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Light autumn rains fall in northern Israel
A gentle rain fell Friday around Haifa, Carmiel and the upper Galilee regions,
(14:44 , 23.09.16 )
Dawabsheh grandfather rejects PM's claims of
Among other points made in his UN speech, Netanyahu also claimed that Israel
(14:05 , 23.09.16 ) 
Attempted stabbing attack by 14-year-old
The terrorist attempted to sneak up on security forces with a knife at a
(13:43 , 23.09.16 )
Palestinians: Netanyahu's invitation to the
During his 40 minute speech to the UN General Assembly, this time devoid of any
(11:45 , 23.09.16 ) 
Palestinian girl: I wanted to see where my aunt
A 12-year-old Palestinian girl, who was shot and lightly injured by Israeli
(09:37 , 23.09.16 ) 
Israel repeats promise to improve life in Gaza
While Israeli delegates elaborate on the various projects Israel supposedly
(09:13 , 23.09.16 )
Israeli spy satellite working after rocky launch
Following initial difficulties, Israel's latest homemade satellite, Ofek 11, is
(22:50 , 22.09.16 )
Netanyahu: Road to peace runs through Jerusalem
Addressing the UN General Assembly, the Israeli prime minister repeated his
(20:32 , 22.09.16 ) 
Watch Live: Netanyahu addresses the UN General
PM Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking live at the UN; the theme of the general
(19:40 , 22.09.16 )
Palestinian President Abbas calls to return to
Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Abbas asserted that Israel should return
(19:35 , 22.09.16 )
EU court moves to keep Hamas, Tamil Tigers off
Despite protestations from Israeli and Sri Lankan officials, and the US's
(17:34 , 22.09.16 )
Emergency conference on fate of Amona
At an emergency conference attended by various Knesset members on the fate of
(17:10 , 22.09.16 )
Jerusalem Shavuot stabber sentenced to 9 years
Israeli Arab citizen John Kakish was found guilty of a hate crime, after
(16:03 , 22.09.16 ) 
Fire breaks out at Prime Minister's Residence
As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to address the UN General Assembly
(15:27 , 22.09.16 )
Welfare Ministry to halt distributing food
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services cancels plans to distribute
(15:05 , 22.09.16 )
Israeli ambassador to Egypt visits Alexandria
The new Israeli ambassador to Egypt, David Govrin, paid a visit to Alexandria's
(14:18 , 22.09.16 )
Obama urges PM to stop settlement building for
US President Obama told Netanyahu in what is presumably their final meeting in
(12:39 , 22.09.16 )
Defense witness in Azaria trial: 'I feel like my
Speaking in a military court in Jaffa Wednesday, Sgt. R. from Sgt. Elor Azaria's
(11:52 , 22.09.16 ) 
Five Jews arrested for suspected attack on
Jewish youngsters were arrested on suspicion of kicking a Palestinian youth and
(10:57 , 22.09.16 )
IDF investigating allegations of soldiers
Soldiers from the Nahal Brigade's 50th battalion, which is responsible for the
(09:46 , 22.09.16 )
Arab states shelve push against Israel at UN
For the first time in three years, the Arab states will not be submitting an
(09:00 , 22.09.16 )
New bill aims to stop V15
Following V15’s failed attempt to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(22:01 , 21.09.16 )
Chicken shortage expected over holidays
Though there are plenty of available chickens to kill in the coops, there are
(21:14 , 21.09.16 )
Obama touts US military aid in meeting with
At what is likely to be their last meeting before Obama leaves office in
(20:37 , 21.09.16 ) 
Terror victims' families: Israeli government
'I've lost my trust in the government a long time ago,' says widow of Avraham
(17:14 , 21.09.16 )
Syrian children brought to Israel for treatment
With the ceasefire deal collapsing and the UN's inability to get aid into Syria,
(15:49 , 21.09.16 ) 
Committee postpones meeting on Jerusalem
Discussion on 67 housing units in Gilo, a neighborhood located beyond the Green
(15:24 , 21.09.16 )
Danon launches diplomatic battle to block aid
Diplomatic battle comes after two high-profile instances of international aid
(14:50 , 21.09.16 )
13 more suspects arrested in Balad corruption
The probe into corruption and fraud in Balad campaign finances widened on Sunday
(14:38 , 21.09.16 )
One person injured in attempted attack on
Turkish media is reporting that there has been an attempted stabbing attack at
