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Ukraine separatists: We're holding missing
Vice reporter Simon Ostrovsky was detained Monday night along with a number of
(00:56 , 24.04.14 )
US: 'Disappointed' by Palestinian unity deal
Despite claim by Abbas that unity deal with Hamas does not contradict peace
(21:50 , 23.04.14 )
Spoon-bending psychic Geller helps Israelis defy
Uri Geller will participate in a new Israeli commercial helping to educate the
(21:01 , 23.04.14 )
Netanyahu: Abbas chose Hamas over peace with
Israel nixes negotiators' meet after Fatah, Hamas sign deal; Abbas: Unity does
(19:05 , 23.04.14 )
IAF targets suspected terrorist in Gaza
'Code red' rocket alert sounds in Hof Ashkelon communities in southern Israel;
(18:26 , 23.04.14 )
Haniyeh: Palestinian unity government within
Hamas leader makes announcement after his party and Fatah sign reconciliation
(16:43 , 23.04.14 )
Brunei delay implementation of Sharia law
Strict Sharia Law implementation in Brunei delayed, but will still go ahead
(16:03 , 23.04.14 )
Blair: Radicalized Islam a growing threat
Quartet envoy to the Middle East says most in the Were seems 'curiously
(15:28 , 23.04.14 )
Ya'alon said urging speedy demolitions in
Army Radio says Defense Minister made call to senior officials during
(14:27 , 23.04.14 )
50,000 Holocaust survivors in poverty, 50%
New report says 1/3 of Israel's survivors requested aid, 60% of needy living on
(13:51 , 23.04.14 )
'Instead of making peace with Israel, Abbas
Netanyahu bemoans fact Abbas keeps stacking additional conditions during peace
(13:03 , 23.04.14 )
Tunisia to normalize relations with Israel in
Normal Israeli - Tunisian relations hope to bring more Jewish tourists to yearly
(10:08 , 23.04.14 )
American-Israeli journalist held by east Ukraine
VICE reporter Simon Ostrovsky was taken by pro-Russian separatists; VICE says
(08:52 , 23.04.14 )
Video: Border Police forces beat Palestinians in
Patrol team documented attacking, shooting stun grenades at two Palestinians in
(00:32 , 23.04.14 ) 
IDF 'invites' Arab Christians to enlist
In wake of campaign led by Greek Orthodox priest to persuade more
(23:54 , 22.04.14 )
Bennett to Abbas: If you're going to shoot, then
Bayit Yehudi leader belittles PA president's threats to dissolve Palestinian
(23:54 , 22.04.14 )
Suspicion: Young women lured into selling organs
Police investigation finds that girls aged 18-20 were lured into selling
(23:11 , 22.04.14 )
Source: Abbas doesn't want peace
Senior political source talks to Ynet, responds to Abbas's demands for extending
(21:29 , 22.04.14 )
Man involved in murder of IDF soldier turns
Suspect in stabbing of 18-year-old Yiftach Grady outside Ra'anana club turns
(20:05 , 22.04.14 )
Lieberman, Peres met with Ukraine presidential
In secret visit to Israel, frontrunner in the Ukrainian presidential election
(19:50 , 22.04.14 )
Palestinian unity talks begin in Gaza
First PLO delegation since 2007 clashes between Hamas, Fatah heads to Gaza for
(18:42 , 22.04.14 )
Abbas: Borders outline, settlement freeze or
'If Israel believes in two-state solution, then let's talk borders,' Abbas says
(17:19 , 22.04.14 )
Lieberman on threat to dismantle PA: You can't
Foreign minister confident Bayit Yehudi won't leave government over release of
(15:41 , 22.04.14 )
New videos show children wounded in chemical
Less than a year after the Assad regime agreed to get rid of its chemical arms
(13:35 , 22.04.14 ) 
Erekat: Palestinians have no intention of
Palestinian negotiator says that while Palestinians aren't interested in
(12:52 , 22.04.14 )
Jewish lawyer seeks to join Islamist party in
Lawyer praises party ideals, questions specific policies in open letter: 'There
(11:37 , 22.04.14 )
Firefighters beaten by settlers in Beit El
Ofra station firefighters called to extinguish a fire when settlement youth
(11:07 , 22.04.14 )
Katz: If PA annuls Oslo Accords, Abbas will
Likud minister calls for retaliatory measures against PA if it dismantles
