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Assad: Iran deal is proof that we must not
Syrian president gives speech praising Iran's nuclear agreement, attacking
(17:43 , 26.07.15 )
'Security' prevents Guinness Book of Records
An Israeli filmmaker who planned to prepare the world's biggest bowl of hummus
(16:18 , 26.07.15 ) 
IDF branches linking up in era of networked
IDF's Communications Corps is constantly improving its systems to fight a
(22:48 , 25.07.15 )
Hezbollah leader says Iran will not abandon
'Iran's relationship with its allies is based on ideological grounds and come
(21:24 , 25.07.15 )
Beit Shemesh area fire leaves 1,500 dunams
Damage to woodland is so severe it will take nature 20 years to recover;
(18:06 , 25.07.15 )
Lieberman: Netanyahu can’t handle the Iranian
Avigdor Lieberman, who until recently was a foreign minister in Netanyahu's
(16:33 , 25.07.15 )
Hamas 'summer camp' trains 25,000 Gazans as
Hamas aims to train 25,000 'new generation liberators' in its new summer camp
(14:47 , 25.07.15 )
New photos reveal real-time White House reaction
Cheney removes his glasses in horror, Condoleezza Rice bites her lips, while the
(12:18 , 25.07.15 ) 
Firefighters gain control of Beit Shemesh blaze
Aircraft, crews from across Israel manage to contain 370 acre fire fueled by
(23:25 , 24.07.15 )
Training Israel's cyber warriors
Inside IDF computer labs, troops use a model city to practice creating mayhem:
(14:27 , 24.07.15 )
Family's message removed from soldier's grave
Defense Ministry erases writing that criticized prime minister and defense
(12:38 , 24.07.15 )
Israeli bikers ride through Auschwitz on way to
11 bikers passing through 9 countries on their way to the first Maccabiah games
(12:03 , 24.07.15 )
Turkey strikes ISIS targets in Syria
F-16 jets use smart bombs to hit 3 ISIS targets; Turkish police raid Islamic
(09:19 , 24.07.15 )
State-of-the-art warning system to address
After mortar shells claimed both soldiers and civilian casualties, new radar
(19:30 , 23.07.15 )
Israeli Cobras gifted to Jordan for 'border
US source says about 16 decommissioned attack helicopters given to Jordan last
(18:44 , 23.07.15 )
Israeli woman arrested in Thailand after bullets
Woman was released from the IDF only 5 days before going on vacation with her
(18:18 , 23.07.15 )
Universities protest plan to cut NIS 263 million
Heads of universities say planned cuts are 'destructive to Israel's economy, its
(12:59 , 23.07.15 )
Top Tel Aviv restaurant burns down
Blaze engulfs and destroys high-end restaurant Mul Yam, one of Israel's most
(11:23 , 23.07.15 )
EU rejects report: No plans to boycott Israeli
Stocks of Israeli financial institutes drop following report by European think
(10:20 , 23.07.15 )
Palestinian killed by IDF fire during arrest
IDF and Palestinians provide differing account of incident in which 53-year-old
(09:55 , 23.07.15 )
US Republicans, pro-Israel groups step up
Poll shows increase in both Republican and Democratic opposition to Iran deal as
(08:59 , 23.07.15 ) 
Investigation of cyclist's death reopened amid
Gal Beck, a 16-year-old from Tel Aviv, was killed 10 years ago after being hit
(00:16 , 23.07.15 )
Israeli police stamp out teenager's illegal
A 15 year old trying to make money for his summer break is fined and harrassed
(23:09 , 22.07.15 )
Israel to end freeze with hundreds of new
Subcommittee on settlements to discuss new housing units in Beit El, Ma'aleh
(18:43 , 22.07.15 )
Arsonists of Jewish-Arab school sing 'praise
Two of the perpetrators get at least two years jail time and ordered to
(16:11 , 22.07.15 ) 
After labeling goods, EU think tank sets sights
European Council on Foreign Relations calls on EU to differentiate between
(14:12 , 22.07.15 )
Two Israelis nabbed in massive JPMorgan cyber
Israelis allegedly cooperated with two Americans in banking hack and plan to
(12:15 , 22.07.15 )
Border Police shoot, kill Palestinian during
Israeli troops encounter rioting during arrest in the village of Burkin, shoot
(11:27 , 22.07.15 )
Study: Poultry farming in Israel occurred 2,300
Archaeological site contains earliest known evidence for chicken breeding in the
(09:51 , 22.07.15 )
Haifa resident killed in skydiving accident in
