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Report: Alleged Israeli strike targeted Scud
Arab media outlets claim long-range missile cache was target of attack
(00:26 , 26.04.15 )
Islamic State reveals health system in new video
In a new propaganda effort, the Islamic State group launched a video on social
(23:12 , 25.04.15 )
Shots fired in Eilat: 3 teens wounded
15-year-old teenager wounded in Eilat after gunshots fired at car; two girls
(22:37 , 25.04.15 )
Egypt extends state of emergency in northern
Due to increased Islamist activity, President Sisi announces continuation of
(21:32 , 25.04.15 )
Foreign Ministry works to evacuate Israelis
Diplomats, emergency personnel aiding backpackers, tourists, and families of 24
(21:31 , 25.04.15 )
Terrorist stabs Israeli soldier near Cave of
Soldiers shoot Palestinian attacker who stabbed Border Police officer in neck;
(20:51 , 25.04.15 ) 
Israelis take to social media to search for
Among 2,000 Israelis in Nepal, 250 have been categorized as 'out of contact;'
(20:18 , 25.04.15 )
Hezbollah drone airstrip in Lebanon revealed
IHS Jane's Defense Weekly releases satellite images of military facility in the
(11:46 , 25.04.15 )
AIPAC opposes push to toughen Iran nuclear bill
US pro-Israel lobby urges Republicans not to back amendments that could turn
(10:43 , 25.04.15 )
Palestinian police deployed in East Jerusalem
90 armed and uniformed officers deployed to three Arab neighborhoods in an
(10:20 , 25.04.15 )
Report: Israel airstrike hits Syrian, Hezbollah
Al Jazeera reports IAF planes targeted 155th and 65th brigades of the Syrian
(09:24 , 25.04.15 )
Palestinian shot dead after attempting to stab
16-year-old Ali Said Abu Ranam arrived at al-Zaim checkpoint and tried to attack
(09:21 , 25.04.15 )
Peres cancels Bank Hapoalim contract after
Former president says he did not make a penny from the deal, 'my reputation is
(00:06 , 25.04.15 )
Haredi soldier attacked: We get humiliated on
IDF commends Givati officer for restrained response to ultra-Orthodox Jews who
(23:55 , 24.04.15 )
Lieberman slams South Africa after Israel denies
Foreign minister lashes out at South African Communist Party for 'hypocritical'
(21:52 , 24.04.15 )
Netanyahu: Bring attackers of IDF officer to
Prime minister condemns attack on IDF officer in Jerusalem by ultra-Orthodox
(19:26 , 24.04.15 )
Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack IDF officer
IDF officer visiting two of his soldiers in J'lem neighborhood of Mea She'arim
(17:35 , 24.04.15 )
Iran: Ynet reporter not a spy
Yedioth Aharonoth's Orly Azoulay's visit to Iran ahead of nuclear deal sparked
(15:00 , 24.04.15 )
VIDEO: The IAF flyover from inside a cockpit
Air force video shows pilot's point of view as the aircraft zooms through the
(13:07 , 24.04.15 ) 
Top Yedioth columnist Barnea joins American
Yedioth Aharonoth journalist joins Nobel and Pulitzer laureates as an honorary
(11:30 , 24.04.15 )
VIDEO: UN chief tries Israeli shakshukah for
Israel's Ambassador to UN Ron Prosor gives UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon a
(10:06 , 24.04.15 ) 
'How did this happen to us?'
Father of 3-year-old leukemia patient from Haifa is irate after publication of
(09:19 , 24.04.15 )
Israeli man found bound, stabbed in trunk of E.
