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B'Tselem gives up on IDF complaints system
NGO announces it will no longer take complaints over soldiers' conduct against
(09:35 , 25.05.16 ) 
AG Mandelblit defends his predecessor
Mandelblit says state comptroller report 'contains material that should be
(23:29 , 24.05.16 )
'Netanyahu doesn't understand credit cards'
Former Finance Ministry director-general Leiter claims no wrongdoing after State
(23:20 , 24.05.16 )
Comptroller’s report highlights Israeli failure
The state comptroller’s report, published Tuesday, underscores the government’s
(23:17 , 24.05.16 )
Hamas anti-Semitic Ramadan show enters second
Fida'i Ramadan mini-series starting second season in two weeks following rave
(22:23 , 24.05.16 )
Comptroller raises questions regarding PM's
Funding of Netanyahu's travels abroad during between the years 2003-2005 comes
(20:26 , 24.05.16 )
In tough times, most Palestinians view
As unemployment grows and the economy stagnates, Palestinians are becoming
(19:43 , 24.05.16 )
Hundreds of doctors protest dangerously long
Junior doctors launch campaign against 26-hour work shifts. Potestors say
(18:51 , 24.05.16 )
Palestinian PM rejects Netanyahu's direct talks
In meeting with French PM, Hamdallah accuses Netanyahu of 'trying to buy time'
(14:53 , 24.05.16 )
Foreign Press Association slams Israel
EPA photographer asked to pull down his pants by security before entering the
(13:57 , 24.05.16 )
Erdan stops return of terrorists' bodies after
200 East Jerusalem residents crowded outside the cemetery during the funeral of
(12:46 , 24.05.16 ) 
Egypt seeks to advance own Israeli-Palestinian
The French are not the only ones pushing for peace between Israelis and
(10:45 , 24.05.16 )
State comptroller: AG's office covering up
Comptroller says attorney general Mandelblit and predecessor Weistein stalling
(09:42 , 24.05.16 )
Smadar Haran tells her story, brings journalists
Survior of the 1979 Nahariya terrorist attack tells her story to foreign war
(23:28 , 23.05.16 )
Israel's Milky Way
Cartons and bottles of milk fall off a truck on a road near Kibbutz Kfar
(22:34 , 23.05.16 )
Elor Azaria pleads not guilty to manslaughter
Attorneys submit a plea against manslaughter charges following an incident in
(21:50 , 23.05.16 )
Netanyahu: 'The door is still open'
Netanyahu calls for a wider representation in the government; meanwhile, Herzog
(21:35 , 23.05.16 )
Twenty families move to Gaza border community
Two years after 19 families move away from Kibbutz Nahal Oz in the Gaza border
(19:00 , 23.05.16 )
Gaza 'Spiderboy' seeks to storm Guinness world
Mohammed al-Sheikh, who appeared on 'Arabs Got Talent' in Lebanon, has
(17:57 , 23.05.16 )
Netanyahu rejects claim that coalition talks hit
Finance Minister Kahlon at odds with Yisrael Beytenu's Lieberman over pension
(16:23 , 23.05.16 )
Netanyahu: I'm willing to have one-on-one
In press conference with French PM, the Israeli premier stresses direct
(13:30 , 23.05.16 ) 
Israel lifts ban on private cement imports to
Shipments stopped after Hamas diverted cement supplies to its military branch,
(12:41 , 23.05.16 )
Herzog comes under fire from his own party over
Zionist Union leader urged by party members to state unequivocal refusal to join
(11:52 , 23.05.16 )
Controversial bills on agenda as Knesset returns
With a broader coalition, the prime minister can now push his MK suspension bill
(09:59 , 23.05.16 )
PM: Quit crying and moaning
Benjamin Netanyahu defends his record and says that he has proven he cares about
(23:55 , 22.05.16 )
Lebanese Army builds observation towers on
New observation towers which can see inside kibbutzim and IDF bases on the
(22:56 , 22.05.16 )
Arab-Israeli supermarket employee beaten by
The man was stopped by two undercover police officers who asked him to identify
(21:25 , 22.05.16 ) 
Meridor on Ya'alon: I also found myself without
Former Likud minister Dan Meridor told Ynet that extremism is increasingly
(19:34 , 22.05.16 )
A farewell to the armed
Moshe Ya'alon left his position as defense minister on Sunday afternoon, saying
(17:59 , 22.05.16 )