28-year-old was base jumping off a cliff in the Bernese Alps when his parachute
(09:28 , 22.07.15 )
US imposes sanctions on Hezbollah leaders
American Treasury Department targets senior military commanders, Lebanese
(08:27 , 22.07.15 )
Israel to EU: Halt funding of NGOs working
Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely meets European officials to demand governments
(23:25 , 21.07.15 )
Israeli dies while on Peru trip
Aviv Bromberg, 24, was recently discharged as a captain in the IAF and decided
(22:02 , 21.07.15 )
Justice Minister: Remove legal ambiguity from
Ayelet Shaked seeks to organize status of West Bank settlements by establishing
(19:12 , 21.07.15 )
Locker committee recommends freezing defense
Committee to evaluate defense budget recommends keeping budget at NIS 59 billion
(16:25 , 21.07.15 )
General strike averted as Histadrut, Finance
After threatening to declare general strike, workers union leader reaches
(14:55 , 21.07.15 )
Deri agrees to sign off on natural gas deal, if
State comptroller report determines government's lack of overall policy and lack
(13:25 , 21.07.15 )
US-born pilot who thwarted Egyptian attack in
Lou Lenart, former US Marine who fought in WWII, led the IAF's first ever
(11:09 , 21.07.15 )
IDF chief introduces 5-year efficiency plan
Plan led by Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot includes dismissal of an additional 2,500
(10:19 , 21.07.15 )
Knesset approves harsher punishments for
Amendment to existing law allows court to sentence rioter to up to 10 years in
(09:40 , 21.07.15 )
EU to Israel: Halt forced population transfers
A meeting of EU foreign ministers blasts Israel for what it says are actions
(23:40 , 20.07.15 )
Attorney general calls for criminal
The investigation will focus on the possible misappropriation of funds by the
(21:15 , 20.07.15 )
Court allows indefinite detention without trial
Be'er Sheva District Court rejects a petition to freeze the controversial
(18:04 , 20.07.15 )
US defense secretary: We will help Israel defend
LIVE: Ash Carter meets with Defense Minister Ya'alon upon arrival in Israel,
(17:25 , 20.07.15 )
Hamas video claims view of IDF chief
Video released by Hamas' military wing claims to show former chief of staff
(14:39 , 20.07.15 ) 
Shalit deal death toll, 4 years on
Nearly four years after 1,000 convicted terrorists were released from prison in
(10:45 , 20.07.15 )
Admired, powerful rabbi suspected of sex
Kabbalist Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg, who founded a yeshiva and a devoted community
(23:33 , 19.07.15 )
Car bombs rock Gaza, reigniting an old power
A series of explosions targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives has pushed
(22:32 , 19.07.15 )
Germany: Iran must improve Israel relations for
Vice chancellor offers his country as mediator to improve ties between Jerusalem
(22:07 , 19.07.15 )
Poll: Israelis most worried about Iran, Islamic
Pew survey found many countries view climate change as top global threat;
(21:35 , 19.07.15 )
Herzog rejects unity gov't reports: 'Netanyahu
Opposition leader declares he is saying 'no to crawling into Netanyahu's
(20:00 , 19.07.15 )
Bracelets honor the memory of fallen Givati
Fox Foundation for the Givati Reconnaissance Unit creates bracelets with
(19:11 , 19.07.15 )
US officials: No plan to compensate Israel with
US Defense Secretary Carter headed to Jerusalem for talks on ways the US can
(19:10 , 19.07.15 )
Terror cell behind Malachi Rosenfeld's murder
Leader of cell is Hamas operative released in Shalit deal; terror cell also
(18:09 , 19.07.15 ) 
Residents evacuated from Kirayt Shmona in face
Tel Hai academy, residential structures said to be under threat from blaze on
(15:13 , 19.07.15 )
Israel's unluckiest robber
Did someone say Darwin Awards? Suspect in Ramle flees scene of the crime - into
(13:57 , 19.07.15 )
Academic degrees in Israel increase 500% since
Central Bureau of Statistics report shows number of graduates has increased most
(12:57 , 19.07.15 )
'Father of Iran's nuclear bomb' to enjoy
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the driving force behind Tehran's nuclear program, enjoys
(19:46 , 18.07.15 )
Iran's supreme leader vows to continue anti-US
Ayatollah Khamenei calls on country's legislators to examine nuclear deal
