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Egged strike leaves large parts of Israel
Passengers stranded in multiple cities and towns after Egged staff impose
(10:14 , 02.03.15 )
Netanyahu lands in US ahead of Congress speech
Netanyahu set to address AIPAC and then Congress on following day, as political
(01:12 , 02.03.15 )
Head of Hamas' military wing makes rare
Marwan Issa, head of Hamas' military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades,
(23:39 , 01.03.15 )
Senior security officials say Netanyahu's US
Over 180 former officials from Israel's security establishment have called on
(21:49 , 01.03.15 )
IDF holds surprise training drill in West Bank
IDF calls 13,000 reservists, sending 3,000 to surprise training mission in West
(20:22 , 01.03.15 )
After Egypt calls Hamas 'terrorist' group, Gaza
Though some in Gaza are angry at Egypt for officially labeling Hamas as a terror
(20:03 , 01.03.15 )
Top Jewish Senator Feinstein: Netanyahu's claim
As Netanyahu makes way to US to address Congress on Iranian deal, leading Jewish
(19:12 , 01.03.15 )
Protests tents return to Rothschild Blvd in wake
Over 200 people arrive at Tel Aviv's iconic avenue for event titled 'I'm 40 and
(18:28 , 01.03.15 )
Palestinian city plan to move forward after
State-of-the-art Palestinian city's development stuck amid conflict over
(17:41 , 01.03.15 )
Kerry: Netanyahu welcome to speak, but US
NYT says Kerry spoke to Netanyahu on developments in Iranian talks before
(16:40 , 01.03.15 )
Palestinian activist: Boycott of Israeli
The campaign to end entry of Israeli goods into West Bank announced last month
(15:27 , 01.03.15 )
Netanyahu leaves for Congress speech, 'on a
Amid controversy over address slamming Iran nuclear deal, PM declares himself
(12:58 , 01.03.15 )
Beitar Jerusalem owner Eli Tabib shot outside
Tabib, who was previously the owner of Tel Aviv's Hapoel FC, was slated to be
(09:57 , 01.03.15 )
White House: Obama will veto bill letting
Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act would Congress to receive text of any final
(09:05 , 01.03.15 )
Anti-Israel divestment push gains traction at US
On campuses across America, pro-Palestinian activists have found success in
(08:38 , 01.03.15 )
German police increase security of Jewish
Police in Germany's Bremen heighten security citing possible Islamist threat,
(23:49 , 28.02.15 )
Argentine judge says no evidence government
In interview, Judge Daniel Rafecas says evidence suggests the government
(23:33 , 28.02.15 )
Man claims he was attacked by Arabs near Chabad
Kfar Saba resident assaulted after making remarks to passengers in car; police
(23:29 , 28.02.15 )
Netanyahu visits Western Wall ahead of US
'I respect the US president (but) as prime minister it is my responsibility to
(20:32 , 28.02.15 )
Amid political tensions, Israel reportedly
Israeli officials said lobbying congress for over $300m for missile defense
(19:01 , 28.02.15 )
Youths suspected of throwing stones, robbing
12-year-old and 14-year old arrested on suspicion of robbing, severely wounding
(18:40 , 28.02.15 )
Iran's Zarif criticizes Netanyahu's
Iranian FM claims Netanyahu employing 'falsification, propaganda' in attempt to
(17:21 , 28.02.15 )
Egypt court deems Hamas a 'terrorist
Hamas source says it will no longer accept Egypt as a broker between
(14:52 , 28.02.15 )
Protest erupts as Herzog and Livni visit Arab
Zionist Union politicians visit majority Arab-populated area of Wadi Ara in
(13:55 , 28.02.15 )
Challenging journey of integration for
Cultural differences, language barrier, relative older age of Ethiopians who
(11:12 , 28.02.15 )
Iran nuclear talks advancing, no deal likely
Negotiations on an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program have advanced
(08:43 , 28.02.15 )
'Netanyahu has caused Israel the most strategic
In exclusive interview, ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan says he agrees with prime
(23:47 , 27.02.15 )
With closed borders, Gazans unable to make
Thousands of Gazans hoping to go to Mecca turned away because Egyptian border
(23:47 , 27.02.15 )
Ex-housekeeper at PM's residence reports house
Meni Naftali, who recently gave lengthy testimony to police about alleged
(23:47 , 27.02.15 )
Summer warmth surprises Israel
A week after a winter storm hit the country and brought rare snow to the south,
(21:04 , 27.02.15 )
Criminal sanctions for haredi draft dodgers
PM says in interview on haredi radio that decision not to include haredi
(17:40 , 27.02.15 )
In memory of Daniel: Gantz, children sport
Dozens of children dress up as superheroes in annual Anemones Race to pay
(14:23 , 27.02.15 )
Police data shows spike in number of attempted
New data published by police shows rise in criminal activity at Israeli
(11:57 , 27.02.15 ) 
