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Researchers: Israeli military networks breached
American security researchers say it has discovered a four-month espionage
(21:32 , 17.04.15 )
Netanyahu and Bennett meet for coalition
Though allied throughout election, Netanyahu and Bennett have not met for over
(13:20 , 17.04.15 )
Israel to remember 23,320 fallen soldiers, 116
Next week Israel will remember its fallen warriors, from the time the first
(11:50 , 17.04.15 )
Israeli officials slam EU bid to mark settlement
'They can put a yellow patch on Israeli products,' Foreign Minister Lieberman
(10:16 , 17.04.15 )
Police chief: Car-ramming attack likely terror
Head of Israel's police said car ramming incident in Jerusalem in which an
(09:41 , 17.04.15 )
They just want someone to talk to
They overcame the Nazis and survived the Holocaust, but in old age many
(00:27 , 17.04.15 )
Hamas calls to abduct Israelis for future swaps
Senior official says 'our children all envision kidnapping your soldiers and
(23:29 , 16.04.15 )
Netanyahu is anxious, says Barak in Time
Time selects PM as one of 100 most influential people in the world; article by
(22:45 , 16.04.15 )
Putin: DC pressured leaders to avoid WWII event
Russian president charges Washington with urging global politicians not to
(20:20 , 16.04.15 )
EU foreign ministers urge labeling of West Bank
In letter to Federica Mogherini, 16 of Europe's top diplomats urge advancement
(19:12 , 16.04.15 )
Putin: S-300 delivery to Iran will not threaten
Russian president says nuclear talks with Tehran led to decision to reverse ban
(17:41 , 16.04.15 )
Thousands join March of the Living from
Annual event, now in its 27th year, includes delegations from 45 countries, each
(14:56 , 16.04.15 )
Court tempers Boycott Law, rules out unlimited
High Court ruling means that plaintiff will have to prove damages from boycott
(14:29 , 16.04.15 )
Toddlers come home from daycare with a yellow
Parents outraged to see their children wearing a patch the Nazis forced Jews to
(14:15 , 16.04.15 )
Police: Suspicions grow that Jerusalem crash was
Initial findings, questioning of driver raise suspicion vehicular incident, in
(13:59 , 16.04.15 )
Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day
Day's events to start with 2-minute siren in memory of the 6 million Jews
(13:05 , 16.04.15 ) 
Hundreds attend funeral of Holocaust survivor
Benjamin Schlesinger, who passed away on eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, had
(11:54 , 16.04.15 )
Iraqis, Syrians caught trying to enter Paraguay
Paraguay envoy to Israel says 11 arrested, some of which are minors, were
(11:34 , 16.04.15 )
New tunnel detection system to operate on Gaza
Israeli defense company Elbit Systems develops sensor-based detection system to
(10:16 , 16.04.15 )
Dozens rescued from flooding in Jerusalem
Jerusalemites woke up to incessant downpour and hail, with 35 mm of
(09:19 , 16.04.15 )
Man injured by vehicle in Jerusalem dies
Two pedestrians waiting for bus struck by car; Arab driver lightly injured;
(08:34 , 16.04.15 )
Air pollution causes half of Haifa's child
Health ministry document says number of children with cancer in Haifa
(00:07 , 16.04.15 )
F-35 simulator touches down in Israel
Israeli pilots to train on new Lockheed Martin simulator of next-generation
(23:48 , 15.04.15 ) 
Netanyahu at Holocaust ceremony: Iran deal shows
Speaking at annual Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at Yad Vashem, prime
(21:46 , 15.04.15 )
Never Again: Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance
People gather from all over the world to take part in March of the Living in
(19:40 , 15.04.15 )
An Israeli visit to Iran causes a stir in Tehran
Iranian MP accuses Ynet's Orly Azoulay of espionage after she visited the
(16:21 , 15.04.15 )
IAEA inspectors arrive in Iran as Rouhani sets
Iranian president dismisses bill giving US Congress a say in final nuclear
(13:05 , 15.04.15 )
VIDEO: Firebombs hurled at right-wing activist's
Two masked men coming from Silwan threw Molotov cocktails in what Jerusalem
(12:16 , 15.04.15 ) 
Dozens of Hamas suspects arrested in Nablus
Israeli security forces raid West Bank city overnight amid increased attempts of
(09:17 , 15.04.15 )
Steinitz: Israel happy at compromise deal
Intelligence Minister says deal giving Congress say on any future Iran nuclear
(09:02 , 15.04.15 )