(10:39 , 22.04.14 )
Iran admits nuclear agency reshuffle to pave way
Rouhani administration moves to remove hardliners opposing negotiations with the
(09:12 , 22.04.14 )
US to Abbas: Shuttering PA 'would have grave
State Department spokeswoman warns 'dissolving the PA is not in interest of
(00:44 , 22.04.14 )
Mimouna in Ashdod: 'For men only'
Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef to attend event with Ashdod mayor and Shas
(22:23 , 21.04.14 )
Jordan blames Israel for Temple Mount clashes
After turbulent week in sacred site, Amman tells Israeli ambassador immediately
(21:20 , 21.04.14 )
US Supreme Court to look at 'born in Jerusalem'
Court will review ruling that struck down 2002 law authorizing identifying
(18:43 , 21.04.14 )
Hundreds protest 'price tag' attacks in Umm
After local mosque vandalized Friday, residents of city and Wadi Ara area
(17:42 , 21.04.14 )
Fatah delegation to arrive in Gaza for
Senior Hamas leader arrives in Gaza to meet with Gaza PM Ismail Haniyeh ahead of
(15:00 , 21.04.14 )
IAF strikes Gaza terror targets in retaliation
Silence of holiday morning disrupted by seven rockets fired from Gaza; one
(14:13 , 21.04.14 )
Syria to hold presidential election on June 3
Candidates seeking to run for president, can register candidacy from April
(13:55 , 21.04.14 )
18 year-old stabbed to death outside nightclub
A fight outside club 'Six' resulted in the lethal stabbing of IDF soldier
(12:37 , 21.04.14 )
Israeli, Palestinian teen offenders face
There is a vast disparity in Israel's justice system in the West Bank, while
(12:21 , 21.04.14 )
Palestinian cleric says Israel threw stun
Israeli police denies allegation, saying non-lethal crowd dispersal means were
(08:30 , 21.04.14 )
1947-1967: Rare archive videos of Israel
From Ben Gurion's first UN visit to the first tour of the Israel Museum. British
(00:15 , 21.04.14 ) 
Iran, world powers to start work on nuclear
With interim deal still in effect, Iran and powers set to come together in New
(00:15 , 21.04.14 )
IDF on Humvee crash near Lebanon border: Driver
Investigation into the military Humvee accident that left soldier dead revealed
(00:13 , 21.04.14 )
Egypt: Ex-army chief, leftist to run for
Ex-army chief el-Sissi and leftist Sabahi, a politician, journalist and poet who
(21:19 , 20.04.14 )
'Assad used chemical weapons, despite agreement'
French PM claims they have information that the Syrian regime is still using
(18:43 , 20.04.14 ) 
Bennett: Let Abbas go home
Bayit Yehudi chairman welcomes threat to dismantle PA, following report by
(16:17 , 20.04.14 )
Heavy winds uproot trees in Eilat; 3 hurt
Palm trees crush vehicles and smash through walls, injuring a woman and two
(15:34 , 20.04.14 )
30 arrested at marijuana legalization protest in
Police disperse 1,000-large crowd; defense attorney says 'people came to protest
(13:23 , 20.04.14 ) 
Arab youth riot on Temple Mount; 2 officers hurt
Temple Mount compound closed after rocks and fireworks thrown at police from
(10:31 , 20.04.14 ) 
Abbas threatens to dismantle Palestinian
PA president's proposal to declare West Bank under occupation would annul Oslo
(08:55 , 20.04.14 )
Intelligence briefing: Israel's military experts
The heads of the four 'theaters' in the Military Intelligence research division
(01:43 , 20.04.14 )
Israel asks for increased security in Bangkok
Bangkok police deploys additional plain-clothes and uniformed policemen to main
(01:12 , 20.04.14 )
Ukraine rabbi: Anti-Semitic leaflet a hoax
A Ukrainian rabbi says leaflet intended to deepen the conflict between Russian
(00:34 , 20.04.14 )
UN envoy say Israel tried to bar him from
Robert Serry says Israeli officers ignored his requests to speak to a superior
(23:37 , 19.04.14 )
'Breast clouds' over Israel
Dry air under high, thick clouds formed uniquely shaped clouds all over the
(21:31 , 19.04.14 )
Report: Dozens hurt in chemical weapons attack
OPCW says Syria has gotten rid of 80% of chemical arsenal, if momentum kepts,
