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Palestinian death toll crosses 1,400
IDF officer claims Hamas has been planning 'July War' with Israel for months, as
(00:01 , 01.08.14 )
US: Israel's UN school shelling 'indefensible'
White House spokesperson slams Israel for shelling of UN schoo, hints IDF
(21:38 , 31.07.14 )
Former head of IDF operations: 'Hamas is in
Maj. Gen. (res.) Israel Ziv says movement has got itself into 'conundrum' since
(20:44 , 31.07.14 ) 
Lapid: No deal until tunnels cleared
Lapid says ceasefire will be reached only along Egyptian proposal and only after
(19:40 , 31.07.14 )
Kerry: 'No promise' Gaza ceasefire can be
After Netanyahu says Israel will destroy Gaza's tunnels regardless of whether
(19:08 , 31.07.14 )
Palestinians mull war crime charges against
Navi Pillay slams Israel for intentionally breaking international laws in Gaza
(18:52 , 31.07.14 )
Metal marbles found in Turkish humanitarian aid
Marbles could be used in explosive devices; owner of container says marbles
(14:45 , 31.07.14 )
Iran's Quds Force to Hamas: Turn Israeli land
'Disarmament of resistance is a daydream that will only come true in the
(14:16 , 31.07.14 )
Netanyahu: IDF will complete tunnel destruction,
Despite resolute words, prime minister lowers expectations, saying 'there's no
(13:36 , 31.07.14 )
Report: Palestinian delegation to arrive in
Abbas-led delegation, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad representatives,
(11:58 , 31.07.14 )
IDF calls up 16,000 additional reservists
Senior IDF source says reservists will 'give the army the time needed to
(11:13 , 31.07.14 ) 
Tunnels and rockets, but no top brass: Why
Feature: While past operations saw quick targeting of group's top military and
(01:08 , 31.07.14 ) 
Hamas’ PR tactics
Terror organization advances propaganda objectives with rocket-shaped cookies
(01:07 , 31.07.14 )
Video: Terror tunnel shaft inside Gaza mosque
IDF Givati Brigade soldiers and Combat Engineering Corps uncover weapons and
(00:44 , 31.07.14 ) 
Remembering Eyal, Naftali and Gil-Ad: 'In death
Families of three Israel teens kidnapped and murdered in June meet to mark
(00:35 , 31.07.14 )
US resupplies Israel with munitions as Gaza op
American defense official says Israel received access to strategic reserves of
(00:14 , 31.07.14 )
Abbas declares Gaza a 'humanitarian disaster
Palestinian president urges UN secretary-general to press international
(23:57 , 30.07.14 )
Bolivia: Israel is a terror state
President Evo Morales rescinds agreement allowing Israelis to visit without visa
(23:30 , 30.07.14 )
Hamas launches rockets at Tel Aviv area
Rockets intercepted over Ashkelon, Ashdod; sirens sounds in Rishon LeZion and
(23:17 , 30.07.14 )
Three IDF soldiers killed in Gaza
IDF Spokesperson's Unit says three troops die during operational activity in the
(22:36 , 30.07.14 )
UN says 'enough is enough' after another Gaza
After fifth attack on UN school, senior officials say Gazans have 'few places to
(21:26 , 30.07.14 )
Report: Israeli delegation in Cairo for truce
Egyptian sources claim Israeli representatives flew to Cairo to discuss progress
(21:02 , 30.07.14 )
IDF: Cement used by Hamas for tunnels could
GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Turgeman says 'we are only a few days away from
(20:21 , 30.07.14 )
Dermer: Criticism of Kerry due to Israel's
Ambassador to US stresses 'Israeli press' and not Prime Minister Netanyahu
(19:04 , 30.07.14 )
Hamas trained for an aerial attack in Malaysia
Elite forces cell commander admits the Gaza group planned on using paragliding
(18:18 , 30.07.14 )
Israel and Hamas fight over Gaza casualty list
In era in which public opinion is part of warfare, Israel and Hamas fighting
(14:51 , 30.07.14 )
Four-hour humanitarian ceasefire to start at 3pm
At least 64 Palestinians killed and more than 100 wounded since midnight in IDF
(14:23 , 30.07.14 )
19 Palestinians killed in IDF shelling near
IDF says terrorists were firing mortar shells at soldiers from the vicinity of
(13:49 , 30.07.14 )
How does a terror cell enter Israel, kill 5
After Hamas releases chilling video documenting how they entered Israel through
(13:12 , 30.07.14 )
Peres: Give Gaza back to Abbas, end the war
Former president has emotional visit with wounded soldiers in Soroka: 'This is a
(12:55 , 30.07.14 )
Egypt to Abbas: Come to Cairo with unified
PA president to lead delegation including Hamas, Islamic Jihad representatives
(10:42 , 30.07.14 )
Aboard a Navy ship, sailing across the Gaza
Ynet reporter Yoav Zitun joined the Israeli Navy, where sailors are prepared for
(09:04 , 30.07.14 ) 
IDF: Either we go further in or back out now
