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At least 33 dead in bus crash in Egypt's Sinai
Two tourists buses collided during early morning hours in Egypt's Sinai, killing
(08:19 , 22.08.14 )
Profile of a terrorist: Hamas abduction chief
Raed al-Attar, favorite to replace Mohammed Deif as al-Qassam Brigades
(01:02 , 22.08.14 )
Residents of rocket-battered Eshkol flee again
More than 30 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Eshkol Regional Council
(00:53 , 22.08.14 )
European nations discuss UN Gaza truce
Diplomats say proposal, likely to be joint UN-EU effort, will include opening of
(22:27 , 21.08.14 )
Some American colleges recall students from
At least seven universities across US cancel study-abroad programs due to
(22:18 , 21.08.14 )
Heavy Gaza barrage: Code Red sirens blare in
Palestinian militants continue to fire rocket salvos towards Israel, as Iron
(21:46 , 21.08.14 )
Turkey's Davutoglu nominated new premier
Turkish FM to be Erdogan's successor as prime minister; Analysts say outgoing
(21:46 , 21.08.14 )
Tunnel economy booming near Rafah
INSIGHT: Despite crackdown by Egyptian military, smugglers thrive in Sinai towns
(20:41 , 21.08.14 )
IAF kills senior Islamic Jihad commander
IDF continues targeting militant leaders in Gaza, striking at terrorists
(19:11 , 21.08.14 )
Behind the scenes of targeted killing in Rafah
The inside details of the Shin Bet operation to take out two of its most wanted
(18:20 , 21.08.14 ) 
Cabinet approves call-up of 10,000 IDF
Netanyahu hails IDF, Shin Bet for killings of three top Hamas commanders in
(16:33 , 21.08.14 ) 
Inside Israel's targeted killing operations
After Israel kills three senior Hamas commanders and makes another attempt on
(16:11 , 21.08.14 )
Hamas keeps up rocket pressure on Israel; man
Sirens sound in Be'er Sheva, Gaza border communities; Israel says 223 rockets
(15:56 , 21.08.14 )
In documentary, killed Hamas commanders boast of
Raed al-Attar was the architect of Hamas' tunnels project in southern Gaza, and
(15:14 , 21.08.14 ) 
Mashal: Won't return to talks until Israel
Hamas leader says they pay no mind to detractors as long as the Palestinians are
(13:26 , 21.08.14 )
Report: James Foley's killer is Londoner named
Daily Telegraph says US and UK intelligence believe the man leads group of
(12:01 , 21.08.14 )
Qatar blamed for collapse of Gaza ceasefire
Unnamed source in Abbas camp says Qatar has 'no interest' in seeing Egyptian-led
(10:40 , 21.08.14 )
IDF, Shin Bet kill three senior Hamas commanders
Raed al-Attar and Mohammed Abu Shmallah were both behind the kidnapping of Gilad
(08:51 , 21.08.14 ) 
US accuses Israel of targeting Abu Khdeir's
State Department says concerned 'members of the Khdeir family appeared to be
(08:31 , 21.08.14 )
Post-mortem testimony against Hamas
NY court accepts interview testimony of terror survivor as evidence in trial
(00:50 , 21.08.14 ) 
Opposition Chairman Herzog: Netanyahu putting
Opposition leader slams Netanyahu, saying government unable to offer public
(00:18 , 21.08.14 )
Hamas admits to kidnapping three Israeli teens
Two months after Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrah were murdered
(23:55 , 20.08.14 )
Gaza rocket fire hits new heights: 168 launched
Overcoming previous record of 154 rockets during last operation, Gaza militants
(23:44 , 20.08.14 )
Hamas: Mohammed Deif wasn't killed or injured in
Israeli source tells Fox IAF did kill the shadowy commander of Izz ad-Din
(20:37 , 20.08.14 )
Netanyahu: Gaza operation is not over yet
Amid contradictory reports regarding fate of Hamas military chief Deif, prime
(20:16 , 20.08.14 ) 
Egypt sentences Jordanian, Israeli for spying
Alleged 'Israeli Mossad spy' tried in absentia in Egypt together with Jordanian
(20:02 , 20.08.14 )
Hamas vows revenge for Deif's family
Thousands attend funeral procession for wife, baby son of Hamas armed wing
(19:50 , 20.08.14 )
IAEA report to show Iran meeting nuclear deal
Diplomats claim Iran complying with articles of deal signed last year with world
(19:49 , 20.08.14 )
Report: Israeli delegation arrives in Cairo for
Arab media report claims Israel sent delegation to Egypt; Arab League accuses
(18:39 , 20.08.14 )
Hollande calls for demilitarization of Gaza
