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Israel striking Obama, rooting for Putin
Op-ed: US president must envy his Russian rival for respect he receives in
Efraim Halevy (01:14 , 28.03.14 )
Regional approach, Arab Peace Initiative are key
Opening up a regional discussion track with Arab states, parallel to the
Yuval Rabin, Charles R. Bronfman (01:14 , 28.03.14 )
Give rabbinic monopoly a get
Op-ed: Bayit Yehudi MKs have a rare chance to make a real change, allow freedom
Batya Kahana-Dror‎ (21:31 , 27.03.14 )
Israel must stay out of Ukraine crisis
Op-ed: Our relationship with Russia is not perfect, but Putin combats
Elyakim Haetzni (10:03 , 27.03.14 )
Israeli warnings, attacks won't deter Assad
Analysis: Syrian president operating under influence of Iran and Hezbollah,
Eliezer (Chiney) Marom (00:17 , 27.03.14 )
Responsibility, sense of worth – it’s all
Don’t ask what you can do for your firm – ask what you can do for your society,
Yoel Esteron, Calcalist (00:10 , 26.03.14 )
The American option for Middle East: A variation
Op-ed: Israel should unilaterally implement suggestions which will be proposed
Lawrence J. Epstein (23:41 , 24.03.14 )
US will not forget Ya'alon's insult
Op-ed: Defense Minister's comments will greatly influence American willingness
Alon Pinkas (13:12 , 23.03.14 )
Saving Israel from its corrupt politicians
Op-ed: Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin makes a plea for the silent majority
Yuval Diskin (01:13 , 23.03.14 )
Women creating a new tradition
Op-ed: Secular humanistic rabbi writes about changing reality as more women are
Sivan Maas (15:13 , 22.03.14 )
From friends to foes: Abbas and Dahlan continue
Analysis: Behind the scenes of the power struggle over the Palestinian
Elior Levy (01:16 , 21.03.14 )
Kerry’s gift to Abbas
Op-ed: US secretary of state's criticism of Netanyahu's Jewish statehood demand
Dan Calic (11:17 , 20.03.14 )
Lapid, enough with the gimmicks
Analysis: A year into government's term, it seems public is less fond of finance
Baruch Leshem (00:18 , 20.03.14 )
Obama's strategic challenge in Ukraine
Analysis: Lack of firm US action may provide authorization for a further Russian
Yossi Shain (20:27 , 19.03.14 )
Time to recognize Hamas government
Op-ed: We should take advantage of Hamas' growing dependence on Israel through a
Giora Eiland (00:36 , 19.03.14 )
Calling Mahmoud Abbas' bluff
Op-ed: A smart Netanyahu should change tack, demand Palestinians recognize
Rafael Castro (09:45 , 18.03.14 )
Ukraine casts pall over Iran nuclear talks
Analysis: Crimean crisis may interfere with US and Russian cooperation on
Associated Press (01:09 , 18.03.14 )
In support of Crimean secession
Op-ed: Why are we still pretending the multicultural melting pot model for
Matthew Mainen (09:43 , 17.03.14 )
The making of an Israeli soundtrack
Op-ed: Artistic detachment from Judaic roots diminishes authenticity of Israel’s
Elhazar Rao (10:41 , 15.03.14 )
The fear behind circumcision
Op-ed: How is it possible that even bleeding hearts, pacifists and anarchists,
Yair Eldan (23:28 , 14.03.14 )
What lies behind PA refusal to recognize Jewish
Op-ed: Abbas, rest of Palestinian officials still deny that Jews are a national
Shaul Rosenfeld (19:50 , 12.03.14 )
The truth about Israel
Op-ed: For millions of Jews, Muslims and Christians, Israel is a safe haven in a
Tomer Kornfeld (11:36 , 12.03.14 )
Turkey's unforgettable Jewish history
Op-ed: Israel and Turkey have enjoyed mutual love and cooperation on an
Adnan Oktar (13:01 , 11.03.14 )
Time for Plan B for Mideast conflict
Op-ed: Palestinians will never accept any peace plan, no matter how reasonable
Lawrence J. Epstein (00:12 , 11.03.14 )
The transparent Palestinians
Op-ed: Majority of Hebron Arabs work and make a living in surrounding Jewish
Elyakim Haetzni (10:43 , 10.03.14 )
