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Israel Police receives four new helicopters
Police adds new single-engine H125 helicopters to its fleet, intended to improve
(10:02 , 22.08.17 ) 
UN blacklist of companies doing business in
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights compiles database of firms doing business
(09:36 , 22.08.17 )
Likud MK proposes bill to stop New Likudniks
After Likud party limits new members registration in effort to stop mass signup
(23:32 , 21.08.17 )
COGAT's Facebook war against Hamas
In addition to the ongoing security monitoring by the IDF of what is happening
(23:17 , 21.08.17 )
US official praises Israel’s treatment of Syrian
US Deputy Assistant Secretary Secretary of State Ratney lauds humanitarian aid
(20:08 , 21.08.17 )
Naftali and Yaniv reach agreement with police,
Meni Naftali and Eldad Yaniv, two of the organizers of recent protests in front
(19:11 , 21.08.17 )
Right-wing NGO rallies court to stop road-paving
Regavim, which promotes Jewish construction in the West Bank, petitions High
(16:58 , 21.08.17 )
Givati Brigade commander to be reprimanded after
Special inquiry commission recommending reprimand of commanders presiding over
(12:50 , 21.08.17 )
Israel clamps down on pedophilia in schools
After substitute teacher is indicted for multiple counts of sexually assaulting
(11:31 , 21.08.17 )
Gazan children visit Jerusalem for first time
UN-launched initiative brings 91 children from Gaza to Jerusalem to visit
(23:52 , 20.08.17 )
Israeli opposition says Abbas tried to resume
Netanyahu aide denies claims President Abbas made overtures to Israel to resume
(22:18 , 20.08.17 )
Court accepts petition to disclose PM's wife's
Petition partially accepted despite objections from Sara Netanyahu, who claims
(21:47 , 20.08.17 )
Man blackmails Bank Yahav, threatens to divulge
32 year old from northern Israel town of Pardes Hanna-Karkur arrested on
(20:15 , 20.08.17 )
Fathers of slain soldiers meet fathers of Temple
Fathers of Border Policewomen Hadas Malka and Hadar Cohen, who were both
(18:32 , 20.08.17 )
Soldiers attacked by youth after allegedly being
Two combat soldiers on break from the army were at a public park in the company
(13:00 , 20.08.17 )
Police detains 2 organizers of weekly protest
Following 38 weeks of demonstrations at Goren Square in Petah Tikva, protesters
(12:01 , 20.08.17 ) 
Israel-Russia relations sour over Sobibór
Israel's ambassador to Moscow summoned by Russian Foreign Ministry after Warsaw
(11:26 , 20.08.17 )
Arab foreign ministers proclaim: No peace
In preparation for the arrival of an American delegation to the Middle East, the
(09:20 , 20.08.17 )
Netanyahu, Putin to meet over Iranian
In their 6th meeting in two years, the Israeli and Russian leaders will discuss
(08:36 , 20.08.17 )
17-year-old terrorist shot dead during stabbing
17-year-old Palestinian Zahran from the West Bank city of Tulkarm reportedly
(20:28 , 19.08.17 )
Rabbi leaves Bayit Yehudi over chairman's
Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, a member of the Presidium of the Bayit Yehudi Party resigns
(16:31 , 19.08.17 )
Israeli injured in Barcelona recounts attack
'If my husband was not there, they would have trampled me. So many people fell
(09:48 , 19.08.17 ) 
Israel yet to establish contact with 1 Israeli
Last remainig uncontactable Israeli presumed to have not been in wounded in
(18:21 , 18.08.17 )
Haredi MKs urge PM to stop Shabbat train work
Ultra-Orthodox MKs ask Netanyahu to put brakes on infrastructural works on train
(13:46 , 18.08.17 )
Israeli company goes head to head with Hezbollah
Terror group enters social media war against small Israeli web design company
(10:46 , 18.08.17 )
Israel, NYC museum agree on event to mark 1947
After Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon holds Palestinian pressure responsible
(21:18 , 17.08.17 )
Coalition chair says democracy not needed in
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ynet, David Bitan explains why Likud has
(20:32 , 17.08.17 )
Lifeguard drowns at Tel Aviv beach
Paramedics forced to pronounce death of lifeguard at Hilton Beach as treacherous
(17:45 , 17.08.17 )
Family marks 20 years to disappearance of IDF
Mother of missing soldier says she believes her son is still alive and calls on
(15:34 , 17.08.17 )
Former chief rabbi Bakshi-Doron sentenced to
District court also orders rabbi to pay NIS 250,000 fine; he was found guilty of
(13:08 , 17.08.17 )
Halamish terrorist suspected of additional
Military court extends the remand of Omar al-Abed, who murdered three members of
(12:22 , 17.08.17 ) 
WATCH: Israeli Navy missile boats sail by
Two Israeli missile boats recently returned from operational activity in the Red
(11:15 , 17.08.17 ) 
Government Press Office to revoke press
Director of the Government Press Office says Elias Karram will lose his
(23:00 , 16.08.17 )
Bull's-eye: IAF successfully intercepts target
As part of exercise testing Israel's air defense capabilities, IAF successfully
(21:55 , 16.08.17 ) 
High Court rules woman can serve as head of
'There is great value in opening rabbinic courts for women to serve in
(19:12 , 16.08.17 )
Hamas leader promises to 'pummel Israel' if
At a briefing for reporters, Hamas Leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar says 'Hamas is
(17:44 , 16.08.17 )
Former deputy Tel Aviv mayor arrested in
Udi Neta arrested in connection with the investigation against billionaire Benny
(16:20 , 16.08.17 )
Drafts of Declaration of Independence to go on
A young lawyer named Mordechai Beham was tasked with wording the first draft of
(12:41 , 16.08.17 )
Israel delivers food aid to Sierra Leone
The West African country is still reeling from a devastating mudslide that
(11:29 , 16.08.17 )
Security forces destroy home of Halamish
IDF soldiers, the Border Police and the Civil Administration demolish the home
(10:47 , 16.08.17 ) 
IDF notes drop in motivation to serve in combat
Studies in the military show new recruits prefer a meaningful service close to
(10:34 , 16.08.17 )
Israel set to become major exporter of medical
Inter-ministerial committee recently recommended the export of cannabis abroad;
(23:58 , 15.08.17 )
Likud limits party registration options in
Party takes down online registration form and blocks options to join up via
(22:07 , 15.08.17 )
NIS 1 million raised for policewoman hurt in
Tzipi Yaakobiyan, who was left paralyzed after a terrorist stabbed her in the
(20:30 , 15.08.17 )
Israeli academic institutions drop in ranking of
Technion in Haifa remains in list of top 100 universities, but drops from 69 to
(18:53 , 15.08.17 )
Raed Salah arrested for incitement: 'You're
The leader of the outlawed northern branch of the Islamic Movement is suspected
(16:34 , 15.08.17 )
Conservative, Reform movements escalate fight
Two months after the cancellation of the Western Wall egalitarian area plan, the
(15:14 , 15.08.17 )
Peace and equality or the destruction of Israel?
