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Hamas court in Gaza sentences 3 to death for
Court also upheld sentences of three others for allegedly spying for Israel,
(18:37 , 19.02.17 )
Supreme Court appointments in jeopardy
A disagreement among judges and among members of the Judicial Selection
(17:16 , 19.02.17 )
Excavations begin on greater Tel Aviv light rail
In an Israeli public transportation first, excavation work begins ahead of
(15:09 , 19.02.17 )
Police arrests 5 suspected of abusing elderly at
An undercover investigation into abuse at a Haifa nursing home uncovers
(12:48 , 19.02.17 )
Netanyahu: Trump and I agreed to form team on
The prime minister says Israel and the US established teams to work together on
(11:50 , 19.02.17 )
'Hezbollah might have game-changing naval
Western intelligence officials express 'grave concerns' that the Lebanese terror
(11:23 , 19.02.17 )
Female ambassadors in Israel meet
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely organizes the meeting; 20 out
(23:30 , 18.02.17 )
Toda = Shukran: Teaching Hebrew to Arabs online
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs begins a new initiative to teach Arabic-speakers
(22:22 , 18.02.17 )
'Blind sheikh' convicted in 1993 World Trade
Omar Abdel-Rahman, the extremist Muslim cleric known as 'the blind sheikh'
(21:52 , 18.02.17 )
It's raining Alpinists: A day in the life of the
At the beginning of winter, the fighters of the IDF Alpine Unit receive their
(20:55 , 18.02.17 )
Data on Israelis who become German released
More than 33,000 Israelis have obtained German nationality since 2000; 95% of
(20:50 , 18.02.17 )
Lebanese president: Israeli threats to
Michel Aoun joins Hezbollah leader Nasrallah in threatening the Jewish state; in
(19:40 , 18.02.17 )
Bennett and Shaked reassure Amona evacuees
In a series of Tweets Friday, Bayit Hayehudi ministers of both education and
(11:13 , 18.02.17 )
Report: Flynn, Haley pressured Obama
The report alleges that both Michael Flynn and Nikki Haley, while on Trump's
(10:00 , 18.02.17 )
Over 100,000 Palestinians send Trump letters for
A massive public campaign urges Trump not to give up on Palestine by keeping
(22:42 , 17.02.17 )
Senior army officer suspected of misconduct
Technological and Logistics Directorate Head Brig. Gen. Nehemiah Sokel is
(18:03 , 17.02.17 )
Arrests made in celebrity-targeting bombing
The Israel Police arrest two they believe to be part of a larger group who has
(16:54 , 17.02.17 )
Netanyahu appoints Tzachi Hanegbi interim
On his way back to Israel from the US, Netanyahu tells reporters that he intends
(16:02 , 17.02.17 )
Lieberman to Mattis: 'Iran, Iran and Iran'
Meeting in Munich, the Israeli defense minister and his American counterpart
(15:14 , 17.02.17 )
'Small scale' leak found in ammonia truck
The Hazardous Materials Unit of the Northern District Fire and Rescue Services
(13:15 , 17.02.17 ) 
Third anniversary of Sharon's death, 'an Israeli
Some 200 attend the memorial service for Israel's eleventh prime minister;
(12:18 , 17.02.17 )
Netanyahu on two-state solution: 'Labels are not
After meeting with US President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(12:18 , 17.02.17 )
Netanyahu asked US ambassador for Milchan's visa
According to a report in Haaretz, the prime minister contacted the American
(11:18 , 17.02.17 )
Hamas: Release Palestinian prisoners to get
A co-founder of the organization replies to Israeli defense minister's appeal to
(10:40 , 17.02.17 )
IAF investigation into fatal F-16 crash
The IAF did not 'fully understand the potential risks of asymmetric landings'
(09:44 , 17.02.17 )
Mixed combat units receive upgrades
The IDF's ground arm is currently in the process of upgrading equipment and
(09:43 , 17.02.17 )
Shin Bet changes demonstrator inquiry procedures
After involvement from the High Court of Justice, the Shin Bet changes its
(09:33 , 17.02.17 )
