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Reform, Conservative Jews slam PM over refusal
MK Tzahi Hanegbi reportedly told ultra-Orthodox politicians the government has
(19:43 , 21.06.17 )
Border Policewoman convicted of assaulting
The police officer tried to take a 'selfie' with the 15-year-old Palestinian
(18:43 , 21.06.17 )
Economy minister postpones relief measures for
Due to the Palestinian Authority's failure to condemn terror attack that claimed
(17:29 , 21.06.17 )
IAF commander: Israel would go 'all-out' if war
At the annual Herzliya security conference, Maj. Gen. Eshel says Israel can
(17:08 , 21.06.17 )
Mentally ill Haredi suspected of spraying
Worshippers were shocked to discover that their synagogue in the Jerusalem
(15:58 , 21.06.17 )
Israel furious as UN set to host '50 years of
Minister Gilad Erdan appeals to UN Secretary-General Guterres to stop hostile
(14:37 , 21.06.17 )
Dozens of disabled protesters threaten to set
After repeated but failed protests against meager pensions for the disabled,
(13:55 , 21.06.17 )
Jared Kushner lands in Israel, rushes to visit
Arriving in Israel to restart fresh peace initiative between Israel and the
(12:52 , 21.06.17 )
Netanya kindergartens to be named after fallen
Parents of Hadar Cohen and Hadas Malka, who were murdered in similar terror
(12:07 , 21.06.17 )
Israel arrests mother of one of Hadas Malka's
IDF troops take in mother of one of three terrorists responsible for a deadly
(10:28 , 21.06.17 ) 
Israel’s summer start dampened by freak rainfall
Anticipating hot temperatures and a shining sun, Israelis were surprised to wake
(09:27 , 21.06.17 ) 
Netanyahu draws fire for offensive archived
Archived campaign propaganda is found in the Likud headquarters that offensively
(23:48 , 20.06.17 )
Shaked: PA, Hamas responsible for Gaza electric
The minister of justice calls on Palestinian public and international community
(22:57 , 20.06.17 )
Yedioth Books demand police return information
The publishing house petitions the court asking for return of seized materials
(22:22 , 20.06.17 )
Security Cabinet ministers voice support for
Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan announces that he will support the bill,
(20:40 , 20.06.17 )
Mexico allegedly spies on journalists and
Criminal complaints are filed Monday by activists, human-rights lawyers and
(19:03 , 20.06.17 )
IDF soldiers shoot Palestinian who pulls knife
The man pulls out his weapon at a checkpoint in the West Bank; he attempts to
(17:48 , 20.06.17 )
Work begins on new community for Amona evacuees
Despite months of delays and months promises, work finally begins on a new
(16:22 , 20.06.17 ) 
Former PM Olmert falls sick, taken to hospital
Prison doctor called to the cell of Ehud Olmert, who has served two-thirds of
(15:42 , 20.06.17 )
Missing man found dead in the Kinneret
After Natan Hajani went missing in the Tiberias Springs Friday, his new wife,
(14:46 , 20.06.17 ) 
Haredi parties threaten to quit government over
After infrastructural work is carried out on trains during Shabbat,
(12:44 , 20.06.17 )
Vandalized IAF memorial in Romania renovated
Israeli government renovates memorial which was dedicated to six servicemen who
(11:32 , 20.06.17 )
Lieberman pushes for security cabinet polygraph
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and MK Robert Ilatov of Yisrael Beytenu push
(11:17 , 20.06.17 )
IDF: Dozens of soldiers lied about contracting
One week after some 200 soldiers from the Armored Corps were sent home after
(10:52 , 20.06.17 )
Israel's teen ambassadors on front line against
While their friends go to the beach, 17-year-old Tal, Sean, Dolev and Adi will
(09:57 , 20.06.17 ) 
Trump envoy visits family of Hadas Malka
Trump's special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt visits the Malka
(08:30 , 20.06.17 )
MK Oren Hazan removed for a week for offensively
Ethics Committee determines MK Hazan harmed dignity of Knesset after MK Rozin
(23:31 , 19.06.17 )
Israel reduces power supply to Hamas-ruled Gaza
At the request of Palestinian Pres. Abbas, Israel cuts back already limited
(21:40 , 19.06.17 )
Iranian official on Syrian attack: 'Israel
Advisor to Iranian foreign min. states after rare missile attack in Syria that
(21:09 , 19.06.17 ) 
Arab city expansion plan has the right up in
Settlement leader decries plan to 'double Qalqilya,' despite fact that only
(19:59 , 19.06.17 )
Beit El settlers slam Netanyahu: 'He's acting
Residents say the prime minister promised to build 300 new homes in the
(15:42 , 19.06.17 )
US aircraft carrier to dock in Haifa
The USS George H.W. Bush will dock at Haifa for the first time in 17 years as
(14:49 , 19.06.17 ) 