We all read about BDS every week. We know in general that it involves a boycott
(14:23 , 15.08.17 ) 
Gang suspected in dozens of robberies across
Detectives with the Central District arrest four suspects belonging to a gang
(14:09 , 15.08.17 ) 
Mossad chief to visit Washington to give
Mossad director Yossi Cohen will be part of a security delegation sent by Prime
(11:28 , 15.08.17 )
Security forces uncover Hamas terrorist payment
Shin Bet and police forces uncover a Hamas payment network that provided
(10:46 , 15.08.17 )
Daughter of Ambassador Friedman immigrates to
Talia Friedman, daughter of US Ambassador to Israel, officially immigrates to
(09:20 , 15.08.17 ) 
Children of terror victim attend special summer
Michal Salomon and her 3 elder children—whose father Elad, grandfather Yosef and
(23:49 , 14.08.17 )
Israeli arrested on diamond smuggling charges in
A 58-year-old Israeli arrested while attempting to board a flight to Tel Aviv
(22:47 , 14.08.17 )
Outgoing IAF commander: Our enemies would be
Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin officially assumes command of the Israeli Air Force in a
(20:43 , 14.08.17 ) 
Billionaire Steinmetz lashes out at gov't,
Benny Steinmetz, who is suspected of bribery and money laundering, slams Israeli
(18:21 , 14.08.17 )
Abu Khdeir's cousin, two others indicted for
Cousin of Mohammed Abu Khdeir—who was abducted and murdered by Jewish
(18:03 , 14.08.17 )
WATCH: Palestinian kids play-shoot at Israeli
A month after the shooting attack that claimed the lives of two Israeli police
(17:20 , 14.08.17 ) 
Report: Netanyahu pushing to transfer power to
Channel 2 reports the prime minister is angling to have decision to go to war
(16:55 , 14.08.17 )
Billionaire Steinmetz, Bezeq Chairman Granot
An international investigation involving the FBI and Swiss police leads to
(14:40 , 14.08.17 )
Ultra-Orthodox baby trafficker investigated for
Already a suspect for baby trafficking, Haredi businessman Haim Aharon Yosefi
(12:46 , 14.08.17 )
Palestinians protest against PA's arrest of
Palestinian Authority passes law allowing closure of websites and arrests of
(09:40 , 14.08.17 )
Ultra-Orthodox baby trafficker exposed
Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth investigate allegations against Haim Aharon Yosefi, a
(23:45 , 13.08.17 )
Four disabled protesters arrested after
Continuing their struggle to raise disability benefits to equal minimum wage,
(23:45 , 13.08.17 ) 
Netanyahu: Iran is expanding its influence in
'ISIS going out, Iran coming in,' the prime minister says, summarizing a
(21:13 , 13.08.17 )
Nasrallah threatens 'greater defeat' to Israel
Claiming Hezbollah was 'not a terror organization, but rather a force fighting
(20:08 , 13.08.17 )
Government approves restraining orders for
Head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission asks to set emergency regulations
(18:42 , 13.08.17 )
Netanyahu names new acting head of National
Senior Shin Bet commander Meir Ben-Shabbat appointed national security advisor;
(17:23 , 13.08.17 )
Rivlin rejects request to cancel Katsav release
President Reuven Rivlin rejects request by convicted rapist and former Israeli
(15:27 , 13.08.17 )
Home Front Command troops train for combat
The IDF's mixed-gender Shahar Battalion of the Home Front Command trains for
(15:01 , 13.08.17 ) 
Hezbollah claims to have discovered Israeli
The terror organization claims to have discovered the device—disguised as a
(13:09 , 13.08.17 )
Embittered Amona evacuees threaten to build
As patience wears thin with government decision to freeze construction work on
(11:24 , 13.08.17 )
Greek Orthodox church aims to block property
Patriarch Theophilos III says church will appeal Israeli court decision that
(08:42 , 13.08.17 )
Anti-corruption protests continue for 38th week
Protesters calling on Attornney General Avichai Mandelblit to stop stalling on
(21:11 , 12.08.17 ) 
Man stabbed at Damascus Gate, terrorist
Israeli lightly wounded in terror attack in Jerusalem's Old City; female
(20:24 , 12.08.17 ) 
Poll finds 60% of Israelis support same-sex
Study follows public outcry and protests over state's response to High Court
(19:36 , 12.08.17 )
Argentine-Israeli doctor honored in Buenos Aires
Dr. Alejandro Roisentul, who made aliyah almost 30 years ago, was honored by the
(18:13 , 12.08.17 )
Israel, Organization of American States to
The organization, which includes 35 member states from Latin America, Central
(17:36 , 12.08.17 )
Swing carousel malfunctions in Ramallah, 20
An unclear malfunction in a West Bank amusement park's swing ride causes its
(13:31 , 12.08.17 ) 
Trump to send envoys to Middle East to discuss
US Pres. Trump is to send son-in-law Kushner and negotiator Greenblatt to the ME
(22:38 , 11.08.17 )
Oldest man in the world, a Holocaust survivor
Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor one month shy of his 114th birthday, has
(20:11 , 11.08.17 )
Family of fallen pilot demand open investigation
The family of Maj. Dudi Zohar, killed on Monday in a helicopter accident, demand
(18:16 , 11.08.17 )
Likud plans on showing PM more love via
Following pro-Netanyahu rally, MK Bitan plans on organizing weekly
(16:15 , 11.08.17 )
Bennett advancing plan to bring families of lone
The plan will be similar to Birthright programs and will be sponsored by the
(14:58 , 11.08.17 )
Two Umm al-Fahm brothers indicted for supporting
Mahmoud and Naim Jabarin were arrested by the Shin Bet and Israel Police in July
(12:42 , 11.08.17 )
Ultra-Orthodox rioters utilizing group messaging
Despite traditionally shunning smart phones, ultra-Orthodox protestors are
(09:35 , 11.08.17 ) 
New IAF commander sworn in
The Israel Air Force has a new commander after Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel steps down
(08:44 , 11.08.17 )
Former Haredim lawsuit over subpar education
Dozens of respondents say the absence of a basic high school education prevented
(23:47 , 10.08.17 )
Pres. Rivlin states we love who we love 8 years
President Rivlin and Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Huldai meet at the LGBT Center at Meir
(22:00 , 10.08.17 )
Hamas considering replacing civilian rule in
Military wing of terrorist group Hamas presents political leadership with
(19:03 , 10.08.17 )
Relatives of policemen murdered at Temple Mt.:
Tensions rose between Druze and Muslim communities following the killing of
(17:43 , 10.08.17 )
Southern residents welcome hastening Gaza
After IDF announces intentions to step up pace of subterranean barrier across
(16:11 , 10.08.17 )
Supreme Court shortens sentence of teen
Court mitigates punishment of 14-year-old terrorist from 12 years to 9.5, citing
(13:39 , 10.08.17 )
Iranian-born journalist arrives in Israel after
Neda Amin, who fled Iran in 2014, was expelled from Turkey because she was
(11:56 , 10.08.17 )
Barak: Netanyahu support rally was 'pathetic
Netanyahu's efforts to paint the investigations against him as political
(11:37 , 10.08.17 )