Minister of Health threatens to stop admitting
Israeli hospitals are treating Syrian refugees for years according the
(23:22 , 16.02.17 )
Hezbollah leader threatens Haifa, Dimona
Hassan Nasrallah calls on Israel to dismantle the Dimona facility, while also
(21:02 , 16.02.17 )
Snow in Golan Heights, rain across country
The height of winter will be reached as snow and rain storms will hit the
(20:37 , 16.02.17 )
Iran says Israel 'biggest threat' to world peace
A spokesman for the regime's foreign ministry blames Israel's alleged possession
(18:01 , 16.02.17 )
Lieberman offers to invest in Gaza in exchange
In Arabic message aimed at Palestinian population, the defense minister promises
(17:29 , 16.02.17 )
Amona evacuees worry relocation won't happen
In a letter to the Netanyahu, the settlers evacuated from Amona raise concern
(16:44 , 16.02.17 )
Israeli security expert cites Trump-Netanyahu
Despite the PM's friendly greeting by US President Trump on Wednesday, National
(16:43 , 16.02.17 )
Arab League refuses to deviate from idea of two
A day after PM Netanyahu and President Trump announced they are gearing up to
(16:22 , 16.02.17 )
Poll: Israelis and Palestinians prefer 2-state
The poll released on Thursday, which surveyed over 1,200 people, shows 55% of
(14:42 , 16.02.17 )
Haredi group wreak havoc on UK-bound flight
Flight crew on an easyJet flight from Tel Aviv to London forced to call police
(13:08 , 16.02.17 )
Palestinians tell Trump they are still committed
In statement after Trump-Netanyahu meeting, Abbas slammed Israel's 'persistence'
(10:44 , 16.02.17 )
Netanyahu to 'examine' possibility of settlement
Following the meeting with President Trump in the White House, the Israeli
(09:02 , 16.02.17 )
Left-Right split on DC meeting
While the Right celebrate 'a new era' in Israel-US relations, the Left lament
(23:33 , 15.02.17 )
Sweden appoints envoy to solve
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström announces the appointment during a
(23:01 , 15.02.17 )
Maritime activity raging as navy ships in the
On the backdrop of the Syrian civil war, navy missile boat fighters are finding
(22:15 , 15.02.17 )
20 years on, helicopter disaster remembered
A memorial ceremony marking the 1997 crash of two IAF helicopters in which all
(20:51 , 15.02.17 )
Justice Minister Shaked heckled by BDS activists
Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked was heckled during a speech before law
(20:49 , 15.02.17 ) 
UN chief says two-state Mideast solution is the
Speaking at Cairo University, UN Secretary-General António Guterres stresses the
(20:48 , 15.02.17 )
Lethal accident near Mitzpe Ramon claims 3 lives
The lethal head-on collision near Mitzpe Ramon claimed three lives and wounded
(20:45 , 15.02.17 )
Trump praises Israel, encourages sides to seek
The two leaders give press conference; they speak of warm relations, peace in
(20:44 , 15.02.17 ) 
Trump welcomes Netanyahu to White House
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in the US for a meeting with US
(18:42 , 15.02.17 )
Several chairmen and CEOs investigated for
After Netanya Mayor Miriam Feirberg-Ikar is arrested for corruption and bribery,
(18:13 , 15.02.17 )
El Al pilots' resignation delayed
Labor court delayed El Al pilots' resignation and orders both parties to
(16:00 , 15.02.17 )
Palestinian officials: CIA director Pompeo met
Mike Pompeo meets with Palestinian officials, including President Abbas and
(14:27 , 15.02.17 )
Disorderly woman chokes passengers aboard
Six hours after taking off from Toronto, Air Canada flight forced to land in
(13:33 , 15.02.17 )
Family of soldier killed in car accident while
The Defense Ministry reaches settlement with family of Maxim Baskin, who was
(12:33 , 15.02.17 )
First female soldiers trained for rappel and
After the female fighter pilots, infantry commanders and special ops combatants,
(10:28 , 15.02.17 )
Report: White House may jettison two-state
