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ISIS is no existential threat to Israel
Analysis: Despite trail of horrors it is leaving behind, jihadist group is
Amos Yadlin (13:56 , 03.09.14 )
To my dear grandson, on your first day of school
In a personal letter, President Rivlin tells grandson Shai and the children of
Reuven Rivlin (11:34 , 01.09.14 )
Making a weakened Israel into a political
Op-ed: Only by shrugging off its inertia and going full steam ahead on a
Yuval Diskin (01:12 , 29.08.14 )
Who's afraid of the big, bad boycott?
Anyone seriously seeking to boycott Israeli products would have a hard time
Adam Reuter (00:17 , 28.08.14 )
The victory of Hamas
What drives Hamas to attack, even though in doing so it suffers heavy losses, is
Rafael Castro (15:09 , 27.08.14 )
An open letter to the Ummah
Op-ed: Facebook is riddled with unintelligent remarks, and Google only reveals
Rafael Castro (00:26 , 25.08.14 )
A new paradigm For Muslim-Jewish dialogue
Alliance of moderate Mideast nations, including Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
Rabbi Marc Schneier (13:06 , 24.08.14 )
The war for hearts and minds
Even when we think that we have crushed them with unbearable blows, Gazans'
Baruch Leshem (01:31 , 23.08.14 )
Taking the battle to Schabas' own court
Israel should set up to parallel commissions of inquiry - one into the conflict
Eytan Gilboa (11:47 , 19.08.14 )
Defeat in Gaza, victory in Cairo
Israel needs to reach an agreement in Egypt to end the fighting in Gaza, or it
Efraim Halevy (14:00 , 18.08.14 )
Despite the accent, Netanyahu clueless about
Op-ed: Though he markets himself as an expert on US, prime minister responsible
Alon Pinkas (01:11 , 17.08.14 )
What harms the US harms Israel
Analysis: Israel needs bipartisan support in America and Netanyahu's meddling in
Orly Azoulay (20:12 , 16.08.14 )
Gaza: How we got here and what next?
Op-ed: Any post Gaza reconstruction is going to highlight the pursuit of a fake
Donna Robinson Divine, Asaf Romirowsky (22:07 , 15.08.14 )
Where is the deterrence we were promised?
Op-ed: Hamas entered Gaza war as a rejected and crushed organization, and is
Amnon Abramovich (00:58 , 15.08.14 )
Israel stands to lose from boycotting UN
Op-ed: Israel must maximize opportunity to present evidence of its efforts to
Frances Raday (00:04 , 15.08.14 )
International media failed professionally and
Op-ed: According to civilian death toll measure, Nazi Germany – which had one
Eytan Gilboa (00:54 , 13.08.14 )
Hannibal Directive is the beginning of fascism
Op-ed: Protocol promoting idea that a soldier's life is expendable for good of
Uri Arad (15:01 , 12.08.14 )
Gazans must get rid of Hamas
Op-ed: We Palestinians can no longer deny our responsibility for the death of
Bassem Eid (10:45 , 12.08.14 )
The IDF has lost its creativity
Op-ed: Instead of targeting Hamas leaders, Israeli army is destroying their
Michael Bar-Zohar (01:12 , 11.08.14 )
Gantz's anemones speech
Op-ed: It is unclear what made the IDF chief of staff deliver such an optimistic
Yossi Yehoshua (20:44 , 10.08.14 )
A salute to our fallen soldiers
Op-ed: Before going back to our routine life, we must remember the 64 men who
Lital Dobrovitzky (00:25 , 10.08.14 )
The international media's hypocrisy - the Hamas
Op-ed: Most of the international media have decided for you in advance that
Yossi Levy (18:05 , 09.08.14 )
Hamas' imaginary victory in Gaza war
Op-ed: The military balance in the recent round is so clearly in favor of
Isaac Ben-Israel (23:54 , 08.08.14 )
Reconstruction in return for demilitarization
Op-ed: Israel must make it clear that every truck of cement entering Gaza from
Zvi Hauser (15:04 , 05.08.14 )
In Gaza, there is no such thing as 'innocent
Op-ed: Fighting an enemy state with one hand while supplying food and energy to
