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Al Nusra Front: We'll free UN peacekeepers in
After 40, Filipino peacekeepers flee to Israel overnight, Syrian rebels claim to
(21:43 , 31.08.14 )
Lapid: Diplomacy, demilitarization of Gaza only
Lapid reiterates need to disarm Hamas, says Israel must work reinforce PA and
(21:24 , 31.08.14 )
PLO slams Israel's move to annex 4,000 dunam in
After Israel decided to recognize 4,000 dunam in Gush Etzion as state land,
(19:55 , 31.08.14 )
After Gaza war, children set to return to school
Following 50 days of war, Israel's school children will finally return to the
(18:41 , 31.08.14 )
Gov't votes in favor of 2% budget cut to aid
After lengthy debate, gov't moves to cut NIS 2B from all ministries' budgets to
(17:38 , 31.08.14 )
Lapid talks Mideast peace after Gaza ceasefire
LIVE: Finance Minister Yair Lapid discuss diplomatic opportunities to resolve
(17:02 , 31.08.14 )
IAF Patriot missile downs UAV near Syria border
IDF spokesman says drone appeared to have belonged to the Syrian military and
(15:11 , 31.08.14 )
Netanyahu: Israel has delivered an unprecedented
Prime minister calls Gaza op a diplomatic achievement, says Israel made Hamas
(13:13 , 31.08.14 )
Another soldier hurt in Gaza succumbs to his
Sergeant Shahar Shalev becomes the 72nd Israeli casualty of Operation Protective
(13:13 , 31.08.14 )
Israel recognizes 4,000 dunam in Gush Etzion as
Settlement Gva'ot now declared part of Israeli land in West Bank; Peace Now:
(11:43 , 31.08.14 )
All Filipino UN peacekeepers escape Golan
40 UN troops from the Philippines escape under fire, while 44 Fijian troops
(08:30 , 31.08.14 )
One wounded soldier – 1,000 blood transfusions
Sgt. Shachar Shalev, who was severely hurt in Khan Younis firefight, has lost
(00:33 , 31.08.14 )
Islamist group tightens siege of UN peacekeepers
Jabhat al-Nusra fighters reinforce their position around Filipino force, claim
(00:24 , 31.08.14 )
Netanyahu: Abbas must choose either Hamas or
Prime minister says Israel will not return to negotiations with Palestinian
(23:14 , 30.08.14 )
PA to pay Hamas civil servants' salaries 'as
Spokesperson for unity government claims PA will pay its August salaries on
(22:22 , 30.08.14 )
Government to convene in Hof Ashkelon to discuss
Gaza-border communities to receive 1.3 billion shekels for rehabilitation over
(22:02 , 30.08.14 )
Maybe tomorrow they'll kill an Imam, says Tayibe
Thousands demonstrate against violence in Arab sector after local high school
(20:21 , 30.08.14 ) 
Over 30 UN peacekeepers rescued on Syrian Golan
Islamist radicals had trapped the Filipino force since Friday; 44 Fijian
(19:41 , 30.08.14 )
Maldives media outlets raise nearly $2 million
Muslim resort island, which bans Israeli-made goods, also revoked three
(18:34 , 30.08.14 )
Saudi king warns Mideast jihadists will soon
King Abdullah says 'terrorism knows no border' and would reach Europe, America
(18:03 , 30.08.14 )
NGO: Gaza reconstruction will take 20 years
Shelter Cluster, an international refugee group, says 17,000 homes were
(17:39 , 30.08.14 )
Aftermath of Gaza op: Bird's eye view of
The Gazan neighborhood was site of some of the most heaviest fighting during
(15:54 , 30.08.14 ) 
Report: UN peacekeepers fleeing from Syria to
Al-Jazeera network reports that UNDOF soldiers in southern Syria abandoning
(13:26 , 30.08.14 )
Anti-Israel Galloway beaten in street attack
Controversial British MP George Galloway who declared city in UK 'Israel-free
(09:55 , 30.08.14 )
Female IDF soldiers under Hamas's fire
Gaza border female technicians risk their lives repairing IDF obsevation
(00:08 , 30.08.14 )
Zoabi: 'No military can defeat people who want
Pro-Palestinian festival 'Gaza Won' hosts Arab MKs, celebrates Israeli defeat in
(22:16 , 29.08.14 )
Haniyeh visits ruins of his home
Former Hamas PM signals 'V' for victory at his home, completely destroyed in
(20:08 , 29.08.14 ) 
Al-Qaeda militants battle to retain control of
Syrian Army calls in reinforcements and air force strikes against al-Nusra Front
(17:57 , 29.08.14 ) 
A terrorist's guide to bomb-making and
Al-Qaeda releases booklet with detailed guide on how to make pressure cooker
