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UN nuke agency chief says 'more work' needed on
Russia says more than 90% of agreement complete as negotiators meet into the
(21:16 , 03.07.15 )
UN Human Rights Council adopts UN Protective
Israeli envoy slams decision, calls adopted resolution 'an anti-Israeli
(17:41 , 03.07.15 )
Molotov cocktails, ISIS grafitti in East
Video shows Palestinians hurling Molotov cocktails at retreating police as
(14:22 , 03.07.15 ) 
From wounded hero to pediatrician
Aseal Lubotzky, seriously wounded in the Second Lebanon War will receive his
(11:09 , 03.07.15 )
Palestinian shot, killed in attack on IDF
17-year old suspect damaged vehicle carrying senior IDF officer before being
(10:43 , 03.07.15 )
Palestinians mark murder anniversary: 'We want
Procession remembers Mohammed Abu Khdeir, Palestinian teenager who was murdered
(21:56 , 02.07.15 )
Firefighters gain control of huge fire near Sea
Starting at 6 pm, fire came within 400 meters of homes in town of Yavne'el,
(21:15 , 02.07.15 ) 
Ministers convene at Iran talks but breakthrough
As talks approach the new July 7th deadline, negotiators have little to show in
(20:31 , 02.07.15 )
IDF General: Hamas working with ISIS in Sinai
COGAT head Yoav Mordechai denies extensive Israeli-Egyptian coordination in
(18:45 , 02.07.15 )
Abu Khdeir family urges no violence on 1 year
Slain Arab teen's father says police to blame for murder, deteriorating security
(15:56 , 02.07.15 )
Economy Minister Deri calls for changes to
State Comptroller delivers report on Israel's natural gas market to PM, several
(14:02 , 02.07.15 )
F-16 vs. ISIS: Biggest battle in Sinai since Yom
Egyptian army claims to have killed 123 Islamic State fighters in response to
(13:30 , 02.07.15 )
Fresh push in Iran nuclear talks in Tehran,
IAEA chief in Tehran to hold talks on stalled probe into Iran's suspected
(09:50 , 02.07.15 )
IDF increases presence on Egyptian border
After a day of fighting between the Egyptian army and jihadists in the Sinai
(09:14 , 02.07.15 )
PHOTOS: Israeli officials meet for 4th of July
Ambassador Dan Shapiro hosts party at his home complete with fireworks,
(00:51 , 02.07.15 ) 
Bennett to Netanyahu: Cancel Ramadan exemptions
Bayit Yehudi drafts letter to prime minister demanding continued construction in
(23:00 , 01.07.15 )
IDF to distribute pepper spray to all non-combat
The military operations division is currently finalizing the budget resources
(21:23 , 01.07.15 )
Israeli Arab man sentenced to three years for
Hamza Magamzeh left Israel with two friends in order to join ISIS, only to
(18:13 , 01.07.15 )
Netanyahu: ISIS is near our border
PM offers condolences for lost ones in Islamic State attacks in Egypt's Sinai
(17:49 , 01.07.15 )
IAEA chief to visit Iran to discuss final
Yukiya Amano is set to meet with key figures in Teheran to discuss 'how to
(17:01 , 01.07.15 )
Terror victim Malachi Rosenfeld laid to rest
Thousands mourn the man shot dead while driving back from a basketball game.
