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Israelis leave behind 1,000 tons of litter at
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis take advantage of the warm weather to go out
(18:05 , 30.04.16 )
IN PHOTOS: Holy fire ceremony in Jerusalem draws
Eastern Orthodox Christians gather around Jesus' tomb inside the Church of the
(17:15 , 30.04.16 )
Herzog invites Labour leadership to 'learn
Following recent anti-Semitic outbursts from high ranking members of the British
(13:39 , 30.04.16 )
Watch: Riots in Kafr Manda
In the lead up to council elections, riots have broken out in Kafr Manda in the
(10:59 , 30.04.16 ) 
Egyptian Salafist under fire for meeting with
High ranking Salafi Islamist leader Jiah a-Shimi is under fire from his party in
(10:04 , 30.04.16 )
Hamas hate rally glorifies exploded bus
At demonstration with Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza Strip, thousands cheered the
(23:31 , 29.04.16 )
West Bank truck accident kills 5
A Palestinian tanker truck turned over, colliding with another vehicle. Both
(14:00 , 29.04.16 )
PLO Chairman Erekat calls on Israel to cease
After Netanyahu refutes French peace initiative, PLO chairman Saeb Erekat
(00:06 , 29.04.16 )
British Labour member suspended for saying
Ken Livingstone was suspended by his own party after saying that Hitler
(22:50 , 28.04.16 ) 
Terrorists neutralized after attempted stabbing
At terror attack by two Palestinian females was thwarted on Thursday night.
(21:42 , 28.04.16 )
Israeli Embassy attack in Rome foiled by Italian
Italian authorites have thwarted an ISIS attack in Italy. Amongst the targets
(20:05 , 28.04.16 )
Airstrikes, shelling kill at least 60 in Syria's
Airstrikes in Aleppo, including on a hospital, have killed 60 and suicide
(18:22 , 28.04.16 )
Missing Israeli in Hungary found dead
Ofir Gross found dead in Hungary. The last contact had with him was a week ago.
(17:32 , 28.04.16 )
Prime Minister calls for investigation of East
An East Jerusalem elementary school is under investigation for possible
(22:41 , 27.04.16 )
UK Labour lawmaker suspended over anti-Israel
MP Naz Shah had posted her suggestion that Israel be relocated to the US; she
(20:25 , 27.04.16 )
Youths vandalize historic site
Israeli pupils on their Passover vacation threw a paint-filled 'color party' at
(19:50 , 27.04.16 )
Nablus governor fired by Abbas lashes out
Akram Rajoub was dismissed from his post in a surprise move by Palestinian
(18:21 , 27.04.16 )
DNA from murder matches Bejenari's
The 26-year-old Haifa resident held in police custody for the past month and a
(18:09 , 27.04.16 )
Chametz sold on Passover
Investigation finds that despite religious laws, Israel's restaurant owners are
(16:13 , 27.04.16 )
Battalion commanders open up about terror wave
Six IDF battallion commanders explain how wave of terror was stemmed, 'When
(13:44 , 27.04.16 )
Female and male terrorists attempt to stab
The attack took place at Qalandiya checkpost north of Jerusalem; female
(11:07 , 27.04.16 )
Abbas faces heat for wavering on UN resolution
Abbas is facing pressure over potential withdrawl of Palestinian UN resolution
(10:10 , 27.04.16 )
Trump routs rivals in Northeast; Clinton carries
Frontrunner Donald Trump easily defeats rivals John Kasich and Ted Cruz in all
(09:12 , 27.04.16 )
Anti-BDS office moving from Jerusalem to Tel
Decision to relocate Strategic Affairs and the War Against De-Legitimization
(23:57 , 26.04.16 )
Bus lanes coming to Gush Dan
In individual agreements with the Transport Ministry, 6 cities in the Tel Aviv
(23:23 , 26.04.16 )
Arab MK calls for end to PA, renewal of
Balad MK Haneen Zoabi calls for the removal of PA president Abbas, and
(22:03 , 26.04.16 )
Fires break out across Israel as country is hit
Temperatures climb to 40 degrees Celsius in central Israel, while Gedera and
(21:32 , 26.04.16 )
UN council voices alarm at Israeli cities on