Rare seal makes unexpected third visit to Israel
Endangered seal swims to Israel from Lebanon to hunt some fish; photographs
(00:03 , 15.04.15 ) 
IDF soldier reveals Nazi family secret
Yonatan Handelsman, whose father's side of the family died in the Holocaust,
(23:45 , 14.04.15 )
Hamas consolidates its grip on Gaza as
Gazans increasingly frustrated as political reconciliation stalls, Hamas rule of
(22:32 , 14.04.15 )
US Senate foreign relations leaders reach deal
Obama willing to sign deal which would undercut his ability to waive sanctions
(21:21 , 14.04.15 )
Putin tells Netanyahu S-300 missiles not a
After Russia okayed sale of advanced missile defense system to Iran, Netanyahu
(19:31 , 14.04.15 )
Shin Bet thwarted Hamas terror plot for Purim
Cleared for publication: Israel arrests two Hamas members who planned attack
(18:13 , 14.04.15 )
ISIS loses ground to Palestinians in Syria's
Local Palestinian militias say clashes with ISIS slowly dying down, and no ISIS
(17:43 , 14.04.15 )
IDF's Gaza probe reveals Hamas outsmarted forces
Internal IDF investigation into 'Black Friday' incident during Gaza war reveals
(17:21 , 14.04.15 ) 
Jewish teens who set fire to Palestinian cafe
Despite declarations by Justice Ministry and prosecutors that they are
(14:54 , 14.04.15 ) 
Kremlin confirms oil-for-goods swap with Iran
Kremlin spokesman says no legal barriers left after Putin lifted ban on arms
(13:31 , 14.04.15 )
Celebrity rabbi pleads guilty to bribery
A day after being hospitalized for heart issues upon his arrival to Israel from
(12:44 , 14.04.15 )
Interior Minister Erdan pushes for biometric
Before leaving the Interior Ministry ahead of the formation of the new
(10:28 , 14.04.15 )
Over 45,000 Holocaust survivors living in
New report shows 78% of survivors suffer from health problems, 45% often feel
(09:31 , 14.04.15 )
Supporters scramble for compromise on US Senate
Democrats, Republicans offering amendments ahead of Senate Foreign Relations
(08:46 , 14.04.15 )
IDF soldier arrested for espionage, passing
Eldad Sela allegedly used his position in intelligence to alert activists to
(19:46 , 13.04.15 )
Israel blasts Russian arms sales to Iran as
'Iran using deal to arm itself, not to better the life of its citizens,' top
(19:46 , 13.04.15 )
Nazi hunting report praises Germany, downgrades
For first time, US ranked lower than Germany in Simon Wiesenthal Center report
(19:08 , 13.04.15 )
US nuclear negotiator says committed to Israel
In effort to address Israeli concerns, Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman
(17:49 , 13.04.15 )
Russia ends ban on delivery of S-300 missiles to
Moscow and Tehran signed sales deal in 2007, but delivery suspended following
(17:03 , 13.04.15 )
Report: US working to stop Iran arms reaching
US expanding intervention in Yemen, has forces board Panamanian freighter
(15:41 , 13.04.15 )
Thousands of survivors face poverty despite
Year after NIS billion plan implemented by government, thousands of Holocaust
(11:59 , 13.04.15 )
Strike in Kafr Kanna after night of clashes
Six protestors lightly hurt in clashes with police after officers seal off
(11:43 , 13.04.15 ) 
Settlements, Iran and Hamas: Hillary Clinton's
After finally announcing her bid for the US presidency, Ynet takes a look back
(23:43 , 12.04.15 )
Kerry fires back at critics over Iran deal
'I stand by every fact,' Kerry says after Senator McCain questioned whether he
(21:37 , 12.04.15 )
At least 14 killed in Sinai terror attacks
Roadside bomb, attack on police station by Egypt's ISIS-branch leave 12 dead,
(21:13 , 12.04.15 )
Netanyahu: Sanctions on Iran must remain
Prime minister says better nuclear deal would tie lifting of sanctions 'to an
(18:20 , 12.04.15 )
Israeli opposition fleshes out Iran policy,
Zionist Union says only support by US will ensure Israel's security, says key to
(18:11 , 12.04.15 )
Islamic State group destroys ancient ruins of
Online video shows militants as they destroy artifacts, bulldoze walls, and blow
(17:24 , 12.04.15 ) 
Clinton campaign to focus on economic security,
Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign to kick off Sunday, centering on
(12:45 , 12.04.15 )
Thunder, hail, and snow hit as Passover ends
IN PICTURES: Israelis begin the post-holiday work week amid heavy storms
(11:06 , 12.04.15 ) 
Obama: Netanyahu has not offered alternative to
