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Rocket launched at Israel from Sinai, none hurt
IDF is searching for the rockets to see if it fell inside Israel, examining the
(09:44 , 23.05.17 )
Histadrut members go to the polls after heated
MK Shelly Yachimovich and incumbent chairman Avi Nissenkoren face off for
(09:24 , 23.05.17 )
President Trump and Sara Netanyahu lament
With extensive experience in negative media portrayals, Sara Netanyahu attempts
(22:33 , 22.05.17 ) 
Palestinian killed attacking police with knife
A Palestinian minor from Bethlehem is shot to death after charging Border Police
(21:20 , 22.05.17 )
Melania Trump blocks husband from grabbing her
Cameras capture an awkward moment between US President Donald Trump and his
(21:01 , 22.05.17 ) 
Netanyahu and Trump give hopeful speeches for
Following a day filled with holy sites and speeches cementing US's ties with
(19:08 , 22.05.17 ) 
IDF Manpower Directorate head concerned about
Stepping down from his position as IDF Spokesperson, head of the IDF Manpower
(18:41 , 22.05.17 )
Trump says didn't mention Israel to Russians
In their meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, President Trump insists
(18:39 , 22.05.17 )
Trump becomes first sitting US president to
President Trump arrives at the Western Wall with his family, reads psalms and
(17:39 , 22.05.17 ) 
Netanyahu set to choose communications min. next
The prime minister offered the job to Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin, but
(17:27 , 22.05.17 )
Palestinians react to Trump visit with wariness
Despite a complete lack of faith in Netanyahu, Palestinians come to the
(16:43 , 22.05.17 )
MK Hazan grabs Trump for a selfie
US President was reportedly reluctant to shake hands at his welcome ceremony,
(15:41 , 22.05.17 ) 
Trump tells Rivlin: There's a great opportunity
'I believe the unbreakable bond between us, along with your determination, will
(15:34 , 22.05.17 ) 
US President Trump meets with Israeli President
After a welcoming ceremony at Ben-Gurion Airport, the American president headed
(13:47 , 22.05.17 ) 
Trump lands in Israel: We can only reach peace
US president says meetings in Saudi Arabia with King Salman and other Arab
(13:14 , 22.05.17 ) 
Mike Huckabee visits Joseph's Tomb, bemoans
The former Arkansas governor and close associate of Trump decries fact Jews have
(10:47 , 22.05.17 ) 
Israeli national hero and undercover spy laid to
Shulamit Cohen-Kishik was an Israeli Mossad spy code named 'The Pearl' who
(09:47 , 22.05.17 )
Strike and rage in the Arab sector over prisoner
The Arab-Israeli Monitoring Committee is trying to leverage US President Trump's
(23:23 , 21.05.17 )
Minister Regev body shames MK Bitan
The meeting of the Likud ministers with the participation of Benjamin Netanyahu
(22:25 , 21.05.17 )
Government authorizes establishment of police
In a joint initiative by the ministries of Public Security and Health, a new
(22:25 , 21.05.17 )
IDF approves shooting at weapons thieves
The army decides to modify rules of engagement to permit soldiers to fire at the
(22:24 , 21.05.17 )
Jerusalem jubilee festivities begin
The president and prime minister are joined by the US ambassador in the capital
(22:24 , 21.05.17 )
Dozens of hunger striking security prisoners
The IPS sends dozens of hunger strikers from the prisons to the Wolfson and Emek
(22:22 , 21.05.17 )
IPS denies Olmert meeting with his lawyers
In a further development stemming from the seizure of classified materials from
(18:24 , 21.05.17 )
Netanyahu disperses meeting, orders ministers
After the prime minister learns that several ministers have no intention of
(18:23 , 21.05.17 ) 
Next stop for Trump is Israel, in pursuit of
President Donald Trump has cast the elusive pursuit of peace between Israelis
(18:22 , 21.05.17 )
