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Comptroller begins investigation into Operation
Retired Judge Joseph Shapira met with Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday, first
(22:03 , 23.10.14 )
Jerusalem terrorist's family mourns in Silwan
Family of a-Shaludi opens mourners' tent in east Jerusalem neighborhood; cousin,
(20:57 , 23.10.14 )
Haniyeh praises Jerusalem terrorist
One week after Hamas leader's daughter received medical treatment in Israel,
(18:31 , 23.10.14 ) 
Netanyahu: Jerusalem is under attack
Palestinians continue to inflame tensions in east Jerusalem as prime minister
(17:34 , 23.10.14 )
Police suspect 2 Bedouins were involved in drug
Two members of Azazmah tribe arrested for attempted murder and involvement in
(14:29 , 23.10.14 )
'Mohammed Deif is alive, and we have proof,'
Qatar-based Hamas leader praises kidnappers, murderers of the 3 Israeli teens,
(13:51 , 23.10.14 )
Hundreds attend funeral of baby slain in
US condemns attacks, urging all sides to avoid escalation; Ya'alon says
(12:29 , 23.10.14 ) 
First aid for baby killed in J'lem attack: 'Her
United Hatzalah volunteer Avi Steinhartz was the first to give emergency
(12:29 , 23.10.14 ) 
Police bolsters presence in East Jerusalem
Netanyahu orders Shin Bet to friction areas to seek out and detain Palestinian
(11:53 , 23.10.14 ) 
Gaza rebuilding slowed by trickle of aid,
Only one shipment of 400 tons of cement sent since Gaza rebuild program
(10:40 , 23.10.14 )
Stones hurled at Jewish kindergarten in East
Rock-throwing incidents and clashes continue overnight, early morning in Silwan,
(10:13 , 23.10.14 ) 
Blast outside Cairo University wounds 11
Terror group Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) claimed responsibility for the
(00:18 , 23.10.14 )
Jerusalem terrorist had a history of violence
Abed a-Rahman a-Shaludi, 20, died of gunshot wounds after driving his car into a
(00:16 , 23.10.14 ) 
Israeli military industries up for sale
IMI to be privatized as part of national privatization plan; company expected to
(00:12 , 23.10.14 )
Terror in Jerusalem: Baby killed, 7 hurt in
Palestinian known to security forces plows car into crowd of people waiting at
(23:46 , 22.10.14 ) 
Netanyahu says Jerusalem terror attack 'work of
Netanyahu points blame at Palestinian president after Palestinian plows into
(23:12 , 22.10.14 )
Violence erupts in Jerusalem after deadly terror
Man lightly wounded after stones thrown at his car in East Jerusalem;
(22:46 , 22.10.14 ) 
IDF: Egypt border incident was drug smuggling
Two soldiers were wounded when they were hit by gunfire, anti-tank missile close
(20:13 , 22.10.14 )
WATCH: Jerusalem terror attack caught on camera
CCTV captures terror attack in Jerusalem; while additional video show police
(19:50 , 22.10.14 ) 
Family of Australian 'Ginger Jihadist' teen call
'He's brainwashed,' says family of Australian teen known as 'Ginger Jihadist'
(17:46 , 22.10.14 ) 
IDF frees US Marine accused of draft-dodging
Dual Israeli-American citizen David Krauskopf was detained in August at
(16:12 , 22.10.14 )
Housing minister gets seven bodyguards for five
Bayit Yehudi's Uri Ariel made trip despite travel warning for Israelis, received
(15:35 , 22.10.14 )
Two IDF soldiers wounded by fire near Egyptian
Anti-tank missile fired at troops from Sinai Peninsula; two soldiers wounded;
(15:08 , 22.10.14 ) 
Jordan to Israel: You are inciting a religious
Jordanian FM: MK's proposal to allow Jewish prayer at site could inflame
(14:26 , 22.10.14 )
Kerry: Status quo between Israel, Palestinians
US secretary of state tells reporters in Berlin there is an urgency in finding
(13:51 , 22.10.14 )
Israeli youths can now get work and travel visas
Agreement signed between Jerusalem and Canberra will allow 500 youths per year
(12:52 , 22.10.14 )
UN to investigate shelling of UNRWA school
Probe to also look into Hamas' storage of weapons in UN schools; independent UN
(11:13 , 22.10.14 )
Ya'alon says Israel worried about Iran deal,
After DC talks with counterpart Hagel, defense minister questions Iran's need
(09:47 , 22.10.14 )
Livni, Lapid to join forces to advance revival
