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Pentagon budget requests $146 million in support
US to continue cooperating with Israel on development of missile defense systems
(09:06 , 10.02.16 )
Israeli, French envoys face off online
Diplomatic tensions reach the Twittersphere after Israeli ambassador to US
(22:51 , 09.02.16 )
Israel pays family of dead UNIFIL soldier
Government gives 200,000 euros to the family of Francisco Toledo, who was hit by
(21:56 , 09.02.16 )
Knesset calls for foreign media to account for
Sub-committee calls for legal action over slanted coverage that misleads the
(20:16 , 09.02.16 )
Israel may hold out for post-Obama aid agreement
Official says the government may wait until the US president is out of office
(19:34 , 09.02.16 )
Netanyahu: We'll surround Israel with fences to
Prime Minister says gov't preparing multi-year plan to surround Israel with
(19:00 , 09.02.16 )
Man wounded in Gush Etzion stabbing; manhunt
28-year-old man suffers moderate wounds at entrance to Neve Daniel in Gush
(17:31 , 09.02.16 )
Eisenkot: IDF searching for every possible
The IDF Chief of Staff says that the treatment of the threats of attack tunnels
(15:44 , 09.02.16 )
Abbas: Children carry out attacks because of
The Palestinian President meets with Israeli-Arab journalists in Ramallah in
(13:27 , 09.02.16 )
Attempted stabbing attack in Damascus gate
A 16-year-old Palestinian girl attempts to stab Border Policemen at Jerusalem's
(10:56 , 09.02.16 )
Military police force attacked by ultra-Orthodox
Riot begins when word gets out that police came to arrest an army deserter;
(08:51 , 09.02.16 )
A 'Seagull' against submarines: A look into the
The newest Israeli technological development is an autonomous naval vessel built
(23:50 , 08.02.16 ) 
Israel plans to increase number of Palestinian
Plans to grant 30,000 additional work permits to Palestinians from the West Bank
(22:09 , 08.02.16 )
Ethics C'tee suspends Arab MKs from Knesset
Joint List MKs Haneen Zoabi and Basel Ghattas will not be able to participate in
(21:04 , 08.02.16 )
Teacher-in-training turns jihadist
A student teacher from Bedouin village of Tel Sheva is accused of joining a
(19:27 , 08.02.16 )
11-year-old boy stabbed in Ramla, reportedly by
Boy tells police an Arab man approached him on the street and asked him a
(16:56 , 08.02.16 )
Wiesenthal Center slams Croatia, Hungary for
The Jewish human rights group expressed 'shock and indignation' at comments made
(14:55 , 08.02.16 )
Israel agrees to return terrorists' bodies
Agreement in principle reached to send terrorists' remains back to Palestinian
(11:21 , 08.02.16 )
Sudanese migrant stabs Israeli soldier, is shot
Attacker tries to flee the scene after stabbing soldier, is pursued by another
(10:32 , 08.02.16 )
New Hamas music video celebrates 'flying bus
Video shows burned-out Egged bus, images of terrorists, simulations of terror
(21:58 , 07.02.16 ) 
MK Tibi meets with senior White House and State
Joint List MK meets with Robert Malley, President Obama's 'point man' on the
(21:18 , 07.02.16 )
Hamas executes member who may have betrayed
Gaza terror group kills one of own for alleged ethical offenses, was likely
(20:41 , 07.02.16 )
Steinitz's outburst breaks the dam of silence
Israel and Egypt have moved closer in recent months thanks to a mutual interest
(19:21 , 07.02.16 )
Palestinian poll: Sharp drop in support for
Less than half of Palestinians support a third intifada, compared to the 63
(17:31 , 07.02.16 )
Netanyahu calls on world to condemn synagogue
'I expect all those who justifiably condemn any desecration of a mosque to
(15:36 , 07.02.16 )
Rivlin to open Ynet and Yedioth's anti-BDS
The president to speak at the international conference, taking place on March
(15:15 , 07.02.16 )
AG to examine disciplinary action against Arab
After outcry over Balad MKs meeting with families of terrorists, Mandelblit
(13:48 , 07.02.16 )
Zoabi gets 6 months suspended sentence over
Firebrand Arab MK signs a plea that removes the more serious charge of
(11:28 , 07.02.16 )
Arson suspected in prayer tent fire
Law enforcement investigating locals' suspicions that a fire that burned several
(22:02 , 06.02.16 )
Ban 'ashamed' over Israel-Palestinian peace
UN Secretary General says he feels guilty, is 'not working for a particular
(19:13 , 06.02.16 )
Arab stabs Jew, flees in southern Israel
Witnesses say young Arab man stabbed Jewish woman in her 60s, moderately
(17:26 , 06.02.16 )
Stormy weather headed Israel's way
Following several warmer days, another short wintery period is ahead. North
(11:52 , 06.02.16 )
IDF clamps down on web journalists
About 30 bloggers and webmasters receive order to submit articles to the
(22:14 , 05.02.16 )
Comptroller: Major flaws in handling of tunnel
State comptroller issues draft report criticizing Cabinet and prime minister's
(20:04 , 05.02.16 )
Israel, Hamas signal desire to avoid war
As renewed focus on terror group's tunnel digging causes anxieties to skyrocket,
(17:37 , 05.02.16 )
Snow in Tel Aviv?
