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Sgt. Elor Azaria grilled in court for third day
Chief prosecutor engages in a back and forth with Azaria in effort to establish
(15:46 , 26.07.16 )
Israeli soccer hooligans arrested
The Beitar Jerusalem soccer club 'La Familia' is known for being rowdy to the
(15:24 , 26.07.16 )
New broadcasting corporation to begin April 2017
Finance Minister Kahlon and PM Netanyahu reach agreement which will see reversal
(11:29 , 26.07.16 )
Netanyahu dismisses Protective Edge criticism:
Ahead of ceremony honoring memory of fallen soldiers and civilians killed during
(09:22 , 26.07.16 ) 
Pedestrians in bike lanes also to be fined
The responsible Knesset committee has authorized a government bill to widen
(23:35 , 25.07.16 )
PM claims that he will let go of some portfolios
Netanyahu personally holds four ministries in addition to leading the
(21:45 , 25.07.16 )
Interior Ministry ordered to put both lesbian
Three Family Court cases have ended in rulings instructing the ministry to put
(18:50 , 25.07.16 )
Protective Edge bereaved families demand inquiry
In a letter to the PM and other senior political officials, parents who lost
(15:58 , 25.07.16 )
Israeli teens attacked by hotel staff in Ayia
A group of Israeli teenagers were attacked as they were checking out of a hotel
(15:56 , 25.07.16 )
Israeli woman gang raped in India
A 25 year old woman travelling in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh was gang
(11:43 , 25.07.16 )
Azaria: 'If you suspect you don't hesitate, you
A day after Sgt. Elor Azaria provided his first version of events surrounding
(10:38 , 25.07.16 )
Cypriot President in lightning visit to Israel
Following Israel-Turkish reconciliation agreement, Cypriot President Nicos
(08:58 , 25.07.16 )
Father who forgot daughter in car: 'My heart is
Yedidya, the father of 1-year-old Hannah Feldman, who died after being forgotten
(21:48 , 24.07.16 )
Core subject requirements for ultra-Orthodox
The government voted to approve the measure, allowing ultra-Orthodox
(19:35 , 24.07.16 )
Michael Schlissel: 'Yishai never wanted
In an interview with Ynet, Michael Schlissel, who was arrested on suspicion of
(18:27 , 24.07.16 )
Saudis in rare Israel visit, meet senior Foreign
Retired Saudi general Anwar Eshki in Jerusalem, reportedly leading delegation of
(16:10 , 24.07.16 )
Azaria: 'I shot the terrorist because I sensed
The soldier who shot a wounded terrorist in Hebron gives his first testimony as
(12:47 , 24.07.16 )
Contradictions arise in disgraced IDF
Despite publicly claiming nothing had happened with women who complained against
(09:27 , 24.07.16 )
EgyptAir crash wreckage found in Haifa
Two men on a seaside stroll came across wreckage from the May crash; the Foreign
(20:48 , 23.07.16 )
Nothing left of Lapid’s laws
The cancellation of sanctions imposed on ultra-Orthodox educational institutes
(17:44 , 23.07.16 )
Convicted spy Pollard urges reversal of US
The 61-year-old American-Israeli, who was released from prison in November after
(14:01 , 23.07.16 )
Lieberman urges ministers to prevent wiretapping
Justice Minister Shaked and Internal Minister Erdan want to make it easier for
(15:46 , 22.07.16 )
Toddler dies after being forgotten in a car
Again an increasingly common tragedy has befallen a family whose 1-year-old
(14:41 , 22.07.16 )
Yishai Schlissel's brother released by police
Following the largest Pride Parade in Jerusalem, Michael Schlissel, released
(14:07 , 22.07.16 )
Ahmed Dawabshe released from hospital
After spending almost a year in the hospital, Ahmed Dawabshe of the Duma
(14:02 , 22.07.16 )
Rabbi Levinstein stands by LGBT 'pervert'
During a conversation with defense ministry chief of staff, Levinstein intimated
(12:43 , 22.07.16 )
Brig. Gen. Buchris' wife: 'I strongly support
Na’ama Buchris, whose husband is set to stand trial on a series of rape and
(08:55 , 22.07.16 )
Buchris to stand trial for sexual misconduct
After the brigadier general was indicted for rape, one of his alleged victims
(22:47 , 21.07.16 )
Shira Banki's father: 'Extremism, no matter the
