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Hollande iterates support for two-state solution
In remarks to the Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions of France,
(11:02 , 25.02.17 )
Palestinians throw shoes at Trump poster to mark
Dozens of Palestinians and foreign activists mark 23rd anniversary of closure of
(19:06 , 24.02.17 ) 
UN rights office decries Israeli sentence as
UN Human Rights Spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani compares Elor Azaria's 18-month
(15:21 , 24.02.17 ) 
Following strike, state grants Jerusalem NIS 700
Following long negotiations and a municipal workers' strike, the governmental
(14:14 , 24.02.17 )
Israel denies work visa to Human Rights Watch
Accusing the NGO of 'propaganda,' the Interior Ministry denies a visa to HRW's
(11:17 , 24.02.17 )
Trump likes two-state solution, but says he will
US President Donald Trump says he likes the concept of a two-state solution to
(10:45 , 24.02.17 )
Breakthrough in celebrity bombing case
After Avishai Ben David was arrested for his alleged involvement in the
(10:37 , 24.02.17 )
US envoy to UN meets with slain Israeli
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley meets with the parents of Lt. Hadar Goldin
(08:22 , 24.02.17 )
Tel Aviv Marathon disruptions
The Tel Aviv Marathon begins Friday at 6:00am and is expected to result in
(23:32 , 23.02.17 )
Case 2000: Comptroller asks for all material
Channel 2 reports that Yosef Shapira contacted the attorney general to receive
(23:17 , 23.02.17 )
High Court: The Talpiot terrorist's home to be
The High Court of Justice approves the destruction of the home of Fadi Qunbar,
(22:17 , 23.02.17 )
Police find evidence of corruption by former
The findings will now be presented to the State Attorney's Office, who will
(22:03 , 23.02.17 )
900 days a Hamas captive—and counting
Hamas apprehended Abera Mengistu more than 2 years ago after he crossed into the
(18:26 , 23.02.17 )
Israeli fighter jet shoots down Hamas drone
The Hamas drone was shot down by an Israel Air Force fighter jet before it
(16:31 , 23.02.17 )
Building evacuated after police find explosive
After detonation devices were placed in properties belonging to multiple famous
(15:09 , 23.02.17 )
Judge adds a year to former chief rabbi's
In an unusual move, court adds additional year to prison sentence of former
(14:25 , 23.02.17 )
Shaked seeks to reduce Supreme Court
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is celebrating her success in appointing three
(13:06 , 23.02.17 )
Israeli arrested at Colombia airport after
The man was reportedly angry his flight was delayed due to a technical issue and
(11:01 , 23.02.17 )
Erdan ready to issue apology to bereaved Bedouin
Public security minister justifies his original labelling of a Bedouin man who
(10:51 , 23.02.17 )
Netanyahu hopes to triple Israel-Australia trade
'Our trade is $1 billion. It should be at least double or triple that,' the
(09:01 , 23.02.17 )
Soldier very lightly hurt during overnight
Explosive thrown at IDF force from the Paratroopers Brigade's 101st Battalion
(08:30 , 23.02.17 )
Four new Supreme Court judges selected
The first religious woman, an Arab Christian, a resident of the settlements, and
(23:04 , 22.02.17 )
Netanyahu's US visit found to be on expensive
A document made public on Tuesday shows the costs of Prime Minister Benjamin
(22:11 , 22.02.17 )
ISIS affiliates gaining ground in Golan
A major offensive by an ISIS-allied group in the tri-border region of Syria,
(22:11 , 22.02.17 )
MK Hasson in hot water over fake PM resignation
Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman is after MK Yoel Hasson (Zionist Union) after
(20:53 , 22.02.17 )
Upgraded version of the Iron Dome successfully
Watch: In a series of experiments, the upgraded Iron Dome successfully hit both
(19:34 , 22.02.17 ) 
IDF chief: Hezbollah suffering from crisis of
Eisenkot asserts Nasrallah's recent threats to fire rockets at sensitive
(18:35 , 22.02.17 )
New head of Police Investigations Unit loses key
In a break with convention, Lahav 433—the unit responsible for the most
(18:08 , 22.02.17 )
Rehovot resident accused of attempting to set