Israelis encounter an unusual sight in one of Israel's largest cities - 50
(12:59 , 05.02.16 )
A trip along the Gaza border, where Hamas is
Tunnel entrances dozens of meters from the fence, fortified Hamas military
(09:52 , 05.02.16 )
Arab MKs meet with families of terrorists
Members of the Balad faction of the Joint Arab List – Haneen Zoabi, Jamal
(21:03 , 04.02.16 )
Billions pledged for Syria as tens of thousands
As the US and European nations pledge more funds to aid Syrian civilians, tens
(20:02 , 04.02.16 )
Hundreds attend Border Policewoman's funeral
Hadar Cohen, the 19-year-old Border Policewoman killed in a terror attack in
(18:47 , 04.02.16 )
Germany conducts raids over suspected attack
German police forces arrested two Algerian men suspected of having connections
(17:54 , 04.02.16 )
Abu Khdeir murderers convicted, sentenced
Two minors found guilty of burning the Palestinian teenager alive; one was
(13:36 , 04.02.16 )
Well-known Israeli actor faces flurry of sexual
Six women came forward, saying Moshe Ivgy behaved inappropriately towards them;
(12:25 , 04.02.16 )
Two Arab teenage girls stab guard at Ramla mall
The teenagers, who arrived at shopping center near central bus terminal with a
(11:14 , 04.02.16 ) 
Abbas meets with terrorists' families hours
Palestinian leader hosts families of 11 terrorists in his office, calls on
(09:12 , 04.02.16 ) 
IDF filmed searching for Hamas tunnels
A video circulated in the Gaza Strip shows IDF troops scouring the Gaza border
(22:57 , 03.02.16 ) 
CBS news network on Jerusalem terror attack:
US news network CBS presents a distorted headline of Wednesday's terror attack
(22:50 , 03.02.16 )
Police officer indicted for leaking personal
A Border Police officer is indicted after allegedly transferring personal
(21:09 , 03.02.16 )
Top IDF general calls Islamic State 'our enemy'
Israel is sharing intelligence with allies battling the Islamic State despite
(20:23 , 03.02.16 )
Jewish organizations ask German FM to act to
Berlin's American Jewish Committee urges Frank-Walter Steinmeier, currently on a
(18:36 , 03.02.16 )
One killed, two wounded in J'lem terror attack
Three terrorists commit combined knife and gun attack at Jerusalem's Damascus
(17:55 , 03.02.16 ) 
Tunnel collapse kills two Hamas men
Terror group's military branch confirms deaths, vows to continue digging
(11:15 , 03.02.16 )
Dutch halt reparations to Holocaust survivors
The Netherlands has decided to stop payments to Dutch survivors who already
(10:09 , 03.02.16 )
Haifa pollution a 'nuclear bomb'
In their first response to the publication of worrying statistics regarding the
(22:33 , 02.02.16 )
Conflict of interest between PM, new AG not
Despite having served as cabinet secretary, a position of trust with the prime
(22:01 , 02.02.16 )
India arrests suspect planning on attacking
Jeb Afridi, active in the Muslim student organization, suspected of committing
(14:32 , 02.02.16 )
Olmert pleads guilty to obstruction of justice
Plea deal results in six-month sentence and NIS 50,000 fine as Olmert admits
(12:48 , 02.02.16 )
'Stop-and-frisk' bill gets final approval
Knesset passes bill permitting police to conduct body searches with probable
(12:07 , 02.02.16 )
Foreign Ministry to help limit product-labeling
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely and the Israeli Export Institute set up a
(10:50 , 02.02.16 )
US arrests global Hezbollah money-laundering
DEA nabs terror network laundering millions on behalf of drug cartels in order
(10:25 , 02.02.16 )
Iowa: Cruz beats Trump, Sanders and Clinton in
Surprises in US 2016 election's first caucus as devout Christian Cruz defeats
(08:32 , 02.02.16 )
Israeli satellite photos show Russian Air Force
The Aros satellite took photos of the Lattakia air base used by the Russian Air
(00:18 , 02.02.16 )
Hamas member fakes illness, enters Israel
Two Gazans used fake medical documents to travel to an East Jerusalem hospital.