Senior IDF commanders contradict Netanyahu's claims, say military warned
(00:45 , 30.07.14 )
Soldiers criticize lack of safety measures
After four soldiers die at a rally point outside Gaza, IDF reservists and
(00:05 , 30.07.14 )
Holocaust survivors donate to IDF soldiers
'No matter what language they speak or what color skin they have, they are all
(23:00 , 29.07.14 )
Hamas' military leader: No ceasefire until
In prerecorded message aired on group's official channel, Mohammed Deif,
(22:42 , 29.07.14 )
Six IDF soldiers injured by mortar fire inside
Code Red sirens sound in Gush Etzion and parts of the West Bank, as Gaza
(22:33 , 29.07.14 )
Arab MK suspended for six months over remarks
Ethics Committee says Hanin Zoabi's statements 'identified with enemies of the
(21:56 , 29.07.14 )
PA says Gaza factions agree to 72-hour truce;
PA says Hamas, Islamic Jihad agree to temporary humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza
(19:29 , 29.07.14 )
Kerry: Netanyahu raised idea of ceasefire
US Secretary of State deflects criticism of his actions by Israeli officials,
(19:03 , 29.07.14 )
Chinese hackers stole Iron Dome data
Cyber-crime blog says hacking group affiliated with Chinese People’s Liberation
(18:18 , 29.07.14 )
Poll: 90% of Israeli Jews believe Gaza operation
A new survey by the IDI shows that most Israeli Jews predict further fighting
(15:52 , 29.07.14 )
Rockets hit Sderot after salvo intercepted over
Iron Dome intercepts two Gaza rockets fired at Israel in morning after night
(15:12 , 29.07.14 )
Soldiers' deaths evokes memories of 2006 Lebanon
Mortar attack on Eshkol that killed four IDF soldiers bears painful resemblance
(14:43 , 29.07.14 )
IDF hit Gaza power plant, cutting electricity to
Palestinian death toll rises to 1,110; Gaza reports claim IAF hit Hamas' Gaza
(13:29 , 29.07.14 ) 
UK retailer Tesco to stop sales of settlement
Jewish Chronicle reports British supermarket giant Tesco to suspend sales of
(12:12 , 29.07.14 )
US lawmakers back Israel amid Gaza fighting
'At times like this, people try to isolate Israel, we are here to stand with
(10:50 , 29.07.14 )
Khamenei: Israel is a 'rabid dog'
Iran leader urges arms for Palestinians, slams Israel over Gaza operation,
(09:16 , 29.07.14 )
Five IDF soldiers killed in terrorists'
10 soldiers killed in past day in two separate incidents; five killed after Gaza
(08:49 , 29.07.14 )
After morning of 'return fire only' policy, IDF
IAF jets are attacking militants and dangerous infrastructure while armored
(23:02 , 28.07.14 ) 
Four terrorists infiltrated Israel, IDF kills at
Terrorists likely entered Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council through a tunnel;
(22:48 , 28.07.14 )
US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry
'It's simply not the way partners and allies treat each other,' State Department
(22:37 , 28.07.14 )
Four IDF soldiers killed in mortar fire on
Rocket fire at Israel resumes with vigor after unofficial ceasefire between
(21:48 , 28.07.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Gaza demilitarization must be part of
Prime minister vows operation won't end before all tunnels are neutralized, says
(21:38 , 28.07.14 )
Rocket alert siren in Upper Galilee was false
IDF troops could not find rockets, while Lebanese media did not report on
(21:04 , 28.07.14 )
Attack on park in Gaza kills 10, most children
Palestinians blame IAF strikes, while IDF says incident caused by Gaza rocket
(20:04 , 28.07.14 )
Abbas to head 'joint team' for Gaza ceasefire
Palestinian delegation to Cairo includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad representatives
(19:39 , 28.07.14 )
Netanyahu to Ban: Security Council statement not
While prime minister concerned statement doesn't recognize Israel's security
(17:54 , 28.07.14 )
Hamas clip warns IAF pilots: Stay out of our
Al-Qassam Brigades releases animated video threatening to shoot down Israeli
(15:27 , 28.07.14 ) 
Gaza residents see no joy in Muslim Eid holiday
After three weeks of incessant hostilities between Hamas and Israel,
(14:33 , 28.07.14 )
Satellite footage documents Gaza destruction
Three weeks of Operation Protective Edge decimate parts of Saja'iyya
(12:29 , 28.07.14 )
Obama demands an immediate, unconditional
Senior US official calls reports of Kerry truce draft, that imply secretary of
(00:00 , 28.07.14 )
Wake held for Thai worker who was killed by
Ceremony held in Netiv HaAsara in memory of Narakorn Kittiyangkul, before his
(23:21 , 27.07.14 )
Israel acknowledges mortar shell hit UN school
IDF says military probe showed 'a single errant mortar' landed in the yard of
(22:58 , 27.07.14 )
Family of missing soldier to sit shiva to mourn
Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul went missing after an APC he was in was hit by an
(22:01 , 27.07.14 )
IDF hits 20 Gaza targets between ceasefires
Total of Palestinian casualties rises to 1,031, with over 6,000 wounded;
(20:27 , 27.07.14 ) 
VIDEO: IDF blows up Hamas' terror tunnels in
As they continue searching for more tunnels, troops have begun destroying those
(19:59 , 27.07.14 ) 
Egypt army destroys 13 more Gaza tunnels
As Israel works to destroyed series of tunnels leading to it border, Egypt
(17:57 , 27.07.14 )
Rockets fired on Israel after Hamas agrees to
Spokesperson for Gaza-based group says truce will start with the hour; earlier
(17:07 , 27.07.14 )
Hamas’ mega-attack through Gaza terror tunnels
According to Shin Bet source, terror organization aimed to send 200 fighters
(16:21 , 27.07.14 )
Netanyahu calls on Hamas to accept Egyptian
Prime minister says path to calm in Gaza hinges on demilitarization and 'social
(16:20 , 27.07.14 )
The return of the tank
IDF ground commanders emphasize importance of armored escorts in saving lives of
(14:50 , 27.07.14 )
Lapid: Israel still tackling terror tunnels
Hamas calls for 24-hour ceasefire; security cabinet to meet Sunday afternoon;
(14:39 , 27.07.14 ) 
Report: Kerry truce draft ignores Israeli
Ceasefire proposal presented to Israel by top US diplomat met all Hamas demands,
(12:52 , 27.07.14 )
Border Guard officers thwart terror attack near
Security personnel at checkpoint stop suspect with large explosive device,
(11:46 , 27.07.14 )
IDF reservist killed during humanitarian truce
After sustaining severe injuries from Gaza mortar fire, Sgt. 1st Class (res.)
(11:22 , 27.07.14 )
Pentagon warns more dangerous elements could
US intelligence official cautions removal of Hamas may lead to 'something like
(11:07 , 27.07.14 )
Hamas launches rockets on Israeli towns, IDF
Day 20: Hours after Israel declares extension of humanitarian ceasefire, barrage
(10:41 , 27.07.14 )
IDF names additional soldier killed in Gaza
IDF death toll rises to 43, as military clears for publication the names of five
(09:21 , 27.07.14 )
Gaza death toll crosses 1,000 as calm reveals
Residents take opportunity of quiet to purchase supplies, mourn for dead; 146
(01:10 , 27.07.14 ) 
Israel extends Gaza truce until Sunday despite
Security Cabinet votes in favor of UN humanitarian ceasefire after Hamas answers
(01:02 , 27.07.14 ) 
Report: Hamas, North Korea sign secret arms deal
Unconfirmed report says Hamas working to sign arms, communication equipment deal
(23:20 , 26.07.14 )
Israeli seriously wounded as Hamas fires rocket
Mortars fired minutes after ceasefire's deadline at 8pm; Hamas claims
(22:53 , 26.07.14 )
Thousands protest Gaza operation in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv's Rabin Square filled with leftwing Israelis calling for an end to the
(22:52 , 26.07.14 )
Report: Rocket kills 4 children in Egypt near
Possible Gaza rockets hit Egypt, highlighting growing tensions between Egypt and
(19:35 , 26.07.14 )
IDF soldiers in Gaza get mobile gourmet treat
Chefs volunteering to cook at gourmet truck on Gaza border to provide combat
(16:13 , 26.07.14 )
Family of Staff Sgt. Guy Boyland in mourning
Family: 'No words to describe the loss for all those who have died'; funeral to
(16:02 , 26.07.14 )
Foreign Ministers pushing for Israel-Gaza truce:
12-hour humanitarian ceasefire to last until 8pm during which IDF continues
(15:39 , 26.07.14 )
Cleared for publication: 2 more soldiers
Day 19: Op Protective Edge continues overnight with IAF attacks in Gaza and
(10:28 , 26.07.14 )
2 Palestinians killed in overnight riots in West
16, 18-year-old Palestinians shot and killed by IDF in riots; army says that
(09:59 , 26.07.14 )
Thousands in New York protest IDF Gaza op
Police push for calm in Times Square as US protesters call for peace in Gaza;
(09:11 , 26.07.14 )
Israel, Hamas agree to 12-hour humanitarian
Cabinet has yet to make a decision on US Secretary of State Kerry's proposal of
(01:05 , 26.07.14 ) 
Rare photos from ‘underground Gaza’ give glimpse
Photographs taken by photographer Jack Guez show tunnels dug by Hamas from Gaza
(00:46 , 26.07.14 )
Masked protesters hurl stones, burn Israeli flag
Violent protest breaks out after masked rioters interrupt quiet demonstration;
(00:44 , 26.07.14 )
Iron Dome intercepts 4 rockets over Rosh HaAyn,
Code Red sirens wail in southern, central Israeli cities including Tel Aviv;
(23:54 , 25.07.14 ) 
Ya'alon to Iron Dome troops: Prepare for
GOC Southern Command says IDF needs more time to operate against tunnels, Hamas
(23:45 , 25.07.14 ) 

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