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Netanyahu may want to call elections, but he
Analysis: The prime minister knows very well that an attempt to drag Israel to
Moran Azulay (13:11 , 23.03.17 )
In its talks with Trump administration, Israel
Analysis: As part of the ‘winning camp’ in the civil war in Syria, Iran and
Giora Eiland (20:37 , 21.03.17 )
Israel should develop economic ties with China,
Op-ed: In his visit to Beijing this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu must use all
Oded Eran (23:12 , 20.03.17 )
In the Supermarket of Nations, millennials
Op-ed: Israel's current offering is focused too much on its policies, and not
Joanna Landau (18:28 , 18.03.17 )
The Start-Up Nation’s lessons for international
Op-ed: As MIT’s Israel Lab continues with new students, projects and companies
Ken Zolot (12:27 , 16.03.17 )
Women in combat roles: Yes, you can
Op-ed: It’s true that not every girl is fit to be a fighter, but neither is
Yoav Keren (23:29 , 15.03.17 )
Anti-boycotters law will only harm war on BDS
Op-ed: Many people who have been fighting the anti-Israel boycott movement for
Yossi Dahan (13:57 , 15.03.17 )
The Costa Rica case: A demilitarized Palestinian
Op-ed: Netanyahu recently raised the possibility of using the Costa Rica model
Gal Hacohen and Edward Edy Kaufman (10:25 , 15.03.17 )
The freedom to marry: Israel, you owe us $900
Op-ed: Sharon Banian got married 'in accordance with the law of Moses and (the
Sharon Banian (13:07 , 14.03.17 )
Our country’s masochistic nature
Op-ed: ‘In return’ for the services Israel gives the Arabs, Netanyahu is
Elyakim Haetzni (12:39 , 11.03.17 )
As Fatah hardens, Hamas becomes more receptive
Analysis: Thought it isn't clear who will replace Palestinian President Mahmoud
Elior Levy (19:20 , 10.03.17 )
Tunnels are not a strategic threat
Op-ed: Focusing on the issue of offensive tunnels harms the State of Israel’s
Brig. Gen. (res.) Dr. Meir Elran (15:06 , 07.03.17 )
Trump tests Israel's 'special relationship' with
Analysis: German officials are worried, as it appears the 'special' relationship
Reuters (18:50 , 06.03.17 )
To succeed (and) to remain a woman
Op-ed: The picture of an IAF pilot breastfeeding her son, which touched hearts
Air Force pilot N. (13:02 , 06.03.17 )
For the Azaria family, the worst is still to
Op-ed: The decision to appeal the manslaughter conviction means a few more
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (15:01 , 04.03.17 )
Is Gaza really headed towards a new conflict
Analysis: Hamas leader Sanwar is not operating in a vacuum. In order for him to
Dr. Moshe Elad (08:57 , 03.03.17 )
Volatile and dangerous: a look at the
Analysis: While Israel is engrossed in the comptroller's report on the Security
Elior Levy (23:06 , 01.03.17 )
In Gaza war Bennett pressed, Netanyahu
Analysis: The comptroller's report provides a rare glimpse into what happened in
Moran Azulay (23:29 , 28.02.17 )
Israel must not fall into Lebanese trap again
Op-ed: Alongside Nasrallah’s harsh words, we should also pay attention to the
Giora Eiland (23:29 , 23.02.17 )
The new Supreme Court: More conservative, more
Analysis: After the four new judges selected on Wednesday are sworn in over the
Tova Tzimuki (12:21 , 23.02.17 )
Israel in Trump’s eyes: An asset or a burden?
