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Police officer run over near Tel Aviv after
Young police officer hit by car, suffers moderate wounds; driver arrested;
(18:56 , 27.11.14 )
New bill could force MKs to swear loyalty to
Likud MK Miri Regev putting forward a bill that would see new MKs swear
(17:48 , 27.11.14 )
Peres: 'Nationality Law' - attempt to undermine
As they remember Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion, politicians and
(17:39 , 27.11.14 )
Driver who killed Lee Zeitouni admits to driving
Three years after Israeli woman killed by hit-and-run in Tel Aviv, public
(17:14 , 27.11.14 )
Justice Ministry embarks on anti-racism campaign
Hundreds of ministry officials volunteer to visit schools across Israel as part
(15:44 , 27.11.14 )
Palestinians fire on Israeli patrol jeep; IDF
IDF tank fires towards origin of attack, after military reconnaissance vehicle
(15:10 , 27.11.14 )
Shin Bet: Attack on Teddy Stadium thwarted
With help of IDF, investigation of Hamas terror cell in West Bank yields mass
(13:28 , 27.11.14 )
Delegation of Imams from Senegal visits Yad
Imam El Hadji Omar Diene says Holocaust 'worst act in history' during visit to
(13:02 , 27.11.14 )
Baroness de Rothschild made honorary citizen
More than a century after her ancestor saved the small settlement, Rothschild
(10:11 , 27.11.14 )
AG mulls barring Knesset members from Temple
Following Shin Bet's recommendation, attorney general could move to restrict MKs
(09:35 , 27.11.14 )
Europe mulls unified policy on Palestine
As EU members debate possibility of common approach, Brussels' top diplomat says
(09:33 , 27.11.14 )
Spy balloons soar above Jerusalem
Police use surveillance blimps to monitor protests, raising concerns about
(23:23 , 26.11.14 )
IDF chief: We must secure the periphery
Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz warns Hamas sees Gaza border communities as weak points,
(23:21 , 26.11.14 )
Mayor investigated over sexual harassment claim
Woman files complaint against top city official while police search for
(21:02 , 26.11.14 )
EU: Time running out for Gaza reconstruction
As winter storm hits eastern Mediterranean, European representative calls for
(19:57 , 26.11.14 )
Amid growing violence, some in Arab world call
Speaking out against extremism, Palestinian author says Islamic State distorts
(19:50 , 26.11.14 )
Netanyahu presents principles of 'Jewish
Prime minister announces contentious legislation to be brought to government
(18:53 , 26.11.14 )
Abbas slams Jewish nationhood bill as 'obstacle
Visiting South Africa, Palestinian President Abbas says he supports Knesset
(15:35 , 26.11.14 )
Egypt opens Rafah crossing Wednesday, Thursday
Crossing to allow thousands of stranded Palestinians to return to Gaza Strip
(14:23 , 26.11.14 )
Sarkozy: No to Palestine recognition after
Speaking to party members, former French president rejects Palestinian bid to
(13:42 , 26.11.14 )
Shin Bet: Construction worker's death was terror
When construction worker Netanel Roi Arami fell 11 stories to his death in
(10:28 , 26.11.14 )
Storm hits with rain, wind; flooding feared
Winter weather spreads overnight to southern Israel, rains hit coastal plain; 50
(08:57 , 26.11.14 ) 
Government's 8-step plan to end terror
New temporary legislation being spearheaded by Likud will allow Israel to take a
(08:52 , 26.11.14 )
Finance C'tee mulls ending funding to
MK Alex Miller requests Finance Committee chairman to end funding to Tel Aviv
(00:30 , 26.11.14 )
Internal conflict at Israeli embassy results in
General Inspector of Israel Foreign Ministry sends document reprehending
(00:17 , 26.11.14 )
Lebanon detains pro-Hezbollah singer
'Hezbollah's nightingale' Ali Barakat glorified terrorism and threatened Israel
(00:03 , 26.11.14 ) 
With Lapid and union chief at odds, strike
Histadrut leader refuses to back down on demands for minimum wage hike,
(23:50 , 25.11.14 )
IDF's Egoz unit celebrates birthday of soldier
Friends and family celebrate 20th birthday of Ohad Ben-Yishai, IDF soldier who
(23:46 , 25.11.14 )
EU postpones vote on recognition of Palestinian
Left and right-wing parties disagree over whether or not to condition
(23:25 , 25.11.14 ) 
Rivlin: What is the point of the 'Nationality
President says rather than cement Jewish nature of state, the proposal
(22:08 , 25.11.14 )
Extended Iran nuclear talks leave bomb
UN nuclear body says Tehran's cooperation with probe into allegations it
(20:33 , 25.11.14 )
Arab poses as Israeli police to extort
Suspect posed as Israel Border Police officer and 'arrested' Palestinians,
(19:33 , 25.11.14 )
Denmark's parliament to vote on Palestine
Danish left-wing lawmakers push to recognize Palestinian state within pre-1967
(18:58 , 25.11.14 )
S.African court bans pro-Palestinian protests
High-end supermarket retailer Woolworths secures court order against BDS
(17:23 , 25.11.14 )
President Rivlin cancels singer's appearance in
Amir Benayoun's invitation – to presidential event marking Jews' expulsion from
(16:51 , 25.11.14 )
Israel's domestic violence problem is not
In the past year alone, 10 women were murdered by their partners, 18,912 cases
(16:13 , 25.11.14 )
Danino: Mistake to allow Feiglin to visit Temple
Police commissioner slams attorney general for permitting radical right-wing
(15:55 , 25.11.14 )
Lapid: Netanyahu pandering to Likud base
Yesh Atid chairman slams prime minister's ruling party, stresses need for social
(15:08 , 25.11.14 )
Thunder and pounding rain: Israel braces for
Forecast predicts major storm in northern and central Israel.
