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Possible security incident closes route 232
Just hours after terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, another possible
(00:17 , 22.07.14 )
At least 572 Palestinians killed during Gaza
More than 40 Gazans killed on 14th day of Operation Protective Edge; rescuers
(23:56 , 21.07.14 )
16 arrested in Nazareth protests against IDF
Thousands take the streets, hundreds throw rocks at police who respond with tear
(23:21 , 21.07.14 )
Ban urges both sides to stop violence
UN secretary general, US secretary of state arrive in Cairo to join efforts to
(22:58 , 21.07.14 )
7 IDF soldiers killed in Gaza fighting over last
Three soldiers seriously wounded, eight moderately and 19 lightly in past 24
(21:34 , 21.07.14 )
Israel wins supporters around the world
New solidarity campaign invited pro-Israel activists to snap their passport -
(20:14 , 21.07.14 )
Two rockets intercepted over Shfela area
Earlier, Hamas fired 2 rockets at Tel Aviv, both were intercepted; Sderot and
(19:39 , 21.07.14 )
Haniyeh slams Arab world for silence, inaction
'Where's the Goldstone report?' former Hamas PM wonders, saying Israel's ground
(18:45 , 21.07.14 )
Thousands turn out in London for pro-Israel
Siren sounded in the British capital to show solidarity for Israelis living with
(18:22 , 21.07.14 )
Hamas terrorists wore correct IDF uniforms to
IDF troops delayed opening fire at terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel at
(18:07 , 21.07.14 ) 
GOC Southern Command: Only ground op can take
Maj.-Gen. Tugeman says mission is not yet done, while cabinet members disagree
(17:28 , 21.07.14 )
IDF campaign shows rockets in schools and
Social media effort by IDF Spokesperson's Unit attempts to deflect international
(15:24 , 21.07.14 )
Fallen soldier Moshe Melako remembered by
20-year-old Jerusalemite was killed in IDF operation in Gaza; the Golani soldier
(13:13 , 21.07.14 )
Oz's father: Maybe I raised him on too much
In joint interview with army radio before his death, Staff Sergeant Oz and his
(11:40 , 21.07.14 )
Report: IAF struck Sudan weapons stockpile
According to Al-Arab newspaper, six people were wounded in the strike; Sudanese
(11:39 , 21.07.14 )
VIDEO: IDF forces kill 10 terrorists
Observation units identify two terror cells infiltrating Israel; IAF strike hit
(10:44 , 21.07.14 ) 
VIDEO: Gaza terrorists attempt to infiltrate
Two terror cells met by IDF forces after emerging from Gaza tunnel; IAF strikes
(10:39 , 21.07.14 ) 
IDF begins naming 13 soldiers killed in Gaza on
Golani Brigade soldiers killed in several different incidents in 24-hour period;
(10:38 , 21.07.14 ) 
UN Security Council demands immediate end to
Emergency session convened at Jordan's request to express 'serious concern'
(09:58 , 21.07.14 )
Hamas claims to have kidnapped soldier; IDF
Announcement from Hamas' military wing says that they hold IDF soldier captive,
(01:22 , 21.07.14 )
Price of war: Fallen IDF soldiers laid to rest
Adar Barsano, Bar Rahav, Bnaya Rubel buried in military cemeteries where
(00:48 , 21.07.14 )
Obama sends Kerry to Cairo to help truce efforts
'You cannot reward terrorism. There can't be a set of preconditioned demands
(00:41 , 21.07.14 )
Bloody Sunday: Over 100 Palestinians killed on
IDF continues destroying terror tunnel infrastructure as heavy losses are
(22:37 , 20.07.14 )
Netanyahu: We bow our heads to the fallen
Prime minister sends condolences to families of the 13 Golani soldiers killed in
(21:07 , 20.07.14 ) 
'Hamas leaders are in hotels, not on the
The war of words between Cairo and Hamas is not dying down, and Gaza's rulers
(20:50 , 20.07.14 )
Name of main suspect in Abu Khdeir's murder
Yosef Haim Ben-David from Adam is accused of playing a central role in the
(20:44 , 20.07.14 )
Kerry on Israel's Gaza offensive: Hell of a
Secretary of State tells Fox News that Hamas is responsible for current round of
(20:33 , 20.07.14 ) 
More than 65 killed in Israeli shelling in Gaza
