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IDF braces for more violence after day of terror
After an escalating number of terror attacks on Wednesday, security forces
(00:32 , 08.10.15 )
Palestinian fatally wounded in ongoing
IDF investigating whether man's wounds are result of soldiers' fire or a thrown
(23:46 , 07.10.15 )
Supreme Court rules twins of Muslim father to be
In unusual decision, Supreme Court rules that a religious foster family who
(23:04 , 07.10.15 )
Third stabbing attack in a day wounds one
Police overpower Palestinian from Hebron who stabbed and lightly wounded a man
(18:59 , 07.10.15 ) 
Orphaned by terror, kids to be raised by
Chana Henkin, the mother of Eitam Henkin, murdered with his wife, recounts the
(17:23 , 07.10.15 )
Palestinian killed after stabbing soldier,
Kiryat Gat assilant named as 18-year-old West Bank resident Amjad al Jundi, who
(13:53 , 07.10.15 ) 
Residents of settlement ordered to stay home
A motorist narrowly escapes attempt to physically remove her from her car near
(11:20 , 07.10.15 ) 
Israeli woman fired for 'praising' terrorist on
Cellular provider fires employee for posting photo of Jerusalem stabber with
(11:14 , 07.10.15 )
WATCH: Hamas's new Hebrew hit
New Hamas clip aims to invoke terror among Israelis by fanning the flames of the
(10:13 , 07.10.15 ) 
Israel receives its first serious dose of rain
Up to 40mm of rain washed central Israel overnight, accompanied by thunderstorms
(08:04 , 07.10.15 ) 
Turbulent day as Palestinian storm continues
Tensions around the country remain on knife's edge, with violence erupting in
(22:04 , 06.10.15 )
Abbas calls for end to escalating violence
Amid rising tensions highlighted by a wave of attacks closing out the High Holy
(19:45 , 06.10.15 )
Russian military officials visit Israel for
The visit follows a previous meeting held between high level military officials
(14:55 , 06.10.15 )
Netanyahu hits back at critics: 'We will restore
PM announces decision to install cameras throughout West Bank after politicians
(14:37 , 06.10.15 )
State Dept. confronted over criticism of Israel
Reporter Matt Lee notes that recent deadly strike on Afghan hospital, apparently
(11:19 , 06.10.15 ) 
IDF demolishes terrorists' homes
Engineering forces in Jerusalem destroy houses of two terrorists who killed
(09:23 , 06.10.15 )
Under pressure: PM faces political attacks as
Thousands protest at Netanyahu's residence despite two rounds of new measures
(00:27 , 06.10.15 )
Hamas cell arrested for murder of 2 Israelis
Shin Bet says 5 Palestinians from Nablus admitted during questioning to killing
(20:25 , 05.10.15 ) 
Why PM stays quiet on Russian policy
Netanyahu tells CNN Israel does not support Russian policies, but stays silent
(19:09 , 05.10.15 )
13- year-old Palestinian killed in clashes with
Palestinians claim Abdel Rahman Abdullah shot in chest during intense clashes
(15:51 , 05.10.15 )
The Middle East this week
A selection of photos of the week from around the Middle East , curated by
(13:42 , 05.10.15 )
WATCH: 'Disguised troops kidnap wanted man from
Palestinian media outlets publish a video purported to show IDF troops disguised
(10:41 , 05.10.15 ) 
US enforcement of Iran arms embargo slipped
A Sharp fall in new prosecutions of Iran arms embargo violators does not reflect
(09:02 , 05.10.15 )
PM orders new steps against terror
Violence continues Sunday across the West Bank, East Jerusalem; Palestinian teen
(00:44 , 05.10.15 )
IDF strikes Hamas targets in response to rocket
Military strikes Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza in response to Sunday night
(23:23 , 04.10.15 )
BBC's Jerusalem attack headline sparks criticism
British media outlet acknowledges inaccuracies in headline allegedly biased
(22:24 , 04.10.15 )
Assad: ISIS has flourished under American
Syrian president says only alliance with Iran, Russia, Iraq can prevent
(16:26 , 04.10.15 ) 
Victims of Jerusalem terror laid to rest
Rabbi Nechamia Lavi, 41, was murdered when he rushed to scene of knife attack to
(12:58 , 04.10.15 )
Jerusalem streets empty after day of terror
Heavy security presence in the Old City and Western Wall area; few visitors
(12:21 , 04.10.15 )
Jordan threatens to recall ambassador
Jordanian government sources say they are considering steps to "stop Israeli
(10:50 , 04.10.15 )
Terror attack wounds teenager overnight
Attacker from Issawiya stabs 15-year-old, flees and is killed; entry to Old City
(08:37 , 04.10.15 ) 
2 killed, 2 wounded in Jerusalem attack
Baby among wounded in attack near Lions' Gate; Palestinian attacker stabbed one
(00:02 , 04.10.15 ) 
Report of settler attack on Palestinian boy
6-year-old Palestinian shot in stomach; IDF: Child was playing with brother's
(17:45 , 03.10.15 )
Abbas fails to condemn murder of Israelis in
Abbas fails to address the murder of an Israeli couple in speech which took
(18:55 , 02.10.15 ) 
Russia begins striking ISIS targets
WATCH: The Russian intervention in Syria continues to evolve, with Russian
(16:53 , 02.10.15 ) 
Parents killed in shooting attack laid to rest
Thousands attend funeral for Eitam and Na'ama Henkin, victims of West Bank
(14:34 , 02.10.15 )
Oregon college shooter: 'Are you a Christian?'