Pioneering former MK dies at 61
First female Christian Arab parliamentarian, known for her long-life commitment
(11:27 , 27.02.15 )
Tel Aviv Marathon halted due to heat
Two men participating in annual run lose consciousness due to heat stroke, both
(10:46 , 27.02.15 )
IAF suspended training flights after series of
Four incidents in span of a week lead air force chief to halt simulations; three
(09:38 , 27.02.15 )
Annual Tel Aviv marathon to sweep the city
More than 40,000 runners from all over the world set to participate in 42.195 km
(23:51 , 26.02.15 )
AG: Criminal probe into Netanyahu only after
Attorney General says police anti-fraud unit to investigate alleged financial
(22:39 , 26.02.15 )
Banksy highlights Gaza plight with mock tourism
British artist sneaked into Strip via a tunnel to film devastation after summer
(21:34 , 26.02.15 )
Jordan, Israel sign deal to help save Dead Sea
Two Seas Canal will help rehabilitate Dead Sea by pumping water from Red Sea,
(21:14 , 26.02.15 )
Swastika display outside California home has
Northern California resident has poster-size Israeli flags with swastikas
(19:32 , 26.02.15 )
Boehner defends Netanyahu speech as White House
Head of Republicans rejected claims that Netanyahu's speech will be destructive
(19:30 , 26.02.15 )
Argentine judge reportedly dismisses case
Judge clears President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner of covering up alleged
(18:17 , 26.02.15 )
Despite calls for boycott, Tel Aviv University
Association of Young Legal Historians defies calls for academic boycott that
(17:11 , 26.02.15 )
Top labor union announces labor dispute,
Labor dispute in effect in Israel's south, Histadrut Labor Union says amid fight
(17:10 , 26.02.15 )
Herzog: PM's Congress speech will cause
Zionist Union leader condemns Netanyahu's decision not to meet with Senate
(16:02 , 26.02.15 )
Mixed report for Israel's missile defense system
While the work on the Arrow has been marred by failed tests and delays, the
(12:00 , 26.02.15 )
IAF jet training halted after safety incidents
Series of alarming close calls, one of which resulted in five-day detention for
(10:54 , 26.02.15 )
Christian seminary set alight in suspected hate
Toilet and shower room in Greek Orthodox institution in Jerusalem set on fire,
(10:53 , 26.02.15 )
South African intelligence: Mossad tried to dry
Another batch of leaks by al-Jazeera and the Guardian cites report that Israel
(09:58 , 26.02.15 )
Weinstein to decide on criminal probe of
After Police chief finds grounds to open police examination into prime
(09:32 , 26.02.15 )
Palestinian activists enforce Israel boycott:
Heads of Palestinian campaign to boycott Israeli made products in the West Bank
(00:59 , 26.02.15 )
IDF: Hamas foiling direct trade with Gaza
Top Israeli official responsible for coordination with PA tells Palestinian
(00:59 , 26.02.15 )
Volunteer unit trains for river rescue
WATCH: Members of the Golan Rescue Unit in northern Israel undergo training in
(00:13 , 26.02.15 ) 
Blame game begins after housing crisis report
Competing factions grill each other after state comptroller releases report
(21:38 , 25.02.15 )
White House: Partisanship 'destructive' to
Obama administration clarifies comments after national security adviser
(21:03 , 25.02.15 )
PM: World powers 'have given up' in Iran nuke
Netanyahu slams US-led nuclear negotiations with Tehran, a week before a
(20:12 , 25.02.15 )
State Comptroller: Housing crisis spiraled and
Far-reaching report by State Comptroller Yosef Shapira lambastes government
(17:59 , 25.02.15 )
Report: Arab ambassadors reject Netanyahu
The Atlantic's Jeffery Goldberg reports Israeli ambassador to DC worked
(14:44 , 25.02.15 )
The East Jerusalem powder keg
Despite reports of a significant reduction in violence around Jerusalem, a tour
(12:32 , 25.02.15 ) 
Leaked 'spy cables' show Mossad tactics
Purported secret documents leaked to Al Jazeera reveal that South African
(10:49 , 25.02.15 )
West Bank mosque torched in suspected
Star of David, biblical phrases scrawled on wall of West Bank mosque set ablaze
(09:25 , 25.02.15 )
Netanyahu snubs Dems as Rice warns US speech
Netanyahu declines US Democrats' invitation for meet during controversial US
(08:34 , 25.02.15 )
Forced from Damascus, Hamas establishing itself
Islamist group sets up 'West Bank and Jerusalem Headquarters' in Istanbul,
(00:47 , 25.02.15 )
Tensions rise in political arena ahead of
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party goes head to head with Yair
(00:32 , 25.02.15 )
Woman at center of flight fight: I only wanted
Sarit, who was caught on video hurling abuse at crew during Israir flight to
(00:15 , 25.02.15 ) 
GOC Southern Command honors 20 IDF soldiers
Maj. Gen. Turgeman awards citations to 18 soldiers for acts of valor and bravery
