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Lieberman: Israel working to stop WMDs transfers
Hours after another alleged Israeli attack in Damascus, defense minister tells
(16:02 , 07.12.16 )
Report: NSA, GCHQ spied on Israeli diplomats,
Based on information from whistleblower Edward Snoden, Le Monde reports the
(14:56 , 07.12.16 )
Israeli students below OECD average in test
Israeli 9th and 10th grader tested below average in science, math and reading
(14:14 , 07.12.16 )
Palestinians slam Regulation Bill: 'Israel
PA Foreign Ministry calls on the US to recognize a Palestinian state and support
(12:14 , 07.12.16 )
PMO insists Netanyahu didn't know about Iranian
Despite Defense Minister Lieberman admitting his ministry did know of Iran's
(11:42 , 07.12.16 )
Syria regime: Israel attacked Damascus air base
Hezbollah-linked TV network claims Israeli attack behind explosions at Mezzeh
(09:46 , 07.12.16 )
Haredim boycott speech of slain girl's father
Haredim refuse to attend a speech given by Uri Banki, father of Shira Banki, who
(23:25 , 06.12.16 )
Ministry of Defense's about-face on Iranian
After initially claiming that they knew nothing of Iran holding 4.5% of the
(22:27 , 06.12.16 )
Hamas infiltration drill held in south
Security forces hold a large-scale drill in southern communities to simulate a
(21:17 , 06.12.16 ) 
Golden 'King Bibi' statue causes guerrilla-art
Sculptor Itay Zalait says he placed statue in Rabin Sq. to test the limits of
(21:15 , 06.12.16 ) 
Trump adviser's family donated to Israeli
US tax records indicate that Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, directs
(19:37 , 06.12.16 )
AG considers indicting King's Torah author
Pending the findings in a hearing for Rabbi Yosef Elitzur for articles that
(19:32 , 06.12.16 )
Comptroller report: Israel isn't ready for
A scathing report on preparedness for missile and rocket threats released to the
(19:32 , 06.12.16 )
Benny Begin punished for voting against
After he votes against the bill for a second time in its Knesset preliminary
(18:50 , 06.12.16 )
PM promises to continue David Ben-Gurion's
During memorial ceremony to mark 43 years since the passing of Israel’s first
(15:24 , 06.12.16 )
Minister to be reprimanded over drone blunder
Attorney General advises Prime Minister Netanyahu to reprimand Agriculture
(13:56 , 06.12.16 )
Pictures of Israel make best AP photos of the
The Associated Press has come out with its best pictures from the year 2016;
(13:19 , 06.12.16 )
Comptroller to look into NIS 5 billion in
MK Stav Shaffir says billions of shekels missing from the records of the Gaza
(12:39 , 06.12.16 )
Israel denies entry of BDS activist for first
Malawian BDS activist Isabel Phiri has been denied entry into the Jewish state
(11:40 , 06.12.16 )
Golden statue of PM Netanyahu erected at Rabin
Residents of Tel Aviv were shocked to find a golden statue of PM Netanyahu
(11:14 , 06.12.16 )
Israelis save Japanese hiker in Nepal
After Japanese hiker gets crushed by rockslide on Annapurna Circuit in Nepal,
(10:56 , 06.12.16 )
Amona residents slam Netanyahu, Bennett for
Settlers reject solution that would see them moved to temporary lodgings until a
(10:54 , 06.12.16 )
Molotov throwers arrested along Highway 60
The IDF has thwarted a molotov cocktail attack on Highway 60, south of
(09:04 , 06.12.16 ) 
New bill seeks to further shorten IDF male
A year after the IDF shortened mandatory service for males from three years to
(23:22 , 05.12.16 )
Police interview IDF officials on submarine
Ongoing police investigation into role in submarine scandal of David Shomron,
(22:14 , 05.12.16 )
Revised Regulation Bill passes preliminary
After Netanyahu and Bennett reached compromise removing the controversial Clause
(21:51 , 05.12.16 )
Russian aircraft carrier disrupts Mediterranean
The arrival of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean
(20:33 , 05.12.16 ) 
Shaked scolds opposition over vote of no
As opposition parties submit vote of no confidence ahead of preliminary reading
(19:46 , 05.12.16 )
Netanyahu apologizes for imperfections of Amona
During a forum of coalition party leaders, PM announces new draft Regulation
(18:29 , 05.12.16 )
Meet the Lebanese businessman building Israel's
Iskandar Safa is the CEO of Abu Dhabi MAR, contracted to build four Sa'ar
(16:38 , 05.12.16 )
Israeli ambassador presents credentials to
Almost six years after the expulsion of Israel's last ambassador to the country
(15:35 , 05.12.16 ) 
Bereaved Israeli mother to testify in US: 'Iran
