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UN envoy say Israel tried to bar him from
Robert Serry says Israeli officers ignored his requests to speak to a superior
(23:37 , 19.04.14 )
'Breast clouds' over Israel
Dry air under high, thick clouds formed uniquely shaped clouds all over the
(21:31 , 19.04.14 )
Report: Dozens hurt in chemical weapons attack
OPCW says Syria has gotten rid of 80% of chemical arsenal, if momentum kepts,
(21:14 , 19.04.14 ) 
Al-Qaeda leader: Abbas is a traitor who is
Ayman al-Zawahiri accuses PA president of 'giving up on the right of return to
(20:04 , 19.04.14 )
IN PICTURES: Holy fire ceremony draws thousands
Thousands of Christians arrive at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in
(19:29 , 19.04.14 )
Iran general urges Tehran to make new UN pick
Gen. Mohammad Bagherzadeh says Hamid Aboutalebi should remain close to his
(17:57 , 19.04.14 )
Iran's nuclear chief: Dispute over Arak
Salehi says world powers accepted Iranian offer to make 'certain changes' in
(17:32 , 19.04.14 )
US intelligence opposes Israeli entry into Visa
Congressional sources claim security establishment concerned with Israeli spies
(11:32 , 19.04.14 )
Obama signs law to bar Iran diplomat from
Law passed by Congress blocks any individual from entering the US who has been
(09:25 , 19.04.14 )
Lieberman slams Ashton after she urged Israel to
EU foreign policy chief condemns killing of Israeli police officer, as well as
(21:24 , 18.04.14 )
Barak in drag: The daring operation to kill
April in history: Why was Ehud Barak wearing blue eye makeup, and wearing a wig
(20:48 , 18.04.14 )
Iran oil exports rise to 1.2 million barrels per
Rouhani administration doubles oil exports in 8 month period; deputy oil
(20:20 , 18.04.14 )
Satellite images show before and after alleged
Lebanese paper publishes photos of reported arms depot in Hezbollah-controlled
(19:05 , 18.04.14 )
Settlers: Exact a diplomatic price for every
Protesters near Palestinian village where Baruch Mizrahi was murdered on Seder
(17:31 , 18.04.14 )
Egypt stops attempt to smuggle Jewish artifacts
Among the artifacts are a cylindrical wooden box plated in silver to hold Torah
(15:52 , 18.04.14 )
Rouhani talks peace, outreach at army parade
In conciliatory remarks made on Iran's National Army Day, Iranian president
(15:05 , 18.04.14 )
Shas anoints new religious leader
Shas' Council of Torah Sages elects Rabbi Shalom Cohen to be the party's next
(13:45 , 18.04.14 )
IN PICTURES: Christians mark Good Friday in
Scores of devout Christians made their way through Jerusalem's winding
(13:44 , 18.04.14 )
Report: Hezbollah attack on Israeli tourists in
Thai report confirms claims that Hezbollah terror cell planned a Passover attack
(11:39 , 18.04.14 )
'No breakthrough' in Israeli-Palestinian peace
Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet but fail to reach results, in last last
(11:28 , 18.04.14 )
Umm al-Fahm mosque vandalized, door torched
Vandals set fire to mosque door, spray paint 'Arabs out' on its walls. Resident:
(09:48 , 18.04.14 ) 
White supremacists forums 'a magnet for the
Extensive users of online hate forums are becoming 'disproportionately
(09:29 , 18.04.14 ) 
Decade after Intifada, Israelis revisit West
Co-existence groups promote tours of West Bank cities and sites to Israelis who
(08:32 , 18.04.14 )
Abbas' international treaties gesture could
Israeli lawyer says that should the Palestinian leader decide to use new status
(00:49 , 18.04.14 )
Israeli mob boss Charlie Abutbul dies of wounds
Laniado Medical Center declares Abutbul death; gun discovered on scene suggests
(21:43 , 17.04.14 )
Jihadists returning from Syria face heavy
FOCUS: Jordanian security forces take firm stand against jihadists returning
(19:20 , 17.04.14 )
Violence erupts at Prisoners Day rally
30 suspects hurl rocks at soldiers in Hebron, as PA launches international
(15:56 , 17.04.14 )
Senior Iranian official: US has been sabotaging
Fereydoon Abbasi says US planted explosives, viruses in equipment for nuclear
(15:07 , 17.04.14 )
Shin Bet arrests Arab-Israeli journalist who
Majd Kayyal, editor of human rights organization Adalah's website, says he went
(13:50 , 17.04.14 )
