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Code red sirens heard in southern Israel
Sirens blare in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council in southern Israel; IDF: launched
(11:46 , 28.06.15 )
Parents, students protest crowded classrooms
81 towns have agreed to take part in general strike against classrooms that
(09:36 , 28.06.15 )
Strange summer weather hits Israeli coastline
Rain from Haifa to Ashdod, strong winds and a raging sea: inclement weather has
(09:19 , 28.06.15 )
Thousands protest natural gas deal
Crowd demonstrates in Tel Aviv against government's plan to let a
(23:35 , 27.06.15 )
Sky is the limit
Tamar Ariel was a combat-tested jet navigator who died in avalanche in Nepal;
(23:15 , 27.06.15 )
5.5 earthquake felt in Israel; no injuries
Earthquake felt at 6:34 PM; epicenter reportedly south of Israel; strong shaking
(21:18 , 27.06.15 )
Reports: PLO, Hamas begin talks on new
Rivaling factions said to be in talks, but reports say Hamas is placing
(19:51 , 27.06.15 )
Lapid: Flotilla actvisits are terror supporters
While the Gaza flotilla approaches Israel's shores, Lapid issues a fiery
(19:44 , 27.06.15 )
Lapid calls for transparent natural gas deal
Netanyahu says hundreds of millions shekels Israel will make in gas deal in
(16:25 , 27.06.15 )
Kerry, Zarif discuss Iran nuclear deal as
US secretary of state says he was 'hopeful' of a successful outcome to talks as
(15:25 , 27.06.15 )
Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of
Foreign Ministry says historic agreement is one-sided and fails to consider
(14:35 , 26.06.15 )
Palestinian shot dead after opening fire on
No soldiers wounded in attack at Bik'ot checkpoint in the West Bank.
(12:15 , 26.06.15 )
US report details alleged Israeli human rights
Claims of excessive force, killings, abuse, limitations on freedom and more
(10:03 , 26.06.15 )
Gaza-bound flotilla sets sail from Crete, with
Activists aboard the Marianne av Göteborg say it is carrying medical equipment
(08:58 , 26.06.15 )
Benzi Sau named as new police commissioner
Yohanan Danino set to be replaced on July 1 after Attorney General approves
(22:35 , 25.06.15 )
PA presents claims of Israeli crimes to ICC
Documents presented to chief prosecutor meant to convince ICC to investigate
(20:09 , 25.06.15 )
Massive US campaign underway to block Iran
The United Against Nuclear Iran group has launched a last-minute campaign,
(18:49 , 25.06.15 )
Gaza drone crashes in Israel
Suspected Hamas UAV causes IAF to scramble jets before crashing after 40 minutes
(17:16 , 25.06.15 )
US Secretary of State Kerry's Israeli connection
Kerry owns million-dollar stake in Noble Energy Corp., which is currently
(14:57 , 25.06.15 )
Study: Long road ahead for Ethiopian Israelis'
Research shows that Ethiopian Israelis have less education on average than other
(13:34 , 25.06.15 )
Islamic State attacks Syrian army and Kurds in
ISIS launches offensive in Raqqa province in hopes of recapturing lost ground
(10:31 , 25.06.15 ) 
US ex-officials, experts warn of weak Iran deal
Former Obama aides say agreement risks failure to secure safeguards and that it
(10:04 , 25.06.15 )
Palestinians to make first submission to
Palestinian Foreign Minister makes his way to Hague on Thursday to submit first
(09:11 , 25.06.15 )
Israel to Jordanian media: 'Stop praising
In response to Jordanian Ad- Dustour article praising 'heroic' attacks against
(23:31 , 24.06.15 )
Illegal Palestinians suspect in murder of
Farmer beat to death in his field near Rehovot; police search for two suspects
(23:15 , 24.06.15 )
Knesset rejects inquiry into Ethiopian's claims
Despite on-going protests by Ethiopian-Israelis, proposals by MKs Livni, Khenin
(20:12 , 24.06.15 )
Israelis who faked West Bank kidnap indicted
Niv Asraf faked his own kidnapping with the help of Eran Nagauker, causing the
(16:04 , 24.06.15 )
Deputy interior minister to Arab MK: Israel is
Furor erupts in the Knesset following controversial remarks, leading to back and
(15:29 , 24.06.15 )
Hezbollah officials slam Nasrallah for hand outs
Leader of Lebanese terror organization is receiving flack from inside Hezbollah
(14:13 , 24.06.15 )
Nine Druze arrested over attacks on wounded
Police raids Druze villages in Galilee, Golan overnight in search for
(13:07 , 24.06.15 )
West reportedly offering nuclear help to Iran
