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Senior IDF officer: Ben-Gurion, Haifa port would
High-ranking officer questions western alliance with Syria, Hezbollah against
(19:14 , 30.10.14 )
Jordan: Temple Mount closure - Israeli terrorism
Condemnation rains on Israel from its Arab neighbors; Jordanian minister says
(18:24 , 30.10.14 )
UN watchdog urges Israel to probe possible Gaza
Human rights body urges Israel to halt construction of Jewish settlements in the
(17:12 , 30.10.14 )
Assassin was a serial arsonist, assaulted 3
Muataz Hijazi, who shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick at point blank range, was an Islamic
(16:22 , 30.10.14 )
Netanyahu urges restraint in Jerusalem: No one
PM holds special security consultations in wake of Glick attack, says Israel
(13:32 , 30.10.14 )
Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state
Swedish FM expresses hope that country's 'excellent cooperation (with Israel)
(13:04 , 30.10.14 )
Abbas: Closure of Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa
After police closes compound to all visitors following shooting incident,
(12:54 , 30.10.14 )
UNICEF: More than one third of Israeli children
Report by UN agency for children puts Israel in highest bracket for child
(11:48 , 30.10.14 )
Feiglin: Temple Mount closure is victory to
Decision to bar entrance to both Jews and Muslims came in the wake of the
(11:30 , 30.10.14 )
Police kill suspect in shooting of right-wing
Suspect involved in shooting attack of Rabbi Yehuda Glick at Menachem Begin
(11:16 , 30.10.14 )
Soldier killed in Gaza commemorated around the
Friends of the Matan Gotlib, who was killed during Operation Protective Edge,
(01:35 , 30.10.14 )
Gaza civil servants receive pay in boost to
Hamas employees recieve pay for the first time in a year, workers still not
(01:23 , 30.10.14 )
Senior government members slam Netanyahu for
Officials decry worsening security situation in Jerusalem; Netanyahu holds
(01:16 , 30.10.14 )
Right-wing activist shot during annual Temple
Rabbi Yehuda Glick seriously wounded after being shot in upper body at close
(23:24 , 29.10.14 )
Palestinians ask UN to demand Israel end
In emergency meeting requested by Jordan, UN under-secretary-general calls for
(21:57 , 29.10.14 )
Malala donates $50,000 to rebuilding Gaza
Nobel Peace Prize recipient donated entirety of World's Children's Prize to
(21:25 , 29.10.14 )
Iraqi Kurdish fighters make way to Syria to take
Convoys head to aid fight to free Kobani after US airstrikes failed to break
(20:16 , 29.10.14 )
US disavows sharp criticism of Netanyahu
Obama administration tries to distance itself from comments made by US officials
(20:04 , 29.10.14 )
Lapid: Where are we going to get NIS 300m. for
Finance minister criticizes timing of West Bank, E. J'lem construction
(19:25 , 29.10.14 )
IDF: Possible Hezbollah has tunneled across
Golan region IDF commander says though there is no direct proof, the 'working
(14:48 , 29.10.14 )
Israel comes to rescue of drought-struck
Drawing on its vast experience with arid lands, Israel will help California
(14:29 , 29.10.14 )
Netanyahu hits back: I'm being attacked because
PM responds to scathing criticism leveled at him by US officials, saying he does
(12:35 , 29.10.14 )
Rivlin: Israel's foreign policy - US ties, US
In bid to limit fallout from damning report on Obama adminstration view of
(10:00 , 29.10.14 )
ISIS attack on Syria oil field kills 30
Syrian rebels and Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga troops join Kurds in Syria fight
(09:59 , 29.10.14 )
VIDEO: Unmanned US supply rocket explodes on
14-story Antares rocket exploded seconds after takeoff; accident raises
(08:42 , 29.10.14 ) 
Report: US, Iran entered state of 'detente',
Wall Street Journal says Washington has reassured Tehran that strikes on IS
(08:04 , 29.10.14 )
The miracle workers
The children of the Chronic Respiratory Care Ward at Herzog Hospital have severe
(01:21 , 29.10.14 )
Senior PA official gets his VIP certificate
Sanction of PA official Adnan Damiri inhibits movement in between checkpoints,
(00:24 , 29.10.14 )
US and Israel agree on multi-billion dollar
Amid crisis in Israel-US relations, following settlement building announcement,
(00:11 , 29.10.14 )
US official: Netanyahu is a 'coward' on Iran
In damning report on crisis in US-Israel ties, senior Obama administration
(23:18 , 28.10.14 )
Numerous victims in online fraud targeting Arab
Extortionist targeted Israeli Arabs, threatning to publish nude photos and