Anonymous senior White House official says that forging a peace deal between the
(08:32 , 15.02.17 )
Interparty committee to give recommendations on
The Knesset speaker meets with all faction leaders; in response to controversy
(22:57 , 14.02.17 )
Netanyahu and the noose: Case closed against
Jerusalem District Court closes case against Bezalel art student due to lack of
(22:07 , 14.02.17 )
Disney ends deal with YouTuber over anti-Semitic
Known as PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg, owner of the most popular YouTube channel,
(21:48 , 14.02.17 )
El Al: If pilots quit, all flights will be
Resignation of the pilots, who also serve as supervisors, may cancel all company
(20:42 , 14.02.17 )
Ministers pick their new cars
Nearly the entire government selects the new cars that the state will purchase
(20:09 , 14.02.17 )
Tel Aviv Light Rail tunnel digs to begin Sunday
Four months ahead of schedule, the subterranean section of Tel Aviv's planned
(18:50 , 14.02.17 )
Syrian forces used chemical weapons in final
Syrian government forces executed at least eight chemical attacks during the
(17:38 , 14.02.17 )
Report: Israel's Cairo envoy returned home amid
According to reports in the British daily The Telegraph, David Guvrin was
(16:02 , 14.02.17 )
Director of Breaking the Silence steps down
Yuli Novak is stepping down after five years at the helm of the left-wing
(15:15 , 14.02.17 )
Knesset speaker: Israel will benefit from
Speaking in a special interview to Ynet to mark the Knesset building’s 68th
(13:18 , 14.02.17 )
Germany cancels annual meeting with Israeli
While official reason for cancelation cites proximity to the elections in
(11:32 , 14.02.17 )
BDS crowds disrupt Israeli UN envoy's lecture
Speaking before some 300 students at Columbia University in New York on Monday
(11:14 , 14.02.17 ) 
Netanyahu expected to relinquish communications
Embroiled in investigations and facing a petition filed by opposition head MK
(10:21 , 14.02.17 )
WATCH: Palestinian terror suspects arrested
The IDF releases footage showing the arrest of two Palestinians suspected of
(08:52 , 14.02.17 ) 
Kfar Saba Mayor arrested on suspiction of
The court extended Mayor Yehuda Ben-Hamo's remand by seven days, who was one of
(23:26 , 13.02.17 )
Court cancels restraining order filed by the
After Shin Bet files restraining order against 16-year-old due to him being
(22:41 , 13.02.17 )
Slew of responses over Tzipi Livni's would-be
The decision regarding Tzipi Livni's would-be appointment as an
(22:19 , 13.02.17 )
Iraqi military attacks ISIS leader, his fate
Intelligence of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's arrival from Syria to Iraq leads to an
(19:21 , 13.02.17 )
4 injured in Bat Yam crane accident
A crane crashes down Monday afternoon, injuring 4; rescue teams evacuate
(18:43 , 13.02.17 ) 
Illegal Palestinian man arrested working at
Police arrested the man after he was caught up in a separate investigation
(17:17 , 13.02.17 )
Armed robbery in the heart of Afula
Innocent bystanders record an armed robbery as it unfolded in Bank Hapoalim in
(17:14 , 13.02.17 ) 
Netanyahu pledges US-Israel alliance 'about to
Speaking just before flying to Washington for his first meeting with President
(15:25 , 13.02.17 )
Rivlin lashes out against Regulation Law
President Reuven Rivlin criticizes the Regulation Law and the government,
(14:54 , 13.02.17 )
Winter weather persists as Kinneret levels drop
Hail, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and wind continue to batter the country
(13:45 , 13.02.17 ) 
UN secretary-general insists on choice for
UN Chief António Guterres doubles down on pick for former Palestinian prime
(13:22 , 13.02.17 )
Hamas elects new radical leader in Gaza
Following elections for the terror organization’s internal leadership, Yahya
(11:42 , 13.02.17 )

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