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Document shows Israel expected to approve
Despite claims by Netanyahu that 'it wasn't Israel's decision, it was Germany;
(09:11 , 20.07.17 )
White House 'very concerned' over Temple Mount
As protests and riots against Israel's decision to install metal detectors at
(08:59 , 20.07.17 ) 
Police may deny Muslims from entering Temple
Police is mulling over whether to deny Israeli Muslims entry to the Temple Mount
(23:48 , 19.07.17 ) 
More than three years in prison for attorney who
Former attorney Adnan Ala a-Din was sentenced to three years in prison and nine
(22:51 , 19.07.17 )
Israelis protest state decision to bar adoption
After announcing heterosexual couples joined in civil union to be allowed to
(22:15 , 19.07.17 )
Israel prepares for Muslim 'day of rage' over
As Israel attempts to calm down an enraged Muslim public, Jordan attempts to
(21:26 , 19.07.17 )
Rioters who stoned policemen sentenced to three
Three people who participated in violent riots against the Bedouin resettlement
(19:03 , 19.07.17 ) 
IDF helps hundreds of thousands of Syrians with
IDF reveals amount of aid provided to Syrian refugees, with about half a million
(19:01 , 19.07.17 )
The organizations that help the IDF's 6,500 lone
'We have set ourselves the task of standing beside lone soldiers and supporting
(16:53 , 19.07.17 )
Netanyahu in hot mic tirade: EU treatment of
In comments accidentally overheard by journalists, the prime minister urges
(15:23 , 19.07.17 )
Religious school teacher gets 7 years for sexual
Aharon Shlomo Lisson is sentenced to seven years in prison after being convicted
(14:32 , 19.07.17 )
Jerusalem mosques to close Friday, prayer only
The US calls on Israel and Palestinians to maintain restraint and reduce
(13:03 , 19.07.17 ) 
Supreme Court: Mothers to share child support
Supreme Court rules child support will be determined based on the financial
(12:47 , 19.07.17 )
ThyssenKrupp freezes partnership with Ganor
The German conglomerate halts relationship with Israeli representative Miki
(10:44 , 19.07.17 )
Foreign Ministry lowers profile in fight against
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the backseat to the Ministry of Strategic
(10:23 , 19.07.17 )
Report: Israel-Hamas deal stuck over Israeli
Lebanese newspaper reports minor progress in indirect talks mediated by Egypt,
(10:07 , 19.07.17 )
Merkel informed Rivlin of Germany-Egypt sub deal
Rivlin asked by Defense Ministry to raises concerns over deal with the Germans;
(09:42 , 19.07.17 )
UN agency continues accusing Israel of apartheid
Despite order by UN chief to remove report accusing Israel of imposing an
(23:38 , 18.07.17 )
Muslim protesters clash with police outside
Arab MKs arrive at Lions' Gate to show support for protests against added
(22:39 , 18.07.17 ) 
Comptroller: Criminal wrongdoing suspected in
State comptroller passes information to attorney general raising suspicion state
(22:20 , 18.07.17 )
WATCH: IDF exposes network of Hezbollah border
The IDF releases video evidence of Hezbollah intelligence gathering operations
(21:00 , 18.07.17 ) 
Ynet reporter attacked by police while covering
Hassan Shaalan was ordered to leave site of clashes between police and Muslim
(18:53 , 18.07.17 ) 
Report: Saudi King asked US to intervene in
King Salman bin Abdulaziz reportedly asked the US to intervene with the Israeli
(18:28 , 18.07.17 )
Yedioth Ahronoth journalist to receive Shalem
Telem Yahav will receive the Shalem Fund's prize for excellence in the field of
(18:00 , 18.07.17 )
Hungarian PM: Collaboration with Nazis was
Orban assures Netanyahu that Hungary is on the side of the Jewish people; 'At
(17:38 , 18.07.17 ) 
Israel faces surge in Mongolian asylum requests
Interior Minister Deri instructs Israeli Population and Immigration Authority to
(17:01 , 18.07.17 )
Car-ramming leaves 3 soldiers lightly wounded,
Terrorist attempts to plow his vehicle into soldiers at the entrance of Beit
(14:22 , 18.07.17 )
Fatah calls for 'day of rage' on Wednesday
As anger continues to be vented by Muslim worshippers over the newly installed
(12:56 , 18.07.17 ) 
