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Netanyahu to Ban Ki-moon: Help return our
PM urges Ban Ki-moon to use his position as UN Secretary General to force Hamas
(17:30 , 28.06.16 )
Road safety chief: Speed cameras are worthless
Chairperson of the Israel NRSA Giora Romm recommends that the digital speed
(16:44 , 28.06.16 )
Israel to lease advanced drones to Germany
Germany to pay 600 million euros in massive deal with Israel for the lease of 5
(16:08 , 28.06.16 ) 
IDF acquires new long-range rockets
The IDF is set to reinforce its arsenal, adding rockets with a range of 150
(12:33 , 28.06.16 )
Bennett to oppose agreement with Turkey
Bayit Yehudi chairman raises objections to compensation packages to Mavi Marmara
(11:05 , 28.06.16 )
Jews forbidden entry to Temple Mount after riots
Muslim visitors at the holy site attacked police officers during the past two
(08:50 , 28.06.16 )
Erdogan: Israel agreed to all of Turkey's
Turkish president says he spoke to Palestinian President Abbas and Hamas leader
(23:58 , 27.06.16 )
Father of bus terrorist arrested on suspicion of
Mohammed Alyan spoke at elementary schools and universities to extol the his
(21:33 , 27.06.16 )
PMO: Netanyahu didn't promise to tie Turkey deal
Several family members who lost sons during war with Hamas showed their
(21:04 , 27.06.16 )
Senior politicians oppose PM's handling of
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is expected to denounce the Turkey-Israel
(19:57 , 27.06.16 )
Five suspects arrested in rioting on Temple
Police faced off with rioters who have been storing rocks at nearby Al-Aqsa
(19:32 , 27.06.16 )
Netanyahu defends Turkey reconciliation deal
After years of negotiations, Israel and Turkey have officially announced their
(17:46 , 27.06.16 ) 
US eyes Israeli short-range missile interceptor
As Russia raises tensions in Europe, the United States is looking into
(15:15 , 27.06.16 )
Turkish official calls reconciliation deal a
As state leaders from both Israel and Turkey prepare to give their official
(11:57 , 27.06.16 )
‘Send more flotillas,’ says MK Zoabi following
Following the Israel’s reconciliation agreement with Turkey, MK Hanin Zoabi
(11:49 , 27.06.16 )
Israel to pay over $21 million to families of
As part of the reconciliation agreement between Israel and Turkey, Israel will
(10:26 , 27.06.16 ) 
Extra vacation days legislation approved by
The legislation, slated to add six vacation days to the calendar, has the
(23:07 , 26.06.16 )
Oron Shaul's family raises protest tent in front
The fallen soldier's family is demanding that Netanyahu include a provision
(19:23 , 26.06.16 )
Deri asks to revoke citizenship, residency of
The interior minister has written to the attorney general for permission to
(18:39 , 26.06.16 )
Remembrance Day bomb terrorist arrested
The Shin Bet and the IDF arrested the individual responsible for laying an
(15:42 , 26.06.16 ) 
New details of Turkey reconciliation agreement
The two sides are meeting in order to finalize a deal to normalize relations; It
(15:10 , 26.06.16 )
‘Get your son a good lawyer,’ Hebron ambulance
As the trial for Hebron soldier Elor Azaria continues, new testimonies emerge
(13:56 , 26.06.16 )
Ten years since Gilad Shalit's kidnapping
The former Hamas prisoner spent over five years in captivity after terrorists
(13:18 , 26.06.16 )
Another soldier from Hebron shooting case put on
Cpl. D., who was present when Hebron soldier Elor Azaria shot Abed al Fatah
(12:50 , 26.06.16 )
Top brass support officer testifying against
Several high-ranking army and political officials released statements of
(12:06 , 26.06.16 )
Gay Pride Parade killer receives life in prison
After stabbing a teenage girl to death in Jerusalem's Pride Parade last year,
(11:30 , 26.06.16 )
Post-Brexit tuition fees for Israeli students
As Britain and the world begin to comprehend the widespread implications of
(09:48 , 26.06.16 )
Families demand return of sons’ remains as part
The parents of Oron Shaul, whose remains are being held by Hamas, want the
(23:34 , 25.06.16 )
Ya'alon strikes back at Bitan