(22:08 , 28.10.14 )
Arad school builds fence to separate secular and
Move comes after Haredi students attack secular counterparts in different part
(20:12 , 28.10.14 )
UN to hold emergency meeting on Israel's
Palestinian envoy requests urgent Security Council session on Netanyahu
(18:26 , 28.10.14 )
Ministers dodge funeral for Ecuadoran victim of
Government Secretariat unable to find even one cabinet member willing to attend
(15:28 , 28.10.14 )
AG probes Ya'alon's Palestinian bus ban
New directive would prohibit Palestinians of using same buses as Israeli
(14:50 , 28.10.14 )
Netanyahu: US criticism is pushing peace away
Prime minister responds to State Department criticism, saying 'just as the
(13:25 , 28.10.14 )
Polygamist Goel Ratzon sentenced to 30 years in
Cult leader was convicted of a number of sexual offences, including rape of a
(11:59 , 28.10.14 )
Bill proposal to outlaw northern branch of
'The northern branch of the Islamic Movement is openly undermining the
(11:21 , 28.10.14 )
Rubber bullets hit AP photographer and
Associated Press say border policemen 'fired direcly' at photographer from a
(10:32 , 28.10.14 )
The new pioneers of Nahal Oz
Aiming to strengthen one of the areas hit hardest during Operation Protective
(00:36 , 28.10.14 )
Same-sex surrogacy proposal passes first reading
Health Minister's measure to allow LGBT, single-parent use of country's
(00:19 , 28.10.14 )
US questions Netanyahu's commitment to peace
State Department spokesperson expresses 'deep concern' over expedited settlement
(22:21 , 27.10.14 )
Netanyahu: Israel has every right to build in
At opening of Knesset winter session, prime minister says anti-Israel sentiments
(17:04 , 27.10.14 )
Palestinian prime minister visits Temple Mount
Head of intelligence and high-ranking officials from the PA join Rami Hamdallah;
(16:25 , 27.10.14 )
'We won't be good Arabs,' says Zoabi
At Balad press conference, Israeli flags are moved to corner of room amid claims
(15:33 , 27.10.14 )
Conversion bill moves to Knesset vote, despite
Government committee okays bill to expand number of rabbis conducting Orthodox
(14:51 , 27.10.14 )
Lapid: US sees settlement construction as
Finance Minister talks to Ynetnews about Israel's relationship with the US,
(13:35 , 27.10.14 ) 
Murder victim Bissan Abu Gannam feared for her
Bissan was tenth woman in her family to be killed; MK Zoabi: Bissan was one of
(12:48 , 27.10.14 )
Conversion, house prices and Abbas: stormy
Netanyahu faces numerous challenges from key coalition members as they tackle
(11:55 , 27.10.14 )
Netanyahu advancing one thousand housing units
Plan includes 660 units in Ramat Shlomo and 400 in Har Homa; move seen as bid to
(10:04 , 27.10.14 )
Judicial system expresses concern after
Retired Supreme Court justice calls bill 'attack on infrastructure of system',
(08:42 , 27.10.14 )
10th victim murdered in Ramla family
Bissan Abu Gannam murdered, cases of women in Abu Ganam family killed pile-up,
(00:08 , 27.10.14 )
Clashes in East Jerusalem in wake of Palestinian
Abed a-Rahman a-Shaludi, who drove his car onto the Jerusalem light rail
(23:31 , 26.10.14 ) 
Jordan warns settlements may 'imperil' treaty
Jewish construction, Israeli change to religious status of al-Aqsa mosque is
(22:29 , 26.10.14 )
Abbas demands US works to stop 'Israeli
In urget letter to Obama administration, Palestinian president says Israel to
(22:27 , 26.10.14 )
Overloaded Nepal bus documented before disaster
Israeli Michal Alruay 'felt something was wrong' when she saw dozens of people
(21:18 , 26.10.14 )
Ecuador woman critically hurt in Jerusalem
22-year-old Karen Mosquera came to Israel to study Judaism and convert, was on
(19:44 , 26.10.14 )
Ministers approve bill to override High Court
Eight ministers vote in favor of MK Ayelet Shaked's bill proposal allowing the
(19:20 , 26.10.14 )
Netanyahu: Disorder will not become new reality
Prime minister says massive reinforcements called up to secure city and will
(16:08 , 26.10.14 )
President makes history at massacre ceremony
Rivlin becomes first sitting Israeli president to participate in annual ceremony
(14:25 , 26.10.14 )
Tel Aviv schools skip Jerusalem trip over
Parents of eighth grade students request schools cancel planned trip due to
(14:04 , 26.10.14 )
Israelis to receive work-travel visas to four
Foreign ministry in advanced stages of negotiations with Italy, France, Czech
(09:29 , 26.10.14 )
Daylight Saving Time to end Saturday night
Two hours after midnight Israel will wind back its clocks by an hour, giving us