French president urges Israel, Palestinians to return to negotiations table
(13:30 , 20.08.14 )
In South, parents fear for kids in schools
Schools further away from the Gaza border, but still in the line of fire, has
(12:52 , 20.08.14 )
Abbas due in Doha to meet Qatari emir, Hamas
Palestinian president visits Gulf state to discuss Gaza conflict, ask for
(12:35 , 20.08.14 )
No confirmation of Deif's death
Hamas neither confirms nor denies al-Qassam Brigades chief killed in Tuesday
(11:22 , 20.08.14 )
Livni: No negotiations with Hamas
Justice minister expresses support for targeted killings of terror leaders,
(10:13 , 20.08.14 )
Report: Qatar threatened to expel Mashal
Senior Fatah official claims Qatar claimed it would banish Hamas leader if he
(09:31 , 20.08.14 )
Hamas: Israel tried to kill armed wing leader
Hamas' military wing call on Israel to 'reveal the real reason' behind bombing
(02:02 , 20.08.14 )
Heavy barrage of rockets fired at Tel Aviv area,
Hamas says it fired 50 rockets, claims responsibility for firing M-75 and Fajr-5
(01:36 , 20.08.14 ) 
'It's time to abandon truce talks, reach
Ministers criticize Netanyahu for failing to convene security cabinet following
(01:17 , 20.08.14 )
IAF strikes over 30 targets in Gaza,
At least 20 people reported wounded; renewed rocket fire and IDF attacks cause
(22:34 , 19.08.14 )
Israel treads with cautious optimism, Hamas says
Cabinet minister tells Ynet there's a consensus among the Israeli leadership on
(22:02 , 19.08.14 )
Missing IDF soldier found dead
Corporal David Menachem Gordon, 21, a lone soldier who hasn't been seen since
(20:07 , 19.08.14 )
Hamas fighters show defiance in Gaza tunnel tour
Terrorists say they feel at home in tunnels, vow to restock arsenal: 'In peace
(19:13 , 19.08.14 ) 
Turkish shipbuilder wants to send floating power
'There has been no adverse reaction from the Israeli side,' Turkish energy
(15:09 , 19.08.14 )
British diplomat snapped with scarf that covers
Image of Consul General Alastair McPhail taken earlier this year during visit to
(15:03 , 19.08.14 )
Abbas to meet Qatar emir, Hamas's Meshal in Doha
Palestinian president set to fly to Doha Thursday to talk with Khaled Mashal,
(13:55 , 19.08.14 )
Israeli ambassador visits Bradford after MP
MP Galloway slams visit, calling it provocation by 'rogue and terrorists state',
(13:27 , 19.08.14 ) 
Human Rights groups say Israeli ban hinders Gaza
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch claim Israel refusing to let them
(11:34 , 19.08.14 )
Report: Palestinian official says Israel gave up
After Egypt gets Palestinians, Israelis to extend ceasefire by additional day in
(11:14 , 19.08.14 )
Saudi Arabia executes four for hashish smuggling
Despite efforts by human rights group, two sets of brothers executed for
(08:57 , 19.08.14 )
Islamic State to US: We'll drown all of you in
ISIS vow to hit Americans 'in any place' in new video, as US and Syria's Assad
(08:50 , 19.08.14 ) 
Hamas leader Mashal sees surge in popularity
'For first time in years, we’ve seen support for Hamas increase and bypass Fatah
(08:44 , 19.08.14 )
Police officer saves life of refugee, catches
Sgt. First Class Yosef Ganem arrived at scene of attack to find Eritrean refugee
(00:46 , 19.08.14 )
Israel coordinated with US on gradual end of
Sources in Jerusalem claim Israel, America secretly agreed on steps to ease
(00:44 , 19.08.14 )
Abbas: Hamas plot against PA threatens unity
Shin Bet arrested 93 Hamas activists accused of planning a third intifada with
(00:12 , 19.08.14 )
Army colonel tells religious troops to stay put
Givati commander tells soldiers to stay put while women perform on stage despite
(00:11 , 19.08.14 )
UN: Unless blockade ends, Gaza faces years of
Head of UN refugee body, UNRWA, says rehabilitation of Strip to take 15 years
(23:58 , 18.08.14 )
Israel agrees to 24-hour extension of Gaza
After Palestinian delegation member to Cairo talks says permanent truce accord
(23:51 , 18.08.14 )
Palestinian sources claim initial agreement
Egyptian mediators help bridge gaps between Israeli, Palestinian delegations;
(20:42 , 18.08.14 )
Netanyahu in Sderot: You've had an empowering
Prime minister meets with mayor, teenagers of Sderot and asks to hear stories of