Uri Banki, whose 16-year-old daughter was murdered at last year's Jerusalem
(22:08 , 21.07.16 )
Largest ever Jerusalem March for Pride and
Hundreds of police officers secured the capital's pride events; more than 25,000
(17:48 , 21.07.16 )
Lieberman to Army Radio commander: Palestinian
The minister of defense met with the head of Army Radio following a braodcast in
(17:02 , 21.07.16 )
Israel takes on Facebook in battle against
Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan is promoting new legislation
(15:35 , 21.07.16 )
Hundreds of rabbis support Rabbi Levinstein
300 rabbis across Israel signed a letter in solidarity with Rabbi Levinstein
(15:06 , 21.07.16 )
Schlissel suspected of planning to have brother
A police investigation has revealed that Yishai Schlissel allegedly conspired
(14:05 , 21.07.16 )
Kahlon promises to oppose Netanyahu's news
Finance minister slams PM's decision to delay launching of New Broadcasting
(09:19 , 21.07.16 )
J'lem Police commander: Pride parade to continue
Following discussions with the police and threats from radical groups, the
(23:19 , 20.07.16 )
Hundreds of Canadian and American immigrants
218 Olim moved to Israel to fulfill the Zionist dream; 'I thought about it for
(22:15 , 20.07.16 )
Israel and Guinea announce diplomatic relations
The Muslim sub-Saharan state of Guinea opened up diplomatic relations with
(21:04 , 20.07.16 )
The gay couple marrying tomorrow at J'lem Pride
Yochai Werman and Yotam Hacohen, two natives of Israel's capital, intend to
(18:56 , 20.07.16 )
Naftali Bennett expresses concerns on limiting
The Bayit Yehudi chairman has criticized a recent decision to delay the opening
(18:14 , 20.07.16 )
Report: IAF attacks Syrian target
A German report quoted a Syrian security official claiming an Israeli jet
(17:06 , 20.07.16 )
WATCH: IDF bombardment of Hezbollah during
Marking 10 years since the Second Lebanon War, Ynet looks back at the IDF's
(14:47 , 20.07.16 ) 
WATCH: Hamas's tunnel attraction
The military wing of the organization ruling the Gaza Strip has opened an
(14:36 , 20.07.16 ) 
Schlissel family members ordered out of J'lem
Relatives of the man convicted for murdering 16-year-old Shira Banki at last
(12:15 , 20.07.16 )
Knesset passes legislation allowing for
Controversial amendment, which would allow a three-fourths majority to expel a
(12:11 , 20.07.16 )
Jerusalem's mayor won't attend pride march to
Nir Barkat in an interview stated that, while he supports the right of the LGBT
(09:00 , 20.07.16 )
Palestinians say 12-year-old killed by IDF fire
Military looking into claims Muhye Muhammad Sidqi al-Tabbakhi, who was killed
(22:35 , 19.07.16 )
Netanyahu warns Israeli Arabs: We'll respond to
In special Knesset meeting marking 10 years since Second Lebanon War, the prime
(18:48 , 19.07.16 )
IDF to re-examine professional relationship with
Following the exposure and uproar to Rabbi Yigal Levinstein's 'Perverts' speech,
(16:27 , 19.07.16 )
Rabbi accused of sexual harassment extradited to
Eliezer Berland, who fled Israel three years ago when called for police
(11:17 , 19.07.16 ) 
IDF permits soldiers to demonstrate
The army has amended its order related to soldiers and junior officers'
(09:18 , 19.07.16 )
Netanyahu: Nothing will come of questioning of
Addressing questions during Knesset session about ongoing police checks into
(21:39 , 18.07.16 )
Wide-scale arrests following exposure of illegal
Undercover agent earned trust in criminal underworld; purchased drugs, dozens of
(19:24 , 18.07.16 )
Defense Ministry, Bennett condemn rabbi who
'The Halacha is not meant to be used to divide us or single out people or
(19:02 , 18.07.16 )
2 soldiers wounded in West Bank stabbing attack
A terrorist was neutralized and later pronounced dead after stabbing and lightly
(18:13 , 18.07.16 )
Soldier injured in grenade accident
Sgt. Ofek Sharhabani, who was moderately-to-seriously hurt in the Golan Heights
(18:07 , 18.07.16 )
Soldiers killed in grenade accident laid to rest
Thousands came to accompany Sgt. Shlomo Rindeno and Staff Sgt. Husam Tafash on
(16:28 , 18.07.16 )
Will US imports uproot Israeli agriculture?
