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West’s strategic failure, Muslims’ moral failure
Op-ed: Security forces can do an excellent job trying to prevent terrorism, but
Nadav Eyal (17:57 , 25.12.16 )
Azerbaijan, Israel’s mistress on the Iranian
Analysis: While the Shiite country tends to vote against Israel in international
Prof. Eli Podeh (12:15 , 22.12.16 )
Going back to militant democracy
Op-ed: No one should be surprised with the recent storm of events swirling
Gideon Sa'ar (10:28 , 20.12.16 )
Golan Heights: From annexation to recognition
Op-ed: For the first time in nearly 50 years, there is an historic window of
Zvi Hauser (20:54 , 18.12.16 )
Where has the land of hope gone?
Op-ed: From submarines to attacks on the Supreme Court, from social polarization
Sami Michael (23:23 , 14.12.16 )
Can Netanyahu annul Iran nuclear deal with
Analysis: Despite the PM's intention to work with Donald Trump to abrogate the
Itamar Eichner and Benjamin Tobias (12:43 , 13.12.16 )
Amona residents, don’t resist evacuation
Op-ed: All acts of resisting Israel's government, the state’s institutions and
Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun (12:01 , 13.12.16 )
The year of saving Jewish Jerusalem
Op-ed: ‘The united capital of the Jewish people’ is a divided, bi-national city.
Haim Ramon (16:04 , 10.12.16 )
A sex offender should find no refuge in his
Op-ed: Religious practice involves a great deal of self-discipline and setting
Renee Garfinkel (23:49 , 08.12.16 )
Government incitement is worse than online
Op-ed: While Netanyahu and some of his ministers used every opportunity to
Yossi Dahan (13:45 , 04.12.16 )
Burying the truth with a plea deal
Op-ed: The Buchris plea bargain serves no one. This affair should have reached
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman (13:27 , 03.12.16 )
Hate crimes in US should concern Israel too
Op-ed: Israelis must cry out not just against swastika graffiti, anti-Semitic
Efrat Yardai (13:06 , 01.12.16 )
Netanyahu’s lawyer presents: A finger in every
Analysis: With such a diverse and prestigious list of clients, there is no
Shachar Ginosar, Tsach Shpitsen (23:29 , 30.11.16 )
High Court as Israel’s morality police
Op-ed: It’s time for the High Court of Justice to examine its peculiar policy of
Daniel Friedmann (22:53 , 30.11.16 )
Ideological coalition of the willing
Op-ed: If the US mainstream right wants to get America back on track, it can
Rauf Baker (23:35 , 25.11.16 )
As US Jews suffer, silence falls on Jerusalem
Op-ed: For the first time in two generations, America’s Jews are witnessing the
Nadav Eyal (23:34 , 23.11.16 ) 
State-sponsored chaos
Op-ed: Israel must pass a law to prevent the recurrence of cases like Amona by
Oded Revivi (23:45 , 22.11.16 )
A letter to the Palestinian friends – I don’t
Op-ed: All those involved in settling conflicts – who actually want to solve
Rami Simani (14:08 , 22.11.16 )
Can technology trump Trumpism?
Op-ed: Technological innovation will thrive only when the hundreds of millions
Yoel Esteron, Calcalist (15:57 , 21.11.16 )
Announcing The New State Solution
Op-ed: For decades the world has subscribed to the notion that the two-state
Benjamin Anthony/Our Soldiers Speak (12:12 , 16.11.16 )
Trump era must not be wasted on ‘two-state’
Op-ed: The government can either determine that there is no solution to the
Giora Eiland (20:11 , 15.11.16 )
Amona residents should not have to pay for
Op-ed: Settler leaders are responsible for the Amona failure too, but it was the
Yifat Erlich (23:49 , 14.11.16 )
Not a political murder?
