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Israel rejects immunity for indicted UN engineer
Following Waheed Borsh's arrest for siphoning UN funds to Hamas terror
(08:59 , 26.08.16 ) 
National Religious school backs down over skirt
Following Ynet's publication last week that Ulpanit Jeshurun in Petah Tikva was
(08:52 , 26.08.16 )
Barnoar shooting: 2.2 million shekels to accused
The Felicians will be compensated with NIS 2.2 million for being wrongfully
(21:51 , 25.08.16 )
In crime-ridden Israeli Arab city, police seek
Umm al-Fahm is one of the most dangerous cities in Israel, where armed drug
(19:27 , 25.08.16 )
Train catches fire on the tracks, massive delays
A train travelling from Haifa to Be'er Sheva caught fire near Hadera; the train
(19:03 , 25.08.16 ) 
Israel sold weapons to Argentina during
According to documents released by the British Foreign Office, Israel supplied
(18:01 , 25.08.16 )
Fire directed at IDF patrol boat off Gaza coast
Israeli naval forces came under fire from the Gaza coast during the arrest of
(12:36 , 25.08.16 ) 
Eisenkot orders induction center renovation
After noticing the dire state of the IDF induction center while accompanying his
(11:44 , 25.08.16 )
Olmert requests early release
The legal team of the former prime minister convicted and imprisoned for bribery
(09:58 , 25.08.16 )
Security alert removed in southern Israel
After 8 hours of high security alert in southern Israel amid terror warnings
(09:03 , 25.08.16 ) 
PA security forces kill suspect in jail, causing
A firefight between Palestinian Authority security officials and a group of
(23:00 , 24.08.16 ) 
Israeli aid group going to Louisiana to assist
Following a torrential downpour which has killed over 13 and forced tens of
(22:35 , 24.08.16 )
Victims of attacks in Israel lose US appeal vs
It has been determined that the US courts have no jurisdiction to hold the
(20:58 , 24.08.16 )
Terror victim's final project becoming a reality
Murdered in a stabbing attack in Beit Horon seven months ago, Shlomit Krigman
(20:04 , 24.08.16 )
Brussels Airlines caves into BDS, set to stop
After a Palestinian Solidarity Movement activist noticed Israeli made Ahva brand
(18:06 , 24.08.16 )
Israel's Supreme Court rejects hunger striker's
After more than 2 months of a hunger strike, Bilal Kayed—who has been kept in
(18:00 , 24.08.16 ) 
Elderly man found wounded in park, says attacked
Early Wednesday morning an 80 year old man was found going in and out of
(17:03 , 24.08.16 )
Israeli diplomat secretly visits African country
Israeli Foreign Ministry Director-General pays secret visit to African country
(16:36 , 24.08.16 )
Soldier lightly wounded in stabbing attack near
Palestinians hurl stones from moving vehicle, prompting troops from the IDF's
(14:51 , 24.08.16 ) 
Animal charity removes 15 animals it rescued
Four Paws, an animal welfare group, moved a tiger, a deer, monkeys and turtles
(12:25 , 24.08.16 ) 
Israeli BDS supporter seeks asylum in Canada
Gilad Paz, a lawyer and human rights activist who supprots the BDS movement
(12:04 , 24.08.16 )
Bennett's education reforms: 'Less Shakespeare,
In a special Knesset Education Committee meeting ahead of the academic year,
(11:17 , 24.08.16 )
Violent protests in Nablus after Palestinian
Hundreds of Palestinians take to the streets after Palestinian who had links
(08:13 , 24.08.16 )
Rivlin at Gaza border: 'Israel ready to face any
President tours Hamas terror tunnel recently uncovered by the IDF, saying that
(22:19 , 23.08.16 )
9 months pregnant woman murdered, husband
Amna Yasin, who was due to give birth in 20 days, was stabbed to death early
(21:25 , 23.08.16 )
Turkish Foreign Minister: Turkey and Israel to
After two days of mounted tensions between the two sides following Hamas attacks
(18:47 , 23.08.16 )
$25,000 Rosh Hashana party for Israel's US
As Foreign Ministry beset by budget cuts, diplomats decry decision to approve a
(17:41 , 23.08.16 )
Defense minister: Israel won't let Hamas rearm
On a trip to the north, Avigdor Lieberman spoke on the IDF's role as a melting
(15:21 , 23.08.16 )
IDF raids West Bank weapons facilities
In its largest raid of the year, five different battalions confiscated 22 lathes
(13:21 , 23.08.16 ) 
Ministry of Religious Services supports rabbis
The ministry's director general wrote that rabbis are permitted to speak their
(11:27 , 23.08.16 )
IDF takes advantage of strike opportunity to
