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Israeli Arabs are choosing integration over
Op-ed: Studies clearly show that Israel's Arab citizens play a minimal part in
Ronni Shaked (08:32 , 08.01.16 )
Religious Zionism must disengage from zealots
Op-ed: The halachic definitions used by rabbis in regards to the Palestinians in
Bambi Sheleg (11:39 , 07.01.16 )
The prime minister's empty commitments
Op-ed: Last week, Netanyahu allotted a future budget to strengthen Israel's Arab
Amnon Abramovich (08:52 , 06.01.16 )
Saudi-Iranian crisis: An ongoing cold war
Analysis: Why has Saudi Arabia's leadership decided to aggravate its conflict
Soli Shahvar (23:22 , 05.01.16 )
It’s all by the book
Op-ed: The fact that something is legal doesn’t make it justified; sometimes,
Yael Stein (12:38 , 03.01.16 )
Why Israel should invite Turkey to Gaza
Op-ed: The Turkish demand to get 'free access' to the Strip allegedly removes
Dror Zeevi (23:09 , 31.12.15 )
The Left must not adopt the Right's Holocaust
Op-ed: In Netanyahu's nightmarish world, the Jewish people are always the
Aviad Kleinberg (23:51 , 30.12.15 )
Is Israel losing its mind?
Op-ed: We are in the midst of a conspiracy of silence. Why aren't we talking out
Yoel Esteron (18:41 , 30.12.15 )
Why aliyah remains a critical global Jewish need
Op-ed: Immigration to Israel plays a key, strategic role in safeguarding and
Yechiel Eckstein (20:22 , 28.12.15 )
NGO labeling: A biased and political bill
Op-ed: Rather than advancing transparency, the real goal of the proposed law
Tali Nir (23:12 , 27.12.15 )
Is Israel still a light unto the nations?
Op-ed: It is in the real stronghold of democracy that Israel is sometimes
Musa Hasadiyah (15:04 , 26.12.15 )
Abbas must be held responsible for current
Op-ed: The wave of terror will not stop as long as the Palestinian leadership is
Shoula Romano Horing (22:49 , 23.12.15 )
In next Lebanon war, Israel must target Beirut
Op-ed: If and when hostile activities begin from Lebanese territory, they should
Giora Eiland (16:16 , 23.12.15 )
The world's most ethical occupation army
Op-ed: After nearly 49 years of occupation the IDF is no longer an army, it's a
Amnon Abramovich (16:20 , 22.12.15 )
Next attorney general must lead, think
Op-ed: Curbing advisory activism would be tantamount to ripping out the core of
Guy Lurie (22:51 , 21.12.15 )
Which Netanyahu should we believe?
Op-ed: Overseas, the prime minister voices his support for all Jewish
Elazar Stern (22:54 , 17.12.15 )
Breaking the Silence: Our courageous gatekeepers
Op-ed: The Israeli public should be grateful for soldiers who insist on their
Merav Betito (23:25 , 16.12.15 )
Russia: Israel's friend or foe?
Op-ed: Is Defense Minister Ya'alon confusing today's Russia with the Soviet
Elyakim Haetzni (18:44 , 12.12.15 )
Russia's forgotten role in the creation of
Op-ed: Without Soviet aid at the critical moment in the late 1940s, it would
Jonathan Adelman (12:10 , 12.12.15 )
Germany speaking in two voices
Op-ed: Official German responses to product labeling issue may create the
Eldad Beck (15:07 , 11.12.15 )
Evil ideology must be defeated
Op-ed: UK is now second only to US in its contribution to international campaign
David Quarrey (23:19 , 09.12.15 )
Netanyahu's outline: A non-liberal democratic
Op-ed: Israel's undisputed leader is on his way to becoming a sole ruler, and
Tami Arad (16:43 , 09.12.15 )
Winds of disillusionment blowing through
Op-ed: Last week, in the heart of London, one could feel the fear of jihadist
Yossi Shain (14:21 , 09.12.15 )
No alternative for strategic Israel-US dialogue
Op-ed: The relationship with America is an important element in Israel's
Haim Saban (13:59 , 05.12.15 )
A war of evil vs. evil
Op-ed: The Islamic State poses a much smaller threat to Israel than the
Daniel Friedmann (13:05 , 04.12.15 )
Foreign NGO funding: Private vs. public
Op-ed: European governments, which might not agree with Israeli policy, can use
Lena Bakman (21:03 , 01.12.15 )
