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Obama leans against last-minute action on Israel
US officials say Obama likely to avoid one last row with Israeli government,
(19:11 , 01.12.16 )
Heavy rains finally fall on Israel
Heavy rains have been reported all across the country, with reports of the first
(15:22 , 01.12.16 )
Police trying to make ex-PMO official into state
During investigation, sexual harassment allegations arise against PM's former
(14:06 , 01.12.16 )
Three Israeli Arabs given jail time for planning
One of the suspects is serving life in prison for the murder of a taxi driver,
(13:59 , 01.12.16 )
Illegal selection committee in ultra-Orthodox
The Pninat Reches building project in Jerusalem has come under fire for having
(13:36 , 01.12.16 )
Bayit Yehudi MK faces allegations of sexual
Woman who knows alleged victims posts on Facebook, calling on others who may
(13:12 , 01.12.16 )
Arabs donate wood to rebuild Haifa synagogue
Following a massive forest fire which gutted a conservative synagogue in Haifa,
(11:09 , 01.12.16 )
86 IDF recruits refuse to be drafted into
The draftees are seeking other combat roles and say they prefer to sit in jail
(10:06 , 01.12.16 )
Officer L.: 'Buchris touched my breast'
A female officer only identified as L. has testified saying that Brig. Gen.
(09:47 , 01.12.16 )
Lawsuits filed in Chile against Israeli justices
The Palestinian Federation of Chile has filed a war crimes suit against Israeli
(08:21 , 01.12.16 )
Palestinian leader seeks Trump support for
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he aims to gain President-elect Donald
(23:06 , 30.11.16 )
Victim in Buchris trial opposes plea bargain
In response to a proposed plea bargain in which Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris admits
(21:38 , 30.11.16 )
Amona residents seeking alternative housing
With the legal and political battle over the future of Amona coming to a peak,
(19:33 , 30.11.16 )
Shin Bet snatches Israeli intent on joining ISIS
The suspect contacted ISIS members in Syria and informed them of his desire to
(15:37 , 30.11.16 )
Vote on Regulation Bill, Muezzin Bill postponed
After Kahlon says his party will abstain from vote on Regulation Bill, coalition
(14:50 , 30.11.16 )
Norway's 3rd largest city votes to boycott
Jewish community in Trondheim refuses request by Israeli ambassador to condemn
(13:04 , 30.11.16 )
Palestinian arrested on suspicion of starting
Arrested suspect taken in for questioning by the Shin Bet on suspicion of
(12:53 , 30.11.16 )
UN General Assembly president wears Palestinian
Peter Thompson attends special meeting marking the 'International Day of
(10:54 , 30.11.16 )
Assad regime: IAF attacks Syrian army outpost,
Syrian government says Israel attacked two targets on the highway connecting
(10:49 , 30.11.16 )
Brig. Gen. Buchris offered plea deal in rape
Deal includes confession of inappropriate behavior toward one of two alleged
(10:18 , 30.11.16 )
UN chief: Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects
During 'International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People', Ban
(08:25 , 30.11.16 )
Bill to grant discharged lone soldiers NIS 12k
Ministers approve a bill to pay lone soldiers NIS 1k per month for their first
(00:24 , 30.11.16 )
Israel's drop in math, science scores 'national
The education minister comments that Israeli pupils' poorer ranking in the TIMSS
(23:17 , 29.11.16 )
For the price of €11 million
A source within German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp says corruption suspicions over
(22:45 , 29.11.16 )