US president criticizes prime minister for opposing deal without providing an
(09:00 , 12.04.15 ) 
Netanyahu at Mimouna: We must strengthen the
Prime minister attends Moroccan Jewish celebration marking end of Passover, says
(23:51 , 11.04.15 )
Obama, Castro hold historic meeting, vow to turn
Leaders of US and Cuba hold first formal meeting in over half a century, clear
(23:30 , 11.04.15 ) 
Israelis stuck in Greece on way back from
About 160 stuck in Rhodes and Crete after Greek airline Blue Bird plane does not
(21:38 , 11.04.15 )
Iran commander: Framework nuclear deal respects
Revolutionary Guard chief notes that while 'principles of the Islamic Republic
(21:06 , 11.04.15 )
IN PICTURES: Orthodox Christians mark 'Holy
Thousands of Christian pilgrims flock to Church of Holy Sepulchre for ancient
(19:06 , 11.04.15 )
Friend of Israeli killed in Peru accident: 'I
While making his way back to Israel to attend Max Selah's funeral, his friend
(12:21 , 11.04.15 )
Petition calls to bar ministers from using gov't
'It's time all elected representatives set an example to others,' says petition
(10:40 , 11.04.15 )
Islamists arrested in Spain eyed attacks on
Terror cell was trying to obtain explosives to bomb Jewish bookshop in
(08:50 , 11.04.15 )
US, Iran at odds over inspection at nuclear
After Iran's Khamenei rules out 'extraordinary supervision measures,' American
(08:34 , 11.04.15 )
Albanian arrested over killing of Israeli in
German police apprehend suspect in Czech Republic, seeking killer of Israeli
(23:40 , 10.04.15 )
IDF expanding vital satellite program
The IDF's satellite systems sprang into action when it was feared that Niv Asraf
(21:51 , 10.04.15 )
Gov. Walker says he expects to meet with
Likely Republican presidential candidate says it is his 'hope and expectation'
(20:40 , 10.04.15 )
Palestinian reportedly shot dead at funeral
Cousin of deceased former prisoner killed and at least two wounded in clashes
(16:16 , 10.04.15 )
UK's Labour leader says would recognize
Ed Miliband says decision on statehood recognition would take place depending on
(15:03 , 10.04.15 )
Officer and woman killed in deadly holiday
Police officer (27) killed, colleague (21) moderately hurt in rollover accident
(14:09 , 10.04.15 )
Putin to meet with Palestinian leader Abbas
'The two leaders will hold talks concerning key aspects of Russian-Palestinian
(11:44 , 10.04.15 )
Poll: Most Americans don't believe Iran will
NBC survey finds 68% of Americans believe Iran will not abide by nuclear
(09:25 , 10.04.15 )
Inside look: Commanding an area bordering
At his outpost at the summit of Israel's highest peak on Mount Hermon, Brigade
(23:55 , 09.04.15 ) 
IDF commander returns to service after
Company Commander in the Givati Brigade Captain Shir Klevner, 25, surprised many
(23:55 , 09.04.15 )
Israeli girl killed in Thailand boat fire
12-year-old girl who perished on ferry off coast of Thailand named as Shani
(23:45 , 09.04.15 )
Embassy: Israeli killed in Berlin sought help to
After Berlin rabbi says Israeli man found dead approached Jewish community
(20:17 , 09.04.15 )
Argentina to declassify documents in Israel
President Cristina Fernandez signs decree to publish documents part of
(19:18 , 09.04.15 )
Saudis says no to Swedish monkeys after
Swedish zoo say the transfer of four monkeys to a zoo in Riyadh denied by Saudi
(18:14 , 09.04.15 )
Rouhani: Iran will only sign final nuclear deal
Iran's president says agreement will only occur if all sanctions are lifted at
(14:04 , 09.04.15 )
Family of young Israeli killed in Peru accident
Max Sela. 24, died in a zip-lining accident in Maccu Picchu; 'Max had a huge
(13:18 , 09.04.15 )
UN warns of 'slaughter of innocents' in Syrian
Officials warn of danger for thousands of civilians trapped in Yarmouk
(13:09 , 09.04.15 )
Families of fallen IDF soldiers seek answers
Loved ones of Golani fighters killed in battle in Saja'iyya respond to Ynet
(08:13 , 09.04.15 )
Israeli-Arab dies in gun battle in Iraq after
A resident of northern Israel was reported killed by his family on Wednesday as
(00:54 , 09.04.15 )
IDF officers get special visit to US aircraft
Seven IDF officers, led by Chief of Operations Major General Yoav Har-Even,
(23:33 , 08.04.15 ) 
Palestinians expand security control in West
Police forces belonging to PA to patrol towns near Jerusalem for first time as a
(23:16 , 08.04.15 )

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