Two families, one shared tragedy
As the Malka family sits Shiva and is still in deep mourning over the murder of
(14:32 , 19.06.17 )
Hezbollah flags fly proudly in London's
Hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators march through the British capital and
(13:33 , 19.06.17 ) 
Yitzhar tries to get Hilltop Youth in line
After Jewish youth pelted an IDF ambulance with stones as it was coming to treat
(13:01 , 19.06.17 )
Report: Israel actively supporting Syrian rebels
The New York Times claims Israel is supplying rebel groups with various types of
(10:44 , 19.06.17 )
Kushner and Greenblatt to visit Israel,
Trump's senior aides, entrusted with restarting peace talks in the region, will
(08:32 , 19.06.17 )
Convicted former PM Olmert asks for early
In an emotional speech, Ehud Olmert asks parole board to be released from prison
(22:13 , 18.06.17 )
Another woman's homicide uncovered as women
Police crack 'honor killing' murder of young Bedouin woman; meanwhile, women-led
(20:49 , 18.06.17 )
Hamas: War with Israel unlikely and relations
The organization claims Israel also not interested in renewed hostilities, says
(20:13 , 18.06.17 )
Old City attacker's uncle distances family from
The families of two of the three who carried out Friday's attack that claimed
(19:13 , 18.06.17 )
IDF Humvee topples over leaving 2 soldiers
Initial investigation indicates that IDF Humvee careened off the road after
(16:27 , 18.06.17 )
Parents of arrested minor: 'We've no clue where
The parents of a minor whose remand was extended after being arrested last week
(14:47 , 18.06.17 )
IDF activity increases as Ramadan winds down
Fearing copycat attacks similar to Friday's twin terror attack in Jerusalem, IDF
(13:23 , 18.06.17 ) 
BBC recants, apologizes for misleading Jerusalem
Following severe public backlash and protests from Israeli officials and public
(11:56 , 18.06.17 )
Officials call to cancel plan for huge
Right wing leaders and public officials call on the government to scrap a plan
(11:28 , 18.06.17 )
Mengistu’s family receives video showing him
IDF chief Eisenkot approves request by family of Israeli who crossed the border
(10:33 , 18.06.17 )
Slain soldier Hadas Malka laid to rest
Thousands of people including friends, family and government officials gather
(09:47 , 18.06.17 ) 
Jewish extremists stone, block IDF vehicles in
IDF patrol vehicle blocked at the entrance of Yitzhar settlement after
(09:34 , 18.06.17 )
Soldier killed, 3 more injured in vehicular
Sgt. Yuval Maneh was killed and three more soldiers were injured Saturday when
(00:07 , 18.06.17 )
Netanyahu releases document on how he'll fix
Almost two months after he promised to provide them with answers, the bereaved
(21:03 , 17.06.17 )
Hadas Malka, the soldier who died fighting a
'Shabbat Shalom to my favorite friends,' wrote 23-year-old Hadas Malka on
(16:03 , 17.06.17 ) 
IDF raids terrorists' village ahead of home
Troops encircle village of Deir Abu Mash'al, home of the 3 terrorists who
(14:43 , 17.06.17 ) 
ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Jerusalem
Hamas denies ISIS claims, stressing the 3 terrorists were Palestinian; this is
(08:37 , 17.06.17 )
5 wounded in shooting, stabbing attack in
Three terrorists are shot and neutralized by security forces near the Damascus
(20:02 , 16.06.17 ) 
Mother and daughter wounded in Umm al-Fahm
The shootings in the Arab sector only seem to occur more frequently, as two
(12:14 , 16.06.17 ) 
Palestinians to claim Cave of the Patriarchs as
The PA is asking the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to declare the the Cave of
(09:46 , 16.06.17 )
Taking the fight against BDS to social media
Do you feel like online incitement against Israel is only increasing? Would you
(07:58 , 16.06.17 ) 
Qalansawe family claims police used excessive
A family from Qalansawe claims police used excessive violence while searching
(23:11 , 15.06.17 ) 
Lieberman blames Hamas for Gaza electricity
In comments published by COGAT, Lieberman blames the Gaza electricity crisis on
(21:16 , 15.06.17 )
IDF Special Forces units hold joint military
Three IDF special forces units are flown to Cyprus by surprise in order to
(18:34 , 15.06.17 ) 
Netanyahu in Greece promoting closer economic,
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Greece to promote closer ties by
(17:34 , 15.06.17 ) 
Police raids 2 locations in search of Olmert's
After classified documents were found in the possession of former prime minister
(16:23 , 15.06.17 )
Justice Ministry to tackle increase in murder of
The Justice Ministry is aiming to tackle the recent worrying surge of cases of
(13:03 , 15.06.17 )
