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Monarch to fly from Manchester to Tel Aviv
The British airline, which recently resumed its activity in Israel after a
Amit Cotler
TUI to introduce Tel Aviv-Munich route
German low-cost airline TUIfly, which is owned by the world's largest travel and
Danny Sadeh
Unrest puts damper on Bethlehem Christmas
The West Bank town that tradtion considers Jesus Christ's birthplace is seeing
Tel Aviv declared 'Hollywood's new Sin City'
While US State Department issues travel warning for Israel, Hollywood Reporter
Itamar Eichner
Kuwait Airways scraps New York-London flights
US authorities threatened legal action against airline after it would not allow
Discovery suggests Jews lived in Galilee 1,500
An ancient tablet featuring Hebrew letters has been excavated and is the best
Itay Blumenthal
November sees sharp decline in tourism from
Wave of terror in Israel and recent terror attacks in France lead to a 10
Danny Sadeh
Photos of the year 2015
Prisoners in cages, avalanches of snow, basketball in Mongola and Israeli
Agence France-Presse
The world's most dangerous travel destinations
World's biggest tourist rescue organization, International SOS, has made a
News agencies
Negev discovery surprises experts
An object with a lead top discovered in a 6,000 year-old tomb, leading
Itay Blumenthal
The fall of Eilat's Kings City
The owners of the southern tourist attraction have announced its closing, due to
Amit Cotler  
IN PICTURES: The Israeli who looked into the eye
The photos here were not digitally rendered for a Disney film or the cover of a
Amit Cotler
Weeks of violence dampen Christmas spirit at
Empty tear gas canisters litter the street outside the century-old Jacir Palace
Associated Press
Jewish holidays see sharp rise in Israeli
Figures released by the Turkish statistical institute point to an 80 percent
Danny Sadeh
Seal impression of King Hezekiah discovered near
Major archaelogcial discovery as first-ever seal impression of an Israelite or
Itay Blumenthal
'Russian tourists will not replace Turkey with
Following Kremlin's ban on tourist travel to Turkey, Israeli tourism industry
Danny Sadeh
Israelis rank 2nd in Black Forest overnight
German tourism officials arrive in Israel to thank local travel agents for the
Danny Sadeh
Tourists leave Israeli hotels behind
Israel Hotel Association’s statistics for October 2015 show a sharp 21% decline
Danny Sadeh
Monarch set to relaunch Tel Aviv-London route
British airline is returning to Israel next weekend after a 10-year absence with
Danny Sadeh
8-year-old Indiana Jones makes major
Itay Halperin finds a statuette of a goddess of fertility from the 8th century
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
New York like you've never seen it before
Away from the skyscrapers and Fifth Avenue, a different kind of New York
Yaara Shalom
British travel group to hold annual conference
Hilton Tel Aviv chosen as venue for 3-day conference of the Institute of Travel
Danny Sadeh
Israel unveils 1,700-year-old mosaic
The Roman-era mosaic, discovered during the building of the visitor center in
Prehistoric 'Stonehenge' monument in Golan
One of the most mysterious structures in the Middle East went unnoticed for
A treasure trove of 'ancient' archaeology tucked
Nafez Abed, an expert archaeologist, preserver and restorer, presides over an
El Al flight cuts movie mid-screening
Flight crew stops in-flight film because 'most of the passengers are
Amit Cotler, Danny Sadeh
Snacks and swimsuits advertise Israel at London
Israel sends its representatives to World Travel Market, one of the largest
Amit Cotler, Danny Sadeh
Casino complex planned for Eilat
Israel's southern tourist town set to get a Vegas-style strip of its own; 'It
Itamar Eichner
Ancient Greek fortress found in Jerusalem's City
Antiochus' mysterious Acra, sought by archeologists for over one hundred years,
Itay Blumenthal
Iberia pilot declares 'Welcome to Palestine'
Flight to Tel Aviv leaves passengers furious after captain issues different
Danny Sadeh
Alitalia offering flights from Tel Aviv to US
Italy's national airline launches new website in Hebrew along with special
Danny Sadeh
Competition heating up on Tel Aviv-Amsterdam
Just days after Scandinavian Airlines decided to end its service from Copenhagen
Danny Sadeh
New campaign offers Americans a low-cost holiday
In midst of wave of terror, Tourism Ministry teams up with Groupon to offer US
Danny Sadeh
Scandinavian airline ending service to Tel Aviv
In Hebrew press release, SAS, which currently runs four weekly flights between
Danny Sadeh, Ynetnews
Israeli innovation: The all-terrain suitcase
In rain or snow, on stairs and on the road: The G-RO suitcase, launched as a
Danny Sadeh  
New Jerusalem hostel rooted in history
The Post takes its name from the building it occupies - a historical landmark
WATCH: How to get by in Tel Aviv with just €69
Tourism Ministry recruits foreign bloggers to convince tourists that it’s
Amit Cotler  
United Airlines to run direct flights to San
Three flights between Israel and San Francisco per week are scheduled after
Danny Sadeh
Pilgrim season in danger as fear grips Jerusalem
Attacks worry Israeli travel industry as traditionally profitable months when
Danny Sadeh
WATCH: Leap of faith from a hot air balloon
Six skydivers took a balloon up to 6,500 feet, then jumped in front of a crowd
US: Kuwait Airways discriminated against Israeli
US Department of Transportation finds Kuwait Airways in violation of the law due
Ynetnews, AP
Israeli vacations in Turkey skyrocket
Twice as many Israelis visit Turkey in August 2015 as in August 2014, and 30
Danny Sadeh
Ancient mosaic to be displayed in Kiryat Gat
The 1,500-year-old artwork served as floor in Byzantine church, shows scenery