(15:24 , 29.08.14 )
Police investigates claims judge committed
Courts Administration says allegations come from relative who threatened to 'set
(13:49 , 29.08.14 )
IDF soldier critically hurt in Gan Yavne rocket
Netanel Maman, 21, who was home for the weekend after fighting in Gaza, went to
(10:40 , 29.08.14 )
Police find body of missing American student
Aharon Sofer, Jewish seminary student from New Jersey, vanished last Friday
(01:28 , 29.08.14 ) 
In Israel, concern as Qaeda-linked rebels seize
In a meeting with a delegation of the Armed Services Committee of the House of
(01:08 , 29.08.14 ) 
Abbas slams Hamas for intransigence during Gaza
Palestinian leader stresses Gaza terror group cannot dictate outbreak of war:
(00:43 , 29.08.14 )
Helping heroes: US rescue personnel arrive to
American paramedics and nurses fly into Israel to save lives at Barzilai Medical
(00:06 , 29.08.14 )
WATCH: Al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters on
Syrian opposition releases footage documenting rebel takeover of Quneitra border
(22:23 , 28.08.14 ) 
After Gaza, Netanyahu faces tough political
From renewed peace talks, to housing and the next budget, after the Gaza
(22:14 , 28.08.14 )
Hamas: This was not the last campaign to
Speaking from Qatar, terror group's political leader claims war was forced on
(20:37 , 28.08.14 )
Local leaders doubt Netanyahu's commitment to
Ashkelon mayor says whole world talking about Gaza reconstruction, but Israeli
(20:04 , 28.08.14 )
Lapid: Gaza op not over until Gaza demilitarized
Finance minister insists Operation Protective Edge should not have ended until
(18:35 , 28.08.14 )
Rail service to Sderot resumes after ceasefire
Israel Railways renewed its operations to southern Israel, after Sderot line had
(18:31 , 28.08.14 )
Hollande: Europe must work towards lifting
French president says European nations 'can't simply be a bank window after a
(18:22 , 28.08.14 )
Police arrest Hezbollah-backed drug ring in
Four Arab Israelis arrested on suspicion of selling drugs for drug dealers tied
(17:52 , 28.08.14 )
Filipino peacekeepers abducted by al-Qaeda
Over 40 Filipino forces reportedly taken captive by Islamist Syrian rebels
(15:20 , 28.08.14 ) 
Sinai group says it beheaded 4 Egyptian 'Mossad
Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis – Egypt's most radical terror group – claims responsibility
(13:12 , 28.08.14 )
Officer hurt by Syria war overspill saved lives
While IDF Medical Officer Shahar Daysi fought to save wounded soldiers in Gaza,
(13:07 , 28.08.14 )
Jordanian report: Netanyahu met Abbas before
Report says Netanyahu, Abbas meet on Gaza ceasefire; PLO official Shaat says
(12:23 , 28.08.14 )
Erdogan to be sworn in as Turkey's new president
Erdogan sworn in, secures control over Turkey for additional five years, with
(11:41 , 28.08.14 )
Report: Israeli drone crashes in Iraq
Less than week after Iran reportedly shot down Israeli drone, Lebanese news
(09:15 , 28.08.14 )
Prime minister’s support plummets as fighting
After fifty days of fighting, Netanyahu's popularity drops by almost fifty
(09:01 , 28.08.14 )
Syrian army hits al-Qaeda affiliated rebel
Rebels from Al-Nusra Front post video showing Israeli side of border crossing,
(08:48 , 28.08.14 ) 
Arab media reports on Gaza Ceasefire
Egyptian op-eds slam both Israel, Hamas for conduct during war; Qatar headlines
(00:34 , 28.08.14 )
UN aid convoy crosses into Gaza
World Food Program supplies 15,650 food parcels to aid convoy, requests
(00:06 , 28.08.14 )
Poll: 89% of Gazans support rocket fire on
Abbas given vote of approval by more than half of Gaza residents, while Egypt
(00:05 , 28.08.14 )
Two hurt in Syria war overspill
Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels retake control of Syrian side of border crossing with
(22:38 , 27.08.14 ) 
Police expand search for missing American Haredi
Parents of Aaron Sofer arrive in Israel amid ongoing searches for the
(21:51 , 27.08.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Hamas was 'hit hard,' won few
In first comments to Israeli people post-Gaza conflict, PM brushes off growing
