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Gov't approves changes to burden equality law
One of the central issues from the previous government has finally concluded,
(13:09 , 24.11.15 )
Terrorist wounds four, including Lt. Col.
Border Police, IDF soldiers wounded; Palestinian assailant shot by security
(08:32 , 24.11.15 )
IAF jets strike in Gaza
Israeli strikes target Hamas affiliated positions in the central Gaza Strip in
(00:24 , 24.11.15 )
Kerry: 'No mood for concessions' in Israel, West
US secretary of state lays out goals for Israel visit to 'calm things down a
(23:26 , 23.11.15 )
NFL to offer moment of silence for West Bank
Ezra Schwartz, who was killed in a shooting attack in the West Bank, will be
(21:33 , 23.11.15 ) 
'They've taken Ziv from me'
18-year-old soldier Ziv Mizrahi, killed in stabbing attack, becomes second
(21:14 , 23.11.15 )
Soldier murdered in route 443 attack
Israeli soldier murdered in attack on Route 443; Palestinians, 14 and 16,
(19:39 , 23.11.15 ) 
Anti-Israel UN resolutions expected to pass
Vote ahead of Partition Plan anniversary to deal with condemnations of Israel
(13:51 , 23.11.15 )
Belgium police arrest 16, Paris fugitive still
Amid an ongoing maximum threat alert level, reports emerge of an imminent threat
(10:27 , 23.11.15 )
'A sympathetic ear to whoever needed it'
Hadar Buchris, a 21-year-old from Safed who was murdered in a terror attack at
(23:22 , 22.11.15 )
New Palestinian propaganda video: 'Death to the
Video shows armed masked Palestinians executing an actor portraying a Jewish
(23:12 , 22.11.15 ) 
Young Israeli woman murdered in Gush Etzion
Earlier, Palestinian taxi driver tries to stab Israeli after failing to run over
(17:43 , 22.11.15 ) 
German department store removes Israeli
Due to confusion over EU labeling guidelines, prestigious department store
(16:13 , 22.11.15 )
Bedouin near-lynching victim is not angry at his
Several Israelis at the scene of the stabbing attack in Kiryat Gat on Saturday
(12:49 , 22.11.15 )
4 hurt in Kiryat Gat stabbing attack, terrorist
Police catch 18-year-old attacker on the run with blood-stained knife; Bedouin
(23:57 , 21.11.15 ) 
American attack victim remembered at airport
18-year-old Ezra Schwartz honored in emotional ceremony as his body flies to
(23:42 , 21.11.15 ) 
Brussels on max alert due to 'immediate threat'
Belgian capital on high alert due to "serious and imminent" threat of
(17:09 , 21.11.15 ) 
Israeli killed in terror attack on hotel in
Samuel Benalal, 58, from Tzuh Hadassah was killed, another Israeli rescued after
(14:29 , 21.11.15 )
Troops foil stabbing attack at Cave of the
Palestinian woman walking towards checkpoint ignored security forces'
(13:32 , 21.11.15 )
Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660kg
Institute For Science and International Security report claims Israel has 'wide
(11:27 , 21.11.15 )
IDF shuts down second Hebron radio station,
Al Khalil radio station raided overnight and shuttered for six months after
(09:59 , 21.11.15 ) 
Islamist militants kill 19 in attack on hotel in
Gunmen storm Radisson Blu hotel in Mali capital of Bamako; Malian special forces
(08:42 , 21.11.15 )
Pollard lawyers appeal 'illegal' terms of
Former spy's attorneys went to work soon after his release, filing an appeal
(08:25 , 21.11.15 ) 
Russia claims 600 rebels killed in strike
Watch: The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video of what it says is a
(17:56 , 20.11.15 ) 
Funeral held for man killed in Gush Etzion
Thousands turned out for the funeral of Yaakov Don, one of five people killed in
(17:10 , 20.11.15 )
Palestinian movement restricted in Gush Etzion
Security officials decide on multiple steps to counter violence in West Bank
(11:55 , 20.11.15 )
Israeli arrested in Georgia with illegal
The Israeli, who was arrested over two weeks ago, has a prescription for the
(10:54 , 20.11.15 )
Five civilians murdered in day of terror
After a relative lull in attacks, terror returned to the streets of Israel and
(23:47 , 19.11.15 ) 
Charity boxes stolen from West Bank synagogues
Police arrest suspects in theft of donations; suspect turns in partner, who
(23:35 , 19.11.15 )
Jonathan Pollard to leave jail on Friday
Israeli spy ends 30-year imprisonment, will have to live in New York for 5 years
(23:11 , 19.11.15 )
US volunteer, father, Palestinian are victims of
18-year-old was in Israel on a program for young people and was distributing
(22:30 , 19.11.15 )
IAEA: Iran increased stock of uranium
Iran's stockpile of of low-enriched uranium has spiked in the last three months;