Rachel Frenkel, whose son Naftali was kidnapped and murdered along with two of
(14:46 , 05.12.16 )
Obama invites Peres' son, granddaughter to
Mika Almog and Chemi Peres invited to celebrate President Obama's last Hanukkah
(12:23 , 05.12.16 )
Netanyahu, Bennett reach compromise on
AG still needs to approve agreement between coalition partners that would see
(10:34 , 05.12.16 ) 
Chilean court rejects demand against Israeli
The plaintiffs claim that the barrier is built on occupied land and separates
(23:38 , 04.12.16 )
Former judge pleads guilty to sexual harassment
Former Nazareth District Court President Yitzhak Cohen enters into plea bargain
(22:37 , 04.12.16 )
Family struggles with medical debt for son's
Then-12-year-old Assaf Yasour scaled an electrical pole to retrieve a ball, and
(21:15 , 04.12.16 )
Eisenkot implies Buchris won't serve in reserve
In his first comments since disgraced former Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris agreed to a
(21:06 , 04.12.16 )
WATCH: Violence at the Western Wall
Ultra-Orthodox woman strangles Women of the Wall board member Rachel Cohen
(20:21 , 04.12.16 ) 
PM to seek 30-day delay of Amona evacuation from
After talks between Netanyahu and Bennett reach an impasse over resolving the
(15:58 , 04.12.16 )
Leaflets distributed calling on IDF to disobey
As the evacuation of Amona approaches, youngsters distribute leaflets calling on
(15:25 , 04.12.16 )
Netanyahu asks Bayit Yehudi MK to leave his
Bezalel Smotrich says in interview that the prime minister was 'not right wing,'
(14:44 , 04.12.16 )
Ex-top security officials call for probe into
Amid reports that Iran has shares in German-based conglomerate ThyssenKrupp,
(12:46 , 04.12.16 )
Police say evidence justifies charging Sara
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife questioned over misusing state funds
(11:01 , 04.12.16 )
UAE-based company contracted to build warships
Abu Dhabi MAR, that owns ThyssenKrupp's Kiel shipyard, will build the hull of
(10:31 , 04.12.16 )
Three killed, toddler seriously injured in car
Crash took place overnight Saturday after two vehicles collided on Highway 79 in
(08:53 , 04.12.16 ) 
Water situation in Gaza growing worse
With the Palestinian population approaching two million, a new World Bank report
(23:37 , 03.12.16 )
First Coca-Cola plant opens in Gaza
The new plant adds 120 direct jobs and 1,200 indirect jobs to workers, suppliers
(23:32 , 03.12.16 )
Justice minister, Supreme Court president butt
Ayelet Shaked argues that Supreme Court is 'distorting democracy' by intervening
(23:30 , 03.12.16 )
Traffic fatalities rise in 2016
For the fourth consecutive year, the amount of traffic fatalities increases; as
(20:36 , 03.12.16 ) 
Illegal resident injured while evading police
The 30-year-old construction worker suffers a serious head injury after
(18:36 , 03.12.16 )
GPS navigation to loved ones' graves in works
The Ministry of Religious Services has run a pilot and is now preparing to map
(18:30 , 03.12.16 )
Israelis flock to Mt. Hermon to enjoy first snow
After two days of intense winter storms, the Mt. Hermon ski resort is now open
(12:31 , 03.12.16 )
Defence Minister Lieberman: Lets wait for Trump
Speaking at the Saban Forum hosted by the Brookings Institute in Washington DC,
(10:49 , 03.12.16 ) 
Iran earned 2 billion Euros off ThyssenKrupp
After Ynet revealed that the Iranian government owns a 4.5% stake in the German
(22:26 , 02.12.16 )
UN calls on Israel to leave Golan, Israel
As the UN General Assembly calls again on Israel to leave the Golan Heights and
(21:09 , 02.12.16 )
Iran urges Kenya to free two Iranians who
After videotaping the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, two Iranians and their
(19:05 , 02.12.16 )
Two youths suspected of lighting brush fire
An indictment has been filed against two 17 year olds from the Arab village of
(18:35 , 02.12.16 )
Iran holds shares in company selling submarines
Despite seeking for years to prevent other countries from doing business with
(17:15 , 02.12.16 )
Tel Aviv municipality workers hand winter kits
Due to the heavy rainfall and winter weather, Tel Aviv municipality workers from
(17:07 , 02.12.16 )
Turkey: Court asked to drop case against Israeli
Request comes on the heels of the recently signed Turkey-Israel reconciliation
(14:55 , 02.12.16 )
Palestinian arrested for arson just burning
Jawad Qatush is released after five days in jail when authorities agree that the
(13:06 , 02.12.16 )
President proposes leaving Jewish matters to