Bitan proposes voting on two versions of
The coalition chairman proposes that section legalizing Amona be removed in one
(22:39 , 29.11.16 )
Fatah movement re-elects Abbas, opens leadership
Some 1,400 Fatah members gather in Ramallah for a conference, where delegates
(21:16 , 29.11.16 )
Israeli 8th-graders drop to 16th in math in
The TIMSS, which tests pupils from 39 countries in math and science; Israel
(20:25 , 29.11.16 )
More bang: IMI shell increases lethality
With similar dimensions to existing high explosive shells, IMI's new product
(17:36 , 29.11.16 ) 
Turkey's Erdoğan urges all Muslims to 'embrace
Speaking at a parliamentary symposium on the Israeli capital in Istanbul, the
(17:35 , 29.11.16 )
Compensation for fire damages hits snag
Due to the uncertainties in determining which fires were caused by arson or
(15:26 , 29.11.16 )
Netanyahu warns ministers: Regulation Bill could
Attorney general presents compromise that includes temporary move of Amona until
(09:24 , 29.11.16 )
Shas initiative seeks to keep reform prayers
The ultra-orthodox party proposes a bill that would thwart the mixed prayer area
(23:05 , 28.11.16 )
Israel Police arrest 18 for international fraud
According to the Israel Police, the suspects were detained and their homes and
(23:05 , 28.11.16 )
High Court shelves complaint, Karim approved to
Following an affidavit issued by appointed IDF Chief Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim in
(21:23 , 28.11.16 )
PM on ISIS strike: 'We responded forcefully and
The prime minister referred to an incident in the Golan Heights in which the IDF
(19:08 , 28.11.16 )
Delay in Mt. Herzl memorial ceremony sparks
Arguments breaks out after bereaved families believe the Prime Minister
(17:41 , 28.11.16 )
Tel Aviv terrorist receives two life sentences
Raed Khalil, who stabbed two to death in Tel Aviv last November, received two
(15:29 , 28.11.16 )
El Al and pilots agree to end costly year-long
Pilots protested efficiency measures imposed by the airline by extending flight
(13:40 , 28.11.16 )
Former deputy minister took 'commission' in
State witness in Yisrael Beytenu corruption affair tells police investigators
(13:16 , 28.11.16 )
Supertanker: extinguishing flames, fuelling
Fire service accuses police of putting the US Supertanker to frivolous use at a
(11:29 , 28.11.16 ) 
Post-fire rehabilitation could take 30 years
Experts predict that the extent of damage caused to natural resorts and forests
(09:36 , 28.11.16 ) 
IAF attacks abandoned ISIS military facility in
After Golani force came under attack by ISIS terrorists the previous day, the
(07:37 , 28.11.16 )
Israel to expand fleet of next-generation F-35
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announces that the Security Cabinet
(23:09 , 27.11.16 ) 
Arson suspected in third of past week's fires
Two of the 23 persons currently under arrest have confessed, according to a
(21:30 , 27.11.16 ) 
Man arrested for calling online to burn Arab
Thirty persons have been arrested on suspicion of arson and five for
(18:22 , 27.11.16 )
Fire commanders, police at odds over Supertanker
While acting Fire Commissioner says there is no operational need for the massive
(15:33 , 27.11.16 ) 
Holocaust survivor's home reduced to ashes in
Abigail Ben Nun, 78, who fled Belgium before World War II returned to her home
(15:12 , 27.11.16 )
Bennett: 'Fire terrorists tried to kill an
During a visit to the Israeli settlement of Halamish, in which 18 homes were
(13:11 , 27.11.16 )
16-year-old boy suspected of killing another
The suspect allegedly hit fellow teenager in the head, causing him to collapse.