(21:14 , 19.04.14 ) 
Al-Qaeda leader: Abbas is a traitor who is
Ayman al-Zawahiri accuses PA president of 'giving up on the right of return to
(20:04 , 19.04.14 )
IN PICTURES: Holy fire ceremony draws thousands
Thousands of Christians arrive at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in
(19:29 , 19.04.14 )
Iran general urges Tehran to make new UN pick
Gen. Mohammad Bagherzadeh says Hamid Aboutalebi should remain close to his
(17:57 , 19.04.14 )
Iran's nuclear chief: Dispute over Arak
Salehi says world powers accepted Iranian offer to make 'certain changes' in
(17:32 , 19.04.14 )
US intelligence opposes Israeli entry into Visa
Congressional sources claim security establishment concerned with Israeli spies
(11:32 , 19.04.14 )
Obama signs law to bar Iran diplomat from
Law passed by Congress blocks any individual from entering the US who has been
(09:25 , 19.04.14 )
Lieberman slams Ashton after she urged Israel to
EU foreign policy chief condemns killing of Israeli police officer, as well as
(21:24 , 18.04.14 )
Barak in drag: The daring operation to kill
April in history: Why was Ehud Barak wearing blue eye makeup, and wearing a wig
(20:48 , 18.04.14 )
Iran oil exports rise to 1.2 million barrels per
Rouhani administration doubles oil exports in 8 month period; deputy oil
(20:20 , 18.04.14 )
Satellite images show before and after alleged
Lebanese paper publishes photos of reported arms depot in Hezbollah-controlled
(19:05 , 18.04.14 )
Settlers: Exact a diplomatic price for every
Protesters near Palestinian village where Baruch Mizrahi was murdered on Seder
(17:31 , 18.04.14 )
Egypt stops attempt to smuggle Jewish artifacts
Among the artifacts are a cylindrical wooden box plated in silver to hold Torah
(15:52 , 18.04.14 )
Rouhani talks peace, outreach at army parade
In conciliatory remarks made on Iran's National Army Day, Iranian president
(15:05 , 18.04.14 )
Shas anoints new religious leader
Shas' Council of Torah Sages elects Rabbi Shalom Cohen to be the party's next
(13:45 , 18.04.14 )
IN PICTURES: Christians mark Good Friday in
Scores of devout Christians made their way through Jerusalem's winding
(13:44 , 18.04.14 )
Report: Hezbollah attack on Israeli tourists in
Thai report confirms claims that Hezbollah terror cell planned a Passover attack
(11:39 , 18.04.14 )
'No breakthrough' in Israeli-Palestinian peace
Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet but fail to reach results, in last last
(11:28 , 18.04.14 )
Umm al-Fahm mosque vandalized, door torched
Vandals set fire to mosque door, spray paint 'Arabs out' on its walls. Resident:
(09:48 , 18.04.14 ) 
White supremacists forums 'a magnet for the
Extensive users of online hate forums are becoming 'disproportionately
(09:29 , 18.04.14 ) 
Decade after Intifada, Israelis revisit West
Co-existence groups promote tours of West Bank cities and sites to Israelis who
(08:32 , 18.04.14 )
Abbas' international treaties gesture could
Israeli lawyer says that should the Palestinian leader decide to use new status
(00:49 , 18.04.14 )
Israeli mob boss Charlie Abutbul dies of wounds
Laniado Medical Center declares Abutbul death; gun discovered on scene suggests
(21:43 , 17.04.14 )
Jihadists returning from Syria face heavy
FOCUS: Jordanian security forces take firm stand against jihadists returning
(19:20 , 17.04.14 )
Violence erupts at Prisoners Day rally
30 suspects hurl rocks at soldiers in Hebron, as PA launches international
(15:56 , 17.04.14 )
Senior Iranian official: US has been sabotaging
Fereydoon Abbasi says US planted explosives, viruses in equipment for nuclear
(15:07 , 17.04.14 )
Shin Bet arrests Arab-Israeli journalist who
Majd Kayyal, editor of human rights organization Adalah's website, says he went
(13:50 , 17.04.14 )
Amnesty International: Lift 'ludicrous,
Human rights NGO says restrictions on former Israeli nuclear technician are
(13:08 , 17.04.14 )

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