Hamas to execute three Palestinians over
Terror group delivers death sentences to three Palestinians that it says
(15:52 , 21.05.17 )
Israeli ministers troubled by $110 billion
Military deal amounts to about $110 billion effective immediately, plus another
(15:14 , 21.05.17 ) 
Israeli, American air forces conclude joint
The two-week annual Juniper Falcon exercise saw Israeli and American F-15
(12:33 , 21.05.17 ) 
Man shot dead in Tirat Carmel after stabbing
Two police officers were responding to a call at the man's home when he attacked
(12:03 , 21.05.17 )
Trump's visit to include speech at Israel
The US president will arrive in Israel for a busy one-day visit on Monday,
(11:57 , 21.05.17 )
Israel to approve relief measures for
Measures include expedited development of industrial areas in Jalamah and
(11:32 , 21.05.17 )
Report: Israeli intelligence officials furious
Israel's intelligence agencies reportedly shouted at their American counterparts
(10:42 , 21.05.17 )
IDF resurrects defunct Haruv as special
Absorbed into the Armored Corps 43 years ago, a mere eight years after it was
(22:53 , 20.05.17 ) 
Data show High Court of Justice not that
Contrary to the claims of politicians, the High Court rarely intervenes in
(19:06 , 20.05.17 )
NIS 50 million elevator to the Western Wall
From the Jewish quarter to the holy site at the press of a button: The cabinet
(18:08 , 20.05.17 )
Israel Prison Service denies former PM furloughs
After classified documents were found in the possession of Ehud Olmert, who is
(17:34 , 20.05.17 )
Trump peace initiative: Direct negotiations
Al-Hayat reports US Pres. Trump is to announce political initiative to bring
(14:38 , 20.05.17 ) 
Both Livni and Erekat optimistic on Trump
The two negotiators, who had in the past tried to bring about peace between
(11:45 , 20.05.17 )
Palestinians protest throughout territories in
Thousands protest in solidarity with Palestinian detainees who are hunger
(19:56 , 19.05.17 ) 
Classified documents found in former PM's cell
Materials suspected of being classified were seized from Ehud Olmert's cell; the
(18:38 , 19.05.17 )
IDF invited to International Army Games
The IDF will send a delegation to compete in the fields of military medicine and
(18:10 , 19.05.17 )
'Operation Blue Shield' underway to ensure
With the US president scheduled to land in Israel on Monday, the security
(17:27 , 19.05.17 )
Israeli group to appeal Facebook Palestinian
After case dismissed by New York court over Facebook’s inaction against
(15:06 , 19.05.17 )
Shaked vexed by White House map missing WB
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked responds angrily to map of Israel released by
(14:04 , 19.05.17 ) 
US, Israeli spies upset Trump shared intel with
According to former Israeli intelligence and US government officials, President
(12:52 , 19.05.17 )
Radical Haredim warn IDF manpower head of end
As Maj. Gen. Moti Almoz takes on position to head IDF's Manpower Directorate,
(12:27 , 19.05.17 )
IDF works to forestall rise in violence during
With tensions running high due to recent violence involving the deaths of
(11:21 , 19.05.17 )
Tractor set alight in Palestinian village in
Less than a day after a settler shoots and kills a Palestinian rioter after he
(10:18 , 19.05.17 ) 
Knesset moves to ok closed-circuit cameras in
Despite objections raised by Health Minister Litzman, Knesset passes a
(09:19 , 19.05.17 )
Fewer people move to Jerusalem, ultra-Orthodox
New data published ahead of the upcoming Jerusalem Day celebrations shows the
(08:34 , 19.05.17 )
Parachuting accident in IDF elite unit leaves
A paratrooper in an elite commando unit of the IDF deviated from his course and
(23:23 , 18.05.17 )
New IDF Spokesperson takes office
Brig. Gen. Ronen Manlis take over as the new IDF Spokesperson, replacing Maj.
