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The Jewish 'middle way' and world events
Op-ed: We are witnessing a simultaneous existence of two rapidly growing and
Yoel Meltzer (12:20 , 28.07.15 )
Aliyah and Tisha B’Av: The fast track to
Op-ed: This woeful time of year is precisely the ideal time to make aliyah. We
Avi Nachmani (22:29 , 25.07.15 )
Wanted: A diplomatic lifeline for Israel
Op-ed: In addition to security-related compensation following the Iran deal, we
Daniel Friedmann (23:49 , 24.07.15 )
Countering anti-Semitism is vital for Europe's
Op-ed: European leaders must follow their words with action and appoint a
Rabbi Menachem Margolin (23:13 , 23.07.15 )
Before we storm Capitol Hill
Op-ed: As Netanyahu tries to muster a majority in US Congress against deal with
Efraim Halevy (23:12 , 20.07.15 )
The real Iranian threat
Analysis: While world's eyes were focused on nuclear talks, Iran expanded its
Israel Ziv (18:32 , 17.07.15 )
Three states for two peoples
Op-ed: Establishment of a state in Gaza would not solve 'Palestinian problem'
Reuven Behar (09:07 , 17.07.15 )
Jews of Ukraine need world Jewry's help
Op-ed: Some 15,000 to 20,000 Jews live in areas where pro-Russian insurgencies
Yitzchak Schwartz (21:02 , 16.07.15 )
Everyone relax, Israel can live with Iran deal
Op-ed: Agreement demands that Iran must stop enriching high grade uranium, ship
Uzi Even (09:30 , 16.07.15 )
Reading into soldiers' intentions
Op-ed: Decision whether to prosecute IDF troops accused of wrongly opening fire
Giora Eiland (00:16 , 15.07.15 )
Obama chose dishonor and war
Op-ed: Jews and non-Jews alike have a responsibility to choose Israel's survival
Shoula Romano Horing (22:08 , 14.07.15 )
Hushing Muslim silence
Op-ed: The reform of Islam cannot be initiated by non-Muslims; it can be
Rafael Castro (15:55 , 11.07.15 )
Why Israel should help Hamas achieve its
Analysis: There is no doubt that Operation Protective Edge created effective
Giora Eiland (11:09 , 10.07.15 )
Nuclear deal or not, Israel faces a dangerous
Analysis: If Iran signs an agreement with the world powers, the billions of
Ephraim Sneh (01:28 , 10.07.15 )
Kashrut should be based on trust, not money
Op-ed: There is a prevalent feeling of revulsion towards Israel's kashrut
Shuki Friedman (19:29 , 05.07.15 )
Obama vs. Netanyahu: The visionary and the
Op-ed: Only leaders who make courageous decisions, which influence their
Baruch Leshem (20:38 , 03.07.15 )
Everyone against ISIS: Hamas and Egypt's mutual
Analysis: In the shadow of a brutal terror attack in Sinai, Egypt and Hamas,
Roi Kais (22:24 , 02.07.15 )
Free world has no leader in White House
Op-ed: The American administration is directly responsible for the fact that we
Bambi Sheleg (20:16 , 01.07.15 )
Israel's defense spending must be restrained
Op-ed: Investing in education, science, research and higher education and in
Gideon Sa'ar (23:42 , 30.06.15 )
What do Israel's Druze want?
