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Ya'alon reiterates: Israel chose not to topple
After Netanyahu says 'ISIS is Hamas and Hamas is ISIS,' Ya'alon says it would
(12:12 , 30.09.14 )
Bat Yam mayor found guilty of breach of trust
Conviction comes with moral turpitude, blocking Shlomi Lahiani from reentering
(11:05 , 30.09.14 )
Israeli cargo ship heads for LA to unload after
ZIM ship to find safe harbor in LA, after attempt to dock in Port of Oakland
(08:39 , 30.09.14 )
Qatar's foreign minister denies paying ransoms
Qatari Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiya defends government's connections with
(08:34 , 30.09.14 )
Syria 'OK' with US airstrikes
Syrian Foreign Minister Al-Moallem tells AP fight against ISIS has aligned
(08:22 , 30.09.14 )
Abbas winning abroad but losing at home
Palestinians are increasingly frustrated with the lack of a diplomatic process,
(08:18 , 30.09.14 )
Netanyahu's UN speech draws mixed political
While US takes issue with Netanyahu's ISIS-Hamas comparisons, right-wing MKs
(01:06 , 30.09.14 )
'Iranian nuclear physicist killed by
Sister of Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour, who was killed in February 2007, says her
(23:13 , 29.09.14 )
New German party ousts official for anti-Semitic
The Alternative for Germany decides to expel Jan-Ulrich Weiss for deleted
(22:35 , 29.09.14 )
Video: East Jerusalem boy arrested for throwing
Border Police officers detain 12-year-old who hurled stones at Jewish homes in
(22:07 , 29.09.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Hamas, Islamic State share the same
During his UN speech, prime minister reiterates Israeli position Iran must not
(19:53 , 29.09.14 ) 
Lieberman: Abbas has lost touch with reality
In scathing criticism of the Palestinian leader, foreign minister tells
(19:05 , 29.09.14 ) 
Ya'alon: Gaza artillery inventory down to 20
Defense minister says IDF killed 40 senior Hamas officials, responds to
(16:15 , 29.09.14 )
Israeli activist wins international acclaim
Time Magazine names Israeli social entrepreneur Adi Altschuler as ‘Next
(15:49 , 29.09.14 )
Police bust online prostitute ring
Israeli suspects arrested for bringing Ukrainian, Russian women to Israel as
(15:35 , 29.09.14 )
Teacher arrested for bringing ISIS material from
A 24-year-old resident of Umm al-Fahm was detained for suspected affiliation
(13:54 , 29.09.14 )
Doha deal: Buy a Ferrari, donate to Gaza
Qatar Red Crescent's public auction raises $3 million for rehabilitation of
(12:31 , 29.09.14 )
Peace Now: 25% of new Jerusalem homes built in
Some 500 homes built in East Jerusalem during first half of 2014, amounting
(10:03 , 29.09.14 )
Netanyahu: Sky's the limit to Israel-India ties
In rare meeting, two leaders pledge closer cooperation, herald 'historic ties';
(08:38 , 29.09.14 ) 
PA arrests Palestinians for Facebook comments
Criticism of Palestinian officials can lead to arrests, Palestinian journalists
(00:06 , 29.09.14 )
Prime Minister Netanyahu lands in New York ahead
Prime minister to address UN Monday evening, vows to 'refute the slander and
(23:04 , 28.09.14 ) 
Israeli minister says Bedouin birthrate a
Agriculture minister, son of former prime minister, Yair Shamir who leads
(20:44 , 28.09.14 )
Obama: US intelligence underestimated militants
In interview with CBS, Obama makes case for military intervention, says threat
(19:48 , 28.09.14 )
Report: Iran builds surface-to-surface missile
Iranian media boasts new cruise missile capable of being launched from an
(18:42 , 28.09.14 )
From jubilation in Tahrir, Egypt returns to
Egypt has struggled to achieve the kind of democracy many demanded during the
(17:45 , 28.09.14 )
Lapid presents budget for 2015: More funds for
Ending weeks of political fighting over Israel's next budget, Finance Minister
(17:40 , 28.09.14 )
