olmert's pardon request
President says his authority to grant pardons cannot be used as a form of appeal
(14:54 , 27.03.17 )
Israel issues travel warning for Turkey, Jordan
In warning ahead of Passover holiday, Counter-Terrorism Bureau advises Israelis
(13:32 , 27.03.17 )
Gafni: 'It's irresponsible to go to elections
United Torah Judaism MK says that while ultra-Orthodox parties are against going
(12:30 , 27.03.17 )
Patient assaults nurse, throwing computer screen
In the latest incident of violence against medical staff, patient in his 50s
(11:27 , 27.03.17 )
Report: Mossad tried to infiltrate French
Le Monde reports that Israeli agents took advantage of close association with
(10:08 , 27.03.17 )
IDF arrests senior Hamas official in the West
While Hamas is holding elections for the organization's West Bank leadership
(08:39 , 27.03.17 )
Pence revives talk of US moving embassy to
Speaking at AIPAC, the US vice president says Trump is 'giving serious
(08:11 , 27.03.17 ) 
Settler leader: Population growth is end of
The number of Israeli settlers living in the West Bank has soared over the past
(23:25 , 26.03.17 )
Ultra-Orthodox intermittently block a main
Dozens of demonstrators tried to block the intersection of Jabotinsky and Ben
(20:11 , 26.03.17 ) 
Ministerial committee decides on more political
The committee recommends that senior appointments remain under the purview of
(20:06 , 26.03.17 )
Buses stoned in Afula
In recent weeks there have been complaints of stone-throwing at buses in Afula;
(18:40 , 26.03.17 )
No end in sight for coalition crisis
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon meet again
(17:14 , 26.03.17 )
Hundreds of building planners demand PM end Arab
Over 280 architects, engineers and building planners send an open letter to
(14:45 , 26.03.17 )
The Israeli Omerta: Crime boss refuses to
In a dramatic twist of events, incarcerated crime boss Ze'ev Rosenstein refuses
(11:58 , 26.03.17 ) 
Hamas closes Gaza border following assassination
In effort to stop Mazan Fukha's killers from fleeing the strip, Hamas closes
(11:31 , 26.03.17 )
Israel-Lebanon maritime dispute heats up
In response to news of Israeli legislation concerning maritime demarcation
(11:05 , 26.03.17 )
Shaked, Naor at odds over Supreme Court's next
So far, all chief justices were appointed based on seniority, with Judge Esther
(10:54 , 26.03.17 )
Woman critically wounded in Lod shooting
Eyewitnesses say masked man entered the woman's home and shot her in front of
(09:58 , 26.03.17 )
Israeli believed to be behind 1,000 threats in
Police believe the young Israeli man behind a wave of international bomb threats
(09:33 , 26.03.17 )
The highest building in Israel is approved for
Approved by the Finance Ministry's district committee, the tower will house 100
(23:46 , 25.03.17 )
Armored Corps draft refusal at a noticeable low
After it was reported only three months ago that the refusal rate for serving in
(23:06 , 25.03.17 )
Hamas commander's funeral held as show of
The funeral of Mazan Fukha, a Hamas operative who was assassinated Friday near
(20:17 , 25.03.17 ) 
Rivlin asks Vietnam to consider supporting
At the conclusion of their meeting in a state visit to Hanoi, Reuven Rivlin
(19:32 , 25.03.17 )
Filmed defrauding cashiers and arrested
After a newsstand owner released security-camera footage of a 52 year old who
(18:17 , 25.03.17 ) 
US Jews wrestle with arrest of Jew in
Jewish communities in the United States are in shock after it was discovered on
(18:12 , 25.03.17 )
Identity revealed of police officer who attacked
34-year-old Moshe Cohen is the now-suspended member of the riot police who was
(17:31 , 25.03.17 ) 
Bennett and Smotrich square off over IDF boycott
MK Smotrich joins throws his hat into the ring of public debate over
(15:27 , 25.03.17 )
Hamas commander assassinated in Gaza
According to a statement from Hamas' military wing, the terror organization is