Chris Harper-Mercer, a student at Umpqua college, first kills the teacher, then
(11:03 , 02.10.15 )
West Bank tensions surge in night of 'price tag'
IDF sends 4 extra battalions to control 'very serious' situation in West Bank;
(10:06 , 02.10.15 )
Camera-smashing incident leads to officer's
Commander squad that smashed AFP photographer's camera removed from current
(21:41 , 01.10.15 ) 
Eitam and Na'ama Henkin murdered in West Bank
Parents murdered while four children physically unhurt after terrorists in
(21:17 , 01.10.15 ) 
Star of David causes stir at Serbian pride
Belgrade pride parade participant claims he was intimidated and verbally
(20:15 , 01.10.15 )
Report: Obama refused to declare commitment to
US successfully worked to prevent a proposal to recognize a Palestinian state at
(19:17 , 01.10.15 )
Netanyahu attacks Iran in UN 'Speech of Silence'
Prime minister tells General Assembly that since nuclear deal, Iran has only
(18:53 , 01.10.15 ) 
Report: Iran, Hezbollah to launch major
Hundreds of Iranian ground troops said to be streaming into Syria, as Russian
(17:28 , 01.10.15 ) 
Egyptians rank Israel most hostile country
The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research reveals US is second most
(13:40 , 01.10.15 )
7 Israeli Arabs in 'ISIS cell' planned attacks
In first known case of Islamic State plot in Israel, Shin Bet says suspects
(12:33 , 01.10.15 )
Abbas: Palestinians will not be only side to
Palestinian Authority president says Israel is transforming the conflict from
(23:54 , 30.09.15 ) 
Arab MK summoned for questioning after Temple
Jamal Zahalka (the Joint List) to be investigated after shouting at police
(23:08 , 30.09.15 ) 
Iranian weapons seized in Arabian Sea
US-backed naval coalition seizes unregistered ship, carrying Iranian arms,
(22:38 , 30.09.15 )
Nazi flag surprises French city
Flag hung atop a prominent building in Nice invokes mixed reactions among
(22:00 , 30.09.15 )
UK Labour chief heckled by Israel supporter
New Labour leader faces anger after speech to the Labour Friends of Israel;
(17:32 , 30.09.15 ) 
Defense Minister: We're not coordinating Syria
In the wake of Putin's statements that he is 'worried' about Israeli retaliatory
(11:02 , 30.09.15 )
France launches war crimes inquiry into Assad
Probe into alleged war crimes to be based on 55,000 photos of a former Syrian
(09:52 , 30.09.15 )
Obama: Military strategy alone won't defeat ISIS
US president heads summit of a multi-state coalition against the Islamic State
(23:37 , 29.09.15 )
Iron Dome shoots down rocket in southern Israel
Video captures interception after sirens heard in Ashdod and Hof Ashkelon
(23:09 , 29.09.15 ) 
Stone-throwing, riots and arrests in Jerusalem
Police arrest 12 Palestinians, including minors, on third straight day of
(20:14 , 29.09.15 )
Accident kills Israeli tour guide in Romania
Noam Avnon, 46, a tour guide who frequently assisted in rescue operations,
(17:51 , 29.09.15 )
Al-Sisi: Palestinian state would remove pretext
Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Egyptian president claims that establishing
(12:49 , 29.09.15 )
The secret victories in the war against ISIS
Behind-the-scenes cooperation between CIA, Joint Special Operations Command, NSA
(11:03 , 29.09.15 )
Abbas out of options, out of synch with angry
The Palestinian leader is left with few options, less international attention,
(21:26 , 28.09.15 )
Obama Putin trade jabs over Syria at UN
The American and Russian leaders clash over Syria, and are followed by a line of
(21:00 , 28.09.15 ) 
Water discovered on mars
NASA reveals that its rovers and observations have proved that dark streaks on
(18:56 , 28.09.15 ) 
Obama calls for Assad's removal
The barb, a direct attack on Russia and Iran for their ongoing military backing
(18:26 , 28.09.15 )
WATCH LIVE: UN General Assembly meets in New
World leaders gather on Monday to kick off the 70th meeting of the UN's General
(17:01 , 28.09.15 )
Norwegian cartoon compares Israel to Nazis, N.
