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Ashkelon mayor: No Arab construction workers in
Itamar Shimoni cites security issues; armed guards to be stationed at
(23:38 , 19.11.14 )
Jerusalem security stepped up; guards at
Local residents express lack of sense of security in wake of terror attack at
(22:51 , 19.11.14 )
Iran nuclear deal seems unlikely by deadline,
Kerry meets with Oman FM in last ditch effort to reach accord before Nov. 24
(20:54 , 19.11.14 )
MK aide suspended for saying 'we will slaughter
Aide to MK Masud Ganaim has entry permit to Knesset revoked after guard accuses
(19:32 , 19.11.14 )
Policeman recounts synagogue attack: 'I kept
Master Sergeant Itzik Weizmann was the first policeman on the scene of the
(19:32 , 19.11.14 )
MKs fined over poor Knesset attendance
Ten out of 120 MKs skipped required meetings, seven provided 'reasonable
(18:45 , 19.11.14 )
Israel approves 78 new settler homes in East
Jerusalem's municipal planning committee authorized 50 homes in Har Homa and 28
(17:48 , 19.11.14 )
Body of Palestinian found in Kfar Saba cemetery
Cause of death still unclear but initial investigation found no evidence of foul
(17:09 , 19.11.14 )
Thousands of Israeli Druze and Jews grieve at
Hundreds of people from Haredi sector respond to calls on social media to
(14:54 , 19.11.14 )
Violence in East Jerusalem; 'Intifada starts
Over 120 children and youths rioted in East Jerusalem after Israel moves to
(14:02 , 19.11.14 ) 
Gun shots fired near Israel-Gaza border; no
IDF force reports shots fired near Erez Crossing between Israel and Gaza; no
(11:25 , 19.11.14 )
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah leaves bunker for
Strident security measures by Shiite terror group usually keep Hassan Nasrallah
(11:14 , 19.11.14 )
Worshipers return to scene of deadly terror
Over 30 arrive for morning prayers at Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Har Nof
(09:02 , 19.11.14 ) 
IDF demolishes home of terrorist behind light
For first time since wave of recent attacks, security forces destroy home of
(08:55 , 19.11.14 )
New Palestinian video encourages vehicular
Palestinian incitement continues with new animation video in which singer warns
(00:19 , 19.11.14 ) 
3 Americans, Briton are dead in terror attack on
Three victims were American, the fourth British. They died during morning
(00:17 , 19.11.14 )
Policemen hurt in Jerusalem synagogue attack
30-year-old Master Sergeant Zidan Sif was wounded in a fire exchange with the
(23:41 , 18.11.14 )
Violent clashes in E. J'lem, right-wing rally at
Dozens of Palestinians throw tires set ablaze and stones at Israeli police
(22:59 , 18.11.14 ) 
Spanish parliament adopts watered down Palestine
Wording of motion changed to emphasize statehood should be a 'consquence of a
(22:25 , 18.11.14 )
Netanyahu to world leaders: I want to see
PM says Hamas, Islamic Movement, PA are spreading blood libel against Israel and
(20:14 , 18.11.14 )
Shin Bet chief: Abbas is not inciting to terror
While Netanyahu points accusing finger at Palestinian president, Yoram Cohen
(20:03 , 18.11.14 )
Seven minutes of terror: Haunting accounts of a
Eyewitnesses and police at the scene recount the terror attack at Jerusalem
(20:02 , 18.11.14 )
Victims of Jerusalem synagogue attack laid to
President Rivlin and thousands of citizens came to pay last respects to
(19:09 , 18.11.14 ) 
Obama condemns J'lem synagogue attack, calls to
Attack condemned by foreign ministers from US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey,
(18:49 , 18.11.14 )
Families of terrorists celebrate their attack,
Abbas condemns attack on 'Jewish worshippers in their place of prayer'; clashes
(17:45 , 18.11.14 )
J'lem police recruits volunteers for civil
Following deadly attack at Har Nof synagogue, police increases presence in the
(17:30 , 18.11.14 )
Four people killed in terror attack at Jerusalem
Two terrorists infiltrate synagogue, yeshiva compound in Har Nof neighborhood,
(13:00 , 18.11.14 )
Hamas releases video calling for more attacks in
Video released by Hamas after Arab community rejects autopsy report declaring
(01:14 , 18.11.14 ) 
EU foreign ministers target settlements
Brussels condemns construction beyond Green Line, hints at future labeling of
(01:00 , 18.11.14 )
Israel buys more on Ali Express than any other
Alibaba Group releases sales figures showing Israelis, its best clients, buy
(00:41 , 18.11.14 )
Sweden not considering opening Ramallah embassy
Despite being the first major European nation to recognize Palestine, Stockholm
(22:32 , 17.11.14 )
EU refutes report on possible Israel sanctions
New foreign policy chief says Europe not planning to impose punitive measures on
(21:59 , 17.11.14 )
Yehuda Glick: Shooter yelled 'You're an enemy of
