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Border Guard thwart Jerusalem terror attack
Pickaxe found hidden in suspects clothing; Palestinian says he was planning to
(18:59 , 18.09.14 )
PM: Aid south will receive is unlike anything
Netanyahu vows gov't to okay NIS 1.3 billion economic plan, vow to continue
(18:35 , 18.09.14 )
Israel believes Syria kept 'significant'
Official says that despite stockpile, Israel confident that 'our deterrence'
(17:38 , 18.09.14 )
New ISIS video uses Brit as mouthpiece
Report claims Islamic State released a new video in which captured journalist
(17:29 , 18.09.14 ) 
Saudi Arabia promises $500 million for Gaza
Full cost of reconstruction expected to be around $4 billion over three years,
(15:23 , 18.09.14 )
Barghouti lauds Gaza 'victory,' urges
Jailed Fatah leader dismisses peace talks with Israel as pointless, says effort
(14:44 , 18.09.14 )
Code Red blares through southern Israel, IDF
Rocket alert sirens sounded in Hof Ashkelon and Sha'ar HaNegev regional
(12:06 , 18.09.14 )
Ben Gurion Airport workers launch strike, delay
Three-hour strike is an act of solidarity with Israel Postal Company workers,
(11:26 , 18.09.14 )
UN's flight marks new era on Israel-Syria front
Now, more than ever, the odds of Israel giving up the Golan for peace are slim
(11:11 , 18.09.14 ) 
Who will be the next interior minister?
Among those vying for Gideon Sa'ar's job, following his dramatic retirement
(09:57 , 18.09.14 )
Stas Misezhnikov named as former minister under
Former tourism minister is suspected of tender bias in favor of private company
(09:37 , 18.09.14 )
Senior MI officer: Israel would share intel on
In wide-ranging interview, Military Intelligence Directorate source reiterates
(01:10 , 18.09.14 )
UN says building materials to Gaza may quadruple
Under new deal, up to 800 truckloads of construction material will enter Gaza
(23:42 , 17.09.14 )
Migrants pressured into voluntary departure
Report reveals government workers employed in Holot detention center place
(23:30 , 17.09.14 )
Likud suffers another loss
Interior Minister Sa'ar becomes the latest in a string of high-profile
(23:28 , 17.09.14 )
WATCH: Stray mortar strikes Golan
Ynet news crew films mortar strike while driving away from danger.
(22:08 , 17.09.14 ) 
IDF officer to become first Israeli UN
Israeli major will take key role in organizing peacekeeping forces throughout
(21:31 , 17.09.14 )
Gideon Sa'ar announces 'time-out' from political
Interior Minister drops political bombshell at a Rosh Hashana toast event with
(21:09 , 17.09.14 )
US mulls next steps in battle against ISIS
LIVE: President Obama addresses troops at MacDill Air Force Base, as
(19:07 , 17.09.14 )
Israel 'concerned' while Iran belittles US ahead
On eve of talks to reach nuclear deal with Iran, Iran highlights gripes with US
(14:33 , 17.09.14 )
Scores of Gazan die at sea in attempt to flee
After Gaza op, more and more Gazans are attempting to flee Gaza through Egypt
(14:19 , 17.09.14 )
Steven Sotloff's producer recounts horror of
Yosef Abobaker entered Syria with American-Israeli journalist Sotloff only to be
(13:51 , 17.09.14 )
Diskin: Netanyahu, Ya'alon control Cabinet
After former IDF rabbi relieved of duty for leaking information to Bennett,
(13:22 , 17.09.14 )
Official: Plea bargain for celebrity Rabbi Pinto
Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto to serve year in jail in exchange for admiting he
(11:08 , 17.09.14 )
Israel, Hamas' secret war of spies
After Gaza op, Hamas executed a number of alleged collaborators, AP spoke with
(09:19 , 17.09.14 ) 
Israeli officials: Hamas arrested militants who
Security sources say Gaza group sent message through mediators that it would
(00:44 , 17.09.14 )
UN: Israel, PA reach deal on Gaza reconstruction
Mideast envoy Robert Serry says agreement on mechanism for Strip rehabilitation
(00:15 , 17.09.14 )
Report: Syrian rebels seize UN weapons on Golan
Syrian ambassador says Jabhat al-Nusra has driven out all UN peacekeeping forces
(00:02 , 17.09.14 )
Report: Former chief rabbi dismissed over leaks
Brig. Gen. (res.) Rontzki relieved from reserve duty for supplying classified
(23:36 , 16.09.14 )
Islamic State goes underground in Syrian
Facing US air strikes in Iraq, Islamic State fighters abandoned heavy weaponry
(23:15 , 16.09.14 )
Fragile peace broken by rocket from Gaza
Strip militants fire on southern communities; Hamas disavows launch, reiterates