Palestinians return Israeli drone after crash in
Yet another Skylark drone falls inside Palestinian territory, this time while
(12:47 , 18.07.17 )
Molotov Cocktails, rocks hurled at Israeli
As Israel stands fast on decision to install metal detectors outside Al-Aqsa
(11:35 , 18.07.17 ) 
Knesset passes law to block online criminal
MKs approve in second and third reading a bill proposed by ministers Erdan and
(10:41 , 18.07.17 )
How defeating BDS is closer, literally, than we
Organizations committed to fighting those who slander and ostracise Israel have
(10:12 , 18.07.17 )
Germany postpones submarine deal due to
Defense Ministry director-general rushes to Germany in bid to salvage 1.5
(09:55 , 18.07.17 )
IDF officer killed in car crash
Capt. Binyamin Rosenblum, 23, dies in a traffic accident after his vehicle was
(23:14 , 17.07.17 )
Gabbay, Lapid call on PM to dismantle government
Addressing probes against Netanyahu, Avi Gabbay and Yair Lapid cite statements
(23:01 , 17.07.17 )
Yuli Edelstein slams Jordanian parliament head
In a video released in English, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein slams speaker of
(21:46 , 17.07.17 ) 
Protestors clash with police over Al-Aqsa metal
Dozens of protestors block roads and throw rocks at police in protest of
(21:31 , 17.07.17 ) 
Israeli 'counter-terrorism boot camp' a tourist
Tourists from around the world visit the Caliber 3 boot camp to experience a
(19:48 , 17.07.17 )
Hungary, Israel seek closer ties as Orban
PM Benjamin Netanyahu looks to deepen ties with Hungary, whose leader Viktor
(18:22 , 17.07.17 )
Soldier who says she was raped recalls harrowing
In testimony provided by a female soldier who claims she was raped by a soldier
(18:10 , 17.07.17 )
Miki Ganor negotiating to become state witness
A representative of ThyssenKrupp in Israel who is at the center of the submarine
(16:58 , 17.07.17 )
Mother of IDF soldier commemorates 3 years
Zehava Shaul, mother of Oron Shaul who is presumed dead since his abduction by
(16:03 , 17.07.17 )
Elor Azaria moved to house arrest
Shortly before his release from the IDF on Thursday, military court ruled that
(14:38 , 17.07.17 )
Security ship deal was changed to accommodate
Def. Min. reportedly changed stated security requirements needed to protect
(14:37 , 17.07.17 )
Jewish visitors go to the Temple Mount for 1st
21 Jewish activists visit Temple Mount for 1st time in years without
(13:36 , 17.07.17 ) 
Shots fired, stun grenade thrown into Maghar
For the second time in three days, a stun grenade—now also accompanied by
(10:58 , 17.07.17 )
Arab sector warns metal detectors at Temple
After a day full of violent clashes, the police believe that the opening of all
(10:25 , 17.07.17 ) 
Despite friction, PM justifies security measures
Acknowledging heightened friction associated with beefed-up security measures on
(23:26 , 16.07.17 )
Peretz reaffirms support for Gabbay and mission
Labor Party's newly elected chairman holds round of discussion with MKs, meeting
(22:17 , 16.07.17 )
Fearing Iranian presence, Netanyahu opposes
Speaking in a press conference during state visit to Paris, Netanyahu expresses
(21:47 , 16.07.17 ) 
Knesset committee passes bill criminalizing
Bill aimed at combating hiring of women for sexual acts pushed through in
(20:42 , 16.07.17 )
Jordanian parliament glorifies Temple Mount
Despite King Abdullah II condemning incident, parliament's chairman Atef
(19:58 , 16.07.17 )
Macron urges Netanyahu to establish two states
In ceremony honoring the victims of a mass deportation of French Jews from the
(18:24 , 16.07.17 )
Terror victim's father insists attackers 'not
Speaking during a condolence visit by Israeli MKs and security leaders to the
(17:58 , 16.07.17 )
Macron: Anti-Zionism is a new form of
The Israeli PM joins French President Macron for a ceremony honoring the victims
(16:26 , 16.07.17 )
Sgt. Elor Azaria to be placed on house arrest
In light of Azaria's impending release from the IDF on Thursday, the IDF Court
(15:58 , 16.07.17 )
Caricatures in the Arab world: 'Al-Aqsa is in
Middle East media react to Israeli decision to temporarily close the Temple