(14:40 , 25.11.14 ) 
Prosor accuses global community of 'hypocrisy'
Israeli ambassador to UN slams European initiatives to recognize Palestinian
(10:35 , 25.11.14 )
Chaos in Ferguson as Obama urges calm
Police officer cleared in killing of black teenager; hundreds protest, while
(09:43 , 25.11.14 )
Israeli says he was attacked in Berlin by
22-year-old Israeli said he was attacked by four Muslims in German capital after
(00:46 , 25.11.14 )
Gaza threatens to halt Israeli fruit imports
After Israel refuses to let shipment of 135 tons vegetable bound from the Strip
(00:00 , 25.11.14 )
US weighs in on contentious 'Nationality Law'
State Dept. spokesman says US expects Israel's continued commitment to
(23:50 , 24.11.14 )
UN chief: Palestinian recognition gains momentum
Ban says international community's failure to advance diplomatic solution to
(23:31 , 24.11.14 )
Erdogan: Women are not equal to men
Turkish president set off new controversy, declaring women are not equal to men,
(22:32 , 24.11.14 )
Netanyahu welcomes decision to extend Iran
'No deal is better than a bad deal. The deal that Iran is pushing for was
(22:16 , 24.11.14 ) 
Iran nuclear talks extended for 7 months after
British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond says target to reach a "headline
(21:00 , 24.11.14 )
Britain says it is reviewing arms exports to
London seeking to ensure arms are not used in Gaza in a way that would not
(20:25 , 24.11.14 )
Terrorist behind Tel Aviv stabbing attack
Indictment reveals Nur a-Din Abu Hashiya entered Israeli illegally, sought jobs
(20:06 , 24.11.14 )
Yehuda Glick released from hospital
Right-wing activist released from hospital less than month after being
(19:48 , 24.11.14 )
Haredim claim attack by Arab youths in
45-year-old Jewish man arrives at police station with stab wounds to abdomen,
(19:09 , 24.11.14 )
Hagel resigning as US defense secretary citing
President Obama asks Hagel to resign after recognizing the fight against Islamic
(16:33 , 24.11.14 )
Coalition parties agree to delay vote on
Livni: Bill damaging to Israel, will not pass; PM working on softened draft as
(15:20 , 24.11.14 ) 
3 dead, 7 injured in multi-vehicle accident near
Three vehicles including commercial van involved in fatal accident on Route
(12:33 , 24.11.14 )
Gaza residents face bleak winter in bombed-out
Heavy rain in recent days have seen damaged homes flooded with water as Gazans
(12:06 , 24.11.14 ) 
Hate crimes suspected as Jewish bus driver is
Two young Palestinians escaped after punching religious bus driver. An
(10:26 , 24.11.14 )
Druze IDF soldier denied entry to northern
Ran Abu Dolah fought during Operation Protective Edge and injured by an
(00:22 , 24.11.14 )
Despite wave of terror attacks, West Bank
Health Ministry transfers only half of allocated funds for rescue services
(00:16 , 24.11.14 )
Olmert to testify on claims Barak took bribes
After accusing former defense minister Ehud Barak of taking 'millions and tens
(23:03 , 23.11.14 )
Obama's immigration reform benefits Israelis
Changes to the US immigration policy announced by President Obama will have
(22:16 , 23.11.14 ) 
Israel fears EU Parliament will recognize
In response to Israel’s disregard of calls to halt settlement construction,
(21:50 , 23.11.14 )
Lapid: Yesh Atid will not support Jewish
Finance minister says his faction opposes MK Elkin's version of contentious law,
(20:34 , 23.11.14 )
For the first time, Israeli-Arab charged with
Hamza Sami Sari Magamseh was arrested a month ago upon his return to Israel by
(18:20 , 23.11.14 )
Government passes controversial Jewish
After fierce verbal clashes between coalition members, Netanyahu administration
(15:00 , 23.11.14 )
Israel police pulls over Palestinian prime
Rami Hamdallah's convoy stopped in early morning for speeding, reckless driving.