Op-ed: The NGO law, the proposal to revoke B’Tselem director's citizenship, the
Yariv Oppenheimer (11:15 , 13.11.16 )
A window of opportunity for Israel-US relations
Analysis: Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential race is an opportunity
Amos Yadlin (15:51 , 12.11.16 )
With Trump, a major US shift in Mideast
Analysis: The American president-elect has promised to rip up the Iranian
Associated Press (21:38 , 11.11.16 )
Big smile, America
Op-ed: What the scared Americans really needed was an eccentric New Yorker with
Rami Simani (20:32 , 11.11.16 )
How to secure Israeli interests with the Trump
Op-ed: While Israel must tighten and improve its cooperation with the US in
Uzi Arad (10:20 , 11.11.16 )
Does Trump's love for Israel trump his
Analysis: Speaking to high ranking Israeli officials, Itamar Eichner concludes
Itamar Eichner (12:00 , 10.11.16 ) 
As an Israeli Jew, this is why I supported Trump
Op-ed: Thanks to Donald Trump, Israel can now dream of unconditional support and
Elyakim Haetzni (17:49 , 09.11.16 )
Obama’s policy bolsters Israel
Op-ed: Under a Clinton administration Israeli citizens could have hoped for an
Jeremy Ben-Ami (16:19 , 09.11.16 )
US elections: Netanyahu’s fears and wise
Analysis: While the prime minister is said to fear that neither presidential
Judith Miller (22:36 , 08.11.16 )
Win or lose, 'Trumpism' will leave its mark
Analysis: Whichever way Tuesday's elections go, Donald Trump's hold-no-punches
Associated Press (19:00 , 08.11.16 )
Who is Netanyahu so afraid of?
Op-ed: At the moment, there is still no Israeli Trump on the horizon to
Tami Arad (20:05 , 04.11.16 )
Amona is here to stay
Op-ed: The government is not really planning to evacuate thousands of families
Revital Halbershtat (10:43 , 04.11.16 )
Yitzhak Rabin, the leader who taught me
Op-ed: The slain prime minister was a model example of leadership which takes
Moshe Ya’alon (23:32 , 03.11.16 )
The day after Abbas: All possible scenarios
Analysis: The era of an international diplomatic battle against Israel alongside
Elior Levy (23:21 , 02.11.16 )
A modern blood libel
Op-ed: BDS is focused on national character assassination that is aimed to lay
Robbie Friedmann, Asaf Romirowsky (14:54 , 02.11.16 )
Obama’s foreign policy has won
Op-ed: Those who say the US president’s policy caused America to fall from grace
Isaac Ben-Israel (23:56 , 01.11.16 )
It’s not courtship, it’s violence
Op-ed: Ari Shavit did not see the woman who came to interview him; he saw prey
Anat Saragusti (14:03 , 31.10.16 )
Why is the Hamas government as stable as
Op-ed: The rhetoric between Jerusalem and Gaza may be filled with deep hatred,
Gideon Eshet (23:16 , 29.10.16 )
Giving up national dignity in favor of regional
Op-ed: As Jordan and Egypt keep slapping Israel in the face with diplomatic
Elyakim Haetzni (17:28 , 27.10.16 )
It’s not Netanyahu, it’s the left-center leaders
Barak, Livni, Lapid and Herzog are all to blame for cooperating with the prime
Haim Ramon (13:58 , 25.10.16 )
The new King of Gaza
Analysis: With elections for the Hamas leadership coming up in December, and
Elior Levy (23:37 , 23.10.16 )
Coalition chairman doesn't understand the
Analysis: MK David Bitan can't revoke B'Tselem Executive Director Hagai El-Ad's
Tova Tzimuki (14:19 , 23.10.16 )
Human rights groups are not Israel’s enemies
Op-ed: The world does not hate us because of our existence, but because of our
Rafi Walden (13:00 , 22.10.16 )
Is Theresa May Britain’s most pro-Israel prime
Op-ed: British Prime Minister Theresa May used her first day in office to eat
Yaniv Halily (19:23 , 21.10.16 )
We have a partner among Palestinian women
Op-ed: It looked like a mirage in the heart of the boiling desert, but the
Zeruya Shalev (18:21 , 20.10.16 )
Mosul is more than a potentially climactic
Analysis: In addition to the potential recapture of ISIS's main stronghold in
Associated Press (23:06 , 17.10.16 )
Fuel aid halt suggests deeper Saudi-Egyptian
Analysis: Egyptian and Saudi relations are at a new low following impoverished
Reuters (19:33 , 14.10.16 )
Clinton or Trump: The Jewish dilemma
Analysis: Many traditional Jews will vote for Donald Trump despite his image,
Yossi Shain (22:23 , 13.10.16 )
Blood of the dead is on the terrorist’s hands
Op-ed: MK Glick was wrong to blame a Jerusalem judge for Sunday's deadly
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (13:45 , 13.10.16 )
Seeking forgiveness, on behalf of Israel's