(23:08 , 18.05.17 )
Litzman reportedly threatened to resign over
The health minister vehemently objects to Prime Minister Netanyahu's choice of
(20:19 , 18.05.17 )
Netanyahu searches for permanent communication
On Sunday, Tzachi Hanegbi's temporary appointment as acting communications
(19:58 , 18.05.17 )
White House official: No Trump-Netanyahu-Abbas
Administration official says while such a meeting is not on the cards for the US
(19:02 , 18.05.17 )
Big sandstorm hits Eilat, causing airport, road
Sand coming from Sinai covered Israel's southernmost resort city, painting it
(18:44 , 18.05.17 ) 
Settler shoots Palestinian dead as rioters
About 200 Palestinians participated in a protest-turned-riot, blocking roads and
(18:31 , 18.05.17 ) 
Disabled protest blocks major Tel Aviv
Some 100 people with disabilities protest outside the government building in Tel
(17:18 , 18.05.17 ) 
Medical Corps soldiers use Fabebook to find
Potentially wasting IDF funds and risking field security, Medical Corps soldiers
(15:43 , 18.05.17 )
PM scorns Hebrew University for nixing national
Uniting in opposition to the university's decision to drop Hatikva from a
(15:04 , 18.05.17 )
Trump revealed 'the most valuable source' to
US media reports source was essential ‘on external plotting by ISIS,’ but
(13:26 , 18.05.17 )
Trump temporarily turns back on embassy move
Despite repeated pledges during his election campaign, US official says that
(11:49 , 18.05.17 )
Al-Sisi lauds Trump, urges Israel not to miss
Speaking in an interview just days before President Trump heads to the Middle
(10:17 , 18.05.17 )
IDF cracks down on families of terrorists who
In an overnight wide scale sweep in Hebron, IDF confiscates thousands of shekels
(09:05 , 18.05.17 )
An ultra-Orthodox young man arrested on
The police located three ultra-Orthodox men suspected of burning an Israeli flag
(21:36 , 17.05.17 )
Ya'alon: 'I blocked the submarine deal, it was
Former defense minister Moshe Ya'alon weighs in on submarine deal, in which PM
(21:29 , 17.05.17 )
Watch: new Israeli naval launcher: '8
The Stingray, a new rocket launcher by Israel Military Industries, can operate
(20:04 , 17.05.17 ) 
Air Force One and 40 transport planes:
The airport is preparing for the reception for the US president on Monday
(20:02 , 17.05.17 )
IDF Forces Combat Rioting Palestinians in Silwad
A Palestinian man was moderately injured after a group of Palestinians and two
(18:14 , 17.05.17 )
Circumcision held for terror victim's son at
Family of Abraham Asher Hasno, who was murdered in a vehicular attack in October
(17:31 , 17.05.17 ) 
First time jitters: Trump's travel team causes
As opposed to prior visits of US presidents, which were well-organized and
(17:27 , 17.05.17 )
Judge rebukes prosecutor for calling Azaria a
Zvi Segal reprimands chief prosecutor Weissman during third hearing in Elor
(16:52 , 17.05.17 )
Lieberman praises US-Israel security ties amid
Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman praises security ties between the two
(13:22 , 17.05.17 )
Ya'alon implicates Netanyahu in submarine affair
In a scathing interview with Channel 2, Ya'alon accuses Netanyahu of corruption
(12:37 , 17.05.17 )
Swedish gov't agency blocks Israeli amb. and
Accounts blocked by the Swedish Institute in addition to another 14,000 for
(11:43 , 17.05.17 )
Convicted terrorist elected Mayor of Hebron
Taysir Abu Sneineh is elected mayor of the largest Palestinian city within the
(11:12 , 17.05.17 )
Report: Trump's information leak endangers life
US intelligence officials press news outlets in the US not to publish specific
(10:23 , 17.05.17 )
Trump's UN envoy: 'Western Wall is part of
Speaking in an interview with CBN, Nikki Haley stresses that while she is
(08:47 , 17.05.17 ) 
Report: Leaked information Trump gave Russia
The New York Times and NBC report that the secret intelligence conveyed by the
(22:44 , 16.05.17 )
Livni: Netanyahu, Bennett 'feeding public pipe
As Trump seeks to renew talks between Israel and the Palestinians, former peace
(22:28 , 16.05.17 )
Trump to visit Jewish, Christian holy sites in
President Donald Trump will visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism's
(22:21 , 16.05.17 )
Comptroller points to inadequate medical
While examining the IDF practices in regard to potential recruits and current
(22:18 , 16.05.17 )
Footage: the assassin who killed senior Hamas
Hamas held a press conference in which it presented a photograph allegedly
(20:07 , 16.05.17 )
Mini Israel comes to Manhattan
Israeli entrepreneur brings the large-scale, miniature model of Jerusalem and
(18:29 , 16.05.17 )
Jerusalem couple suspected of murdering,
A couple was arrested on suspicion that they had murdered their neighbor in the
(17:53 , 16.05.17 )
Comptroller: Minister Ariel invested money
Only 39% of the NIS 51 million allocated to increasing construction and lowering
(16:43 , 16.05.17 )
Shin Bet foils terror plot on IDF soldiers
Investigation reveals that a terror cell planned to carry out an attack against
(16:37 , 16.05.17 )

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