Op-ed: We don’t want a single Israeli soldier to set foot in Syria in order to
Reda Mansour (21:06 , 30.06.15 )
Palestinians' words kill too
Op-ed: The 'lone-wolf terrorist' may be 'alone' in their actions, but they are
Elyakim Haetzni (23:00 , 29.06.15 )
If Jews were Palestinian
Op-ed: The world's empathy for the Palestinians would be put to better use to
Rafael Castro (12:36 , 27.06.15 )
Obama's Congress trick
Analysis: Those relying on Iran deal being thwarted by US Congress are in for a
Alex Mintz (22:04 , 26.06.15 )
Being right about Gaza war report isn't enough
Op-ed: Instead of reiterating UN report is biased and political and
Giora Eiland (23:19 , 25.06.15 )
Thank you and goodbye
Op-ed: Britain's first Jewish ambassador to Israel bids farewell to the country
Matthew Gould (23:43 , 24.06.15 )
Artists' rights and theaters' duty
Op-ed: Would the Culture Ministry cancel a theater's funding because its manager
A. B. Yehoshua (09:48 , 20.06.15 )
Hyphenated Israelism
Op-ed: The civil right movement ushered in a wave of tolerance throughout
Jacob Magid (13:52 , 19.06.15 )
Hamas has become Israel's frenemy
Analysis: While Hamas is in a state of war with Israel, its battle against other
Efraim Halevy (00:40 , 19.06.15 )
It's Druze's duty to stand by their brothers
Op-ed: The members of Israel's Druze community have fought and died for Israel's
Kamil Wahabi (10:55 , 18.06.15 )
Moment of truth drawing near for Syria's Druze –
Op-ed: As jihadist attacks on Druze villages increase, it's time for Israel to
Ofir Haivry (15:45 , 17.06.15 )
Does Israel's legal system really protect
Op-ed: While the residents of southern Tel Aviv are a minority, the Supreme
Daniel Friedmann (20:37 , 16.06.15 )
Cyber warfare: A new, dangerous world
Op-ed: Discovery of sophisticated computer virus at hotels hosting Iran nuclear
Isaac Ben-Israel (00:07 , 16.06.15 )
How to save Israel-US relations
Op-ed: Americans see the Middle East through different lenses than Israelis. In
Yair Lapid (22:45 , 13.06.15 )
Iran is a paper tiger to be confronted
Op-ed: Victories by Sunni rebels and ISIS in Iraq and Syria against Shia-led
Shoula Romano Horing (18:10 , 13.06.15 )
America's hypocritical lip service on Jerusalem
Op-ed: Why is the US refusing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, but is
Aviad Kleinberg (14:14 , 12.06.15 )
Oren Hazan must vacate his Knesset seat
Op-ed: The applause with which the disgraced MK was greeted at the Likud Central
Yifat Erlich (16:03 , 11.06.15 )
My fear for a country I love
Op-ed: Israel's international standing is under grave threat not because of the
Matthew Gould (19:21 , 10.06.15 )
Why not privatize the Military Rabbinate?
Op-ed: Considering the current government's makeup, no one will let the chief of
Gideon Eshet (21:36 , 09.06.15 )
Israel must rethink its policies in the Middle
Op-ed: The pragmatic Arab regimes are in need of a regional partnership focused
Gideon Sa'ar (23:09 , 07.06.15 )
After Iran gets a nuclear deal
Analysis: Obama’s comments to Israeli media reveal an unspoken truth: No
John-Michael Kibrick (23:11 , 06.06.15 )
The silent exclusion of Israeli academics
Op-ed: Under the protection of secrecy and lack of transparency, a barrier
Ze'ev Zahor (22:50 , 06.06.15 )
US Jews live in a different reality to Israelis
Op-ed: American Jews don't face the same daily threats as their European
Emmanuel Navon, i24News (18:28 , 06.06.15 )
Our injured Muslim pride
Op-ed: The honor of Islam is not served by violence, but by the greater jihad of
Rashid Khan (10:48 , 05.06.15 )
Israel should join NPT in return for Mideast
Op-ed: Iran would be more receptive to curtailing its nuclear program under a
Yakud Halabi, i24News (15:41 , 04.06.15 )
The real alternative to the Netanyahu government
Op-ed: Unless the government dramatically changes its character, Israel will
Amnon Abramovich (00:05 , 04.06.15 )
Is Israel finally taking the world's shifting
Op-ed: The way Netanyahu managed the FIFA affair shows he realized how close we
Tami Arad (10:19 , 03.06.15 )
The silence of the deceived
Op-ed: The secret of Netanyahu's charm is that while he systematically lies to
Elyakim Haetzni (23:55 , 02.06.15 )
Is this the beginning of the end of Islamic
Op-ed: While radicals who control Iran have presented US for years as the 'Great
Arie Geronik (23:56 , 01.06.15 )
The Foreign Ministry? No, the Ministry of Divine
Op-ed: As far as Tzipi Hotovely is concerned, her job as deputy foreign minister
Aviad Kleinberg (23:55 , 27.05.15 )
How to postpone the third Lebanon war
Op-ed: Israel must declare in advance against who it will wage its next war in
Giora Eiland (22:58 , 26.05.15 )
