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'Peace initiative' is a dead-end road
Op-ed: Netanyahu is doing the right and responsible thing by avoiding a peace
Giora Eiland (13:23 , 11.03.15 )
Meir Dagan is a true patriot
Op-ed: Anyone capable of comparing dock workers and Israel Broadcasting
Yuval Diskin (00:44 , 11.03.15 )
Sharing election fever, sharing values
Op-ed: As both Israeli and British citizens go to the polls, they can be proud
Matthew Gould (14:21 , 07.03.15 )
Hasn't Germany learned anything from its
Op-ed: Germany has discovered the most efficient way to fight anti-Semitism:
Eldad Beck (23:37 , 06.03.15 )
The European jihadist factory
Op-ed: Until Europe resolves its own identity crisis, it cannot successfully
Elie Barnavi (12:27 , 06.03.15 )
Syria's Iranization becoming real strategic
Analysis: If Iran succeeds in its plan to nationalize Golan Heights and gain
Israel Ziv (23:56 , 05.03.15 )
An American administration with a grudge
Analysis: Obama is praying for change of leadership in Israel; if Netanyahu gets
Eytan Gilboa (13:25 , 05.03.15 )
Netanyahu talks the talk, but that's it
Op-ed: The prime minister didn't want Israel to become an apartheid state, but
Amnon Abramovich (14:19 , 04.03.15 )
Netanyahu was preaching to the choir
Op-ed: Despite his attempts to butter up the American public with Biblical
Omer Benjakob and Roei Eisenberg (23:50 , 03.03.15 )
Why is Netanyahu treating Obama so badly?
Op-ed: While US president hasn't expressed his love for Israel publicly, his
Alon Pinkas (22:42 , 03.03.15 )
Netanyahu's Congress speech will have to bring
Op-ed: If the prime minister's speech does indeed spur broad Congressional
Zaki Shalom (15:35 , 03.03.15 )
Why Boehner's invite to Netanyahu is
Op-ed: Boehner's decision not to consult Obama contradicts constitutional
Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman (10:52 , 03.03.15 )
Is it really worth quarrelling with US president
Op-ed: Is there anyone in Washington, Tehran or even Jerusalem who believes that
Dan Shilon (23:57 , 01.03.15 )
Head to Head: Should Israel oppose Iran deal?
Two veteran journalists present different position on the agreement with Iran
Ben-Dror Yemini and Igal Sarna (23:56 , 01.03.15 )
The shattered dream of a home in Israel
Op-ed: Seventeen years after making aliyah from Switzerland, leaving behind a
Daniel Bettini (23:49 , 28.02.15 )
Stop the witch-hunt against Netanyahu
Op-ed: Seventy-five years after the Holocaust, Herzog is underestimating evil
Shoula Romano Horing (12:45 , 28.02.15 )
Why haredi women's party may get my vote
Op-ed: The brave ultra-Orthodox women of B'Zechutan are the only group being
Giora Eiland (00:40 , 26.02.15 )
Post-Zionist government leading us to a
Op-ed: The Netanyahu governments, even when they include Labor and Yesh Atid
Aviad Kleinberg (00:14 , 26.02.15 )
In this election, vote for coexistence
Op-ed: Despite the difficult summer the Israeli society experienced, our
Hazar Masri-Hussein (00:31 , 25.02.15 )
Let's start focusing on the important issues
Op-ed: Elections are an opportunity for a public debate on matters pertaining to
Isaac Ben-Israel (22:00 , 24.02.15 )
Tiptoeing around religion and state in Israel
Op-ed: Try to invite the heads of any political party to a public discussion of
Yedidia Z. Stern (00:06 , 24.02.15 )
Denmark's problem with Israel
Op-ed: Why is a country which is experiencing an internal Islamist threat
Yossi Shain (23:46 , 22.02.15 )
Follow the money in the Netanyahu affair
Op-ed: If prime minister's residence is in such poor condition, what happened to
Moshe Ronen (11:06 , 22.02.15 )
The die-hard optimism of Israelis
Op-ed: The odds that a two-state solution will know peace are slim to nil; but
Rafael Castro (23:15 , 21.02.15 )
It's the same battle
Op-ed: As the region continues to unravel, it's becoming increasingly clear that
Yoel Meltzer (15:11 , 20.02.15 )
Rethinking security to restart the peace process
Analysis: Institute for National Security Studies project will broaden
Maya Kornberg and Roee Kibrik (22:41 , 19.02.15 )
The Likud deserves better
Op-ed: Anyone who read the state comptroller's appalling reports recently could
Yoel Esteron (17:54 , 18.02.15 )
New partners in struggle against terrorism
Op-ed: We in Israel join our Danish friends as they mourn terrible incident, but
Yohanan Plesner (12:56 , 18.02.15 )
Netanyahu called me an ISIS collaborator
Op-ed: Despite being a leftist, I promise to report to reserve duty in Israel's
Captain (res.) R. (00:20 , 18.02.15 ) 
Goodbye, everyone
Bayit Yehudi minister Uri Orbach, who died Monday, served as a Yedioth Ahronoth
Uri Orbach (15:50 , 17.02.15 )
Americans support Netanyahu and Israel
Op-ed: Obama and Israel's center-left political camp in are panicking at the
Shoula Romano Horing (22:13 , 13.02.15 )
Meretz or United Torah Judaism?