IDF expedites construction of subterranean Gaza
Israeli military accelerates project as it collects intelligence showing Hamas
(10:29 , 10.08.17 ) 
IDF demolishes homes of terrorists who killed
Homes of Bra’a Saleh and Usama Atta, who killed 1st. Sgt. Hadas Malka in
(10:18 , 10.08.17 ) 
Palestinian UN official released after being
Hamdan Timraz, a Palestinian official with UNDSS, is released by Israel after
(22:49 , 09.08.17 )
Netanyahu slams the Left, the media in support
Surrounded by supporters cajoled and threatened by MK Bitan to attend, Netanyahu
(22:43 , 09.08.17 )
Disabled protest against NIS 2,342 disability
Protestors outraged after Knesset reneges on promise to raise disability
(21:34 , 09.08.17 )
Calm not expected to last between police and
Despite current, relative 'calm' between security forces and Haredi groups
(21:19 , 09.08.17 ) 
Danish journalists urge Israel not to shutter
Danish Union of Journalists appeals to Israeli Ambassador to Denmark not to shut
(21:17 , 09.08.17 )
Brazil to extradite Israeli convicted of
Brazil's Supreme Court accedes to Israel extradition request for Yehoshua
(21:17 , 09.08.17 )
Rivlin and Merkel to meet in Berlin amid
President Reuven Rivlin will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin in
(18:03 , 09.08.17 )
Cape Verde denies it will no longer vote against
After PM Netanyahu announces last week that Cape Verde will no longer vote
(16:58 , 09.08.17 )
IDF to award citation for Halamish hero soldier
A military committee decides to award Staff Sgt. A., the soldier who neutralized
(16:48 , 09.08.17 )
Likud activists, members urged to attend
With Netanyahu depending of Likud activists, MKs and ministers to attend a rally
(14:51 , 09.08.17 )
Brother of Palestinian who killed Israeli
Despite disputed claims that nationalism played a factor in the murder of Michal
(11:47 , 09.08.17 )
Soldier hit by friendly fire during arrest
Special forces soldier moderately wounded after being shot in leg and back
(11:29 , 09.08.17 )
Azaria greeted by supporters as he begins prison
Dozens show up outside prison in a display of solidarity with Elor Azaria, who
(09:53 , 09.08.17 ) 
Israel strikes Hamas positions in Gaza after
The Israeli Air Force launches fresh overnight strikes on two targets belonging
(09:09 , 09.08.17 ) 
Gazan travelers face new security restrictions
Restrictions include a ban on laptop computers, hard-shell suitcases and
(23:16 , 08.08.17 )
Netanyahu hails Yavne terror victim as a 'hero'
Speaking during a hospital visit to Niv Nehamia, who is recovering in hospital
(22:03 , 08.08.17 )
Netanyahu blasts Transport Minister Katz for
PM attacks Katz for allegedly planning to replace him in the event he is forced
(21:26 , 08.08.17 )
Ganor to provide recordings and texts
State witness Miki Ganor is believed to be in possession of incriminating
(20:11 , 08.08.17 )
In light of terrorism, support for Israel in
The Israeli Foreign Ministry is surprised to receive thousands of messages from
(19:24 , 08.08.17 )
Former IDF spokesman slams rumored death of
Brig. Gen. (res.) Avi Benayahu decries rumors claiming Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot
(18:21 , 08.08.17 )
Court rejects Azaria's request to delay prison
After two-day deliberation, Military Court of Appeals throws out former
(17:54 , 08.08.17 )
6 Haredim arrested after Mea Shearim rioters
Arrests made after ultra-Orthodox rioters hurl objects at cops escorting Defense
(17:36 , 08.08.17 ) 
Coalition chairman warns against undermining
Amid the recent surge of criticism against the prime minister over the ongoing
(15:14 , 08.08.17 )
Swedish-Palestinian Center attacks Israel in
The Helsingborg Police is investigating an anti-Semitic demonstration by a
(14:39 , 08.08.17 ) 
Former deputy minister Kirschenbaum indicted in
Faina Kirschenbaum charged with multiple counts of receiving and asking for
(12:10 , 08.08.17 )
Killed Apache pilot made grandmother proud:
Frania Goldhar, the grandmother of Maj. (res.) David (Dudi) Zohar, who was
(11:37 , 08.08.17 )
US urges UN force in Lebanon to prevent
UN Secretary-General Guterres says Israel must withdraw its forces from Lebanese
(10:08 , 08.08.17 )
IAF Apache pilot killed, another seriously hurt
Maj. (res.) Dudi Zohar and his co-pilot were returning to the Ramon Air Base
(08:09 , 08.08.17 )
Barnoar volunteer denied insurance since 'it has
Chen Langer, 29, was shot in deadly attack at LGBT youth club in '09; however,
(22:43 , 07.08.17 )
AG to announce indictment against Sara Netanyahu
Attorney General Mandelblit expected to announce that PM Netanyahu's wife to be
(22:26 , 07.08.17 )
Supreme Court orders PM: divulge dates of talks
PM Netanyahu ordered by Supreme Court to divulge dates of his conversations with
(20:12 , 07.08.17 )
Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel:
Asked by Ynet about her opinions on PM Netanyahu's investigations, their future
(18:19 , 07.08.17 )
Iranian journalist fails to appear for asylum
A day after being granted asylum in Israel by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri,
(15:13 , 07.08.17 )
Increase in number of drowning cases in the
Since the beginning of 2017, seven people have drowned in the Sea of Galilee
(14:39 , 07.08.17 )
In honor of Tu B'Av: A look at marriage in
Ahead of the Jewish Valentine's Day, the Central Bureau of Statistics releases
(12:48 , 07.08.17 )
High Court strikes down third apartment tax law
In a blow to Finance Minister Kahlon, the High Court of Justice finds
(12:31 , 07.08.17 )
Mother of terror victim faces down terrorist in
Sarah Rosenfeld, mother of Malachi Rosenfeld—who was murdered in West Bank
(11:22 , 07.08.17 )
Military Advocate General opposes Azaria's
The military prosecution strongly opposes Elor Azaria's request to delay serving
(09:15 , 07.08.17 )
After criticism from Netanyahu, Likud ministers
Ministers Yisrael Katz, Yuval Steinitz and Ofir Akunis and Deputy Minister Tzipi
(09:06 , 07.08.17 )
Harow going abroad, might return with
Police planning to soon summon Netanyahu for questioning in light of former
(08:38 , 07.08.17 )
IDF to start drafting students during military
Instead of sending draft orders to 11th grade students and plucking them out of
(23:14 , 06.08.17 )
Report: Harow denies he's 'turning' on Netanyahu
Channel 2 News reports statements allegedly said by former Netanyahu
(22:10 , 06.08.17 )
Netanyahu says Togo under pressure to cancel
According to African officials, the PA pressuring Togolese President Faure
(21:06 , 06.08.17 )
MKs lock horns over Netanyahu corruption
Likud MK David Amsalem, a close associate of Netanyahu, blasts police for
(20:41 , 06.08.17 )
Bennett comes out swinging for PM in corruption
Putting past feuds aside, Bayit Yehudi leader states his unequivocal support for
(19:59 , 06.08.17 )
Israel seeks to ban Al-Jazeera in the country
Joining host of Arab nations who have shut down the Qatar-based news channel,
(18:21 , 06.08.17 )
Likud officials: If indicted, Netanyahu will