Netanyahu is destroying Jewish Jerusalem, with
Op-ed: Only one-third of 'united' Jerusalem's 860,000 residents are Zionist
Haim Ramon (16:19 , 26.05.15 )
John Nash, a teacher and a mentor
Nash was definitely one of the giants of game theory, writes Israeli Nobel
Prof. Yisrael Aumann (19:15 , 25.05.15 )
Why can't Israel behave like Albania during the
Op-ed: Albania, whose citizens are mostly Muslim, saved all of its Jews while
Igal Harmelin Moria (14:33 , 24.05.15 )
Not everyone hates Ayelet Shaked's appointment
Op-ed: While there are still some parts of the public and the Knesset that
Daniel Friedmann (00:10 , 24.05.15 )
Labor shouldn’t bet on Herzog again
Op-ed: The Labor Party needs a leader like Amir Peretz, Shaul Mofaz or Ron
Amnon Abramovich (08:22 , 23.05.15 )
How Israel created deterrence in the Second
Op-ed: Two significant moves – impairing Hezbollah's rocket launching ability
Amos Yadlin (23:17 , 22.05.15 )
Bus segregation decision isn't racist
Op-ed: The reality in which Samaria residents prefer to hitchhike instead of
Yifat Erlich (23:26 , 21.05.15 )
Our hope for peace will not be lost
Op-ed: Will the new government succeed in implementing all its plans for major
Savyona Rotlevy (23:02 , 19.05.15 )
No solution for Palestinian refugees without
Op-ed: Some 900,000 Jews from Arab countries have fled their homelands since
Edy Cohen, i24News (16:01 , 19.05.15 )
Jerusalem 2020: A vision for the future
Op-ed: Imagine a city that is not just the heart and soul of the Jewish people,
Nir Barkat (19:09 , 17.05.15 )
What Labor Party needs is an electable general
Op-ed: Instead of drawing conclusions after losing elections, Labor leaders use
Arik Henig (09:18 , 16.05.15 )
Anti-Semitism in a liberal disguise
Op-ed: 'Liberal' activists from Europe's political center are leading efforts to
Yitzhak Eldan (23:55 , 13.05.15 )
Boycott? What boycott?
Op-ed: Israel and the European Union enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship in
Lars Faaborg-Andersen (00:44 , 13.05.15 )
Stop calling haredim 'extortionists'
Op-ed: As citizens of Israel, the ultra-Orthodox are entitled to ask the state
Yerach Toker (21:53 , 12.05.15 )
It's not the government system, it's Netanyahu
Op-ed: Instead of creating a stable, functioning unity government with the
Chaim Weizmann (15:48 , 12.05.15 )
After 50 years, are Israel and Germany really
Op-ed: Both the US and Germany support Israel financially and militarily, and
Felix Berenskoetter (12:02 , 12.05.15 )
Who needs Bashar Assad?
Analysis: If the Syrian leader is toppled, Israel would have Islamic State on
Gilad Sharon (00:13 , 12.05.15 )
What will Herzog fight for in the opposition?
Op-ed: Lacking any charisma or a political agenda, the Labor chairman can either
Baruch Leshem (22:27 , 10.05.15 )
Like Herzog, Miliband was unelectable
Op-ed: Did anyone who ever saw or heard Ed Miliband seriously believe that he
Sara Miller (12:44 , 10.05.15 )
For the sake of security, let Hamas rebuild Gaza
Op-ed: Israel and the international community are making a big mistake in their
Giora Eiland (00:06 , 09.05.15 )
Obama is not the problem
Op-ed: Constant blame being thrown at US president for many difficulties Israel
Yoel Meltzer (15:36 , 08.05.15 )
What's left: The decline of a brand
Op-ed: Israeli left has been plagued by dire branding issues for years; to
Maya Kornberg (23:20 , 07.05.15 )
The sacredness of skepticism in security debates
Analysis: In its secret discussions, the new government will be required not
Efraim Halevy (00:16 , 07.05.15 )
Fear and desperation in Rabin Square
Op-ed: The demonstrations in Tel Aviv caused traffic jams and inconvenience, but
Danny Adeno Abebe (00:10 , 05.05.15 )
A troubling picture of UN complicity in
Op-ed: If United Nations wishes to secure its facilities in Gaza and avoid
Anne Herzberg (19:03 , 04.05.15 )
All Ethiopians want is to be treated like real
Op-ed: Decades after embarking on a brave mission to bring Ethiopian Jews to
Danny Adeno Abebe (13:55 , 03.05.15 )
Israel’s moral duty in southern Syria
Op-ed: Israel should show that it is ready to do everything possible to prevent
Yakub Halabi, i24News (14:39 , 02.05.15 )
Obama's fatal attraction to Iran
Op-ed: US president seems to naively believe that if he befriends and develops a
Shoula Romano Horing (08:27 , 02.05.15 )
For IDF mission in Nepal, nothing is impossible
Op-ed: Dozens of countries send rescue teams to disaster areas around the world,
Dr. Ariel Bar (00:01 , 01.05.15 )
Israel must seize the opportunity for a deal
Op-ed: In the new map of interests in the Middle East, created by radical
Aviad Kleinberg (00:42 , 30.04.15 )

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