Leading Austrian candidate accused of lying
Far-right Freedom Party's Norbert Hofer claims he was only 10 meters away when a
(14:56 , 22.05.16 )
Kahlon to oppose death punishment for terrorists
Senior Kulanu official makes it clear that the party will not support Yisrael
(14:18 , 22.05.16 )
Classified information accidentally sent to
Lawyers were asked to immediately return 40 secret documents surrounding 7
(12:21 , 22.05.16 )
PM decides to keep Foreign Ministry, still hopes
While Netanyahu holds onto the prestigious portfolio as a bargaining chip, Labor
(12:01 , 22.05.16 )
Ya'alon leaves Defense Ministry: Netanyahu
In interview he gave last week, the outgoing defense minister levels harsh
(08:58 , 22.05.16 )
The trauma remains
Resisim is an organization which helps Israelis express their feelings and
(23:42 , 21.05.16 )
Israel to return Egyptian mummy sarcophagi
Four years ago, Israel Antiquities Authorities Antiquities Robbery Prevention
(23:41 , 21.05.16 )
Likud's next challenge: the Foreign Ministry
The foreign ministry portfolio is up for grabs; after being held by Netanyahu to
(20:28 , 21.05.16 )
Aharon Barak to receive award from LGBT
The supreme court president emeritus is to be recognized at the beginning of
(19:11 , 21.05.16 )
Herzog continues aiming blows at Yachimovich
Labor leader continues onslaught against senior MK, saying he has 'serious
(16:15 , 21.05.16 )
Egypt and Israel close to reaching compromise
Egypt will pay Israeli Electrical Corporation $865 million over 14 months in
(13:01 , 21.05.16 )
Singaporean who defied boycott of Israel finally
Despite fear of backlash from his neighbors, Seow Kee Quek, a Singaporean
(11:29 , 21.05.16 )
Government and energy companies agree to new
The new clause will allow future governments to review and amend the gas deal
(09:46 , 21.05.16 )
Israeli officials pledge support of Druze
As Druze celebrate holiday of Ziyarat al-Nabi Shu'ayb at Jethro's tomb outside
(22:11 , 20.05.16 )
Which events most impacted Israeli democracy?
Joint poll by Ynet and the Israel Democracy Institute explores the top 10 events
(20:20 , 20.05.16 )
Netanyahu responds to Ya’alon resignation
As Prime Minister Netanyhu expresses his disappointment over Ya'alon's
(17:46 , 20.05.16 )
Lieberman's death sentence to terrorist bill
After obtaining the coalition's support of his capital punishment legislation,
(14:53 , 20.05.16 )
Yehuda Glick to fill Ya'alon's Knesset seat
The right-wing American-born 50 year old spoke highly of Ya'alon; he is best
(14:15 , 20.05.16 )
Farewells to Moshe Ya'alon
Israeli politicians and the US respond to Ya'alon's resignation; one MK: 'We’ve
(13:19 , 20.05.16 )
Ya'alon: 'Those who lead us must do so based on
The resigning minister of defense is addressing the media and his decision to
(12:02 , 20.05.16 )
IDF Medical Corps adapts to knife intifada
Following six months of knife attacks targeting both civilians and military
(11:10 , 20.05.16 )
Ya'alon resigns as defense minister, MK
Deciding not to wait for Yisrael Beytenu to reach an agreement on joining the
(09:34 , 20.05.16 )
Israel has 8th highest life expectancy in the
A new life expectancy survey has come out for the first time since 2000; despite
(21:42 , 19.05.16 )
PA: Lieberman joining Israeli gov't - proof
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has released a statement claiming that
(19:35 , 19.05.16 )
Palestinian history museum opens without any
After spending $28 million, the Palestinian Authority opens a new museum
(14:58 , 19.05.16 )
Egyptians furious over Israel's 'political
Cairo caught by surprise after talks to bring Herzog's Labor into the government
(12:13 , 19.05.16 )
Iron Dome intercepts rockets from sea for first
The missile defense system, now installed on a missile ship, successfully shot
(10:43 , 19.05.16 ) 
Ya'alon 'not surprised' defense minister job
Close associates say the defense minister saw the move to oust him taking shape
(10:31 , 19.05.16 )
Lieberman: Achievement for the Russian-speaking
Yisrael Beytenu leader says receiving the Defense Ministry is 'an important
(09:06 , 19.05.16 )
New Egyptian textbook portrays Israeli-Egyptian