Analysis: The annexation and construction policy, alongside an implementation of
Udi Dekel (19:35 , 22.02.17 )
What if a two-state solution could be achieved
Op-ed: Any signed peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians would
Alexander J. Apfel (13:36 , 22.02.17 )
The ball is now in Netanyahu’s court
Op-ed: The Trump administration is the most permissive administration the
Shlomo Puterkovsky (23:38 , 18.02.17 )
Trump and the territories
Op-ed: Most disputed land in Judea and Samaria is barren and unpopulated by
Ophir Falk (21:48 , 17.02.17 )
With 'one state' reference, Trump stumbles into
Analysis: Benjamin Netanyahu cautiously sidesteps the issue when Trump states
Reuters (11:35 , 17.02.17 )
The carrot, the stick and the narrative
Op-ed: The change of governments in Washington and in Gaza is both an
Giora Eiland (23:33 , 15.02.17 )
Few good alternatives to Palestinian state
Op-ed: Though US policy has pushed for a two-state peace solution to the
Associated Press (17:49 , 15.02.17 )
On Belgian politicians and Israeli NGOs
Op-ed: All foreign government funding to political NGOs operating in another
Gerald M. Steinberg (14:48 , 14.02.17 )
The AG’s war to protect Israeli democracy
Analysis: The Regulation Law has created one of the most serious constitutional
Tova Tzimuki (23:23 , 13.02.17 )
2.6 million tweets of hate
Op-ed: Different political changes in 2016 served as a catalyst for the rise of
Carol Nuriel (23:28 , 05.02.17 )
US Jews’ identity crisis increasing in Trump era
Op-ed: The passionate embrace that the new American president is receiving from
Yossi Shain (23:46 , 03.02.17 )
For Israeli leader, Trump brings friendship—and
Analysis: While Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to be in step with US President
Associated Press (21:14 , 02.02.17 )
Moral partnership needed between Israel’s
Op-ed: The Right, alongside its obvious pain over the Amona evacuation, should
Yedidia Stern (16:47 , 02.02.17 )
This used to be my home
Op-ed: A day before the Amona evacuation, Yifat Erlich pays a last visit to the
Yifat Erlich (11:37 , 01.02.17 )
Liberal Jewish movements are the solution, not
Op-ed: Orthodoxy, unintentionally, has managed to systematically alienate most
Yizhar Hess (23:50 , 28.01.17 )
Netanyahu was informed in the past that gifts
Analysis: The prime minister’s argument that ‘receiving gifts from friends is
Tova Tzimuki (19:34 , 27.01.17 )
Being a second-class citizen in Israel
Op-ed: Israel’s Arabs have never been a top priority for Israel’s governments
Tami Arad (23:35 , 26.01.17 )
The death of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of
Op-ed: The passing of one of Islamic Republic's Founding fathers, whose record
Jason M. Brodsky (17:59 , 26.01.17 )
How the Security Cabinet should really work
Op-ed: A cabinet discussion on any new issue must be held according to three
Giora Eiland (23:00 , 25.01.17 )
Time to decide: A Jewish Israel or an Arab
Op-ed: Those who believe in a bi-national state as a solution must realize that
Kobi Richter (21:15 , 25.01.17 )
Trump’s Iranian challenge is an opportunity for
Analysis: The question is not whether the new US administration should stick to
Amos Yadlin (23:38 , 20.01.17 )
The freedom to write
Op-ed: I have written in favor of Netanyahu and against the anti-Bibi campaign.
Yifat Erlich (20:06 , 18.01.17 )
Israel and US Jewry moving further apart
Op-ed: The large gap between the feelings of the Jewish majority in Israel and
Shlomo Puterkovsky (15:07 , 17.01.17 )
Why is Obama looking for a ‘legacy’ at Israel’s
Op-ed: The outgoing US president’s irresponsibility is fed by the arrogance of
Yossi Shain (22:57 , 16.01.17 )
Paris peace conference: Wrong message, wrong
Op-ed: Only several weeks ago, the French and Brits raised their hands in favor
Ron Prosor (23:34 , 15.01.17 )
Obama, the effective pragmatist
Op-ed: Within America, the outgoing US president was a successful – almost
Nadav Eyal (23:34 , 14.01.17 )
Stigmas hold back Israel's war on cancer
Op-ed: Ashkenazi Jews are particularly at risk for a genetic, cancer causing
Jacob Dembitzer (13:02 , 14.01.17 )
Paris meeting marks end to Obama's failed
Analysis: With Secretary of State John Kerry admittedly only attending the
Associated Press (23:25 , 13.01.17 )
Jerusalem is undividable
Op-ed: Instead of dividing Israel’s capital, we must expand it and strengthen
Yifat Erlich (23:40 , 12.01.17 )
To pardon the rebellious son?