Op-ed: Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau writes about Yom Kippur and the
Rabbi David Lau (13:41 , 11.10.16 )
Victory of Orthodox Judaism is everyone’s defeat
Op-ed: A moment before Yom Kippur, it seems we have never been further away from
Yehuda Nuriel (13:20 , 11.10.16 )
The unforgivable failure of the Yom Kippur War
Op-ed: Alongside the intelligence mistake, which was a result of human error,
Giora Eiland (22:03 , 09.10.16 )
Israel’s silent, oppressed majority
Op-ed: Bennett transplants the Jewish heart only in the settler right-wing camp,
Tami Arad (18:21 , 09.10.16 )
The game with Hamas has changed
Analysis: Hamas high value targets were hit following the rocket attack on the
Yoav Zitun (23:38 , 08.10.16 )
We will win, together
Op-ed: Tel Aviv and Paris mayors write in joint Op-ed that those who thought
Anne Hidalgo and Ron Huldai (20:17 , 08.10.16 )
Obama’s US failing the test of power
Op-ed: While Americans are reluctant to risk their soldiers’ lives to prevent
Nadav Eyal (10:59 , 07.10.16 )
Political correctness harms Jews
Op-ed: As long as political correctness prevents journalists and politicians
Rafael Castro (16:08 , 06.10.16 )
Obama's message to Netanyahu during Peres's
Analysis: While paying tribute to Shimon Peres, Obama employed his oratorical
Alexander J. Apfel (23:31 , 05.10.16 )
The unmistakable dreamer, Shimon Peres
Op-ed: Many laud Shimon Peres’s limitless optimism, but behind this optimism hid
Amos Oz (23:45 , 29.09.16 )
The turn of the screw
Op-ed: Even Netanyahu’s detractors can appreciate the elegance with which he
Gahl Becker (14:53 , 23.09.16 )
Obama and Netanyahu: Years of humiliation
Op-ed: During his two terms in office, the US president constantly turned his
Yifat Erlich (10:51 , 23.09.16 )
Why Israelis should not give up on peace
Op-ed: Tonight, on the International Day of Peace, EU Ambassador Lars
Lars Faaborg-Andersen (10:35 , 21.09.16 )
Backing soldiers: Four rules of thumb
Op-ed: According to IDF principles, a soldier will not be prosecuted for an
Giora Eiland (23:42 , 19.09.16 )
US aid package: A strategic missed opportunity
Op-ed: A responsible policy would have accepted Obama's invitation to enter a
Amos Yadlin (10:42 , 19.09.16 )
No chance for a full ceasefire in Syria
Analysis: The opposing interests of the many external and internal elements
Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon (23:23 , 15.09.16 )
The cost of doing business
Analysis: As a farewell present from President Barack Obama, the US and Israel
Itamar Eichner (15:41 , 15.09.16 )
Don’t despair of politics – protect the
Op-ed: When it comes to honest gatekeepers the likes of the attorney general,
Yoel Esteron, Calcalist (10:41 , 15.09.16 )
Breaking the perceptual circle
Op-ed: Defining the objective of an Israeli-Palestinian process will allow
Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher, Orni Petruschka (10:09 , 13.09.16 )
The Israeli return to Africa
Analysis: Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent visit to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and
Dr. Moshe Terdiman (23:37 , 12.09.16 )
Bibi at his best
Op-ed: Every words in Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video was accurate. The
Yifat Erlich (20:46 , 11.09.16 ) 
The role of foreign powers in Israel's creation
Op-ed: The notion that colonial and great powers were the main force behind the
Jonathan Adelman & Asaf Romirowsky (17:02 , 10.09.16 )
With power comes responsibility
Analysis: Yair Lapid has proven that he is the main non-Netanyahu candidate for
Nadav Eyal (23:37 , 08.09.16 )
The status quo is dead
Op-ed: The Orthodox minority should have joined the majority and reality in
Yehuda Nuriel (20:31 , 08.09.16 )
It's time to look beyond the two-state plan
Analysis: The difficulty in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based on
Giora Eiland (12:04 , 08.09.16 )
Enough is enough
Op-ed: Netanyahu is suffering from mental fatigue. The only way to possibly
Tami Arad (15:12 , 06.09.16 )
Evacuate UN from East Talpiot
Op-ed: The first and most illegal outpost in east Jerusalem is none other than
Ofir Haivry (10:00 , 06.09.16 )
Ethiopians permanent suspects
Op-ed: In an open letter to Police Commissioner Alsheikh, Danny Adeno Abebe, an
Danny Adeno Abebe (23:47 , 31.08.16 )
All of a sudden, Abbas wants democracy
Op-ed: Mahmoud Abbas is insisting on holding democratic municipal elections in
Ronni Shaked (23:33 , 24.08.16 )

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