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Netanyahu on Peres US visit in 1996: Ploy to win
Nearly 20 years ago, Netanyahu slammed then-Prime Minister Peres' US visit
(09:16 , 25.01.15 )
Fox News joins chorus of Netanyahu critics
Conservative outlet's anchors say relationship with US will suffer, after New
(01:26 , 25.01.15 ) 
France sees as many anti-Muslim acts in January
More than 100 incidents against Muslims registered in two weeks after gunmen
(00:51 , 25.01.15 )
State: Attorney General used 'excessive caution'
State says Benjamin Netanyahu received preferential treatment in travel funds
(00:04 , 25.01.15 )
Bird flu spreads; 40,000 turkeys to be culled
H5N1 virus emerges in Sharon-area kibbutz after outbreak in north caused
(22:58 , 24.01.15 )
Journalist who reported Nisman's death flees
Damian Pachter tells journalist forum he noticed 'suspicious surveillance' in
(22:57 , 24.01.15 )
VIDEO: Hezbollah operating near Syrian Golan
Lebanese media outlets release rare video showing Hezbollah, Syrian army
(21:49 , 24.01.15 ) 
Israeli book seller cancels Charlie Hebdo launch
Earlier, MK Masoud Ganaim urged prime minister to halt release of magazine
(20:08 , 24.01.15 )
Facebook deletes pro-terrorist Hamas post
Social network site removes post praising perpetrator of Tel Aviv attack for
(19:51 , 24.01.15 )
Report: Islamic State executes Japanese hostage
According to intelligence group, radical jihadists force one of two hostages to
(18:21 , 24.01.15 )
Givati soldier took on 5 terrorists alone, and
During Gaza war, Sgt. Sahar Elbaz and his unit came under attack in Rafah.
(14:50 , 24.01.15 )
US officials: Netanyahu using Congress speech on
American official says Obama, Kerry urged Netanyahu not to lobby for more
(10:58 , 24.01.15 )
EU official: ‘Huge challenge’ to reassure Jews
European Commission Vice-President says that following Paris attacks, 'majority
(00:46 , 24.01.15 )
US: Alliance with Israel 'national security
White House spokesman explains US policy against meeting with foreign leaders
(23:50 , 23.01.15 )
Arab parties celebrate merger: We'll be stronger
Members of united Arab list launch campaign in Nazareth; Tibbi to Jewish
(22:59 , 23.01.15 )
Recount in Likud primary votes ordered as
Fight for 20th slot on Likud Knesset list heats up as Likud High Court accepts
(19:32 , 23.01.15 )
IDF holds military exercise in northern sector
Large number of military vehicles, IAF planes participate in drill held after
(19:11 , 23.01.15 )
Druze attacked by gang of Jews in Jerusalem
President Rivlin calls victim Tommy Hasson's father to show support for young
(14:09 , 23.01.15 )
Miss Lebanon will not be stripped of title for
Saly Greige will not be have crown revoked for taking a selfie with Miss Israel
(13:50 , 23.01.15 )
Belgium hunts possible accomplice of Jewish
'We want this person to explain his presence there,' official say, as police
(12:52 , 23.01.15 )
Israeli presidents Rivlin, Peres praise Saudi
New Saudi king expected to maintain moderate line of predecessor, backing
(11:57 , 23.01.15 )
Ya'alon warns Lebanon, Syria not to allow
'Israel will see the governments, regimes and organisations beyond its northern
(11:31 , 23.01.15 )
After coming to Israel alone at 14, Argentine
At age 18 Santiago decides to stay in Israel, despite his parent's decision to
(11:26 , 23.01.15 )
Three gunmen killed in clashes with Lebanese
Syrian tensions continue to boil over into Lebanon as army attacked by Islamists
(11:09 , 23.01.15 )
Israeli settler and Palestinian cooperate to
Settlement security guard Yosef Eliyahu found an injured owl and was joined by
(10:25 , 23.01.15 ) 
Honored female soldiers blast IDF sexism
Sgt. Lihi Meir is being cited for outstanding military service during Gaza war,
(08:13 , 23.01.15 )
200-year-old Torah scroll dedicated at Foreign
After decades in Iraqi intelligence center antique scroll finally brought to
(23:56 , 22.01.15 )
Lebanese official: Israel crossed the red line
Source says if Hezbollah does not respond 'it means it is stuck in Syria's mud
(21:23 , 22.01.15 )
Palestinian to host UN International Holocaust