(22:03 , 01.02.16 )
Meir Ettinger to remain under administrative
Ettinger, considered the leader of radical Jewish group in the West Bank, will
(21:45 , 01.02.16 )
Al-Aqsa mosque manager banned from Temple Mount
Jerusalem police decides to keep Najah Bacirat away from the holy site for six
(20:43 , 01.02.16 )
IDF searching for Hamas tunnels along Gaza
In effort to assuage concerns by Israelis living along the border, who report
(18:44 , 01.02.16 ) 
Mandelblit takes up new post as Attorney General
The outgoing cabinet secretary replaces Yehuda Weinstein as attorney general;
(16:16 , 01.02.16 )
IDF partially closes Ramallah in wake of
Army seals off roads out of the city intermittently after a nearby shooting the
(14:25 , 01.02.16 )
Netanyahu delivers harsh warning to Hamas
'If we are attacked from the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, we will act with more
(11:03 , 01.02.16 )
Palestinian tries to cross West Bank barrier,
The soldiers alerted that someone had crossed the barrier, searched the area and
(08:44 , 01.02.16 )
From the Iranian army to a Jerusalem clinic
Dr. Shahab Davidfor served as a doctor in the Iranian army, made aliyah 2 years
(23:37 , 31.01.16 )
Terror victims' relatives to gov't: Deport
Relatives of 18 people murdered in terror attacks have written an open letter
(21:39 , 31.01.16 )
Gov't approves mixed prayer area at Western Wall
New area will be located south of the existing prayer areas, and will be used by
(16:19 , 31.01.16 )
Anti-Semitic comedian's show canceled
French comedian Dieudonne had been due to perform in Thailand, but his show was
(14:18 , 31.01.16 )
Three soldiers wounded in shooting attack next
Terrorist, a member of the Palestinian security services, arrives at checkpoint,
(12:41 , 31.01.16 )
Israeli stabbed and wounded in Jerusalem
A 17-year-old was stabbed in the back and lightly wounded next to Damascus Gate
(12:35 , 31.01.16 )
Jerusalem Jewish-Arab school arsonists'
Nahman and Shlomo Twito, who were charged with setting fire to the bilingual
(12:25 , 31.01.16 )
US, UK spied on Israel's drone and missile
During Operation Anarchist, American and British intelligence agencies broke the
(10:20 , 31.01.16 )
Israel rejects French ultimatum over recognition
Israeli officials say Jerusalem will consider attending international peace
(08:50 , 31.01.16 )
Israeli minister interviewed for Saudi website
Israeli Minister Ze'ev Elkin talks with Saudi Arabian news website Elaph about
(23:05 , 30.01.16 )
Israelis flock to nature by the thousands
Mount Hermon ski site closes for second consecutive day because of massive
(13:34 , 30.01.16 )
Communal aliyah model to be adopted nationwide
Two years after dozens of immigrant families settled in the West Bank as a group
(11:00 , 30.01.16 )
Italian academics call for boycott of Israeli
Another boycott of Israel has emerged, this time from Italy: 168 academics and
(23:33 , 29.01.16 )
France to recognize Palestinian state if
France's foreign minister says that the French government will recognise a
(22:59 , 29.01.16 )
'Take my name off': Author slams new civics
New civics textbook 'Being citizens in Israel' is expected to be sent for
(22:22 , 29.01.16 )

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