(21:41 , 16.09.14 )
West Bank settler group boasts rapid growth
Hanan Ashrawi: 'These numbers released by the settlers council are an indication
(19:18 , 16.09.14 )
Eritrean immigrant's attackers: 'We don't like
Former Krav Maga champion brought to court with another suspect accused of
(18:07 , 16.09.14 )
Ya'alon: Hamas won't renew rocket fire at Israel
Defense minister says Israel is working to stabilize the reality on the ground,
(16:10 , 16.09.14 )
22 Palestinians arrested in East Jerusalem
Over 700 Palestinians arrested for violence since July, police note significant
(12:52 , 16.09.14 ) 
Lapid: I'd quit government rather than raise
Finance Minister tells Ynet he believes the crisis over the 2015 state budget
(12:30 , 16.09.14 )
Former minister questioned for corruption
Official allegedly gave millions of shekels in tenders to associates; police
(10:07 , 16.09.14 )
South Africa probes Israeli, 2 Nigerians over
Tax authority seizes three suitcases packed with unused $100 bills at Lanseria
(08:55 , 16.09.14 )
Asylum seekers join healthcare system to help
Group of Eritreans refugees join medical system as translators after undergoing
(00:32 , 16.09.14 )
Israeli breakthrough helps cancer patients'
If the new treatment mechanism, known as immunotherapy, lives up to
(00:17 , 16.09.14 )
Shuafat refugee camp residents fire at Israeli
Video obtained by Ynet documents masked gunmen shooting at Israeli Border Police
(00:16 , 16.09.14 ) 
Netanyahu moves to freeze Lapid's flagship
Lapid vowed to work for middle class, putting forth bill intended to help young
(22:37 , 15.09.14 )
Egypt sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader to
Mohamed Badie, 71, sent to life in prison together with 14 other Muslim
(22:36 , 15.09.14 )
Kerry: US not coordinating with Iran
After Iran claims it rejected US offer to join fighting against Islamic State,
(19:27 , 15.09.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Significant increase needed in
After Defense Minister Ya'alon says 'there are no cheap wars', Lapid demands
(19:15 , 15.09.14 )
UN forces cross Syrian border into Israel
Days after release of 45 UN Fijian peacekeepers kidnapped by Islamists, hundreds
(17:38 , 15.09.14 ) 
Former Mossad chief Yitzhak Hofi dies at 87
Hofi's term as Mossad chief saw some of Israel most successful black ops: from
(17:36 , 15.09.14 )
No jail for Olmert pending corruption conviction
Justice Noam Solberg says appeal by former prime minister appeal has validity,
(17:29 , 15.09.14 )
Ya'alon defends budget, instructs IDF to handle
Using ethical and moral dilemmas for political purposes is unacceptable and
(16:24 , 15.09.14 )
Iran rejects global strategy against extremists
Ayatollah Khamenei says Tehran privately refused American requests for
(15:35 , 15.09.14 )
Israel issues travel warning for western Europe
In light of the return of many jihadists from fighting in Syria and Iraq to
(14:40 , 15.09.14 )
Iraqi show portrays ISIS leader as spawn of
In promo for 'The Superstitious State,' Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi hatches from an egg
(10:02 , 15.09.14 ) 
US: Al-Qaeda's strength is waning as IS wins the
Group dismisses American assessment of its decline as 'lies,' saying al-Qaeda
(09:13 , 15.09.14 )
Former al Qaeda group swears fealty to ISIS in
Algeria's Caliphate Soldiers led by Khaled Abu Suleimane break from al Qaeda,
(00:40 , 15.09.14 )
Israel appoints first female ambassador to Arab
Current foreign ministry employee Einat Schlein named to post of ambassador in
(00:15 , 15.09.14 )
Report: Assad's allies lose heart amid new
Diplomats tell the Telegraph that Syria's main regional partners, Iran and
(22:34 , 14.09.14 )
IDF concerned of possible Hezbollah invasion of
Northern Command says Shiite terror group threatening to send forces across the
(18:49 , 14.09.14 )
PA concerned int'l attention on IS will harm
Palestinian official Saeb Erekat claims Israeli occupation, suffering of
(15:08 , 14.09.14 )
Unit 8200 reservists react to refusal letter:
After 43 officers from IDF's top intel unit send letter vowing to refuse to
(11:38 , 14.09.14 )
Gaza children return to school after war
After two week delay, almost half a million Gaza kids return to school after
(09:58 , 14.09.14 )
Israeli-Arab feared fighting for Islamic State
Rabiya Shahade, an Israeli Arab from Nazareth, is described by those who knew
(00:31 , 14.09.14 ) 
Hayden: Treat Islamic State like we did al-Qaeda