The United States is an agricultural powerhouse, able to export massive
(15:04 , 18.07.16 )
Couple suspected of running prostitution
A serious indictment was handed down on Sunday, accusing a young woman and her
(14:52 , 18.07.16 )
'Divorce revolution' takes effect
'The divorce revolution' law went into effect on Sunday; under the law's
(09:53 , 18.07.16 )
Two young men's lives cut short by grenade
As two families mourn the death of reserve soldier Staff Sgt. Husam Tafash and
(22:49 , 17.07.16 )
President calls for end to incitement against
Reuven and Nechama Rivlin met with the parents of slain 16-year-old Shira Banki
(22:25 , 17.07.16 )
Ramat Gan's chief rabbi: Gays and lesbians are
Prominent Religious-Zionist Yaakov Ariel comments on Rabbi Yigal Levinstein's
(20:28 , 17.07.16 )
Plea deal for lynchers of Syrian in IDF
The two residents of Majdal Shams charged with murdering a Syrian being
(18:30 , 17.07.16 ) 
Patriot missiles fired at aircraft in Golan
Early Sunday evening, a siren was sounded in the Golan Heights; Patriots
(17:29 , 17.07.16 ) 
Two soldiers killed after grenade explodes in
Two soldiers from the IDF's 401 artillery company were killed on Sunday morning
(15:35 , 17.07.16 ) 
Suicide attacks and kidnappings foiled; Shin Bet
Discussing why more and more women are carrying out terror attacks, the rocky
(15:02 , 17.07.16 )
Terror attack thwarted, bombs found in downtown
Light rail security guards approached a man who aroused their suspicions; After
(13:22 , 17.07.16 )
Senior rabbi condemns IDF for accommodating LGBT
Religious-Zionist Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, head of a distinguished IDF
(21:04 , 16.07.16 )
Israeli hero under online fire for testimony
Lt. Col. David Shapira is the hero who stopped the terrorist in the 2008 Mercaz
(17:52 , 16.07.16 )
Exclusive: Interview with Israeli who joined
At least 40 Arab Israelis have gone to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS; Hassan
(12:51 , 16.07.16 )
Divorced, depressed, aggressive: The Nice
Paint peeling off the walls, a broken dresser, clothes strewn across the floor,
(19:41 , 15.07.16 )
World unites in horror at Nice carnage, backs
Thursday night’s vehicular attack on the French city during Bastille Day
(17:46 , 15.07.16 )
Watch: Netanyahu sends message to Abbas in new
“Since over the past several years, you refused to meet me and sit down and
(16:31 , 15.07.16 )
Katsav's victims: Early release will destroy
A. from the Tourism Ministry, whom the former president twice raped, wrote a
(14:37 , 15.07.16 )
EU UNESCO draft also disregards Jewish
In response to the Palestinian-Jordanian draft decision this week that ignores
(10:35 , 15.07.16 )
Netanyahu's former chief of staff questioned
Ari Harrow on house arrest after being questioned by police's National Fraud
(23:10 , 14.07.16 )
More than 2,000 protest Be'er Sheva Pride parade
Incensed with the Supreme Court's decision to permit the police to divert the
(19:39 , 14.07.16 )
Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority recommends
Four months after recommending against reducing a third of the former
(18:58 , 14.07.16 )
Hanegbi calls to declassify documents on
The minister responsible for investigating the classified documents has asked
(17:39 , 14.07.16 )
The female IDF paramedics treating Syria's
The IDF treats hundreds of Syrians wounded in the bloody ongoing civil war in
(13:46 , 14.07.16 )
Three teenagers torch Arab cars in revenge of
The ages and places of residence of three teenagers who torched cars in a price
(12:56 , 14.07.16 )
Former Netanyahu Chief of Staff Harrow
After landing at Ben Gurion International Airport on a flight from Madrid,
(10:08 , 14.07.16 )
Two years later, Gaza border community leaders
After a meeting to approve various tourism initiatives in the western Negev and
(09:34 , 14.07.16 )

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