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Police: There's sufficient evidence to indict
Investigators believe an offense was committed, but have yet to determine what
(12:10 , 27.06.17 )
Shin Bet director: Hackers experience
Director Nadav Argaman says his agency was able to thwart many terror attacks
(10:57 , 27.06.17 )
Hilltop Youth's rabbi: Cause a revolution, but
In light of spike in hate crimes and subsequent clashes between radical settler
(10:28 , 27.06.17 )
A lesson in hasbara
What started as small initiatives during Operations Pillar of Defense and
(09:01 , 27.06.17 ) 
IAF attacks 2 Hamas targets in Gaza in response
Strike hits two Hamas military posts in Gaza City and Rafah; none reported hurt
(08:07 , 27.06.17 )
Minister didn't know of the vote to freeze
A few hours before the government's vote to cancel the development on the
(22:29 , 26.06.17 )
US to work with Israel, seek other ties to
Speaking at Israel's Cyber Week conference in Tel Aviv, US Homeland Security
(22:25 , 26.06.17 )
Haredi MKs ask Ministry of Transportation to
After managing to maintain gender separation at the Western Wall layout and
(22:21 , 26.06.17 )
Israel Defense Prize given to Arrow 3
Arrow 3 is considered one of the best anti-missile defense systems in the world,
(21:16 , 26.06.17 ) 
Knesset to hold discussion on Yedioth Books raid
Knesset committee to discuss police search of Yedioth Books pertaining to former
(18:20 , 26.06.17 )
Lieberman warns against turning Israel into a
Speaking at a party meeting, defense minister pans decisions on Kotel and
(15:56 , 26.06.17 )
Journalist Ronen Bergman wins Sokolow Prize
Dr. Ronen Bergman honored for ‘a series of important and brave journalistic
(14:29 , 26.06.17 )
Sharansky accosts government for Kotel decision
Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky and personal friend of PM Netanyahu slams
(13:56 , 26.06.17 )
Israel scrambles to quash UNESCO vote on holy
Jerusalem attempts to form a seven-nation strong bloc among UNESCO members to
(12:20 , 26.06.17 )
Jewish leaders cancel dinner with Netanyahu over
The Jewish Agency's Board of Governors decides to change its entire agenda for
(10:37 , 26.06.17 )
IDF: bullets hit UN camp in Golan Heights
After residents in northern Israel report of hearing exploding mortar shells in
(10:11 , 26.06.17 ) 
Elderly woman stabbed by her husband in her
Police in the central city receive a distress signal from a 77-year-old man
(08:45 , 26.06.17 )
Syria warns Israel of 'dangerous repercussions
Syrian army issues statement following IDF response to Syrian missile spillover,
(23:43 , 25.06.17 ) 
Israel bars UNESCO from Hebron, citing
The Palestinian Authority asks UNESCO to fast-track request to list Hebron's Old
(23:21 , 25.06.17 )
4 soldiers jailed after one falls asleep in
Nahal infantry soldier dozes off during exercise, only to wake up when a tank
(22:56 , 25.06.17 )
Israel retaliates to further wayward projectiles
After more missiles land in Israel, a spillover of Syrian in-fighting, the IDF
(20:22 , 25.06.17 )
Errant Syrian fire spills over into Israeli
Despite aggressive retaliation from IDF for spillover of 10 projectiles on
(16:50 , 25.06.17 )
PM appeases Haredi parties, freezing Kotel’s
Liberal Reform movement leader decries government's 'shameful and miserable act
(16:02 , 25.06.17 )
IDF commander refutes Breaking the Silence
Weighing in on an investigation of a spokesman for the left-wing group over
(14:13 , 25.06.17 )
New IDF order allows non-religious funeral for
After decades in which soldiers could only be laid to rest in Orthodox religious
(13:53 , 25.06.17 )
German MPs set ultimatum that could torpedo
Members of the Social Democratic Party tell German defense minister they won’t
(12:20 , 25.06.17 )
Senior politicians rally behind Olmert's bid for
Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid among a number of senior politicians urging the
(11:04 , 25.06.17 )
US official: rumors of Trump backing away from
After Al-Hayat newspaper quotes a senior Palestinian official stating that Jared
(10:35 , 25.06.17 )
Soldier seriously wounded from involuntary
Police arrive at a Tel Aviv apartment Saturday to determine circumstances of
(08:57 , 25.06.17 )
Coalition disagrees on Jewish Conversion Bill
The ultra-Orthodox parties' bill is to be considered on Sunday; Yisrael Beytenu
(23:12 , 24.06.17 )
Footage of IAF strike on Syrian targets released
The IDF releases aerial footage of its retaliatory attack following ten
(21:10 , 24.06.17 ) 