(19:03 , 19.11.15 )
Report: Netanyahu asking US to release Pollard
PM lobbying Washington to allow convicted spy to return after 3 decades of
(18:26 , 19.11.15 )
Terrorist kills three, wounds several in Gush
Shooting attack at two scenes in the West Bank comes two hours after deadly Tel
(17:38 , 19.11.15 ) 
Paris attacks mastermind confirmed killed
Abdelhamid Abaaoud, chief suspect of planning Friday's coordinated attacks,
(17:31 , 19.11.15 ) 
2 murdered in Tel Aviv stabbing attack
Third victim moderately wounded by Palestinian in southern Tel Aviv stabbing
(16:12 , 19.11.15 )
Legal bodies: New recruitment law will bring
Legal advisor to the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, Attorney Miri
(13:27 , 19.11.15 )
'Sweden a big supporter of Israel'
WATCH: Dr. Björn Brenner from the Swedish Defense University speaks to Ynetnews
(10:29 , 19.11.15 ) 
Court: Transgender woman can be cremated
May Peleg left behind a will with instructions that she be cremated, but her
(00:08 , 19.11.15 )
German intelligence: We need to deal with terror
'We can't surrender to terrorism,' says head of Germany's internal intelligence
(23:55 , 18.11.15 )
Policeman gets community service for beating Abu
Border Policeman convicted of assault and battery of American-Palestinian
(23:40 , 18.11.15 ) 
Jerusalem's Mabat 2000: Catching terrorists in
Meet the Jerusalem Police's surveillance unit, which has been instrumental in
(22:56 , 18.11.15 )
Knesset begins voting on new state budget
Knesset expected to vote on hundreds of clauses in 2015-2016 budget; technical
(21:18 , 18.11.15 )
War against EU settlement products labeling
A week after European Union’s decision to label goods produced in the
(20:43 , 18.11.15 )
Netanyahu: In Europe, they blame Israel for
Speaking at a ceremony marking Israel's first prime minister's birthday, the
(18:48 , 18.11.15 )
Islamic State claims photo shows bomb that
New issue of group's magazine purports to show improvised device and passports
(17:23 , 18.11.15 )
Israeli Arabs planned to join ISIS
Ring of 7 Islamic State supporters busted by Shin bet in Jaljulia after one flew
(13:07 , 18.11.15 )
PM approves marketing housing units beyond Green
Building of homes in Ramat Shlomo had been frozen, but Jerusalem municipality
(10:50 , 18.11.15 )
IDF reservists have not received money owed to
Following the operation in Gaza last summer, NIS 30 million were allocated for
(23:41 , 17.11.15 )
Ninth suspect sought for Paris attacks
Video footage shows previously unknown terrorist, meaning tthere are two
(23:02 , 17.11.15 )
Stadium evacuated over bomb threat
Germany-Netherlands soccer match in Hanover canceled after suspicious package
(22:57 , 17.11.15 ) 
IDF troops come under fire near Ramallah
No Israelis wounded when three terrorists open fire next to Turmus Ayya in the
(19:10 , 17.11.15 )
Palestinian landowners accept demolition plan
Supreme Court approves two-day extension in execution of demolition plan; gov't
(18:38 , 17.11.15 )
Israel bans northern branch of Islamic Movement
Decision takes effect immediately, meaning whoever works on behalf of movement
(18:34 , 17.11.15 )
WATCH: Undercover Border Police arrest stone
Jenin governor tells Ynet that Palestinian security forces thwarted 3 stabbing
(18:16 , 17.11.15 ) 
False alarm causes Iron Dome to fire interceptor
Code Red siren sounded at Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council due to gunfire inside
(15:05 , 17.11.15 )
UN raises alarm over possible ‘summary
UN experts warn that Israeli security forces may have used excessive force
(14:07 , 17.11.15 )
Soldiers rebel against Givat Ze'ev synagogue
A new Facebook page is inviting soldiers to submit photos of themselves with
(23:11 , 16.11.15 )
Playstation console could help terrorists
Belgium's interior minister says gaming system is increasingly popular among
(23:06 , 16.11.15 )
Smuggling of rocket fuel to Gaza foiled
Security guards at a West Bank crossing discovered a chemical used to produce
(21:36 , 16.11.15 )
'France is at war': Hollande urges US-Russian
French president seeks to extend state of emergency for three months, plans to
(20:47 , 16.11.15 )
Sweden connects Paris massacre with 'Palestinian
Swedish כoreign minister, who has previously clashed with Israel, caused outrage
(18:10 , 16.11.15 )
Anonymous declares war on Islamic State after
The hacker group has sworn to embark on a massive operation against Islamic
(17:36 , 16.11.15 )
'Palestinian viper' found in supermarket lettuce