Police try to pull over Palestinians from East Jerusalem only to hear man cry
(09:18 , 24.04.15 )
Biden says US will deliver new F-35 jets to
US Vice President says advanced fighter jet will help ensure Israel's
(08:55 , 24.04.15 )
Israel's melting pot: One school, 23
The Sharon Middle School in Ra'anana has a student body that represents 23
(00:28 , 24.04.15 )
IDF strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire
In retaliation for first rocket attack of 2015, Israeli military attacks Hamas
(00:26 , 24.04.15 )
From Haredi family to female fighter
Hodaya Levi, from ultra-Orthodox home, receives 'Medal of Excellence' on
(23:22 , 23.04.15 )
Family of US Jew killed in US strike slams Obama
Widow of Warren Weinstein, held by al-Qaeda since 2011, criticized US government
(23:15 , 23.04.15 )
Rocket hits southern Israel as Independence Day
For the first time in 2015, red alert siren sounds in Sderot and other Gaza
(21:57 , 23.04.15 )
IDF honors female Muslim soldier
Among the 120 soldiers who received the 'Medal of Excellence' at President's
(18:53 , 23.04.15 )
US: Jewish-American hostage killed in strike on
White House says Warren Weinstein, held since 2011, and an Italian national,
(17:34 , 23.04.15 ) 
Diplomatic push for final Iran nuclear deal in
Iran's nuclear negotiator tells Iranian state television that 'drafting the
(15:46 , 23.04.15 )
IAF conducts Independence Day flyover
Israel Air Force celebrates Israel's 67th anniversary with special aerial show
(12:05 , 23.04.15 ) 
Rivlin salutes outstanding soldiers
Independence Day celebrations open with salute to 120 soldiers at ceremony in
(11:10 , 23.04.15 )
Israel welcomes Independence Day with
Fourteen Israelis light torches at the traditional ceremony at Mt. Herzl,
(23:24 , 22.04.15 ) 
8,345,000 people living in Israel
Ahead of country's 67 anniversary, Central Bureau of Statistics figures reveal
(20:21 , 22.04.15 )
Judge: Pro-Israel group can post 'Killing Jews'
Court determines ad campaign is protected speech, noting the same advertisement
(18:15 , 22.04.15 )
Memorial Day siren brings Budapest airport to a
El Al security officer takes over airport's PA system, inviting travelers to
(18:09 , 22.04.15 ) 
Timing of sanctions relief may be deal breaker
Iranian negotiator: Obama responsible to ensure sanctions-related commitments
(16:23 , 22.04.15 )
Bob Dylan song stirs controversy at college
Students of the Oranim Academic College in northern Israel, left a ceremony
(15:04 , 22.04.15 )
A letter to my son, Hadar Goldin
Goldin was killed during Israel's last conflict with Hamas this summer in one of
(14:58 , 22.04.15 )
Netanyahu: Israel will continue to thrive as
Two-minute Memorial Day siren sounded at 11 am throughout Israel in honor of
(12:56 , 22.04.15 ) 
Legendary Palmach commander Gidi Eilat passes
Eilat led pre-state militia's elite force as Israel fought for independence, and
(12:08 , 22.04.15 )
Obama: US warned Iran on Yemen arms shipments
US president says US government warned Iran against delivering weapons to Yemen
(08:53 , 22.04.15 )
IDF Chief Eizenkot: It's our duty to remember
Israel remembers fallen soldiers and victims of terror with two-minute siren at
(08:45 , 22.04.15 )
Britain, France urge UN action on Middle East
New Zealand, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, has begun draft
(00:08 , 22.04.15 )
Israelis mark Memorial Day with visits to graves
Among those remembering their fallen family members are the Edna Avraham, whose
(23:21 , 21.04.15 )
Replacing carpet at Jerusalem shrine reveals
Remodeling at Dome of the Rock sparks verbal holy war as Israeli authorities
(23:05 , 21.04.15 )
Israelis sing in Rabin Square for Memorial Day
In honor of Memorial Day, Israelis gather in famous Tel Aviv square to sing
(21:23 , 21.04.15 ) 
Mohammed Abu Khdeir removed from terror victims'
Palestinian teen, who was burned alive by Jewish settlers, was added to the
(21:17 , 21.04.15 )
Israel marks Memorial Day at Jerusalem ceremony
Official state ceremony commemorates IDF fallen at Western Wall after Memorial
(21:16 , 21.04.15 )
Israel court jails Belgian for spying for Iran
Iranian-born Belgian citizen sentenced to seven years for posing as a
(19:40 , 21.04.15 )
Jerusalem terrorist admits to deliberately
Khaled Kutina, who rammed his car into 2 Israelis killing one and seriously
(14:21 , 21.04.15 )
Seeking the WW2 heroines who paid the ultimate
Israel is trying to identify the Jewish women who served - and fell - in the
(13:02 , 21.04.15 )
El Al plane lands safely after making emergency
Flight 25210 to Prague had to turn around shortly after taking off after rubber
(10:16 , 21.04.15 )
Arab worker stabbed in Herzliya: I'm afraid to
Worker for Herzliya municipality who was attacked by man shouting 'death to
(09:27 , 21.04.15 )
US open to include Iran in Syria peace talks, if
State Department treads careful lines in response to Iran FM call for
(08:47 , 21.04.15 )
Israel frees frozen Palestinian tax funds
$450 million in tax funds frozen by Israel in response to Palestinian joining
(23:51 , 20.04.15 )
Israel snubs Carter over 'anti-Israel' views
President Rivlin follows Foreign Ministry's advice to boycott visit by Carter,
(23:32 , 20.04.15 )
Palestinian unity efforts falter as PA team cuts