'There will be no scenario in which Netanyahu is leading the country and the
(16:21 , 06.08.17 )
Ultra-Orthodox parties submit proposal for
Knesset members from United Torah Judaism are proposing a plan to build small,
(15:09 , 06.08.17 )
Israel offers asylum to Iranian blogger in
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri offers a Turkey-based Iranian blogger asylum
(14:37 , 06.08.17 )
Azaria asks to delay prison sentence until IDF
The former soldier, who is scheduled to begin serving his 18-month sentence on
(14:26 , 06.08.17 )
Interior Minister Deri revokes citizenship of
Alaa Ziad carried out a stabbing and vehicular attack near Gan Shmuel in October
(14:15 , 06.08.17 )
Netanyahu may face former confidant in police
Former PMO chief Ari Harow, who signed a state witness agreement, provides
(11:00 , 06.08.17 )
Soldier in serious condition after collapsing
An IDF soldier is in serious condition after collapsing during a training
(11:00 , 06.08.17 )
Murder indictment makes no mention of
An indictment filed by the State Attorney's Office against Mohammed Harouf for
(10:18 , 06.08.17 )
Israel-Jordan relations continue to sour
Jordan considers 'diplomatic options' in dealing with embassy incident,
(08:55 , 06.08.17 )
Protesters calling for PM investigation met with
Over 3,000 demonstrators protesting what they say is the attorney general's
(20:39 , 05.08.17 ) 
State religious schools push girls not to enlist
According to Education Ministry's supervisor of state religious high schools,
(20:03 , 05.08.17 )
Security coordination continues despite Abbas
Even though Palestinian president declared halt of security coordination with
(18:08 , 05.08.17 ) 
Journalists Union petition to the High Court:
After Ynet reporter Hassan Shaalan was attacked by police while covering clashes
(10:28 , 05.08.17 )
Israel Police to probe Jordan shooting that
State Prosecutor's Office announces it has asked police to open investigation
(23:08 , 04.08.17 )
Netanyahu calls former Chief of staff's witness
PM Netanyahu responds for 1st time to witness deal struck with his former chief
(20:27 , 04.08.17 )
Palestinians pelt 70 tourists with rocks in West
Group enters Binamin area near Halamish without receiving required approval from
(16:05 , 04.08.17 )
Police flip former PM confidant into state
As police compile evidence against prime minister in his alleged embroilment in
(14:32 , 04.08.17 )
Bethlehem graffiti lampoons Trump embrace of
Artist sprays on Israel's security barrier a caricature of US President Donald
(13:19 , 04.08.17 )
IDF nixes requesting death penalty for Halamish
Military Advocate General quashes hopes expressed by Prime Minister Netanyahu
(12:17 , 04.08.17 )
UN chief heading to Israel for first official
Secretary-General António Guterres prepares for three-day trip to Israel at the
(10:26 , 04.08.17 )
Israel to build underground barrier on Sinai
With Egypt's inability so far to cripple ISIS fighters in the Sinai Peninsula
(09:14 , 04.08.17 )
US Senate panel approves bill to suspend aid to
In an attempt to fight the Palestinian Authority's payments to families of
(23:23 , 03.08.17 )
More than 20,000 attend Jerusalem gay pride
Roughly 22,000 people take part in Jerusalem's gay pride parade; hundreds of
(22:14 , 03.08.17 )
Police arrest brother of Jaffa suspect killed
Hundreds riot and protest in Jaffa after police arrest the brother of a suspect
(21:44 , 03.08.17 ) 
King Abdullah to visit PA in Ramallah
Against the backdrop of the Israel embassy guard affair and the Temple Mount
(21:12 , 03.08.17 )
Azaria asks IDF chief to substitute sentence for
Apparently heeding the advice of Defense Minister Lieberman not to file another
(20:56 , 03.08.17 )
First Arab Supreme Court Justice retires
Salim Joubran, the first Arab citizen appointed to the Supreme Court and its
(19:50 , 03.08.17 )
Disabled protestors block Highway 2
Dozens of disabled protestors block Highway 2 with vehicles in protest of the
(19:39 , 03.08.17 )
Yavne tries to return to normal following
As employees of the Yavne supermarket where a stabbing terror attack took place
(17:30 , 03.08.17 )
Increased police alertness as J'lem pride parade
Police superintendent says the Jerusalem police has been preparing for the pride
(16:06 , 03.08.17 )
High Court OKs leveling homes of IDF soldiers'
Terrorists involved in separate murders of Border Policewoman Hadas Malka and
(15:36 , 03.08.17 )
Parents of officers slain on Temple Mount to
The parents of Ha'il Satawi and Kamil Shnaan meet with Roni Alsheikh and
(14:52 , 03.08.17 )
AG Mandelblit asks to 'let us work' as former
'Give us time and we'll uncover the truth,' says AG Mandelblit regarding
(14:10 , 03.08.17 )
New Israeli system capable of identifying
Radars with a 270-degree radius and automatic scanning cameras make up new CIMS
(13:24 , 03.08.17 )
Deputy mayor in Israel arrested over 1999 mob
Police seek to extend arrest of deputy mayor of northern city in Israel amid
(12:48 , 03.08.17 )
Policeman suspected of receiving bribes for
Intelligence coordinator arrested on suspicion of helping criminals transport
(11:43 , 03.08.17 )
Yavne terror victim's condition stabilizes, but
Further surgery required for man stabbed in Yavne supermarket despite
(09:42 , 03.08.17 ) 
Rivlin laments low Arab turnout at co-op
As president convenes meeting with Arab sector leaders in bid to increase
(23:08 , 02.08.17 )
Sara Netanyahu interrogated by police corruption
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara completes another investigation at
(22:25 , 02.08.17 )
Haifa Chemicals workers protest plant's closure
With court-order's closure entailing layoff of 800 employees, enraged workers
(21:50 , 02.08.17 ) 
Netanyahu steps in to stop brawl of Israeli,
After Israeli MK Hazan and Jordanian MP al-Saoud were set to throw down on
(21:43 , 02.08.17 )
'We suffer from agricultural terrorism'
Residents of the northern colony of Yesud HaMa'ala wake up to flames threatening
(17:54 , 02.08.17 )
Shaked: PM shouldn't resign based on charges
Minister of Justice Shaked tells Ynet 'something extreme needs to happen to
(16:47 , 02.08.17 )
Palestinian man confesses to murdering pregnant
Mohammed Harouf confesses to strangling and beating his girlfriend Michal Halimi
(15:19 , 02.08.17 ) 
Heavy security as Jerusalem prepares for annual
Police will station hundreds of security personnel along the route where Shira
(15:08 , 02.08.17 )
Chances of Israeli lung transplant for Erekat
Despite report of Palestinian chief negotiator's addition to transplant waiting
(14:54 , 02.08.17 )
Them's fightin' words: Jordanian MP challenges
Following a perceived insult from an earlier Tweet by Hazan, Jordan MP Yahya
(14:12 , 02.08.17 )
Employee stabbed in terror attack at Yavne
Suspected attacker, a 19-year-old Palestinian from Yatta who also works at the
(12:39 , 02.08.17 ) 
Man marooned at sea for five days
68-year-old Golan Heights resident tried sailing alone to Israel from England.