Armed Palestinian arrested near Gaza border
Security coordinator of moshav in southern Israel catches infiltrator carrying
(16:08 , 28.09.14 )
Herzog: Despite UN speech, we prefer Abbas
Opposition chairman blames Netanyahu government for deteriorating relations with
(10:47 , 28.09.14 ) 
Summer is over – rains expected
Rain predicted in northern, central Israel, with lower than average seasonal
(09:43 , 28.09.14 )
Islamic nations lobby Palestinians to go to ICC
OIC secretary-general says 57-nation bloc supports PA President Abbas' plan to
(08:46 , 28.09.14 )
Netanyahu heads to US to dispel Abbas, Rouhani's
Prime minister to meet with US President Obama, UN Secretary-General Ban and
(23:15 , 27.09.14 )
3 Syrian children brought to Israeli hospital in
Children hurt from shell while playing arrive at Ziv Medical Center in Safed for
(22:01 , 27.09.14 )
43 people suffer suspected food poisoning at
Dozens of guests staying at two hotels in northern Galilee region evacuated to
(14:23 , 27.09.14 )
US condemns Abbas's UN speech as 'provocative'
Netanyahu aides also denounce allegations by PA leader, term statements as
(12:14 , 27.09.14 ) 
Rosh Hashana special: Readers' most popular
Based on Ynetnews analytics, these are the most successful stories of the year
(23:41 , 26.09.14 )
Abbas at UN: Israel committed genocide in Gaza
Palestinian President: 'Israeli government undermined chances for peace, sought
(22:48 , 26.09.14 ) 
Israeli official: Nine Japanese join Islamic
After the head of the US Armed Forces' Pacific Command said that about 1,000
(14:16 , 26.09.14 )
Palestinians to demand UN set timeline for 'end
Palestinian President Abbas to lobby UN to set a timeframe for Israel's
(13:10 , 26.09.14 )
US-led strikes hit Islamic State group oil sites
Two oil producing areas controled by ISIS hit by US, Arab allies, with UK
(10:49 , 26.09.14 )
US mulls concessions in Iran nuke talks
After Iran praises diplomacy, US diplomat leaks that US is considering letting
(09:13 , 26.09.14 )
Islamic State drags Obama back into Mideast
Now that air strikes have begun, focus shifting ground op, how deep US
(09:06 , 26.09.14 )
VIDEO: Women goes under cover in Islamic State
France 2 commisioned an unnamed Syrian woman to take a hidden camera into the
(08:56 , 26.09.14 )
FBI: About 12 Americans fighting in Syria, not
'More than 100 means people who have gone and come back, people who have
(08:32 , 26.09.14 )
UN nuclear assembly rejects Arab bid to pressure
Arab initiative voted down once again at the IAEA, with 58 countries against
(20:14 , 25.09.14 )
Palestinian unity gov't to take 'immediate
Fatah, Hamas reach agreement settling recent rift: Hamas government employees in
(19:32 , 25.09.14 )
Iraq: We've uncovered Islamic State plot for
Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi tells reporters attack is imminent and has not been
(19:27 , 25.09.14 )
Rouhani: Western 'aggression' in Middle East
In speech at the UN General Assembly, Iranian president warns of West's
(17:57 , 25.09.14 )
Nazi paraphernalia, transcripts from Nuremberg
'It was very chilling going through that paperwork,' says auction house owner
(12:37 , 25.09.14 )
Report: Syrian army retakes area northeast of
Battles rage across Syria, with US air strikes hitting oil fields in north and
(12:24 , 25.09.14 )
Egypt blasts Erdogan for questioning Sisi's
Egypt says Turkey's leader supports terror after Erdogan said Egyptian leader
(12:10 , 25.09.14 )
UN Security Council unifies behind anti-IS
Special UN Security Council meeting chaired by Obama sees international support
(09:12 , 25.09.14 ) 
British PM, Iran leader discuss IS in historic
For first time in 35 years, UK and Iranian leaders meet; talks focus on Islamic
(09:02 , 25.09.14 )
Rouhani: US should focus on terror, not nukes
Iranian presidents says 'outsiders' misunderstand regional reality regarding
