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Erdan to join government as Internal Security
Senior Likud member agrees to join government despite unfulfilled demands to
(17:02 , 25.05.15 )
Israir flight makes emergency landing
Engine fails on flight to Eilat just after takeoff; third Israeli aircraft to
(14:25 , 25.05.15 )
Economist: New Israeli government harms foreign
Report in London-based publication details series of political challenges before
(11:34 , 25.05.15 )
Olmert sentenced to 8 months for Talansky bribes
Former Prime Minister accused of accepting cash bribes in envelopes from
(09:27 , 25.05.15 )
Handlers recall 'hero' Eli Cohen
Newly released recordings recall the moment that Israel's intelligence agents
(22:41 , 24.05.15 )
Iran denies agreement on military site
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi denies quotes attributed to him on
(21:13 , 24.05.15 )
Families to honor memory of kidnapped Israeli
Jerusalem mayor and families of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach
(20:54 , 24.05.15 )
Nasrallah calls on region to fight ISIS: They
Hezbollah leader mocks US-coalition effort against Islamic State, saying they
(19:23 , 24.05.15 ) 
Two wounded in Jerusalem stabbing attack
Shavuot stabbing in Old City among several recent incidents that mark an
(09:08 , 24.05.15 )
Netanyahu thanks US for blocking Mideast nuclear
US blocks global document aimed at ridding world of nuclear weapons, saying
(20:21 , 23.05.15 )
PMO report: 55% rise in Netanyahu's Caesarea
Overall expenditure for both Caesarea and Jerusalem homes drop in 19%;
(18:15 , 23.05.15 )
Dispute over Mideast nuclear arms ban torpedoes
Conference on Non-Proliferation Treaty fails after disagreements on atomic
(12:06 , 23.05.15 )
Hezbollah shows off its tunnels, claims it is
As the militant Lebanese organization is mired in Syria's war, it invites a
(11:27 , 23.05.15 )
Obama: Everybody is a child of God
US president stresses personal stake in Iran deal; wears kippah in synagogue
(20:21 , 22.05.15 )
Hanegbi decries Obama as 'hypocritical'
Likud strong man says US President's remarks on Netanyahu were 'inappropiate',
(19:52 , 22.05.15 )
Abbas: Israeli settlement expansion blocks any
Palestinian president reiterates important of two states side by side; Peres:
(17:37 , 22.05.15 )
Traffic accident fatalities spike in 2015
Fatal crashes up by 35 percent compared to the same period last year; last week
(11:41 , 22.05.15 )
Washington is waiting for Israel's demands on
Israeli officials are divided over when to ask for American war machines, and
(11:27 , 22.05.15 )
Hotovely: Land of Israel belongs to the Jews
Quoting Rashi, the new deputy FM tells Israeli diplomats that, 'this country is
(10:52 , 22.05.15 )
Gazans reach beyond blockade through start-up
Gaza Strip software start-up gives its workers a sense of freedom despite
(10:46 , 22.05.15 )
World Bank: Gaza facing 'dangerous fiscal
International institution says Gaza Strip has highest unemployment in world at
(08:31 , 22.05.15 )
Rivlin: We must learn to live together
President makes surprise visit to Jerusalem school, suggests cross-school soccer
(23:47 , 21.05.15 )
Arafat's chopper stars in Hamas ceremony
Gazan terror group uses PLO leader's iconic helicopter during graduation show
(23:08 , 21.05.15 )
Israel rules out any payment to 'enemy' Iran
Despite IRNA report of Swiss court ordering Trans-Asian Oil to pay $1.1 billion
(21:51 , 21.05.15 )
Obama: I criticize Israel because I care about
In Atlantic interview, US president calls Iran's supreme leader anti-Semitic but
(20:33 , 21.05.15 )
US pushes Israel for progress on nuclear-free
State Department officials speak with Israeli counterparts on efforts to ensure
(20:18 , 21.05.15 )
Indictments served in Air Force rape case
Soldiers allegedly filmed rape, coordinated stories; one accused perpetrator is
(18:14 , 21.05.15 )
IDF's improves life for Palestinians: 'It brings
From new roads to increased work permits, the IDF is trying a new approach in an
(18:14 , 21.05.15 )
Egypt's judges new frontline in battle against
Judges face bombs, cars torched; attacks come against backdrop of mass death
(16:29 , 21.05.15 )
State Comptroller to Netanyahu: Explain conflict
PM under fire for keeping Communications Ministry for himself, despite his
(15:53 , 21.05.15 )
Lieberman blasts Netanyahu for talks with Joint
Yisrael Beytenu leader calls on PM not to meet with Ayman Odeh, saying it would
(13:43 , 21.05.15 )
France seeks 18-month deadline for
According to French initiative, if sides fail to reach agreement by deadline,
(09:00 , 21.05.15 )
Ex-Supreme Court head ready to sit down with
Upon Shaked’s appointment as justice minister, Aharon Barak agrees to talk to
