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Former Ynet editor gives testimony to police in
Eran Tiefenbrunn, who was Ynet's editor-in-chief at the time of talks between
(10:42 , 19.01.17 )
Arab sector calls general strike in protest of
Arab businesses and public institutions shut down in wake of demolitions, with
(10:28 , 19.01.17 ) 
Air Force receives first Arrow 3 interceptors
After years in development, the aerial defense system, set to protect against
(10:23 , 19.01.17 ) 
Hundreds attend slain police officer's funeral
A widow, two small children and family and friends are in mourning following the
(00:17 , 19.01.17 )
State Comptroller issues scathing report on KKL
In an audit conducted by Joseph Shapira, the State Comptroller alleges 'serious,
(23:57 , 18.01.17 )
Defense min. extends term of IDF Chief of Staff
'Lt. Gen. Eizenkot is an admired chief of staff who has been leading the army
(23:46 , 18.01.17 )
Cement columns erected at Armon Hanatziv to
Following last week's deadly vehicular terrorist attack in Armon Hanatziv
(23:05 , 18.01.17 )
Dizengoff Street to open Thursday
Despite the entire project being expected to be completed in 2018, Dizengoff
(23:05 , 18.01.17 )
WATCH: Obama says Israeli-palestinian status quo
'I continue to be worried about the Israeli-Palestinian issue,' says outgoing US
(23:05 , 18.01.17 ) 
President Rivlin to be admitted for pacemaker
President Reuven Rivlin is due to undergo the procedure without sedation, and no
(19:08 , 18.01.17 )
Police: Terrorist a member of Islamic Movement
Police are announcing that Musa Abu Alqinya was an active member of the Islamic
(17:56 , 18.01.17 )
Aerial footage shows terrorist ramming into
Freshly released footage filmed from a helicopter shows man deliberately
(15:56 , 18.01.17 ) 
Policeman killed in south survived by wife and 2
Sgt. Maj. Erez Levi, 34, who was killed in a car-ramming attack in southern
(15:12 , 18.01.17 )
Journalist Avi Ratzon gives evidence in PM-Mozes
The soccer commentator and journalist was called in for questioning after his
(12:47 , 18.01.17 )
Arab MKs clash with police outside Bedouin
Joint List members Zoabi, Tibi, Zahalka and Touma-Suleiman try to enter Umm
(12:12 , 18.01.17 ) 
Trump's UN nominee to blast world body over
During her Senate confirmation, Governor Nikki Haley is planning to admonish the
(11:48 , 18.01.17 )
Policeman killed in violent clashes during Negev
Violence erupts during evacuation of illegal Bedouin homes, including exchange
(10:25 , 18.01.17 ) 
Brazil approves new Israeli ambassador after
The Brazilian government approves PM Netanyahu's confidant Yossi Shelly for
(23:41 , 17.01.17 )
Arab Israeli students call Syrian exiles
The students interrupt Syrian exiles during peace conference at Hebrew
(23:05 , 17.01.17 ) 
UN envoy warns any Israeli annexations risk
A month after approving the resolution condemning Israeli settlements, the
(23:00 , 17.01.17 )
Run a red, pay NIS 1,500
Fines for traffic violations to increase next month, Knesset committee orders on
(22:33 , 17.01.17 ) 
Knesset bids farewell to US Ambassador Dan
Outgoing US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro is thrown a goodbye celebration at
(21:20 , 17.01.17 )
Soldiers drag shot Palestinian stone-thrower who
IDF explains that soldiers were under attack from other stone-throwers and moved
(20:56 , 17.01.17 ) 
Footage shows would-be stabber shot by IDF
A terrorist runs at IDF soldiers manning a checkpoint with a knife drawn; the
(20:36 , 17.01.17 ) 
Yair Netanyahu gives police testimony
Prime Minister Netanyahu's son, Yair, speaks to police on Tuesday in regard to
(20:13 , 17.01.17 )
MKs petition for Ghattas to be denied
Due to two allegations against MK Basel Ghattas (Joint List)—one for smuggling
(18:49 , 17.01.17 )
Aryeh Deri associate suspected of blackmail
A man, who is considered a confidant of Shas Chairman and Interior Minister
(16:21 , 17.01.17 )
Police arrest Arab man who sexually abused
Man aged 20 jumped fence of a school in south Tel Aviv and dragged a girl to a
(16:09 , 17.01.17 )
Firebrand sheikh released from Israeli prison
Imprisoned for incitement to violence, Sheikh Raed Salah was released from
(14:16 , 17.01.17 ) 