Amnesty International: Lift 'ludicrous,
Human rights NGO says restrictions on former Israeli nuclear technician are
(13:08 , 17.04.14 )
Argentina: Bus carrying Israelis backpackers
10 Israeli tourists injured in accident on Seven Lakes Route, one suffers severe
(11:16 , 17.04.14 ) 
Iranian negotiators reject hardline criticism of
Critics leak audio recording of deputy FM criticizing Rouhani's view of nuclear
(09:18 , 17.04.14 )
Abbas willing to extend peace talks by nine
State Department says US special envoy en route to Israel to continue work on
(01:05 , 17.04.14 )
Fighting in Syria has changed Hezbollah's
As target of choice shifts from 'Zionist enemy' in Israel to 'Sunni extremists'
(01:04 , 17.04.14 )
Al-Qaeda leader vows to attack America
Al Qaeda's second in command al-Wuhaishi shows face in video documenting one the
(01:00 , 17.04.14 )
Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face
Fear replaced communal atmosphere in Donetsk's Jewish community as armed men
(23:48 , 16.04.14 )
Syrian opposition accuses Assad's forces of new
New video posted by opposition forces in Syria claim Assad launched additional
(22:18 , 16.04.14 ) 
Leftist MKs meet with Abbas, claim 'right is
Delegation of Labor, Meretz MKs meet with Abbas, PLO leadership. While the
(19:58 , 16.04.14 )
Talks postponed after Passover attack near
Talks postponed for funeral of terror victim Baruch Mizrahi; negotiators set to
(17:09 , 16.04.14 )
Netanyahu discusses mutual interests with
Putin tells Netanyahu that Kiev regime is to blame for escalations in eastern
(17:07 , 16.04.14 )
Jordan air force strikes cars near Syria
After ignoring demands from security forces to stop, camouflaged vehicles
(15:30 , 16.04.14 )
Palestinian doctors caught in fight over
While court ruling permits Al-Quds medical school graduates to take Israeli
(15:22 , 16.04.14 )
Hebron terror victim laid to rest on Mount Herzl
Baruch Mizrahi was killed Monday in an attack on Israeli cars near Hebron; Hadas
(14:34 , 16.04.14 )
Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway closed after bus
Traffic halted in both directions of Highway 1 after Egged bus goes up in
(14:15 , 16.04.14 )
Three Palestinians killed in 'mystery' blast in
Blast said to have taken place inside Khan Younis house, while conflicting
(13:54 , 16.04.14 )
Abbas: Security cooperation with Israel will
Palestinian minister condemns deadly Hebron terror attack, tells Israeli
(13:30 , 16.04.14 )
Iran's Zarif not worried about pushback from
Amid criticism of interim agreement, Iranian FM Zarif says 'The domestic
(11:17 , 16.04.14 )
VIDEO: Policeman hurt in clashes on Temple
Masked Arab youths hurl stones at security forces, dispersed using stun
(11:15 , 16.04.14 )
Widow of Hebron terror victim: I didn't want my
After Palestinian gunfire hit her husband, Hadas Mizrahi says she took control
(09:46 , 16.04.14 )
Hamas: Passover night Hebron attack revived
After shooting that killed Israeli and wounded his family, Ismail Hanieyh says
(08:46 , 16.04.14 )
US: Israeli, Palestinian negotiators to meet
State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says parties are attempting to find 'path
(01:36 , 16.04.14 )
Hebron terror victim was 'genius in field of
Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, 47, served 25 years in IDF intelligence
(00:13 , 16.04.14 )
Netanyahu blames Hebron attack on PA incitement
PM says official Palestinian media denial of Israel results in 'reprehensible
(22:48 , 15.04.14 )
Investigation continues into Hebron attack; one
Massive manhunt underway for terrorists who fired on Israeli vehicles, as IDF
(18:39 , 15.04.14 )
Senior Israeli journalist, man killed in crashes
Reuven Pedatzur was killed Monday in one of two separate crashes Monday night,
(14:38 , 15.04.14 )
IDF: Search for Hebron shooter continues
Day after deadly terror attack left man dead, IDF still searching for
(13:11 , 15.04.14 )
Silent soldiers: Inside the IDF's elite naval
Ynet accompanies fighters from Shayetet 13, seen as one of the world's finest
(08:48 , 15.04.14 )
Ex-Ku Klux Klan leader charged in Kansas Jewish
Third victim named as Terri LaManno, while suspected shooter Frazier Glenn Cross
(08:34 , 15.04.14 )