(17:54 , 18.07.15 )
Lapid demands inquiry into 'PM's failed foreign
Former finance minister says 'absurd' Iran deal could have been prevented in
(16:01 , 18.07.15 )
Merkel's Palestinian refugee to stay in Germany
Germany's chancellor faced a strong backlash when her televised comments on
(14:27 , 18.07.15 )
Muslims across the world celebrate end of
IN PICTURES: Muslim world marks Eid al-Fitr with group prayers and large family
(23:16 , 17.07.15 ) 
Jerusalem residents: Police did not protect us
VIDEO: Palestinians attacked Jewish homes for 20 minutes in East Jerusalem
(20:14 , 17.07.15 ) 
Dutch scanner comes to Gaza border crossings
Security device expected to speed up scanning process on the border, increasing
(12:50 , 17.07.15 )
Deputy FM: Western Wall to become part of every
Tzipi Hotovely is looking to revise the current diplomatic protocol, and mandate
(00:00 , 17.07.15 )
Five dead, including gunman, in Tennessee
Gunman opened fire at two military-related facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee
(23:53 , 16.07.15 )
ICC judges: prosecutors must revisit 2010
Prosecutor decided last year not to investigate the lethal raid on a Gaza-bound
(22:37 , 16.07.15 )
Was IDF college plan in East Jerusalem scrapped
While Jerusalem Municipality officials say original location was simply
(20:24 , 16.07.15 )
Hammond, Netanyahu meet in Jerusalem
British foreign secretary and Israel's prime minister discuss Iran deal;
(18:05 , 16.07.15 )
PM finally gets his senior yearbook from Philly
Classmates from Netanyahu's 1967 class ship him a yearbook he missed when he
(14:05 , 16.07.15 )
New evidence bolsters suspicion that 'atomic
According to recently released trial transcripts, David Greenglass, Ethel's
(11:05 , 16.07.15 )
IAF strikes Gaza after rocket fire on Israel
Infrastructure bombed in Gaza close to dawn; code red sirens sound in southern
(09:07 , 16.07.15 )
Leaked US files: Israeli commandos assassinated
Security official Brig. Gen. Mahammed Sleiman was killed in 2008 by Israel's
(08:50 , 16.07.15 )
Iranian officials calling for Israel's
Sanctions imposed on Quds Force and its commander Soleimani to be lifted 8 years
(01:05 , 16.07.15 )
UK's Hammond: Israel wants permanent state of
British foreign secretary to visit Israel to discuss nuclear deal with
(21:50 , 15.07.15 )
Three Israelis arrested in international
FBI investigation spanning 20 countries ends in extensive arrests operation of
(21:27 , 15.07.15 )
Israeli security forces arrest terror cell
Shooter, a member of the PA's elite Force 17 unit, arrested after calling police
(19:31 , 15.07.15 ) 
Young Palestinian woman stabs soldier in West
Rawan Abu Matar stabs Netzah Yehuda soldier in back near Nahliel in Binyamin,
(18:49 , 15.07.15 )
From Cairo to Tehran: Iran deal in cartoons
The Middle East reacts to the Iran deal with a flurry of satirical cartoons,
(15:45 , 15.07.15 )
Mayor names street after secret lover
The mayor of Or Yehuda, David Yosef, is in hot water over imposing what
(12:17 , 15.07.15 )
Obama: Netanyahu cannot stop Iran deal
US president says PM will not succeed in using Congress to defeat the deal;
(10:15 , 15.07.15 ) 
Israel warns of Iran's continued nuclear R&D,
With only partial access to military sites and a 24 days warning period prior to
(01:00 , 15.07.15 )
Iranians dance in streets, thank Rouhani for
Motorists honk horns, wave victory signs, brandish posters of President Hassan
(23:43 , 14.07.15 )
Iran nuclear deal met with mixed reactions
While Iran's ally Syria and trade partner Turkey praise deal, Egypt, Pakistan
(23:38 , 14.07.15 )
Iran deal faces fight in US Congress but will
Congress has 60 days to review deal; chances of a 'resolution of disapproval'
(22:20 , 14.07.15 )
Netanyahu says relationship with Obama had no
Prime minister says Washington was planning to normalize ties with Tehran even
(21:49 , 14.07.15 ) 
Nuclear deal strikes talk of Nobel Peace Prize
Deal could fit pattern of nuclear-themed peace prizes in years ending in '5,'
(19:28 , 14.07.15 )
UN calls on Hamas to release info on missing
Ban Ki-moon, UN spokesperson call for 'prompt action' to return missing
(18:51 , 14.07.15 )

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