(12:28 , 02.08.17 ) 
Netanyahu's former chief of staff Harow in talks
Police hope Ari Harow, who is facing charges of bribery, breach of trust,
(12:03 , 02.08.17 )
Life in the Old City returning to 'normal'
After two weeks of riots and constant tension, tourists are beginning to return
(10:26 , 02.08.17 )
Senior Hamas officials meet with Iranian
Founding member of Hamas' military wing Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas international
(08:48 , 02.08.17 )
Azaria's father hints at willingness to deal on
Charlie Azaria says family is open to having Elor apologize, show remorse if a
(23:09 , 01.08.17 )
Report: Another former National Security Council
Former deputy national security advisor, Atalya Rosenbaum, reportedly tried to
(22:45 , 01.08.17 )
July is one of the hottest months of past 30
July was pronounced one of the hottest in the past three decades and the hottest
(20:43 , 01.08.17 )
Jordanian gov't behind leak of security guard's
High-ranking official in Amman says Ziv Moyal's diplomatic identity card leaked
(20:30 , 01.08.17 )
Kushner: 'There may be no solution' to
In leaked recording, US President Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor sounds
(20:06 , 01.08.17 ) 
Palestinian negotiator criticizes US silence on
Saeb Erekat says Trump administration's failure to condemn Israel's settlement
(19:08 , 01.08.17 )
Samaria Council head moves into Machpelah House
Yossi Dagan and his family join the 120 settlers barricaded in the Hebron
(18:05 , 01.08.17 )
Over 1,000 Jews visit Temple Mount to mark Tisha
As new daily record for Jewish visitation is set, Jordan's foreign minister
(17:30 , 01.08.17 ) 
Leader of outlawed Islamic Movement visits Jaffa
Sheikh Raed Salah meets with family of man who was killed in a police chase in
(17:00 , 01.08.17 ) 
Former IDF chief defends Shin Bet, slams Bitan
Former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz comes to the defense of the Shin Bet
(14:59 , 01.08.17 )
Greek Patriarch denounces Israeli court's real
The Greek Orthodox Church is denouncing an Israeli court decision which found
(14:25 , 01.08.17 )
Ganor testimony to draw out submarine
Sources in law enforcement claim that testimony from Miki Ganor will require
(13:37 , 01.08.17 )
Iranian hackers launch virtual honeypot scheme
Iranian hacker group Cobalt Gypsy creates fake profile of beautiful,
(12:40 , 01.08.17 )
Brother of Jordanian doctor killed in embassy
In an interview with Ynet, Bassem al-Hamarna, whose brother Bashar was
(10:48 , 01.08.17 ) 
Watch: Palestinian rioters vandalize hospital
Alleged medical malpractice at the Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin leads to a violent
(09:37 , 01.08.17 ) 
Palestinian chief negotiator waits for lung
Suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, Saeb Erekat's health worsens and he is now on
(09:07 , 01.08.17 )
Rabbis issue joint letter backing gay adoption
Prominent rabbis affiliated with Religious Zionism publish letter backing
(08:31 , 01.08.17 )
China urges support for new Israel-Palestinian
China's UN ambassador urges the international community to support a four-point
(08:03 , 01.08.17 )
Deri to be questioned in connection with bribery
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri will be questioned by police again for bribery
(22:54 , 31.07.17 )
Haredi leaders come together to denounce
On eve of Tisha B'Av, ultra-Orthodox leaders condemn ongoing campaign of
(21:31 , 31.07.17 )
Disabled pension increase frozen while Knesset
Coalition Chairman Bitan announced last month that pensions will grow to NIS
(21:01 , 31.07.17 )
Officials pressure Azaria to abandon further
Defense Minister Lieberman and sources within the IDF Military Advocate General
(20:04 , 31.07.17 )
Austrian court sentences Hamas member to life in
The unnamed 27-year-old terrorist is sentenced after Israeli and Austrian
(18:02 , 31.07.17 )
Machpelah House occupants may be allowed to stay
Deliberations between legal authorities in the Prime Minister's Office and
(18:00 , 31.07.17 )
Jaffa tensions worsen, vehicles set ablaze
Five residents of Jaffa arrested on suspicion of setting fire to garbage cans in
(15:24 , 31.07.17 ) 
Israeli embassy guard's family left home
Even before the identity of Ziv Moyal, who shot dead two Jordanians, was
(12:33 , 31.07.17 )
Five indicted for incitement against Israel
East Jerusalem residents indicted for uploading Facebook posts praising 'heroes'
(12:19 , 31.07.17 ) 
Iranian organization claims Israel attacked
A media non-governmental organization in Iran named 'Owj' claims equipment sent
(10:12 , 31.07.17 )
Security forces locate gun stolen from southern
Group of thieves break into moshav located near Gaza, robbing six houses, and
(10:09 , 31.07.17 )
Jordanian media publishes ID of Israeli embassy
Al-Rad newspaper publishes details of guard who shot to death a man who stabbed
(23:56 , 30.07.17 )
Ganor claims Shimron was due millions in sub
State witness Miki Ganor claims that David Shimron was due to receive a
(22:43 , 30.07.17 )
Thousands rally in Istanbul against Israel's
The rally, called the 'Big Jerusalem Meeting,' organized by the Saadet Party and
(22:10 , 30.07.17 )
WATCH: Stabbing terrorist clobbered with pizza
Footage from security camera shows moments when Shlomi Madar cracked a
(21:59 , 30.07.17 ) 
IDF chief rabbi opposed mixed-gender service in
A group of religious Zionist rabbis expose document signed in 2000 by current
(21:27 , 30.07.17 )
IDF chief assures 'serious consideration' if
Hours after defense minister urges Elor Azaria not to submit another appeal of
(21:07 , 30.07.17 )
Lieberman urges Azaria family not to file
Defense minister calls on the Azaria family to not submit a further appeal, but
(18:57 , 30.07.17 )
Terrorist's family decries 'lenient sentence'
Uncles of Abed al Fatah al-Sharif, who was shot dead while neutralized after
(18:42 , 30.07.17 )
Military court rejects both appeals in Azaria
Military Court of Appeals upholds ruling by lower court, sending the former IDF
(15:46 , 30.07.17 )
Netanyahu addresses his handling of Temple Mount
PM explains decision to place metal detectors and then remove them, saying he
(14:50 , 30.07.17 )
Shin Bet to investigate guard in Jordan shooting
Initial investigation reveals the security guard was justified in shooting his
(12:53 , 30.07.17 )
Lieberman: Regev, Bitan should apologize over
After the Likud politicians dubbed the Shin Bet 'delusional' and 'cowardly,'
(11:55 , 30.07.17 )
Military court to rule on Azaria appeals
Military Court of Appeals will decide whether or not to accept two appeals filed
(11:21 , 30.07.17 )
Rivlin appears at demonstration for Hamas
The president met demonstrators who protested near the President's Residence in
(10:57 , 30.07.17 )
Violence at funeral of Jaffa suspect killed by
During the funeral procession of a 22-year-old man from Jaffa who was shot to
(09:55 , 30.07.17 ) 
Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative helped
The Israeli 'Mosaica' organization, together with the Muslim 'Adam Center' takes
(23:32 , 29.07.17 )
Bus driver's blood alcohol level 20 times the
Driver on his way to pick up factory workers in Yeruham was drunk driving,
(23:22 , 29.07.17 )
Hezbollah fighter challenges officer from IDF
Photo purports to show fighter of the terror organization posing with sign
(22:31 , 29.07.17 )
Al-Jazeera says to fight any bid to shut its
