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Arabs protest UN's withdrawal of Israel
Palestinian envoy claims ‘bullying tactics and intimidation’ were used to nix
(11:20 , 23.03.17 )
Yair Katz, son of Minister Katz, arrested in IAI
Two arrested and 10 held for questioning on Wednesday morning as part of ongoing
(10:51 , 23.03.17 )
IDF officers' training course to offer separate
Religious soldiers who wish to serve separately from women will be able to do so
(10:12 , 23.03.17 )
Levinstein warned of Ministry of Defense
Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman doubles down on his demands for Rabbi
(23:11 , 22.03.17 )
Foreign Min. cadet course to include first
Rasha Uthmani is to be that first Muslim woman to take part in the Foreign
(23:06 , 22.03.17 )
Former MK Ghattas officially convicted for
Former Joint List MK Basel Ghattas is officially convicted of charges related to
(21:05 , 22.03.17 ) 
Report: Government still detaining African
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants report claims government still detains
(19:53 , 22.03.17 )
Netanyahu: ‘Progress in talks with the US on
Prime Minister Netanyahu ended his visit to China and is on his way back to
(18:07 , 22.03.17 ) 
Victim's parents watch terrorist's home sealed
Merav and Herzl Hajaj, whose daughter Lt. Shir Hajaj was murdered in a vehicular
(16:40 , 22.03.17 )
Bereaved son slams terrorist’s father UN speech
Micah Avni, who lost his father Richard Lakin in the East Talpiot terror attack
(15:06 , 22.03.17 )
Kahlon: IPBC heads want elections, not
The finance minister slams timing chosen by the Israel Public Broadcasting
(11:51 , 22.03.17 )
IDF chief: Tunnel threat is serious, but not
Speaking in front of the Knesset's State Control Committee, Eisenkot says while
(10:38 , 22.03.17 )
Initial investigation findings point to human
The Skylark drone that crashed in Syria and captured by Hezbollah likely went
(09:47 , 22.03.17 )
IDF fires at 3 suspicious Palestinians on Gaza
Three Palestinians enter no-go area near the Gaza border fence overnight,
(08:08 , 22.03.17 )
IDF reserves officer collapses and dies after
Capt. (Res.) Elhanan Brazner takes part in a race from the Dead Sea to Lake
(23:05 , 21.03.17 )
Jerusalem terrorist’s father speaks at the UN:
Mohammed Aliyan, whose son murdered three Israelis in a terror attack at east
(20:48 , 21.03.17 ) 
AG blocks attempt to encroach upon freedom of
The political echelon seeks to shorten the approval process on the bill that
(19:39 , 21.03.17 )
Israel plans mass evacuation if war erupts again
If Gaza or Lebanon's terrorist organizations decide to go to war with Israel,
(19:02 , 21.03.17 )
Policeman who beat Ethiopian soldier gets plea
The former police officer is offered deal by the attorney general, despite being
(18:53 , 21.03.17 ) 
Hamas requests advanced map software from the
The arrest of Muhammad Murtaja exposes further details into the elaborate scheme
(18:12 , 21.03.17 )
China's president: Peaceful Middle East good for
During meeting in Beijing, Xi Jinping tells Netanyahu that 'a peaceful, stable,
(16:05 , 21.03.17 )
Eisenkot: IDF will keep thwarting arms transfers
Chief of Staff Eizenkot says Hezbollah remains Israel's biggest challenge,
(15:36 , 21.03.17 )
Gaza coordinator of Turkish aid group funneled
Muhammad Murtaja, an employee of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination
(14:25 , 21.03.17 ) 
Sakhnin woman gets 4 years for joining ISIS with
Sabrin Zubeidat joined ISIS with her husband and three children two years ago;
(13:38 , 21.03.17 )
Anti-NGO legislation becomes law
Under the new amendment to the law, political organizations in Israel could
(13:15 , 21.03.17 )
Three weapon smugglers apprehended, heavy
The IDF arrested three weapon smugglers on the suspicion of stealing armaments
(12:10 , 21.03.17 )
David's Sling officially enters service
As tensions rise on the northern border, the Air Force officially inaugurates
(11:56 , 21.03.17 ) 
Netanyahu sets new demands to resolve spat with
The appearance that Kahlon 'has the upper hand' and the appointment of
(11:27 , 21.03.17 )
Israeli man critically wounded in Ohio shooting
The unidentified 30-year-old man is suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and
(10:50 , 21.03.17 )
31 ultra-Orthodox rioters arrested in protests