After saying that something turns the Shin Bet and Mossad chiefs into leftists,
(21:19 , 25.06.16 )
Coalition chairman: The Mossad and Shin Bet make
David Bitan accused the security services of changing their leaders' political
(14:54 , 25.06.16 )
Abbas retracts accusation of well-poisoning Jews
The Palestinian president has retracted the accusation that he made before the
(10:23 , 25.06.16 )
Haifa's LGBT community holds largest pride
3,000 participants constituted the largest LGBT pride parade in Haifa's
(09:27 , 25.06.16 ) 
Young Brits wanted to stay, the older generation
The younger generation, which will have to live with the consequences of the
(22:18 , 24.06.16 )
IDF unveils new cyber defense HQ
Somewhere in central Israel, deep underground, is a 24/7 war room meant to
(17:59 , 24.06.16 )
Car-ramming attack foiled in W. Bank
A female attacker attempting to carry out a car-ramming attack near Hebron
(15:10 , 24.06.16 ) 
Ya'alon visits Book Week, criticizes Abbas
Former defense minister signs copies of his book published in 2008; he says that
(14:50 , 24.06.16 )
Bill proposed to prevent MKs from appealing to
House Committee Chairman Yoav Kisch has proposed a law that would forbid MKs
(11:39 , 24.06.16 )
Muslim privates swear allegiance to IDF
The March 2016 cycle of Desert Reconnaissance Battalion soldiers were sworn in
(08:41 , 24.06.16 )
First Sudanese asylum seeker receives refugee
Sudanese asylum seeker whose home was burned down in Darfur and who crossed
(23:56 , 23.06.16 )
PM heading to Rome to oppose French initiative
Netanyahu expected to discuss his thoughts on the French peace initiaitive, to
(20:48 , 23.06.16 )
Five-day IDF cooperative drill comes to a close
Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot visits the areas of massive military drills where
(20:13 , 23.06.16 ) 
8,308 Israelis renounced citizenship over past
A new report shows that rate of Israelis renouncing their citizenship has
(19:59 , 23.06.16 )
Abbas to European Parliament: 'Help us end the
Palestinian president claims Israel is growing more extreme, accuses IDF of
(17:38 , 23.06.16 )
Abbas refuses to meet with Israeli President
After European Parliament President offered to mediate between Israeli President
(11:47 , 23.06.16 )
Israeli Justice Minister berated at Ramadan
Demonstrators in Wadi Ara wave Palestinian flags, tell Justice Minister Shaked
(10:30 , 23.06.16 )
Israeli Navy drills against Hamas frogmen
Over the past week, the Israeli Navy has been training to prevent the
(09:54 , 23.06.16 ) 
Two toddlers die after father forgets them in
A father forgets his two children in a car in the town of Al-Sayyid, in the
(21:07 , 22.06.16 )
Erdan allegedly on police document of potential
The minister of public security is reportedly on the police document from 2014
(20:04 , 22.06.16 )
Rivlin to EU Parliament: 'French initiative
Israeli president addressed the European Parliament and spoke of Israel's
(19:08 , 22.06.16 )
Jewish teen allegedly attacked by Arab youths
A 17-year-old Jewish Jaffa resident was at a public park when a group of 4–5
(17:44 , 22.06.16 )
Israel eyes law to remove online content
Lawmakers move to formulate legislation enabling them to order websites to
(15:37 , 22.06.16 )
Israel seeks to postpone publication of Quartet
The diplomatic report, intended to go public in the coming days, will place the
(15:05 , 22.06.16 )
Hitler's trousers, Goering's cyanide container
Argentine bidder spends over 600,000 euros on items from collection of American
(14:28 , 22.06.16 )
Say hello to my little F-35
Israel's air force prepares to add to its arsenal one of the most advanced
(13:58 , 22.06.16 ) 
Secret minutes of Yemenite children affair to be
Senior legal source reveals to Yedioth Ahronoth the expected publication; over a
(13:09 , 22.06.16 )
Baratz appointed to PM's PR chief through
The Civil Service Commission rejected the appointment of Dr. Ran Baratz as
(12:05 , 22.06.16 )
New red alert for tunnel digging into Israel
Israel's southern citizens will now be informed via SMS of Hamas tuunel-digging
(09:00 , 22.06.16 )
How would Brexit affect Israel?
