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Don't mess with Putin
Op-ed: If there's reason to believe Israel will pay a price as part of an
Giora Eiland (12:21 , 21.04.16 )
The Saudi's aren't yet Zionists
While there appears to be some communication between Israel and the Saudi regime
Eitan Goldstein and Roi Kais (23:57 , 20.04.16 )
Fighting oppression, inequality and injustice on
Op-ed: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offers a few thoughts
Hillary Clinton (20:45 , 17.04.16 )
Not every Arab is an enemy
Op-ed: Inciters are trying to rip the coexistence between Arabs and Jews apart.
Elyakim Haetzni (23:28 , 16.04.16 )
The comfort of the herd
Op-ed: If Israel’s political opposition continues to accept the Netanyahu
Aviad Kleinberg (18:48 , 16.04.16 )
Israel-Turkish relations and their implications
Op-ed: While Turkey and Israel begin to thaw their relations following the
Eldad Beck (17:32 , 15.04.16 )
The Likud has abandoned Ya’alon
Op-ed: Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s recent protection of the IDF and its
Dan Meridor (12:37 , 11.04.16 )
The multiple voices of Israeli society: An
Op-ed: The fabric of Israeli society is weaved from multiple voices, cultures,
Aliza Gershon (16:02 , 08.04.16 )
The rule of fear
Op-ed: Fear and the manner in which it is leveraged by leaders in the US, Europe
Arik Karmon (23:52 , 07.04.16 )
The Arab-Israeli conflict: Time to move on
Op-ed: Palestinian refugees are the only refugees in the world who maintain and
Yoel Meltzer (11:05 , 07.04.16 )
Silicon Valley: an Indispensable Building Block
Op-ed: The founding fathers of the Zionist dream envisioned the cultivation of
Yoel Esteron (20:07 , 06.04.16 )
UK Ambassador: British government committed to
Op-ed: British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey relates his government's
David Quarrey (23:26 , 05.04.16 )
Redefining Israel’s national security
Op-ed: Israel is currently in the midst of an international public opinion war:
Zvi Hauser (12:58 , 05.04.16 )
The Israeli political Ferris wheel
Op-ed: The interior minister and leader of the opposition, previously suspected
Sima Kadmon (19:29 , 01.04.16 )
AIPAC polarizing US Jews
Op-ed: The purportedly bipartisan pro-Israel organization has become
Yossi Shain (19:35 , 28.03.16 )
Taking down BDS
Op-ed: President Rivlin argues that while criticism of Israel is fair, when it
Reuven Rivlin (10:42 , 28.03.16 )
What's wrong with English?
Op-ed: Ultra-Orthodox boys are not instructed in even basic English; Tzvika
Zvika Gronich (21:10 , 27.03.16 )
BDS is an existential threat
Op-ed: The Israeli economy is under threat from the BDS movement, with severe
Tal Keinan (09:15 , 26.03.16 )
The subversive message of the Book of Esther
Op-ed: Beneath its carnival pizazz lies a deeper message that hints at a
Eran Baruch (15:40 , 24.03.16 )
Terror unifies
Analysis: The unifying force of terror and incitement is the only glue that
Ronni Shaked (13:58 , 19.03.16 )
Israel replacing US with strange bedfellows
Analysis: Israel is forging new relationships with dubious and corrupt regimes,
Nahum Barnea (10:57 , 17.03.16 )
A government running away from policy
Op-ed: With the number of Palestinians employed in Israel on the rise, the
Sever Plocker (23:22 , 14.03.16 )
Terror in my backyard
Op-ed: The terror attack in Jaffa is likely an attempt to destroy the peaceful
Ben-Dror Yemini (18:37 , 10.03.16 )
Israel's anti-democratic administrative
Op-ed: Israeli security services arrested a Palestinian journalist without
Tamar Kaplansky (12:28 , 08.03.16 )
The PC pendulum
Op-ed: Harassment and abuse of women is an important problem, and most
Yoaz Hendel (23:51 , 04.03.16 )
The moral value of the Israeli tomato
Op-ed: Israeli farmers work the land not just as a source of income, it is their
Gershon Hacohen (09:54 , 03.03.16 )
The battle to manage Israel's foreign relations
Analysis: Lapid and Lieberman are growing closer and holding a conference to
Nechama Duek (23:18 , 29.02.16 )
The right-wing government's building freeze
Op-ed: While headlines are busy discussing how much illegal construction is
Yifat Erlich (21:34 , 26.02.16 )
A casino in Eilat: a better bet than Lotto
Op-ed: in Israel there are currently plenty of legal and illegal gambling
Yonatan Yavin (19:18 , 21.02.16 )
It's not the tunnels, Mr. Netanyahu
Prime Minister Netanyahu has had several opportunities to topple the Hamas
Haim Ramon (12:12 , 20.02.16 )
The illusion of 'conflict management'
Op-ed: The problem is not a lack of political plans, it's the lack of vision and
Gadi Zohar (14:22 , 18.02.16 )
Who's for destroying democracy?