Op-ed: Sgt. Azaria must be held accountable, for if we pardon him, I fear what
Rabbi Donniel Hartman (16:36 , 11.01.17 )
Anti-Semitism only on our terms
Op-ed: If universities are indicators of social trends, then anti-Semitism is
Asaf Romirowsky (21:27 , 10.01.17 )
Preventing a vehicular attack is nearly
Analysis: While the security forces are closely monitoring social media
Roi Yanovsky (15:30 , 10.01.17 )
Not a drop of compassion at the military court
Op-ed: Elor Azaria made an error in judgement, there is no doubt about it, but
Yifat Erlich (14:56 , 05.01.17 )
Azaria pardon options seem unlikely
Analysis: whether through a presidential pardon or a military one, having a
Yoav Zitun, Yehonatan Bnaya and (23:41 , 04.01.17 )
Key questions for proponents of two states
Op-ed: The idea that dividing Israel and its capital would necessarily lead to
Benjamin Anthony (17:56 , 04.01.17 )
Annex, Bibi, annex
Op-ed: If Netanyahu and Bennett really want to continue the occupation and are
Haim Ramon (23:51 , 02.01.17 )
The bully alliance
Analysis: with the world order changing before our eyes, will big-time bullies
Yoel Esteron (12:00 , 30.12.16 )
So is a honeymoon in US-Israel relations good or
Op-ed: The argument presented by Netanyahu’s opponents appears to have changed
Yossi Shain (00:16 , 28.12.16 )
Radical moves will only deepen our diplomatic
Op-ed: Instead of lashing out at the world’s leading countries, Israel should
Amos Yadlin (15:13 , 27.12.16 )
Trumps pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot
Analysis: The bankruptcy attorney, who represented Trump when his casino was in
Associated Press (19:31 , 26.12.16 )
West’s strategic failure, Muslims’ moral failure
Op-ed: Security forces can do an excellent job trying to prevent terrorism, but
Nadav Eyal (17:57 , 25.12.16 )
Azerbaijan, Israel’s mistress on the Iranian
Analysis: While the Shiite country tends to vote against Israel in international
Prof. Eli Podeh (12:15 , 22.12.16 )
Going back to militant democracy
Op-ed: No one should be surprised with the recent storm of events swirling
Gideon Sa'ar (10:28 , 20.12.16 )
Golan Heights: From annexation to recognition
Op-ed: For the first time in nearly 50 years, there is an historic window of
Zvi Hauser (20:54 , 18.12.16 )
Where has the land of hope gone?
Op-ed: From submarines to attacks on the Supreme Court, from social polarization
Sami Michael (23:23 , 14.12.16 )
Can Netanyahu annul Iran nuclear deal with
Analysis: Despite the PM's intention to work with Donald Trump to abrogate the
Itamar Eichner and Benjamin Tobias (12:43 , 13.12.16 )
Amona residents, don’t resist evacuation
Op-ed: All acts of resisting Israel's government, the state’s institutions and
Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun (12:01 , 13.12.16 )
The year of saving Jewish Jerusalem
Op-ed: ‘The united capital of the Jewish people’ is a divided, bi-national city.
Haim Ramon (16:04 , 10.12.16 )
A sex offender should find no refuge in his
Op-ed: Religious practice involves a great deal of self-discipline and setting
Renee Garfinkel (23:49 , 08.12.16 )
Government incitement is worse than online
Op-ed: While Netanyahu and some of his ministers used every opportunity to
Yossi Dahan (13:45 , 04.12.16 )
Burying the truth with a plea deal
Op-ed: The Buchris plea bargain serves no one. This affair should have reached
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman (13:27 , 03.12.16 )
Hate crimes in US should concern Israel too
Op-ed: Israelis must cry out not just against swastika graffiti, anti-Semitic
Efrat Yardai (13:06 , 01.12.16 )
Netanyahu’s lawyer presents: A finger in every
Analysis: With such a diverse and prestigious list of clients, there is no
Shachar Ginosar, Tsach Shpitsen (23:29 , 30.11.16 )
High Court as Israel’s morality police
Op-ed: It’s time for the High Court of Justice to examine its peculiar policy of
Daniel Friedmann (22:53 , 30.11.16 )
Ideological coalition of the willing
Op-ed: If the US mainstream right wants to get America back on track, it can
Rauf Baker (23:35 , 25.11.16 )
As US Jews suffer, silence falls on Jerusalem
Op-ed: For the first time in two generations, America’s Jews are witnessing the
Nadav Eyal (23:34 , 23.11.16 ) 
State-sponsored chaos
Op-ed: Israel must pass a law to prevent the recurrence of cases like Amona by
Oded Revivi (23:45 , 22.11.16 )
A letter to the Palestinian friends – I don’t
Op-ed: All those involved in settling conflicts – who actually want to solve
Rami Simani (14:08 , 22.11.16 )
Can technology trump Trumpism?
Op-ed: Technological innovation will thrive only when the hundreds of millions
Yoel Esteron, Calcalist (15:57 , 21.11.16 )
Announcing The New State Solution
Op-ed: For decades the world has subscribed to the notion that the two-state
Benjamin Anthony/Our Soldiers Speak (12:12 , 16.11.16 )
Trump era must not be wasted on ‘two-state’
Op-ed: The government can either determine that there is no solution to the
Giora Eiland (20:11 , 15.11.16 )

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