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History unlikely to repeat itself
Analysis: Even if Israel launches wide-scale operation in Gaza, it will be a
Giora Eiland (02:36 , 09.07.14 )
It's in our hands to put an end to bloodshed
Exclusive: Israel's outgoing president and president-elect call on Jews and
Shimon Peres, Reuven Rivlin (12:15 , 07.07.14 )
Sane people on each side, unite!
Op-ed: Jewish and Arab leaders must work to stop the journeys of revenge before
Ali Zahalka (00:07 , 07.07.14 )
The Palestinian war on children
Op-ed: Depraved exploitation and abuse of children as targets and weapons will
Anne Herzberg (23:18 , 04.07.14 )
Hamas in Gaza preferable to ISIS in Gaza
Op-ed: This is probably the worst timing to talk about interests shared by
Efraim Halevy (01:42 , 04.07.14 )
Alongside military threat, Israel must turn to
Analysis: Our goal should be to disarm Hamas by gaining wide support from
Israel Ziv (00:55 , 03.07.14 )
Israel has an opportunity for a long-lasting
Analysis: In order to effectively punish Hamas, Israeli operation's goal should
Giora Eiland (08:32 , 02.07.14 )
Where do we go from here?
Op-ed: Was the brutal murder of three Israeli teens also the death of peace, or
Arsen Ostrovsky (21:06 , 01.07.14 )
Abbas has yet to prove that he's a partner
Op-ed: Israelis praising Palestinian president should curb their enthusiasm and
Noah Klieger (13:29 , 01.07.14 )
ISIS crisis has more chaos to spare
Analysis: ISIS appears ready to continue its conquests. How far can the
John-Michael Kibrick (22:11 , 29.06.14 )
Come for the boys
Parents of kidnapped teen Naftali Frenkel urge Israeli people to turn up for
Avi and Rachel Frenkel (15:53 , 29.06.14 )
Israel arresting killers, but letting
Op-ed: It's time to deal with Nazi-like propaganda and education systems
Elyakim Haetzni (00:02 , 28.06.14 )
Boycotting Israel in the name of Jesus
Op-ed: Presbyterian Church's divestment decision has far-reaching implications
Yitzhak Santis (12:06 , 27.06.14 )
Not all Israeli Arabs are like Hanin Zoabi
Op-ed: Arab educator promises kidnapped teens' parents that most of State of
Jalal Safadi (00:20 , 27.06.14 )
Ultra-Orthodox integration: It takes two to
Op-ed: It is unreasonable to think that only ultra-Orthodox society must change.
Haim Zicherman (21:42 , 26.06.14 )
Israeli mothers in den of wolves and hyenas
Op-ed: Instead of supporting women whose teenage sons were kidnapped in blatant
Noah Klieger (20:58 , 25.06.14 )
Fence may have prevented abduction
Op-ed: Under pressure from settlers, defense establishment failed to complete
Shaul Arieli (21:50 , 23.06.14 )
If you can't treat Palestinian kids, go back to
Op-ed: MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi writes open letter to Israeli physician who expressed
Ahmad Tibi (13:03 , 22.06.14 )
From a Jewish mother to an Arab one
Op-ed: Connection between mother and son is an important characteristic of Arab
Bambi Sheleg (11:26 , 21.06.14 )
Political correctness playing role in clash of
Op-ed: When media define Muslim groups that kidnap and murder innocent people as
Dan Calic (17:29 , 20.06.14 )
Israeli officials: We're facing escalation on
Analysis: Facing pressure from both Palestinian Authority and Israel, Hamas is
Elior Levy (13:36 , 20.06.14 )
By condemning abduction, Abbas proved he's a
Analysis: Palestinian president chose to go against Palestinian public opinion
Dr. Ido Zelkovitz (00:25 , 20.06.14 )
Israel must take calculated action against Hamas
Analysis: We must take into account that destroying Islamic organization will
Israel Ziv (00:29 , 19.06.14 )
A justified NIS 1 billion addition for IDF
Analysis: In light of geopolitical situation in our region, we must not let
Eliezer (Chiney) Marom (00:29 , 19.06.14 )
It's time to ask Shin Bet some questions
Analysis: Why was there no warning against kidnapping? What happened to Israel's
Yossi Yehoshua (15:26 , 18.06.14 )
'Shrapnel in Israel's backside' is bleeding
Op-ed: Teens' abduction was expected, as loss of hope on Palestinian side and
Yariv Oppenheimer (08:30 , 18.06.14 )
Let's face it, our neighbors are not like us