Irrational ire invoked at Israel
Op-ed: No other nation or people have engendered such a plethora of movements,
Dan Calic (09:55 , 09.03.14 )
FIFA helping violate human rights
Op-ed: In its decision to allow head covers during matches, football's governing
Sharon Davidovitch (08:09 , 08.03.14 )
Attack on Syria-Lebanon border: A risk worth
Analysis: Latest alleged Israeli strike added Hezbollah and Iran into the game,
Eliezer (Chiney) Marom (10:41 , 05.03.14 )
What Ukraine can learn from Israeli-Palestinian
Op-ed: Borders are not sacred; only people and their right to self-determination
Rafael Castro (13:58 , 04.03.14 )
Obama giving Netanyahu one last chance
Analysis: White House has failed to find any signs indicating that Israel's
Orly Azoulay (20:11 , 03.03.14 )
Haredi draft law is a real danger
Op-ed: Sticking fingers in eyes of haredim with criminal sanctions pushes
Yedidia Stern (19:20 , 02.03.14 )
Secular Judaism is still heart of Zionism
Op-ed: I would like to live in a country where I can wake up on Saturday morning
Elisheva Mazya (09:43 , 01.03.14 )
Arabs, don't give Lieberman ammunition
Op-ed: Israel's Arabs must decide who they are. Those who see themselves as
Ali Zahalka (12:58 , 28.02.14 )
Palestinians getting free electricity from
Op-ed: While Israelis who fail to pay their electric bills are immediately cut
Gideon Eshet (08:12 , 28.02.14 )
Professional army won't work in Israel
Op-ed: The 'people's army' was and will continue to be vital in maintaining the
Giora Eiland (23:37 , 27.02.14 )
Many haredim are hungry for work
Op-ed: Yeshiva graduates can’t get a job because of the prejudice against them
Yerach Toker (07:44 , 27.02.14 )
Israeli society needs responsible leaders
Op-ed: In the past decade, our leadership has been guided by the notion that it
Bambi Sheleg (23:26 , 26.02.14 )
Israel, beware 'Jewish statehood' trap
Op-ed: Would we agree to recognize the Palestinians' right to an 'Arab-Muslim'
Efraim Halevy (00:21 , 26.02.14 )
For Alice Herz-Sommer, life was beautiful
Op-ed: The world's oldest Holocaust survivor did not let the great tragedy in
Tamar Ish Shalom (17:31 , 25.02.14 )
'Apartheid' is not just a word
Op-ed: Use of phrase 'Israeli apartheid' is key part of campaign to label
Yossi Shain (09:57 , 25.02.14 )
Germany escaping its past by lecturing Israel
Analysis: Has Germany done enough to justify Israeli trust or has it focused its
Eldad Beck, Berlin (15:53 , 24.02.14 )
Israel is not alone, has an abiding friend in
In exclusive op-ed, the German foreign minister vows his nation's enduring
Frank-Walter Steinmeier (08:47 , 24.02.14 )
Schulz's deceitful truth
Op-ed: When your 'facts' come from Ramallah and are cross-referenced with the
Shaul Rosenfeld (00:25 , 24.02.14 )
The threat of Israel boycotts more bark than
Contrary to Israel's growing concern that boycotters are economically isolating
Crispian Balmer, Reuters (00:25 , 24.02.14 )
Open letter to visitors at Israeli Apartheid
There is no difference between Jewish extremists, who don't recognize the
Yishai Mishor, Oded Steinberg, Oxford (15:38 , 23.02.14 )
World silent over Arab intolerance of gays
Op-ed: EU and human rights groups prefer to demonize liberal Israel than to
Shoula Romano Horing (09:17 , 20.02.14 )
Anti-boycott dispute is purely political
Op-ed: The State of Israel has the right to combat boycotts, but are the
Daniel Friedmann (17:11 , 19.02.14 )
Why Israel needs a president
Op-ed: A country which sees itself as part of the family of nations has to have
Tami Arad (17:26 , 18.02.14 )
Israel needs to be smart on Iran
Op-ed: The disasterous attempt to sway American policy on Iran's nuclear program
Efraim Halevy (11:34 , 18.02.14 )
In nuclear talks, UK is not relying on Iran's
Op-ed: 'I know Israelis worry Iran will develop nuclear weapons under our noses.