Hatnua and Yesh Atid to form 25-MK bloc on diplomatic front, as well as matters
(08:47 , 22.10.14 )
Watch: IDF soldiers celebrate return home with
Nahal fighters in Dimona nuclear put on show wearing women's clothing after
(23:39 , 21.10.14 ) 
IAI unveils advanced IED-detection suite
Israeli military manufacturer publishes simulation of new system to identify,
(23:39 , 21.10.14 ) 
Islamic State fighters seize US weapons airdrop
US shipment of hand grenades, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenade launchers
(20:51 , 21.10.14 ) 
IDF arrests mentally ill 12-year-old Palestinian
Military spokesman says boy was released minutes after detention; video filmed
(19:09 , 21.10.14 )
UN: Stop unilateral Israel-Palestinian
Ahead of Palestinian attempt to use UN to force Israeli withdrawal, UN chief
(19:09 , 21.10.14 )
Nepal storm victims laid to rest
Tamar Ariel, the first Orthodox female navigator in the IAF, killed by an
(17:44 , 21.10.14 )
Netanyahu: Last thing Israel needs is an
Top Likud official attempts to thwart prime minister's moves towards early
(17:09 , 21.10.14 )
Iran president pledges to back Iraq amid attacks
Rouhani tells Iraqi PM that Iran will continue to support country's fight
(16:59 , 21.10.14 )
Israeli official: Hamas lets their people have
COGAT responds to revelation that Hamas leader's daughter was treated in Tel
(16:18 , 21.10.14 )
Man killed in pile-up accident near Be'er Sheva
Eleven others injured and in moderate to serious condition in accident in
(14:05 , 21.10.14 )
Mortar falls in Israeli territory near Syrian
No injuries or damages reported; fierce fighting continues between Syrian army
(12:41 , 21.10.14 )
Livni: Netanyahu deal with ultra-Orthodox
Move follows row over Livni's conversion bill, which would loosen Chief
(11:24 , 21.10.14 )
Iran offers 'compromises' in nuclear talks; West
Tehran drops demand for end to all sanctions, but European diplomat says Iran
(08:50 , 21.10.14 )
Lacking a plan, Abbas opts for rhetoric
In desperate attempt to halt slide in popularity, PA President is trying to
(08:30 , 21.10.14 )
White House: Nazis shouldn't get Social Security
'Our position is we don't believe these individuals should be getting these
(01:12 , 21.10.14 )
Egyptian PM: No plan for military action against
'US aerial intervention United States is very important intervention at this
(00:21 , 21.10.14 )
Netanyahu laying groundwork for early elections
'There is an atmosphere of elections,' senior officials say, claiming Netanyahu
(00:16 , 21.10.14 )
Arab residents riot in East Jerusalem
Jewish settlers purchase two buildings in Silwan, where residents complain they
(23:44 , 20.10.14 )
Haredim vandalize buses featuring women on
Tires of Egged buses in Jerusalem featuring Women of the Wall campaign promoting
(23:27 , 20.10.14 ) 
Lieberman's plan to bolster Israel on world
Increased cooperation with US, diplomatic agreement for Israeli-Palestinian
(22:41 , 20.10.14 )
Kahlon vows to fight cost of living in new party
'High cost of living is not a twist of fate – it can be addressed if the
(21:31 , 20.10.14 )
Another diplomatic problem for Israel: Qatar
The Emir of Qatar pushing nomination of former Qatari prime minister for UN
(20:32 , 20.10.14 )
UN questions Israel on Palestinians' rights
Israeli defends claims of human rights violations, says Gaza, West Bank not
(20:14 , 20.10.14 )
Poll: 75% of Israeli Jews oppose return to '67
Poll by rightwing think tanks claims that contrary to popular belief and recent
(17:31 , 20.10.14 )
UN: Iran not cooperating with nuclear probe
UN nuclear chief suggests progress slow in Iran investigation, claiming Iran has
(17:12 , 20.10.14 )
Hamas admits rebuilding tunnel network in wake
Gaza newspaper reporter visits tunnel under repair; head of digging team says
(13:43 , 20.10.14 )
Search team finds body of missing Israeli hiker
Discovery of Michal Gili Charkesky's body brings to 40 the death toll in
(12:38 , 20.10.14 )
US airdrops arms to Kurds in Syrian border town
The airdrops are certain to anger the Turkish government, which said it would
(11:08 , 20.10.14 )
Palestinian sources: Israel seized bodies of two