UN Economic and Social Council released scathing
UN agency accuses Israel of using 'excessive' force 'which may have amounted to
(12:26 , 15.06.17 )
Netanyahu gifts probe won't end before the fall
The prime minister will be questioned several more times in the coming months
(10:40 , 15.06.17 )
Arab MK to speak at UN conference marking 50
'My job, as the representative of a public that supports the end of the
(09:07 , 15.06.17 )
Security exercise in North, South, Sharon
The police, IDF, MDA and other security bodies participate in exercise that
(00:02 , 15.06.17 ) 
Commander who refused order asks soldiers not to
Maj. Manny Eitan, who was ousted for refusing to wake his soldiers for an
(22:35 , 14.06.17 )
Lies unveiled in the death investigation of IDF
Capt. (res.) Elhanan Brezner died in a military race in the Jordan Valley three
(21:46 , 14.06.17 )
Skin disease in Shizafon: 65 soldiers released
Infectious disease spreads through southern military base: 119 soldiers report
(19:18 , 14.06.17 )
Palestinian Authority attacks Hamas, calls Gaza
In unusually powerful statement by Palestinian Authority to mark the 10th
(18:07 , 14.06.17 )
For the first time: Miri Regev serves as acting
Netanyahu flies to Greece on diplomatic trip, notifying Min. of Culture Regev
(17:10 , 14.06.17 )
Lieberman, PA official deny halt of payments to
Def. Min. Lieberman refutes claims that PA will stop payments, saying, 'As of
(14:06 , 14.06.17 ) 
Rise in domestic violence: 16 women murdered in
The recommendations of a committee on the prevention of domestic
(13:48 , 14.06.17 )
Drop in national service volunteers amid
Hundreds of volunteer positions remain vacant across the country, but head of
(11:31 , 14.06.17 )
Netanyahu, Litzman to meet with resigning
The prime minister and health minister get involved in an effort to resolve a
(09:22 , 14.06.17 )
US: Palestinians will stop paying families of
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reveals at a Senate hearing that he and
(23:34 , 13.06.17 )
Mea Shearim: IDF soldier attacked, saved by
A Golani soldier who went on holiday and asked to buy books in Mea Shearim was
(23:16 , 13.06.17 )
Disabled Israelis demonstrating in Tel Aviv:
Against the backdrop of the recommendation to raise disability benefits by
(20:11 , 13.06.17 )
Israel returns ambassador to New Zealand, ending
Israel returns its ambassador to Wellington after recalling him as a result of
(19:32 , 13.06.17 )
Netanyahu: No interest in escalation in Gaza
In response to Hamas' saber rattling over electricity supplies to the Gaza
(18:44 , 13.06.17 )
Reservists request transfers in protest of
Ten reservists have already requested a unit transfer and some twenty additional
(17:54 , 13.06.17 )
Israel holds earthquake drill in schools, at
Students and teachers drill evacuating buildings quickly as rescue forces at the
(16:14 , 13.06.17 ) 
Herzog's rivals say he'll join unity government
Candidates in Labor leadership race and other party officials claim Herzog wants
(14:04 , 13.06.17 )
Extremist rabbi charged with incitement to
Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, author of the controversial book The King's Torah, indicted
(12:09 , 13.06.17 )
Netanyahu considering closing down Al Jazeera
After Jordan and Saudi Arabia shut down the Qatari network's offices in their
(09:28 , 13.06.17 )
UN says Israel, Palestinians fail to prosecute
According to a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report, both Israel and
(22:06 , 12.06.17 )
Palestinian activist detained for criticizing
Mohammed al-Taluli's family said the 25-year-old was detained by Hamas after
(20:49 , 12.06.17 )
Hamas warns cutting electricity to Gaza would be
Palestinian Pres. Abbas states his government will no longer pay for Gaza's
(19:28 , 12.06.17 ) 
Woman detained after stripping, walking nude
Western Wall modesty volunteers escort a seemingly mentally ill woman to police
(19:17 , 12.06.17 )
Students protest proposed ethical code for
A black flag was hanged in Bezalel, while signs of students opposing 'the
(14:56 , 12.06.17 )
New law seeks to bar gov't ministers from
MKs David Bitan (Likud) and Yoel Hasson (Zionist Union) propose legislation
(14:00 , 12.06.17 )
Report: Trump leaked to Russia that Israel
New York Time reports Israeli cyber experts penetrated a small cell of extremist
(13:21 , 12.06.17 )
9 teens arrested in police raid of Jerusalem
Settler Elkana Pickar, who has been barred from entering the West Bank, is
(11:22 , 12.06.17 ) 
Ben Gurion taxi drivers strike over forced fare
Protesting taxi drivers refuse to pick up passengers and protest outside Ben
(10:20 , 12.06.17 )

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