Glick tells Chief Rabbi David Lau of the night he was shot in Jerusalem during
(20:07 , 17.11.14 )
With coalition crisis at boiling point,
Government unity continues to fracture as Finance Committee discussion implodes;
(20:04 , 17.11.14 )
East J'lem bus driver found hanged, autopsy
Clashes break out in At-Tur, Abu Dis after Egged driver Yusuf Hassan al-Ramouni
(17:42 , 17.11.14 )
Only 1/8 of reported sexual offenses lead to
Large percentage of complaints never lead to indictments, mainly because of lack
(14:21 , 17.11.14 )
Israel to halve second order of F-35 fighters
In talks in Washington last month, Ya'alon agreed to a preliminary deal for 25
(12:57 , 17.11.14 )
Future of sporting ban unclear after Gulf states
After 8 months of diplomatic tension over Qatari support of Muslim Brotherhood,
(10:09 , 17.11.14 )
IDF reservists still waiting for compensation
On August 10, the government announced the establishment of a new fund to help
(10:07 , 17.11.14 )
Belgium haredi stabbing victim: 'This is the
Yehoshua Malic was stabbed in the neck on his way to Antwerp synagogue. He
(10:00 , 17.11.14 )
Israel to issue gay-friendly ID cards for
New ID cards of same-sex couples' children will include gender appropriate
(23:58 , 16.11.14 )
Obama: Beheading of US hostage 'an act of pure
US confirms authenticity of execution video, as Obama honors American aid worker
(23:17 , 16.11.14 )
WATCH: Truck slams into police cruiser mid-chase
Police stop stolen truck in second attempt, after driver pummels through first
(22:16 , 16.11.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Iran compromise over Islamic State is
Prime minister reiterates support for Obama's fight against IS, repeats warning
(22:15 , 16.11.14 ) 
IDF gravely wounds Palestinian boy attempting to
10-year-old Gazan boy hit by IDF fire after approaching Israel's border fence
(19:24 , 16.11.14 )
Palestinian stabs Jewish man in Jerusalem
Police say 32-year-old Israeli man stabbed in upper body with screwdriver,
(19:02 , 16.11.14 )
Police suspect Israeli-Arab teacher infiltrated
Sallah al-Din Mahmeed believed to have entered Syria with wife; he was arrested
(16:19 , 16.11.14 )
Livni postpones vote on Jewish nation-state bill
Minister Peri says discussions at this time on 'Nationality Law,' which seeks to
(15:46 , 16.11.14 )
Islamic State claims it has beheaded US hostage
Video released on Sunday allegedly shows Kassig's severed head; Kassig captured
(12:48 , 16.11.14 )
Lieberman: Israel will never limit East
'We will never accept the definition of building in Jewish neighborhoods of
(12:09 , 16.11.14 )
Tibi at al-Aqsa: 'We own this place'
Arab MK visits Temple Mount despite calls to calm tensions; worshippers tell
(11:43 , 16.11.14 ) 
Two Israelis falsely arrested in Uganda
Representatives of Israel Weapons Industry arrested and held in harsh conditions
(11:21 , 16.11.14 )
Lapid sets ultimatum to coalition: Pass budget
Finance minister's Yesh Atid party warring with Likud and Yisrael Beitenu over
(10:37 , 16.11.14 )
Floods, traffic, and rare sights of lightning
Winter is back: Apartments flooded in Bnei Brak, drivers in Ashdod had to be
(08:56 , 16.11.14 ) 
Report: Palestinian severely wounded in east
Protesters throw rocks, fireworks at police forces in Al-Tur; Palestinians say
(23:53 , 15.11.14 )
Erdogan claims Muslims discovered America before
Turkish president vows to build a mosque in Cuba where Columbus noted seeing a
(22:48 , 15.11.14 )
Uri Ariel to receive personal security detail
Construction minister assigned permanent protection due to concern over his
(22:44 , 15.11.14 )
Supreme Court sessions to be broadcast live
Justice Minister Livni, Chief Justice Grunis approve implementation of
(22:05 , 15.11.14 )
Israel's Lowest Rung: The painful pictures of
New report looks at distressed neighborhoods; Israel's urban islands of neglect
(21:04 , 15.11.14 )
Security camera captures violent gunfight
VIDEO: Group of masked men opening fire on house caught on camera attempting to
(19:17 , 15.11.14 ) 
Muslim-Druze clashes started over kaffiyeh
Police deployed to Abu Snan to prevent further violence, after 41 hurt in
(18:19 , 15.11.14 )
Haredi man stabbed in neck in Antwerp's Jewish
Local media reporting that a local rabbi was stabbed while he was walking to his
(15:01 , 15.11.14 )
Report: Iran opens gold plant to fight nuclear
As part of Iran's 'economy of resistance' to counter sanctions imposed over
(13:55 , 15.11.14 )
Jordan reportedly says Israeli aggressions harm
Report says Netanyahu, King Abdullah set to meet for second time amid tensions
(13:07 , 15.11.14 ) 
Top US general in Iraq amid IS airstrike
Dempsey visits Iraq as airstrikes continue, says not likely US would move to
(13:01 , 15.11.14 )
Lebanese-Canadian accused of Paris synagogue
Hassan Diab charged with 1980 PLO attack on Paris synagogue extradited to