Op-ed: Other states would have turned Abbas' wife into bargaining chip until
Noah Klieger (00:39 , 18.06.14 )
In missing teens' case, prisoner release debate
Analysis: If abducted teens are located in West Bank, government will probably
Giora Eiland (00:25 , 17.06.14 )
Terrorist releases encourage abductions
Op-ed: Instead of calling for 'more force' against Palestinians, we should just
Yuval Diskin (00:56 , 16.06.14 )
Iraq crisis caught Obama unprepared
Analysis: Obama says he's not ruling out any options, but no one is buying it
Yitzhak Benhorin (15:02 , 13.06.14 )
Israel must act to separate from Palestinians
Op-ed: We should not depend on Palestinian unity government, but rather create
Gilead Sher (09:37 , 12.06.14 )
Time to act against sexual violence in conflict
Op-ed: British ambassador Matthew Gould and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli come
Matthew Gould, Bar Refaeli (00:10 , 12.06.14 )
Obama backs the wrong horse, again
Op-ed: No one should be surprised that US is willing to work with Palestinian
Dan Calic (19:28 , 10.06.14 )
50 years later, National Water Carrier still an
Legacies of carrier are many, with system serving as model for less developed
Seth M. Siegel (00:34 , 09.06.14 )
Obama was bluffing on Iran
Op-ed: The fact that US president is basing his future foreign policy doctrine
Shoula Romano Horing (00:28 , 09.06.14 )
The double standards of Tel Aviv authorities
How can the city indulge an impromptu mass street celebration of a sporting win
Nicola Simmonds (15:24 , 08.06.14 )
Jews and Palestinians: A little history
Op-ed: Reality turns out to be much more complex than the simple picture often
Jonathan Adelman, Asaf Romirowsky (23:47 , 07.06.14 )
In Netanyahu era, president is seen as
Op-ed: Any political person elected president will want to be Shimon Peres,
Baruch Leshem (14:38 , 06.06.14 )
The courage to tell, the need to listen
Op-ed: Soldiers sharing their testimonies about what goes on in Judea and
A. B. Yehoshua (14:47 , 05.06.14 )
Europe living in denial
Despite warning signs about Islamist invasion on one hand and radical rightist
Shaul Rosenfeld (00:25 , 05.06.14 )
Judaism belongs to all of us
Op-ed: If we want a strong army, a growing economy, more immigration and a
Sallai Meridor (16:53 , 03.06.14 )
The failure of the Jewish intelligentsia
Op-ed: Why are Noam Chomsky and Peter Beinart so critical of Israel, while their
Rafael Castro (00:35 , 01.06.14 )
Christians' life in Israel not so wonderful
Op-ed: Pope's visit was an opportunity to highlight distress and discrimination
Farid Jubran (20:51 , 30.05.14 )
Obama's West Point address: All-inclusive, apart
Analysis: 'Peace process' is just another conflict which US has had enough of
Alon Pinkas (00:49 , 30.05.14 )
Holocaust as a global moral compass
Op-ed: Preservation of Holocaust in collective memory requires persistent battle
Yossi Shain (00:49 , 30.05.14 )
Netanyahu's missed opportunity
Op-ed: In order to really block Rivlin, Netanyahu should have run for president
Amnon Abramovich (15:31 , 29.05.14 )
Pope joins Palestinian chutzpah club
Op-ed: Head of Catholic Church has become complicit to Palestinians' incessant
Dan Calic (10:08 , 27.05.14 )
Brussels attack fruit of radical Muslim
Op-ed: As long as European authorities fail to take drastic measures against
Noah Klieger (11:57 , 26.05.14 )
Pope's Mideast visit filled with precedents
Analysis: By visiting Bethlehem before Jerusalem, Francis is giving PA the
Menachem Gantz (11:25 , 25.05.14 )
Pope's Mideast trip a delicate dance around
Pope has to walk fine line during Holy Land visit, juggling faith, politics and
Philip Pullel, Reuters (00:05 , 25.05.14 )
I want to teach Jews I'm not their enemy
Op-ed: Arab woman studying in Sderot says racism and discrimination have
Hanadi Shaer (09:29 , 24.05.14 )
UK sees Holocaust remembrance as a sacred task
Op-ed: British ambassador to Israel says his country has put itself at forefront
Matthew Gould (00:35 , 24.05.14 )
Post-Peres politics lack unifying leaders
As foreign threats against Israel decrease, politicians in the Jewish State will
John-Michael Kibrick (14:32 , 23.05.14 )