(15:47 , 16.07.17 )
Report: BDS supporter Ken Loach profiting from
According to a report in the Guardian, vocal BDS supporter, preacher and British
(14:29 , 16.07.17 )
Hebron mufti wanted by police for questioning
Muhammad Maher Maswadah is suspected of inciting to violence after presenting
(14:08 , 16.07.17 )
Erdan: Gov't should consider demolishing homes
Public security minister says if Israel sees support for terror attacks among
(13:43 , 16.07.17 )
Security forces kill terror suspect during
IDF and police SWAT teams kill Amar Ahmed Khalil after the Palestinian terror
(12:59 , 16.07.17 )
Waqf official refuses to acknowledge terror
Senior Waqf officials not only refuse to condemn terror attack, but refuse to
(12:48 , 16.07.17 ) 
Temple Mount reopened for worshipers two days
Netanyahu decides to reopen the site after installing metal detectors and
(12:36 , 16.07.17 ) 
Ministerial committee approves bill to prevent
Legislation requiring a majority of at least 80 members of Knesset to pass any
(12:04 , 16.07.17 )
Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee calls to
MKs ask government to freeze payments on the deals with ThyssenKrupp until the
(11:36 , 16.07.17 )
Father charged with murder of daughter over
Sami Kara stands accused of murdering his 17-year-old daughter Henriette after
(11:08 , 16.07.17 ) 
US backs Temple Mount temporary closure
The White House issues a statement on Saturday strongly denouncing Friday's
(22:00 , 15.07.17 )
Gabbay joins Mandelblit protest, calls for gov't
Labor party chairman Avi Gabbay joins the weekly protest against Attorney
(21:47 , 15.07.17 )
Asalim stream disaster kills third of ibex
Two weeks have passed since the acid spill in Nahal Ashalim and the ibex
(19:02 , 15.07.17 ) 
Former intelligence chief: Israeli leadership
With Iran currently without a nuclear weapon, peace with Egypt and Jordan, a
(16:54 , 15.07.17 )
Hamas calls for more violence after Temple Mount
In response to PM Netanyahu's decision to close Temple Mount until Sunday, a
(16:30 , 15.07.17 )
Local Arab sector condemns attack—and Israel
While Arab MK Freij renounces Friday's deadly terrorist attack by saying 'We
(15:11 , 15.07.17 )
Arab League accuses Israel of 'continuing to
Following Friday attack at Temple Mount, Arab League and Jordan strongly condemn
(14:04 , 15.07.17 )
Stun grenade thrown into Maghar mosque
The grenade is likely thrown in response to a status showing support of Friday's
(11:57 , 15.07.17 )
Palestinian village resident very lightly
Unknown assailants shoot at vehicle driving between village of Um Safa and
(10:25 , 15.07.17 )
Israel Police disperse terrorists mourners'
Following instructions of PM Netanyahu, the mourners' tents set up in Umm
(09:55 , 15.07.17 ) 
Jordan demands Israel reopen mosque
The Jordanian government sharply demands that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(22:36 , 14.07.17 )
Police officers murdered in Temple Mount terror
Staff Sgt. Maj. Ha'il Satawi and Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan are both laid to
(21:27 , 14.07.17 ) 
Temple Mount to be reopened Sunday
Prime Minister Netanyahu holds security meeting in which he decides the Temple
(19:12 , 14.07.17 )
Lieberman to set up defense procurement
The committee will be set up in order to examine and determine the rules for
(18:24 , 14.07.17 )
Two policemen killed in terror attack at Lions'
Israeli Arabs open fire at police forces at the entrance to the Temple Mount;
(18:05 , 14.07.17 ) 
Iran leases air, land and sea bases in Syria
The leases are part of Iranian plan to permanently base fighter aircraft and
(16:35 , 14.07.17 )
Top Muslim cleric of Jerusalem detained
Both the top cleric of Jerusalem, Grand Mufti Mohammed Hussein, and his
(16:35 , 14.07.17 )
Netanyahu goes on the offensive, slams media for
In a late night interview with Channel 20, the prime minister claims 'almost the
(14:27 , 14.07.17 )
Communications Ministry director, Bezeq heads
Shlomo Filber is suspected of providing classified documents and internal papers
(11:01 , 14.07.17 )

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