Maher Nasser, head of the UN Department of Public Information, to lead UN
(19:57 , 22.01.15 )
Netanyahu, Obama not set to meet during US visit
Citing proximity to elections, PM and US president will not meet; Speaker
(19:36 , 22.01.15 )
Prosor calls on European leaders: Take a stand
UN General Assembly holds first-ever meeting devoted to anti-Semitism in
(18:27 , 22.01.15 )
Mossad denies opposing harsher sanctions on Iran
Head of Israeli spy agency releases statement denying it was working with the
(17:38 , 22.01.15 )
IDF sends reinforcement to north amid tensions
After airstrike attributed to Israel kills top Iranian general alongside six
(16:41 , 22.01.15 )
Argentine president: Prosecutor's death not a
President Cristina Kirchner says she has no doubt that Nisman's death was not a
(15:27 , 22.01.15 )
Hezbollah: Deif sent condolences to Nasrallah
Lebanese terror group claims to receive letters from Hamas leaders, including
(13:18 , 22.01.15 )
Bus driver who fought off terrorist recovering
Condition of veteran bus driver Herzl Biton improves after life-saving surgery
(09:41 , 22.01.15 )
Policeman rescued from Rahat mob: We were
Inquiry commission investigating why officers were in Rahat during funeral of
(09:11 , 22.01.15 )
Report: Mossad undermines Netanyahu support for
Spy agency briefed White House officials, Congress members against Kirk-Menendez
(09:10 , 22.01.15 )
Nazi-code breaker Alan Turing's notebook goes to
The extraordinary document from 1942, when Turing was working to crack the
(01:00 , 22.01.15 ) 
US issues travel warning to Israel
American embassy in Tel Aviv bars personnel from using public transport in
(23:42 , 21.01.15 )
Kotel security guard who shot and killed Jewish
Guard at Western Wall convicted of murder after shooting dead Jewish worshipper
(23:17 , 21.01.15 )
Terrorist's friends: He's a real man, we should
Residents of Tulkarm praise Hamza Matrouk; 'No one is condemning this act, it
(23:09 , 21.01.15 )
NGO: Israel failed to minimize civilian toll in
Report claims IDF did not give sufficient warning for civilians to evacuate
(22:13 , 21.01.15 )
Netanyahu invited to address Congress on Iran
White House says it was not informed of Netanyahu's plans; invitation comes day
(19:32 , 21.01.15 )
Suspicious figures identified near Lebanese
Residents in Ramim mountain range were instructed to stay indoors due to a
(18:41 , 21.01.15 )
Video footage documents near-deadly assault on
Death of Bedouin man during drug bust has unleashed complete chaos in the
(18:10 , 21.01.15 ) 
Thai workers' rights abused on Israel farms,
Group reports workers are essential to country's agriculture, yet suffer from
(15:36 , 21.01.15 )
'I threw my bag at the terrorist and smashed the
Eyewitnesses recall how passengers fled to back of bus to escape terrorist;
(15:30 , 21.01.15 )
Video: Terrorist stabs woman as she flees from
Palestinian terrorist Hamza Muhammed Hassan Matrouk stabbed pedestrian as he
(13:45 , 21.01.15 ) 
Davos elite gather in shadow of attacks
'Both terrorism and geopolitics are likely to cast their shadows on this year's
(12:23 , 21.01.15 )
Iran vows to take revenge on Israel for
Elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander says 'Israel will certainly pay for
(12:04 , 21.01.15 )
Netanyahu: Paris, Brussels, Tel Aviv – all
Center-left leader laments lack of security for Israeli citizens, while
(11:06 , 21.01.15 ) 
13 stabbed in terror attack on Tel Aviv bus; 4
Terrorist stabs bus driver, passengers in terror attack on bus in center of
(10:28 , 21.01.15 ) 
Bus driver, prison guards heroes of Tel Aviv
Alertness and bravery of Israelis prevented Tel Aviv terror attack from ending
(09:51 , 21.01.15 ) 
Five stabbed on Tel Aviv bus in terror attack
(07:55 , 21.01.15 )
Rahat rages: Pipe bomb hurled at police
Violent demonstrations continue in predominantly Bedouin city of Rahat in
(00:49 , 21.01.15 ) 
Central Election Committee bans 'Bibi's Daycare'
Judge Salim Joubran orders NIS 5,000 fine against Likud party for using young
(00:31 , 21.01.15 )
Residents of northern Israel wary of potential
Even as IDF urges calm – and Jerusalem maintains distance from strike – locals