(12:38 , 15.11.14 )
Egypt's Islamic State terror group claims
Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has taken responsibility for deadly terror attack on
(11:11 , 15.11.14 ) 
Over 35 wounded in sectarian clashes in northern
Druze and Muslim Arabs clash in village of Abu Snan in Western Galilee in wake
(09:03 , 15.11.14 ) 
State employees warned of WhatsApp cyber attack
Alert expresses fears 'cyber warfare' could involve pro-Palestinian hackers
(23:32 , 14.11.14 )
Financial packages offered to Israeli emigrants
Rental assistance, grants, NIS 20,000-worth discounts offered to Israeli
(23:25 , 14.11.14 )
Home of J'lem terrorist who killed baby served
Family of Abed a-Rahman a-Shaludi, who carried out the vehicular attack that
(21:54 , 14.11.14 )
Israel bans Norwegian doctor from entering Gaza
Mads Gilbert, who treated patients in Gaza Strip for over decade and repeatedly
(20:52 , 14.11.14 )
Germany's top diplomat to meet Israel,
Frank-Walter Steinmeier aims to get first-hand picture following clashes between
(18:14 , 14.11.14 )
Islamic State group says it'll mint its own
Terror organization seeking to establish Islamic caliphate set to produce coins
(17:43 , 14.11.14 )
IDF, Shin Bet mend ties after dispute
After three days of trading blame over war alert claims prior to Gaza op, Chief
(16:47 , 14.11.14 )
Dozens of Palestinians cross border fence in
Some 150 Palestinians use makeshift bridges to cross fence in Qalandiya; 1,500
(14:32 , 14.11.14 ) 
Former Shin Bet head accuses IDF of 'media
'Both sides look like kindergarten children quarrelling and feeling insulted,'
(14:25 , 14.11.14 )
'We will see more European countries recognize
Hugh Lovatt, the Israel-Palestine coordinator at European Council on Foreign
(11:03 , 14.11.14 )
Vigilant policeman foiled West Bank terror
Two Palestinian minors indicted for attempting to commit bombing at Samaria
(10:18 , 14.11.14 )
Israel lifts age bar on Jerusalem mosque prayers
For first time in many months, men of all ages will be allowed to attend the
(09:27 , 14.11.14 )
Hamas threatens to renew violence if Israel
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam spokesman warns 'the fight is not over,' saying 'if the
(08:37 , 14.11.14 )
Islamic State group, al-Qaeda reach accord in
Reports say militant leaders from the Islamic State group and al-Qaida met in
(00:01 , 14.11.14 )
Kerry: Israel, Jordan committed to status quo in
In joint press conference with Jordan FM, held after meeting with Netanyahu,
(22:20 , 13.11.14 ) 
Israel moves to destroy terrorists' homes
Family's of terrorists behind the recent wave of terror attacks in Israel were
(21:41 , 13.11.14 )
Spain to hold symbolic Palestinian vote
Following UK and Sweden, Spain to join France in holding vote to recognize a
(21:21 , 13.11.14 )
Olmert-linked lawyer found dead in car
Benny Tabin, a businessman with ties to former-prime minister Olmert and
(20:21 , 13.11.14 )
US lawmakers move to halt benefits to former
Democrats and Republicans hope to unite, pass bill stripping strip suspected
(18:45 , 13.11.14 )
Islamic State leader still alive, new audio tape
Recording of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released Thursday proves Islamic State leader
(18:25 , 13.11.14 ) 
France urges immediate reversal of Israel
After French parliament decides to vote on Palestinian statehood, Foreign
(17:32 , 13.11.14 )
Rabbi Glick's condition continues to improve
Wife posts picture of Rabbi Glick smiling from hospital bed in most visual sign
(17:20 , 13.11.14 )
The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran
Shi'ite militias backed by Iran have become the most powerful military force in
(16:48 , 13.11.14 )
Aharonovich: More terror attacks possible
As rioting in Jerusalem continues, top police command vows to restore quiet to
(14:36 , 13.11.14 )
Five dead in Sinai terror attacks, embassy in
Two separate attacks by militants kill off-duty police and soldiers, as state of
(13:35 , 13.11.14 )
Father of 'Nakba Day' shooting victim praises
'Israel has opportunity to show world it is a law-abiding nation,' says father
(12:02 , 13.11.14 ) 
Foreign ambassadors undergo hasbara on Temple
Police chief, deputy foreign minister briefs foreign dignitaries on escalation
(10:42 , 13.11.14 )
After IDF row, Shin Bet clarifies that it
Shin Bet seeks to calm tensions with army in wake of Channel 2 report that
(09:51 , 13.11.14 )
New Hamas anthem calls to banish Zionists from
After the hit 'Up, do terror attacks' gained major popularity during Gaza op, a
(00:03 , 13.11.14 ) 
Israeli security thwarts Somali pirate attack
Armed guards aboard Israel-bound ship repelled Somali pirates at entrance to Red
(23:41 , 12.11.14 )

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