Haredim block roads, throw stones, attack police officers during protest against
(09:59 , 21.03.17 ) 
Hezbollah claims to have seized an IDF drone
IDF confirms drone crashed in Syrian territory, while Hezbollah claims that it
(08:47 , 21.03.17 )
Major-general whose computer was stolen will not
After former IDF Manpower Directorate Maj.-Gen. Hagai Topolanski had his pesonal
(23:12 , 20.03.17 )
Intercepted Syrian missile carried 200 kilograms
IAF investigation into the interception of the Syrian missile reveals that
(21:01 , 20.03.17 ) 
Israel's multi-layer defense system fully
David's Sling, designed to shoot down rockets incoming from 200 km, to be deemed
(18:45 , 20.03.17 )
Israel sets to annex disputed maritime border
The dispute between Israel and Lebanon over the maritime border between them has
(17:46 , 20.03.17 )
Netanyahu in China to boost trade ties
With Israeli economy 'pivoting towards Asia in a very clear and purposeful way,'
(17:23 , 20.03.17 )
Jordan court rejects US extradition request for
Court upholds previous decision not to extradite Ahlam Tamimi, who helped carry
(15:11 , 20.03.17 )
US opposes Human Rights Council discussion on
State Department says it will vote against any resolution put forth under agenda
(14:03 , 20.03.17 )
Herzliya mayor calls on residents to attend
After surviving the horrors of World War II as a little girl and dedicating much
(12:24 , 20.03.17 )
Shin Bet chief warns: Current calm in violence
Director Nadav Argaman says terror cells, particularly organized ones belonging
(10:31 , 20.03.17 )
Syria's UN envoy: Retaliation against Israel
Following Syria's launch of anti-aircraft missiles at IAF fighter jet that
(10:03 , 20.03.17 )
Rivlin: Going to early elections over IPBC
The president deems Netanyahu-Kahlon feud over the fate of the Israel Public
(08:29 , 20.03.17 )
Netanyahu's advisors fly to DC for talks
Netanyahu's Chief of Staff Yoav Horowitz and political advisor Jonathan
(23:43 , 19.03.17 )
Kahlon responds in IPBC crisis
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon promises to take care of the employees of the
(21:35 , 19.03.17 )
IDF reportedly kills militia commander in drone
Only several hours after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatens to destroy
(19:25 , 19.03.17 )
Eisenkot predicts upcoming war with
Speaking at the change of command ceremony for the GOC northern command, the
(19:16 , 19.03.17 )
Mossad director comments on comptroller’s report
Almost a month after the comptroller’s report on the 2014 Gaza war, otherwise
(19:02 , 19.03.17 )
Syria threatens IAF with air defense
In an attempt to save face and project power and deterrence, the Syrian army and
(15:33 , 19.03.17 )
Ghattas resigns from the Knesset
Former MK Basel Ghattas resigns as part of his plea agreement with prosecutors
(14:50 , 19.03.17 )
IDF expects manpower shortage due to shortened
A year before the first soldiers serving a shortened tour of duty are released,
(14:43 , 19.03.17 )
IDF calls up reservists for surprise exercise in
Southern Command's reserve forces will drill different operational scenarios,
(13:48 , 19.03.17 )
Two injured in crane collapse in Ramat Gan
38-years-old man moderately hurt after he was trapped inside the crane when it
(11:59 , 19.03.17 )
Lieberman: If Syria targets our aircraft again,
Defense minister warns Assad regime after it unsuccessfully tried to shoot down
(11:44 , 19.03.17 )
Former head of Arrow project pleased with
The Arrow anti-ballistic missile system activated for the first time, scoring a
(10:48 , 19.03.17 ) 
Ghattas replacement to be sworn in to Knesset
Basel Ghattas resigns from Knesset after signing a plea deal admitting to
(10:36 , 19.03.17 )
Herzog calls on Kahlon to resign, form
The opposition leader calls for a constructive vote of no confidence that would
(09:31 , 19.03.17 )
President Rivlin departs for a state visit to
The president is joined by delegations of Israeli business leaders and heads of
(23:25 , 18.03.17 )
Haredi coalitionists enraged at PM’s Shabbat
A minister and an MK from United Torah Judaism, both rabbis, lash out at
(23:20 , 18.03.17 )
PM Netanyahu confirms objection to the IPBC,
After holding a meeting with several ministers and coming to an agreement
(23:16 , 18.03.17 )
Watch: IDF's new 'worm' camera