Israeli woman shopping for groceries discovers shocking surprise when she
(11:28 , 16.11.15 )
IDF troops kill 2 gunmen in West Bank raid
Troops enter Qalandiya refugee camp over night to demolish home of convicted
(10:10 , 16.11.15 ) 
Red Crescent ambulance leaves wounded at scene
Family members in the car which was attacked and claimed the lives of Yaakov
(23:17 , 15.11.15 )
Under threat: Bataclan theater terrorized for
Paris's Bataclan, which until recently was under Jewish ownership, was target
(21:27 , 15.11.15 )
Manhunt for suspected Paris attacker
Security forces searching for 'dangerous' suspect on the run; details and names
(19:55 , 15.11.15 )
Terrorist suspected of killing 2 Israelis
Rabbi Yaakov Litman and son Netanel, who were murdered in a terror attack on
(15:57 , 15.11.15 ) 
Another Israeli attacked after being mistaken
Taxi passengers set upon a security guard from Kiryat Ata, who served in the
(14:08 , 15.11.15 )
Thousands across Israel demonstrate against
Protests took place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Be'er Sheva, Zichron Ya'akov,
(13:30 , 15.11.15 )
Spain could detain Netanyahu over Marmara raid
Spanish judge finds legal loophole that allows to hold PM and six other Israeli
(12:39 , 15.11.15 )
Incoming police chief breaks leg, swearing-in
Roni Alsheikh tripped going down the stairs at his home; taken to Sheba Medical
(11:39 , 15.11.15 )
Ya'alon: Europe must increase anti-terror laws
In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 129 people, Israel's
(10:16 , 15.11.15 )
4 Israelis wounded in West Bank vehicular attack
Police initially report a car accident but finally rule it as an attack due to
(23:21 , 14.11.15 )
'Nothing to justify terror'
Netanyahu offers aid to France after bloody attack in Paris; landmark buildings
(22:06 , 14.11.15 ) 
Syria gov't, opposition to meet by year's end
Agreement reached in Vienna talks to attempt creation of transitional government
(21:25 , 14.11.15 )
Islamic State suffers Middle East setbacks
Even as over 100 were killed in Paris attacks planned by Islamic State, the
(19:23 , 14.11.15 )
Four terrorists' homes destroyed overnight
The demolitions were carried out without special incidents , after the High
(14:43 , 14.11.15 )
ISIS claims responsibility for Paris attacks
Islamic state organization says it sent eight suicide bombers to carefully
(13:28 , 14.11.15 )
'I just want to go home to Israel'
Jews living in Paris describe the difficult feelings and emotions they
(11:26 , 14.11.15 ) 
World leaders react to Paris attacks
The world is reacting to the deadliest attack to hit the French capital since
(08:30 , 14.11.15 ) 
Father and son murdered in West Bank terror
Gunfire sprayed at Israeli family's vehicle south of Mount Hebron; police
(22:56 , 13.11.15 )
3 decades in, Sinai's peacekeepers are under
In northeastern areas of Sinai once strictly demilitarised, Egypt, with Israel's
(18:21 , 13.11.15 )
Indictments expected in lynching case
State attorney summons suspects, including security guards and an IDF soldier,
(16:47 , 13.11.15 )
Conscript soldiers to receive pay raise
Finance Minister Kahlon announces that conscripts will get a 50% pay boost
(12:27 , 13.11.15 )
Report: Jihadi John killed by US airstrike
Notorious Islamic State British beheader Mohammed Emwazi was targeted in his
(07:49 , 13.11.15 ) 
Shaked calls for fines on parents of underaged
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked set to publish legal memo to levy steep fines
(22:46 , 12.11.15 )
Knesset approves raises for MKs, but not for
Members of Knesset to receive NIS 700-1,500 raise starting January 1, bringing
(21:53 , 12.11.15 )
Culture minister in secret tape: Attorney
Miri Regev heard disparaging Yehuda Weinstein in leaked tape following his
(20:48 , 12.11.15 )
Supreme Court approves demolition of 5
5 petitions against home destruction rejected, 1 accepted in case of perpetrator
(19:24 , 12.11.15 )
Watch: Rivlin vs. London mayor in friendly
President hosts London Mayor Boris Johnson at event run by The Equalizer
(18:00 , 12.11.15 ) 
Rivlin cancels visit to EU parliament following
Uri Ariel trades European-made vehicle with Japanese car, while Israel suspends
(16:37 , 12.11.15 ) 
WATCH: IDF tests new precision artillery shell
New 'smart' projectile can penetrate concrete walls and could be used to take
(16:21 , 12.11.15 ) 
Government set to approve final wave of
Some 9,000 Ethiopians, many with relatives already in Israel, have been waiting
(15:15 , 12.11.15 )

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