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CBS news network on Jerusalem terror attack:
US news network CBS presents a distorted headline of Wednesday's terror attack
(22:50 , 03.02.16 )
Police officer indicted for leaking personal
A Border Police officer is indicted after allegedly transferring personal
(21:09 , 03.02.16 )
Top IDF general calls Islamic State 'our enemy'
Israel is sharing intelligence with allies battling the Islamic State despite
(20:23 , 03.02.16 )
Jewish organizations ask German FM to act to
Berlin's American Jewish Committee urges Frank-Walter Steinmeier, currently on a
(18:36 , 03.02.16 )
One killed, two wounded in J'lem terror attack
Three terrorists commit combined knife and gun attack at Jerusalem's Damascus
(17:55 , 03.02.16 ) 
Tunnel collapse kills two Hamas men
Terror group's military branch confirms deaths, vows to continue digging
(11:15 , 03.02.16 )
Dutch halt reparations to Holocaust survivors
The Netherlands has decided to stop payments to Dutch survivors who already
(10:09 , 03.02.16 )
Haifa pollution a 'nuclear bomb'
In their first response to the publication of worrying statistics regarding the
(22:33 , 02.02.16 )
Conflict of interest between PM, new AG not
Despite having served as cabinet secretary, a position of trust with the prime
(22:01 , 02.02.16 )
India arrests suspect planning on attacking
Jeb Afridi, active in the Muslim student organization, suspected of committing
(14:32 , 02.02.16 )
Olmert pleads guilty to obstruction of justice
Plea deal results in six-month sentence and NIS 50,000 fine as Olmert admits
(12:48 , 02.02.16 )
'Stop-and-frisk' bill gets final approval
Knesset passes bill permitting police to conduct body searches with probable
(12:07 , 02.02.16 )
Foreign Ministry to help limit product-labeling
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely and the Israeli Export Institute set up a
(10:50 , 02.02.16 )
US arrests global Hezbollah money-laundering
DEA nabs terror network laundering millions on behalf of drug cartels in order
(10:25 , 02.02.16 )
Iowa: Cruz beats Trump, Sanders and Clinton in
Surprises in US 2016 election's first caucus as devout Christian Cruz defeats
(08:32 , 02.02.16 )
Israeli satellite photos show Russian Air Force
The Aros satellite took photos of the Lattakia air base used by the Russian Air
(00:18 , 02.02.16 )
Hamas member fakes illness, enters Israel
Two Gazans used fake medical documents to travel to an East Jerusalem hospital.
(22:03 , 01.02.16 )
Meir Ettinger to remain under administrative
Ettinger, considered the leader of radical Jewish group in the West Bank, will
(21:45 , 01.02.16 )
Al-Aqsa mosque manager banned from Temple Mount
Jerusalem police decides to keep Najah Bacirat away from the holy site for six
(20:43 , 01.02.16 )
IDF searching for Hamas tunnels along Gaza
In effort to assuage concerns by Israelis living along the border, who report
(18:44 , 01.02.16 ) 
Mandelblit takes up new post as Attorney General
The outgoing cabinet secretary replaces Yehuda Weinstein as attorney general;
(16:16 , 01.02.16 )
IDF partially closes Ramallah in wake of
Army seals off roads out of the city intermittently after a nearby shooting the
(14:25 , 01.02.16 )
Netanyahu delivers harsh warning to Hamas
'If we are attacked from the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, we will act with more
(11:03 , 01.02.16 )
Palestinian tries to cross West Bank barrier,
The soldiers alerted that someone had crossed the barrier, searched the area and
(08:44 , 01.02.16 )
From the Iranian army to a Jerusalem clinic
Dr. Shahab Davidfor served as a doctor in the Iranian army, made aliyah 2 years
(23:37 , 31.01.16 )
Terror victims' relatives to gov't: Deport
Relatives of 18 people murdered in terror attacks have written an open letter
(21:39 , 31.01.16 )
Gov't approves mixed prayer area at Western Wall
New area will be located south of the existing prayer areas, and will be used by
(16:19 , 31.01.16 )
Anti-Semitic comedian's show canceled
French comedian Dieudonne had been due to perform in Thailand, but his show was
(14:18 , 31.01.16 )
Three soldiers wounded in shooting attack next