(08:31 , 25.09.14 ) 
Israel: Iran tested nuclear tech at Parchin
Statement from Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz says Israel holds 'highly
(21:39 , 24.09.14 )
130,000 Israelis drive north for Rosh Hashanah
Some 38,000 vehicles clog Israel's highways north with more expected into the
(20:42 , 24.09.14 )
Jordan acquits al-Qaeda leader of terrorism
Bin Laden's right-hand man Abu Qatada, who was accused of plotting attacks
(13:45 , 24.09.14 )
Obama, Cameron vow to fight anti-Semitism in
WATCH: US president, British premier releases videos wishing a happy new year to
(12:12 , 24.09.14 ) 
MKs to fight Supreme Court over Holot asylum
Shaked, Sa'ar suggest limiting Supreme Court power to override Knesset vote
(11:27 , 24.09.14 )
Emergency service prepare for Rosh HaShana
Police, Magen David Adom increase presence across the country, working to
(09:55 , 24.09.14 )
Riots break out on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah
Police forces push back rioters into Al-Aqsa mosque while being pelted with
(09:10 , 24.09.14 )
Rocket-hit communities excluded from economic
Gaza border towns that came under fire during military op omitted from
(00:25 , 24.09.14 )
Syrian jet made a mistake Israel cannot afford
IAF tracked the Syrian jet from Damascus and towards the Golan; as it came ever
(23:56 , 23.09.14 )
Iran unveils 'anti-aircraft' UAV
Tehran's first home-made UAV revealed during Sacred Defense Week; Iranian
(23:19 , 23.09.14 )
CCTV to document construction material in Gaza
Israel, Palestinians, and UN say mechanism to transfer goods to Gaza will
(23:18 , 23.09.14 )
Abbas to submit IDF withdrawal resolution to UN
Palestinian leader says he plans to hand in proposal calling for binding
(22:16 , 23.09.14 )
WATCH: IDF targeting suspects in teens' murder
Footage documents troops taking position across from house sheltering Abu-Eisha
(19:06 , 23.09.14 ) 
Arab Israeli indicted for training with ISIS
Ahmed, Shurbaji, from Umm al-Fahm, had travelled to Syria – through Turkey – in
(18:03 , 23.09.14 )
French jihadis linked to Jewish school gunman
Authorities arrest militants, including brother-in-law of shooter who killed
(17:18 , 23.09.14 )
Mossad takes hunt for foreign spies and
Secretive Israeli spy agency using digital outreach to recruit agents,
(15:59 , 23.09.14 ) 
Prime minister wishes Jews around world happy
'As we celebrate Rosh Hashana with our families and friends, we should also
(15:58 , 23.09.14 ) 
Syria: We support strikes againt ISIS, al-Nusra
Syria says Washington informed it before strikes, says 'it supports any
(15:31 , 23.09.14 )
British PM to hold first direct talks with
Cameron will hold face-to-face talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, urge
(15:00 , 23.09.14 )
Israel receives INS Tanin, latest German-made
Navy's latest addition traveled 8,000 kilometers to its new home port in Haifa,
(14:00 , 23.09.14 )
Palestinians backtrack decision to leave Gaza
After initially saying Palestinian delegations would not attend Gaza truce talks
(13:55 , 23.09.14 )
IDF: Syrian fighter jet shot down over Golan
The IDF says aircraft did not fall in Israeli territory but did enter Israel's
(12:12 , 23.09.14 ) 
Teens' families: Justice has been served
After Shin Bet, IDF kill two suspects in murder of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali
(11:55 , 23.09.14 )
Abbas tells Netanyahu: End occupation, make
Netanyahu set to travel to UN in New York, meet Obama at White House, as
(09:54 , 23.09.14 )
US launches first strikes in Syria, kill, wound
'There are tens of wounded and dead' monitor says after US, Arab allies hit
(08:26 , 23.09.14 )
Suspects in murder of Israeli teens killed in
Shin Bet say firefights broke out while attempting to apprehend two suspects in
(08:02 , 23.09.14 ) 
Dakar veterans welcome new submarine where the
