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Deal with Iran at heart of Argentine
Sources say Argentina's shamed spy agency spent years helping prosecutors build
(00:39 , 30.01.15 )
'Sara Netanyahu pocketed bottle deposits cash'
Report in Haaretz claims PM Netanyahu wife's kept thousands of shekels from
(00:12 , 30.01.15 )
Israeli who joined Nusra Front returns to Israel
Amin Ahmed Saleh Tznobar, 24, regrets decision to travel to Syria and join
(23:47 , 29.01.15 )
Simultaneous attacks in Egypt's Sinai kill 27
Islamic State-linked Ansar Beit al-Maqdis claims responsibility for wide-ranging
(23:10 , 29.01.15 )
Lieberman locks horns with Netanyahu over
Foreign minister slams PM's decision not to further respond to Hezbollah attack,
(21:20 , 29.01.15 )
Obama would veto bill for congressional approval
Obama vows to veto bill that would levy tough new sanctions on Iran if it fails
(21:15 , 29.01.15 )
Gas blast at Mexico City children's hospital,
'Fortunately, we were able to get eight babies out,' first responder says after
(19:05 , 29.01.15 ) 
Livni: Netanyahu hurt Israel's deterrence
Zionist Camp deputy chief Livni criticizes Netanyahu for hurting Israel's
(18:35 , 29.01.15 )
New Iran UN envoy appointee expected to get US
Previous nominee rejected by US for alleged role in hostage crisis; new
(18:20 , 29.01.15 )
Egyptian women protest 'murder' of female
Shaimaa Sabbagh died after Egyptian police tried to breakup protests:
(17:17 , 29.01.15 )
Thousands attend funerals for 2 soldiers killed
Maj. Yochai Kalangel buried on Mount Herzl, while Staff-Sgt. Dor Nini is being
(16:51 , 29.01.15 )
Netanyahu: Iran is the one behind Mt. Dov attack
'Iran is the one arming, organizing, funding and launching its messengers of
(12:50 , 29.01.15 )
Electricity company cuts supply to the PA over
Power to Palestinians will be cut in half for two hours every day until a
(11:59 , 29.01.15 )
Israel confirms Hezbollah not interested in
Defense Minister Ya'alon says UN passed message from Lebanese terror group
(11:35 , 29.01.15 )
IDF publishes initial investigation into
Convoy carried reinforcement soldiers who were on a tour to familiarize unit
(11:07 , 29.01.15 ) 
Pelosi: Netanyahu speech could damage Iran
Senior Democrat says Likud leader's address to Congress 'not appropriate' before
(08:33 , 29.01.15 )
Soldiers wounded in attack escaped vehicle at
Troops hurt in Hezbollah attack near Lebanon border evacuated military vehicle
(23:56 , 28.01.15 )
Former Mossad chief: I don't trust Netanyahu,
Meir Dagan says PM's speech won't change Obama's mind on Iran, adds Sharon had
(23:56 , 28.01.15 )
UN rights chief faults Israel, Palestinians over
In report, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein says Israeli probe focused only on 'exceptional
(23:01 , 28.01.15 ) 
Hezbollah in message to Israel: We don't want
Attack was an 'eye for an eye' - revenge for January 18 attack in Syria
(21:05 , 28.01.15 )
Netanyahu: Those behind deadly border attack
PM says 'IDF is prepared to act strongly on all fronts'; defense minister says
(20:24 , 28.01.15 ) 
IDF soldiers killed in Hezbollah Mt. Dov attack
Captain Yohai Kalangel and Sergeant Dor Nini were killed when Hezbollah fighters
(19:15 , 28.01.15 )
Rivlin to UN: Lesson of Holocaust will never be
Speaking before UN General Assembly, President Rivlin addresses attack near
(19:13 , 28.01.15 )
Hezbollah faces internal criticism in Lebanon
Senior Lebanese officials say Nasrallah is dragging the country into another war
(18:11 , 28.01.15 )
Obama: Netanyahu meeting before Israel election
In interview with CNN, Obama says he declined to meet Netanyahu because of
(16:29 , 28.01.15 )
IDF convoy hit in attack was unarmored
Despite high alert level, soldiers were travelling in unarmored vehicle when
(16:26 , 28.01.15 ) 
Spanish peacekeeper killed by IDF mortar shell