Rehovot resident accused of planning to throw a Molotov cocktail at a Yavne
(17:36 , 22.02.17 )
Officer claims he never intended to shoot
As the police continue to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of
(16:09 , 22.02.17 )
Amnesty report: Israel unlawfully killed and
Annual report claims Israel infringed upon rights of thousands of Palestinians
(15:25 , 22.02.17 )
Police chief urges patience over Umm al-Hiran
Amid reports that the investigation is expected to conclude that the incident,
(13:16 , 22.02.17 ) 
ISIS claims responsibility for rocket attack on
Day after two rockets that were fired from Sinai land in open space in southern
(12:11 , 22.02.17 )
Investigation into St. Louis Jewish cemetery
As the police continue in their efforts to identify perpetrators of anti-Semitic
(11:16 , 22.02.17 ) 
Australian PM reiterates support for two-state
As Netanyahu pays first ever visit by a serving Israeli leader to Australia,
(10:15 , 22.02.17 ) 
Dublin college regrets cancellation of event
After an event supposed to take place at Trinity College in Dublin involving
(10:12 , 22.02.17 )
Report: IAF strikes Syrian army outposts in
Israel allegedly attacked outposts of the Syrian army's 3rd Division in
(08:04 , 22.02.17 )
Terrorist’s family bemoans Azaria sentence
The family of Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, who carried out a stabbing attack in
(23:36 , 21.02.17 )
Politicians call for Azaria’s immediate pardon
Several ministers and members of the Knesset urge authorities to pardon Elor
(21:53 , 21.02.17 ) 
Ya'alon seeks to justify premature statements on
Former defense minister’s comments come in response to criticism levelled
(20:22 , 21.02.17 )
Iran Supreme Leader calls on Palestinians to
As rhetoric increases between Iran, Israel and the US, despite Iran’s insistence
(19:35 , 21.02.17 )
Azaria's sister 'ashamed' over court's
Following sentencing of her brother for the manslaughter of a neutralized
(19:07 , 21.02.17 ) 
Egyptian, Jordanian leaders uncompromising on
Despite suspicions that notion of a 2-state solution may be off the table,
(18:07 , 21.02.17 )
Event involving Israeli Ambassador to Ireland
An event supposed to take place at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland involving
(15:22 , 21.02.17 )
Health Minister Litzman demands funds for an
No supervision, no standards, no budget, no demand; Health Minister Yaakov
(14:13 , 21.02.17 )
Sgt. Elor Azaria sentenced to 18 months in
The military court handed down a sentence of 18 months in prison, 12 months of
(12:07 , 21.02.17 )
WATCH: US Ambassador to the UN speaks out on the
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley's adamantly
(10:24 , 21.02.17 ) 
Lieberman: 'Lichtenstein's special forces kill
Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman addresses the ISIS report that an Israeli
(08:38 , 21.02.17 )
IDF soldiers punished after leaving their
5 soldiers from the Kfir Brigade are given 21 days' detention for leaving their
(23:38 , 20.02.17 )
Outcry over nursing home abuse scandal grows
After an undercover investigation into abuse at a Haifa nursing home uncovered
(22:44 , 20.02.17 ) 
Minister Deri moves to revoke citizenship of
Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri writes to Attorney General Avichai
(20:20 , 20.02.17 )
Police investigating alleged child abuse in
Mother of three year old picks up son from Jerusalem kindergarten to find him
(20:17 , 20.02.17 )
Garbage sorting center to be built near Lake
A new waste sorting center is to be built close to Lake Kinneret and streams
(18:51 , 20.02.17 )
Herzog: Netanyahu 'blinked' under pressure
In comments following reports of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu backing away
(18:42 , 20.02.17 )
IDF helicopter makes emergency landing on beach
An IDF Air Force helicopter has to make an emergency landing at the Ashdod
(18:14 , 20.02.17 )
Arrest extended for man suspected of murdering
A carer suspected of causing the death of an elderly man who was in his care in
(16:57 , 20.02.17 )
Shin Bet foils ISIS-affiliated terror attack
Indictment issued against 35-year-old Tayibe resident for contact with ISIS and
(14:38 , 20.02.17 )