Matthew Gould (01:26 , 18.02.14 )
If we don’t divide Jerusalem, we'll lose it
Op-ed: Within a decade, Jerusalem will have a Palestinian majority. In the next
Moshe Amirav (17:12 , 17.02.14 )
Kerry's wise peacemaking tricks
Analysis: The US secretary of state is successfully maneuvering between the
Alex Mintz (00:09 , 17.02.14 )
Anti-boycott law breeds boycotts
Op-ed: Law considering a boycott call a civil offense is a dangerous attempt by
Boaz Okon (19:50 , 16.02.14 )
Spain must apologize to the Jewish people
Op-ed: Instead of trying to bring Israeli Jews to Spain, the Spanish government
Pinchas Goldschmidt (09:44 , 16.02.14 )
Jerusalem: A city at peace with war
Op-ed: One cannot be in Jerusalem without experiencing extraordinary madness of
Elahzar Rao (18:44 , 15.02.14 )
My brother, John Kerry, is a passionate and
Exclusive to Yedioth Ahronoth: Secretary of state's brother explains in a
Cameron Kerry (21:35 , 14.02.14 )
In 21st century, Holocaust denial is easy
Op-ed: Technology allows haters to deny the Shoah's occurrence with a simple
Noga Gur Arieh (19:35 , 14.02.14 )
Bennett's great settlement bluff will be exposed
Op-ed: The Israeli settlement enterprise is overwhelmingly based on economic
Shaul Arieli (00:12 , 14.02.14 )
Oxfam's hypocrisy on Israel boycott
Op-ed: While the international charity says it doesn't fund 'activities' calling
Yaniv Halily (22:11 , 12.02.14 )
Netanyahu fights with Obama at Israel's expense
Op-ed: Netanyahu may be allowed to base his future and welfare on one private
Amnon Abramovich (00:55 , 12.02.14 )
One nationality is all we need
Op-ed: Those seeking a foreign passport must make a choice, because when it
Anat Lev-Adler (19:46 , 11.02.14 )
The people's army is falling apart
Analysis: MKs are busy striking deals at the IDF's expense, while the hesder
Yossi Yehoshua (09:39 , 11.02.14 )
Staying on the land is the answer
Op-ed: Will State of Israel leave settlers to their fate, or take responsibility
Elyakim Haetzni (16:13 , 10.02.14 )
IDF chief's silence on haredi draft
Analysis: Public expects supreme commander to voice his opinion on equal share
Yossi Yehoshua (09:59 , 10.02.14 )
Haredi MKs must give up immunity
Op-ed: Knesset member inciting against High Court judges should pay the price
Ziv Lenchner (18:40 , 09.02.14 )
Let IDF choose its recruits
Analysis: IDF has surplus of soldiers, shortage of quality manpower, new draft
Yossi Yehoshua (10:08 , 07.02.14 )
Kerry’s piece process
Op-ed: So-called 'peace process' is an attempt to bully Israel under threat of
Dan Calic (00:18 , 07.02.14 )
The Rabbinate's Michelin guide
Op-ed: Kashrut reform shows that when it comes to protecting public Jewishness,
Aviad Kleinberg (16:01 , 05.02.14 )
An EU boycott could be good for Israel
Op-ed: Thanks to the US dollar, European boycott threats could achieve the
Dr. Adam Reuter (09:12 , 05.02.14 )
Back to Auschwitz to prove we won
Op-ed: Is there a more symbolic way than the Knesset delegation to Auschwitz of
Noah Klieger (19:18 , 04.02.14 )
Bennett, leave the coalition now!
Op-ed: Quitting government may be Habayit Hayehudi's only chance of stopping
Yoel Meltzer (10:01 , 04.02.14 )
Anti-Semitism in Europe? Not a problem
Op-ed: EU has found an efficient way of fighting anti-Semitism – completely
Eldad Beck (13:10 , 03.02.14 )
Boycott Israel’s boycotters
Op-ed: If Europeans, Arabs and their academic and corporate supporters want to
Shoula Romano Horing (09:25 , 03.02.14 )
Israel and the American Dream
Op-ed: Jewish state cannot continue to be preserved unless its citizens are
Elahzar Rao (14:46 , 01.02.14 )
Israel mustn't give up its security valley
Op-ed: An IDF withdrawal from the Jordan Valley will leave the State of Israel
Yiftah Ron-Tal (09:13 , 31.01.14 )
Take initiative to avoid isolation
Op-ed: Israel must make a strategic move which will restore its relations with
Eliezer (Chiney) Marom (00:30 , 31.01.14 )
The Holocaust remembrance industry
Op-ed: Why did dozens of Israeli officials spend public money going to Auschwitz
Anat Meidan (16:05 , 30.01.14 )
The cost of peace, the price of boycott
Analysis: Based on the disengagement experience, the direct cost of evacuating
Giora Eiland (00:25 , 30.01.14 )
Sharing a united Jerusalem
Op-ed: There are several benefits to EU or UN-led security forces enforcing
Rafael Castro (08:49 , 29.01.14 )
My 148th visit to Auschwitz
Op-ed: Noah Klieger explains why he insists on returning to death camp he
Noah Klieger (11:05 , 28.01.14 )

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