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Israelis must let go of self-flagellation
Op-ed: If those who write about how expensive it is here and why we shouldn't
Elisheva Mazya (00:14 , 11.10.14 )
'Heil Hitler' in the heart of London
Op-ed: Image in front of me at Madame Tussauds wax museum was very similar to
Noga Gur Arieh (08:25 , 10.10.14 )
Netanyahu's biggest sin is inaction
Op-ed: While he has plans of action for the entire world, Israel's prime
Aviad Kleinberg (00:04 , 09.10.14 )
US-led airstrikes against Islamic State produce
Analysis: There's only so much that can be done from the air. IS fighters have
Associated Press (23:50 , 07.10.14 )
Hezbollah has changed the rules of the game
Analysis: While IDF was busy with budget wars and failed to properly equip
Yossi Yehoshua (09:41 , 06.10.14 )
Importance of media balance on Gaza war
Op-ed: While parts of mainstream media in Britain learned lessons from previous
Yiftah Curiel (09:43 , 05.10.14 )
Obama has given up on Netanyahu
Analysis: US president has decided not to confront Israeli prime minister
Orly Azoulay (00:34 , 03.10.14 )
Time to share the wealth in Israel
Op-ed: While some regional councils benefit from high municipal taxes, those who
Yael Tzadok (00:22 , 02.10.14 )
Netanyahu's double standard
Op-ed: Prime minister is good at making demands of others that he himself would
Aviad Kleinberg (15:23 , 01.10.14 ) 
Obama still has time to change his approach
Op-ed: For too long, US president tried to avoid a real discussion of Islam's
Yossi Shain (00:26 , 30.09.14 )
Lapid's numbers don't add up
Op-ed: Senior Treasury officials are unable to explain how the state intends to
Gad Lior (13:02 , 29.09.14 )
Abbas' strategic threat could be more dangerous
Op-ed: Palestinian leader's initiative to isolate Israel is not aimed at
Michael Oren (00:08 , 29.09.14 )
Give Gazans something to lose
Op-ed: Fundamental upgrade of Gaza Strip's economy will significantly decrease
Eran Yashiv (00:22 , 28.09.14 )
Islamic State has brought us back to the Middle
Op-ed: Religious fundamentalism is a monster with a ticking time bomb of
Oz Almog (01:49 , 25.09.14 )
Three resolutions for Jewish New Year
Op-ed: UK will continue to uphold clear and unequivocal line that separates
Matthew Gould (23:32 , 24.09.14 )
Holot ruling proves democracy's strength
Op-ed: Despite Israel's sensitive situation, Supreme Court is insisting on
Tova Tzimuki (00:25 , 24.09.14 )
US must opt for different strategy against
Analysis: To prevent jihadist organization from spreading and redeveloping
Israel Ziv (17:30 , 23.09.14 )
What cabinet's military discussions should
Op-ed: Instead of delving into details of plan presented by IDF, ministers
Giora Eiland (00:50 , 23.09.14 )
Netanyahu's stalemate policy based on a fantasy
Op-ed: Prime minister sees no solution to the Palestinian problem apart from
Tami Arad (00:07 , 22.09.14 )
Break Hamas stranglehold on Gaza
Op-ed: Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma says new cross-border
Dave Sharma (19:30 , 21.09.14 )
The Gaza op cover-up
Op-ed: As long as Israel fails to conduct independent investigations into grave
Sawsan Zaher (01:16 , 21.09.14 )
Iran is much more dangerous than ISIS
Op-ed: Obama must be careful not to 'degrade and destroy' jihadist organization
Shoula Romano Horing (00:24 , 21.09.14 )
A moment of hope to begin new year
Op-ed: Rosh Hashana is a time to remember those struggling daily for basic needs
Yael Eckstein (23:30 , 18.09.14 )
Out of the race
Analysis: Defense minister declared 'next chief of staff will be appointed from
Yossi Yehoshua (22:58 , 17.09.14 )
Former IDF rabbi caught in middle of deep
Analysis: Economy Minister Bennett was the only one who professionally
Yossi Yehoshua (10:54 , 17.09.14 )
For Israel's leaders, it all about victory
Op-ed: With a leadership loyal to the perception of 'conflict management,' it
Shaul Arieli (20:47 , 16.09.14 )
Cracks forming in Israel's defensive shield
Analysis: As the security situation in Jerusalem worsens, we must deeply analyze
Efraim Halevy (00:21 , 16.09.14 )
Refusniks do not represent 8200
Op-ed: Former Military Intelligence chief says refusal letter's signatories took
Amos Yadlin (08:41 , 15.09.14 )
Israeli-Americans, your votes count!