Open letter to Pope Francis
Op-ed: Ahead of pontiff's visit to Israel, Rafael Castro asks him to openly
Rafael Castro (20:01 , 22.05.14 )
Abbas' Holocaust condemnation commendable
Op-ed: Netanyahu didn't welcome Palestinian leader's statement because he sees
Aviad Kleinberg (09:47 , 21.05.14 )
Unlike in Diaspora, in Israel policies are up
Op-ed: Living here obligates me to make Israel a better and more moral country,
Tova Travis (01:27 , 21.05.14 )
Israel bowing down to Russia, degrading US
Op-ed: If we show America the same respect we show Russia and China for reasons
Efraim Halevy (01:09 , 20.05.14 )
Palestinian reconciliation increases chance for
Op-ed: Jewish radicals and moderates reconciled too ahead of State of Israel's
Zeev Tzahor (11:18 , 19.05.14 )
A visit to the Temple Mount
Op-ed: How long can we expect to survive as a sovereign nation in our own land
Yoel Meltzer (00:44 , 17.05.14 )
Battle for Israel's future should be fought on
Op-ed: For the first time in decades, a coordinated pro-Israel student
Naor R. Bitton (12:34 , 15.05.14 )
Response to anti-Semitism: A strong Israel
Op-ed: ADL survey proves that while anti-Semitism is very common in Muslim
Noah Klieger (01:27 , 15.05.14 )
Apartheid is 66 years old
Op-ed: There are two peoples here, and one controls the other's freedom of
Khaled Titi (21:34 , 13.05.14 )
Yes, there are Hebrew neo-Nazi groups
Op-ed: After sparking a row with his verbal attack on 'price tag' vandals,
Amos Oz (00:04 , 12.05.14 )
Israel and Palestine as Siamese twins
Op-ed: Israelis and Palestinians are separate nations that share a vital organ –
Rafael Castro (00:41 , 11.05.14 )
Conversion to Judaism is the answer
Op-ed: Beyond dealing with intermarriage and declining numbers, encouraging
Lawrence J. Epstein (21:13 , 09.05.14 )
'Price tag' is Israel's anti-Semitism
Op-ed: There are relatively more hate incidents against Arabs in Israel than
Yizhar Hess (20:21 , 08.05.14 )
Between post-Zionism and auto-anti-Semitism
Op-ed: Several Israeli NGOs, funded directly or indirectly by European
Itai Reuveni (01:33 , 07.05.14 )
Being a proud Arab and a proud Israeli
Op-ed: If we maintain our Arab identity and integrate into the State of Israel
Jalal Safadi (09:57 , 06.05.14 )
A letter to Reuven the child
Op-ed: Remember the first time you saw Israel's flag raised to the top of the
Reuven Rivlin (00:01 , 06.05.14 )
My father's friend Tuli
To read about your father’s friend in press is an honor usually reserved for
Roei Eisenberg (18:03 , 05.05.14 )
Shin Bet can stop 'price tag' activities
Op-ed: Former Shin Bet director urges security service to use every possible
Carmi Gillon (10:24 , 04.05.14 )
We haredim should stand for Israel's fallen
Op-ed: Bnei Brak activist calls on ultra-Orthodox community to respect IDF
Tzipora Gutman (01:17 , 04.05.14 )
Israel and China, a win-win relationship
Op-ed: Sensible management of our economic ties with China holds strategic
Amos Nadai (15:06 , 03.05.14 )
The coercing presence of religion in Israel
Op-ed: Israel's public domain gives clear preference to sensitivities of one
Aviad Kleinberg (19:44 , 02.05.14 )
Jewish extremists trying to provoke 'intifada'
Op-ed: What began with refined 'price tag' attacks may lead up to murder of Arab
Zoher Bahalul (00:17 , 02.05.14 )
What about Israel's Donald Sterlings?
Op-ed: Former Clippers owner's punishment is impossible in Israel. We are still
Danny Adeno Abebe (23:07 , 01.05.14 )
Israel has an opportunity to destroy Hamas
Op-ed: We should take advantage of Palestinian organization's current weakness
Efraim Halevy (00:33 , 01.05.14 )
Israeli society will pay the price for 'price
Op-ed: When Jewish extremists torch mosques and spray graffiti like 'Arabs out,'
Ophir Pines-Paz (19:23 , 30.04.14 )
Israel’s moment of truth
Op-ed: Sole response to Hamas-Fatah unity should be convincing Arab population
Rafael Castro (00:22 , 29.04.14 )
From Holocaust horrors to shameful poverty
Op-ed: Once a year, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we like to embrace our Shoah
Tami Arad (20:06 , 28.04.14 )

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