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Police recommend prosecution of MK for assault
Investigation into 2014 incident leads Israeli police to conclusion that now MK
(20:00 , 01.09.15 )
Turkey helps return Israeli who planned to join
Israeli and Turkish authorities cooperate to bring suspect, 21, back to Israel
(15:47 , 01.09.15 )
August 2015 was second-hottest since 1935
Scorching temperatures and drenching humidity made August 2015 a somewhat
(15:24 , 01.09.15 )
Netanyahu criticized for eating at non-kosher
PM eats at Enoteca Pinchiorri at invitation of Italian premier, but PMO says he
(13:53 , 01.09.15 )
Abbas won't run for reelection as head of PLO
While opting to remain Palestinian president, Abbas won't return to role of PLO
(12:50 , 01.09.15 )
UK papers tone down 'anti-Israel' coverage of
Daily Mail and Telegraph change headlines critical of Israel after claims arise
(11:53 , 01.09.15 )
School year starts in Israel for over 2 million
157,000 first-graders, 166,000 educators, and more math hours mark the new year.
(11:13 , 01.09.15 )
Monument to soldiers who fell in helicopter
Family members of Tom Kita'in and Tomer Keidar, who were killed 18 years ago in
(09:54 , 01.09.15 ) 
Soldier moderately wounded in West Bank arrest
Israeli forces enter West Bank town of Jenin to arrest wanted Islamic Jihad
(09:42 , 01.09.15 )
Second Temple stairs discovered
Jerusalem dig uncovers mysterious podium and pyramid-like staircase built two
(14:37 , 31.08.15 )
The week's best Middle East photos
This week, migrants traveling to Europe continued to face danger, mass protests
(12:59 , 31.08.15 )
Minister Regev denies paying firm without tender
Culture and sports minister challenges network after report that she hired ad
(10:42 , 31.08.15 )
'Showers' placed at Auschwitz entrance
Israeli visitors to the concentration camp's museum were "shocked" to find mist
(08:24 , 31.08.15 )
Luxembourg chain pulls Israeli produce
Largest supermarket chain in the European country caves in to pro-Palestinian
(15:19 , 30.08.15 )
W. Bank drive-by shooting wounds one in
Driver flees scene; incident occurs only half a day after another car attack on
(14:51 , 30.08.15 )
Netanyahu: Israel not opposed to Iranian
PM receives warm welcome as he meets Italian leader in Florence to discuss Iran,
(10:24 , 30.08.15 )
Reports emerge of international criminal
Israeli media reports that foreign country demanded official judicial inquiry
(09:36 , 29.08.15 )
Violent photos from West Bank protest go viral
Particularly violent pictures from a West Bank rally, featuring a young girl
(08:59 , 29.08.15 ) 
Obama expects better US-Israel ties after Iran
In webcast with Jewish Americans, US president says as soon as debate over
(08:36 , 29.08.15 )
White supremacist defends killings, says Jews
A white supremacist charged with a Kansas City Jewish center shooting that
(20:49 , 28.08.15 )
Dolphin found beached in Accre dies after two
A sad ending: Hopeful Vets and volunteers at the marine mammal and sea turtle
(18:56 , 28.08.15 ) 
Polish Official confirms Nazi gold train find
The discovery was at first met with great skepticism, however a polish official
(17:43 , 28.08.15 ) 
Switzerland says regrets envoy's display of
Swiss ambassador to Iran showed the cartoon of two doves defecating on
(17:00 , 28.08.15 )
Attorney General investigates Hirsch for money
Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has received information regarding police
(16:06 , 28.08.15 )
Waze directing users away from 'PA controlled'
By default, Waze designates East Jerusalem as Palestinian territory and directs
(11:18 , 28.08.15 )
Wooing the worriers: US treasury official to
In continuing campaign to reassure Israel over nuclear deal signed with Iran,
(10:15 , 28.08.15 )
Litzman gets go ahead for health minister
After Supreme Court forbids MK Litzman from continuing to serve as deputy health
(09:35 , 28.08.15 )
Hamas reveals first image of Shalit in captivity
A year after 'Black Friday', Hamas claims the IDF lied about the incident in
(23:36 , 27.08.15 )
IDF warns deserters, initiates new sanctions
Around 3,000 IDF deserters receive text messages warning them of punishment, as