Op-ed: We don’t care who you vote for – Republican, Democrat or Independent – as
Matt Solomon (22:33 , 14.09.14 )
World seems to have forgotten Holocaust
Op-ed: Anti-Israel and anti-Jewish groups have created an equation in which
Yitzhak Eldan (00:12 , 14.09.14 )
Israel's security problems require unique
Analysis: A deep understanding of our strategic situation in the Middle East
Issac Ben-Israel (08:14 , 12.09.14 )
Israel shouldn't give up on Europe
Op-ed: An increasing number of Europeans, who are realizing the dangers posed by
Esther Lopatin (01:08 , 12.09.14 )
Islamic State left Obama with no other choice
Analysis: Even Obama can't believe that instead of stopping the wars started by
Orly Azoulay (11:53 , 11.09.14 )
A unique opportunity for a regional alliance
Op-ed: In order to join the club of Arab states seeking to stop radical Islam,
Aviad Kleinberg (00:30 , 11.09.14 )
Israel needs a professional army
Op-ed: Operation Protective Edge shows the need for a smart army comprising
Yaron Lerman (12:39 , 10.09.14 )
ISIS battles al-Qaeda for leadership of global
Analysis: As the Islamic State gains prominence through its achievements,
Yoram Schweitzer, Shani Avita (01:13 , 10.09.14 )
Who really won the Gaza war?
Op-ed: In the Yom Kippur War, both sides' ability to claim victory paved the way
Efraim Halevy (12:05 , 09.09.14 )
Even peace laureate Obama can't escape Iraq war
Analysis: The president who kept his promise and withdrew US forces from Iraq is
Yitzhak Benhorin (10:55 , 09.09.14 )
What's up for discussion when we talk about
Analysis: Type of expertise NATO will turn to in order to make sense of new
Trine Villumsen Berling (19:14 , 08.09.14 )
Creating a strong axis for peace
Op-ed: Lack of vigorous activity for a reality of two states for two people is
Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher, Orni Petruschka (20:50 , 07.09.14 )
Hunger Games, Israeli style
Op-ed: Israelis are statistics in a regional game: Our children are sent to
Tami Arad (11:32 , 07.09.14 )
Israel won Gaza war after all
Op-ed: There is not a single parameter in which Hamas is better off today than
Isaac Ben-Israel (00:28 , 07.09.14 )
ISIS poses an impossible dilemma for Obama
Analysis: Can a strategy even be devised against a stateless, borderless or
Alon Pinkas (23:36 , 05.09.14 )
Israel's next war will be fought on northern
Op-ed: What worked in fight against Hamas might not be enough in fight against
Yossi Yehoshua (20:35 , 05.09.14 )
US helpless in the face of ISIS
Analysis: America has learned once again that ideology and feelings of
Orly Azoulay (00:51 , 05.09.14 )
ISIS is no existential threat to Israel
Analysis: Despite trail of horrors it is leaving behind, jihadist group is
Amos Yadlin (13:56 , 03.09.14 )
To my dear grandson, on your first day of school
In a personal letter, President Rivlin tells grandson Shai and the children of
Reuven Rivlin (11:34 , 01.09.14 )
Making a weakened Israel into a political
Op-ed: Only by shrugging off its inertia and going full steam ahead on a
Yuval Diskin (01:12 , 29.08.14 )
Who's afraid of the big, bad boycott?
Anyone seriously seeking to boycott Israeli products would have a hard time
Adam Reuter (00:17 , 28.08.14 )
The victory of Hamas
What drives Hamas to attack, even though in doing so it suffers heavy losses, is
Rafael Castro (15:09 , 27.08.14 )
An open letter to the Ummah
Op-ed: Facebook is riddled with unintelligent remarks, and Google only reveals
Rafael Castro (00:26 , 25.08.14 )
A new paradigm For Muslim-Jewish dialogue
Alliance of moderate Mideast nations, including Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
Rabbi Marc Schneier (13:06 , 24.08.14 )
The war for hearts and minds
Even when we think that we have crushed them with unbearable blows, Gazans'
Baruch Leshem (01:31 , 23.08.14 )
Taking the battle to Schabas' own court
Israel should set up to parallel commissions of inquiry - one into the conflict
Eytan Gilboa (11:47 , 19.08.14 )
Defeat in Gaza, victory in Cairo
Israel needs to reach an agreement in Egypt to end the fighting in Gaza, or it
Efraim Halevy (14:00 , 18.08.14 )
Despite the accent, Netanyahu clueless about
Op-ed: Though he markets himself as an expert on US, prime minister responsible
Alon Pinkas (01:11 , 17.08.14 )
What harms the US harms Israel
Analysis: Israel needs bipartisan support in America and Netanyahu's meddling in
Orly Azoulay (20:12 , 16.08.14 )
Gaza: How we got here and what next?