The rocket fired from Gaza on Monday gave Israel reason to strike Hamas
(09:24 , 23.08.16 ) 
Hassidim visit Nablus without permission, stones
A group of Breslovers attempted to visit Joseph's Tomb overnight without
(08:38 , 23.08.16 )
Israel takes steps toward new stettlement in
Authorities have approved expanding an Israeli settlement in West Bank city of
(08:36 , 23.08.16 )
IAF strikes Syria after mortar falls in Israel
After day of escalating violence with Gaza, Israel turns its gaze to the
(21:44 , 22.08.16 )
Egyptian FM denies saying no connection between
Egyptian Foreign Ministry issues statements denying that FM Samah Shoukry denied
(20:41 , 22.08.16 )
Israeli-Turkish tensions mount after Gaza
Just days after Turkish parliament ratifies Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal,
(20:04 , 22.08.16 )
Only a small majority of Israelis, Palestinians
A new poll has revealed that despite this small majority, the two sides distrust
(13:26 , 22.08.16 )
Draft legislation to prohibit weight-based
MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) has proposed three bills in the Knesset to protect
(12:29 , 22.08.16 )
IDF hits dozens of targets in Gaza following
High-ranking IDF officers have announced that Hamas has suffered the most
(11:25 , 22.08.16 ) 
Egypt announces Russian willingness to host
The president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, announced Sunday night that
(10:01 , 22.08.16 )
Hamas accuses Israel of seeking to change
The overnight strikes of the Israeli Air Force in retaliation for the rocket
(09:03 , 22.08.16 ) 
IDF continues pounding Hamas targets into night
As tensions mount in wake of rocket fired from Gaza into Israel, IDF continued a
(00:08 , 22.08.16 )
Israeli students win silver and bronze at
High school students from Israel have won silver and bronze in a computer
(22:11 , 21.08.16 )
Hamas parade displays 'prisons for the enemy'
During parade which comes just hours after a rocket was fired from Gaza into
(21:58 , 21.08.16 )
Haredi crowds protest in capital against arrest
Hundreds protest in Jerusalem against the arrest of a Haredi man who failed to
(19:35 , 21.08.16 ) 
Hadar Goldin's paintings to be displayed at UN
As world leaders travel to make speeches at the UN headquarters in Turtle Bay,
(17:37 , 21.08.16 )
Rocket fired at Sderot, IDF retaliates
Sunday afternoon, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip and landed in Sderot,
(15:47 , 21.08.16 ) 
Certain staff at Israeli delegations to strike
'Local Israeli employees' will strike on Monday at 12 Israeli missions abroad
(13:15 , 21.08.16 )
Mandarin quintuples in popularity as school
From 600 in 2012 to 3,200 come the fall, the number of Israeli pupils who are
(10:46 , 21.08.16 )
Officers from Azaria’s regiment to testify in
Elor Azaria’s defense team gears up for battle, issuing subpoenas for 25
(22:26 , 20.08.16 )
Turkish deputy prime minister wants to visit
A recent Israel-Turkey reconciliation agreement has been formally approved by
(21:11 , 20.08.16 )
Historic home of Nili leader Avshalom Feinberg
The home where the Jewish spy grew up in Gedera, as well as the convalescent
(18:49 , 20.08.16 )
Israeli mother visiting son dies in Panama after
The 53-year-old woman was travelling with her husband and young daughter to
(15:33 , 20.08.16 )
Teenage boy missing in woods
Large search parties near Beit Govrin are searching for 17-year-old Matan Levi
(15:00 , 20.08.16 ) 
Hospital looks into alleged leak on MK Oren
When he was hospitalized at the beginning of August, an Israeli television
(12:02 , 20.08.16 )
National Religious school tightens dress code to
A girls' high school in Petah Tikva has announced, a fortnight before school
(11:08 , 20.08.16 )
Turkish parliament approves Israel
The reconciliation deal's ratification by Turkey ends a six-year rift following
(09:37 , 20.08.16 ) 
Trump says he regrets comments that may have
The Republican nominee's presidential campaign has been littered with what has
(19:10 , 19.08.16 ) 
Terrorist rearrested three days after release
Three days after his release from prison following a 14-year sentence for a plot
(15:15 , 19.08.16 ) 
El Al plane makes emergency landing with 182 on
A tire on an El Al plane travelling to Kiev blew, causing the plane wih 182
(09:28 , 19.08.16 )
Violent ultra-Orthodox protests in Jerusalem
Six were arrested for disturbing the peace in protests of the arrest of a Haredi
(23:19 , 18.08.16 ) 