(21:23 , 27.08.15 )
Palestinians set date for first congress in two
Palestine National Council is set to meet in Ramallah following recent power
(19:36 , 27.08.15 )
New Hamas video boasts of reconstructed tunnels
A year after the military operation that destroyed must of the terror
(17:43 , 27.08.15 ) 
Freeing Willy from Acre's shore
Delighted swimmers play and pet exhausted dolphin treated by vet and taken by
(13:05 , 27.08.15 ) 
Israeli aircraft strike Gaza after rocket hits
No injuries or damage reported in rocket fire on Eshkol Regional Council; IAF
(07:08 , 27.08.15 )
Jerusalem experiences day of violence
Firebombs, a stabbing, and riots mark a day of violence in Jerusalem, as police
(23:47 , 26.08.15 ) 
Arab-Israeli schools to strike in protest of
Committee of Arab mayors decides not to open schools for two days in protest of
(23:07 , 26.08.15 )
'I sleep on the street': Bedouin fights for lone
A young Bedouin soldier has been fighting for his lone soldier status after it
(21:35 , 26.08.15 )
Border guard stabbed at Damascus Gate in
Suspect previously imprisoned, released for murdering Jews; security forces
(19:26 , 26.08.15 ) 
Tel Aviv Municipality site: Israeli male 'was
Site for foreigners interested in studying in Israel gave advice on how to
(18:03 , 26.08.15 )
Aid groups appeal for end to Gaza blockade
35 aid groups including Oxfam, ActionAid, Avaaz, and more than 450,000
(16:10 , 26.08.15 )
Jerusalem sees sharp increase in violent
580 incidents against both civilians and security forces recorded in June-July
(15:34 , 26.08.15 )
Bereaved parents slam Hirsch appointment
Gal Hirsch's appointment as police chief sparked fury among parents who lost
(12:34 , 26.08.15 )
Erdan defends Hirsch appointment: An injustice
Public security minister praises former IDF commander, dismissing criticism from
(10:47 , 26.08.15 )
Palestinians want to raise flag at UN
As non-member observer states, Palestinians seek to raise their flag, as well as
(08:36 , 26.08.15 )
Hundreds flee clashes in Palestinian refugee
Clashes erupt in the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon on Tuesday
(23:41 , 25.08.15 )
Palestinian allegedly attacked, then arrested
Mahmoud Rabaiya arrested for staying in Israel illegally, while the Israelis he
(23:38 , 25.08.15 )
Disgraced former IDF general nominated as police
Public Security Minister Erdan announces Brig. Gen. (Res.) Gal Hirsch as his
(21:17 , 25.08.15 )
Shin Bet arrests terror cell that targeted
Israeli security forces thwart plot by Islamic Jihad terror cell to attack
(15:22 , 25.08.15 )
US judge orders $10 million bond for PLO in
Victims' families express disappointment over small sum demanded from PLO during
(14:39 , 25.08.15 )
Meet the Ramat Gan Safari's newest addition
Safari's favorite rhino has given birth to newest calf in the zoo's breeding
(12:34 , 25.08.15 ) 
Brazilian petition: Reject settler leader as
40 leading organizations Brazil as well as some members of parliament are
(10:40 , 25.08.15 )
Jewish businessman saves ISIS sex slaves from
Steve Maman helped save 128 Yazidi and Christian women and girls in Iraq,
(10:14 , 25.08.15 )
Rivlin: Israel has 'right' to settle in West
President makes remarks in meeting with settler leaders in the wake of harsh
(08:47 , 25.08.15 )
600 asylum seekers freed from Holot detention
African asylum seekers are being released as a result of High Court ruling which
(08:40 , 25.08.15 )
Barak: Netanyahu resisted Shalit deal
Former defense minister Ehud Barak heard in recording saying that PM agreed to
(23:25 , 24.08.15 )
Israeli bio-gas digesters energize isolated
40 portable digester generators designed by HomeBioGas start-up are in use in
(22:38 , 24.08.15 )
Far-right extremists backed by 'new Sanhedrin'
Following the administrative detentions of right wing radicals, the new
(20:03 , 24.08.15 )
Travel warnings for Israelis amid ISIS fears
Anti-Terrorism Bureau warns against travel to 41 locations ahead of High
(19:12 , 24.08.15 )
WATCH: New equipment to offer IDF major
New technologies will allow the IDF to conduct more challenging missions, while
(14:12 , 24.08.15 ) 
Shlissel indictment reveals police failures