Itay Blumenthal
Israelis flock to nature for Sukkot break
More than 100,000 visit natural reserves, parks and gardens; favorite
Ilana Curiel
Bird's eye view: Israel from a hot air balloon
To mark Sukkot, when many Israelis take to nature, a reporter has the incredible
Doron Kuperstein  
Tourism to Israel up in 2015
After tourism industry took severe hit following Operation Protective Edge in
Jonathan Benedek, Tazpit
10-year-old finds 3,000-year-old seal in
Russian tourist finds ancient seal while participating in the Temple Mount
Yael Friedson
Tomb of the Maccabees keeps its secrets despite
An ancient structure thought to be the burial site of the early Jewish rebels
Eilat Bay's magical slugs
Israel's southernmost city offers divers the chance to get up close and personal
Tzvika (Ziggy) Livnat  
Hainan announces new Israel-China flights
Israeli ambassador convinces largest private airline in China that significant
Itamar Eichner
IN PHOTOS: Thousands hit hot spots for Rosh
Israelis take advantage of Jewish New Year and resulting vacation time from work
Ilana Curiel
Vintage airline ads invite you to Israel
Gallery of old posters shows how the Jewish state was presented to the world in
Amit Cotler
10 things Israelis do when traveling abroad
Unnecessary duty-free shopping, clapping on plane and constant fear of
Guy Elnathan
Meet Airbnb's new White City guide
Cafe culture in Neve Tzedek or Jaffa's up and coming nightlife, the new Airbnb
Jordan breaks world record for largest Slip n'
World's largest water slide to be built in Jordan, and will travel around the
The Media Line
An Israeli island in Finland
Four Israeli investors were searching for some peace and tranquility - so they
Ofer Petersburg
Airbnb: We want 7 billion people to feel like
Website allows people to list, find, and rent lodging in 190 different
Attila Somfalvi  
Contractor uncovers 1,800-year-old sarcophagus,
Ashkelon building contractors hid ancient two-ton limestone coffin, fearing it
Itay Blumenthal
Take an all night selichot tour of Jeruselem
Month of penitence is a fascinating and exciting experience in Jerusalem, as
Liat Schuman
Israel's beauty captured from above
Summer 2015 is coming to a close but thanks to aerial photographer Nir Hoffman,
Amit Cotler  
Tel Aviv's top 6 hidden hotels
Straying from the well-trodden path can be unnerving, but these lesser-known
Anthony Grant
Israelis rediscovering Turkey's resorts
Turkish resort town of Antalya has experienced a significant rise in number of
Danny Sadeh
Meet Be'er Sheva's future desert Oasis
Southern city has embarked on an ambitious plan to build largest man-made lake
Ilana Curiel
American Airlines: No ulterior motives for
Airline due to shut down flights between Philadelphia and Tel Aviv starting
Danny Sadeh
American Airlines decides to cancel its flights
Just a few months ago, company executives said Philadelphia-Tel Aviv route was
Danny Sadeh
Israeli tourists take Berlin
Official figures reveal number of nights spent by an Israeli tourist in German
Danny Sadeh
Now boarding: New flights to Paraguay and
Spanish airline Air Europa will open a new line of flights from Tel Aviv to
Danny Sadeh
Time travel: 10 Israeli archeological sites you
From ancient ruin to medieval forts, these sites are full of history and
Yeruham Kantman
Turkey becomes Israelis' No. 1 destination in
Despite strained diplomatic relations between countries, data released by Israel
Danny Sadeh
Spat over Tel Aviv day at Paris beach
Decision to dedicate a day of beach parties in the French capital to Israel's
July 2015 sees all-time record for travel abroad
Israelis are vacationing in droves: Last month recorded more departures than
Danny Sadeh
IN PHOTOS: Israel's history of heat
Blogger Shai Rajoan takes us back 90 years to see Tel Aviv when it was still hot
Shai Rajoan
4 must-see spots on the way to Eilat
The road to Eilat is long, but there's lots to do along the way from guided star
Shiri Hadar
Israel's 1st night market inaugurated in
While a shocking stabbing attack took place in the capital during last week's
2,000-year-old mikveh with mysterious
Ritual bath from Second Temple period found during construction of nursery
Itay Blumenthal  
'Blue Beach' offers Gazans a glimpse of the good
A new 163-room resort has become crowning jewel of Gaza's coastline, with many
The easy way to save Israel's collapsing tourism
Op-ed: Israel has a tourist offering unlike any other country: Archaeological
Anthony Grant
WATCH: Israeli drag queens show off in new
Israeli art student tasked with branding an airline, so she decides to create
Asaf Zagrizak  
Israeli hotels suffer 25% decrease in tourist
Sharp decreases in tourism across the country attributed to 2014 Gaza op,
Danny Sadeh
Israeli archeologists find evidence of cereal
Dig at Ohalo II prehistoric site on the shores of Lake Kinneret uncovers
Itay Blumenthal
Ben-Gurion Airport sees busiest day of the
Long lines for travelers as 70,360 passengers are expected to pass through Tel
Itay Blumenthal  
Tel Aviv vs. Berlin: The same hotel – more than
The price difference between hotels belonging to the same chain in the two
Danny Sadeh
A trip into Israel's craters
Three friends venture out on an early morning trip to watch the sunrise in one
Eli Segal  
Coming soon: Direct flights from Tel Aviv to
New aviation agreement will allow Israeli and Japanese airlines to operate up to
Danny Sadeh
Eilat's top attractions in 2015
Israel's southern city in the sun has become a premier tourist destination and
Shiri Hadar
El Al stewardess surprises deaf passengers with
Larisa Speyer uses sign language to offer 'VIP' service for deaf passengers
Itay Blumenthal  

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