Israel returns terrorist's body months after
Terrorist who committed a shooting attack on a Jerusalem bus and was killed
(22:16 , 18.08.16 ) 
WATCH: Plunging from the chopper to the sea
Elite IDF rescue unit 669 has been drilling operations that involve leaping from
(20:20 , 18.08.16 ) 
Israel punishes troops who appeared to attack
Following the release of a video that apparently shows three IDF soldiers
(18:24 , 18.08.16 ) 
Senior police official criticizes new recording
Criticizing the new 'Recording Law' that PM Netanyahu is pushing forward, senior
(16:20 , 18.08.16 )
NGO establishes NIS 2 million fund to help
The World ORT Kadima Mada fund will be used for financing treatments for rare
(15:48 , 18.08.16 )
Watch: New parachuting simulator inaugurated
Almost 50 years after the IDF built their first jump simulators, a new top of
(15:04 , 18.08.16 ) 
Busiest day of summer at Ben Gurion Airport
With summer vacation dwindling to an end, 86,166 passengers are expected to
(12:30 , 18.08.16 ) 
Barak: Netanyahu gambled over the US military
Former prime minister says Netanyahu's 'reckless gamble' over the aid deal will
(11:40 , 18.08.16 )
The battle for Susya: what the Palestinians want
Approximately 300 Palestinian Bedouin have begun to build a village with
(11:25 , 18.08.16 )
Lone soldier from Texas discovers he is Native
Benjamin Bramaier who was adopted and raised by two Jewish fathers in th US
(10:02 , 18.08.16 )
Man weds ten months after being stabbed by
Meir Pavlovsky, who was stabbed repeatedly in the back by a Palestinian
(23:17 , 17.08.16 )
Lieberman unveils 'carrot and stick' plan
Defense minister divides carrot and stick based on number of terrorists hailing
(22:53 , 17.08.16 )
Sweating at the bus stops without shade
At the height of August, in central Tel Aviv and other places around the
(22:31 , 17.08.16 )
Steps to prevent next Nice or Sarona attack
The Public Security and Interior Ministries are working to implement the
(21:08 , 17.08.16 )
Police award posthumous honor to rabbi slain
Nechemya Lavi, who was killed last October when he tried to save a young man and
(18:33 , 17.08.16 )
Pride-parade killer Schlissel attacked in prison
Two prisoners attack the killer of 16-year-old Shira Banki after an argument
(17:46 , 17.08.16 )
Israel-EU ties tense up over a rise in West Bank
Foreign diplomats visit a Bedouin school in the West Bank slated for demolition,
(17:00 , 17.08.16 )
Seven new lines for Metrobus in Haifa
The public transportation revolution starts in Haifa; seven new lines at a cost
(16:57 , 17.08.16 )
Civics book refers to seculars as
'Describing seculars as anti-religious people depicts them as intolerant
(12:04 , 17.08.16 )
Seven soldiers injured in accident on Lebanese
After conducting routine maintenance on the border fence between Israel and
(11:51 , 17.08.16 )
Rain in the middle of summer
Israelis were surprised to see rain falling in the Sharon plains on Wednesday
(10:56 , 17.08.16 ) 
Israel arrests high ranking Ramallah based Hamas
One of Hamas's high ranking members in the West Bank, Hussein abu-Kwik, has been
(10:34 , 17.08.16 )
Ya'alon opposes Lieberman halt on IDF volunteer
Responding to the the current Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman's recent
(10:33 , 17.08.16 )
Gaza merchants protest Israel travel bans
Palestinians say Israel scrapped hundreds of travel documents allowing them to
(23:20 , 16.08.16 )
Lieberman and chief of staff visit Northern
During second tour of the Israel's northern region, defense minister met with
(22:59 , 16.08.16 )
Chris Christie delivers another blow to BDS
New Jersey joins other US states in signing into law anti-boycott legislation
(22:32 , 16.08.16 )
Video shows IDF soldiers hurling stun grenade at
The IDF is looking into a video which went viral on Palestinian social media
(20:33 , 16.08.16 ) 
Right-wing organization calls on religious
'First Order,' an organization made up of rabbis and right-wing activists,
(19:48 , 16.08.16 )
Palestinian killed in riots near Hebron
A Palestinian boy has been killed in a refugee camp near Hebron following riots
(19:00 , 16.08.16 )
Eisenkot: '50,000 illegal aliens enter Israel
During a special Knesset State Committee session, IDF chief of staff says
(18:48 , 16.08.16 )
Shin Bet catches Hezbollah recruitment cell in
A Hezbollah recruitment ring in the West Bank and Gaza has been found and
(15:57 , 16.08.16 )

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