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IAF F-16 crash investigation: "Crew acted
The initial results of a report compiled by military investigators reveal that
(10:25 , 22.10.16 )
US internet repeatedly disrupted by cyberattacks
Two cyberattacks on a key internet firm repeatedly disrupted the availability of
(23:11 , 21.10.16 )
Tattoos over terror: victims of attacks receive
Tattoo artists from the US and Israel gather at the Israel Museum to offer
(21:19 , 21.10.16 ) 
Jerusalem March attracts tens of thousands
With Israeli flags waving high, an electric enthusiasm permeates Jerusalem’s
(14:05 , 21.10.16 ) 
IDF soldiers filmed beating terror suspect
Soldiers arrived at the home of a terror suspect who planned to carry out
(12:31 , 21.10.16 ) 
Dozens of Haredim attack police in Jerusalem
Overnight Thursday, dozens of ultra-Orthodox in the capital attack a police
(12:05 , 21.10.16 )
WikiLeaks reveals US Democrats’ disdain for
Website exposes for the 13th time email correspondence from the US Democratic
(11:08 , 21.10.16 )
Protestors in Amona: They’ll need to drag us
Thousands take part in a protest rally against the evacuation of the West Bank
(23:23 , 20.10.16 )
Haifa Bay once again highly polluted by smoke
In repeated instance of oversight, the torch sitting atop Oil Refineries LTD.
(19:43 , 20.10.16 ) 
Palestinian throws rocks at IDF jeep, killed
After being hit by rock throwers, IDF soldiers commenced with the rules of
(18:28 , 20.10.16 )
Terrorist who stabbed female police officer:
Ayman Kurd is indicted for attack on two police officers near the Damascus Gate
(17:13 , 20.10.16 ) 
Lethal terror attacks in Be'er Sheva thwarted
Four-man terror cell planned to hurl grenades at dancers at a celebration in an
(16:12 , 20.10.16 )
Bennett: Politicians shouldn't pass the buck to
In an interview with Ynet, the education minister responded negatively to
(14:49 , 20.10.16 )
Italian newspaper rejects UNESCO decision
The Italian newspaper Il Foglio uses centerfold to condemn UNESCO’s Jerusalem
(13:31 , 20.10.16 )
Netanyahu worries of possible US anti-settlement
Warning comes amid fears that Obama—a consistent critic of Israel's West Bank
(13:30 , 20.10.16 )
Israeli family who joined ISIS returns from
Wissam and Sabrin Zbeidat of Sakhnin took their three young children and joined
(13:28 , 20.10.16 )
WATCH: Female terrorist shot by security forces
The day after a knife-wielding terrorist attempted to attack a group of Border
(10:36 , 20.10.16 ) 
US again expresses support for Israeli far-left
The United States again expressed its support of Israeli far-left NGOs B'tselem
(23:54 , 19.10.16 ) 
Thousands of women rally for Israel-Palestinian
Organization Women Wage Peace stage rally outside the President's Residence in
(23:03 , 19.10.16 )
Gigantic turnout at the Kotel provides 'answer
Jewish worshippers’ flocking to the Western Wall for Chol Hamoed in anticipation
(22:05 , 19.10.16 ) 
Bennett orders hearing of East Jerusalem
Education Minister Naftali Bennett orders hearing of a principal in an East
(19:54 , 19.10.16 )
Israeli mountain climber dies in India
While hiking along the Ganges River, Israeli mountain climber Ariel Freeman, 50,
(19:20 , 19.10.16 )
Watch: IDF returns fire against shooting
IDF releases video footage capturing Yom Kippur incident in which five
(18:47 , 19.10.16 ) 
Women in Elad removed from publicly funded event
After the women entered the event, a commotion erupted until they were told to
(17:29 , 19.10.16 )
Turk arrested for security-related offenses
Orhan Buyruk, a 32-year-old Muslim, came to Israel to pray in Jerusalem; the
(16:51 , 19.10.16 )
Comptroller fines parties for active funding,
Among other conclusions, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira fined Bayit Yehudi,
(14:52 , 19.10.16 )
Committee finds IDF was unprepared during
Initial conclusions by a military committee led by Maj. Gen. Yossi Bachar finds
(12:02 , 19.10.16 )
Criticized judge refuses to step down in ISIS
Hagit Mak-Kalmanovitch, who approved the postponed imprisonment the
(10:33 , 19.10.16 )
Israeli raid victims fear Turkish court to halt
Activists who were present on the Mavi Marmara flotilla in 2010, express their
(22:19 , 18.10.16 )
200 women demand peace agreement on Israel's