(14:40 , 01.07.15 )
Shin Bet arrests 40 Hamas members in Nablus
Joint effort by security service, IDF, and police has uncovered cell working
(12:22 , 01.07.15 )
Second Temple-era ritual bath found under house
Couple from Ein Kerem in Jerusalem discovered during renovations that a
(11:41 , 01.07.15 )
Settlers: IDF needs to do more for us
A wave of terror attacks since the beginning of Ramadan and easing of travel
(10:06 , 01.07.15 )
Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza
Shin Bet chief says Hamas losing its ability to govern in Gaza, facing funding
(00:45 , 01.07.15 ) 
Hamas shuts down Gaza's sole cell provider's
In effort to pull money from Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority, Gaza rulers
(23:36 , 30.06.15 )
'Arab MKs only care about Gaza, they don't care
After four people murdered over the past week in violent incidents in the Arab
(23:29 , 30.06.15 )
Obama: I will walk away from Iran talks if its a
As deadline for negotiations extended in a week, both American and Iranian
(22:01 , 30.06.15 )
US church to divest over Israeli treatment of
Delegates call on United Church of Christ's financial arms to sell off stock in
(21:41 , 30.06.15 )
After losing majority in Knesset, Netanyahu goes
Infrastructure Minister Steinitz presents Israeli public with framework of gas
(20:19 , 30.06.15 )
Ya'alon: Hamas Istanbul headquarters behind
Defense minister says drive-by shooting near Shilo, shooting of Danny Gonen were
(20:03 , 30.06.15 )
Security forces shoot, wound Palestinian at
Palestinian did not heed security officer's instructions to stop and began
(19:50 , 30.06.15 )
Israeli hurt in drive-by shooting succumbs to
Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld dies after being seriously wounded in terror attack near
(18:21 , 30.06.15 )
Israel's new kamikaze drone
VIDEO: Unobservable, invulnerable' K1 suicide UAV shows potential for surgical
(13:52 , 30.06.15 ) 
Israel says Syria's Assad may be left with rump
Defense minister's advisor: War-torn nation is undergoing de facto partition,
(12:25 , 30.06.15 )
West Bank shooting victim's life in danger
Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, whose brother died 13 years ago, was very seriously
(10:30 , 30.06.15 )
A year after Gaza war, Hamas entrenched as
Residents fear speaking out against regime amid massive financial crisis, with
(09:53 , 30.06.15 )
Terror attack in West Bank: Four Israelis
One seriously wounded, three suffer moderate wounds after coming under fire at
(23:49 , 29.06.15 ) 
Israel seizes activist flotilla headed to Gaza
Naval special forces take control of ship, which carried 20 activists including
(22:02 , 29.06.15 ) 
US: System reached to give UN access to suspect
Agreed system will not include all military sites, but rather focus on a
(21:17 , 29.06.15 )
Netanyahu fighting to build majority for natural
With 3 cabinet members abstained from vote, the prime minister has no majority
(19:37 , 29.06.15 )
Hezbollah member jailed in Cyprus bomb plot
Lebanese-Canadian man admitted to involvement in plan to mount terror attacks
(19:09 , 29.06.15 )
Israel, Palestinians say will investigate Gaza
UNHRC debates report that accused both Israel and Palestinians of humanitarian
(18:06 , 29.06.15 )
Ya'alon: Protecting Syrian Druze is condition of
Defense minister says Israel knew there were rebels among those it was helping,
(17:22 , 29.06.15 )
Kerry says 'too soon' to tell if Iran deal
Russian FM Lavrov on his way to Vienna to meet with American counterpart, while
(17:09 , 29.06.15 )
Palestinian woman stabs female IDF soldier
Soldier is in serious condition after being stabbed in the neck at security
(15:31 , 29.06.15 )
Israel approves extending fortified fence on its
Fence along Egyptian border to be expanded as gov't fears illegal immigrants and
(13:04 , 29.06.15 )
Palestinian to end 55-day hunger strike and will
Khader Adnan of the Islamic Jihad has been held for several months and is set to
(12:24 , 29.06.15 )
Israeli Navy preparing to take over Gaza-bound
Four boats carrying 47 pro-Palestinian activists will be welcomed with letter
(23:53 , 28.06.15 )
2 soldiers seriously injured in fire at air
Soldiers, who suffered burns to 70-80 percent of their bodies, fighting for
(22:38 , 28.06.15 )
Welfare minister wants NIS 3 billion budget
Haim Katz says current budget of NIS 5.5 billion is not enough to deal with the
(21:23 , 28.06.15 )
For the first time since 2011: Foreign Ministry
Dore Gold in Egypt to discuss 'how to push the peace process with the
(19:59 , 28.06.15 )
Iran talks to continue beyond June 30 deadline
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif returns to Tehran to consult with leadership over
(17:20 , 28.06.15 )
MK Ghattas to Netanyahu: Keep security forces
Arab MK warns PM, defense minister that the flotilla is quickly approaching and
(15:38 , 28.06.15 )
IDF: Golan sirens result of Syria battles