With deadline looming, the Associated Press reports that the US and its
(12:41 , 24.06.15 )
Investigation finds IDF troops tried to protect
Army investigators looking into the possibility a soldier may have provided
(12:35 , 24.06.15 )
Israel cancels entry permits to Gazans after
IDF decides not to allow 500 Palestinians to enter Israel from Gaza in order to
(11:35 , 24.06.15 )
39 years after Entebbe operation: 'Yoni
At a ceremony marking anniversary of daring raid in Uganda, officials speak in
(11:02 , 24.06.15 )
Palestinians to submit accusations against
File spanning hundreds of pages is response to request for information from ICC
(10:28 , 24.06.15 )
IAF strikes in Gaza after rocket explodes in
Air force hits rocket launcher in northern Gaza Strip; projectile lands in open
(02:30 , 24.06.15 )
Khamenei rules out freezing sensitive nuclear
A week prior to deadline, Khameini calls for sanctions to be removed
(23:46 , 23.06.15 )
Woman feared to have joined IS was coerced, says
Following report that Sakhnin resident fled to Syria with wife and children to
(23:22 , 23.06.15 )
Poland detains two young Britons suspected of
Two pupils allegedly steal prisoners' artifacts while on school trip,
(18:37 , 23.06.15 )
Ambushed ambulance was told to avoid Druze towns
Ynet has learned that IDF directed forces transporting wounded Syrians not to
(18:07 , 23.06.15 )
Zoabi removed from meeting during verbal fight
House Committee meets to discuss impending flotilla to be joined by MK Ghattas;
(14:39 , 23.06.15 ) 
PM: We will capture those from Druze lynch mob
Netanyahu takes harsh stance against those who 'take the law into their own
(11:26 , 23.06.15 )
Israel launches diplomatic front against Arab
UN likely to officially adopt report on Gaza war, sparking Israeli effort to
(10:18 , 23.06.15 )
Wounded Syrian killed when Druze lynch mob
For second time in 24 hours, Druze in northern Israel pelt ambulance with
(08:23 , 23.06.15 )
Lighting system crashes at Yavne party hall,
13 injured, one in moderate condition, after lighting system crashes onto the
(01:26 , 23.06.15 )
Israeli, Turkish officials hold secret meeting
Israeli Foreign Ministry's director-general meets with his Turkish counterpart
(00:42 , 23.06.15 )
Scathing reactions over Arab MK's participation
Emergency Knesset session and possible suspension are just some of the reactions
(00:24 , 23.06.15 )
Clashes and arrests at Ethiopian anti-racism
Protesters march in central Tel Aviv, blocking roads and calling out 'A violent
(22:23 , 22.06.15 )
UN report calls for international investigation
UNHRC commission determines one third of Gaza dead during Protective Edge were
(22:08 , 22.06.15 )
Israel: UNHRC obsessed with us
Foreign ministry slams UN report on Protective Edge, says IDF conducted itself
(21:18 , 22.06.15 )
Abbas: No place for Hamas in new government
French FM says Palestinian president wants new government to include only those
(20:37 , 22.06.15 )
Egypt army digs trench along Gaza border to
After destroying areas of Egyptian Rafah to widen buffer zone, army digs trench
(19:48 , 22.06.15 )
Hamas rejects war crimes accusations in UN
Islamist organization welcomes UN Human Rights Council report's conclusions that
(19:35 , 22.06.15 )
Wounded soldiers raise millions in emotional
Almost a year after the war, the most seriously wounded soldiers from Operation
(12:32 , 22.06.15 )
Riots, rocks and terror mark Ramadan escalation
Several security events in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the past 48 hours
(11:43 , 22.06.15 )
France says Iran deal 'still not clear'
French FM, currently visiting in Israel, says that a nuclear deal is not
(23:31 , 21.06.15 )
Israeli Arab MK to join Gaza-bound flotilla
Politicians attack and defend MK Dr. Basel Ghattas after he tells Ynet he plans
(20:13 , 21.06.15 )
Egypt appoints new ambassador to Israel
The new ambassador is likely to be the first to serve from Tel Aviv since 2012,
(19:53 , 21.06.15 )
Foreign Ministry pulls video mocking foreign
Gov't cartoon satirizing press coverage in Gaza removed after outcry and
(19:28 , 21.06.15 ) 
Thousands protest Galilee church 'arson'
Israeli Christians arrive en masse at Church of the Loaves and Fishes days after
(18:17 , 21.06.15 )
Border Policeman stabbed in Jerusalem, shoots
Soldier is in critical condition after sustaining stab wounds to his neck in
