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Bahraini foreign minister: Rest in peace Shimon
Not for the first time, the Arab official posted a surprising comment devoid of
(11:11 , 29.09.16 )
Peres lies in state at the Knesset as public
The casket of Israel's ninth president is stationed outside the Knesset as
(08:39 , 29.09.16 ) 
'A child shouldn't grow up like this'
She has a lot of dreams and she tries to always smile, but Almog Dror knows that
(08:21 , 29.09.16 ) 
Massachusetts gov. planning first overseas trade
The governor of the State of Massachusetts will be visiting Israel for six days
(23:33 , 28.09.16 )
Extensive road closures expected for funeral and
In addition to the dozens of world leaders and their extensive security escorts,
(23:29 , 28.09.16 )
Police operation for Peres funeral
With a state funeral in the works the likes of which haven't been seen since
(22:56 , 28.09.16 ) 
Speaker of the Knesset: 'We are saying goodbye
In a ceremony paying last respects to one of Israel's founding fathers, flags
(20:21 , 28.09.16 )
Jerusalem wedding hall disaster victims to
15 years after the 2001 disaster in which 23 people were killed and hundreds
(19:27 , 28.09.16 )
Jerusalem planning committee meeting postponed
As leaders from around the world come to Peres's funeral in Jerusalem - the
(17:26 , 28.09.16 )
Hamas, Hezbollah ‘happy’ about Peres’s death, PA
Hamas official denounces Shimon Peres as ‘founder of occupation’ adding that his
(15:07 , 28.09.16 )
8 months added to Olmert's sentence as Supreme
Court also rejected appeals filed by the state against Olmert’s acquittal in the
(14:35 , 28.09.16 )
Cabinet observes minute's silence for Shimon
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and government ministers convene a special
(12:48 , 28.09.16 ) 
Israeli history got into my car every morning,
Alon Navi, who served as Shimon Peres’s personal driver for the past 17 years,
(12:08 , 28.09.16 )
Israeli leaders mourn Peres: 'He was a
Prime Minister Netanyahu expresses 'deep personal grief at the passing of the
(09:42 , 28.09.16 ) 
Shimon Peres witnessed Israel's history, and
The last of Israel's founding fathers, former President and PM Shimon Peres was
(08:50 , 28.09.16 )
World leaders mourn loss of Shimon Peres
President Barack Obama pays tribute to Peres’s ability to ‘change the course of
(08:26 , 28.09.16 )
Former President Shimon Peres passes away at age
After a two-week battle for his life having suffered a stroke, Israel's ninth
(07:36 , 28.09.16 )
As Peres's condition deteriorates, his family
Former President Shimon Peres is currently surrounded by his loved ones and
(23:50 , 27.09.16 )
Druze soldier played with grenade, killing
An investigation into a grenade explosion 2 months ago, which killed Staff Sgt.
(21:26 , 27.09.16 ) 
Police forces withdrawing in Jerusalem
Israel Police are beginning to withdraw from Jerusalem following a terror alert;
(19:39 , 27.09.16 )
Jerusalem mayor meets with Pollard in New York
'If Jonathan is not allowed to come to Jerusalem, Jerusalem will come to him,'
(18:13 , 27.09.16 )
Former Gaza Division commander: 'Azaria didn't
Brig. Gen. (res.) Shmuel Zakai claims 'I've seen shooting to remove a
(17:53 , 27.09.16 ) 
Settler protest to legalize Ofra
Most of the residents of Ofra in the West Bank showed up in Jerusalem on Tuesday
(17:31 , 27.09.16 )
Couple names newborn son after Sgt. Elor Azaria
Gil and Aviva Sissai from Gan Yavne named their baby after the soldier on trial
(16:45 , 27.09.16 )
Israel Police claim to prevent incitement at
Ibrahim Abbasi, who was released from an 18-year sentence, was greeted with a
(15:22 , 27.09.16 ) 
Judge admonishes Facebook in terror victim
At a hearing for a class action lawsuit against Facebook for incitement by
(12:55 , 27.09.16 )
Former tourism minister to be indicted for
The State Attorney's office has decided to indict some 16 senior figures in a
(12:55 , 27.09.16 )
Facebook apologizes after disabling two
The accounts affected are critical of Israel; Facebook called the suspension a
(10:42 , 27.09.16 )
Commander injured in training base accident
After being struck in the head by the tank's turret, the junior commander was
(09:48 , 27.09.16 )
Netanyahu hassled while watching Hamilton on
A report in The Daily Mail claims Prime Minister Netanyahu’s security entourage
(23:09 , 26.09.16 )
Jerusalem's tourism in the shadow of terror
After months of knife attacks, shootings and car-rammings in Jerusalem and a
(22:34 , 26.09.16 )