The sources tell Turkish news agency that probe revealed the two elite members
(10:30 , 20.10.14 )
US paid expelled Nazis millions in Social
Among those receiving benefits were SS troops who guarded the network of Nazi
(08:25 , 20.10.14 )
Israelis wounded in Nepal mourn fellow trekker
Some 1,000 people, including hikers injured in blizzard, attend funeral of Nadav
(22:30 , 19.10.14 )
Autumn storm drenches Israel
Trees felled by seasonal storm in central and northern Israel; traffic jams and
(21:25 , 19.10.14 )
Israel delegation anticipates tough questioning
Human Rights Committee has invited Israel, as signatory to international
(19:32 , 19.10.14 )
Report: Hamas leader's daughter received medical
Daughter of Ismail Haniyeh was admitted to Tel Aviv hospital in October after
(19:14 , 19.10.14 )
Principal's murder suspect – school food vendor
Nearly two months after popular education leader gunned down at school, police
(17:39 , 19.10.14 )
IDF troops patrol Gaza border in unprotected
Soldiers sent to patrol the border in jeeps completely exposed to gunfire,
(15:28 , 19.10.14 )
Fiercest fighting in days hits Syrian border
US-led coalition stepped up air strikes at Islamic State targets around Kobani
(14:32 , 19.10.14 )
Nepal closes trekking route after Annapurna
Ignoring dangers posed by storm, new trekkers make their way up the same trail
(12:57 , 19.10.14 )
Intern at Barzilai Medical Center joined Islamic
Othman Abu al-Qiyan's family was in shock to learn the would-be doctor joined
(12:31 , 19.10.14 )
Russian website launches 'Miss Hitler' beauty
A Russian social network invites young women from Eastern Europe to participate
(11:03 , 19.10.14 )
'A diplomatic storm is coming in January'
Changes to UN Security Council bode ill for Israel as two states friendly to
(10:30 , 19.10.14 )
Israeli hikers injured in Nepal blizzard return
'I'm hoping to wake up and find out it never happened,' says Shira Lasri; 'I was
(09:08 , 19.10.14 )
Lieberman slams Israeli Arab soccer team for
Foreign minister blasts Bnei Sakhnin ceremony honoring former Balad MK Azmi
(01:03 , 19.10.14 )
With holidays over, Israel has a long list of
From Islamic State to the state budget, Israel has a lot to deal with now that
(00:26 , 19.10.14 )
Following in the footsteps of lost love
Michal Gili Charkesky has been missing in Nepal since storm claimed lives of 43
(21:48 , 18.10.14 )
Egyptian troops killed in Gaza tunnel collapse
At least three soldiers crushed while searching smuggling tunnel ; 52 suspected
(19:53 , 18.10.14 )
Palestinians support Kerry's link between
Top PLO official agrees with US secretary of state's assertion that conflict
(18:25 , 18.10.14 )
Foreign Ministry: 40 Israelis still out of
Nepali troops continue searching for dozens of people still missing, including
(15:16 , 18.10.14 )
Netanya couple attempts suicide after parents
19-year-old boyfriend stabbed girlfriend, then himself, after parents refused to
(13:54 , 18.10.14 )
Erekat: 'Severe difficulties' hindering planned
Palestinian officials say they have 7 of the 9 minimum required 'yes' votes in
(11:05 , 18.10.14 )
Notorious Jewish atomic spy David Greenglass
Greenglass, a US Army machinist working on the Manhattan Project and a communist
(09:15 , 18.10.14 )
US: Kerry didn't 'link' Israel, Islamic State
After Kerry's comments about stalemate in peace talks fueling Islamic State
(23:40 , 17.10.14 )
Abbas suggest banning Jews from holy site
After holy site sees violent clashes and Hamas political leader calls on Muslims
(21:34 , 17.10.14 )
US launches six air strikes near Kobani
US hits Islamic State positions in Syrian town of Kobani after US general says
(21:15 , 17.10.14 )
Arabs from Israel risk arrest for 'Arab Idol'
Manal Mousa (25) and Haitham Khalaily's (24) attempt to win 'Arab Idol' is no
(20:54 , 17.10.14 )
Palestinians to submit UN resolution on
'There is no excuse for a delay,' Palestinian official says ahead of PLO bid to
(18:24 , 17.10.14 )
Islamic State jihadists training to fly Syrian
Saddam Hussein's former pilots are reportedly training Islamic State jihadists
(17:19 , 17.10.14 ) 

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