Israeli analysts are divided on what Brexit means for Israel, some believe that
(23:54 , 21.06.16 )
Booklets demonizing IDF draft spread in
Anti-IDF propaganda that compares IDF soldiers to Nazis and cannibals are being
(23:35 , 21.06.16 )
Decrease in number of graduates
For the first time in 20 years, the number of graduates from institutions of
(23:34 , 21.06.16 )
Car-tracking company employs drones to retrieve
After authorities allow Ituran, a car tracking and protection company, to use
(23:22 , 21.06.16 )
Former Shin Bet official: Israeli profiling not
A former senior official in Israel's security establishment discussed with Ynet
(22:51 , 21.06.16 )
AG denies police investigating MKs and ministers
Avichai Mandelblit addressed allegations that the Israel Police had collected
(18:53 , 21.06.16 )
Turkey, Israel reportedly agree to normalization
According to a report, Israel agrees to apologize and compensate families who
(18:08 , 21.06.16 )
Kahlon against corporations donating to MKs
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon slammed chairman David Bitan's initiative to allow
(16:22 , 21.06.16 )
19 arrested in 200 million-shekel swindle
Israel Tax Authority believes the suspects carried out fraud and money
(15:42 , 21.06.16 )
EU to back Mideast peace with ‘unprecedented’
EU Council president says any peace deal between Palestinians and Israelis would
(15:06 , 21.06.16 )
MK Lapid fined NIS 6,000 for unjustified absence
Knesset Ethics committee found that 3 MKs exceeded the quota of permissable
(14:04 , 21.06.16 )
President Rivlin may meet with Mahmoud Abbas in
President of EU parliament attempts to coordinate meeting in Brussles between
(11:56 , 21.06.16 ) 
European Union adopts France's peace initiative
The Foreign Ministers Council welcomes French plan to renew negotiations between
(11:32 , 21.06.16 )
Palestinian boy killed in violent clash on Route
IDF kills Palestinian youth who was accidentally believed to be involved in a
(11:28 , 21.06.16 ) 
Lieberman in Washington to discuss military aid
Sources say final disagreements to be ironed out soon, and both sides are
(11:19 , 21.06.16 )
Names of witnesses to be withheld in Azaria case
Due to incitement and threats against Major Tom Na'aman, Elor Azaria's company
(23:08 , 20.06.16 )
Israeli minister suggests offshore seaport for
Transportation minister Yisrael Katz's plan calls for an eight square kilometer
(21:10 , 20.06.16 )
PM receipts show cleaning expense of NIS 1,800
Prime Minster's Office was forced to turn over receipts detailing spending at PM
(15:32 , 20.06.16 )
UN says Israel to ratify nuke test ban treaty
Head of UN organization to implement test ban treaty says he spoke to PM
(14:06 , 20.06.16 )
Right and left-wing MKs join forces to limit
Temple Mount activist and Meretz MK to advance a bill making arms sales
(13:17 , 20.06.16 )
'Equality March' continues toward Jerusalem
Aiming to draw attention to the underfunding of Israel's periphery, marchers
(11:34 , 20.06.16 )
President Reuven Rivlin to visit Brussels
Amid heightened security threats in Belgium, Rivlin set to proceed with first
(10:57 , 20.06.16 )
Netanyahu expected to meet with Kerry
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry are
(09:49 , 20.06.16 )
Trump says US should consider racial profiling
‘I think profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about
(21:21 , 19.06.16 )
Turkish troops kill 11 Syrians trying to cross
At least two women and four children were killed in the shooting. The Turkish
(19:16 , 19.06.16 )
Jewish-American ‘startup ambassador’ killed in
Alan Weinkranz was a Jewish-American who was a prominent figure in the Israeli
(18:29 , 19.06.16 )
Government approves NIS 72 million for West Bank
Citing security as its justification, the government will pump resources into
(15:01 , 19.06.16 )
TV anchor apologizes for saying: 'Some settlers
Channel 10's Oshrat Kotler stated after a settler sang on her program that 'no
(14:40 , 19.06.16 )
Government to pass new holiday: 'Aliyah Day'
For first time, Israeli government to officially dedicate a day to demonstrate
(13:00 , 19.06.16 )
Abducted soldier's sister: PM said tank was my
Sister of Yehuda Katz, one of the three missing soldiers abducted from a tank
(11:51 , 19.06.16 )
‘Good Deeds Unit’ helps those in need in a flash
The organization seeks to improve the lives of needy people with quick,
(17:36 , 18.06.16 )
Former Mossad director joins anti-Iran
Tamir Pardo, who left Israel's foreign intelligence service in January, explains
(13:22 , 18.06.16 )

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