When it comes to war on ISIS, Israel must take
Op-ed: Russia predicted the Islamic State's formation a long time ago and is
Giora Eiland (22:23 , 30.11.15 )
Jewish Nakba can no longer be ignored
Op-ed: In our Nakba, we are alone. We have not only lost our property, which was
Edy Cohen (10:52 , 30.11.15 )
Netanyahu must talk directly to the Palestinians
Op-ed: After all the condemnations and threats he has issued since the start of
A. B. Yehoshua (20:17 , 29.11.15 )
Why France cannot defeat radical Islam
Op-ed: Europe is sure to lose the fight if it still believes Palestinian
Shoula Romano Horing (20:33 , 28.11.15 )
Teaching peace during times of war
Op-ed: Peace will ultimately be made by courageous visionary leaders, but until
David Lehrer (22:25 , 27.11.15 )
The IDF can do without haredi soldiers
Op-ed: What Israel needs today is a medium-sized army which will focus on
Tami Arad (13:48 , 26.11.15 )
It's time to move from words to action
Op-ed: Looking at the recent events as a series of acts committed by 'lone-wolf
Gideon Sa'ar (15:38 , 25.11.15 )
If Europe is sinking, let's make sure Israel
Op-ed: As the EU buckles under the pressure of existential crises, the only
Eldad Beck (08:15 , 25.11.15 )
De Klerk, Rabin: Real leaders
Op-ed: True leadership requires that politics be put aside for a greater good;
Doron Elhanani (21:33 , 21.11.15 )
ISIS and the Palestinians are not the same thing
Op-ed: The Paris attacks cannot justify for a minute our ongoing control of the
Yariv Oppenheimer (12:42 , 20.11.15 )
From Tehran with love: Iran's reaction to the
Op-ed: The Islamic republic's messages of support to France are hypocritical:
Emily B. Landau (13:26 , 18.11.15 )
In order to handle terror, France must end its
Op-ed: As long as Europe fails to understand that there should be no distinction
Eldad Beck (23:02 , 17.11.15 )
Calm and resolve in the face of terror
Op-ed: Tragedy in Paris is the time for mourning, not extreme action that will
John-Michael Kibrick (17:37 , 14.11.15 )
Steven Salaita: BDS’s favorite martyr
Op-ed: American scholar's repeated insistence that academic freedom does not
Asaf Romirowsky (11:57 , 14.11.15 )
Walking to their death: The new child terrorists
Analysis: Palestinian children go out to stab their Jewish victims thinking they
Ronni Shaked (13:31 , 13.11.15 )
There is no such thing as 'life by the sword'
Op-ed: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a two-edged sword; we will both be
Kobi Richter (22:26 , 12.11.15 )
Sinai plane crash: Why is Putin so silent?
Analysis: The Russian president is not afraid of making decisions and taking
Efraim Halevy (13:41 , 12.11.15 )
European hypocrisy: Why single Israel out?
Op-ed: There are thousands of conflict areas worldwide, and hundreds of areas
Ofir Haivry (23:30 , 11.11.15 )
Time to hear the silent Israelis
Op-ed: It’s not just the Left that’s dead - the common sense Israeli who just
John-Michael Kibrick (21:02 , 10.11.15 )
US Jewry's important mission
Op-ed: In light of their loyalty to the Democrats, America's Jews are the only
Eytan Gilboa (00:02 , 10.11.15 )
The truth about Zionism
Op-ed: While the Zionist Movement was the political driving force behind the
Avner Warner (13:51 , 07.11.15 )
When Netanyahu teaches us history
Op-ed: The prime minister may have issued a clarification on his mufti-Hitler
Dr. Sharon Geva (22:58 , 06.11.15 )
How to save Jewish Jerusalem
Op-ed: It's time to fix the tragic mistake made in 1967 and remove most of the
Haim Ramon (10:19 , 06.11.15 )
Returning terrorists' bodies only intensifies
Op-ed: The political echelon's decision to return bodies would be logical in the
Ronni Shaked (08:44 , 05.11.15 )
A lesson in anti-democracy
Op-ed: Justice minister Ayelet Shaked aims to label 'Israel haters' by making
Tami Arad (14:01 , 04.11.15 )
Fighting boycott through cultural cooperation
Op-ed: Achieving lasting peace through a two-state solution will be the best
David Quarrey (19:35 , 03.11.15 )
Where is the left's Bibi?