Carer ties elderly woman to fence, will not be
A photo of an elderly woman tied to a fence in Bnei Brak, sitting in a
(20:44 , 26.09.16 )
Ultra-Orthodox group moves again in wake of
Lev Tahor, an ultra-Orthodox sect considered a cult by Israel, abruptly moved
(18:22 , 26.09.16 )
Happy Rosh Hashanah: data finds 186,923 babies
The Population Immigration and Border Authority issued new data regarding the
(15:29 , 26.09.16 )
Widow of Yamit evacuee requests monetary
Eight years after her husband Misha Mishkan passed away, his widow is
(14:38 , 26.09.16 )
Bulgarian court error delays trial over Israeli
A procedural error has caused the Bulgarian court to delay the start of the
(14:19 , 26.09.16 )
Israelis dissatisfied with foreign affairs,
A new survey finds that the Israeli public is not happy with the way the Foreign
(12:08 , 26.09.16 )
Josef Hermatz, member of the Jewish Avengers,
The partisan fighter and member of the Jewish Avengers left behind a storied
(11:24 , 26.09.16 )
State prosecutors: 12 year sentence for child
Ahmed Mansara was 13 years old when he tried to murder a 13 year old Jewish boy
(11:11 , 26.09.16 )
Netanyahu meets with Clinton
In the hour-long meeting between the two in New York before the first scheduled
(08:46 , 26.09.16 )
Netanyahu consoles Azaria’s weeping father: ‘I
Months after the PM called Charlie Azaria, recording of conversation made
(23:39 , 25.09.16 )
Two girls, 6 and 8, hold party to collect gifts
The two children from Nahalal held a party for all the village's first graders
(23:31 , 25.09.16 )
Jews from Aleppo in Israel pained by city's
Yossi Antebi and David Ginzi are amongst the Jews of Aleppo who immigrated to
(22:33 , 25.09.16 )
Trump to Netanyahu: Jerusalem eternal capital
After endorsing then-presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Prime Minister Benjamin
(21:45 , 25.09.16 )
Israeli official: Gaza underground wall to be
The plan to build an underground defensive barrier that was reported first in
(20:28 , 25.09.16 )
New IDF order leaves soldiers' presence at
Trying to sort out the grey areas, the Manpower Directorate has sent out an
(19:50 , 25.09.16 )
Christians cross the Atlantic to help with the
Turning hard work to wine, many Evangelical Christians are making the trip to
(18:48 , 25.09.16 ) 
Palestinian proprietary claims cripple chances
Additional Palestinian ownership claims of lands upon which the Amona settlement
(15:02 , 25.09.16 ) 
Key witness in Azaria trial: I feared a bomb
The soldier who was stabbed during the March Hebron terror attack, before Sgt.
(13:06 , 25.09.16 )
Delegation of Jordanian generals visit Israel
The secret visit by the delegation included a tour of the country, meetings with
(11:39 , 25.09.16 )
From thwarting terror attacks in West Bank to
Following a six month deployment in West Bank terror hot spots such as Hebron
(11:15 , 25.09.16 ) 
Hamas leader: I won't run in next elections
During a speech in Qatar, Khaled Mashal confirms a number of rumors circulated
(10:38 , 25.09.16 )
Netanyahu denies comparing fallen soldiers'
Asked if he called parents of other soldiers who transgressed, the prime
(09:43 , 25.09.16 )
Only 30% of Israelis think police treats
A Central Bureau of Statistics survey shows that public trust in the law
(23:49 , 24.09.16 )
Rejected candidate for police insisted on
Shimon Tadala fought for years to join the Israel Police and only managed to get
(22:58 , 24.09.16 ) 
TV presenter attacked in Mea Shearim
Hila Korach came to film a segment in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood
(21:55 , 24.09.16 )
Agriculture minister to visit Israeli imprisoned
Ariel will visit Menashe Levy, who's been under arrest in Addis Ababa for the
(18:46 , 24.09.16 )
Trains to resume operations on Sunday
Despite some confusion on Saturday afternoon regarding the timetable, Israel
(18:25 , 24.09.16 )
Ceremony held honoring heroes of the wave of
The police awarded dozens of medal and citations to officers and civilians who
(10:20 , 24.09.16 )
Netanyahu to meet Trump and Clinton in New York
While in the US for the UN General Assembly session, Prime Minister Netanyahu is
(09:24 , 24.09.16 )
As Obama's term wanes, so does focus on
As the Obama administration's days come to an end, his focus has shifted away
(22:55 , 23.09.16 )
Mideast Quartet warns that Israeli settlements
While the Mideast Quartet - a group comprised of the US, Russia, the European
(20:40 , 23.09.16 )
Maryland Gov. Hogan calls Israel trade mission a