Op-ed: As a person who cares about the continued existence of the Jewish people
Ariel Rubinstein (09:14 , 13.02.15 )
Managing the conflict the wrong way
Op-ed: The Likud's policy of managing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rather
Giora Eiland (23:26 , 12.02.15 )
Israel's Republican governor
Op-ed: Despite his declarations, Netanyahu is thinking less about Iran and more
Aviad Kleinberg (00:55 , 12.02.15 )
Arab-Israeli peace initiative is the only way
Op-ed: There is no way to solve the poverty, education, housing, welfare and
Danny Yatom (00:06 , 11.02.15 )
The roller coaster of election polls
Op-ed: Israel's political parties are beginning to realize that the public isn't
Baruch Leshem (23:37 , 10.02.15 )
Netanyahu needs some damage control, and fast
Op-ed: If the prime minister is so insistent that the timing of his Congress
Eytan Gilboa (23:34 , 09.02.15 )
A real test for Israel's leaders
Op-ed: Asking politicians what they would do in their first 100 days in power
Ronny Douek (22:15 , 09.02.15 )
Livni and Herzog’s delusions about 'peace'
Op-ed: While the Middle East is burning around us, the center-left political
Shoula Romano Horing (00:29 , 08.02.15 )
An election of Jewish values
Op-ed: It's been a long time since we had an election campaign as important to
Rabbi Donniel Hartman (15:45 , 07.02.15 )
Israel's Arabs should join forces with sane
Op-ed: Arab citizens who want to live in peace and equality with Israel's Jews
Kobi Richter (17:04 , 06.02.15 )
The Likud is right: Security and diplomacy are
Op-ed: The 2015 vote must not focus on Netanyahu's alleged corruption but on his
Amnon Abramovich (12:39 , 06.02.15 )
Patriotism according to Netanyahu
Op-ed: As far as Israel's prime minister is concerned, there is no such thing as
Tami Arad (00:11 , 06.02.15 )
Secrets and lies in the Israel Police
Op-ed: The recently exposed scandals are the result of the same organizational
Hillel Partuk (15:18 , 05.02.15 )
Should Israel favor containment or war?
Analysis: Military conflict between Israel and Iran on Syrian soil will start
Efraim Halevy (00:00 , 04.02.15 )
Ideology of death is making a comeback
Op-ed: As Islamist totalitarianism threatens the entire world, the absence of
Yossi Shain (00:29 , 02.02.15 )
The attorney general paradox
Op-ed: Netanyahu-Weinstein relationship points to a double conflict of
Daniel Friedmann (15:40 , 01.02.15 )
Left's shameless attacks on Netanyahu
Op-ed: Attacking messenger instead of message is an easy strategy when
Shoula Romano Horing (00:00 , 01.02.15 )
A chance for Israel's Arabs
Op-ed: Lieberman's bid to exclude the Arab parties from the political system has
Yael Gvirtz (23:39 , 30.01.15 )
Israel should threaten Lebanon, not Hezbollah
Op-ed: Deterrence is only effective as long as the other side understands that a
Giora Eiland (14:43 , 30.01.15 )
Israel must fight its institutionalized sexism
Op-ed: The Likud is just another one workplace that discriminates against women;
Tami Arad (23:47 , 29.01.15 )
Wanted: A general of peace
Op-ed: The only general who should be given a secured spot in the ruling party
Giora Inbar (00:45 , 29.01.15 )
UK will not let bigots and terrorists win
Op-ed: Britain's Jewish community is healthy, vibrant and proud; we are not
Matthew Gould (21:22 , 27.01.15 )
The US commitment: Never Again
Op-ed: Today, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the United
Dan Shapiro (15:09 , 27.01.15 )
France is no longer a home for Jews
Op-ed: Like in Poland 70 years ago, one should not walk around with a Star of
Marit Danon (12:02 , 27.01.15 )
Lessons from the shores of Tripoli
Insight: West's current campaign against Islamic State radicals should look back
Eitan Charnoff (21:02 , 26.01.15 )
Israel could pay a price for Netanyahu's
Analysis: If prime minister's US visit does help him win elections, he may find
Eytan Gilboa (13:19 , 25.01.15 )
There is no diplomatic solution
Op-ed: The time has come for Israel to throw off the constraints of adhering to