(20:27 , 27.08.14 )
Ceasefire without cabinet vote was legal, but
PM consulted the attorney general before deciding on ceasefire deal without
(20:17 , 27.08.14 )
Haniyeh emerges in Gaza: Our victory is beyond
Thousands turn out for Hamas rally; leaders take to the stage surrounded by
(17:56 , 27.08.14 )
FM Lieberman slams Gaza truce: No accord with
Foreign minister leveled veiled criticism at prime minister, saying 'we musn't
(16:31 , 27.08.14 )
Zara's yellow star shirt for kids sparks outrage
Zara destoys shirt, appologizes after many express anger on fashion brand's
(15:04 , 27.08.14 )
Everything you wanted to know about Gaza
From ports to building materials and aid, a review of the immediate and long
(14:52 , 27.08.14 )
Operation Protective Edge in numbers
After fifty days of intense cross border rocket fire into Israel by Gaza terror
(12:21 , 27.08.14 )
Iran: Hamas 'brought Israel to its knees'
Following ceasefire, Hamas' announcement of 'victory', Islamic Republic says
(10:37 , 27.08.14 )
Serial stabbing suspect sues to be sent to
Despite claiming he was under spell of demons when perpetrated string of
(10:25 , 27.08.14 )
Israelis killed by mortar before ceasefire named
Ze'ev Etzion, head of security at Kibbutz Nirim, and his deputy, Shahar Melamed
(09:21 , 27.08.14 )
Hamas' decentralized structure complicated Gaza
FEATURE: 'No one decides alone in Hamas, there is a vote and the majority rules'
(08:51 , 27.08.14 )
Quiet night in southern Israel as Gaza ceasefire
Despite ceasefire, residents of south express anger and criticism of government,
(08:45 , 27.08.14 )
Israeli source: US will back Israel in Security
The world weighs in on Gaza truce: Kerry looks to work with Abbas on
(00:38 , 27.08.14 )
Man hurt in Eshkol mortar attack succumbs to his
Second person dies after mortar fire attack on Kibbutz Nirim one hour before
(23:59 , 26.08.14 )
Gang with Palestinian flags assault Jewish
Police sources tell the New York Post that anti-Semitism may have motivated the
(23:28 , 26.08.14 )
Two killed, one wounded by Gaza mortar fire on
Militants continue to launch lethal artillery barrages on southern Israel from
(23:28 , 26.08.14 )
Bennett calls for vote on Gaza ceasefire, says
Economy Minister says Netanyahu avoided cabinet ministers who were only updated
(21:16 , 26.08.14 )
Gaza truce deal: Crossings to open under Israeli
Talks in Cairo lead to long-term ceasefire accord, though central demands of
(21:08 , 26.08.14 )
Gaza residents celebrate Hamas 'victory' over
Despite heavy losses and widespread destruction, Palestinians in the Strip fire
(20:02 , 26.08.14 )
'Open-ended' Israel-Hamas ceasefire takes hold
Israeli official says Jerusalem responded to Egyptian proposal after all cabinet
(18:59 , 26.08.14 )
Rocket hits kindergarten playground, no one hurt
Over 90 rockets fired at Israel so far Tuesday, 8 of them intercepted by Iron
(15:57 , 26.08.14 ) 
IAF destroys 2 Gaza high-rises, strikes school
Mortar that killed 4-year-old Daniel Tregerman fired from school bombed; both
(15:52 , 26.08.14 ) 
'Our lives are a gift,' says woman whose house
28 wounded at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon following rocket hit; 'It
(15:16 , 26.08.14 ) 
Jerusalem police search for missing NJ student
Twenty-three-year-old Aaron Sofer has been missing since Friday when he went on
(12:23 , 26.08.14 )
Report: Hamas, Islamic Jihad accept Egyptian
Cairo-based Hamas official tells Al-Hayat wording of new Egyptian document is
(09:39 , 26.08.14 )
Report shows IDF soldiers' belongings in Hamas'
WATCH: Al-Jazeera reporter interviews al-Qassam Brigade militants as they head
(00:38 , 26.08.14 ) 
US working with Jordan, EU on Gaza ceasefire
While Hamas says Israel has yet to respond to proposed Egyptian deal, diplomats
(00:27 , 26.08.14 )
EU ambassador talks Gaza, peace, and
Lars Faaborg-Andersen holds Hamas responsible for breakdown of talks to end Gaza
(00:25 , 26.08.14 )
Some Gazans opt for ISIS over Hamas
Gazan Salafists in both the Strip and Sinai have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight
(00:00 , 26.08.14 )

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