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Alan Gross: It’s the best Hanukkah in a long
After five years in a Cuban jail, US Jew set free as part of historic deal
(22:12 , 17.12.14 ) 
Report reveals majority of Israelis cannot get
About 80% of Israeli households spend more than they earn; 2014 State of Nation
(21:58 , 17.12.14 )
Netanyahu: Hypocritical Europeans have 'learned
After European Union General Court removes Hamas from terrorist list on
(18:55 , 17.12.14 )
Bennett mocks 'hipsters', left in new election
The Bayit Yehudi leader makes fun of Tel Aviv's left-leaning young community for
(18:43 , 17.12.14 )
Hamas' deputy chief says it has patched up ties
'I believe bilateral relations between us and Islamic Republic of Iran are back
(17:47 , 17.12.14 )
Israel, US boycott conference in Geneva for
Canada and Australia also boycott conference that invites 196 signatories of the
(17:22 , 17.12.14 )
US Jew freed from Cuban jail; signals possible
Alan Gross was imprisoned for importing banned technology and trying to
(16:13 , 17.12.14 )
Soccer manager, high-ranked officer arrested on
Hapoel Petah Tikva manager Ofer Tzabari fired in light of allegations that he
(15:16 , 17.12.14 )
European Parliament wants Palestinian state as
Compromise resolution supports 'in principle recognition of Palestinian
(14:56 , 17.12.14 )
15-year-old member of Lehava assaults his
Student 'didn't like the lesson,' so he punched the teacher in his stomach and
(13:46 , 17.12.14 )
Palestinians agree merged UN text with France
Draft resolution is the French version based on Palestinian observations and
(12:15 , 17.12.14 )
Hamas removed from EU terrorist list on
European Union General Court annuls decision to keep Hamas on list of terrorist
(11:14 , 17.12.14 )
'Mossad spy' headed Nasrallah's security
Senior Hezbollah member reportedly outed as Israeli agent working in foreign
(10:17 , 17.12.14 )
Obama likely to sign bill underscoring US-Israel
Bill requires explanation about how major arm sales to Mideast would affect
(08:15 , 17.12.14 )
How Israel's poor were lost between defense and
After report reveals 1.6 million Israelis live below poverty line, Alalouf
(01:00 , 17.12.14 )
A thousand released IDF soldiers celebrate
Young students part of Friends of IDF scholarship fund visit 500 homes of
(00:50 , 17.12.14 )
EU may take Hamas off of terror list
Court is expected to accept an appeal by Hamas to be removed from EU terror list
(00:24 , 17.12.14 )
Palestinians: US to veto UN resolution 'to end
Secretary of State John Kerry tells top Palestinian negotiator that US will
(22:32 , 16.12.14 )
EU lawmakers stop short of Palestine recognition
The lawmakers settled instead on a comprimise resolution that peace talks should
(19:30 , 16.12.14 )
Palestinian teen arrested for trying to 'stab
15-year-old Palestinian detained by Israeli forces after civilian calls
(18:41 , 16.12.14 )
Israel's Arrow 3 missile shield fails trial
In set back for the US-supported system billed as a bulwark against Iran,
(17:48 , 16.12.14 )
Kerry: Status quo is unsustainable
Top US diplomat says no decision taken on potential UN resolution by
(17:46 , 16.12.14 )
Who's spying on the Israeli embassy in Oslo?
Surveillance equipment found hidden near buildings in Norwegian capital; media
(16:12 , 16.12.14 )
Poverty in Israel slightly down, but still
Study shows 1.6 million Israelis lived in poverty in 2013; 18.6% of families
(14:50 , 16.12.14 )
More than 100 children among the dead in Taliban
Pakistan military says all six terrorists killed, operations 'closing up'; over
(13:59 , 16.12.14 )
After siege, Australians offer support to Muslim
Social media campaign catches fire to stave off retaliatory anti-Muslim violence
(12:57 , 16.12.14 )
In Gaza, Hamas shows off weapons and girds for
With no rehabilitation in sight and promised money not forthcoming, Gaza's
(12:31 , 16.12.14 )
10 arrested in police raid on anti-coexistence
'Lehava' chairman among those nabbed in nighttime raid; suspected of promoting
(10:10 , 16.12.14 )
'Lone wolf' Australian hostage-taker had
Man Haron Monis had no known ties to terror groups, but enjoyed little standing
(09:32 , 16.12.14 )
Palestinian killed during clash with IDF in
IDF forces enter refugee camp to make an arrest, encountering scores of
(08:06 , 16.12.14 )
Netanyahu: European support for Palestinians
'The attempts of the Palestinians and of several European countries to force
(01:32 , 16.12.14 )
Palestinians tell ICC they want to join the
Palestinian UN Ambassador addresses members of ICC for the first time, says
(00:19 , 16.12.14 )
Saudi school in Vienna allegedly used
Vienna Board of Education is set to close school after it used history book
(22:17 , 15.12.14 )