(00:30 , 21.01.15 )
Senior IDF officer: Hamas will improve ahead of
Israeli military confirms reports of Gazan terror group rebuilding tunnel
(23:26 , 20.01.15 )
Paris kosher supermarket hero gets French
French authorities honor Mali-born Lassana Bathily with French citizenship in
(22:48 , 20.01.15 )
Roadway near border with Lebanon closed
As IDF sends armored personnel carriers and tanks to northern front, section of
(21:08 , 20.01.15 )
Russia may send S-300 missile system to Iran
Original contract for sale of system was canceled in 2010 after strong pressure
(20:16 , 20.01.15 )
Islamic State threatens to kill Japanese
Knife-brandishing jihadist with British accent demands $200 million from the
(16:56 , 20.01.15 ) 
Israel didn't target Iranian general in strike,
'We did not expect the outcome in terms of the stature of those killed -
(16:15 , 20.01.15 )
Gaza border residents at Knesset: Country has
Debate breaks out at Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee; southern residents
(14:46 , 20.01.15 )
Iranian IRGC chief vows 'devastating
Tehran threatens Israel after strike attributed to the IAF killed six Hezbollah
(14:45 , 20.01.15 )
After Israel halts funds transfer, Palestinians
Palestinian civil servants paid only 60% for December after Israel froze
(13:46 , 20.01.15 )
Rahat riots: Stones thrown at police, ATM
Thousands attend funeral of man killed in Sunday clashes; participants throw
(09:57 , 20.01.15 ) 
UN: Israeli drones seen before Syria strike
UNDOF says it witnessed 'two unmanned aerial vehicles' flying from Israeli part
(08:48 , 20.01.15 )
'Senior officials colluded to hide Iranian role
Argentine prosecutor probing deadly terror attack at Buenos Aires Jewish
(00:34 , 20.01.15 )
Decorations granted to Protective Edge heroes
53 officers, NCOs, and soldiers recognized for their outstanding service in
(23:58 , 19.01.15 )
Report: IDF deploys Iron Dome batteries in
Foreign media says Israel moves missile interceptors to border with Syria,
(22:16 , 19.01.15 )
VIDEO: Aftermath of strike on Hezbollah
Lebanese terror group allows media to release footage of burnt-out vehicle,
(19:58 , 19.01.15 ) 
Gaza rally conducted in support of French
Hamas security forces allow rare rally to take place by rival jihadist Salafi
(19:02 , 19.01.15 )
Killing Mughniyeh: Two rockets, two vehicles,
Lebanese media reveals details of alleged Israeli operation to eliminate senior
(17:51 , 19.01.15 ) 
Rivlin and Abe discuss peace process, trade ties
Japanese leader arrived in Israel on Sunday as part of a six-day Mideast tour;
(16:04 , 19.01.15 )
Iran confirms general killed in Syria strike
Revolutionary Guard names General Mohammed Ali Allah Dadi as casualty of
(14:45 , 19.01.15 )
Israel to Argentina: Continue work of late AMIA
Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment shortly before he was due to
(13:33 , 19.01.15 )
Prosecutor in AMIA Jewish center bombing found
Alberto Nisman had accused Argentine President of trying to hide Iran's role in
(13:20 , 19.01.15 )
In Lebanon, Hezbollah mouthpieces vow calculated
Sources tell As-Safir newspaper that 'attack will be answered with painful and
(13:00 , 19.01.15 )
EU to appeal ruling that Hamas should be removed
European bloc also urges Aab states to enter anti-terror alliance to boost
(11:32 , 19.01.15 )
Yazidi sisters reunite in displacement camp
Teenage sisters Adeba and Chenar Shaker continue search for 16 other family
(11:03 , 19.01.15 )
Japanese PM arrives in Israel as Netanyahu eyes
'I hope to send a message that Japan will offer support in non-military fields
(01:21 , 19.01.15 )
1 killed, dozens wounded in clashes with police
Clashes with police break out at funeral of man killed in police raid last week;
(00:08 , 19.01.15 ) 
Israel appoints female chargé d'affaires to
New chargé d'affaires Amira Oron will have to deal with a sensitive situation:
(23:22 , 18.01.15 )
Jihad Mughniyeh planned attacks against Israel
Western intelligence sources say son of master terrorist Imad Mughniyeh was
(21:58 , 18.01.15 )

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