Terrorist, a member of the Palestinian security services, arrives at checkpoint,
(12:41 , 31.01.16 )
Israeli stabbed and wounded in Jerusalem
A 17-year-old was stabbed in the back and lightly wounded next to Damascus Gate
(12:35 , 31.01.16 )
Jerusalem Jewish-Arab school arsonists'
Nahman and Shlomo Twito, who were charged with setting fire to the bilingual
(12:25 , 31.01.16 )
US, UK spied on Israel's drone and missile
During Operation Anarchist, American and British intelligence agencies broke the
(10:20 , 31.01.16 )
Israel rejects French ultimatum over recognition
Israeli officials say Jerusalem will consider attending international peace
(08:50 , 31.01.16 )
Israeli minister interviewed for Saudi website
Israeli Minister Ze'ev Elkin talks with Saudi Arabian news website Elaph about
(23:05 , 30.01.16 )
Israelis flock to nature by the thousands
Mount Hermon ski site closes for second consecutive day because of massive
(13:34 , 30.01.16 )
Communal aliyah model to be adopted nationwide
Two years after dozens of immigrant families settled in the West Bank as a group
(11:00 , 30.01.16 )
Italian academics call for boycott of Israeli
Another boycott of Israel has emerged, this time from Italy: 168 academics and
(23:33 , 29.01.16 )
France to recognize Palestinian state if
France's foreign minister says that the French government will recognise a
(22:59 , 29.01.16 )
'Take my name off': Author slams new civics
New civics textbook 'Being citizens in Israel' is expected to be sent for
(22:22 , 29.01.16 )
IDF's armored vehicles to get added protection
The first of the IDF's Namer armored personal carriers to have a new active
(17:46 , 29.01.16 ) 
Ayatollah Khamenei denies Holocaust in new video
Iran's supreme leader posts video on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in
(16:11 , 29.01.16 ) 
Senior Hamas official: Group building tunnels,
Ismail Haniyeh says Hamas is preparing for the next conflict with Israel and is
(14:33 , 29.01.16 )
Hundreds of smuggling attempts to Gaza
From rocket manufacturing materials to GoPro cameras - the past year saw over
(10:25 , 29.01.16 )
US issues guidelines on labeling West Bank
The State Department says this is simply a reissue of those from 1995 but an
(09:42 , 29.01.16 )
Netanyahu associate at meeting with Iranian FM
French Jewish MP attended parliamentary meeting with Foreign Minister Zarif
(22:49 , 28.01.16 )
IDF chief fires commanders over deadly training
75th Battalion commander, deputy commander and deputy company commander, along
(22:28 , 28.01.16 )
MK's car pelted with rocks after visiting family
Yesh Atid's Haim Yellin was on his way back from paying a condolence visit to
(20:36 , 28.01.16 )
Poll: Lapid gaining support, Netanyahu losing
Decline in public's trust in the prime minister and the Likud continues as
(18:20 , 28.01.16 )
Netanyahu talks cooperation with leaders of
Leaders of three countries agreed on cooperation in the fields of nergy,
(17:44 , 28.01.16 )
France eyes deals for Airbus, Peugeot, farming
France and Iran hail a set of business tie-ups and export deals on Thursday
(14:35 , 28.01.16 )
Settlers tell Netanyahu: Block Palestinian media
The head of the main settlement council in the West Bank wrote to the prime
(11:06 , 28.01.16 )
Obama at Israeli embassy: 'Rise in anti-Semitism
Speaking at an Interational Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Washington,
(09:31 , 28.01.16 ) 
Israeli organization combats BDS by buying local
Lev HaOlam (Heart of the World), based near Shiloh in the West Bank, purchases
(09:06 , 28.01.16 )
Civilians apprehend stabber in Givat Ze'ev
Terrorist attacks a man about 50 years old outside a gas station restaurant,
(23:46 , 27.01.16 )
Eight Hamas militants missing after Gaza tunnel
Terror tunnel collapses on 11 members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades
(22:38 , 27.01.16 )
Culture minister booed at national theater
In wake of controversy over her 'no loyalty, no funding' bill proposal, Miri
(22:24 , 27.01.16 ) 
UN chief rejects criticism from Israel: 'Nothing
After PM Netanyahu accused him of 'giving terror a tailwind,' Ban Ki-moon's