Israeli embassy protests newspaper's publication of cartoon suggesting that
(16:09 , 28.09.15 )
Abbas confidant: 'Bombshell' speech will be no
Palestinian Authority president to deliver UN speech this week, and while he
(12:41 , 28.09.15 )
Luxury car parked at Western Wall remains a
A week after a bright yellow Corvette without a front license plate was spotted
(11:10 , 28.09.15 )
Clashes continue at Temple Mount on Sukkot
Rioters barricade themselves inside al-Aqsa Mosque, throw Molotov cocktails on
(09:06 , 28.09.15 ) 
Dogs burnt to death in shelter arson
Vandals apparently set fire to dog shelter in northern Israeli town, killing two
(23:58 , 27.09.15 )
IDF confirms Syria strikes in retaliation to
Israel Defense Forces spokesman confirms two artillery strikes on Syrian
(22:11 , 27.09.15 ) 
IDF suspends officer over AFP photographer
According to the IDF, the officer who was in charge of operations on the ground
(21:30 , 27.09.15 ) 
France launches air strikes against Islamic
French military launches its first airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria on
(20:04 , 27.09.15 ) 
Roni Alsheich is set to become Israel's new
Netanyahu authorizes publication of Alsheich's name on Sunday under Shin Bet
(19:04 , 27.09.15 )
Egypt's leader optimistic for Palestinian
Al-Sisi says solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'could change the face of
(13:45 , 27.09.15 )
Report: Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria in cohorts
Iran's increasing influence and Russia's concern over thousands of terrorists
(11:57 , 27.09.15 )
Temple Mount riots ahead of Sukkot
Renewed violence from Al-Aqsa Mosque comes on final day of Muslim holiday Eid
(09:13 , 27.09.15 ) 
4 Palestinians arrested for deadly Rosh Hashanah
Shin Bet says suspects admitted to throwing stones at Alexander Levlovich's
(20:37 , 26.09.15 )
Rivlin and Netanyahu meet after two month rift
The two met for the first time since July 17, and discussed regional diplomatic
(13:47 , 26.09.15 )
VIDEO: The IDF from a first-person perspective
In the air, on land, and at sea - jump into the action with these videos from
(12:09 , 26.09.15 ) 
Video shows IDF soldiers attacking AFP
WATCH: The video shows the soldiers pushing the photographers and smashing their
(11:20 , 26.09.15 ) 
School still out for Israeli Arabs amid strike
Christian schools in Israel have yet to resume studies nearly one month after
(08:13 , 26.09.15 )
Former IDF chief of staff: Iran deal no cause
In contrast to the Israeli government's uncompromising opposition to any deal
(23:41 , 25.09.15 )
Nasrallah: Russian intervention in Syria will be
Hezbollah Sec. Gen. says more Russian troops are on the way to Syria and will
(23:30 , 25.09.15 )
Deputy chief of Shin Bet selected as new chief
More controversy might be on the way after candidacy of Gal Hirsch was
(14:29 , 25.09.15 )
Jerusalem police get pay raise
Finance Minister Kahlon raises wages for police units facing riots and
(11:28 , 25.09.15 ) 
Greek official resigns amid anti-Semitism
Deputy minister asked to resign mere hours after being sworn in due to
(23:53 , 24.09.15 )
Cabinet approves tougher punishments for
Measures include expanding conditions in which police can open fire, mandatory
(23:49 , 24.09.15 )

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