The Home Front Command is in the first stages of implementing a new 'worm'
(21:26 , 18.03.17 ) 
ISIS claims Israel attacked Sinai
The organization’s news agency reports that the Jewish state made aerial strikes
(19:50 , 18.03.17 )
Amona high schooler receives personal exam
Education Minister Naftali Bennett instructed his ministry to give a former
(18:27 , 18.03.17 )
David Bitan: 'If Netanyahu gets fed up, we'll
Coalition Chairperson David Bitan (Likud) warns that if the Likud and PM
(15:21 , 18.03.17 )
IDF attacks in northern Gaza in retaliation to
IDF targets Hamas sites after rocket hits open area, causing no injuries; IDF
(14:33 , 18.03.17 )
Tel Aviv's new underground train system has
Watch: As excavations on Tel Aviv's light rail system continue gaining steam,
(13:28 , 18.03.17 ) 
Israeli ambassador to Russia summoned over Syria
A day after presenting his credentials to President Putin, Gary Koren is
(22:33 , 17.03.17 )
Netanyahu hints at plan to combine IBA and IPBC
In a Facebook post detailing a meeting with IBA employees, Prime Minister
(19:46 , 17.03.17 )
Head of UN's ESCWA resigns over report on
The report for the United Nations ESCWA, which comprises 18 Arab states,
(17:49 , 17.03.17 )
Prominent rabbis come out in support of
Despite his disparaging remarks, prominent religious Zionist rabbis are coming
(17:02 , 17.03.17 )
Israel intercepts missile fired at IAF jets by
After Israeli jets strike targets in Syria, anti-aircraft missiles are sent from
(14:59 , 17.03.17 ) 
Netanyahu apologizes for off-color remark on
After explaining that he had reacted rashly in his fight to block the launch of
(14:56 , 17.03.17 )
Criminal investigation launched into IDF beating
Five months after a video showing Nahal soldiers beating Haisam Siaj was
(12:51 , 17.03.17 ) 
Far-right Jewish group sets up ‘shelters’ for
Lehava has set up two apartments for Jewish women to stay in after leaving
(11:35 , 17.03.17 )
MK Ghattas to serve two years in prison
The Joint List MK signs a plea bargain with the prosecution for having smuggled
(23:30 , 16.03.17 )
Israel blacklists Palestinian fund as US envoy
Defense minister labels PLO's main financial body a terrorist organization; the
(23:30 , 16.03.17 )
Israeli denies distributing fake documents
Yoni Ariel, who was at the center of a conspiracy investigation conducted and
(20:51 , 16.03.17 )
Israel Prize for 'father of lone soldiers'
Tzvika Levy is to receive the honor for lifetime achievement after having spent
(20:49 , 16.03.17 )
Israeli woman perishes in post-army trip in
The 23 year old was visiting India with her boyfriend when she took ill and
(19:12 , 16.03.17 )
Netanyahu vows new settlement amid talks with US
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with US envoy Jason Greenblatt for a
(17:52 , 16.03.17 )
Judges panel selected for Azaria appeal hearings
Military Appeals Court Chief Justice Maj. Gen. Doron Piles to lead judges panel,
(17:00 , 16.03.17 )
Lieberman, Bennett continue exchanging blows
After the education minister slammed PM Netanyahu for avoiding addressing
(16:29 , 16.03.17 )
Jewish men hit an Arab taxi driver, but police
Two young men arrested on suspicion of attacking Fadi Abed with glass bottles.
(16:03 , 16.03.17 )
Haifa Chemicals protest leads to highway closure
Protestors abandon their cars in the middle of Highway 1, bringing traffic to a
(14:05 , 16.03.17 ) 
BDS leader hails Israel 'Apartheid Regime'
Omar Barghouti, who has spearheaded the campaign for boycotts, divestments and
(13:20 , 16.03.17 )
France's National Front suspends official in
Benoit Loeuillet denies playing down the Holocaust despite being secretly
(12:15 , 16.03.17 )
Deri threatens elections amidst Netanyahu-Kahlon
The feud between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Kahlon over the
(11:30 , 16.03.17 )
Hilltop Youth call for death to 'Zionazis'
While conducting crackdowns against far-right extremist youths near Givat
(11:17 , 16.03.17 )
Prominent rabbis forbid mixed IDF combat units
In a new position paper written in the wake of controversial comments by Rabbi
(10:53 , 16.03.17 )
IAF attacks Hamas targets in response to rocket
IAF aircraft attack Hamas training facility and other terror target in the
(08:21 , 16.03.17 )

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