The governor of the US state of Maryland just wrapped up a trip which saw dozens
(20:23 , 23.09.16 )
Light autumn rains fall in northern Israel
A gentle rain fell Friday around Haifa, Carmiel and the upper Galilee regions,
(14:44 , 23.09.16 )
Dawabsheh grandfather rejects PM's claims of
Among other points made in his UN speech, Netanyahu also claimed that Israel
(14:05 , 23.09.16 ) 
Attempted stabbing attack by 14-year-old
The terrorist attempted to sneak up on security forces with a knife at a
(13:43 , 23.09.16 )
Palestinians: Netanyahu's invitation to the
During his 40 minute speech to the UN General Assembly, this time devoid of any
(11:45 , 23.09.16 ) 
Palestinian girl: I wanted to see where my aunt
A 12-year-old Palestinian girl, who was shot and lightly injured by Israeli
(09:37 , 23.09.16 ) 
Israel repeats promise to improve life in Gaza
While Israeli delegates elaborate on the various projects Israel supposedly
(09:13 , 23.09.16 )
Israeli spy satellite working after rocky launch
Following initial difficulties, Israel's latest homemade satellite, Ofek 11, is
(22:50 , 22.09.16 )
Netanyahu: Road to peace runs through Jerusalem
Addressing the UN General Assembly, the Israeli prime minister repeated his
(20:32 , 22.09.16 ) 
Watch Live: Netanyahu addresses the UN General
PM Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking live at the UN; the theme of the general
(19:40 , 22.09.16 )
Palestinian President Abbas calls to return to
Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Abbas asserted that Israel should return
(19:35 , 22.09.16 )
EU court moves to keep Hamas, Tamil Tigers off
Despite protestations from Israeli and Sri Lankan officials, and the US's
(17:34 , 22.09.16 )
Emergency conference on fate of Amona
At an emergency conference attended by various Knesset members on the fate of
(17:10 , 22.09.16 )
Jerusalem Shavuot stabber sentenced to 9 years
Israeli Arab citizen John Kakish was found guilty of a hate crime, after
(16:03 , 22.09.16 ) 
Fire breaks out at Prime Minister's Residence
As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to address the UN General Assembly
(15:27 , 22.09.16 )
Welfare Ministry to halt distributing food
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services cancels plans to distribute
(15:05 , 22.09.16 )
Israeli ambassador to Egypt visits Alexandria
The new Israeli ambassador to Egypt, David Govrin, paid a visit to Alexandria's
(14:18 , 22.09.16 )
Obama urges PM to stop settlement building for
US President Obama told Netanyahu in what is presumably their final meeting in
(12:39 , 22.09.16 )
Defense witness in Azaria trial: 'I feel like my
Speaking in a military court in Jaffa Wednesday, Sgt. R. from Sgt. Elor Azaria's
(11:52 , 22.09.16 ) 
Five Jews arrested for suspected attack on
Jewish youngsters were arrested on suspicion of kicking a Palestinian youth and
(10:57 , 22.09.16 )
IDF investigating allegations of soldiers
Soldiers from the Nahal Brigade's 50th battalion, which is responsible for the
(09:46 , 22.09.16 )
Arab states shelve push against Israel at UN
For the first time in three years, the Arab states will not be submitting an
(09:00 , 22.09.16 )
New bill aims to stop V15
Following V15’s failed attempt to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(22:01 , 21.09.16 )
Chicken shortage expected over holidays
Though there are plenty of available chickens to kill in the coops, there are
(21:14 , 21.09.16 )
Obama touts US military aid in meeting with
At what is likely to be their last meeting before Obama leaves office in
(20:37 , 21.09.16 ) 
Terror victims' families: Israeli government
'I've lost my trust in the government a long time ago,' says widow of Avraham
(17:14 , 21.09.16 )
Syrian children brought to Israel for treatment
With the ceasefire deal collapsing and the UN's inability to get aid into Syria,
(15:49 , 21.09.16 ) 
Committee postpones meeting on Jerusalem
Discussion on 67 housing units in Gilo, a neighborhood located beyond the Green
(15:24 , 21.09.16 )
Danon launches diplomatic battle to block aid
Diplomatic battle comes after two high-profile instances of international aid
(14:50 , 21.09.16 )
13 more suspects arrested in Balad corruption
The probe into corruption and fraud in Balad campaign finances widened on Sunday
(14:38 , 21.09.16 )
One person injured in attempted attack on
Turkish media is reporting that there has been an attempted stabbing attack at
(13:28 , 21.09.16 ) 

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