Nuclear export group debates closer ties with
Group aims to help prevent nuclear weapons proliferation; issue sensitive as
(08:23 , 15.04.14 )
Israeli killed, two wounded in Palestinian
Palestinian terrorists open fire on Israeli cars en route to Passover meal; IDF
(00:17 , 15.04.14 )
Kahlon winner, Likud losers in future Israeli
Yedioth Ahronoth survey gives Likud just nine seats in next elections, while any
(00:15 , 15.04.14 )
Hamas, Islamic Jihad praise deadly West Bank
Both organizations say attacks that killed an Israeli man and left two others
(23:11 , 14.04.14 )
Obama and Kerry send Passover greetings to Jews
In their respective messages, the president and secretary of state reference the
(22:16 , 14.04.14 )
Israelis stuck in traffic jams, West Bank on
Police and Border Police increase forces presence across the country; Magen
(18:25 , 14.04.14 )
Netanyahu: Israel is committed to fighting
Prime minister condemns murder of three in Kansas City Jewish centers, sends
(16:58 , 14.04.14 )
Lieberman: Israel holds clandestine talks with
Foreign minister says talks with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait held in attempt to
(16:28 , 14.04.14 )
Fearing unrest, police limits Temple Mount
Measures taken after clashes on Sunday, in which five Palestinians rioters were
(15:51 , 14.04.14 )
UK and Germany to Russia: Condemn building
Russia calls meeting of UN Security Council after threat from Ukrainian
(15:37 , 14.04.14 )
Iran lodges complaint against United States over
US rejected visa request for Hamid Abutalebi, who was involved in the 1979
(15:22 , 14.04.14 )
The profile of a killer: 'We are slaves to the
Frazier Glenn Miller, 73, who killed three people in two Jewish centers in the
(14:59 , 14.04.14 ) 
IDF spares no expense for soldiers' Seder
Army purchases 75 tons of Matzo, 13,000 bottles of grape juice for soldiers
(14:55 , 14.04.14 )
New-found Israeli gas to bring political
Israeli gas wealth could improve regional relations but will likely deprive
(12:11 , 14.04.14 )
Steinitz says Kerry remarks on Iran nuclear
Minister in charge of nuclear affairs believes Israel will not adopt 'any
(11:26 , 14.04.14 )
Warily, Lebanon tackles violent spillover from
Syria's civil war threatens to erupt decade old disputes in Lebanon between
(00:55 , 14.04.14 )
Ukraine to deploy troops in anti-terror
'We're not going to allow Russia to repeat the Crimean scenario in Ukraine's
(00:48 , 14.04.14 )
Three dead in Kansas Jewish centers shootings
Three killed in possible hate-crime shooting in Greater Kansas City JCC and
(22:22 , 13.04.14 )
Lieberman: We will not accept unilateral moves
Speaking with foreign diplomats, foreign minister slams Palestinians for joining
(20:18 , 13.04.14 )
Report: Iran scraps plan to send warships to
Iran reportedly shelves plan to approach US maritime borders in response to US
(19:27 , 13.04.14 )
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to meet
In added economic sanctions, Israel suspends participation in development of
(19:00 , 13.04.14 )
PLO official: Sanctions will not stop UN bid
Palestinians brush-off new sanctions in meeting with German delegation and blame
(18:48 , 13.04.14 )
Policemen hurt in Temple Mount clashes
Police clash with Arab worshippers at Al-Aqsa mosque after rocks, molotov
(18:10 , 13.04.14 )
Ya'alon allows settlers to return to disputed
Seven-year dispute ends following Supreme Court ruling Jewish settlers were the
(16:37 , 13.04.14 )
Three 12-year-olds charged with planning to stab
Indictment filed against three young girls who plotted to stab girl on suspicion
(15:39 , 13.04.14 )
Minister Ariel to Ya'alon: Would you seize a
Housing minister criticizes IDF move to seize Yitzhar yeshiva, calling it 'an
(14:09 , 13.04.14 )
Australian runner prepares to run through Middle
Pat Farmer will cover 1,400 kilometers in run for peace that will take him
(13:57 , 13.04.14 ) 
Livni: Bennett is trying to prevent peace
'Bayit Yehudi shares the extreme ideological views of the Yitzhar rabbis, it is
(10:44 , 13.04.14 )
NIS one billion to be allocated to Holocaust
Under new plan, minimum monthly allowance will increase by NIS 400, Holocaust
(10:10 , 13.04.14 )

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