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IDF reservist killed during humanitarian truce
After sustaining severe injuries from Gaza mortar fire, Sgt. 1st Class (res.)
(11:22 , 27.07.14 )
Pentagon warns more dangerous elements could
US intelligence official cautions removal of Hamas may lead to 'something like
(11:07 , 27.07.14 )
Hamas launches rockets on Israeli towns, IDF
Day 20: Hours after Israel declares extension of humanitarian ceasefire, barrage
(10:41 , 27.07.14 )
IDF names additional soldier killed in Gaza
IDF death toll rises to 43, as military clears for publication the names of five
(09:21 , 27.07.14 )
Gaza death toll crosses 1,000 as calm reveals
Residents take opportunity of quiet to purchase supplies, mourn for dead; 146
(01:10 , 27.07.14 ) 
Israel extends Gaza truce until Sunday despite
Security Cabinet votes in favor of UN humanitarian ceasefire after Hamas answers
(01:02 , 27.07.14 ) 
Report: Hamas, North Korea sign secret arms deal
Unconfirmed report says Hamas working to sign arms, communication equipment deal
(23:20 , 26.07.14 )
Israeli seriously wounded as Hamas fires rocket
Mortars fired minutes after ceasefire's deadline at 8pm; Hamas claims
(22:53 , 26.07.14 )
Thousands protest Gaza operation in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv's Rabin Square filled with leftwing Israelis calling for an end to the
(22:52 , 26.07.14 )
Report: Rocket kills 4 children in Egypt near
Possible Gaza rockets hit Egypt, highlighting growing tensions between Egypt and
(19:35 , 26.07.14 )
IDF soldiers in Gaza get mobile gourmet treat
Chefs volunteering to cook at gourmet truck on Gaza border to provide combat
(16:13 , 26.07.14 )
Family of Staff Sgt. Guy Boyland in mourning
Family: 'No words to describe the loss for all those who have died'; funeral to
(16:02 , 26.07.14 )
Foreign Ministers pushing for Israel-Gaza truce:
12-hour humanitarian ceasefire to last until 8pm during which IDF continues
(15:39 , 26.07.14 )
Cleared for publication: 2 more soldiers
Day 19: Op Protective Edge continues overnight with IAF attacks in Gaza and
(10:28 , 26.07.14 )
2 Palestinians killed in overnight riots in West
16, 18-year-old Palestinians shot and killed by IDF in riots; army says that
(09:59 , 26.07.14 )
Thousands in New York protest IDF Gaza op
Police push for calm in Times Square as US protesters call for peace in Gaza;
(09:11 , 26.07.14 )
Israel, Hamas agree to 12-hour humanitarian
Cabinet has yet to make a decision on US Secretary of State Kerry's proposal of
(01:05 , 26.07.14 ) 
Rare photos from ‘underground Gaza’ give glimpse
Photographs taken by photographer Jack Guez show tunnels dug by Hamas from Gaza
(00:46 , 26.07.14 )
Masked protesters hurl stones, burn Israeli flag
Violent protest breaks out after masked rioters interrupt quiet demonstration;
(00:44 , 26.07.14 )
Iron Dome intercepts 4 rockets over Rosh HaAyn,
Code Red sirens wail in southern, central Israeli cities including Tel Aviv;
(23:54 , 25.07.14 ) 
Ya'alon to Iron Dome troops: Prepare for
GOC Southern Command says IDF needs more time to operate against tunnels, Hamas
(23:45 , 25.07.14 ) 
Missing soldier declared dead, another killed in
Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul went missing on Sunday when his APC was hit by an
(22:00 , 25.07.14 )
Gaza officials accuse Israel of war crimes at
Palestinian justice minister, Gaza public prosecutor start legal proceedings
(20:21 , 25.07.14 )
Nasrallah: Palestinians have won 'resistance'
Hezbollah chief accuses Israel of being a 'terrorist state,' saying it has
(19:58 , 25.07.14 ) 
Turkey says Israel ties at 'lowest level' amid
Turkish deputy PM says because of Israel's Gaza operation 'the normalization of
(18:50 , 25.07.14 )
Firebrand MK Zoabi to be investigated by police
MK Hanin Zoabi to be investigated for insulting a police officer and inciting to
(18:11 , 25.07.14 )
Elite IDF forces clash with Hamas terrorists in
Paratroopers kill six Hamas terrorists after elite IDF forces carry out special
(17:20 , 25.07.14 ) 
Five Palestinians killed in West Bank violence
West Bank protest grows violent: Palestinians claim settler killed one person in
(16:43 , 25.07.14 )