IDF senior official confirms Spanish UN soldier killed from IDF mortar shell,
(14:55 , 28.01.15 )
Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot held by
Ahead of Islamic State execution ultimatum, Jordan says it is willing to free
(14:39 , 28.01.15 )
IDF hits Hezbollah in Lebanon after group claims
Hezbollah says 'heroic martyrs of Quneitra' attacked Israeli forces in north in
(13:40 , 28.01.15 ) 
At least 7 wounded, including soldiers, from
IDF respond with fire after vehicle hit with anti-tank missile not far from Har
(11:51 , 28.01.15 ) 
Former Haaretz chief editor David Landau dies at
British-born journalist, seen as driving force behind English-language news in
(11:03 , 28.01.15 )
IDF hits Syrian military positions in response
In retaliation for rockets launched at the Israeli Golan, IDF says IAF warplanes
(09:13 , 28.01.15 )
Russia releases 70-year-old classified testimony
Documents released by Russia after Polish FMO claims Ukrainians were first
(01:36 , 28.01.15 )
Bus driver in Tel Aviv stabbing attack says
Herzl Biton, the bus driver seriously wounded in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv,
(00:18 , 28.01.15 )
Iran says it sent warning to Israel via US
Islamic republic tells Americans to inform Israelis to expect 'consequences of
(23:39 , 27.01.15 )
10,000 Palestinian teens graduate Hamas terror
Haniyeh attends graduation ceremony for Gazan group's youngest members, who have
(22:04 , 27.01.15 )
Elkin: Not everyone has an asset like Netanyahu
Likud MK Ze'ev Elkin says 'not many leaders get same treatment from Congress as
(21:11 , 27.01.15 )
US Democrats oppose latest Iran sanctions bill
Co-author of new legislation to punish Tehran if nuclear talks fail turns
(20:08 , 27.01.15 )
Holocaust survivors gather at Auschwitz to mark
Some 300 survivors are joined by leaders from Poland, Germany, France and
(19:42 , 27.01.15 )
IDF source claims Hezbollah behind rocket fire
Senior source says Lebanese terror group launched rockets on Golan but IDF holds
(17:35 , 27.01.15 )
Kahlon slams Netanyahu government's 'neglect' of
Kulanu leader visits Phoenicia Glass Works Factory in Yeruham, saying 'Israeli
(15:49 , 27.01.15 )
Two rockets fired from Syria at Israel, IDF
Army fires 20 artillery shells at Syrian positions from which rockets launched
(14:36 , 27.01.15 ) 
Peri: Netanyahu endangering IDF soldiers
Former minister Yaakov Peri slams PM over spat with Obama administration, says
(12:39 , 27.01.15 )
UNRWA forced to suspend Gaza reconstruction due
'The agency has exhausted all funding to support repairs and rental subsidies,'
(11:38 , 27.01.15 )
Rivlin urges Ban to take a stand against
'To come and say that our brothers, children and grandchildren who serve in the
(09:15 , 27.01.15 )
BBC Arabic: Avoid calling Paris attackers
Chief of BBC Arabic says the phrase 'terrorist' is too loaded; 'We try to avoid
(22:40 , 26.01.15 )
IDF dismisses several intel reservists over
Israeli military terminates reserve duty of soldiers, several months after the
(22:11 , 26.01.15 )
'It was not ethical,' says police deputy chief
Deputy Police Commissioner admits to improper conduct during internal affairs
(18:43 , 26.01.15 )
Yadlin: Netanyahu's speech to Congress is
Former intelligence chief turned Zionist Camp candidate for defense minister
(16:30 , 26.01.15 )
Netanyahu hits back at claims of wife's alcohol
Prime Minister points finger at media after publication of allegations by former
(14:06 , 26.01.15 )
Six arrested in Jerusalem over attack on Israeli
Suspects appear in court for remand hearing over attack on 21-year-old music
(13:47 , 26.01.15 )
High-ranking police officer questioned over sex
Officer held under house arrest, unlikely to return to police force; initially
(12:29 , 26.01.15 )
Study: Germans skeptical on Israel, but Israelis