Israel rules out arson in November mosque fire
A blaze at a West Bank mosque resulted from an electrical problem, according to
(22:09 , 15.12.14 )
Netanyahu rejects Palestinian UN bid in meeting
Palestinian UN bid aims to set deadline for 'Israeli occupation' to end in two
(17:42 , 15.12.14 )
Germany reportedly building warships for Israel
Defense cooperation between Germany and Israel strengthening; German media says
(16:09 , 15.12.14 )
Indictment filed against 3 suspects in Jerusalem
J'lem prosecution declares three members of radical right-wing group Lahava, who
(15:27 , 15.12.14 )
Shin Bet thwarts planned suicide attack in Tel
Yasmin Shaaban was to impersonate pregnant Jew to gain entry to Israel; security
(13:27 , 15.12.14 )
Likud Court orders cancellation of reserved
Faction's court approves petition filed by MK Moshe Feiglin, disqualifies vote
(13:25 , 15.12.14 )
Ramat Gan Mayor sentenced to house arrest after
Yisrael Zinger also prohibited from entering Ramat Gan Municipality for 15 days;
(11:53 , 15.12.14 )
Washington undecided on UN resolution for
Israel hopeful US will veto Palestinian resolution to UN calling for Israeli
(09:19 , 15.12.14 )
Palestinians to submit draft resolution to UN
Israel hopes the US will veto moves at the UN to set a time frame for Israeli
(23:48 , 14.12.14 )
In show of strength, Hamas stages massive
Militant group steps up psychological warfare directed at Israel, releases
(16:25 , 14.12.14 ) 
Israel names Border Police officer accused of
21-year-old Ben Deri of Rishon Letzion charged with using live fire and killing
(15:37 , 14.12.14 )
Arabs on social media: CIA torture pales in
Diverse responses on Twitter include condemnation of Arab regimes; survivors
(13:42 , 14.12.14 )
Gadi Eisenkot officially becomes next IDF Chief
Current deputy chief will take up post in February after government approves
(12:04 , 14.12.14 )
Israel hit by storms as rain returns across the
Multiple cities see heavy rainfall, unseasonal cold due to depression over
(09:32 , 14.12.14 )
UN Security Council condemns attack on Israeli
Unanimous statement 'condemned in strongest terms the terrorist attack', says
(08:39 , 14.12.14 )
2 dead, 5 injured in Jordan Valley car accident
Israeli and Palestinian die in collision between commercial vehicles; five
(08:16 , 14.12.14 )
Leaked video contradicts IDF version of deadly
Al-Aqsa news channel airs video taken during Operation Protective Edge showing
(00:06 , 14.12.14 ) 
Israel’s fight against poverty in Africa:
Low-pressure drip-irrigation, an Israeli inovation installed in the farm, saves
(23:53 , 13.12.14 )
Upgraded Air Force bunker to be protected from
New control stations will be streamlined, improving synchronization and
(23:50 , 13.12.14 )
Hamas launches test rockets towards the
Gaza sources report Hamas' military wing continue work on rebuilding arsenal and
(19:46 , 13.12.14 )
Lieberman against PM: We were dragged along in
While the foreign minister says does not rule out sitting with any person in
(18:05 , 13.12.14 )
Soldier sends death threats to Meretz MK Frej
19-year-old lone soldier sends MK Frej Facebook messages: 'You must want a
(17:47 , 13.12.14 )
Lapid seeks return to finance ministry
Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid lashes out at prime minister who fired him:
(16:04 , 13.12.14 )
Erdan, Steinitz urge Netanyahu not to appoint
After Netanyahu reportedly promises Katz he would assume control of finance
(10:31 , 13.12.14 )
Kerry aims to avert UN crisis on Mideast
US seeking to 'defuse tensions' over proposed UN resolutions to end
(08:14 , 13.12.14 )
Five-year sentence for Sri Lankan who planned
Mohammed Zakir Hussain convicted for plan to target Israeli, US missions in
(22:47 , 12.12.14 )
PA official: External efforts delayed
Senior source claims Palestinian leadership talks on death of minister,
(21:55 , 12.12.14 )
Police: Far-left group likely behind gunfire on
Minister says attack by People's Fighter Group, which previously targeted German
(20:33 , 12.12.14 )
Terrorist threw acid in my eyes and yelled
Moshe Claude Kamoun says larger attack prevented by timing; 'girls sustained
(18:49 , 12.12.14 )
Terrorist throws acid on family in West Bank;
Family, bystanders wounded near Jerusalem after Palestinian throws acid at them;
(16:34 , 12.12.14 ) 
Palestinian crashes into IDF blockade, as
Palestinian suspected of attempting to run soldier over in West Bank after
(11:34 , 12.12.14 )
Shots fired at Israeli embassy in Athens
54 spent bullet casings found near scene of drive-by shooting on Israel's
(09:23 , 12.12.14 )
Israeli convicted for vandalizing Yad Vashem
Man misspelled 'Zionist' in spray painted vandalism at Yad Vashem and Ammunition
(08:29 , 12.12.14 )