(23:46 , 20.05.15 )
Socially aware legislation: Lower rents and
Members of both the coalition and the opposition are wasting no time in drafting
(23:35 , 20.05.15 )
US to restock IDF stores with bunker busters,
State Department, Pentagon approve massive weapons sale, worth $1.9 billion, to
(21:20 , 20.05.15 )
Soldier recalls death of Jerusalem attacker
Sergeant 'A' shot Palestinian attacker in his vehicle after three were wounded;
(20:39 , 20.05.15 )
Netanyahu to EU: I support two-state solution
At meeting with European Union's foreign policy chief, PM reiterates commitment
(19:51 , 20.05.15 )
Right-wing activists protest Nakba Day ceremony
Some 200 Israeli Arabs mark Palestinian day of 'catastrophe' in 1948;
(17:50 , 20.05.15 )
Netanyahu trying to bring Erdan back into the
Sources close to Netanyahu said Erdan will have to join gov't under conditions
(16:09 , 20.05.15 )
Alleged Rabin conspiracy theorist tapped to head
After firing director-general, Netanyahu plans to appoint Shlomo Filber, who
(16:07 , 20.05.15 )
Islamic State finding it hard to gain foothold
The extremist group has twice been repelled by Syrian rebels in recent weeks,
(14:43 , 20.05.15 )
Netanyahu suspends ban on Palestinians using
Defense Ministry's three-month trial scheme also required Palestinians to enter
(14:07 , 20.05.15 )
Two Border Police officers hurt in vehicular
Terrorist from East Jerusalem killed by police gunfire; victims sustain
(10:24 , 20.05.15 )
IDF to use 'more humane' non-lethal ammunition
After extensive testing, military approves use of rubber bullets in the West
(23:49 , 19.05.15 )
Vatican: Pope Francis meant no offense calling
Holy See says Israel should not be offended by statement that was made during
(21:15 , 19.05.15 )
Shalom claims he's de facto foreign minister
Netanyahu tasked former FM with renewing peace talks, liaising with US and
(19:44 , 19.05.15 )
Israel: US let Iran plane deal go ahead despite
Jerusalem official says Israel alerted US to deal, which is 'significant'
(15:34 , 19.05.15 )
US tourist declared dead after fall at Masada
American female fell some 8 meters and suffered heat stroke after laying in
(15:32 , 19.05.15 )
ISIS rings confiscated at Ben Gurion Airport
Suspicious package from Turkey contained rings bearing messages in support of
(14:31 , 19.05.15 )
Police tie 2003 Tel Aviv attack to massive
Three people were killed in blast at bureau de change believed to have targeted
(12:54 , 19.05.15 )
Israeli journalist hospitalized after hit by
Akiva Eldar undergoing surgery after he was struck by vehicle driven by former
(12:21 , 19.05.15 )
Pro-Palestinian protest features Netanyahu
California demonstrators square off against group celebrating 67 years of
(11:50 , 19.05.15 )
IDF to disband all Druze battalion
Decision comes after 99% of Druze soldiers express desire to integrate into the
(10:47 , 19.05.15 )
'No alternative' to Saudi peace plan, says
Former military general in Jordan calls on Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept
(23:55 , 18.05.15 )
Netanyahu: We'll keep making every effort to
50 years after being caught and executed in Damascus, Mossad spy is remembered
(23:28 , 18.05.15 )
Israeli Ethiopian protesters return to Rabin
Protesters charge Rabin Square, blocking roads in the area; protest started out
(22:01 , 18.05.15 )
Europe wants central role in Middle East peace,
EU foreign policy chief says she is eager to leverage Europe's position to step
(21:24 , 18.05.15 )
Shaked: Separation of powers has become blurred
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked says the public perceives that decision-making
(21:05 , 18.05.15 )
Netanyahu appoints Silvan Shalom as peace
Palestinians denounce appointment of new interior minister, saying Shalom did
(18:58 , 18.05.15 )
Fighting the heat: Fires break out across the
Dozens of firefighting teams, assisted by airtankers, battle blazes in northern
(18:19 , 18.05.15 )
NGO: 85% of Palestinian complaints to police
Yesh Din claims that investigations into complaints from Palestinians are rarely
(14:35 , 18.05.15 )
Police announce 50 arrested in massive organized
While details remain under gag order, police chief Danino claims 'one of the
(13:04 , 18.05.15 )
Heat wave sizzles throughout Israel
Temperatures to reach 42 degrees Celsius (107 degrees Fahrenheit) in south, peak
(11:00 , 18.05.15 )
MK Bar-Lev: Hamas tunnels back in Israel
Zionist Union MK warns that Hamas is rebuilding, calls on government to take
(08:53 , 18.05.15 )
Netanyahu: The answer to terror attacks is
Erdan urges PM to stop talking of building, and actually build in the capital,
(23:25 , 17.05.15 )
IDF rejects female integration in Armored Corps