(14:54 , 23.11.14 ) 
Officer accused of killing Palestinian indicted
Israel charges Borer Patrol officer with manslaughter in May death of
(14:28 , 23.11.14 ) 
Sisi: Egypt could send troops to future
Egyptian president says Cairo willing to coordinate with PA, Israel on security
(14:05 , 23.11.14 )
IDF kill Palestinian along Gaza border
First Palestinian causality since Gaza war: Palestinian Health Ministry claims
(13:15 , 23.11.14 )
Ashkelon: Arab workers to return, but children
After mayor's decision to ban Arab employees from kindergarten fortification
(12:41 , 23.11.14 )
Iran: Failure to reach nuke deal will 'boost
Iran says dies will not be able to make Nov 24 deadline, as top Iranian
(11:23 , 23.11.14 )
Settlers reportedly set blaze to West Bank home
In what seems to another instance of 'price tag' attack, Palestinians report
(08:35 , 23.11.14 )
Tel Aviv Municipality to amp up fight against
Tel Aviv Municipality to change policy regardng prostitution-related business
(08:12 , 23.11.14 )
Livni, AG raise objections as Netanyahu brings
Justice minister, chief legal counsel oppose Elkin, Netanyahu versions of
(23:00 , 22.11.14 )
Newly-crowned Miss Islam calls to 'free
'May almighty Allah help me in my mission,' says Tunisian winner of Muslim
(22:42 , 22.11.14 )
Islamic State graffit found on monument to
Police investigating spray-painting of Islamic State slogans on memorial to
(21:31 , 22.11.14 )
Iran: We supplied Hezbollah missiles capable of
Senior Revolutionary Guard official says Fateh-110 missiles, with a range of up
(19:01 , 22.11.14 )
Erdan considers canceling residency permits for
Interior minister instructs staff to examine possibility of revoking permits,
(17:11 , 22.11.14 )
Egypt tightens closure on Gaza as Israel eases
Three months after Gaza op, rehabilitation gathers pace; while al-Sisi closes
(16:13 , 22.11.14 )
HRW: Punitive Israeli house demolitions a 'war
Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of 'deliberately and unlawfully punishing
(12:34 , 22.11.14 )
Wintry weekend, snow chance on Tuesday
Rain fall predicted in north accompanied by low temperatures, turbulent sea;
(10:33 , 22.11.14 ) 
Three days to deadline: 'US, Iran discussing new
Despite initial reports, Iran's FM and Kerry decide not to leave talks, set to
(23:54 , 21.11.14 ) 
Abbas warns Israel over 'religious war'
Palestinian president urges Israel to 'talk about politics, not religion,' days
(23:02 , 21.11.14 )
Israel to raze terrorists' homes, despite
Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain reportedly urged Israel to back down
(21:22 , 21.11.14 )
Hitler painting to go on auction November 22th
Original, fake or replica: Auction house in Nürnberg to sell führer's painting,
(19:54 , 21.11.14 )
Two Jewish seminary students attacked in East
Violence breaks short-lived calm in Jerusalem, with two wounded during scuffle
(18:14 , 21.11.14 )
Merkel: Palestinian recognition not right path
After Sweden, Spain, UK recognize Palestinian state, French eye vote, Germany's
(17:18 , 21.11.14 )
Three suspected hate crimes in one night
Acid thrown at imam's car, Arab workers threatened with knife, police attacked
(13:01 , 21.11.14 )
Obama's immigration orders will protect 5
US president announces executive action to overhaul immigration laws;
(10:04 , 21.11.14 ) 
Sister of Jerusalem terrorist is city employee
Following deadly synagogue attack, employee takes several days leave; Jerusalem
(09:14 , 21.11.14 )
Powerful US pro-Israel lobby holds fire as Iran
AIPAC keeping army of lobbyists on sidelines during current Iran talks, says
(08:54 , 21.11.14 )
Central Bureau of Statistics admits Mohammad
After original list omitted Muslim names from index of most popular name, CBS
(00:18 , 21.11.14 )
Palestinian workers fear for their jobs in
'Many Palestinians say they’re afraid to go to work, and afraid that they will
(00:03 , 21.11.14 )
Judge rules PA, PLO to face US trial over terror
11 families of US victims of bombings and shootings in Jerusalem seek $1 billion
(23:57 , 20.11.14 )

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