Israeli UAV kills three Sinai terrorists
IDF targets 3 militants trying to fire rockets at southern Israel, kills
(15:56 , 25.07.14 )
IDF reservist Yair Ashkenazi killed in Gaza
36-year-old Rehovot resident died during operational activity in northern Strip;
(15:03 , 25.07.14 )
Toxic tweets pollute social media discourse
IDF's Operation Protective Edge simmers up divisions between Israelis and
(13:06 , 25.07.14 )
Former lone soldiers to IDF: Let us join our
Group of ex-combat soldiers who made aliyah after serving in the IDF as lone
(11:24 , 25.07.14 )
IDF hits 130 Gaza targets over 24 hours
Israel confirms 3,540 targets hit since beginning of Operation Protective Edge;
(08:41 , 25.07.14 )
Inside Gaza: As fighting continues, situation
Families flee Gaza City as Israeli attacks grow more intense: 'People are so
(01:30 , 25.07.14 ) 
VIDEO: On the ground with IDF troops
See videos of IDF fighting in Gaza ground op; from tanks entering Gaza to forces
(01:19 , 25.07.14 ) 
Republican demands answers on US Israel flight
Ted Cruz slams Obama, FAA for flight ban, demands to see communications between
(00:07 , 25.07.14 )
Far-right party in Hungary wants Israel boycott
Protesters shout 'Executioners of Tel Aviv!' and 'Child Murderers' Jobbik party
(00:02 , 25.07.14 )
Palestinian protesters killed in West Bak
Two people were killed in protest attended by over 10,000 Palestinian in West
(23:58 , 24.07.14 ) 
Rockets fired at Eilat after mortar wounds
Iron Dome intercepts one rocket above the southern city; one person lightly
(22:58 , 24.07.14 ) 
US official: Kerry won't remain in region
Chances of ceasefire seem slim: In speech, Hamas leader Mashal remains adamant
(22:31 , 24.07.14 )
Terrorists fired anti-tank missiles at IDF
Gaza fighting continues on 17th day of Operation Protective Edge as IDF forces
(21:16 , 24.07.14 )
Erdogan: Israel should face trial over Gaza
A month away from elections, Turkish prime minister continues to slam Israel's
(21:08 , 24.07.14 )
Reuven Rivlin sworn in as President of Israel
Former Likud MK and Knesset Speaker vows his door will be open to all Israelis,
(18:19 , 24.07.14 )
At least 15 dead, dozens wounded in alleged IDF
UNRWA, Red Crescent confirm incident, reporting some 150 wounded; IDF: Hamas
(18:10 , 24.07.14 )
Britain: Hamas must agree to immediate
Netanyahu slams Human Rights Council's decision to investigate Israel, tells
(15:51 , 24.07.14 )
Parents of slain teen offer support to family of
Bat Galim and Ofir Shaer, whose son Gil-Ad was murdered by terrorists last
(14:48 , 24.07.14 )
Troops exchange fire with terrorists in northern
23 Palestinians killed, while no IDF troops were hurt in night fighting in the
(14:40 , 24.07.14 ) 
Report: Egyptian troops shoot, kill terrorist
Terrorists planned a massive suicide bombing at border crossing; on Wednesday,
(13:45 , 24.07.14 )
'IDF does more than any other army to prevent
INTERVIEW: Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in
(11:52 , 24.07.14 ) 
IDF calls up husband, wife joins volunteer
When Captain Yokel had to join his unit in Eilat, his wife Tamar drove down from
(10:14 , 24.07.14 )
Iran's supreme leader calls for end to
Ayatollah Khamenei calls for referendum including both Arabs and Jews living in
(09:59 , 24.07.14 )
UN chief alarmed as rockets found in Gaza school
Ban instructs UN department of safety and security and UN mine action service to
(09:31 , 24.07.14 )
Astronaut sees Gaza rocket fire from space: ‘My
Image taken hundreds of miles from earth captures IDF strikes on Gaza, rockets
(01:13 , 24.07.14 )
Gantz: We must stick to the ground incursion's
IDF chief of staff visits commanders near the front lines, tells soldiers 'I am
(00:51 , 24.07.14 )
VIDEO: How Hamas fires mortars from Gaza at
Video published by Gaza terror group shows how hidden bunkers open up to allow
(22:32 , 23.07.14 ) 
Hamas leader rejects ceasefire efforts
Speaking in Qatar, political chief Khaled Mashal demands Israel lift blockade,
(22:13 , 23.07.14 )
Sirens sound in Ben Gurion Airport, Holon,
Rocket salvo from Gaza fired towards towns in Shfela and center; earlier, four
(21:20 , 23.07.14 )
Three IDF paratroopers killed in Gaza