Israel attacks Syrian tanks in response to
Ten mortar shells land in Israeli territory, causing no damage or injuries; the
(17:44 , 24.06.17 )
Palestinian sources: Trump may drop
Palestinian official says US Pres. advisor Kushner said Trump will decide
(15:04 , 24.06.17 ) 
UN rejects Israel claim that Hezbollah violated
United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon denies Israel claim that Hezbollah
(09:56 , 24.06.17 ) 
Turkey says Israel paid compensation to families
Turkish media quotes minister as saying that $20 million have been paid out by
(23:26 , 23.06.17 ) 
Hezbollah says future Israel war could draw
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah threatens that should Israel wage
(21:56 , 23.06.17 )
Bereaved parents call to officially recognize
The First Lebanon War—which began on 6 June 1982 and ended on September that
(18:45 , 23.06.17 )
Breaking the Silence activist questioned over
Justice Minister Shaked asks attorney general to open investigation into
(15:09 , 23.06.17 )
Trump’s face, Israeli flags spread on casket in
Iran celebrates its annual Al-Quds Day by saber rattling with missile
(13:12 , 23.06.17 )
4,000 attend Be'er Sheva's first ever Pride
As thousands march through the southern city to celebrate Gay Pride for the
(11:47 , 23.06.17 ) 
Netanyahu to beef up security at Damascus Gate
In light of repeated attacks, including one which recently claimed the life of
(10:48 , 23.06.17 )
President Rivlin warns of overly democratic
Addressing the Herzliya conference, Rivlin calls to strengthen the
(09:49 , 23.06.17 )
Disability pension to be raised by 70 percent
After months of protests, the government finally decides to increase the
(23:28 , 22.06.17 )
PA spokesman: stipends for families of security
After claiming that payments to families of security prisoners is the 'social
(23:27 , 22.06.17 )
Man crosses Lebanon border, arrested by Lebanese
A man is spotted crossing the Northern Israeli border into Lebanon; Lebanese
(23:04 , 22.06.17 )
Haredi pressure stops train works
Ultra-Orthodox politicians meet with prime minister, and planned Shabbat work is
(21:45 , 22.06.17 )
Report reveals which government decisions
A status report on decisions due to be implemented by the end of 2016 shows 70%
(20:37 , 22.06.17 )
16-year-old girl accused of getting 12-year-old
A 16-year-old girl who abused, beat, extorted and threatened a 12-year-old girl
(18:51 , 22.06.17 )
Israel tells UN: Hezbollah set up observation
In letter to Security Council, Ambassador Danon says the Hezbollah-funded
(16:30 , 22.06.17 )
Egypt's Ambassador to Israel: 'Settlements
Hazem Khairat says at Herzliya conference that Cairo is ready to help Israel and
(16:05 , 22.06.17 ) 
Gaza power plant back on, with help of alliance
Egypt contributes shipment of 1 million liters of fuel resulting from a
(15:04 , 22.06.17 )
Drugs and alcohol abuse at Pride Parade takes
Ichilov Hospital's emergency room director laments pressure placed on doctors
(13:53 , 22.06.17 )
Court orders docs be returned to Yedioth Books
Police given 7 days to return all content seized in raids, which is unrelated to
(12:36 , 22.06.17 )
Teacher charged with sexually harassing minors
Shaul Shamai, 48, was a substitute teacher at a Tel Aviv elementary school,
(11:38 , 22.06.17 )
Lieberman: Abbas is trying to drag Hamas to war
Defense minister asserts that by reducing electricity to the strip and putting
(10:46 , 22.06.17 )
Minister Haim Katz to be questioned in
Investigators to question welfare and labor minister on suspicion that workers
(10:33 , 22.06.17 )
3 soldiers subjected to radical Haredi abuse
Soldiers who went to pray in a Jerusalem synagogue prevented from leaving by
(09:31 , 22.06.17 ) 
El Al to compensate Holocaust survivor after
Renee Rabinowitz, 82, was asked to move seats because an ultra-Orthodox man
(09:07 , 22.06.17 )
Kushner talks peace with Mahmoud Abbas
After meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu in a bid to lay the groundwork for
(08:21 , 22.06.17 ) 
GOC Southern Command: Hamas developing
Egypt sends fuel for Gaza's only power plant to allow for nearly eight daily
(23:03 , 21.06.17 )
Hundreds in Jerusalem demand justice for
Protesters call on the State of Israel to acknowledge children of Yemenite
(22:21 , 21.06.17 )
Germany delays decision on Israeli drones,
German parliament postpones 1-billion-euro funding package for the military,
(22:18 , 21.06.17 )
Kushner meets with Netanyahu in effort to