(21:40 , 27.01.16 )
Police: Witnesses' call wouldn't have helped
Head of police's operations dept. calls reports 'a storm in a teacup,' noting
(21:11 , 27.01.16 )
Tel Aviv terrorist's videos: Drugs, religion,
Footage found on Nashat Melhem's phone shows him smoking hashish and exhibiting
(17:59 , 27.01.16 ) 
Tel Aviv terrorist planned more attacks, says
Indictments to be issued Wednesday agianst three suspects who allegedly aided
(13:28 , 27.01.16 )
Regev presents 'cultural loyalty' bill to MKs
Opposition MKs slam culture minister's proposal to allow withholding of state
(11:50 , 27.01.16 )
FBI: US terror suspect planned to attack
Samy Mohamed Hamzeh initially planned to attack Israelis in the West Bank but
(10:12 , 27.01.16 )
Eichmann pardon request uncovered
Pardon request by key figure in the Holocaust, still Israel's only executed
(09:44 , 27.01.16 )
IDF preparing for possible war on northern, Gaza
Israel isn't expected to start a war of choice in the near future, but the IDF
(23:40 , 26.01.16 )
Netanyahu: Europe not doing enough to fight
Holocaust survivor Martha Weiss to represent Israel at UN International
(21:12 , 26.01.16 )
UN chief on Palestinian violence: Natural
In scathing criticism of Israeli policies in the West Bank, Ban says 'security
(19:03 , 26.01.16 ) 
Ya'alon: Turkey funds ISIS militants by buying
Despite efforts to normalize ties between Jerusalem and Ankara, the defense
(18:04 , 26.01.16 )
Regev to submit culture bill- no loyalty, no
The bill entitled 'loyalty in culture', to be submitted on Wedensday, ensures
(15:17 , 26.01.16 )
Likud to host far right-wing politician from
The director of communications for Likud, Eli Hazan, has invited a senior member
(10:23 , 26.01.16 )
Snow in the north and Gush Etzion; Jerusalem let
Jerusalem residents disappointed as they wake up to find out the snow did not
(09:37 , 26.01.16 )
Woman stabbed in terrorist attack in Beit Horon
Shlomit Krigman, a 23-year old woman from Shadmot Mehola in the West Bank died
(08:39 , 26.01.16 ) 
Canada sends 'tough message' to Israel as a
FM Stephane Dion, who also criticized Palestinians' 'unhelpful' international
(21:51 , 25.01.16 )
Palestinian media spurring wave of terror
Since the beginning of the current terror wave, Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV and other
(20:07 , 25.01.16 )
Teen Palestinian twins planned terror bombings,
18-year-old sisters allegedly bought chemicals, watched online tutorials , and
(14:36 , 25.01.16 )
'Frisking bill' on path to approval
Knesset committee votes 7-6 in favor of passing bill on for final approval; bill
(13:09 , 25.01.16 )
Poll: Most Israelis support additional benefits
In light of European anti-Semitism, a majority of Israel endorse further
(11:51 , 25.01.16 )
Snow day: Israel painted white
IN PICTURES: From the wildlife of the Golan Heights to the overflowing rivers of
(10:38 , 25.01.16 ) 
US ambassador 'regrets' double-standard
Dan Shapiro acknowledges that 'timing was not ideal' when he said Israel has
(09:40 , 25.01.16 )
Paris terrorists: 'With Allah's help we will
The Islamic State group has released a new video in which the terrorists who
(23:00 , 24.01.16 ) 
Rocket explodes in southern Israel, no injuries
A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip explodes in an open area in the Sha'ar
(21:26 , 24.01.16 )
Shimon Peres taken to hospital
The former Israeli president complains of feeling pressure in his chest, but
(21:13 , 24.01.16 )
Netanyahu: US-Israel relationship is strong and
The prime minister defends the relationship between Israel and the US at the
(20:07 , 24.01.16 )
Terrorist who murdered Dafna Meir incited after
The 15-year-old terrorist who killed Dafna Meir tells Shin Bet investigators
(17:23 , 24.01.16 )
Netanyahu seeks to return evicted settlers to
The prime minister says once proper permits are in place, the 80 settlers
(14:48 , 24.01.16 )
IDF presents: 'Bilal doesn't kill people with a
IDF Spokesman's office in its own take on 'Be like Bill' online meme seeks to
(12:04 , 24.01.16 )

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