Hezbollah says crashed IDF UAV in group's hands
Day after an Israeli drone crashes in south Lebanon, Hezbollah-affiliated
(13:50 , 17.01.17 )
Yesh Din group submits Palestinian objections
Israeli NGO Yesh Din submits Palestinian objections to previously agreed upon
(12:43 , 17.01.17 )
Kerry tells CNN: Palestinians need state for
Speaking CNN’s Christiane Ammanpour, Kerry says that Palestinians need a state,
(12:31 , 17.01.17 )
Character witnesses testify for Buchris
As special court prepares to approve plea bargain for Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris,
(11:22 , 17.01.17 )
Israel Police Commissioner: investigations won't
As the investigation into the Netanyahu-Mozes affair continues, Israel police
(10:56 , 17.01.17 )
Soldier dies in APC accident in Golan Heights
While working on the tracks of a 'Namer' style APC, PFC Viachislov Gregai was
(08:41 , 17.01.17 )
Netanyahu and Mozes allegedly quoted discussing
Channel 2 releases new quotes between PM Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth
(23:44 , 16.01.17 )
IDF drone crashes in southern Lebanon
An IDF Skylark drone crashed in southern Lebanon as a result of what is believed
(23:08 , 16.01.17 )
Ghattas questioned in financial corruption probe
Israel Police summoned MK Ghattas for questioning in regards to an ongoing
(22:56 , 16.01.17 )
Attorney general to publish opinion on conflict
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is expected to give his official opinion on
(22:34 , 16.01.17 )
Government officials address the Netanyhu-Mozes
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, Yesh Atid Chairperson Yair Lapid and head
(21:19 , 16.01.17 )
Haredim protest defectors' arrests, call police
Jerusalem’s Shabbat Square is closed for traffic after a Haredi group became
(19:29 , 16.01.17 ) 
Guy Peleg: Netanyahu served as mediator between
According to a report by Guy Peleg and Channel 2 News, Prime Minister Benjamin
(19:07 , 16.01.17 )
Qatari fuel arrives in Gaza, helping to ease
Fuel from Qatar arrives in the Gaza Strip on Monday, helping to ease a
(17:21 , 16.01.17 )
Netanyahu: I intend to lead the country for many
Speaking at a party faction meeting Monday, a beleaguered prime minister—under
(16:11 , 16.01.17 )
Sefad's chief rabbi testifies in MK sexual
In ongoing investigation into sexual assault allegations levelled against Nissan
(15:12 , 16.01.17 )
IDF observation balloon falls in Palestinian
Soldiers began looking for the observation balloon after noticing that it had
(14:09 , 16.01.17 )
Numerous false bomb scares in schools reported
Police are working to uncover the identity of a mysterious 'American' caller who
(12:49 , 16.01.17 )
13 Hamas activists arrested in overnight sweep
In addition to nabbing 13 Hamas activists in the West Bank who sought to
(11:58 , 16.01.17 )
Parties across the board move to oust MK Ghattas
With Yesh Atid pledging to throw its weight behind initiative to remove MK
(10:51 , 16.01.17 )
Obama: No rupture in US-Israel relationship
During his final interview as president, Barack Obama denied that any serious
(08:40 , 16.01.17 )
PM decries 'orchestrated media campaign to bring
Netanyahu takes to Facebook in an effort to debunk a string of reports
(23:35 , 15.01.17 )
MK Glick: Haaretz publisher sought my help in
The Likud MK claimed that Amos Schocken attempted to enlist his help in
(23:10 , 15.01.17 )
Water deal reached between Israel and
After six years without a functioning Joint Water Committee, the Coordinator of
(22:50 , 15.01.17 )
New quotations from meetings reported: PM
The publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth is interrogated for the third time relating to
(22:26 , 15.01.17 ) 
Paris summit ends with warning against
Over 70 countries reaffirm commitment to two-state solution; diplomats say
(22:09 , 15.01.17 )
Settler leaders to attend Trump inauguration
Three regional heads from the West Bank have accepted an invitation to attend
(19:42 , 15.01.17 )
Kerry sought to reassure PM over Paris
US secretary of state tells Netanyahu he is working to soften wording of Paris
(18:26 , 15.01.17 )
French FM blasts Trump for embassy move plan
As 72 countries convene in Paris in an effort to reiterate their united support