IDF Spokesperson's Unit identified three new fallen soldiers during Operation
(19:41 , 23.07.14 )
VIDEO: Terrorists fire rockets from Gaza
Israel says Hamas uses Wafa hospital compound to attack soldiers, fire anti-tank
(18:42 , 23.07.14 ) 
Cabinet to deliberate on expanding Gaza
Ministers will convene to discuss possibility of larger IDF presence in the
(18:14 , 23.07.14 )
Belgian cafe sign: Dogs allowed, but not
Concern over European anti-Semitism rises in light of Gaza operation;
(17:45 , 23.07.14 )
'It's a nightmare, but I just don’t see a better
Two IAF pilots discuss the morality of the IDF, its determination to avoid
(16:41 , 23.07.14 ) 
UN rights chief slams possible Israeli 'war
Israel envoy: Human Rights Council debate is 'knee jerk' reaction; EU slams
(13:48 , 23.07.14 )
Kerry lands in Israel after PLO backs Hamas'
Palestinian decision-making body decides to back Hamas' demands, says 'stopping
(13:09 , 23.07.14 )
More than 620 Palestinians killed in Gaza
UNRWA says it found more rockets hidden in one of its schools, as over 102,000
(11:51 , 23.07.14 )
30,000 attend funeral for lone soldier Max
More than 5,000 attend funeral of lone French soldier Jordan Ben Simon.
(09:32 , 23.07.14 ) 
Protective Edge enters day 16: Soldiers engage
Information from suspects' questioning helps IDF find tunnels, while troops on
(00:53 , 23.07.14 )
Heavy barrage fired at central Israel, 2 rockets
Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Be'er Sheva, other southern communities after
(21:04 , 22.07.14 )
Fatah propose Gaza truce followed by 5-day talks
UN Secretary-General says it is his 'hope and belief' fighting in Gaza will end
(19:30 , 22.07.14 )
The Jew and the Muslim mapping Hamas' missiles
Belgian-Israeli Jew and Dutch Muslim have developed Israel Under Attack, a new
(18:49 , 22.07.14 )
Wounded Golani commander makes good on vow to
Golani commander Colonel Ghassan Alian left his hospital bed and went straight
(18:42 , 22.07.14 )
Nahal commander: We've located most tunnels in
IDF commanders estimate several more days are needed to finish locating,
(18:29 , 22.07.14 ) 
The IDF's unsung heroes
Max Steinberg and Sean Carmeli, American Jews turned warriors who fell in battle
(18:00 , 22.07.14 )
'Hamas must be held accountable for rejecting
Egypt: Gaza ceasefire could include renewal of peace talks; in Cairo, Kerry
(17:40 , 22.07.14 )
IDF: Soldier missing from Sunday incident which
Staff Sgt. Eviyatar Turgeman named as soldier killed Tuesday morning; Private
(17:20 , 22.07.14 )
Private jets, restaurants, luxury hotels: the
Hamas leaders are facing criticism inside and outside of Gaza for enjoying a
(15:18 , 22.07.14 )
Israeli seriously wounded in suspected shooting
IDF preliminary investigation reveals terrorist fired from moving vehicle
(14:22 , 22.07.14 )
VIDEO: Interview with Gaza journalist Abir Ayoub
'It was a miracle that we survived last night's attacks... it was random,' Gazan
(10:45 , 22.07.14 ) 
20,000 Israelis attend lone soldier's funeral
Many arrive with flags of Israel to pay their last respects to Golani fighter
(09:17 , 22.07.14 )
Watch: Soldiers back from Gaza celebrate in song
Dozens of IDF soldiers serving in the ground incursion in Gaza took advantage of
(09:10 , 22.07.14 ) 
Mounting casualties take toll on Israeli morale
'It's ugly and it's no walk in the park,' says one Israeli as Gaza operation
(08:44 , 22.07.14 )
Possible security incident closes route 232
Just hours after terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, another possible
(00:17 , 22.07.14 )
At least 572 Palestinians killed during Gaza
More than 40 Gazans killed on 14th day of Operation Protective Edge; rescuers
(23:56 , 21.07.14 )
16 arrested in Nazareth protests against IDF
Thousands take the streets, hundreds throw rocks at police who respond with tear
(23:21 , 21.07.14 )
Ban urges both sides to stop violence
UN secretary general, US secretary of state arrive in Cairo to join efforts to
(22:58 , 21.07.14 )
7 IDF soldiers killed in Gaza fighting over last
Three soldiers seriously wounded, eight moderately and 19 lightly in past 24
(21:34 , 21.07.14 )

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