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Muslim clerics spurn first female appointment as
Deputy head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel attacks
(09:33 , 27.04.17 )
Report: Israel attacked Iranian arms depot near
IAF allegedly attacks early Thursday morning possibly game-changing weapons
(08:13 , 27.04.17 ) 
IDF chief promises to carry on fallen soldiers'
Gadi Eisenkot takes part in flag laying ceremony to commemorate fallen soldiers,
(22:19 , 26.04.17 ) 
PM and his wife meet with orphans, widows of
During the visit, for the fourth consecutive year, Netanyahu, in an apparent
(21:18 , 26.04.17 )
Trump expected to arrive in Israel with daughter
Delegation of 25 American officials are set to arrive in Israel on Thursday to
(20:24 , 26.04.17 )
Father of child killed by accidental blast
After two cousins of 8 and 10 from a Bedouin encampment in the Negev are killed
(19:01 , 26.04.17 )
Several siblings of fallen IDF soldiers cancel
Several IDF bereaved siblings are pulling out of a planned meeting with
(18:10 , 26.04.17 )
Israel and US in talks on Trump visit to Israel
Representative from Jerusalem and Washington set to meet on Thursday to plan the
(16:07 , 26.04.17 )
Merkel 'regrets' Netanyahu's snub of German
German chancellor's spokesman laments cancellation of meeting between the
(15:56 , 26.04.17 )
Four years in prison for running over Israeli
Nir Gafurov ran over Maor Ben Harush, who argued with his brother, leaving him
(15:40 , 26.04.17 )
Ya'alon pledges to challenge government in next
Speaking to foreign reporters, the former defense minister says the extremist
(14:55 , 26.04.17 )
Cyber Authority thwarts massive attack on Israel
A company posing as a legitimate organization attacks about 210 other
(14:46 , 26.04.17 )
IDF soldiers thwart second stabbing attack in
Both attacks took place outside the Samaria Territorial Brigade's base near
(14:09 , 26.04.17 )
Three murders in 18 months in Ma'alot leaves
The small northern city has been rocked by the death of two men and one woman,
(13:34 , 26.04.17 )
Israel grants work visa to Human Rights Watch
Israel initially denied a Human Right Watch researcher a visa, accusing HRW of
(13:06 , 26.04.17 )
Netanyahu: Israel prevented attacks against
The prime minister spoke at a memorial ceremony for the 16 Foreign Ministry
(12:29 , 26.04.17 )
US to deport Palestinian terrorist over
Rasmea Odeh pleads guilty to lying on her immigration application about being
(11:55 , 26.04.17 )
It reeks: Israelis complain of foul stench from
Environmental Protection Ministry says noxious odor carried by strong winds to
(10:29 , 26.04.17 )
German FM meets with left-wing NGOs away from
After Prime Minister Netanyahu made good on his threat to cancel their meeting,
(09:24 , 26.04.17 )
Tension on the high seas: Iranian ship speeding
A Revolutionary Guards battle ship approaches a US Navy destroyer, forcing the
(08:06 , 26.04.17 )
Jubilation following release of longest-serving
Lena Jarbouni, who was convicted of conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks,
(23:45 , 25.04.17 )
Palestinians say UK refuses request for apology
The 1917 Balfour Declaration set path towards future Israel; Britain plans to
(23:22 , 25.04.17 )
Footage shows police dressed as soldiers arrest
In another of a series of undercover operations, police disguised as soldiers
(23:06 , 25.04.17 ) 
Senior officer: 100 Hezbollah missiles were
The security official revealed details of the attack in Syria and expressed
(22:12 , 25.04.17 )
Poland may sign multibillion-dollar deal for
Warsaw moves towards signing a large order of the Patriot anti-ballistic system,
(22:09 , 25.04.17 )
Tensions escalate: PM cancels meeting with
Following Netanyahu's last minute cancellation of the planned talks in Jerusalem
(18:58 , 25.04.17 )
Court rules that extremist Haredi community is a
An Israeli family court judge rules that Lev Tahor, currently located in the
(18:54 , 25.04.17 )
Thieves steal thousands in kibbutz heist
The brazen early morning robbery was part of what police believe to be a series