(18:33 , 18.08.14 )
Welfare minister promises to bomb-protect
Meir Cohen denounces incitement against Arab public: 'Unfortunately, it's not
(16:11 , 18.08.14 )
Report: Israelis key players in 'cash for
NYT says Israelis play 'disproportionate role' in global organ trade, with
(15:55 , 18.08.14 )
Lapid calls for regional conference on Gaza
Conference to be held in Egypt prior to international conference on Sept 22,
(13:12 , 18.08.14 ) 
London supermarket empties kosher food shelves
Sainsbury's branch removes products, made in Britain and Poland, as
(11:44 , 18.08.14 )
Norway: Gaza reconstruction aid conditioned on
Oslo says funds will be given to PA President Abbas, and not to Hamas, and notes
(10:23 , 18.08.14 )
Two Arab teens arrested over assault of haredi
Suspects apprehended after a week of undercover investigation, confess to attack
(09:46 , 18.08.14 )
IDF destroys homes of killers of three teens in
Soldiers pelted with stones and firebombs during overnight demolition operation,
(09:06 , 18.08.14 )
Train service to Sderot suspended for fear of
Defense Ministry orders Israel Railways to shut down Ashkelon-Sderot line until
(01:02 , 18.08.14 )
Female IDF paramedics' fight for life
The resuscitation attempts inside moving tanks, the ceaseless shooting, the
(00:55 , 18.08.14 )
Israel ends export to EU of dairy, poultry
European Commission directives effective September 1 lead Israel to halt sale of
(00:38 , 18.08.14 )
Haneen Zoabi visits Qatar – Hamas' patron
After initial denial, Balad party confirms three Arab MKs flew to Gulf state for
(23:06 , 17.08.14 )
Palestinian divisions emerge in truce talks
With ceasefire expiring Monday night, disagreements both between Israel and
(22:14 , 17.08.14 )
Haredi rioters clash with police
Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews rally in cities across Israel against the arrest
(21:01 , 17.08.14 )
Mahmoud and Morel set to wed – 'love always
Despite threats from rightwing group, Mansour family refuses to let protesters
(20:03 , 17.08.14 )
UN releases Gaza Crisis Atlas documenting damage
108-page report with high-resolution satellite photos captures extent of
(19:36 , 17.08.14 )
Egypt presents new proposal for permanent
After approving fishing up to three miles from Gaza coast, Israeli officials say
(18:48 , 17.08.14 )
Protest against Arab-Jewish couple’s wedding to
Court discusses Mahmoud Mansour’s petition against right wing group’s protest at
(17:08 , 17.08.14 )
Iran tells UN nuclear chief no talks on missiles
Head of IAEA meet with Iranian FM Zarif, President Rouhani to push for progress
(16:19 , 17.08.14 )
Syrian airstrikes target Islamic State group
After US hits Islamic State targets in Iraq, Assad attacks groups forces in
(15:06 , 17.08.14 )
Hamas lashes back at Netanyahu, say 'he's
After Netanyahu said Hamas lost and was trying to cover up its military defeat
(15:03 , 17.08.14 )
Arab groom, Jewish bride getting married: 'No
Young Jewish-Arab couple from Jaffa undeterred by threats from right wing group
(13:05 , 17.08.14 )
Dubai bars world's most pierced man
'The immigration thought I am Black Magic,' says Rolf Buchholz, most pierced man
(12:48 , 17.08.14 )
Netanyahu: Israel's security needs must be met
As Israeli delegation lands in Cairo for ceasefire talks, Cabinet convenes,
(11:49 , 17.08.14 )
US confirms airstrikes near Mosul dam, Arbil
'Kurdish forces, with US air support, have seized control of the eastern side of
(10:09 , 17.08.14 )
Chances of long term Gaza ceasefire seem slim as
Indirect talks between Palestinians, Israel over Egypt's proposed ceasefire for
(08:55 , 17.08.14 ) 
Man wounded by Molotov cocktail attack near
40-year-old man evacuated to hospital with burn wounds after being attacked in
(00:59 , 17.08.14 )
Pro-Palestinian organizations target Israeli
Facebook page calling on supporters to 'block the boat for Gaza' plans several
(22:10 , 16.08.14 )
Gal-On calls for Netanyahu's resignation at
Some 2,000 people turn out for leftwing demonstration demanding a diplomatic
(21:18 , 16.08.14 )
Mashal refuses to concede on Gaza seaport
Hamas political chief tells Al Jazeera that organization will not cede central
(19:02 , 16.08.14 ) 

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