Israel welcomes its publication and FM spokesperson calls it an 'extremely
(23:22 , 18.05.16 )
Herzog explains negotiations failure, slams
The leader of the opposition called a press conference on Wed. night to explain
(21:01 , 18.05.16 )
French PM: France concerned with Israel's
In an exclusive interview, Manuel Valls for the reinvigoration of the peace
(19:45 , 18.05.16 )
Lieberman to join government, become defense
The Yisrael Beytenu leader, after meeting with the PM, has agreed to bring his
(19:14 , 18.05.16 )
Herzog: No simultaneous coalition negotiations
After Prime Minister Netanyahu sets meeting with Yisrael Beytenu leader
(15:17 , 18.05.16 )
Shaked pushes for obligatory mediations for
The justice minister proposes new regulations that would oblige couples wishing
(14:18 , 18.05.16 )
Netanyahu to meet Lieberman over joining
Yisrael Beytenu leader says talks should focus on defense policy, death sentence
(13:51 , 18.05.16 )
Terrorist convicted of murder of soldier in Tel
Nur al-Din Abu Khashiyeh confessed to killing First Sergeant Almog Shiloni in
(11:55 , 18.05.16 )
WATCH: Israeli navy holds joint exercise with
Israeli missile boats, patrol boats, swiftboats, rescue helicopters with
(11:14 , 18.05.16 ) 
Division in Labor as Herzog in talks to join
Party officials say the opposition leader has already finalized most of the
(09:48 , 18.05.16 )
Minister Haim Katz suspected of insider trading
Minister of Welfare and Social Services is suspected of colluding with financial
(23:07 , 17.05.16 )
US judge: Congregants can take control of oldest
A New York congregation and a Rhode Island congregation battle for property
(19:41 , 17.05.16 )
Egypt president backs French proposal for
In an impromptu speech, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi calls on Israelis and Palestinians
(18:07 , 17.05.16 )
Swedish politician: Israel isn't the problem in
Swedish politician Lars Adaktusson tells Ynet his country needs to be 'much more
(17:13 , 17.05.16 ) 
'We decided to throw a grenade at a Palestinian
Excerpts from the interrogation of the Jewish terror cell from Nahliel in the
(16:46 , 17.05.16 )
France postpones Middle East conference to
French President Hollande says peace summit, initially scheduled for May 30,
(13:00 , 17.05.16 )
Plaque at president's sculpture garden details
The President's Residence recently added plaques with background information
(12:05 , 17.05.16 )
Tensions between prime minister, defense
Political officials say that while the two settled their differences over
(10:32 , 17.05.16 )
Gazans say Jordan restricting movement
Jordan has restricted travel of Gazans through its territory since last spring;
(22:50 , 16.05.16 )
Former IDF generals come out in support of
Maj.-Gen. (res.) Gadi Shamni says officers should speak their minds as 'army of
(21:19 , 16.05.16 )
Netanyahu appoints Hanegbi to minister without
MK David Bitan will replace Hanegbi as coalition chairman; however, PM yet to
(19:34 , 16.05.16 )
Spring heat wave continues as southern Israel
Firefighters battle blazes in the capital, as Israelis flee to the beach to cool
(18:46 , 16.05.16 )
Stabbing attack in Jerusalem
Israeli Yehoshua Frank, 26, was stabbed by a terrorist on Hanevi'im Street in
(15:41 , 16.05.16 )
No mention of Israel, please
Analysis: In unusual move, Hezbollah asks journalists to avoid implicating
(14:15 , 16.05.16 )
Netanyahu and Ya'alon heal differences
Defense Minister Ya'alon and Prime Minister Netanyahu have healed a rift between
(13:42 , 16.05.16 )
Will Israelis finally get Sundays off?
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon backs proposal intended to be implemented over a
(11:40 , 16.05.16 )
Canadian delegation on Israel visit
A group of over 100 Canadian politicians and business leaders from Ontario
(11:32 , 16.05.16 )
Netanyahu summons Ya'alon for 'clarification
Prime minister and defense minister go head to head in public exchange of
(23:15 , 15.05.16 )
Israel at peak of heat wave
Southern Israel registers highest temperatures on Sunday, with 47 °C in kibbutz
(21:33 , 15.05.16 )

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