Jerusalem pride parade killer charged with premeditated murder, and six counts
(11:13 , 24.08.15 )
Report: Israel imports 77% of its oil from Iraqi
Israel has reportedly bought 19 million barrels of Kurdish oil in recent months,
(09:36 , 24.08.15 ) 
Abbas confirms visit to 'sister country' Iran
Palestinian leader tells Polish reporters he intends to visit the Islamic
(09:26 , 24.08.15 )
Supreme Court orders health minister appointment
the Israeli Supreme Court, in its capacity as High Court of Justice, ruled that
(23:25 , 23.08.15 )
Released asylum seekers blocked from Tel Aviv,
Some 1,200 to be released from Holot on Tuesday, Wednesday; those caught in Tel
(22:23 , 23.08.15 )
Shin Bet issues 10 restraining orders to
Orders exclude the extremists from West Bank outposts from which Shin Bet claims
(15:52 , 23.08.15 )
9 Palestinians arrested on terror charges
Security forces recently arrested an alleged Palestinian cell suspected of
(10:41 , 23.08.15 )
Hezbollah raises its alert level across border
Kuwaiti Al-Rai reports that Hezbollah fears Israel is attempting an escalation
(09:50 , 23.08.15 ) 
Israeli MK among Ashley Madison's leaked users
Unidentified official denies having used website, files complaints with police;
(22:48 , 22.08.15 )
Iran unveils new missile with 500 km range
Tehran rejects section of nuclear deal requiring it to receive UNSC approval for
(11:46 , 22.08.15 ) 
Obama reveals compensation to Israel over Iran
US president says Washington will increase military aid to Israel for
(10:27 , 22.08.15 )
Barak: Possibility of attack against Iran raised
In new book, former defense minister says he, Netanyahu and Lieberman sought to
(09:33 , 22.08.15 )
Hamas leader: Long-term ceasefire negotiations
Khaled Mashal says ball is in Israel's court, potential ceasefire would not
(16:42 , 21.08.15 )
US Ambassador: Israel blocking discussions to
Dan Shapiro says Israel should start discussions with the US now to obtain
(14:27 , 21.08.15 )
IAF strikes in Syria, kills rocket launchers
In second round of strikes inside Syria, 4-5 men killed said to be responsible
(12:48 , 21.08.15 ) 
IDF: Iran's Quds Force responsible for rocket
Army strikes in Syria after five rockets land in northern Israel, starting fires
(09:07 , 21.08.15 )
IDF reservist 'sold secret information for NIS
An Israeli Arab man and an IDF reservist have been indicted on espionage
(23:21 , 20.08.15 )
Hamas gunmen abducted in Sinai
Four members of Hamas armed wing are abducted in Egypt by unidentified gunmen,
(23:14 , 20.08.15 )
Pride parade attacker found fit to stand trial
Police submit psychiatrist's opinion to court, which states Yishai Shlissel is
(22:50 , 20.08.15 )
Concrete blocks and rocks: Video captures
Video shot in East J'lem's Issawiya neighborhood shows dozens of Palestinians
(21:57 , 20.08.15 ) 
Iron Dome deployed to Ashdod for fear of rocket
Security coordinators said to have received warnings of impending rocket fire on
(12:59 , 20.08.15 )
Suspects in the Sea: Hamas' naval commandos
Military assessments singal out Hamas naval commandos as significant threat in
(11:51 , 20.08.15 ) 
Foreign Ministry workers: We'll delay Danon's
The Foreign Ministry Worker's Union, which is in a labor dispute with the
(23:41 , 19.08.15 )
Battles over Shabbat in Jerusalem intensify:
The Jerusalem mayor's office has decided to start issuing fines to convenience
(23:27 , 19.08.15 )
IDF soldier wounded in terror attack near
Soldier wounded by explosive device, soon after another attack near J'lem in
(23:01 , 19.08.15 )
UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site
An unusual agreement between the UN's IAEA will allow Iran to inspect its own
(21:28 , 19.08.15 )
Court suspends hunger striking Palestinian's
High Court announces decision after MRI scan shows Mohammed Allaan has suffered
(20:55 , 19.08.15 )
Israel testing 'top priority' anti-tunnel
New tunnel detecting technologies are being tested for the first time along the
(14:16 , 19.08.15 )
Double agent dolphin: Hamas catches 'Israeli
Sources claim dolphin armed with arrows, spying cameras arrived off Gaza coast
(14:06 , 19.08.15 ) 

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