After Netanyahu declaration Israel would never leave the Golan, UN Security
(21:19 , 26.04.16 )
British Labour MP tweet proposed to relocate
MP Naz Shah of the UK Labour Party posted a photo of a relocated Israel on US
(21:04 , 26.04.16 )
US university heads oppose academic boycott of
Israeli academic leaders have successfully recruited US university presidents to
(20:32 , 26.04.16 )
Haifa man suspected of 4 acts of murder, sex
Fyodor Bejenari has been in custody for 46 days and police hope the publication
(19:58 , 26.04.16 )
WATCH: Clashes break out on Temple Mount after
Jews praying on the site were surrounded by Muslims chanting 'allahu akbar';
(15:11 , 26.04.16 ) 
Three terror suspects arrested overnight
Suspects said they intended to carry out an attack on Israelis; police
(13:49 , 26.04.16 )
White House says it will offer largest military
After 83 US senators send a letter to the White House, urging President Obama to
(13:29 , 26.04.16 )
Plurality of W. Bank youth oppose knife attacks
A Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre found that 47.4% of W. Bank youth
(10:58 , 26.04.16 )
Large fire breaks out in Biriya Forest in upper
Firefighters gain control over the blaze and stop its advance towards the
(19:54 , 25.04.16 )
Soldier jailed after cocking weapon and aiming
Netzah Yehuda soldier was on leave from the army and wearing civilian clothes
(19:43 , 25.04.16 )
Erdan: Female terrorists want to meet shahids in
Public security minister tells Likud members that Palestinian female terrorists
(19:13 , 25.04.16 )
Indictments filed against Jewish terror suspects
The members of the Nahliel group allegedly operated out of the Gush Talmonim
(16:19 , 25.04.16 )
Majority of Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel
Eighty-three signatories call upon Obama to 'support and help provide Israel the
(14:35 , 25.04.16 )
Thousands attend priestly blessing at the
Jews and non-Jews gather at the holy site for ceremony in which hundreds of
(10:28 , 25.04.16 )
Israeli children rank near bottom of OECD
A new UNICEF report reveals that Israeli children are not only the poorest
(23:36 , 24.04.16 )
Housing tender in Afula won only by Arabs
The Nazareth District Court rules that land tenders which only Arabs won is
(21:21 , 24.04.16 )
NYU graduate student workers union passes BDS
Graduate employees union at New York University passes BDS resolution and
(17:46 , 24.04.16 )
Israel celebrates Passover with heavy traffic
On first day of Chol HaMoed, tens of thousands of Israelis flock to the
(16:24 , 24.04.16 )
Tensions on Temple Mount as Jews visit for
Verbal clashes erupt after Muslim worshipers shout insults at Jewish visitors,
(15:37 , 24.04.16 ) 
Facebook, Twitter shutting down Hamas accounts
Social media platforms delete accounts spreading incitement; Hamas claims the
(14:13 , 24.04.16 )
Families of Palestinian terrorists visit East
East Jerusalem elementary school hosts parents of terrorists killed while
(12:25 , 24.04.16 )
Suicide in Israel on decline
The Ministry of Health's annual report on suicide and attempted suicide in
(22:58 , 23.04.16 )
Hovi Star humiliated at Russian passport control
Arriving in Moscow recently, Israel's 2016 Eurovision contestant was laughed at
(18:06 , 23.04.16 ) 
Education Ministry's Jewish culture program to
The Ministry of Education expands the current program to grades 3, 4 and 9; it
(13:16 , 23.04.16 )
Israeli jets called as Egyptian plane fails to
IAF fighter planes escorted a civilian flight originating in Cairo to a safe
(12:37 , 23.04.16 )
Palestinian, Israeli delegates trade barbs at UN
PA President Abbas and Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon clash at a signing
(11:18 , 23.04.16 )
Obama, Cameron wish Jews happy Passover
The US and UK heads of government have both released messages wishing a happy
(21:02 , 22.04.16 )
Harvard student calls MK Livni 'smelly'
Harvard student asks MK Tzipi Livni why she is so smelly, causing uproar.