(14:00 , 25.03.17 )
Arab council demands end to community violence
In light of increased gun violence in many Arab cities and villages across
(13:38 , 25.03.17 )
UN: Israel didn't comply with call to halt
UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov told the council the large number of settlement
(10:43 , 25.03.17 )
UK warns UN it will oppose anti-Israeli
After The United Nations Human Rights Council adopts several anti-Israeli
(22:59 , 24.03.17 )
IDF troops detain 8-year-old Palestinian
A video captures Israeli Military soldiers leading a Palestinian boy in Hebron;
(18:42 , 24.03.17 ) 
Merkel worried Israeli settlement building
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she sees no reasonable alternative to
(17:34 , 24.03.17 )
Assaulting policeman may be dismissed
The Israel Police officer who was filmed striking a truck driver is to be called
(16:38 , 24.03.17 ) 
MK asks court to overturn PM’s ban on Temple
Right-wing activist and parliamentarian Rabbi Yehuda Glick is certain that
(13:00 , 24.03.17 )
Nakba procession not approved by police
The Nakba march was supposed to take place near Nahariya during the upcoming
(12:55 , 24.03.17 )
Hacker from Ashkelon allegedly forced emergency
He called hundreds of Jewish institutions across causing panic, and two years
(11:33 , 24.03.17 ) 
Israeli groups open school for Syrian refugees
Israeli humanitarian group works on an initiative to build a school for children
(09:56 , 24.03.17 )
Car speeds through red light, crashing into
Footage: a vehicle crosses Ahihud Junction at a red light, injuring three
(09:29 , 24.03.17 ) 
Washington talks end without agreement on
The round of talks between the Trump administration and Israeli officials has
(07:58 , 24.03.17 )
Rivlin opens economic forum, visits Israeli
On his state visit to Vietnam, the president tours a model cow dairy established
(23:27 , 23.03.17 )
Egyptian ambassador to Israel promotes two-state
Hazem Khairat celebrates peace between his country and the Jewish state, though
(23:27 , 23.03.17 ) 
Israeli allegedly behind hoax bomb threats
A 19-year-old Israeli has been arrested on suspicion of making hoax bomb threats
(22:11 , 23.03.17 ) 
US Senate confirms Trump nominee to be Israel
Friedman, who has no diplomatic experience, is a long-time friend of Trump who
(21:37 , 23.03.17 )
State of Texas and Samaria Regional Council ink
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is in Israel touring Samaria as his
(20:59 , 23.03.17 )
Obama's Israel envoy sees positive elements in
Despite no longer holding the position, Shapiro remains in Israel with his
(19:28 , 23.03.17 )
Contest at Haredi girls' school: Design a banner
The Education Ministry has received complaints about the Tiberias school's
(19:23 , 23.03.17 )
Israel Summer Time starting early Friday morning
Make sure to set your clocks—on the night between Thursday and Friday, the
(18:21 , 23.03.17 )
Rabbi Levinstein marks new target: The Supreme
Controversial religious-Zionist rabbi slams Supreme Court ruling under former
(16:51 , 23.03.17 )
Police officer assaults truck driver in east
Officer seen in video swearing at the driver, headbutting and kicking him during
(13:37 , 23.03.17 ) 
Rivlin recreates Titanic 'King of the World'
During a boat tour of the beautiful Hạ Long Bay, the president and his wife have
(12:02 , 23.03.17 ) 
Arabs protest UN's withdrawal of Israel
Palestinian envoy claims ‘bullying tactics and intimidation’ were used to nix
(11:20 , 23.03.17 )
Yair Katz, son of Minister Katz, arrested in IAI
Two arrested and 10 held for questioning on Wednesday morning as part of ongoing
(10:51 , 23.03.17 )
IDF officers' training course to offer separate
Religious soldiers who wish to serve separately from women will be able to do so
(10:12 , 23.03.17 )
Levinstein warned of Ministry of Defense
Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman doubles down on his demands for Rabbi
(23:11 , 22.03.17 )
Foreign Min. cadet course to include first
Rasha Uthmani is to be that first Muslim woman to take part in the Foreign
(23:06 , 22.03.17 )
Former MK Ghattas officially convicted for
Former Joint List MK Basel Ghattas is officially convicted of charges related to
(21:05 , 22.03.17 ) 
Report: Government still detaining African
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants report claims government still detains
(19:53 , 22.03.17 )
Netanyahu: ‘Progress in talks with the US on
Prime Minister Netanyahu ended his visit to China and is on his way back to
(18:07 , 22.03.17 ) 
Victim's parents watch terrorist's home sealed
Merav and Herzl Hajaj, whose daughter Lt. Shir Hajaj was murdered in a vehicular
(16:40 , 22.03.17 )
Bereaved son slams terrorist’s father UN speech
Micah Avni, who lost his father Richard Lakin in the East Talpiot terror attack
(15:06 , 22.03.17 )
Kahlon: IPBC heads want elections, not
The finance minister slams timing chosen by the Israel Public Broadcasting
(11:51 , 22.03.17 )
IDF chief: Tunnel threat is serious, but not
Speaking in front of the Knesset's State Control Committee, Eisenkot says while
(10:38 , 22.03.17 )
Initial investigation findings point to human
The Skylark drone that crashed in Syria and captured by Hezbollah likely went
(09:47 , 22.03.17 )
IDF fires at 3 suspicious Palestinians on Gaza
Three Palestinians enter no-go area near the Gaza border fence overnight,
(08:08 , 22.03.17 )
IDF reserves officer collapses and dies after
Capt. (Res.) Elhanan Brazner takes part in a race from the Dead Sea to Lake
(23:05 , 21.03.17 )
Jerusalem terrorist’s father speaks at the UN:
Mohammed Aliyan, whose son murdered three Israelis in a terror attack at east
(20:48 , 21.03.17 ) 
AG blocks attempt to encroach upon freedom of
The political echelon seeks to shorten the approval process on the bill that
(19:39 , 21.03.17 )
Israel plans mass evacuation if war erupts again
If Gaza or Lebanon's terrorist organizations decide to go to war with Israel,
(19:02 , 21.03.17 )
Policeman who beat Ethiopian soldier gets plea
The former police officer is offered deal by the attorney general, despite being
(18:53 , 21.03.17 ) 
Hamas requests advanced map software from the
The arrest of Muhammad Murtaja exposes further details into the elaborate scheme
(18:12 , 21.03.17 )
China's president: Peaceful Middle East good for
During meeting in Beijing, Xi Jinping tells Netanyahu that 'a peaceful, stable,
(16:05 , 21.03.17 )
Eisenkot: IDF will keep thwarting arms transfers
Chief of Staff Eizenkot says Hezbollah remains Israel's biggest challenge,
(15:36 , 21.03.17 )
Gaza coordinator of Turkish aid group funneled
Muhammad Murtaja, an employee of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination
(14:25 , 21.03.17 ) 
Sakhnin woman gets 4 years for joining ISIS with
Sabrin Zubeidat joined ISIS with her husband and three children two years ago;
(13:38 , 21.03.17 )
Anti-NGO legislation becomes law
Under the new amendment to the law, political organizations in Israel could
(13:15 , 21.03.17 )
Three weapon smugglers apprehended, heavy
The IDF arrested three weapon smugglers on the suspicion of stealing armaments
(12:10 , 21.03.17 )
David's Sling officially enters service
As tensions rise on the northern border, the Air Force officially inaugurates
(11:56 , 21.03.17 ) 
Netanyahu sets new demands to resolve spat with
The appearance that Kahlon 'has the upper hand' and the appointment of
(11:27 , 21.03.17 )
Israeli man critically wounded in Ohio shooting
The unidentified 30-year-old man is suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and
(10:50 , 21.03.17 )
31 ultra-Orthodox rioters arrested in protests
Haredim block roads, throw stones, attack police officers during protest against
(09:59 , 21.03.17 ) 

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