(13:28 , 21.09.16 ) 
Iran 'determined' to boost military after
Tehran paraded its long-range missiles, tanks, and the Russian-supplied S-300
(13:19 , 21.09.16 )
Obama and Netanyahu to meet one last time
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet US President Barack
(12:12 , 21.09.16 )
Minister heads Israeli delegation to conference
At a conference on foreign donors to the Palestinian Authority in New York,
(10:47 , 21.09.16 )
Terror victim's Wikipedia page deleted
The editors of Wikipedia's Hebrew edition voted to remove the page dedicated to
(09:41 , 21.09.16 )
12-year-old Palestinian girl attempts terror
A 12-year-old Palestinian girl attempted to carry out a stabbing at checkpoint
(09:10 , 21.09.16 )
Pro-Israel US senators seek to overturn parts of
Just days after the historic US aid deal was signed in the State Department,
(21:19 , 20.09.16 ) 
India conducts successful test of Barak 8
The Israeli surface-to-air missile system, designed to handle various aerial
(20:08 , 20.09.16 )
WATCH: Israeli Air Force shoots down Hamas drone
After the Israeli Air Force identified a Hamas UAV take off and fly over the
(19:45 , 20.09.16 ) 
Policeman stabbed also stopped 2005 attack
The policeman who neutralized the terrorist Tuesday morning in Jerusalem,
(16:15 , 20.09.16 ) 
Azaria supporters to war hero: 'Traitor!',
The respected journalist Amnon Abramovich was outside the Azaria trial in Jaffa
(15:56 , 20.09.16 )
MK Zoabi drives herself into a traffic violation
While providing backup in the Wadi Ara area due to right-wing protests, police
(14:46 , 20.09.16 )
B'Tselem: IDF prosecutors whitewashing
Watchdog says there is a conflict of interests when asking the Military Advocate
(12:52 , 20.09.16 )
Netanyahu may meet with al-Sisi at UN Assembly
The possible meeting between the two has already garnered both support and
(12:52 , 20.09.16 )
This is only a test: Sirens to be sounded
From 11:05am to 11:15am, different regions in the country will hear emergency
(09:58 , 20.09.16 )
Stabbing attack thwarted outside of Hebron
A terrorist approached a soldier at the checkpoint outside of the closed city of
(08:42 , 20.09.16 )
Monday sees four attacks as wave of terror
A bus driver was lightly injured in Wadi al-Joz in east Jerusalem; a stabbing
(23:24 , 19.09.16 ) 
Raid on home of Hamas operative leads to rescue
Following a raid on the home of a Hamas operative in a village near Jenin,
(22:17 , 19.09.16 )
Stabbing attack thwarted in Hebron, bus attacked
An attempted stabbing attack against soldiers was thwarted in Hebron; the
(21:32 , 19.09.16 )
Israel issues travel warnings for Turkey, Sinai
The High Holy Days are a favored time for terrorists to try and commit terror
(18:54 , 19.09.16 )
Former senior IDF official: ‘Azaria acted
Former Deputy Chief of Staff Uzi Dayan says Sgt. Azaria was ‘judged on Facebook.
(17:39 , 19.09.16 ) 
Attempted stabbing attack thwarted at Hebron's
Two Hebron residents, who attempted to simultaneously stab Border Police
(16:06 , 19.09.16 )
Amona settlers urge Netanyahu: Pass bill to
'We'll stand in our thousands and defend our homes,' residents vow in letter to
(15:48 , 19.09.16 )
Latvian forces simulate hostage-taking at
Following similar drills in Ukraine and Romania, the Latvian special
(15:20 , 19.09.16 )
Clashes erupt outside home of Dizengoff
Right-wing activists protest outside the home of Nashat Melhem who killed three
(14:25 , 19.09.16 )
Israelis detained for forgotten bullets in India
A young woman in New Delhi and a recently-discharged soldier at the Taba
(13:47 , 19.09.16 )
Activists demonstrate in Dizengoff terrorist's
Activists say they aim to convey message that ‘Israel cannot tolerate disloyal
(13:10 , 19.09.16 )
Terrorist's accomplice to serve 35 years as part
Abed al-Aziz Meri to plea guilty of buying knife and encouraging Muhannad Halabi
(12:33 , 19.09.16 )
Barbra Streisand and others wish Peres well
As Peres's condition remains serious but stable, good wishes continue to pour in
(10:22 , 19.09.16 )
Two police officers wounded in Jerusalem
A 38-year-old policewoman and a 47-year-old policeman were stabbed at Herod's
(10:05 , 19.09.16 ) 
Survey shows one in five Israelis suffer from
Survey conducted by the organization Latet reveals that 20% of respondents did
(23:10 , 18.09.16 )