Arrival of Israeli Navy's new sub INS Tanin marked by special commemoration
(00:50 , 23.09.14 ) 
US jury: Arab Bank liable for Hamas terror
After two days of deliberations, jury passes guilty verdict, holding a bank
(00:42 , 23.09.14 )
Israel heading for 9,000,000 souls
Latest figures released by Population Authority before Rosh Hashana, show record
(00:00 , 23.09.14 )
WATCH: Former president Peres looks for a new
In tongue-in-cheek video, one of Israel's legendary statesmen explores potential
(22:11 , 22.09.14 ) 
Holot detention facility to close within 90 days
High Court justices strike down controversial asylum seeker legislation for
(19:40 , 22.09.14 )
Lapid tests water on potential bid for
As budget battle between Netanyahu and his finance minister rages on, Yesh Atid
(18:28 , 22.09.14 )
'Iranians nabbed with fake Israeli passports
Kenyan police say man and woman will not be treated as terror suspects, but
(15:44 , 22.09.14 )
Blair warns it will take more than airstrikes to
Writing for his own Faith Foundation, Mideast envoy for Quartet and former
(15:12 , 22.09.14 )
IDF honors its heroes for courage under fire
Soldiers received awards for helping evacuate the wounded, fighting on when unit
(14:16 , 22.09.14 )
Islamic State urges more attacks on Egyptian
IS praises militants carrying operations against 'the guards of the Jews,'
(12:53 , 22.09.14 )
Ya'alon approves addition of 200 advanced APCs
Two months after 7 Golani soldiers were killed when an RPG hit their outdated
(11:41 , 22.09.14 )
Israel's unmanned vehicles shed a light on
Exhibition organized by IsraelDefense puts latest developments and prototypes on
(11:03 , 22.09.14 )
Mossad legend Mike Harari dies at 87
Harari took part in operations to free Entebbe hostages, avenge Munich Olympics
(08:03 , 22.09.14 )
Is Abbas's UN trip Israel’s last hope for peace?
Declining support from Palestinians and Hamas put pressure on PA leader’s trip
(00:00 , 22.09.14 )
From Daniel to Shira: Israel's most popular baby
Interior Ministry says 176,230 babies born in Jewish year 5774, as Tamar tops
(23:59 , 21.09.14 )
Netanyahu warns of easing sanctions on Iran
Kerry, Zarif meet for talks on nuclear program, also possibly discuss Islamic
(22:43 , 21.09.14 )
Hezbollah uses UAV to attack al-Qaeda backed
For first time, Hezbollah employs drone to attack rebel forces in Syria, in
(22:15 , 21.09.14 ) 
Gay party slammed for ISIS imagery
Gay party organizers publicize party using images inspired by Islamic State
(20:49 , 21.09.14 )
Senior IDF officer: ISIS a distant threat, but
Col. Ben-David says IDF closely observing developments across Golan border,
(20:23 , 21.09.14 )
Netanyahu, Lapid fail to reach decision on 2015
Top Yesh Atid source says that despite lack of decision, sides will find
(19:50 , 21.09.14 )
Former AG Meni Mazuz, Anat Baron named as new
AG who led major graft investigations against Olmert, Hirschson and Hangebi
(18:32 , 21.09.14 )
Iranian president under pressure to curb
After Rouhani says internet 'an opportunity, not a threat', conservative Iran's
(17:11 , 21.09.14 )
Cairo talks to include Hamas-Fatah negotiations
Head of Palestinian delegation to ceasefire talks says while Abbas wants real
(14:24 , 21.09.14 )
Bus full of children pelted with stones in East
Mother of one of the children says kids were crying, frightened; damage caused
(13:04 , 21.09.14 )
Israeli who fought with pro-Russian separatists
39-year-old Pavel Vetko from Rehovot was captured by Ukrainian soldiers and
(12:07 , 21.09.14 )
US to Iran: Disconnect, don't dismantle
Obama administration considering offering Tehran compromise where it would only
(10:23 , 21.09.14 )
Iran offers to help in fight against IS in
'Iran is very influential and can help in the fight against IS. It's a two-way
(08:33 , 21.09.14 )

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