(14:26 , 15.01.17 )
New gov't bill allows for assistance in
A new bill put forth by MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) and approved by Justice
(13:44 , 15.01.17 )
SpaceX returns to flight, sending satellites
After an explosion that destroyed a $62 million SpaceX booster and a $200
(13:35 , 15.01.17 ) 
IDF tank blasts back as forces come under fire
After Palestinians open fire on IDF forces carrying out maintenance work on the
(12:15 , 15.01.17 )
Five Kiryat Arba city council members against
Five members of the Kiryat Arba city council write and sign a letter protesting
(11:46 , 15.01.17 )
Former driver for PMO sentenced to 27 years for
Ilan Shmuel has been sentenced to 27 years behind bars after being convicted of
(11:09 , 15.01.17 )
Yedioth Ahronoth Chief Editor writes letter on
With Arnon Mozes questioned under caution again on Sunday morning again over
(10:32 , 15.01.17 )
Israeli officials blast Paris conference once
In a series of comments on the Paris peace conference, Israeli officials harshly
(09:41 , 15.01.17 )
Journalists' names discussed in PM-Mozes
Channel 2 broadcasts additional quotations from the conversations between
(23:32 , 14.01.17 )
PA to assist Gaza with power crisis
Following widespread protests and public discontent with the Hamas government
(22:52 , 14.01.17 )
Hundreds protest PM and gov't in Rabin Square
Meretz and Zionist Union protestors, joined by MK Amir Peretz, marched from
(21:40 , 14.01.17 ) 
NCO to be charged with accepting bribes from
Chief Warrant Officer Sayid Nasraldin from the Tel Hashomer base allegedly
(21:19 , 14.01.17 )
Tel Aviv recommends portraying
The city advises its preschools to update their welcoming-Shabbat services on
(18:14 , 14.01.17 )
Israelis donate winter gear to Syrian refugees
Unable to sit by the sidelines and watch as waves of Syrian refugees struggle to
(10:58 , 14.01.17 )
Can you manage the Mossad's money?
The Mossad is sending out a public job notice that it is looking for an
(09:06 , 14.01.17 )
New Netanyahu–Mozes conversation discoveries
Channel 2 broadcasts new quotations from the conversation between the prime
(22:10 , 13.01.17 )
UN ambassador warns of 'further anti-Israel
Danny Danon releases statement warning that the Security Council is likely 'to
(20:44 , 13.01.17 )
WATCH: From 0 to 360—Sun shines on skiers atop
At the end of a stormy week, the skies have finally cleared; Yedioth Ahronoth
(19:56 , 13.01.17 )
Thousands protest house demolitions in Qalansawe
Arab MKs and mayors join to protest the demolition of 9 illegally built homes;
(18:50 , 13.01.17 ) 
Palestinians ask Putin to prevent Trump's
A Palestinian delegation arrives in Moscow to transmit a message from President
(17:55 , 13.01.17 )
Algeria claims Israeli spy network uncovered
According to Arab media reports, the network is uncovered in south Algeria;
(17:12 , 13.01.17 )
US embassy Jerusalem move 'assault' on Muslims:
Muhammed Hussein says in sermon at Al-Aqsa that the proposed relocation by US
(16:49 , 13.01.17 )
Paris draft won't recognize changes to pre-1967
According to a draft statement, the Paris summit will urge Israel and the
(14:21 , 13.01.17 )
Report: Sara Netanyahu told investigators
Two Israeli news channels reveal that PM’s wife allegedly lost her temper with
(13:32 , 13.01.17 )
Deri promises elections if Netanyahu is forced
As the prime minister finds himself embroiled in an array of alleged bribery
(10:40 , 13.01.17 )
Syria says Israeli strikes hit near airport west
Following the accusation that Israel fired rockets early Friday morning that hit
(08:23 , 13.01.17 ) 
Israel increases aid to Gaza Strip
In a series of moves approved by the Minister of Defense, Israel will begin
(22:09 , 12.01.17 )
French ambassador refutes PM Netanyahu's take on
In an interview with Ynet, Hélène Le Gal insists that the Paris peace conference
(19:40 , 12.01.17 ) 
New evidence against Islamic Movement leader on
Sheikh Shakra, currently serving a sentence for incitement when he preached a
(19:01 , 12.01.17 )
Israeli diplomat who proposed 'taking down' UK
Shai Masot, who worked at Israel's embassy to the Court of St. James and who was
(18:04 , 12.01.17 ) 

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