US President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser is also scheduled to meet
(21:34 , 21.06.17 ) 
Reform, Conservative Jews slam PM over refusal
MK Tzahi Hanegbi reportedly told ultra-Orthodox politicians the government has
(19:43 , 21.06.17 )
Border Policewoman convicted of assaulting
The police officer tried to take a 'selfie' with the 15-year-old Palestinian
(18:43 , 21.06.17 )
Economy minister postpones relief measures for
Due to the Palestinian Authority's failure to condemn terror attack that claimed
(17:29 , 21.06.17 )
IAF commander: Israel would go 'all-out' if war
At the annual Herzliya security conference, Maj. Gen. Eshel says Israel can
(17:08 , 21.06.17 )
Mentally ill Haredi suspected of spraying
Worshippers were shocked to discover that their synagogue in the Jerusalem
(15:58 , 21.06.17 )
Israel furious as UN set to host '50 years of
Minister Gilad Erdan appeals to UN Secretary-General Guterres to stop hostile
(14:37 , 21.06.17 )
Dozens of disabled protesters threaten to set
After repeated but failed protests against meager pensions for the disabled,
(13:55 , 21.06.17 )
Jared Kushner lands in Israel, rushes to visit
Arriving in Israel to restart fresh peace initiative between Israel and the
(12:52 , 21.06.17 )
Netanya kindergartens to be named after fallen
Parents of Hadar Cohen and Hadas Malka, who were murdered in similar terror
(12:07 , 21.06.17 )
Israel arrests mother of one of Hadas Malka's
IDF troops take in mother of one of three terrorists responsible for a deadly
(10:28 , 21.06.17 ) 
Israel’s summer start dampened by freak rainfall
Anticipating hot temperatures and a shining sun, Israelis were surprised to wake
(09:27 , 21.06.17 ) 
Netanyahu draws fire for offensive archived
Archived campaign propaganda is found in the Likud headquarters that offensively
(23:48 , 20.06.17 )
Shaked: PA, Hamas responsible for Gaza electric
The minister of justice calls on Palestinian public and international community
(22:57 , 20.06.17 )
Yedioth Books demand police return information
The publishing house petitions the court asking for return of seized materials
(22:22 , 20.06.17 )
Security Cabinet ministers voice support for
Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan announces that he will support the bill,
(20:40 , 20.06.17 )
Mexico allegedly spies on journalists and
Criminal complaints are filed Monday by activists, human-rights lawyers and
(19:03 , 20.06.17 )
IDF soldiers shoot Palestinian who pulls knife
The man pulls out his weapon at a checkpoint in the West Bank; he attempts to
(17:48 , 20.06.17 )
Work begins on new community for Amona evacuees
Despite months of delays and months promises, work finally begins on a new
(16:22 , 20.06.17 ) 
Former PM Olmert falls sick, taken to hospital
Prison doctor called to the cell of Ehud Olmert, who has served two-thirds of
(15:42 , 20.06.17 )
Missing man found dead in the Kinneret
After Natan Hajani went missing in the Tiberias Springs Friday, his new wife,
(14:46 , 20.06.17 ) 
Haredi parties threaten to quit government over
After infrastructural work is carried out on trains during Shabbat,
(12:44 , 20.06.17 )
Vandalized IAF memorial in Romania renovated
Israeli government renovates memorial which was dedicated to six servicemen who
(11:32 , 20.06.17 )
Lieberman pushes for security cabinet polygraph
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and MK Robert Ilatov of Yisrael Beytenu push
(11:17 , 20.06.17 )
IDF: Dozens of soldiers lied about contracting
One week after some 200 soldiers from the Armored Corps were sent home after
(10:52 , 20.06.17 )
Israel's teen ambassadors on front line against
While their friends go to the beach, 17-year-old Tal, Sean, Dolev and Adi will
(09:57 , 20.06.17 ) 
Trump envoy visits family of Hadas Malka
Trump's special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt visits the Malka
(08:30 , 20.06.17 )
MK Oren Hazan removed for a week for offensively
Ethics Committee determines MK Hazan harmed dignity of Knesset after MK Rozin
(23:31 , 19.06.17 )
Israel reduces power supply to Hamas-ruled Gaza
At the request of Palestinian Pres. Abbas, Israel cuts back already limited
(21:40 , 19.06.17 )
Iranian official on Syrian attack: 'Israel
Advisor to Iranian foreign min. states after rare missile attack in Syria that
(21:09 , 19.06.17 ) 
Arab city expansion plan has the right up in
Settlement leader decries plan to 'double Qalqilya,' despite fact that only
(19:59 , 19.06.17 )

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