Yoel Meltzer (00:54 , 25.01.15 )
66-year-old state seeks real foreign policy
Op-ed: The erosion of Israel's international standing is an strategic threat
Piki Ish-Shalom (01:05 , 22.01.15 )
Israel's extreme right uses European terror to
Op-ed: Israel has undergone tragic change: As right grew in power it was able to
Avirama Golan, i24 News (01:06 , 21.01.15 )
Israel and Germany: One-sided reconciliation
Op-ed: While most Israelis have made peace with the Germans, most Germans feel
Eldad Beck (00:49 , 21.01.15 )
The Labor Party's security alternative
Op-ed: While Isaac Herzog lacks a military record, his perspective is supported
Amnon Abramovich (18:10 , 20.01.15 )
Medicine in the service of anti-Zionism
Opinion: If he is really serious about making amends, Lancet editor Richard
Yitzhak Santis (00:21 , 20.01.15 )
This is not a Bibi-Buji popularity contest
Op-ed: Number of likes each party leader gets will not decide outcome of the
Baruch Leshem (00:25 , 18.01.15 )
Israel must tread carefully and wisely with
Analysis: Jerusalem's efforts to bring Paris in line with own policies on the
Efraim Halevy (23:39 , 15.01.15 )
The dilemma of France's liberal Jews
Analysis: Paris terror attacks worsen the situation of secular French Jews, many
Yossi Shain (00:10 , 15.01.15 )
Apology is weakness, vulgarity is strength
Op-ed: Naftali Bennett sees all Arabs as radical Islamists; when you choose to
Tami Arad (22:30 , 14.01.15 )
Why aren't Muslim leaders being heard?
Op-ed: Mainstream Muslims around the world have issued strong and unambiguous
Rabbi Marc Schneier (19:26 , 11.01.15 )
Netanyahu flies flag of governance
Op-ed: What's good for Netanyahu, thinks Netanyahu, is good for the Jews. It's
Aviad Kleinberg (00:45 , 08.01.15 )
Israel's residents are entitled to answers about
Op-ed: The political echelon appears to be sweeping the difficult questions
Yuval Diskin (00:45 , 08.01.15 )
Outposts of moderation in Jerusalem
Op-ed: If Zionism of past came in form of radical terrorist groups, new Jewish
Elisheva Mazya (22:50 , 07.01.15 )
Should Palestinian funds have been frozen?
DEBATE: Yifat Erlich argues Israel could not afford to remain apathetic in face
Nechama Duek and Yifat Erlich (21:10 , 06.01.15 )
Politics belongs in the academia
Op-ed: The main reason for encouraging political activity on campus stems from
Ze'ev Tzahor (00:05 , 05.01.15 )
'No apologies' for Israeli corruption
Op-ed: In Israel, a convicted criminal can lead a political party carrying a
Aviad Kleinberg (07:44 , 03.01.15 )
What strategic challenges does 2015 hold for
Analysis: The Islamic State, which some people predicted would wash over the
Amos Yadlin (23:48 , 02.01.15 )
Palestinians lost the diplomatic battle, not the
Op-ed: While the rejection of the Palestinian appeal to the Security Council
Alon Pinkas (00:41 , 02.01.15 )
Politicians stealing voters' minds
Op-ed: A party leader who reneges on a promise he gave the public must either
Elyakim Haetzni (19:48 , 30.12.14 )
Israel's next leader must focus on social issues
Op-ed: Public wants reform, and political issue should not overshadow fact that
Ronny Douek (00:38 , 30.12.14 )
When public funds become politicians' pocket
Op-ed: In a Finance Committee headed by an ultra-Orthodox MK, funds are
Amnon Abramovich (00:07 , 29.12.14 )
Netanyahu using Peres as his scapegoat
Op-ed: Prime minister is incapable of taking responsibility for anything. As
Erel Margalit (22:35 , 28.12.14 )
Netanyahu's social disguise
Op-ed: Likud hasn't 'lost its social sensitivity,' as some MKs say, simply
Ziv Lenchner (08:04 , 27.12.14 )
Israel and Gulf states: Secret cooperation to
Analysis: Gulf states will pay a steep price in Arab public opinion for open
Yoel Guzansky (23:49 , 26.12.14 )
The melting pot of hatred
Op-ed: Recent hate crimes in France were committed by people with different
Gil Michaeli (22:23 , 26.12.14 )

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