(12:48 , 27.11.16 )
Netanyahu slams State Comptroller ahead of Gaza
PM accuses comptroller of failing to recommend creating firefighting squadron
(11:37 , 27.11.16 )
Israel Air Force kills 4 ISIS terrorists in
IDF registers four kills against ISIS terrorists following gunshots and mortars
(10:26 , 27.11.16 )
180 injured, 560 homes burnt after 5 days of
Some 2,500 firefighters marshalled, half a million tons of water and flame
(08:48 , 27.11.16 )
WATCH: Friends in need: Many countries send
With fires blazing across the country, Israel asks for help from its neighbors
(23:50 , 26.11.16 ) 
Finance minister: NIS 2,500 immediately to every
Speaking in Haifa, Moshe Kahlon committed to provide emergency relief,
(23:42 , 26.11.16 )
Aerial footage of fire damage in Haifa
The fires have abated, but the city is still suffering; 1,616 residents are left
(22:05 , 26.11.16 ) 
Finance minister: State will compensate damage
In keeping with Israeli law, the government will reimburse those whose property
(19:52 , 26.11.16 )
Several Palestinians arrested on suspicion of
The IDF, Shin Bet and Israel Police have all been cooperating in an effort to
(18:19 , 26.11.16 ) 
Assessing the damage: Nataf residents return
The residents of the village of Nataf return after the fire had been
(14:33 , 26.11.16 )
Terrorism victim speaks out against 'lenient'
Mendi Rivkin, who was stabbed earlier this year at a gas station in Pisgat Ze'ev
(12:23 , 26.11.16 )
Fires continue to be extinguished in Jerusalem
Breaking: Houses burn in Halamish and electricity is turned off in several West
(09:08 , 26.11.16 ) 
Supertanker lands in Israel
The largest firefighter aircraft in the world is considered the cream of the
(21:17 , 25.11.16 ) 
Increase in murders of Arab women in 2016
According to statistics released by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social
(20:26 , 25.11.16 )
Security footage captures arson attempt
Security camera footage from Ariel shows three men who crossed into a thicket
(17:57 , 25.11.16 ) 
Large fire in Jerusalem Mountains, Molotov
30 firefighting teams and 20 aircraft are operating in the area to extinguish
(17:27 , 25.11.16 )
Palestinians, Arab and Jewish Israelis
The first group to offer help to Israel in fighting the fires is Palestinian
(15:55 , 25.11.16 ) 
Rabbis call fires divine punishment, OK shooting
Safed's chief rabbi explains Fri. morning that shooting Arab arsonists would
(13:48 , 25.11.16 )
Fires ravaging Israel continue
Residents temporarily evacuated from Ya'ad in the north as fires rage; Beit Meir
(13:13 , 25.11.16 ) 
First arrest for incitement to arson, others
Israel Police arrest arson suspects across the country; the first person
(11:14 , 25.11.16 ) 
Fires continue to rage into the night
For the third consecutive day, fire crews work around the clock to contain and
(23:28 , 24.11.16 ) 
Coordinator of Government Activities in the
Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai answered questions posed to him by residents of the
(23:24 , 24.11.16 )
US Supertanker to join battle against Israel's
Expected to land in Israel in the next 24 hours, the plane, which only became
(23:02 , 24.11.16 ) 
Ra'anana Reform synagogue vandalized, death
Knife left alongside death threats, addressed to Reform leaders and chair of
(22:39 , 24.11.16 )
Race against time to prepare New Amona
The outpost is to be evacuated in a month, its residents sent to temporary
(20:40 , 24.11.16 )
Lebanon airport denies Israel accusation of
Head of Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport rejects claims made Tuesday by
(19:13 , 24.11.16 )
Netanyahu vows to punish arsonists in Israel
During a press conference providing an update on the situation in Haifa, parts
(18:28 , 24.11.16 )
Former Gaza Division head: When female fighters
An inquiry by Yedioth Ahronoth finds Col. (res.) Jonathan Baranski's claim to
(18:08 , 24.11.16 )
'Israel is burning': Palestinians, Arab world
Dubai security chief tweets 'Israel banned the muezzin and caught on fire,'
(15:18 , 24.11.16 )
German submarine affair: Navy shipyard workers
Workers at Haifa shipyard demand the IDF's internal comptroller to look into
(12:58 , 24.11.16 )
Trump's Mexican wall a boon for Israeli security
With experience building security fences on Israel's northern and southern
(11:54 , 24.11.16 )
Greece, Cyprus send firefighting aircraft to
As the four planes prepare to take to the Israeli sky, five others expected to
(11:26 , 24.11.16 ) 

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