Giora Eiland (00:23 , 05.08.14 )
Israel should engage international community to
Current Gaza op gives Israel a chance to invest in long-term peace, but first
Brent Sasley (00:45 , 04.08.14 )
Conflict escalation leads to three possible
Analysis: Due to refusal to compromise on both ends, possible endgames include
Dan Perry (23:33 , 01.08.14 )
Tunnel vision: Digging for tunnels, attacking
Analysis: IDF intelligence forces say Hamas efforts to dig Gaza terror tunnels
Yossi Yehoshua (01:08 , 31.07.14 )
Demilitarization will have to wait
Analysis: Obama sees Gaza's demilitarization as a realistic and desirable goal,
Efraim Halevy (00:55 , 30.07.14 )
Drawing a line in the sand
Op-ed: Israel does not need to provide Western leaders and media with gruesome
Avital Sahar (00:44 , 30.07.14 )
The unilateral route: A third option against
Analysis: Active Egyptian involvement in Gaza Strip after Israeli withdrawal
Israel Ziv (00:51 , 29.07.14 )
Kerry wounded in action in Middle East
Op-ed: US secretary of state could have avoided unnecessary insults had he been
Alon Pinkas (19:32 , 28.07.14 )
Arbitration by a dwindling empire
The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is in search of a responsible adult to
Orly Azoulay (19:17 , 28.07.14 )
A journey through a ghost Hamas neighborhood
Ynet correspondent Yoav Zitun joins Maglan fighters as they enter Gaza in a
Yoav Zitun (01:08 , 28.07.14 )
Economic policies will bring more stable peace
Op-ed: Israel should use economic initiatives in Gaza, that international
Dr. Adam Reuter (00:27 , 28.07.14 )
Gaza op exposing radical left's disgrace
Op-ed: The picture of 'good' and 'evil' in this war is so clear, that the left's
Oz Almog (01:11 , 27.07.14 )
Terror tunnels, embargoes and human rights
Op-ed: Hundreds of rockets fired into Israel and discovery of dozens of
Josh Bacon (13:08 , 25.07.14 )
Removing tunnel threat not a matter of days
Analysis: IDF commanders returning from Gaza's underground front believe it
Yossi Yehoshua (01:10 , 25.07.14 )
The return of the axis of evil
Analysis: After Syrian civil war created rift between Hamas, Iran, Syria and
Roi Kais (01:10 , 25.07.14 )
How Hamas is dehumanizing the Arab world
Op-ed: Physician, refugee of South Africa apartheid laments Hamas' choices and
Jeremy Levin (20:39 , 24.07.14 )
Those who scream their hatred don't represent
Op-ed: Real Israeli discourse, which is shared by 99% of residents, isn't filled
Yair Lapid (00:58 , 24.07.14 )
Israel must increase military pressure while
Analysis: Ground operation should be expanded deep into the southern Strip's
Yuval Diskin (13:43 , 22.07.14 )
Tunnel threat could have been removed long ago
Analysis: Why have Israel's leaders waited until now to deal with underground
Yossi Yehoshua (01:12 , 22.07.14 )
How Gaza became an underground monster
Analysis: IDF has unearthed 13 tunnels as part of its ground operation in Strip
Elior Levy (00:55 , 21.07.14 )
Gaza: A terrorist state or an enemy state?
Op-ed: Israel should regard Hamas as a legitimate enemy in order to reach either
A. B. Yehoshua (01:41 , 20.07.14 )
Egypt trying to harm Hamas with ceasefire
Analysis: By not including Hamas in ceasefire negotiations, Egyptians trying to
Yasmine Saleh - Reuters (19:06 , 18.07.14 )
Safer under missiles in Tel Aviv than on the
Sitting on my couch in Tel Aviv, I suddenly realized that I was worried about my
Marion Bernard (12:04 , 17.07.14 )
Failed truce seen as opportunity to thwart
Analysis: IDF echelon is pushing for a limited ground operation in Gaza in a bid
Yossi Yehoshua (10:36 , 16.07.14 )
A hotbed of hatred created by Hamas
Op-ed: Islamic organization has thrown Palestinian and Israeli societies into an
Eli Amir (01:04 , 15.07.14 )
How do we cease the fire?