(00:14 , 25.02.15 )
Kerry insinuates Netanyahu does not know Iran
Secretary of State John Kerry defends Obama administration's nuclear
(20:15 , 24.02.15 )
Months later, Israel admits to failure of Arrow
Advanced anti-ballistic missile system failed to intercept its target in
(20:02 , 24.02.15 )
Herzog cancels AIPAC speech, takes aim at
Zionist Union leader says he won't travel to DC to address conference, while
(16:01 , 24.02.15 )
Netanyahus billed state for repairs to private
Channel 2's 'Fact' program says private contractor was paid up to NIS 52,000 for
(15:30 , 24.02.15 )
Housing Ministry plan: One fifth of new homes to
Bayit Yehudi Housing Minister Uri Ariel is holding treasury hostage with his
(14:53 , 24.02.15 )
Netanyahu did not consult national security
Like Obama, Mossad veteran Yossi Cohen was in the dark about Boehner's
(08:17 , 24.02.15 )
Palestinian killed during clashes with IDF
IDF troops open fire at 19-year-old in refugee camp near Bethlehem after failing
(08:17 , 24.02.15 )
US jury awards Israel attack victims over $218m
More than a decade after Sokolow family wounded in Jerusalem bombing,
(00:23 , 24.02.15 )
Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nukes,
Leaked cable reveals that Israeli intelligence thought Iran was much further
(23:23 , 23.02.15 )
Arab Israelis volunteering for Israel’s national
Despite negative stigma among Israeli Arabs, some youths from the sector decide
(23:17 , 23.02.15 )
US, Iran formulating two-phase nuclear deal
After three days of negotiations in Geneva, US official says sides to continue
(22:55 , 23.02.15 )
Israeli electric company cuts power to West Bank
State-owned utility temporarily halts electricity supply to Nablus and Jenin to
(18:30 , 23.02.15 )
South sees protests, strikes in wake of mass
Demonstrations gather momentum after Bromine Compounds factory announces wave of
(16:23 , 23.02.15 )
Israel breaks up Hamas terror cell in West Bank
11-strong cell in Hebron had planned to carry out range of attacks against
(13:46 , 23.02.15 )
US, Iran resume top-level nuclear talks as
Negotiations between Kerry and Zarif restarted in Geneva on Monday, as both
(12:16 , 23.02.15 )
Russia ups ante in missile sale to Iran, reports
Moscow dropped sale of S-300 missiles following US, Israel pressure, but now
(11:51 , 23.02.15 )
Victim pays tribute to Jerusalem mayor who
Stabbing victim Abraham Goldschmidt thanks Nir Barkat for helping subdue
(11:14 , 23.02.15 )
PMO 'money man' was banned from financial
Civil Service Commission ruled that PMO deputy director general Ezra Seidoff
(10:40 , 23.02.15 )
Crew, disruptive passenger exchange accusations
After video of verbal altercation on Israir flight spreads throughout the
(23:50 , 22.02.15 ) 
Europe cracks down on would-be Islamic State
Islamic State downplays impact of measures, says it is attracting more Asian
(23:34 , 22.02.15 )
Palestinians threaten to end security ties with
'We have told the international community that the PA will not be able to
(22:48 , 22.02.15 )
Jerusalem mayor, bodyguards subdue Jerusalem
Jerusalem terror attack ends with one moderately lightly wounded thanks to quick
(18:18 , 22.02.15 ) 
Suspected terror attack in Jerusalem after
Ultra-Orthodox man stabbed in central Jerusalem, suffers moderate wounds;
(17:47 , 22.02.15 ) 
Israel to purchase 14 more F-35 fighter jet amid
With political tensions between the US and Israel at record high, Israel
(17:22 , 22.02.15 )
PM slams ongoing Iran nuclear talks after
UN report says Tehran was continuing to withhold full cooperation regarding
(13:26 , 22.02.15 )
86% of Israeli Arabs oppose Islamic State
Poll examining Jewish-Arab relations in Israel finds 54% of Jews are afraid to
(12:58 , 22.02.15 )
The ugliest kind of Israeli: Passengers hurl
Heated argument over tax-free chocolate breaks out on Israir flight to Varna;
(11:15 , 22.02.15 ) 
Top British think tank's Mideast chief meets
Dr. Claire Spencer, head of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Chatham
(10:12 , 22.02.15 )
Netanyahu attorney refutes Comptroller's report
Prime minister's lawyer says Sara Netanyahu was entitled to bottle deposits
(23:35 , 21.02.15 )
US fears Palestinian Authority collapse without
Kerry tells British FM there's real possibility of PA halting security
(22:12 , 21.02.15 )
Soldiers slept on floor without heat during
60 new recruits were crammed into a room with thin mattresses in freezing cold
(19:41 , 21.02.15 )
Herzog slams Likud efforts to stop release of
After Likud demanded State Comptroller to push release of his report on housing
(18:33 , 21.02.15 )
Video: IAF helicopter helps rescue civilians
Police rescue unit's divers and IAF join forces to help extract two civilians in
(17:45 , 21.02.15 ) 

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