Death toll climbs to 433 after Shejaia attack; among the dead in neighborhood
(20:10 , 20.07.14 ) 
Hamas defies humanitarian truce, fires rockets
Iron Dome intercepts 5 rockets over Netivot and Ashkelon, 5 others fall in open
(17:16 , 20.07.14 )
Netanyahu: Gaza operation moving forward fairly
Prime minister tells CNN Israel regrets civilian casualties, accuses Hamas of
(17:04 , 20.07.14 ) 
Israel extends Gaza humanitarian truce after
IDF: Hamas fired on troops during ceasefire it requested; Red Cross faciliated
(16:53 , 20.07.14 )
Lapid: Nothing off the table in Gaza op
Finance minister visits wounded soldiers in Be'er Sheva, emphasizes IDF
(15:53 , 20.07.14 )
Qatar hosts Gaza ceasefire talks with Abbas, UN
After French, Egyptian efforts fail, Abbas to fly to Doha, meet with UN's Ban,
(13:33 , 20.07.14 )
Injured Golani Brigade commander: I need to get
Despite doctors' orders, Col. Rassan Alian, who was injured overnight in Gaza,
(12:29 , 20.07.14 )
Two more IDF soldiers killed in Gaza ground
2nd Lt. Bar Rahav and Staff Sgt. Bnaya Rubel killed in fighting on second day of
(09:06 , 20.07.14 )
In depth: IDF shifts focus to tunnels
As military troops attempt to uncover and destroy as many tunnels as possible
(02:19 , 20.07.14 ) 
Hamas praises Israeli-Arab MK for Al Jazeera
MK Hanin Zoabi tells Al Jazeera that ‘home front cannot handle prolonged
(01:48 , 20.07.14 ) 
Gaza rockets hit south Israel
Twelve rockets fired at regional councils in north-western Negev in late night
(01:38 , 20.07.14 )
Foreign workers in Israel back Gaza op
While foreign nationals protest in favor of Gaza operation; protesters in Tel
(00:29 , 20.07.14 )
Erdogan: Israel 'surpassed Hitler in barbarism'
Meanwhile, Venezuela condemns Israeli 'genocide' and 'extermination' in Gaza, in
(23:26 , 19.07.14 )
Abbas, Mashal to meet in Doha after Hamas
French claim talks with Netanyahu failed to yeild results after Islamist
(22:55 , 19.07.14 )
Massive IDF fire on central Gaza
Forces kill terrorists attempting to enter into Israel, while IAF fire on Gaza
(22:27 , 19.07.14 )
Pro-Palestinian protesters rally across EU
Boy killed in Kashmir after Indian forces shoot at anti-Israel rally; defying
(21:57 , 19.07.14 )
Two IDF soldiers killed after terrorists try to
Two soldiers moderately wounded in incident; Hamas' armed wing reported
(19:12 , 19.07.14 ) 
IDF: Explosive donkey attacked forces in Gaza
Forces operating near Gaza attacked by explosive-laden donkey, and IDF claim
(18:07 , 19.07.14 )
IN VIDEO: IDF destroys terror tunnel in Gaza
Video published by IDF shows method used to strike terrorist tunnels: Forces
(17:34 , 19.07.14 )
Man killed near Dimona as southern Israel comes
Three others hurt in strike, all four members of same Bedouin family; rockets
(17:09 , 19.07.14 )
Large IDF forces mobilized near Gaza border
Two soldiers moderately wounded in gunbattle in northern Gaza; IDF craetes
(15:13 , 19.07.14 ) 
Israel advises citizens to avoid Turkey amid
Foreign Ministry tells Israelis to 'avoid non-essential visits' to Turkey;
(12:30 , 19.07.14 )
Egypt says it has no plans to revise its Gaza
UN Secretary-General Ban to visit Israel, but not Gaza due to security reasons;
(12:17 , 19.07.14 )
NBC sends reporter back to Gaza after sudden
Ayman Mohyeldin disappeared after tweeting that he had played soccer with some
(09:57 , 19.07.14 )
Iran, powers extend talks after missing nuclear
Talks extended for four months; Tehran to be able to access $2.8 billion of
(08:34 , 19.07.14 )
UN Security Council holds emergency debate on
Security Council meets at Jordan's behest 24 hours after IDF sends ground troops
(00:39 , 19.07.14 )
IDF troops hit 260 targets in Gaza; soldiers
First soldier killed as IDF enters Gaza, following 10 days of aerial assaults,
(00:08 , 19.07.14 )
MK Zoabi handcuffed by riot police in Haifa
12 Palestinians arrested during Temple Mount unrest; Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon
(21:50 , 18.07.14 )
Woman hurt and home hit near Ashdod, intercepts