After conducting trials, Israeli Army decides against allowing female recruits
(23:16 , 17.05.15 )
Labor official: Yachimovich trying to dismantle
Former Labor leader tells supporters she will vote with coalition on social
(20:37 , 17.05.15 )
Clashes at Damascus Gate ahead of Jerusalem Day
Dozens of Palestinians hurl stones and bottles at police, lightly wounding one
(17:52 , 17.05.15 )
New justice minister seeks change to Supreme
Ayelet Shaked says balance between Supreme Court and Knesset should be found; 'I
(16:52 , 17.05.15 )
Settler leader Levinger laid to rest in Hebron
Hundreds turn out for funeral in ancient synagogue close to the Tomb of the
(15:32 , 17.05.15 )
Netanyahu to Ethiopian community: No place for
Speaking at memorial for Ethiopian Jews who died making their way to Israel, PM
(14:42 , 17.05.15 )
US 'deeply concerned' over Morsi death sentence
State Department slams sentence for ousted president 'inconsistent with Egypt's
(09:58 , 17.05.15 )
South goes on strike to protest layoffs
Local authorities begin one-day shutdown in Dimona and other cities in
(09:45 , 17.05.15 )
Jordanian, German FMs call for renewal of
Jordan's minister says world is unanimous on need for negotiations leading to
(08:28 , 17.05.15 )
Remembering the Israeli Arab victim of one of
Hasiba Shahala, 27, was the first victim of the terrorists who carried out a
(23:55 , 16.05.15 )
Regev's first move as minister: Move Culture and
Regev says ministry which deals with state issues should operate from Israel's
(23:21 , 16.05.15 )
Leading settler rabbi Levinger passes away at
Moshe Levinger was among the leaders of the renewed Jewish settlement in Hebron
(21:45 , 16.05.15 )
US special forces kill senior ISIS commander in
Pentagon confirms rare raid by US special forces kills Abu Sayyaf while Syrian
(16:02 , 16.05.15 )
Pope Francis meets Abbas after treaty
Palestinian leader meets with Pope on trip to canonize two Palestinians as
(13:42 , 16.05.15 )
17 people killed in deadly week on Israeli roads
After week full of traffic accidents, 14-year-old girl and 19-year-old boy in
(10:11 , 16.05.15 )
Palestinians mark Nakba Day with protests
Rallies held in the West Bank to demand right of return and commemorate 1948
(23:19 , 15.05.15 )
EU's top diplomat to visit Netanyahu, Abbas next
Federica Mogherini will conduct talks on the stalled peace process with Israeli
(22:05 , 15.05.15 )
Ex-soldiers protest over Breaking the Silence
IDF vets take to social media in protest over damning reports from NGO claiming
(14:54 , 15.05.15 )
Revealed: Mossad was asked to kill Ayatollah
Book by former Mossad official Yossi Alpher details secret relationships with
(12:09 , 15.05.15 )
VIDEO: Security camera captures Gush Etzion
Shin Bet arrests suspected driver, 22-year-old Muhammad al-Rafahiya from Hebron,
(12:03 , 15.05.15 ) 
AG: Bayit Yehudi coalition deal contradicts
Deputy AG determined gov't should stop directly funding Settlement Division,
(10:19 , 15.05.15 )
Obama challenges new cabinet's commitment to
US President re-affirms need for peace agreement with Palestinians at summit
(09:27 , 15.05.15 )
US House passes bill for Congress to review Iran
Obama expected to sign bill into law after House passes it in 400-25 vote;
(08:30 , 15.05.15 )
Crime report: One person murdered in Israel
While report finds 971 crimes were committed last year and 170 people arrested
(00:21 , 15.05.15 )
Knesset approves fourth Netanyahu government
After last-minute postponement, Knesset plenum votes 61-59 in favor of swearing
(23:12 , 14.05.15 )
Hamas says Islamic State has no foothold in Gaza
Group says IS exists 'only on the Internet' in Gaza, while Israeli official says
(18:01 , 14.05.15 )
Netanyahu makes Regev culture minister, Steinitz
PM still looking for position for senior Likud member Gilad Erdan; Katz, Ya'alon
(16:15 , 14.05.15 )
Suspected terror attack: Four hurt in hit and
Black vehicle escapes scene after hitting pedestrians in Gush Etzion;
(15:27 , 14.05.15 )
Rivlin tours new IDF submarine during Germany
President visits shipyard in Kiel, Germany where Israeli commandos train to
(14:30 , 14.05.15 ) 
Czechs stopped potential nuclear tech purchase
UN report says Tehran attempted to buy centrifugal compressors from company in
(13:29 , 14.05.15 )
Israel Police chief: Time to revisit marijuana
Speaking to high school students, Yohanan Danino says police should display
(12:05 , 14.05.15 )
AG: It will be difficult to defend Deri's
Citing Shas leader's conviction for bribe-taking, Yehuda Weinstein says prime
(10:15 , 14.05.15 )
Opposition MKs find original way to hit back at
From changing the word 'cabinet' to 'Bibi's gang' and debating the temperature
(00:05 , 14.05.15 )

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