Op-ed: The prime minister's 'big plan' is to weaken the political system,
Yoel Esteron, Calcaist (16:21 , 14.02.16 )
(Saudi) Arabian nights in Syria
Analysis: The past few days have seen the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia express its
Eitan Goldstein (09:09 , 14.02.16 )
Condemnation, not censorship
Op-ed: The Arab MKs who visited terrorists' families were voted in legally,
Aviad Kleinberg (23:23 , 11.02.16 )
Time to divide: The answer to terror
Op-ed: Authority to kill even would-be attackers is unprecedented in Israel, and
Efraim Sneh (09:33 , 08.02.16 )
Terror keeps striking, but solution distant
Analysis: 31 have been murdered in the current round of violence - and the
Yoav Zitun (15:47 , 05.02.16 )
The chart of despair in Netanyahu's land
If there are any happy Israelis, they must be the ones who inherited an
Yoel Esteron (22:21 , 04.02.16 )
Welcome to the state of walls and barricades
Op-ed: Netanyahu is a sober leader who believes there's no solution to the
Tami Arad (23:42 , 02.02.16 )
Let’s continue writing our history together
Following the Israeli government's announcement that it would be closing its
Hugo Martínez (09:33 , 01.02.16 )
Fear them not: '1984' shall pass
Op-ed: Sami Michael, one of Israel's most esteemed authors and a target of Im
Sami Michael (13:14 , 29.01.16 )
First six months in Israel, and there's much
Op-ed: UK envoy to Israel ranked up a few successes, including major Rolls-Royce
David Quarrey (23:37 , 27.01.16 )
Syria still has chemical weapons
Analysis: A massacre by chemical weapons in Syria in 2013 led to Russia and the
Roi Kais (23:49 , 26.01.16 )
Ashkenazi's chance to redeem himself - by taking
Op-ed: Ehud Barak leveled terrible accusations towards Gabi Ashkenazi when both
Amnon Abramovich (23:32 , 25.01.16 )
Bennett's criticisms are part of his game-plan
Minister Naftali Bennett attacked the PM, accusing him of going with Defense
Yonatan Yavin (16:27 , 22.01.16 )
Abbas isn't going anywhere yet
Despite the disappointments, frustrations and deadlock, the Palestinian
Ronni Shaked (08:33 , 22.01.16 )
Beware brothers and sisters: There are traitors
Op-ed: The Netanyahu administration's policy in the Palestinian territories is
Aviad Kleinberg (23:35 , 20.01.16 )
Deri deserves a second chance
Op-ed: Aryeh Deri may have committed severe crimes when last in office as
Baruch Leshem (21:22 , 15.01.16 )
Embarrassment on the high seas: Iran's
Analysis: The release of images depicting American sailors on their knees with
Ron Ben-Yishai (12:05 , 14.01.16 ) 
Putin is the closest thing to a friend Israel
Analysis: Israel and Russia share a common fear of terrorism, and in 2014 Putin
Josh Cohen, Reuters (09:08 , 14.01.16 )
Coexistence and the status quo
Op-ed: If this intifada drags on or escalates to the use of firearms, it will
Elyakim Haetzni (16:35 , 13.01.16 )
Abbas fears an internal intifada
Analysis: The chairman of the Palestinian Authority is worried that ongoing
Elior Levy (23:57 , 12.01.16 )
Learning Arabic: the key to coexistence
Consensus is growing in Israel on importance of teaching Arabic to children as
Avi Nachmani (19:32 , 11.01.16 )
Can Israeli Arabs be fully loyal citizens?