At least 50 rockets fired at Israel since IDF ground troops entered Gaza on
(21:36 , 18.07.14 )
Obama: 'No nation should accept terrorists
Israel pulls families from missions in Turkey after protests target consulate;
(20:22 , 18.07.14 )
Israel recalls diplomats' families from Turkey
Merkel joins US in urging calm, but says Hamas rocket attacks give Israel right
(17:41 , 18.07.14 )
Hamas slams Abbas despite condemnation of Gaza
'Abbas has embraced Netanyahu's position on Gaza,' Hamas spokesperson says after
(15:08 , 18.07.14 )
Turkish anti-Israel protests grow violent
Police fire tear gas to disperse demonstration against Gaza operation near
(14:38 , 18.07.14 )
Bulgaria identifies Burgas bomber as
Hezbollah-backed attack on Black Sea resort which killed five Israelis was
(13:16 , 18.07.14 )
Netanyahu: Gaza ground op comes after all other
Cabinet convenes to discuss Gaza operation; Netanyahu: IDF ordered to prepare
(12:09 , 18.07.14 )
Israeli killed in downed Malaysian plane
Itamar Avnon, former Israeli paratrooper, among 249 people killed in Malaysian
(11:52 , 18.07.14 )
IN VIDEO: Gaza Strip ground operation
As IDF launch ground operation in Gaza, with special focus on terror tunnels,
(08:57 , 18.07.14 ) 
IDF sends ground troops into Gaza, calls up
PM tells IDF to prepare to expand operation; incursion comes after hours of
(02:58 , 18.07.14 )
At least five killed in IDF shelling in Rafah,
Palestinian and Arab media report at least 3 killed, including 5-month-old baby,
(02:50 , 18.07.14 )
Heavy barrage of rockets at Tel Aviv area
Soldier lightly wounded from shrapnel in Hof Ashkelon; Iron Dome intercepts 12
(02:02 , 18.07.14 ) 
Hamas: We are not afraid of IDF ground assault
Abbas aide: Truce talks continue; Islamic Jihad: We are prepared for all
(02:01 , 18.07.14 )
International community urges IDF restraint in
UN chief says ground op means already dangerous conflict has now escalated even
(01:57 , 18.07.14 )
Suspects indicted in Abu Khdeir murder case
At least 2 defendants likely to plead insanity in murder, burning of Palestinian
(20:47 , 17.07.14 )
IDF intercepts another Hamas UAV
Hamas' military wing claimed responsibility for launching the Ababil 1 UAV,
(20:36 , 17.07.14 )
Lieberman: No ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza
Hamas, Islamic Jihad also deny deal, after BBC report said that truce was to
(20:09 , 17.07.14 )
West could ease Iran sanctions to salvage
Diplomats claim West could attempt to ease the sanctions imposed on Iran in a
(19:48 , 17.07.14 )
UNRWA finds rockets in one of its Gaza schools
UN agency investigating incident it condemned as 'flagrant violation' of
(18:37 , 17.07.14 )
Top US firefighters help Israel amid rocket fire
Delegation of firefighters from US, including 9/11 first responders, arrive in
(10:11 , 17.07.14 ) 
Gaza terror tunnel attack thwarted
IDF fires at 13 terrorists attempting to enter Israel through Gaza Strip tunnel
(09:00 , 17.07.14 ) 
Paris bans pro-Palestinian protest amid tensions
After past protests grew violent, with attacks on synagogues, Jewish stores,
(08:37 , 17.07.14 )
Obama: Israel has right to defend against
American president says US will use all its diplomatic resources to secure
(02:14 , 17.07.14 )
Israel, Hamas agree to UN request for
Defense ministry sources say Israel accepted UN Mideast envoy's request to
(01:21 , 17.07.14 )
Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians end fasts
Amidst conflict, faiths unite Jews and Muslims who break fast together across
(00:53 , 17.07.14 )
IDF on 4 kids' deaths: Tragic if innocent
Israeli military says it was targeting terrorists in shelling, area where
(00:50 , 17.07.14 )
Israel to deploy three new Iron Dome
Official tells Reuters more missile defense systems 'in the pipeline' as a
(00:20 , 17.07.14 )
Tel Aviv hosts test of new tunnel detection
Soldiers of IDF Talpiot project develop a new system comprised of sensors and
(00:19 , 17.07.14 )

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