(17:47 , 22.04.16 )
Astronaut Jeffrey Williams takes new photo of
The American astronaut says he's 'been fascinated with this view considering it
(16:36 , 22.04.16 )
Israel issues tender for new international
With Ben Gurion International Airport quickly reaching capacity, the Israel
(16:02 , 22.04.16 )
Netanyahu, Putin met amid reports of aerial
Russian fighter jets have reportedly fired at Israeli aircraft at least twice,
(14:02 , 22.04.16 )
Israel prepares for the Seder
Traffic jams, warm weather, and security tips: everything you need to know about
(13:27 , 22.04.16 )
Hebron soldier welcomed home to celebrations
Sgt. Elor Azaria, who shot dead a neutralized terrorist in Hebron, allowed home
(11:44 , 22.04.16 ) 
Turkish tank crew saved by Israeli upgrades
A Turkish tank occupying a position outside of Mosul, Iraq was hit by an ISIS
(11:12 , 22.04.16 )
Obama receives embarrassing reception in Riyadh
While Saudi King Salman attends welcome ceremony at Riyadh airport for Gulf
(23:27 , 21.04.16 )
Bus accident in Haifa; dozens injured
54 passengers were injured in total when an Egged bus of the 101 line in Haifa
(23:23 , 21.04.16 )
Future of Palestinian town bleak after Israel
3,500 Palestinians may be out of work after Israel closes three quarries just
(19:19 , 21.04.16 )
Hamas members arrested in Jerusalem bus bombing
Monday’s bombing of a Jerusalem bus was apparently planned by a Hamas cell, and
(18:14 , 21.04.16 )
Netanyahu tells Putin: The Golan is a red line
'We are doing everything to prevent the emergence of an additional front of
(16:26 , 21.04.16 )
Abu Khdeir's killer recounts murder
Channel 10 airs footage of Yosef Ben-David detailing to police investigators how
(16:04 , 21.04.16 )
Abbas statement on security cooperation sparks
Palestinian president tells Der Spiegel that security cooperation with Israel is
(13:48 , 21.04.16 )
Ambulance pelted with stones near Ramla
A Magen David Adom ambulance on an emergency call stoned on Route 431; no
(13:37 , 21.04.16 )
IDF carries out major exercise in Golan Heights
Multiple IDF units partake in exercise to prepare for possible terror attack on
(11:15 , 21.04.16 )
British student leader: Non-violent resistance
BDS activist Malia Bouattia decries 'Zionist-led media outlets,' calls for
(10:54 , 21.04.16 ) 
Iron Dome intercepts drone on US soil for first
The Tamir missile designed by Israeli defense company Rafael successfully shoots
(10:35 , 21.04.16 )
Israeli forces uncover arms production shops in
IDF and police continue hunting for arms stockpiles in the West Bank and East
(09:57 , 21.04.16 )
Netanyahu threatens to fire Bennett during
In the latest clash between the two party leaders, the prime minister and
(08:50 , 21.04.16 )
Hamas claims bus bomber
Hamas claims the Jerusalem bus bomber as one of their operatives after the
(23:45 , 20.04.16 )
Israel helps Arab neighbors in fight against
Israel admits to providing intelligence assistance to Jordan and Egypt in their
(23:42 , 20.04.16 )
Watch: IDF blows up terror tunnel
As IDF blows up terror tunnel, GOC Southern Command says 'Hamas is preparing
(22:55 , 20.04.16 ) 
UNESCO Director distances herself from Temple
Irena Bokova distances herself from UNESCO statement disregarding Temple Mount
(19:25 , 20.04.16 )
‘We are considered to be Arab lovers’, says
Isaac Herzog attempts to disavow statement: I meant Palestinians; party members
(16:23 , 20.04.16 )
Tel Aviv labor dispute stinks sky high
Municipal garbage collectors are on partial strike in Tel Aviv until May 1st,
(15:40 , 20.04.16 )

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