Op-ed: Any post Gaza reconstruction is going to highlight the pursuit of a fake
Donna Robinson Divine, Asaf Romirowsky (22:07 , 15.08.14 )
Where is the deterrence we were promised?
Op-ed: Hamas entered Gaza war as a rejected and crushed organization, and is
Amnon Abramovich (00:58 , 15.08.14 )
Israel stands to lose from boycotting UN
Op-ed: Israel must maximize opportunity to present evidence of its efforts to
Frances Raday (00:04 , 15.08.14 )
International media failed professionally and
Op-ed: According to civilian death toll measure, Nazi Germany – which had one
Eytan Gilboa (00:54 , 13.08.14 )
Hannibal Directive is the beginning of fascism
Op-ed: Protocol promoting idea that a soldier's life is expendable for good of
Uri Arad (15:01 , 12.08.14 )
Gazans must get rid of Hamas
Op-ed: We Palestinians can no longer deny our responsibility for the death of
Bassem Eid (10:45 , 12.08.14 )
The IDF has lost its creativity
Op-ed: Instead of targeting Hamas leaders, Israeli army is destroying their
Michael Bar-Zohar (01:12 , 11.08.14 )
Gantz's anemones speech
Op-ed: It is unclear what made the IDF chief of staff deliver such an optimistic
Yossi Yehoshua (20:44 , 10.08.14 )
A salute to our fallen soldiers
Op-ed: Before going back to our routine life, we must remember the 64 men who
Lital Dobrovitzky (00:25 , 10.08.14 )
The international media's hypocrisy - the Hamas
Op-ed: Most of the international media have decided for you in advance that
Yossi Levy (18:05 , 09.08.14 )
Hamas' imaginary victory in Gaza war
Op-ed: The military balance in the recent round is so clearly in favor of
Isaac Ben-Israel (23:54 , 08.08.14 )
Reconstruction in return for demilitarization
Op-ed: Israel must make it clear that every truck of cement entering Gaza from
Zvi Hauser (15:04 , 05.08.14 )
In Gaza, there is no such thing as 'innocent
Op-ed: Fighting an enemy state with one hand while supplying food and energy to
Giora Eiland (00:23 , 05.08.14 )
Israel should engage international community to
Current Gaza op gives Israel a chance to invest in long-term peace, but first
Brent Sasley (00:45 , 04.08.14 )
Conflict escalation leads to three possible
Analysis: Due to refusal to compromise on both ends, possible endgames include
Dan Perry (23:33 , 01.08.14 )
Tunnel vision: Digging for tunnels, attacking
Analysis: IDF intelligence forces say Hamas efforts to dig Gaza terror tunnels
Yossi Yehoshua (01:08 , 31.07.14 )
Demilitarization will have to wait
Analysis: Obama sees Gaza's demilitarization as a realistic and desirable goal,
Efraim Halevy (00:55 , 30.07.14 )
Drawing a line in the sand
Op-ed: Israel does not need to provide Western leaders and media with gruesome
Avital Sahar (00:44 , 30.07.14 )
The unilateral route: A third option against
Analysis: Active Egyptian involvement in Gaza Strip after Israeli withdrawal
Israel Ziv (00:51 , 29.07.14 )
Kerry wounded in action in Middle East
Op-ed: US secretary of state could have avoided unnecessary insults had he been
Alon Pinkas (19:32 , 28.07.14 )
Arbitration by a dwindling empire
The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is in search of a responsible adult to
Orly Azoulay (19:17 , 28.07.14 )
A journey through a ghost Hamas neighborhood
Ynet correspondent Yoav Zitun joins Maglan fighters as they enter Gaza in a
Yoav Zitun (01:08 , 28.07.14 )
Economic policies will bring more stable peace
Op-ed: Israel should use economic initiatives in Gaza, that international
Dr. Adam Reuter (00:27 , 28.07.14 )

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