Alerts of possible incoming fire comes after sirens already sounded Sunday in
(15:22 , 28.06.15 )
Foreign Ministry workers protest poor wages
Union says workers in Israel and abroad will stop issuing passports after wage
(12:35 , 28.06.15 )
MDA Ambulance hit by gun fire in the West Bank
15 to 19 shots fired at a Magen David Adom ambulance near Beit El in the West
(12:05 , 28.06.15 )
Code red sirens heard in southern Israel
Sirens blare in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council in southern Israel; IDF: launched
(11:46 , 28.06.15 )
Parents, students protest crowded classrooms
81 towns have agreed to take part in general strike against classrooms that
(09:36 , 28.06.15 )
Strange summer weather hits Israeli coastline
Rain from Haifa to Ashdod, strong winds and a raging sea: inclement weather has
(09:19 , 28.06.15 )
Thousands protest natural gas deal
Crowd demonstrates in Tel Aviv against government's plan to let a
(23:35 , 27.06.15 )
Sky is the limit
Tamar Ariel was a combat-tested jet navigator who died in avalanche in Nepal;
(23:15 , 27.06.15 )
5.5 earthquake felt in Israel; no injuries
Earthquake felt at 6:34 PM; epicenter reportedly south of Israel; strong shaking
(21:18 , 27.06.15 )
Reports: PLO, Hamas begin talks on new
Rivaling factions said to be in talks, but reports say Hamas is placing
(19:51 , 27.06.15 )
Lapid: Flotilla actvisits are terror supporters
While the Gaza flotilla approaches Israel's shores, Lapid issues a fiery
(19:44 , 27.06.15 )
Lapid calls for transparent natural gas deal
Netanyahu says hundreds of millions shekels Israel will make in gas deal in
(16:25 , 27.06.15 )
Kerry, Zarif discuss Iran nuclear deal as
US secretary of state says he was 'hopeful' of a successful outcome to talks as
(15:25 , 27.06.15 )
Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of
Foreign Ministry says historic agreement is one-sided and fails to consider
(14:35 , 26.06.15 )
Palestinian shot dead after opening fire on
No soldiers wounded in attack at Bik'ot checkpoint in the West Bank.
(12:15 , 26.06.15 )
US report details alleged Israeli human rights
Claims of excessive force, killings, abuse, limitations on freedom and more
(10:03 , 26.06.15 )
Gaza-bound flotilla sets sail from Crete, with
Activists aboard the Marianne av Göteborg say it is carrying medical equipment
(08:58 , 26.06.15 )
Benzi Sau named as new police commissioner
Yohanan Danino set to be replaced on July 1 after Attorney General approves
(22:35 , 25.06.15 )
PA presents claims of Israeli crimes to ICC
Documents presented to chief prosecutor meant to convince ICC to investigate
(20:09 , 25.06.15 )
Massive US campaign underway to block Iran
The United Against Nuclear Iran group has launched a last-minute campaign,
(18:49 , 25.06.15 )
Gaza drone crashes in Israel
Suspected Hamas UAV causes IAF to scramble jets before crashing after 40 minutes
(17:16 , 25.06.15 )
US Secretary of State Kerry's Israeli connection
Kerry owns million-dollar stake in Noble Energy Corp., which is currently
(14:57 , 25.06.15 )
Study: Long road ahead for Ethiopian Israelis'
Research shows that Ethiopian Israelis have less education on average than other
(13:34 , 25.06.15 )
Islamic State attacks Syrian army and Kurds in
ISIS launches offensive in Raqqa province in hopes of recapturing lost ground
(10:31 , 25.06.15 ) 
US ex-officials, experts warn of weak Iran deal
Former Obama aides say agreement risks failure to secure safeguards and that it
(10:04 , 25.06.15 )
Palestinians to make first submission to
Palestinian Foreign Minister makes his way to Hague on Thursday to submit first
(09:11 , 25.06.15 )
Israel to Jordanian media: 'Stop praising
In response to Jordanian Ad- Dustour article praising 'heroic' attacks against
(23:31 , 24.06.15 )
Illegal Palestinians suspect in murder of
Farmer beat to death in his field near Rehovot; police search for two suspects
(23:15 , 24.06.15 )
Knesset rejects inquiry into Ethiopian's claims
Despite on-going protests by Ethiopian-Israelis, proposals by MKs Livni, Khenin
(20:12 , 24.06.15 )
Israelis who faked West Bank kidnap indicted
Niv Asraf faked his own kidnapping with the help of Eran Nagauker, causing the
(16:04 , 24.06.15 )
Deputy interior minister to Arab MK: Israel is
Furor erupts in the Knesset following controversial remarks, leading to back and
(15:29 , 24.06.15 )
Hezbollah officials slam Nasrallah for hand outs
Leader of Lebanese terror organization is receiving flack from inside Hezbollah
(14:13 , 24.06.15 )
Nine Druze arrested over attacks on wounded
Police raids Druze villages in Galilee, Golan overnight in search for
(13:07 , 24.06.15 )
West reportedly offering nuclear help to Iran
With deadline looming, the Associated Press reports that the US and its
(12:41 , 24.06.15 )
Investigation finds IDF troops tried to protect
Army investigators looking into the possibility a soldier may have provided
(12:35 , 24.06.15 )

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