Netanyahu in Singapore: 'We are kindred spirits'
On his first visit to Singapore, Prime Minister Netanyahu claims 'we are kindred
(13:43 , 20.02.17 )
Police extend arrests in nursing home abuse
The remand of four caregivers suspected of abuse in a Haifa nursing home has
(11:29 , 20.02.17 ) 
Two rockets fired from Sinai into Israel
IDF confirms 2 rockets fired from the Sinai Peninsula landed in the Eshkol
(10:41 , 20.02.17 )
Report: 3,173 cases of child abuse in one year
Recently exposed case of child abuse rates are only the tip of the iceberg:
(10:21 , 20.02.17 )
Netanyahu says Trump’s settlement moratorium
Speaking at a Security Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu said President
(09:47 , 20.02.17 )
ISIS says Israel killed 5 of its members
Terror group’s news agency claims Israeli UAV attacked a vehicle in the Sinai on
(23:32 , 19.02.17 )
Netanyahu admits attending secret peace summit
Netanyahu confirms veracity of reports in Israeli media that he attended a
(22:06 , 19.02.17 )
Ten Arab men murdered less than 2 months into
Despite expectations that the new year would mark a decrease in the number of
(21:11 , 19.02.17 )
Israel and Saudi Arabia close ranks against Iran
Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Avigdor Lieberman and the Saudi
(20:06 , 19.02.17 ) 
IDF chief rabbi joins Chief Rabbinate Council
Col. Eyal Karim pledges his loyalty at the President's Residence, thereby
(18:54 , 19.02.17 )
Hamas court in Gaza sentences 3 to death for
Court also upheld sentences of three others for allegedly spying for Israel,
(18:37 , 19.02.17 )
Supreme Court appointments in jeopardy
A disagreement among judges and among members of the Judicial Selection
(17:16 , 19.02.17 )
Excavations begin on greater Tel Aviv light rail
In an Israeli public transportation first, excavation work begins ahead of
(15:09 , 19.02.17 )
Police arrests 5 suspected of abusing elderly at
An undercover investigation into abuse at a Haifa nursing home uncovers
(12:48 , 19.02.17 )
Netanyahu: Trump and I agreed to form team on
The prime minister says Israel and the US established teams to work together on
(11:50 , 19.02.17 )
'Hezbollah might have game-changing naval
Western intelligence officials express 'grave concerns' that the Lebanese terror
(11:23 , 19.02.17 )
Female ambassadors in Israel meet
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely organizes the meeting; 20 out
(23:30 , 18.02.17 )
Toda = Shukran: Teaching Hebrew to Arabs online
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs begins a new initiative to teach Arabic-speakers
(22:22 , 18.02.17 )
'Blind sheikh' convicted in 1993 World Trade
Omar Abdel-Rahman, the extremist Muslim cleric known as 'the blind sheikh'
(21:52 , 18.02.17 )
It's raining Alpinists: A day in the life of the
At the beginning of winter, the fighters of the IDF Alpine Unit receive their
(20:55 , 18.02.17 )
Data on Israelis who become German released
More than 33,000 Israelis have obtained German nationality since 2000; 95% of
(20:50 , 18.02.17 )
Lebanese president: Israeli threats to
Michel Aoun joins Hezbollah leader Nasrallah in threatening the Jewish state; in
(19:40 , 18.02.17 )
Bennett and Shaked reassure Amona evacuees
In a series of Tweets Friday, Bayit Hayehudi ministers of both education and
(11:13 , 18.02.17 )
Report: Flynn, Haley pressured Obama
The report alleges that both Michael Flynn and Nikki Haley, while on Trump's
(10:00 , 18.02.17 )
Over 100,000 Palestinians send Trump letters for
A massive public campaign urges Trump not to give up on Palestine by keeping
(22:42 , 17.02.17 )
Senior army officer suspected of misconduct
Technological and Logistics Directorate Head Brig. Gen. Nehemiah Sokel is
(18:03 , 17.02.17 )
Arrests made in celebrity-targeting bombing
The Israel Police arrest two they believe to be part of a larger group who has
(16:54 , 17.02.17 )
Netanyahu appoints Tzachi Hanegbi interim
On his way back to Israel from the US, Netanyahu tells reporters that he intends
(16:02 , 17.02.17 )
Lieberman to Mattis: 'Iran, Iran and Iran'
Meeting in Munich, the Israeli defense minister and his American counterpart
(15:14 , 17.02.17 )

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