Blaming Hamas for undermining work, delegation of Palestinian ministers leave
(22:36 , 20.04.15 )
Wife of Israeli opposition leader Herzog's car
Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog's wife's car was pelted with stone outside
(20:49 , 20.04.15 )
Minister: EU's African migrant tragedy validates
Transportation minister says death of African migrants is 'tragedy that shocks
(19:49 , 20.04.15 )
UN: Iran still respecting terms of interim
UN's nuclear watchdog says Iran complying with provisions of framework interim
(19:36 , 20.04.15 )
PHOTOS: Dress rehearsal for IAF flyover
Israeli Air Force stages practice session for annual aerial show as beachgoers
(17:34 , 20.04.15 )
Women chosen to light independence beacon fight
News correspondant Lucy Aharish, the woman who granted females the right to
(14:12 , 20.04.15 )
Arab stabbed in Herzliya: 'He yelled 'death to
27-year-old Israeli lightly wounded in attack claims stabber with Russian accent
(13:47 , 20.04.15 )
Haifa residents step up protest over
Residents of Atlit and Hof HaCarmel gather in front of Carmel Chemicals plant,
(10:55 , 20.04.15 )
Facing political deadlock, Netanyahu gets more
While agreements with religious parties seem close to being signed, Likud is
(10:46 , 20.04.15 )
Shin Bet, Mossad faulted for lack of sexual
Surge of reports of sexual harrasment in police force leads intelligence
(09:03 , 20.04.15 )
Survivor: Smugglers locked hundreds in hold of
Up to 950 people could have been on board boat that capsized off Libyan coast in
(08:44 , 20.04.15 )
Fury in Russia as Israel declines to send
Israel's envoy to Moscow will represent Jerusalem at ceremony marking 70 years
(00:09 , 20.04.15 )
Israel issues travel warning for South Africa
Foreign Ministry is concerned of violent rioting against foreigners in the
(23:51 , 19.04.15 )
Israel fights to protect albinos in Africa
Israel joins UN effort to combat discrimination and abuse of albinos in many
(22:43 , 19.04.15 )
German FM warns against anti-Semitism at Nazi
'Do we want to live in a country where there is still anti-Semitism and
(21:46 , 19.04.15 )
US Congress bill could protect Israel from
Proposed legislation seeks to impose counter-measures on countries,
(19:18 , 19.04.15 )
Police raid home of ex-MK as corruption scandal
Police chief says there are 6 state witnesses in investigation, confirms
(17:39 , 19.04.15 )
New ISIS video purportedly shows mass executions
Video shows execution of Ethiopian Christians on beach and in desert by Islamic
(14:01 , 19.04.15 ) 
Iran slams 'myth' of nukes as Revolutionary
Khamenei says Iran's enemies 'created myth of nuclear weapons to threaten
(13:15 , 19.04.15 )
Putin warns Israel not to sell Ukraine arms in
Israel slams Russia's sale of advanced missile defense system S-300 to Iran;
(11:49 , 19.04.15 )
Peace Now chief does reserve duty in West Bank
Despite being one of the most outspoken critics of Israeli settlements in the
(10:48 , 19.04.15 )
Haifa orders factories shut after report of
After a Health Ministry report said that air pollution causes half of Haifa's
(09:38 , 19.04.15 )
Israel unfroze Palestinians funds 'for
PA minister says NIS 1.8m in funds to be transferred to Palestinian Authority in
(09:27 , 19.04.15 )
Blast targets UN office in Gaza Strip
Twin blasts hit Gaza police station and UN's refugee agency's headquarters; no
(08:55 , 19.04.15 )
Police chief: Palestinian driver deliberately
Danino says investigation concluded Khaled Kotina committed a 'horrible attack'
(23:20 , 18.04.15 )
Gazans build bottle boat
Five Palestinians from coastal strip scrap together a 13-foot vessel out of some
(22:43 , 18.04.15 )
Tel Aviv light rail works expected to begin in
Target date for the first line connecting Bat Yam and Petah Tikva is in 2021,
(21:57 , 18.04.15 )
Self-made Jewish billionaire and philanthropist
Michigan-born WWII vet and businessman, credited with revolutionizing shopping
(21:44 , 18.04.15 )
After Israeli elections, US Jews set for WZO
American Zionist groups work to get-out-the-vote ahead of April 30 deadline for
(19:54 , 18.04.15 )
Israel, Palestinians reach deal over transfer of
Abbas initially declined to take $473m. in frozen tax money after Israel
(15:43 , 18.04.15 )
Herzog reiterates intention to head to
Chairman of Zionist Union responds to rumors Saturday he is eyeing unity
(13:19 , 18.04.15 )
Rouhani says Saudis will harvest hatred in Yemen
Iranian president criticizes Saudi Arabia, warns royal family in Riyadh that it
(10:48 , 18.04.15 )
Obama open to 'creative negotiations' on Iran
President says Secretary of State Kerry will have to find creative way to
(08:51 , 18.04.15 )
Researchers: Israeli military networks breached
American security researchers say it has discovered a four-month espionage
(21:32 , 17.04.15 )
Netanyahu and Bennett meet for coalition
Though allied throughout election, Netanyahu and Bennett have not met for over
(13:20 , 17.04.15 )
Israel to remember 23,320 fallen soldiers, 116
Next week Israel will remember its fallen warriors, from the time the first
(11:50 , 17.04.15 )
Israeli officials slam EU bid to mark settlement
'They can put a yellow patch on Israeli products,' Foreign Minister Lieberman
(10:16 , 17.04.15 )

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