Qatari network, accused by PM Netanyahu of inciting violence in Jerusalem over
(21:14 , 29.07.17 )
Israeli, US, French navies conclude two-week
The three friendly navies conduct exercises in Haifa involving naval mines,
(21:02 , 29.07.17 ) 
Chechen leader volunteers to protect Al Aqsa
Ramzan Kadyrov vows to step down and come to Jerusalem in order to defend the Al
(20:59 , 29.07.17 )
Former Shin Bet heads blast critical politicians
Several former heads of the Shin Bet blast Minister Miri Regev and Coalition
(20:17 , 29.07.17 )
Netanyahu expresses public support for death
After opposing capital punishment over the years, PM tells Salomon family, who
(20:05 , 29.07.17 )
Alsheikh slams Waqf for overstepping role
Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh says the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf is attempting
(18:26 , 29.07.17 )
WATCH: Border Police's undercover unit arrests
As violent riots rage in major cities throughout the West Bank and along the
(17:28 , 29.07.17 ) 
Arabs rioting in Jaffa after suspected criminal
After a police chase in Jaffa ends with one suspect dead, Arab residents
(16:15 , 29.07.17 ) 
Second night of Temple Mount celebrations ends
Thousands of people gather Friday night at the Temple Mount, after a relatively
(12:04 , 29.07.17 ) 
Jordan hands Israel murder charge results of
Jordanian investigation finds security guard who shot, killed 2 Jordanians
(09:36 , 29.07.17 )
Border Police experiences largest female
The IDF is experiencing a record high in women enlistment to the border police,
(23:41 , 28.07.17 )
Father of fallen soldier commemorates 3 years,
A memorial ceremony is held marking 3 years since the fall of Lieutenant Hadar
(21:47 , 28.07.17 )
Israel and Turkey declare cease-fire in twitter
In recent days, foreign ministry spokesmen in Jerusalem and Ankara have
(20:27 , 28.07.17 )
Palestinian youth killed in clashes, as riots
A 16-year-old Palestinian is shot and killed in confrontations with IDF forces
(18:19 , 28.07.17 )
Anti-Israel protest breaks out in Jordan
In Jordan, demonstrators shout "Death to Israel" and demand to cancel the peace
(16:55 , 28.07.17 )
Stabbing attempt thwarted, terrorist shot dead
Terrorist shot after charging at IDF soldiers from Kfir Brigade stationed in
(15:18 , 28.07.17 )
Israel gears up for more turbulence in Old City
As Israel imposes age restrictions on entrance to Temple Mount and Old City,
(14:03 , 28.07.17 ) 
Likud scold Bennett's 'irresponsible' attacks on
Responding to accusations by Bayit Yehudi leader that Netanyahu 'folded' in
(12:56 , 28.07.17 )
Arab media basks in Al-Aqsa 'glory', jeers
Media outlets and Palestinian social media forum lampoon what is depicted as
(11:59 , 28.07.17 )
US denies pressuring Israel in Temple Mount
State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert says Israel's decision to removal
(10:49 , 28.07.17 ) 
Anticipating unrest, Israel restricts entry to
After removal of recently installed security measures from Temple Mount fails to
(09:17 , 28.07.17 ) 
Halamish fighter shares details of terror attack
Sgt. A., who was the IDF fighter who shot and neutralized the terrorist who
(23:51 , 27.07.17 )
Arab League urges Israel to learn lessons from
Head of Arab League warns that Israeli security measures at Temple Mt.—which
(23:47 , 27.07.17 )
Israeli security guard Ziv presents his version
Security guard testifies on attack that left 2 Jordanians dead; political
(23:44 , 27.07.17 )
State officials skip out on visiting Arab terror
Abed al-Fatah Abu Halal, the bus driver who was stabbed by a Palestinian
(22:01 , 27.07.17 )
Gaza power-sharing deal moves ahead with
Lawmakers from rivaling Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, meet on Thursday
(21:54 , 27.07.17 )
The return to Temple Mount: Stones, bottles and
113 Muslim worshippers reportedly injured in clashes with Temple Mt. security;
(21:21 , 27.07.17 ) 
113 reportedly injured as thousands return to
Thousands of Muslims return to pray at Temple Mt.; 113 reportedly injured after
(20:07 , 27.07.17 ) 
Jordan king criticizes Israel's 'provocative'
King Abdullah II rebukes Israel's 'unacceptable and provocative behavior'
(20:03 , 27.07.17 )
Israel builds pipeline to absorb sewage from
Due to reduction of electricity to Gaza, its sewage treatment facility has been
(18:35 , 27.07.17 )
Netanyahu advances Greater Jerusalem Bill
Netanyahu pushes to advance the Greater Jerusalem Bill, which seeks to establish
(18:31 , 27.07.17 )
Ya'alon: Netanyahu 'folded' over Temple Mount
After Netanyahu sanctions removal of all recently-installed security facilities
(16:12 , 27.07.17 )
Jordan refuses entry to Israeli ambassador until
According to Jordanian media reports, Israeli Ambassador Einat Schlein and her
(13:36 , 27.07.17 )
IDF weighing citation for Halamish hero soldier
Commanders for SSgt. 'A' are praising his calm and professional conduct in
(13:15 , 27.07.17 )
Jerusalem grand mufti OKs resumed prayer at
Muslim leaders and clerics tell worshipers to return to the Al-Aqsa mosque for
(11:33 , 27.07.17 )
Thousands attend Temple Mount terrorists'
Some 10,000 mourners from Umm al-Fahm take part in the funerals of the three
(10:32 , 27.07.17 ) 
Hamas, PA laud 'historic,' 'huge' victory in
While Hamas praises ‘victory’ over Israel’s army and government following
(09:57 , 27.07.17 )
Protesters rejoice as Israel removes security
In bid to stem rising tide of violence and forestall yet another PA-announced
(09:07 , 27.07.17 ) 
Bereaved father on removal of metal detectors:
Shachiv Shnaan, former MK and father of Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan who was
(22:09 , 26.07.17 )
Following Hamas demonstration, Abbas's party
Senior Fatah officials meet in Ramallah and call on supporters to create
(21:55 , 26.07.17 )
Bennett: Arab MKs involved in ‘blood libel’
Edu. Min. Bennett attacks Arab MKs over Temple Mount crisis, accusing them of
(19:52 , 26.07.17 )
President Rivlin consoles mourners of Halamish
Pres. Rivlin arrives at Salomon family's home to console them after 3 of the
(18:52 , 26.07.17 )
Mistaken identity leads to calls for revenge on
Arab anti-Israel activists falsely accuse 26-year-old Israeli of being Israeli
(17:15 , 26.07.17 )
Hamas holds Gaza military parade 'in solidarity
The terror group calls on its members to protest 'Israeli harm to al-Aqsa' on
(17:12 , 26.07.17 )
Ganor reportedly has information implicating
Inside sources say the Israeli businessman, who recently became a state witness,
(16:03 , 26.07.17 )
Rivlin to attend Munich Olympic memorial in
The Israeli president and his German counterpart will attend a dedication
(14:47 , 26.07.17 )
Egyptian tank pancakes suicide car bombers
An Egyptian tank crew saves the lives of nearly 50 civilians after thwarting an
(14:37 , 26.07.17 ) 
Erdoğan: Removal of metal detectors not enough
Turkish president continues onslaught against Israel, accusing it of 'benefiting
(14:03 , 26.07.17 )
Nationality Bill fuels fiery Knesset session
Knesset Joint Committee session on the Nationality Bill deteriorates into
(13:19 , 26.07.17 )
Israel bars entry to 5 US activists under
American leaders from advocacy groups Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims
(11:14 , 26.07.17 )
Embassy attacker's father wants to tie
Zakaria Jawawdah says willing to rescind demand for investigation against the
(10:50 , 26.07.17 )
Shin Bet head praises removal of Temple Mount
Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman expresses his approval of the cabinet's decision
(10:09 , 26.07.17 )
Israel sets clear entry policy for BDS activists
The Israeli government sets clear standards for barring entry to individuals
(09:13 , 26.07.17 )
Israel dismisses Erdogan's claims it was trying
Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims Israel 'is using the fight
(22:33 , 25.07.17 )
77% of Israelis see removal of metal detectors
Poll finds most Israelis are unhappy with Netanyahu's handling of the crisis;
(21:53 , 25.07.17 )
High Court orders release of Temple Mount
While allowing the police to set restrictions for the funerals of the three
(21:20 , 25.07.17 )
Some 120 settlers invade Machpelah House in
After the Civil Administration determined they had the necessary permits to
(20:56 , 25.07.17 )
WATCH: Bus crashes into building where police is
A bus driver veers off the road crashes into a car dealership in a building in
(20:28 , 25.07.17 ) 
Jordan mourners chant 'death to Israel' after
During funeral of Mohammed Jawawdeh, who was shot to death after attacking an
(19:41 , 25.07.17 )
Settler leaders lament cut budgets for security
Recent cuts saw the budget for advanced security measures in the settlements
(19:19 , 25.07.17 )
Israeli blinded in terror attack urges UNSC to
Oren Almog lost five members of his family, along with his eyesight, in a terror
(17:51 , 25.07.17 ) 
Construction of settlement for Amona evacuees
Government ministries fail to transfer necessary funding to build the new
(17:08 , 25.07.17 )
Waqf officials reject 'smart' cameras
Waqf officials meet to discuss changes in Israeli security
(15:29 , 25.07.17 ) 
Netanyahu meets with Amman embassy guard
A day after securing the release of the embassy guard who was stabbed in Amman,
(13:07 , 25.07.17 )
Security Cabinet to remove Temple Mount metal
The Security Cabinet votes to remove metal detectors and cameras from Temple
(11:55 , 25.07.17 ) 
Egypt's El-Sisi calls on Israel not to provoke
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi directly addresses the Israeli public
(11:09 , 25.07.17 )
Family of Petah Tikva stabbing victim still in
The family of the Egged driver stabbed in a Petah Tikva restaurant on Monday are
(09:11 , 25.07.17 ) 
Ministers discuss smart cameras instead of metal
In effort to find solution to standoff at the holy site, police proposes
(23:25 , 24.07.17 )
Guard who shot 2 Jordanians in self-defense
After visit by Shin Bet director to the Jordanian capital and a phone call
(23:01 , 24.07.17 )
Lawyer asks AG to bar Yitzhak Molcho from
Attorney Shahar Ben-Meir claims Molcho's continued work for the prime minister
(22:31 , 24.07.17 )
Jordan's king asks Netanyahu to remove metal
King Abdullah and PM Netanyahu speak by phone amid efforts to reach agreement
(22:02 , 24.07.17 )
Jordanian police prevent Haredim from leaving
Some 20 ultra-Orthodox Jews visiting the Hashemite Kingdom to hold annual
(21:28 , 24.07.17 )
Danon shows photos from Halamish terror attack
'Instead of condemning terrorism and calming down the situation, the
(19:50 , 24.07.17 ) 
Former Mossad chief to Netanyahu: Work with
Danny Yatom says a deal should be reached between Israel and Jordan to resolve
(16:21 , 24.07.17 )
Israel-Jordan relations reach fever pitch
Thousands take to the streets in Amman against Israel over Temple Mount crisis,
(14:48 , 24.07.17 ) 
Terrorist stabs man in Petah Tikva, says he 'did
32-year-old man stabbed and moderately-to-severely wounded by 21-year-old West
(13:35 , 24.07.17 ) 
Kushner and Greenblatt to arrive in Israel in
US Pres. Trump's Middle East Envoy Greenblatt and senior advisor Kushner
(11:21 , 24.07.17 )
Grandmother in Halamish terror attack:
From her hospital bed, wounded and in pain from last Friday's stabbing attack
(11:17 , 24.07.17 )
Guard kills Jordanian attacker, bystander at
Guard at embassy compound in Amman attacked by 17-year-old worker wielding a
(11:10 , 24.07.17 ) 
Rocket fired from Gaza into Israel, causes no
IDF announces that a rocket had been fired from southern Gaza toward open area
(09:15 , 24.07.17 )
Enraged worshipers again confront police near
In yet another display of violence over Temple Mount metal detectors, Muslim
(22:36 , 23.07.17 ) 
Halamish residents fume at failure to install
Defense Ministry insists plans were in place to install security cameras in the
(21:52 , 23.07.17 )
Netanyahu pledges to continue to 'build up our
After laying a wreath at the State Memorial Ceremony for Ze'ev Jabotinsky in
(20:34 , 23.07.17 )
Thousands pay respects to Salomon family
Mourners, including MKs, make their way to Modi'in to pay final respects to
(19:28 , 23.07.17 )
Jews in Turkey under attack over Temple Mount
Temple Mount crisis escalates into religious rift abroad, as Muslims in Turkey
(19:00 , 23.07.17 ) 
Abbas: Israel most to lose in termination of
Speaking in response to comments by Avigdor Lieberman in which he dismissed PA
(18:30 , 23.07.17 )
Terror victim's young students say goodbye
Former students at the all-girls state-religious school Noam HaMeiri in Lod,
(17:15 , 23.07.17 )
Hundreds of Israeli Arabs hold peaceful protests
In Baqa al-Gharbiyye, Qalansawe, Tayibe, Nazareth and elsewhere, protesters
(15:53 , 23.07.17 ) 
Despite online red flags, terrorists slip under
Before both the terror attack in Halamish and in the Temple Mount, the
(14:43 , 23.07.17 )
Erdan: Shin Bet, IDF did not raise objections to
Despite reports that Shin Bet director warned of possible explosive results of
(14:01 , 23.07.17 )
Netanyahu vows to demolish Halamish terrorist's
Defense Minister Lieberman calls to sentence the terrorist to death, says main
(12:09 , 23.07.17 )
Wife of terror victim recounts moments of horror
Michal Salomon, wife of Elad Salomon who was stabbed to death in Friday's terror
(11:14 , 23.07.17 )
Settlers set up new outpost in memory of slain
Halamish-Neveh Tzuf residents set up tents, tables and chairs at a nearby
(10:15 , 23.07.17 )
Muslims reject smart cameras as alternative to
Dozens of Muslim worshipers who arrived at the Gate of the Tribes for the
(09:37 , 23.07.17 )
Chief Rabbi Yosef: Shame terrorist wasn't killed
In weekly Torah lesson dedicated to Salomon family members slain in Halamish
(00:34 , 23.07.17 )
Names of Halamish terror attack victims released
Yosef Salomon, 70, and his children Haya Salomon, 46, and Elad Salomon, 35,
(22:41 , 22.07.17 )
Palestinian killed in West Bank clashes over
Israeli Arabs and Palestinians clash with Israeli security forces in east
(22:39 , 22.07.17 ) 
COGAT: Israel willing to examine alternatives
Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai says Israel doesn't want to change the status quo on
(20:27 , 22.07.17 )
Palestinians throw stones at IDF troops
Clashes around the village of Kobar as Defense Minister Lieberman orders to
(19:56 , 22.07.17 ) 
Deadly Halamish attack hits family celebrating
An initial investigation finds settlement's perimeter fence was activated when
(18:37 , 22.07.17 ) 
IDF to demolish home of teen terrorist who
19 year-old terrorist posts on Facebook before attack, 'I have only a knife, and
(12:09 , 22.07.17 ) 
Palestinian President freezes all relations with
In a dramatic move, Palestinian Pres. announces PA 'freezing of contacts at all
(11:28 , 22.07.17 ) 
Palestinian terrorist murders three family