Op-ed: It seems that even if Arabs in Israel achieve economic equality, they
Shoula Romano Horing (09:13 , 11.01.16 )
Israeli Arabs fear terrorists too
Op-ed: When the prime minister says there is a 'state within a state' of
Ayman Sikseck (12:27 , 10.01.16 )
Israeli Arabs are choosing integration over
Op-ed: Studies clearly show that Israel's Arab citizens play a minimal part in
Ronni Shaked (08:32 , 08.01.16 )
Religious Zionism must disengage from zealots
Op-ed: The halachic definitions used by rabbis in regards to the Palestinians in
Bambi Sheleg (11:39 , 07.01.16 )
The prime minister's empty commitments
Op-ed: Last week, Netanyahu allotted a future budget to strengthen Israel's Arab
Amnon Abramovich (08:52 , 06.01.16 )
Saudi-Iranian crisis: An ongoing cold war
Analysis: Why has Saudi Arabia's leadership decided to aggravate its conflict
Soli Shahvar (23:22 , 05.01.16 )
It’s all by the book
Op-ed: The fact that something is legal doesn’t make it justified; sometimes,
Yael Stein (12:38 , 03.01.16 )
Why Israel should invite Turkey to Gaza
Op-ed: The Turkish demand to get 'free access' to the Strip allegedly removes
Dror Zeevi (23:09 , 31.12.15 )
The Left must not adopt the Right's Holocaust
Op-ed: In Netanyahu's nightmarish world, the Jewish people are always the
Aviad Kleinberg (23:51 , 30.12.15 )
Is Israel losing its mind?
Op-ed: We are in the midst of a conspiracy of silence. Why aren't we talking out
Yoel Esteron (18:41 , 30.12.15 )
Why aliyah remains a critical global Jewish need
Op-ed: Immigration to Israel plays a key, strategic role in safeguarding and
Yechiel Eckstein (20:22 , 28.12.15 )
NGO labeling: A biased and political bill
Op-ed: Rather than advancing transparency, the real goal of the proposed law
Tali Nir (23:12 , 27.12.15 )
Is Israel still a light unto the nations?
Op-ed: It is in the real stronghold of democracy that Israel is sometimes
Musa Hasadiyah (15:04 , 26.12.15 )
Abbas must be held responsible for current
Op-ed: The wave of terror will not stop as long as the Palestinian leadership is
Shoula Romano Horing (22:49 , 23.12.15 )
In next Lebanon war, Israel must target Beirut
Op-ed: If and when hostile activities begin from Lebanese territory, they should
Giora Eiland (16:16 , 23.12.15 )
The world's most ethical occupation army
Op-ed: After nearly 49 years of occupation the IDF is no longer an army, it's a
Amnon Abramovich (16:20 , 22.12.15 )
Next attorney general must lead, think
Op-ed: Curbing advisory activism would be tantamount to ripping out the core of
Guy Lurie (22:51 , 21.12.15 )
Which Netanyahu should we believe?
Op-ed: Overseas, the prime minister voices his support for all Jewish
Elazar Stern (22:54 , 17.12.15 )
Breaking the Silence: Our courageous gatekeepers
Op-ed: The Israeli public should be grateful for soldiers who insist on their
Merav Betito (23:25 , 16.12.15 )
Russia: Israel's friend or foe?
Op-ed: Is Defense Minister Ya'alon confusing today's Russia with the Soviet
Elyakim Haetzni (18:44 , 12.12.15 )
Russia's forgotten role in the creation of
Op-ed: Without Soviet aid at the critical moment in the late 1940s, it would
Jonathan Adelman (12:10 , 12.12.15 )
Germany speaking in two voices
Op-ed: Official German responses to product labeling issue may create the
Eldad Beck (15:07 , 11.12.15 )
Evil ideology must be defeated
Op-ed: UK is now second only to US in its contribution to international campaign
David Quarrey (23:19 , 09.12.15 )
Netanyahu's outline: A non-liberal democratic
Op-ed: Israel's undisputed leader is on his way to becoming a sole ruler, and
Tami Arad (16:43 , 09.12.15 )
Winds of disillusionment blowing through
Op-ed: Last week, in the heart of London, one could feel the fear of jihadist
Yossi Shain (14:21 , 09.12.15 )
No alternative for strategic Israel-US dialogue
Op-ed: The relationship with America is an important element in Israel's
Haim Saban (13:59 , 05.12.15 )
A war of evil vs. evil
Op-ed: The Islamic State poses a much smaller threat to Israel than the
Daniel Friedmann (13:05 , 04.12.15 )
Foreign NGO funding: Private vs. public
Op-ed: European governments, which might not agree with Israeli policy, can use
Lena Bakman (21:03 , 01.12.15 )

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