Reuven Rivlin, speaking at a forum, considers leaving religious decisions, such
(10:34 , 02.12.16 )
Rains drench Israel, snow cools the north
Following a particularly protracted summer, snow falls for the first time this
(08:46 , 02.12.16 )
Eyal Karim assumes position as IDF chief rabbi
In a change of command ceremony held Thursday night, Brig. Gen. Eyal Karim
(23:46 , 01.12.16 )
Lieberman criticizes UN to ambassadors
In a meeting hosted by Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, Defense
(21:19 , 01.12.16 )
Obama leans against last-minute action on Israel
US officials say Obama likely to avoid one last row with Israeli government,
(19:11 , 01.12.16 )
Heavy rains finally fall on Israel
Heavy rains have been reported all across the country, with reports of the first
(15:22 , 01.12.16 )
Police trying to make ex-PMO official into state
During investigation, sexual harassment allegations arise against PM's former
(14:06 , 01.12.16 )
Three Israeli Arabs given jail time for planning
One of the suspects is serving life in prison for the murder of a taxi driver,
(13:59 , 01.12.16 )
Illegal selection committee in ultra-Orthodox
The Pninat Reches building project in Jerusalem has come under fire for having
(13:36 , 01.12.16 )
Bayit Yehudi MK faces allegations of sexual
Woman who knows alleged victims posts on Facebook, calling on others who may
(13:12 , 01.12.16 )
Arabs donate wood to rebuild Haifa synagogue
Following a massive forest fire which gutted a conservative synagogue in Haifa,
(11:09 , 01.12.16 )
86 IDF recruits refuse to be drafted into
The draftees are seeking other combat roles and say they prefer to sit in jail
(10:06 , 01.12.16 )
Officer L.: 'Buchris touched my breast'
A female officer only identified as L. has testified saying that Brig. Gen.
(09:47 , 01.12.16 )
Lawsuits filed in Chile against Israeli justices
The Palestinian Federation of Chile has filed a war crimes suit against Israeli
(08:21 , 01.12.16 )
Palestinian leader seeks Trump support for
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he aims to gain President-elect Donald
(23:06 , 30.11.16 )
Victim in Buchris trial opposes plea bargain
In response to a proposed plea bargain in which Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris admits
(21:38 , 30.11.16 )
Amona residents seeking alternative housing
With the legal and political battle over the future of Amona coming to a peak,
(19:33 , 30.11.16 )
Shin Bet snatches Israeli intent on joining ISIS
The suspect contacted ISIS members in Syria and informed them of his desire to
(15:37 , 30.11.16 )
Vote on Regulation Bill, Muezzin Bill postponed
After Kahlon says his party will abstain from vote on Regulation Bill, coalition
(14:50 , 30.11.16 )
Norway's 3rd largest city votes to boycott
Jewish community in Trondheim refuses request by Israeli ambassador to condemn
(13:04 , 30.11.16 )
Palestinian arrested on suspicion of starting
Arrested suspect taken in for questioning by the Shin Bet on suspicion of
(12:53 , 30.11.16 )
UN General Assembly president wears Palestinian
Peter Thompson attends special meeting marking the 'International Day of
(10:54 , 30.11.16 )
Assad regime: IAF attacks Syrian army outpost,
Syrian government says Israel attacked two targets on the highway connecting
(10:49 , 30.11.16 )
Brig. Gen. Buchris offered plea deal in rape
Deal includes confession of inappropriate behavior toward one of two alleged
(10:18 , 30.11.16 )
UN chief: Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects
During 'International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People', Ban
(08:25 , 30.11.16 )
Bill to grant discharged lone soldiers NIS 12k
Ministers approve a bill to pay lone soldiers NIS 1k per month for their first
(00:24 , 30.11.16 )
Israel's drop in math, science scores 'national
The education minister comments that Israeli pupils' poorer ranking in the TIMSS
(23:17 , 29.11.16 )
For the price of €11 million
A source within German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp says corruption suspicions over
(22:45 , 29.11.16 )
Bitan proposes voting on two versions of
The coalition chairman proposes that section legalizing Amona be removed in one
(22:39 , 29.11.16 )
Fatah movement re-elects Abbas, opens leadership
Some 1,400 Fatah members gather in Ramallah for a conference, where delegates
(21:16 , 29.11.16 )
Israeli 8th-graders drop to 16th in math in
The TIMSS, which tests pupils from 39 countries in math and science; Israel
(20:25 , 29.11.16 )

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