A protest, led by the Women Wage Peace organization, included Liberian Peace
(20:55 , 18.10.16 ) 
A new world order: Dizengoff Sq. to be brought
In preparation for the demolition, Tel Aviv residents are dreading the noise
(19:23 , 18.10.16 )
German birthrate hits 33-year high, boosted by
Because of the influx of migrants into Germany over the past year, the country
(19:04 , 18.10.16 )
Israel refuses to allow arch-terrorist to be
The remains of one of the most notorious Palestinian terrorist were refused
(17:47 , 18.10.16 )
Kidnap victim reunites with woman who saved her
During an attempted kidnapping 16 years ago, Nicole Hodovsky was saved thanks to
(17:08 , 18.10.16 )
Three lightly wounded from rock-throwing in
Two Israelis sustain light injuries after rocks hurled at their vehicle in the
(15:33 , 18.10.16 )
UNESCO officially adopts controversial Jerusalem
Following the holding of a new vote on a draft resolution that failed to
(14:02 , 18.10.16 )
Israel to assist Egypt's fragile economy
After years of political turmoil, economic frustration is putting pressure on
(13:14 , 18.10.16 )
US State Department 'grateful' to B'tselem
Following a severe condemnation by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against
(11:16 , 18.10.16 )
UNESCO to hold new vote on Temple Mount
Discussions on controversial resolution that failed to explicitly acknowledge a
(09:15 , 18.10.16 )
Altalena memorial to be redesigned and reopened
The new model, which will be unveiled on October 27th in a government ceremony,
(23:11 , 17.10.16 )
Israelis enjoy another holiday in nature
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis spent the first day of the weeklong Sukkot
(18:23 , 17.10.16 )
Police investigating Government Companies
Alleged problematic actions by GCA director Uri Yogev have moved from the
(14:29 , 17.10.16 )
Coach of soccer team honoring terrorist arrested
Maher Abu Sanina, the coach of Hilal Al-Quds, was arrested Sunday for incitement
(22:23 , 16.10.16 )
Occupational hazard: Bomb kills underworld
Following an initial investigation into an afternoon car bombing, police are
(20:01 , 16.10.16 )
Former Shas leader's new party to hold elections
For the first time, the representatives of an ultra-Orthodox party—Eli Yishai's
(19:15 , 16.10.16 )
Posters of late terror victim used to decorate
Artist Na'ama Henkin, who was murdered with her husband in an October 2015
(18:02 , 16.10.16 )
UN chief rejects UNESCO resolution on Temple
'Al-Haram al-Sharif, the sacred shrine of Muslims, is also the Har HaBayit—or
(15:28 , 16.10.16 )
Teachers protest over 'systematic' pay
Some 16,000 teachers had hundreds—and at times thousands—of shekels docked from
(14:58 , 16.10.16 )
Terrorist's daughter released from custody
The daughter of Masbah Abu Sabih, who perpetrated the shooting attack at
(13:29 , 16.10.16 )
Mossad listened in on Arab states' preparations
King Hassan II of Morocco, who didn't trust his guests from the Arab League,
(23:23 , 15.10.16 )
Unusually high levels of pollution in Haifa Bay
Irregular meteorological conditions cause rise in pollution levels; Ministry of
(22:51 , 15.10.16 )
Meet Israel's guardians of the special forces
They fly from Sde Dov airport all over the world, providing a constant line of
(22:43 , 15.10.16 ) 
Posters in Mea Shearim ask women to avoid main
After the High Court of Justice banned the use of partitions on public streets
(21:36 , 15.10.16 )
Introducing Tzur: The IDF's new drone
The new Israeli UAV will be capable of carrying supplies and special
(19:16 , 15.10.16 )
Monumental mason's malevolent message
A Lod tombstone is engraved with a large message declaring that the family had
(15:44 , 15.10.16 )
UNESCO director general to Livni: We'll fight
Irina Bokova, responding to a letter from the former Israeli foreign minister,
(14:07 , 15.10.16 )
Good fences make good security conditions
The security barrier has plenty of gaps, but Col. Hezi Nechama of the Menashe
(12:55 , 15.10.16 ) 
Border Police officer stabbed outside of
The officer was taking part in operations with his unit alongside the Har Adar
(09:53 , 15.10.16 )
B'Tselem goes to UN, demands end to 'occupation'
Head of the far left Israeli NGO B'Tselem Hagi El-Ad spoke at the UN Security