(00:14 , 26.10.14 )
Livni wants to save Bibi from Bibi
In a wide ranging interview, the justice minister discusses her determination to
(00:05 , 26.10.14 )
'Apologize for massacre or don't come,' Arabs
Ahead of President Rivlin visit to Kafr Qasim, local residents urge government
(23:06 , 25.10.14 )
Ya'alon: West 'ignorant' about Arabs, policies
Defense Minister attempts to play down tensions with US, after Ynet reports US
(22:43 , 25.10.14 )
Egypt's Sisi: 'Foreign hands' behind Sinai
After Sinai terror attack kills 31 Egyptian troops, Egypt's president slams
(22:09 , 25.10.14 )
Firebombs, rocks hurled in East Jerusalem
Riots resume in Jerusalem as assailants smash windshield of light rail train;
(20:32 , 25.10.14 ) 
Lapid: Israel-US relations in 'crisis'
After Ynet learns White House officials prevented defense minister from meeting
(20:17 , 25.10.14 )
Lebanon army fights gunmen in Tripoli, two
Lebanese soldiers clash with Islamist after two militants were killed and six
(18:44 , 25.10.14 )
US hits Islamic State targets as Iraqis block
Islamic State group attacks border crossing as Kobani awaits Iraq Kurdish
(17:52 , 25.10.14 )
Arab Bank to fight Hamas finance ruling
After US court finds Jordan's Arab Bank Group guilty of funding Hamas, orders
(17:25 , 25.10.14 )
India picks Israel's Spike anti-tank missile
New Delhi to buy at least 8,000 of Rafael's Spike missiles and more than 300
(15:37 , 25.10.14 )
Pakistan acquits co-accused in Daniel Pearl
Qari Hashim, accused of introducing Israeli-American journalist to man convicted
(13:26 , 25.10.14 )
US says Palestinian-American killed by Israeli
State Dept. spokeswoman calls for 'speedy and transparent investigation' of
(09:29 , 25.10.14 )
US officials tried to cancel Ya'alon meet with
After Ynet revealed Obama administration blocked Israeli defense minister from
(23:59 , 24.10.14 )
Shira Dabush, Omer Shemsh named as Israeli
30-year-old Shira and 21-year-old Omer were travelling east Asia with their
(23:08 , 24.10.14 )
IDF kills Palestinian rioter near Ramallah
17-year-old Orwah Hammad shot by Israeli force in village of Silwad after
(21:03 , 24.10.14 )
Migrant worker stricken with rabies
Health ministry orders family members of foreign caretaker's charges to receive
(19:12 , 24.10.14 )
US rejected Ya'alon request to meet key
Obama administration refused to grant visits with top figures, in act of
(16:34 , 24.10.14 )
Two Israelis among 11 killed when Nepal tour bus
Four Israelis among 52 hurt when bus flipped over and fell into ravine; 100
(15:05 , 24.10.14 )
Jerusalem police on high alert for Friday
Entry to Temple Mount restricted; police brace for revenge attacks by extremist
(14:32 , 24.10.14 ) 
US: Ground offensive against Islamic State
Army officials tell reporters that halting IS in Iraq is priority, say
(09:30 , 24.10.14 )
Memo from US Consulate refers to Jerusalem
Notice issued hours after Palestinian drove his car into crowd of people at
(09:25 , 24.10.14 )
Jerusalem mayor vows to restore peace
Nir Barkat says Israel 'must fight violence' in wake of terrorist attack, as
(00:44 , 24.10.14 )
Surveillance cameras to monitor Gaza
UN official confirmed the set up of cameras 'to help ensure the security of
(00:34 , 24.10.14 )
Attorney General Weinstein opposes bill to
Bill aims to reenact overturned laws, in attempt by MK Ayelet Shaked to revive
(00:07 , 24.10.14 )
Erekat threatens renewed push for Palestine
Top Palestinian negotiator dismisses Netanyahu's attempts to thwart Ramallah's
(23:20 , 23.10.14 )
Nigerian president to return to Israel
Goodluck Jonathan seeks blessing from God prior to elections; Israel aims to win
(22:57 , 23.10.14 )
Comptroller begins investigation into Operation
Retired Judge Joseph Shapira met with Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday, first
(22:03 , 23.10.14 )
Jerusalem terrorist's family mourns in Silwan
Family of a-Shaludi opens mourners' tent in east Jerusalem neighborhood; cousin,
(20:57 , 23.10.14 )
Haniyeh praises Jerusalem terrorist
One week after Hamas leader's daughter received medical treatment in Israel,
(18:31 , 23.10.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Jerusalem is under attack
Palestinians continue to inflame tensions in east Jerusalem as prime minister
(17:34 , 23.10.14 )
Police suspect 2 Bedouins were involved in drug
Two members of Azazmah tribe arrested for attempted murder and involvement in
(14:29 , 23.10.14 )

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