(16:48 , 21.06.15 ) 
Iran lawmakers curtailed on power to veto
To pave way for final-status deal with world powers, Iranian parliament votes to
(15:55 , 21.06.15 )
Lieberman attacks Netanyahu: There is no
Yisrael Beytenu leader tells Ynet government has no vision, no direction, and no
(15:40 , 21.06.15 )
Netanyahu: I won't allow international dictates
Ahead of meeting with French FM Fabius, in the region to propose peace
(13:03 , 21.06.15 )
Lebanon: Israel behind crashed aircraft in Bekaa
Beirut says explosion caused by the downing of an aircraft, claiming it could
(12:09 , 21.06.15 )
Wounded friend recounts terror attack: I was
'You were a man of benevolence and truth, your kindness led to your death,' says
(10:02 , 21.06.15 )
11% of new IAF pilots born outside of Israel,
IDF releases a statistical breakdown of the pilot's schools graduating class,
(23:40 , 20.06.15 )
Former IDF Chief lands safely in London
Shaul Mofaz whisked away from airport in embassy vehicle amid concerns he could
(22:23 , 20.06.15 )
IDF reaches dead end in search for terrorist who
Army finishes major manhunt operation in villages surrounding site of Friday's
(19:57 , 20.06.15 )
Tel Aviv mayor mulls run in Labor primaries
Ron Huldai announces that he is considering 'tough decision' after 17 years as
(18:16 , 20.06.15 )
Diplomatic source: France's Fabius to meet
With a June 30th deadline fast approaching, the French and Iranian foreign
(18:03 , 20.06.15 )
Rivlin: West Bank shooting another step in
President: Arab leadership 'bears responsibility', must condemn attack;
(00:04 , 20.06.15 ) 
Students who fly abroad to undergo hasbara and
A new initiative currently underway, takes students who are meant to fly abroad
(23:15 , 19.06.15 )
Israeli killed in West Bank terror attack
Two Israeli victims were traveling near the settlement of Dolev when a
(20:41 , 19.06.15 )
Israeli photographer causes stir on Austrian
'You killed six million Jews. You want to kill another one?' says Israeli
(14:48 , 19.06.15 ) 
IDF Operations Directorate chief: No
Maj.-Gen. Yoav Har Even says the army could have been more prepared to deal with
(13:45 , 19.06.15 ) 
Ramadan celebrations begin in Israel, Gaza, and
To welcome the coming of Ramadan - Muslims all over the Holy Land are
(11:54 , 19.06.15 )
Western officials: Iran deal not by June 30, but
While many challenges remain, a final deal with Iran over its nuclear program
(08:40 , 19.06.15 )
Ramadan begins for Muslims of Israel and the
The 30-day fast is a month of purification in which many try to 'quit lying,
(00:27 , 19.06.15 )
Church arson may scare pilgrims away from Israel
Following suspicion that fire at church in Galilee was hate crime, local
(00:08 , 19.06.15 )
UN chief criticizes Israel over deaths of
Ban Ki-moon demands that Israeli gov't take immediate steps to prevent killings
(21:50 , 18.06.15 )
Palestine 48 channel to Netanyahu: 'Get used to
The Arabic channel Netanyahu seeks to shut down has started broadcasting on
(20:23 , 18.06.15 )
Palestinians to submit first file to ICC next
Document will detail alleged violations of international law by Israel during
(18:55 , 18.06.15 )
Final UN shelter in Gaza closes
Relief agency gives money to families made homeless by last summer's conflict
(18:19 , 18.06.15 )
PLO official: Retract recognition of Israel
Saeb Erekat issues report recommending that Palestinians should rescind
(17:40 , 18.06.15 )
TV journalist 'tells all' about rape charges,
Yoav Even of Channel 2 had obtained court order to prevent alleged victim from
(15:37 , 18.06.15 )
Lieberman seeks to defund Knesset parties who
Yisrael Beytenu leader submits legislation proposal calling on the Knesset to
(14:53 , 18.06.15 )
US, Israel to cooperate on tunnel warfare R&D
US House approves $40 million in funding for the joint research and development
(12:56 , 18.06.15 )
Fire heavily damages Church of Loaves and Fishes
Police suspect arson at Galilee church where Jesus performed miracle of
(12:43 , 18.06.15 )
Swedish supermarkets back out of Israel boycott
Consumer's assembly at northern Sweden city adopts pro-Palestinian proposal to
(11:53 , 18.06.15 )
Israel accuses UN children's rights envoy of
Israel slams report, saying UN envoy 'repeatedly refused attempts on our part to
(10:49 , 18.06.15 )

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