(21:06 , 14.10.16 )
Major hazing and violence found within IDF
An IDF Ombudsman report finds a sharp rise in verbal and physical violence of
(17:24 , 14.10.16 )
Report lists Israel as 17th best country to be a
The report, published on International Girl's Day, ranks 144 countries according
(16:32 , 14.10.16 )
Israel suspends cooperation with UNESCO over
UNESCO's director general, Irina Bokova, spoke out harshly against the draft
(15:53 , 14.10.16 )
Recently released IDF soldiers combine volunteer
Fighters for life is a non-profit organization whose volunteers who are
(14:07 , 14.10.16 ) 
In pictures: Duvdevan presented Chief of Staff
During the course of the latest terror wave, the elite unit has detained
(11:34 , 14.10.16 ) 
Chief rabbi calls Syrian conflict ‘Holocaust,’
Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef meets with the PA Chief Sharia Justice
(11:24 , 14.10.16 )
West Bank soccer team honors Ammunition-Hill
Members of the Palestinian soccer team Hilal Al-Quds are photographed with a
(09:53 , 14.10.16 )
Trump attacks UNESCO resolution in Facebook post
The Republican presidential nominee attacks the UN and the draft resolution on
(09:50 , 14.10.16 )
Israel and Turkey deepen energy ties
Six years after a souring in ties between the two regional powers, natural gas
(21:51 , 13.10.16 )
Director General of Foreign Ministry resigns
Dr. Dore Gold, who held the position since June 2015, tendered his resignation
(21:30 , 13.10.16 )
PA: Denial of Jewish history 'victory for
As UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to Temple Mount, Palestinians
(20:50 , 13.10.16 )
UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to
The United Nations body passes resolution denying all connection between Jews,
(18:56 , 13.10.16 )
Shin Bet arrests 3 Arab Israelis for ISIS
Three Israeli-Arabs were arrested following the discovery of a tunnel between
(17:42 , 13.10.16 )
Bayit Yehudi: State to request delay on Amona
Bayit Yehudi officials claim that Netanyahu has agreed to request from the
(15:19 , 13.10.16 )
B'Tselem to address UN Security Council's
The Palestinian delegation has succeeded in convening the UNSC in an informal
(12:21 , 13.10.16 )
Two Israeli children killed in accident in
Achinoam and Nevo Geenfeld, 10 and 5 years old, respectively, were killed when
(22:18 , 12.10.16 )
Palestinian killed in Yom Kippur clashes in East
Masked rioters hurl stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli forces in Silwan,
(20:14 , 12.10.16 )
IN PHOTOS: Israel's leaders as you've not seen
For 35 years, Dan Hadani's photos agency documented hundreds of moments in
(19:00 , 12.10.16 )
Israel Police's new chief rabbi: Homosexuals
Rabbi Rami Brachyahu chosen as the top religious figure in the police despite
(19:00 , 12.10.16 )
A time to forgive: Israel prepares for Yom
Come sundown, the Jewish 'Kol Nidre' prayer service will be heard in synagogues
(14:19 , 11.10.16 ) 
Additional funds approved for defense budget
The transfer of an additional NIS 2 billion to the defense budget was approved
(13:15 , 11.10.16 )
IDF seals off candy shop of terrorist’s family
The Israeli Army welded shut the entrance to the sweet shop, located in the
(12:53 , 11.10.16 ) 
64 Ethiopian immigrants brought to Israel
As part of a government plan to eventually bring 9,000 Ethiopian immigrants of
(12:23 , 11.10.16 ) 
Shin Bet thwarts bus suicide bombing in
Muhammad Joulani, a 22-year-old resident of Shuafat refugee camp in East
(10:19 , 11.10.16 ) 
Driver drives on sidewalk to avoid traffic
WATCH: a driver in the city of Bnei Brak was caught on film driving on the
(07:52 , 11.10.16 ) 
Amazon removes 'sexy burka' costume from site
The Halloween costume was criticized as offensive to Muslims. Amazon removed it
(23:40 , 10.10.16 )
National service volunteers to work with migrant
Minister Lieberman ordered that IDF soldiers will no longer volunteer with
(18:36 , 10.10.16 )
Joint Arab List MKs: Investigation a political
As Balad MKs Hanin Zoabi and Jamal Zahalka are questioned over a series of
(17:00 , 10.10.16 )
Police on high alert in Jerusalem following
Sunday's shooting attack, which took the lives of two Israelis, caught Jerusalem
(15:09 , 10.10.16 ) 

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