(15:57 , 25.04.17 )
Terror stabbing attack thwarted in West Bank
The terrorist attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at Huwara near an IDF
(15:13 , 25.04.17 )
Israel appoints first woman as judge of Islamic
Justice Minister Shaked hails historic appointment of Han Khatib to the position
(14:54 , 25.04.17 )
Shas spiritual leader threatens to quit gov't
A High Court decision to allow Tel Aviv supermarkets to be open on Shabbat is
(12:39 , 25.04.17 )
Indictment against bomb threat suspect reveals
Charges against the 18-year-old Israeli-American national include 142 bomb
(11:33 , 25.04.17 )
Head of Civil Administration visits soldier
SSgt. Salem Fuaz gives Brig. Gen. Ahavat Ben Hur her account of the attack that
(10:27 , 25.04.17 )
Netanyahu warns German FM against meeting
PM Netanyahu has threatened to cancel a meeting with the German Foreign Minister
(08:55 , 25.04.17 )
Senior security officials oppose establishment
In a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the heads of Mossad and Shin
(08:21 , 25.04.17 )
Caregiver released after stealing from Holocaust
A caregiver for a Holocaust survivor who passed on last month was caught on
(22:12 , 24.04.17 )
Israel receives three more F-35 warplanes
Three of Lockheed Martin's F-35, considered to be the world's most advance
(22:08 , 24.04.17 ) 
Rivlin admonishes Le Pen during Holocaust
President Rivlin comes out against the French presidential candidate, who denied
(21:37 , 24.04.17 )
European education ministers join March of the
12 European ministers of education along with Naftali Bennett and over 10,000
(18:55 , 24.04.17 ) 
Jewish war veterans bemoan stalling of Israel's
With the tragedy of the Holocaust overshadowing most discussions about Jews
(17:03 , 24.04.17 )
Bomb threat suspect formally indicted in Israel
Israel joins the United States in formally indicting an 18-year-old from
(14:21 , 24.04.17 )
Rivlin pays tribute to Holocaust survivors
The day's events begin with a siren in memory of the six million Jewish victims
(13:57 , 24.04.17 ) 
Probe closed against cop who shot
Police Investigation Unit decides not to charge police sapper after accepting
(11:34 , 24.04.17 ) 
Soldier stabbed at Qalandiya checkpoint;
Security forces neutralize a female attacker who approached the checkpoint north
(10:37 , 24.04.17 )
Israeli officials and youth from around the
Young people from 50 countries, including a delegation from Morocco, accompany
(10:16 , 24.04.17 )
Austrian chancellor: 'My mother helped Jewish
In his meeting with President Rivlin, Christian Kern tells of the Nazis' rise to
(09:45 , 24.04.17 )
Trump condemns anti-Semitism on Israel's
US President Donald Trump says anti-Semitism should be defeated, calling the
(08:13 , 24.04.17 ) 
Bomb threats suspect allegedly threatened,
Police investigation found that the young hacker did not appreciate a certain US
(23:24 , 23.04.17 )
Soldiers find surrogate grandfather in Holocaust
Two young men signed up with the ‘Connected’ project to teach a Holocaust
(23:21 , 23.04.17 )
Nazi-decorated bed linen consternates buyer
An Israeli woman buys bed sheets at an open-air market with pictures of the
(21:51 , 23.04.17 )
Israel commemorates the Holocaust
The Yad Vashem state ceremony for Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day
(20:31 , 23.04.17 ) 
French-Israelis cast their ballots
As the world looks to France in their first round of a presidential election,
(20:00 , 23.04.17 )
Officials condemn settler violence against
Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman and Minister of Public Security Gilad
(19:21 , 23.04.17 )
Caregiver steals thousands from Holocaust
A caregiver confesses to stealing thousands of shekels from his patient, who is
(19:19 , 23.04.17 )
Palestinian stabs 4 near Tel Aviv promenade
Police arrest 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist from Nablus after stabbing three
(19:13 , 23.04.17 ) 
Six Jewish suspects charged with acts of terror
Shin Bet maintains that the violent attacks against minorities in Be'er Sheva
(18:57 , 23.04.17 )