Analysis: In order to create more stability and deterrence, Israel's strategy
Giora Eiland (00:40 , 15.07.14 )
Israel's goal must be demilitarization of Gaza
Analysis: Ahead of ceasefire, IDF must demand a complete stop to rocket
Yossi Yehoshua (13:17 , 14.07.14 )
It's time for a ceasefire
Op-ed: If Israel's strategic purpose was to create deterrence, it seems to have
Amos Yadlin (01:52 , 14.07.14 )
Take care of missiles, not Hamas
Op-ed: The problem in Gaza should be redefined: Israel needs to get the missiles
Zvi Hauser (19:08 , 11.07.14 )
Hamas is fighting, but Israel is winning
Op-ed: Islamic organization wanted blood, but mostly succeeded in disrupting
Hanoch Daum (00:25 , 11.07.14 )
The Middle Eastern paradox: If you want peace,
Analysis: Israel made a strategic mistake by informing Hamas that it does not
Yitzhak Ben Yisrael (09:55 , 10.07.14 )
IDF's hesitant opening strike
Analysis: While Hamas was well prepared for conflict, Israeli army missed
Yossi Yehoshua (00:39 , 10.07.14 )
History unlikely to repeat itself
Analysis: Even if Israel launches wide-scale operation in Gaza, it will be a
Giora Eiland (02:36 , 09.07.14 )
It's in our hands to put an end to bloodshed
Exclusive: Israel's outgoing president and president-elect call on Jews and
Shimon Peres, Reuven Rivlin (12:15 , 07.07.14 )
Sane people on each side, unite!
Op-ed: Jewish and Arab leaders must work to stop the journeys of revenge before
Ali Zahalka (00:07 , 07.07.14 )
The Palestinian war on children
Op-ed: Depraved exploitation and abuse of children as targets and weapons will
Anne Herzberg (23:18 , 04.07.14 )
Hamas in Gaza preferable to ISIS in Gaza
Op-ed: This is probably the worst timing to talk about interests shared by
Efraim Halevy (01:42 , 04.07.14 )
Alongside military threat, Israel must turn to
Analysis: Our goal should be to disarm Hamas by gaining wide support from
Israel Ziv (00:55 , 03.07.14 )
Israel has an opportunity for a long-lasting
Analysis: In order to effectively punish Hamas, Israeli operation's goal should
Giora Eiland (08:32 , 02.07.14 )
Where do we go from here?
Op-ed: Was the brutal murder of three Israeli teens also the death of peace, or
Arsen Ostrovsky (21:06 , 01.07.14 )
ISIS crisis has more chaos to spare
Analysis: ISIS appears ready to continue its conquests. How far can the
John-Michael Kibrick (22:11 , 29.06.14 )
Come for the boys
Parents of kidnapped teen Naftali Frenkel urge Israeli people to turn up for
Avi and Rachel Frenkel (15:53 , 29.06.14 )
Israel arresting killers, but letting
Op-ed: It's time to deal with Nazi-like propaganda and education systems
Elyakim Haetzni (00:02 , 28.06.14 )
Boycotting Israel in the name of Jesus
Op-ed: Presbyterian Church's divestment decision has far-reaching implications
Yitzhak Santis (12:06 , 27.06.14 )
Not all Israeli Arabs are like Hanin Zoabi
Op-ed: Arab educator promises kidnapped teens' parents that most of State of
Jalal Safadi (00:20 , 27.06.14 )
Ultra-Orthodox integration: It takes two to
Op-ed: It is unreasonable to think that only ultra-Orthodox society must change.
Haim Zicherman (21:42 , 26.06.14 )
Fence may have prevented abduction
Op-ed: Under pressure from settlers, defense establishment failed to complete
Shaul Arieli (21:50 , 23.06.14 )
If you can't treat Palestinian kids, go back to
Op-ed: MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi writes open letter to Israeli physician who expressed
Ahmad Tibi (13:03 , 22.06.14 )
From a Jewish mother to an Arab one
Op-ed: Connection between mother and son is an important characteristic of Arab
Bambi Sheleg (11:26 , 21.06.14 )
Political correctness playing role in clash of
Op-ed: When media define Muslim groups that kidnap and murder innocent people as
Dan Calic (17:29 , 20.06.14 )
Israeli officials: We're facing escalation on
Analysis: Facing pressure from both Palestinian Authority and Israel, Hamas is
Elior Levy (13:36 , 20.06.14 )
By condemning abduction, Abbas proved he's a
Analysis: Palestinian president chose to go against Palestinian public opinion
Dr. Ido Zelkovitz (00:25 , 20.06.14 )
Israel must take calculated action against Hamas
Analysis: We must take into account that destroying Islamic organization will
Israel Ziv (00:29 , 19.06.14 )
A justified NIS 1 billion addition for IDF
Analysis: In light of geopolitical situation in our region, we must not let
Eliezer (Chiney) Marom (00:29 , 19.06.14 )
It's time to ask Shin Bet some questions
Analysis: Why was there no warning against kidnapping? What happened to Israel's
Yossi Yehoshua (15:26 , 18.06.14 )
'Shrapnel in Israel's backside' is bleeding
Op-ed: Teens' abduction was expected, as loss of hope on Palestinian side and
Yariv Oppenheimer (08:30 , 18.06.14 )

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