Behind the scene with Mubarak's former makeup
Mohammed Assub applied makeup to the likes of Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein and
(08:26 , 12.12.14 )
Palestinian human rights activist implores
Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai asked to prevent funds from reaching terror
(01:17 , 12.12.14 )
Suspects in hate crime at bilingual school have
Three young Jewish men who admitted arson at Jerusalem school were part of
(23:31 , 11.12.14 )
Livni, Herzog slam Netanyahu: He's weak against
Holding ceasefire negotiations with Hamas is giving them 'the false message that
(22:44 , 11.12.14 )
IDF probe of Protective Edge infiltration leaks
Army presentation sheds light on the incident, that saw 5 Hamas commandos
(22:10 , 11.12.14 ) 
Israel not pushing for tougher Iran sanctions as
If deal is not struck by June 30, Israel wants world powers to cancel limited
(21:18 , 11.12.14 )
French Senate wants Palestinian state recognized
In close vote, France's upper house follows lower house by approving non-binding
(17:21 , 11.12.14 )
Sa'ar announces he won't challenge Netanyahu for
Ending hopes by some in Likud to oust Netanyahu before election, former minister
(16:05 , 11.12.14 )
Three far-right activists admit to burning
CLEARED FOR PUBLICATION: Members of radical right-wing group Lahava held for
(15:17 , 11.12.14 )
VIDEO: Israeli boys try to rob bank with toy
Young teens caught in camera attempting to rob bank in central Israel with toy
(14:16 , 11.12.14 ) 
CIA used Israel to justify torture practices
Israeli court decisions allow torture for 'ticking bomb' terrorists, CIA report
(13:58 , 11.12.14 )
Palestinians riot, clash with IDF in Hebron
Large group of Palestinians threw stones at IDF outpost in West Bank as PA
(12:55 , 11.12.14 )
Watchdog: Israel has chemical weapons, must
OPCW urges Israel to join international treaty prohibiting chemical arms, riding
(12:32 , 11.12.14 )
Arab Bank to face Hamas-funding damages trial
After federal jury found Arab Bank liable for funding Hamas terror attacks, US
(11:59 , 11.12.14 )
Palestinian autopsy reveals minister died from
Palestinian-led autopsy of Ziad Abu Ein congruent with Israeli claims, says he
(10:46 , 11.12.14 ) 
VIDEO: US Navy laser weapon becomes operational
After four months of testing, directed-energy weapon is fully integrated on Navy
(09:00 , 11.12.14 )
Syrian al-Qaeda using UN cars to conduct terror
Syrian opposition sources report Al-Nusra front have taken over area along
(08:29 , 11.12.14 ) 
Hitler appears in Thai video to promote 'values'
Short movie commisioned by Thailand's government meant to promote 'core values'
(23:59 , 10.12.14 ) 
Lawyer: American arrested in Israel denies
US citizen Everett Adam Livvix, who planned to blow up Muslim holy sites in
(23:37 , 10.12.14 )
Poll: Majority of Israeli Jews support
Despite majority believing in resolution to conflict, support for Arab worker
(23:14 , 10.12.14 )
Abbas on death of PA minister: We cannot sit
Palestinian president says all options open for Palestinian response to death of
(22:49 , 10.12.14 ) 
Israel moots security cooperation with Lebanese
Despite being technically at war, IDF says considering working together with
(21:22 , 10.12.14 )
Experts: Clean-up of desert oil spill could take
Ecologists say five million liters of crude oil threaten to spread to the Red
(21:17 , 10.12.14 )
Video: PA Minister collapses after scuffle with
IDF says it proposed to Palestinian officials they conduct joint investigation
(18:09 , 10.12.14 ) 
EU calls for independent investigation into
Mogherini says reports on Israeli use of force 'worrying' and calls for 'maximum
(17:53 , 10.12.14 )
Netanyahu, Kerry to meet Monday on Palestinian
Netanyahu will depart Monday for an impromptu visit in Rome to participate in
(14:07 , 10.12.14 )
Palestinian minister dies after altercation with
Ziad Abu Ein was PA's settlements minister; Palestinian reports say he was
(12:40 , 10.12.14 ) 
Man killed after truck crash causes massive fire
A massive fire erupted after a gas truck flipped over during a car crash along
(11:53 , 10.12.14 ) 
Ya'alon: Obama administration 'won't be around
Defense minister caught recording saying that after Obama, Israel will resume
(11:21 , 10.12.14 )
Fearing Iran, Gulf Arab states close ranks with
'It will be an Interpol-like force but inside Gulf countries,' Qatari foreign
(10:06 , 10.12.14 )
Livni said leaning towards run with Labor
Despite Lapid's attempt to create centrist bloc, Israel's former top peace
(09:01 , 10.12.14 )
UN diplomats: Report says Iran buying for
Allegation against Iran by unnamed country suggests Tehran is rejecting West's
(08:38 , 10.12.14 )

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