German foreign minister to press Israel for
The German FM says that while Germany greatly values its relationship with
(17:52 , 23.04.17 )
MK: My great-grandmother's letter from Hitler
MK Rachel Azaria presents a letter written by her great-grandmother to President
(14:25 , 23.04.17 )
Netanyahu: I regret MKs' heated exchange with
Four days after Likud MKs David Bitan and Miki Zohar clashed with parents of
(13:47 , 23.04.17 )
IDF officer becomes a Holocaust researcher
When he was in fifth grade, 2nd Lt. Noam Korev found a wooden box in his
(13:11 , 23.04.17 )
186 security prisoners quit hunger strike
One week after a hunger strike of almost 2,000 Palestinian security prisoners
(12:59 , 23.04.17 )
Report: Israel strikes pro-Assad militia base
Al-Jazeera network reports that Israel attacked a military base belonging to a
(11:34 , 23.04.17 )
Amir Peretz alleges bribery attempt for Iron
The former defense minister and hopeful head of the Labor Party alleges that a
(10:54 , 23.04.17 )
Settlers attack IDF forces with stones; officer
IDF arrived in the area of Huwara to disperse clashing crowds of Jews and Arabs,
(08:33 , 23.04.17 )
Restoring their identities: Holocaust
Sunday evening, the events commemorating the Holocaust Martyrs 'and Heroes'
(23:21 , 22.04.17 )
PM hosts Holocaust survivors who will light
Benjamin Netanyahu receives the six survivors who will light the ceremonial
(21:55 , 22.04.17 )
Former Hugo Boss model begins IDF service
James Hirshfield, a 31-year-old model from London, strutted his stuff on some of
(20:22 , 22.04.17 )
Stones, vandalism and arson: Settlers assault
Israeli settlers from the Yitzhar area made their way to the outskirts of the
(19:39 , 22.04.17 )
Heat wave drives Israelis to the beach
Intense heat across the country has driven tens of thousands of Israelis and
(15:41 , 22.04.17 ) 
Local brawl leads to explosive results
Residents of a small village in the lower Galilee saw a local dispute escalate
(12:14 , 22.04.17 ) 
Netanyahu: Palestinians need to stop paying
During an interview with Fox News, Prime Minister Netanyahu calls on Palestinian
(11:16 , 22.04.17 ) 
Indictments filed in US against Israeli accused
Two indictments have been filed in Florida and Georgia against the suspect, who
(09:17 , 22.04.17 ) 
Mattis: Diplomatic measures necessary against
The US secretary of defense acknowledges that Syrian Army has been moving its
(23:33 , 21.04.17 )
Orthodox politicians to fight Shabbat business
Despite the politicians’ opposition, a prominent chief rabbi argues that
(23:15 , 21.04.17 )
IDF attacks Syria in response to mortar hits in
Following three mortar shells landing in Israeli territory, apparently a
(20:27 , 21.04.17 )
Latin Patriarchate warmly welcomes Israeli
Senior Christian leaders and heads of churches in Jerusalem welcome Reuven
(19:54 , 21.04.17 )
Lebanese PM asks UN to help seek permanent truce
After Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah tours Israeli-Lebanese border,
(18:19 , 21.04.17 ) 
US defense secretary won’t allow ‘bad people to
Meeting with the Israeli president and prime minister, James Mattis stresses
(17:29 , 21.04.17 )
Uproar over last-minute school vacation change
The education minister decides to postpone the Lag B’Omer vacation from a Sunday
(16:45 , 21.04.17 )
Left-wing activists attacked in Binyamin area
Some 15 masked men attack representatives of the left-wing Ta-ayush organization
(15:24 , 21.04.17 ) 
Video purports to show Egyptian soldiers
The shocking video circulated by the Muslim Brotherhood shows what appear to be
(14:21 , 21.04.17 ) 
Israeli soldiers escort Palestinian children to
In the hills of southern Hebron, Israeli soldiers walk Palestinian children to
(13:55 , 21.04.17 )
Hezbollah highlights IDF defensive measures on
In a tour of the border given to journalists, Hezbollah's information department
(12:01 , 21.04.17 ) 
US defense secretary: 'Iran continues to
Speaking in a joint press conference with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman in
(11:38 , 21.04.17 ) 

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