In second part of exclusive interview, US intelligence doyen Michael Hayden
(23:55 , 13.09.14 )
Lapid to Ynet: Possible to reach compromise on
As tensions run high between Netanyahu and Lapid over Israel's next budget,
(23:53 , 13.09.14 )
Gazans move into mobile homes donated by UEA
According to Gaza housing ministry, 9,800 homes were destroyed during 50-day
(23:39 , 13.09.14 )
Netanyahu backs intel unit, as Ya'alon slams
Defense minister slams letter by intel officers from Unit 8200 refusing to serve
(21:32 , 13.09.14 )
Intel soldiers respond to critics: Unit's
After reservists in IDF's top intelligence unit sign letter saying they'll will
(20:34 , 13.09.14 )
Kerry: Egypt key in fight against Islamic State
US hopes Egypt will use role as 'intellectual, cultural capital of Muslim world'
(18:54 , 13.09.14 ) 
MK Shelah: Netanyahu's behavior moves us closer
As Lapid and Netanyahu fight over Israel's next budget, Lapid's deputy and Yesh
(18:49 , 13.09.14 )
Politicians join sing along with southern
Leaving politics behind for one evening, ministers gather at Kibbutz Beeri for
(17:29 , 13.09.14 ) 
Iran: US playing with fire with Islamic State
After Kerry rules out Iranian invovlment in fight against Islamic State, Iranian
(17:11 , 13.09.14 )
Haniyeh: Hamas will not give up weapons
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh stresses militant group would never agree to disarm
(16:21 , 13.09.14 )
Hamas denies running 'shadow government' in Gaza
Days after Abbas threatens to break off Hamas unity agreement saying it was not
(07:57 , 13.09.14 )
French Hill residents call for new fence
After Issawiya rioters trash gas station, residents of Jerusalem's French Hill
(23:33 , 12.09.14 ) 
Intel troops: Why we won't serve in occupied
In letter sent to PM and chief of staff, 43 officers, soldiers, graduates of the
(23:32 , 12.09.14 )
Is it IS, ISIS, ISIL or maybe Daesh?
While Israel and Arab states use Arab acronym Daesh, most world knows radical
(23:20 , 12.09.14 )
Iran wants UN to condemn Israeli drone
After Iran claims to have shot down Israeli drone, Islamic Republic urges UN
(23:12 , 12.09.14 )
Stray mortar from Syrian civil war hits northern
Syrian sources report rebels retake village near Quneitra Crossing near border
(23:12 , 12.09.14 )
Kerry says no to Iran help in Islamic State
After France says it wants Iran to join conference on Islamic State, Kerry says
(22:08 , 12.09.14 )
Israel's Islamic Movement slams Islamic State,
'ISIS is a threat to us all,' says participants in Islamic Movement rally in
(20:09 , 12.09.14 )
IDF shoot Bedouin who enters firing range, pulls
Bedouin man shot after allegedly pulling a knife on IDF soldiers who ordered him
(18:45 , 12.09.14 )
Palestinians hail 8200 protest letter: Proof
After Ynet's print publication breaks letter signed by 43 reservists lamenting
(18:11 , 12.09.14 )
Lady Gaga photos covered up in Jerusalem ahead
After ultra-Orthodox cry 'immodesty', Jerusalem cover up posters promoting Lady
(17:09 , 12.09.14 )
Daunting task of Gaza reconstruction under
Estimates suggest cost to rebuild with be many times Gaza's own GDP; political
(15:41 , 12.09.14 )
In post-Snowden era, 'the bad guys will take
(15:25 , 12.09.14 )
Family attacked on way to Western Wall
Ramat Gan family recovering from near lynch attempt after Arabs threw rocks,
(12:58 , 12.09.14 )
IDF intelligence soldiers refuse to serve: We
Letter to the prime minister signed by 43 intelligence soldiers accuses military
(10:59 , 12.09.14 )
Islamic State's financial independence poses
The group has formalized a system of internal financing that includes an Islamic
(01:15 , 12.09.14 )
Israel concerned ISIS threat may distract Obama
Senior source tells Ynet that US may moderate its pressure on Tehran in nuclear
(00:54 , 12.09.14 )
Father of Iron Dome developing system to prevent
Danny Gold and Isaac Ben-Israel are developing a system that will be able to
(00:44 , 12.09.14 )
Israeli firefighters and US marines mark 9/11 in
The emotional ceremony was attended by US Ambassador Dan Shapiro who said:
(23:14 , 11.09.14 )
US senator leaves dinner after boos for
Cruz, Republican presidential hopeful, says he walked out of 'In Defense of
(19:51 , 11.09.14 )
Netanyahu: Israel fully supports Obama against
Prime minister says all terror groups are 'branches of the same poisonous tree'
(18:31 , 11.09.14 ) 

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