35% of Germans equate Israeli policies toward Palestinians with Nazi policies
(11:46 , 26.01.15 )
Assad: Syria never planned to attack Israeli
Syrian president tells Foreign Affairs magazine that Israel has been attacking
(10:17 , 26.01.15 )
Druze former soldier beaten by Jewish gang: We
Tommy Houssan calls for tolerance after being hit with glass, bottles in hate
(00:12 , 26.01.15 )
UN Gaza probe looking for Israeli testimonies
Schabas Committee investigating war crimes in Gaza conflict calls on Israelis
(00:05 , 26.01.15 )
Assad: Israel is al Qaeda's air force
In first response to alleged attack by Israel, Syrian president says Israel
(22:50 , 25.01.15 )
Journalist who reported Nisman's death lands in
After first reporting death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, Damian
(22:29 , 25.01.15 ) 
Rivlin invited to meet Obama during first US
White House plays down rift, saying no room for 'blame game' after Rivlin
(20:04 , 25.01.15 ) 
Former employee's testimonies detail Sara
Workers claim they were verbally abused by Sara Netanyahu 'especially after she
(19:27 , 25.01.15 )
Possible security incident in north prompts IDF
IDF closes roads in north as tensions rise after alleged Israeli attack kills
(18:46 , 25.01.15 )
Iran's foreign minister summoned to parliament
Hardline legislators in Tehran protest Zarif's 'exhibitionist walk' with Kerry,
(16:18 , 25.01.15 )
Netanyahu defends planned Congress speech as
Prime Minister says he has moral obligation to 'go wherever invited to make
(14:38 , 25.01.15 )
Lieberman: Yisrael Beytenu will distribute
Party will buy thousands of copies and distribute them to the public in the name
(14:12 , 25.01.15 )
Did Israel find Iranian general in Syria by cell
Lebanese sources say Israeli forces were able to target Iranian General Mohammed
(11:59 , 25.01.15 )
Two killed in light aircraft crash in Rishon
Ultralight aircraft crashes near Superland amusement park, catches fire; two
(10:32 , 25.01.15 ) 
Netanyahu on Peres US visit in 1996: Ploy to win
Nearly 20 years ago, Netanyahu slammed then-Prime Minister Peres' US visit
(09:16 , 25.01.15 )
Fox News joins chorus of Netanyahu critics
Conservative outlet's anchors say relationship with US will suffer, after New
(01:26 , 25.01.15 ) 
France sees as many anti-Muslim acts in January
More than 100 incidents against Muslims registered in two weeks after gunmen
(00:51 , 25.01.15 )
State: Attorney General used 'excessive caution'
State says Benjamin Netanyahu received preferential treatment in travel funds
(00:04 , 25.01.15 )
Bird flu spreads; 40,000 turkeys to be culled
H5N1 virus emerges in Sharon-area kibbutz after outbreak in north caused
(22:58 , 24.01.15 )
Journalist who reported Nisman's death flees
Damian Pachter tells journalist forum he noticed 'suspicious surveillance' in
(22:57 , 24.01.15 )
VIDEO: Hezbollah operating near Syrian Golan
Lebanese media outlets release rare video showing Hezbollah, Syrian army
(21:49 , 24.01.15 ) 
Facebook deletes pro-terrorist Hamas post
Social network site removes post praising perpetrator of Tel Aviv attack for
(19:51 , 24.01.15 )
Report: Islamic State executes Japanese hostage
According to intelligence group, radical jihadists force one of two hostages to
(18:21 , 24.01.15 )
Givati soldier took on 5 terrorists alone, and
During Gaza war, Sgt. Sahar Elbaz and his unit came under attack in Rafah.
(14:50 , 24.01.15 )
US officials: Netanyahu using Congress speech on
American official says Obama, Kerry urged Netanyahu not to lobby for more
(10:58 , 24.01.15 )
EU official: ‘Huge challenge’ to reassure Jews
European Commission Vice-President says that following Paris attacks, 'majority
(00:46 , 24.01.15 )
US: Alliance with Israel 'national security
White House spokesman explains US policy against meeting with foreign leaders
(23:50 , 23.01.15 )

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