Op-ed: While the government can't be toppled at the moment, the political center
Baruch Leshem (22:44 , 02.11.15 )
A Third World rain policy
Op-ed: Give Israel seven Arab armies and they'll be dealt with within six
Raanan Shaked (18:35 , 31.10.15 )
Israel must make no concessions on Temple Mount
Op-ed: If Israel gives up Jews' right to visit the holy site in an effort to
Shoula Romano Horing (12:28 , 31.10.15 )
Cutting-edge Palestinian violence
Op-ed: Young Palestinians' attacks on Israelis may indeed be a cry of
Donna Robinson Divine (22:23 , 30.10.15 )
Putting an end to PA's self-destructing playbook
Op-ed: All EU funds to Palestinian territories should be conditional on a
Lars Adaktusson (22:35 , 28.10.15 )
The disgrace of Jewish extremism
Op-ed: We all know we must fight Islamic fundamentalism, but when it comes to
Yizhar Hess (21:24 , 27.10.15 )
What does the future hold for the Canada-Israel
Analysis: Based on his statements of support and understanding of the challenges
Shimon Koffler Fogel (21:43 , 26.10.15 )
Too bad Israel's right is not in power
Op-ed: The right's battle against the imaginary left is part of an overall
Aviad Kleinberg (20:14 , 25.10.15 )
The evil spirits are striking again
Op-ed: Twenty years after I mistakenly thought that Israel's citizens had signed
Noa Rothman (13:09 , 25.10.15 )
Only US can mediate in Israel
Analysis: Obama, Kerry want to put out the fire but also prevent the next
Eytan Gilboa (11:12 , 24.10.15 )
Pro-Israel PM's defeat is worse for Canada's
Op-ed: It is a very bad thing for the Canadian Jewish community domestically
Willem Hart (16:22 , 22.10.15 )
Make Rabin's memorial a national holiday
Op-ed: The Israeli calendar doesn’t have a single holiday shared by all Israeli
Yedidia Stern (23:53 , 21.10.15 )
Killed in a war that wasn't his
Op-ed: Imagine the mother of the poor Eritrean, who underwent an exhausting
Danny Adeno Abebe (16:20 , 19.10.15 )
Bernie Sanders is not good for the Jews
Op-ed: The same undercurrents of racism which lurk behind much of the antipathy
Rafael Castro (10:00 , 19.10.15 )
It's not a wave of terror, it's a civil war
Op-ed: In the current situation, citizens of the State of Israel are going out
Benny Cohen (00:35 , 19.10.15 )
Israel needs a new policy vis-a-vis Hamas
Op-ed: While Hamas is maneuvering and changing tactics and strategies, Israel is
Efraim Halevy (14:19 , 14.10.15 )
How to rationally manage the Israeli-Palestinian
Op-ed: There is a lot of logic in the conflict management approach, which has
Giora Eiland (15:01 , 13.10.15 )
Death sentence through the back door
Op-ed: In their attempt to engage terrorists, Israeli troops' default option has
Yehuda Shohat (11:43 , 12.10.15 )
Israel's Arabs are no longer afraid
Op-ed: The events of October 2000 accelerated the political and cultural
Ayman Sikseck (23:20 , 09.10.15 )
Israelis will have security when Palestinians
Op-ed: Had Netanyahu instilled hope and initiated, instead of the dangerous
Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher, Orni Petruschka (14:57 , 09.10.15 ) 
Syria presents Europe with its moment of truth
Op-ed: The West needs to act firmly to end the Syrian civil war and curb the
Avigdor Lieberman (09:18 , 08.10.15 )
Why the BBC is biased against Israel
Op-ed: A grossly erroneous report on last week's Jerusalem attack seems to
Gilad Halpern (23:49 , 06.10.15 )
Israel-Hamas coordination can stop the
Analysis: While neither Egypt nor the Palestinian Authority are interested in
Giora Eiland (17:17 , 02.10.15 )
Why BDS should target Saudi Arabia, not Israel
Op-ed: It's time to give Saudi Arabian authorities an ultimatum: Either you
Rafael Castro (23:18 , 01.10.15 )
A parallel universe, just a one-hour drive from
Op-ed: In a utopian reality, Israelis could have visited the West Bank as
Oded Shalom (23:11 , 30.09.15 )
Israel has some true friends in Europe
Op-ed: As the BDS movement grows, there are people working hard to combat
Bastiaan Belder (13:27 , 30.09.15 )
The young Jews of the Diaspora are our greatest
Op-ed: Young Jewish men and women scattered across the globe are an inseparable
Gidi Mark (00:08 , 30.09.15 )
Speechless: The farewell address Israel's UN
Op-ed: Instead of whining that the entire world is against us, Ron Prosor should
Haim Ramon (13:06 , 24.09.15 )
The good, the bad and the ugly: Dividing the
Analysis: Syria, as a unified state, no longer exists. With the possibility of a
Gideon Sa'ar and Dr. Gabi Siboni (12:35 , 22.09.15 )

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