Police suspect Balad smuggled millions into
Following investigations by police into Balad campaign finances after receiving
(21:30 , 18.09.16 )
Palestinian youth found with Molotov Cocktails
Amid IDF fears of a reinvigorated wave of terror, Israel Border Police find a
(20:18 , 18.09.16 ) 
Obama and Netanyahu to meet Wednesday
For the first time since November 2015, the American president will meet with
(19:08 , 18.09.16 )
Border Police at center of commendations
Border Police fighters, who faced countless attacks in the recent wave of
(17:44 , 18.09.16 )
Netanyahu thanks US, responds to criticism of
After signing historic aid deal with the United States, PM Netanyahu thanks US
(14:31 , 18.09.16 )
IDF rejects Hezbollah claims of airstrikes in
Israel denies Hezbollah claims of an Israeli Air Force strike in Syria; two
(12:20 , 18.09.16 )
25 Likud MKs sign petition against Amona
The High Court of Justice ruled Amona was an illegal settlement outpost, and
(12:05 , 18.09.16 )
Terrorist's fiancée joined him for attack 'to
Raghad Khaddour left a note to her family saying she was going to commit a
(11:06 , 18.09.16 )
Israeli-Arab party officials arrested on
Officials and supporters from the Israeli-Arab political party Balad have been
(09:57 , 18.09.16 )
Reservist IDF officer moderately-to-seriously
Palestinian attacker stabs company commander at guard post in the West Bank
(07:44 , 18.09.16 ) 
Jordanian Foreign Ministry condemns killing of
A day after Sayid Amro was killed while trying to stab border police officers in
(23:50 , 17.09.16 )
Algerian mapgate
A map of the Middle East in an Algerian geography textbook that labels Israel by
(23:36 , 17.09.16 )
IDF sends reinforcements to West Bank
The decision to send another infantry battalion to the West Bank comes after a
(21:57 , 17.09.16 ) 
Peres's condition remains unchanged, Rivlin
The current president visited the former president's family in the hospital on
(21:55 , 17.09.16 )
Higher education budget plan to grow by NIS 6
Education Minister Naftali Bennett has presented a six-year plan to improve
(20:54 , 17.09.16 )
Iron Dome batteries intercept two projectiles
The two projectiles appear to be the result of spillover from internal fighting
(20:43 , 17.09.16 )
Jewish woman escapes being sold to ISIS
Baher Gahar-Fur fled her radical Muslim husband and left her four children
(19:24 , 17.09.16 )
IDF fears recurrence of terrorism wave ahead of
Five terrorist attacks in less than two days have raised concerns with the
(15:44 , 17.09.16 ) 
Soldier lightly wounded in Hebron stabbing,
In fifth terror attack this weekend, Palestinian man arrives at IDF checkpoint
(09:20 , 17.09.16 ) 
Pro-Israel senator says Israel made a mistake by
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has reportedly been very unhappy with the
(22:32 , 16.09.16 )
Peres remains in stable, serious condition
Expressing some optimism as to his recovery, former president Shimon Peres'
(21:46 , 16.09.16 )
Former Abu Kabr head defends Azaria, says
After the Abu Kabir Institute for Forensic Medicine found that neutralized
(20:58 , 16.09.16 )
Soldier lightly injured during Hebron stabbing
Video: The incident marks the fourth terroist attack over the past few hours on
(17:49 , 16.09.16 ) 
IDF lone soldiers celebrate at largest ever 'Fun
Leaving their homes to serve Israel, IDF lone soldiers are soldiers who have no
(15:56 , 16.09.16 )
The problem with Amona; a half meter of asphalt
One of the major problems in making a deal to move the settlement of Amona deals
(15:15 , 16.09.16 )
Haredi parties furious over more Shabbat work
The heads of Orthodox parties are once again fuming over work scheduled to be
(14:17 , 16.09.16 )
Attempted vehicular attack outside Kiryat Arba
Two terrorists attempted to run over civilians at the Elias Junction outside of
(14:00 , 16.09.16 )
Stabbing attack thwarted outside of Jerusalem's
A Jordanian man attempted to stab Border Police officers guarding the Damascus
(13:10 , 16.09.16 ) 
Poultry shortage to continue until Monday
Due to the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, the Muslim slaughterhouse workers
(09:43 , 16.09.16 )
Section of Ayalon Highway reduced to one
Three of the four lanes are to be closed from Hahalacha to Arlozorov along with
(09:18 , 16.09.16 )

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