A terrorist infiltrated a house in a settlement in the West Bank and stabbed its
(00:34 , 22.07.17 )
Submarine case: Ganor becomes state witness
The Israeli representative of the German multinational conglomerate ThyssenKrupp
(22:48 , 21.07.17 )
Temple Mount crisis: anti-Israel protests in
Tensions around Israel's decision to bolster security around the Temple Mount
(21:46 , 21.07.17 ) 
Three Palestinians killed in 'day of rage' riots
Three Palestinians killed in riots in east Jerusalem and its vicinity amid
(19:13 , 21.07.17 ) 
US lawmakers want fresh sanctions on Hezbollah
Democratic and Republican congressmen move to up sanctions against businesses,
(12:02 , 21.07.17 )
Abbas asks Kushner to intervene in Temple Mount
Returning to Ramallah in the middle of trips abroad to deal with looming
(11:33 , 21.07.17 )
David Friedman visits families of slain Druze
Paying condolence visit to families of officers who were murdered at Temple
(09:39 , 21.07.17 )
Metal detectors to remain at Temple Mount
Following protracted cabinet discussions on whether or not to remove metal
(08:29 , 21.07.17 )
Muslims clash with police at Temple Mount, ahead
Muslim Rioters hurl bottles of water and stones at policemen near Temple Mount's
(22:19 , 20.07.17 )
Hamas increases calls for large-scale protest
Hamas floods social media with videos and photos aimed at inciting Palestinians
(22:02 , 20.07.17 ) 
Yemeni rebels vow to fight against Israel
The leader of Yemen's Houthi insurgency—Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi—pledges
(22:01 , 20.07.17 ) 
Power-sharing deal between former foes taking
Power-sharing deal between two former arch foes slowly taking shape in Gaza and
(20:50 , 20.07.17 )
Netanyahu and Rivlin clash over Erdoğan
Both Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Foreign Ministry announce their opposition
(20:38 , 20.07.17 )
BDS founder warmly welcomed by Irish president
Omar Barghouti is warmly welcomed in Ireland by Irish President Michael Higgins,
(20:03 , 20.07.17 )
Thousands protest for equality in Tel Aviv over
WATCH: Thousands of people participate in LGBT demonstration against state's ban
(19:36 , 20.07.17 ) 
Right wing activists rebuke Arabs over attack in
Settler activists Zvi Sukkot and Ezri Toby strongly rebuke Israeli Arabs for
(18:34 , 20.07.17 ) 
PM to consult with advisors over metal detectors
Returning from his trip to Europe, Netanyahu forced to decide between leaving
(16:16 , 20.07.17 )
Accomplice helped terrorists bring weapons into
Security footage from cameras in the Old City shows the terrorists making their
(15:48 , 20.07.17 ) 
Attempted stabbing attack in Gush Etzion
Terrorist shot and killed after attempting to stab an IDF female soldier near
(13:43 , 20.07.17 ) 
IDF readies 5 battalions in case Temple Mount
Fearing violent clashes, Israeli security services prepare for large numbers of
(13:10 , 20.07.17 )
Oron Shaul's mother: My son was kidnapped
Zehava Shaul questions IDF's determination her son was killed in Gaza when an
(11:15 , 20.07.17 )
Three Israelis convicted for violence against
Despite convictions, judge rejects racial motivation behind 2014 attacks,
(11:02 , 20.07.17 )
Elor Azaria released from IDF, put on house
The soldier, convicted of manslaughter after shooting dead a neutralized
(09:41 , 20.07.17 )
Document shows Israel expected to approve
Despite claims by Netanyahu that 'it wasn't Israel's decision, it was Germany;
(09:11 , 20.07.17 )
White House 'very concerned' over Temple Mount
As protests and riots against Israel's decision to install metal detectors at
(08:59 , 20.07.17 ) 
Police may deny Muslims from entering Temple
Police is mulling over whether to deny Israeli Muslims entry to the Temple Mount
(23:48 , 19.07.17 ) 
More than three years in prison for attorney who
Former attorney Adnan Ala a-Din was sentenced to three years in prison and nine
(22:51 , 19.07.17 )
Israelis protest state decision to bar adoption
After announcing heterosexual couples joined in civil union to be allowed to
(22:15 , 19.07.17 )
Israel prepares for Muslim 'day of rage' over
As Israel attempts to calm down an enraged Muslim public, Jordan attempts to
(21:26 , 19.07.17 )
Rioters who stoned policemen sentenced to three
Three people who participated in violent riots against the Bedouin resettlement
(19:03 , 19.07.17 ) 
IDF helps hundreds of thousands of Syrians with
IDF reveals amount of aid provided to Syrian refugees, with about half a million
(19:01 , 19.07.17 )
The organizations that help the IDF's 6,500 lone
'We have set ourselves the task of standing beside lone soldiers and supporting
(16:53 , 19.07.17 )
Netanyahu in hot mic tirade: EU treatment of
In comments accidentally overheard by journalists, the prime minister urges
(15:23 , 19.07.17 )
Religious school teacher gets 7 years for sexual
Aharon Shlomo Lisson is sentenced to seven years in prison after being convicted
(14:32 , 19.07.17 )
Jerusalem mosques to close Friday, prayer only
The US calls on Israel and Palestinians to maintain restraint and reduce
(13:03 , 19.07.17 ) 
Supreme Court: Mothers to share child support
Supreme Court rules child support will be determined based on the financial
(12:47 , 19.07.17 )
ThyssenKrupp freezes partnership with Ganor
The German conglomerate halts relationship with Israeli representative Miki
(10:44 , 19.07.17 )
Foreign Ministry lowers profile in fight against
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the backseat to the Ministry of Strategic
(10:23 , 19.07.17 )
Report: Israel-Hamas deal stuck over Israeli
Lebanese newspaper reports minor progress in indirect talks mediated by Egypt,
(10:07 , 19.07.17 )
Merkel informed Rivlin of Germany-Egypt sub deal
Rivlin asked by Defense Ministry to raises concerns over deal with the Germans;
(09:42 , 19.07.17 )
UN agency continues accusing Israel of apartheid
Despite order by UN chief to remove report accusing Israel of imposing an
(23:38 , 18.07.17 )
Muslim protesters clash with police outside
Arab MKs arrive at Lions' Gate to show support for protests against added
(22:39 , 18.07.17 ) 
Comptroller: Criminal wrongdoing suspected in
State comptroller passes information to attorney general raising suspicion state
(22:20 , 18.07.17 )
WATCH: IDF exposes network of Hezbollah border
The IDF releases video evidence of Hezbollah intelligence gathering operations
(21:00 , 18.07.17 ) 
Ynet reporter attacked by police while covering
Hassan Shaalan was ordered to leave site of clashes between police and Muslim
(18:53 , 18.07.17 ) 
Report: Saudi King asked US to intervene in
King Salman bin Abdulaziz reportedly asked the US to intervene with the Israeli
(18:28 , 18.07.17 )
Yedioth Ahronoth journalist to receive Shalem
Telem Yahav will receive the Shalem Fund's prize for excellence in the field of
(18:00 , 18.07.17 )
Hungarian PM: Collaboration with Nazis was
Orban assures Netanyahu that Hungary is on the side of the Jewish people; 'At
(17:38 , 18.07.17 ) 
Israel faces surge in Mongolian asylum requests
Interior Minister Deri instructs Israeli Population and Immigration Authority to
(17:01 , 18.07.17 )
Car-ramming leaves 3 soldiers lightly wounded,
Terrorist attempts to plow his vehicle into soldiers at the entrance of Beit
(14:22 , 18.07.17 )
Fatah calls for 'day of rage' on Wednesday
As anger continues to be vented by Muslim worshippers over the newly installed
(12:56 , 18.07.17 ) 

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