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The stagnant and the whiny
Op-ed: Netanyahu and Ya'alon didn't want to lie, so they carefully formulated their speeches to accurately reflect the true outcome of the war: They didn't win.
(14:07 ,08/31/14)
Don't look for logic in terrorism
Analyzing some pseudo-scientific, pseudo-realistic and outright fallacious phrases that have taken root in the Israeli discourse on terrorism.
(00:26 ,08/25/14)
What if John Kerry was right?
Op-ed: US secretary of state's ceasefire outline was not driven by hostility towards Israel, but rather by concern. He realized that Hamas would drag Israel into an entanglement with unimaginable results.
(00:40 ,08/12/14)
Israel's Gaza operation is a diplomatic turning point
Analysis: Obama plans to resume his efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as soon as the fighting in Gaza ceases, this time with the help of the majority of the moderate Arab world.
(01:08 ,08/04/14)
Destroying Hamas is only way to peace
Op-ed: Israel must advance agreement with Palestinian Authority while eradicating – rather than weakening – Islamic organization in Gaza.
(19:11 ,07/23/14)
Why do wars break out?
Op-ed: Complexity of bloody conflict between two national-religious-ideological movements cannot be simplified down to economic considerations.
(10:57 ,07/13/14)
Remember lessons of first Lebanon War
Analysis: Endless cleansing and destruction operation against Hamas in West Bank will not serve State of Israel's interests.
(00:20 ,06/23/14)
Can global diplomacy solve Mideast conflict?
Analysis: Senior strategists believe it's time to replace Netanyahu and Abbas' indecision with the resolve of Obama, Putin, Merkel and al-Sisi.
(00:08 ,06/02/14)
A president on behalf of morality
Op-ed: Electing Prof. Dan Shechtman as Israel's next president will signify the victory of new politics.
(01:13 ,05/28/14)
Israelis don't care about global anti-Semitism
Op-ed: What's the point of talking about a 'Jewish state' in a country where public opinion has absolutely no interest in world's attitude towards Jews?
(23:53 ,05/18/14)
Two-state solution moving further from reality
Op-ed: It's about time that Israel's political left woke up and started thinking seriously about other alternatives to 'two states for two people.'
(11:30 ,05/12/14)
Jews, get out of Eastern Europe
Op-ed: As anti-Semitism grows, there is no future for Jewish existence in former communist countries.
(00:57 ,04/24/14)
Moscow and Ramallah: The new alliance
Analysis: Palestinians may soon be the ones to threaten US (and Israel) by inviting Russia to the negotiating table as a partner and mediator.
(20:39 ,04/06/14)
Technology in the service of tyrants
Op-ed: People once argued that countries with Internet and social networks would forever be fortified democracies. The past years' events have refuted this argument.
(23:54 ,03/23/14)
Putin exercising caution in Ukraine crisis
Analysis: While sending paratroopers to Crimea, Russian president is working to calm West, stress legitimacy of his moves.
(10:14 ,03/02/14)
The 'politically incorrect' politician
Op-ed: Shulamit Aloni chose not to be a populist. The only people she fought against were the enemies of democracy
(09:32 ,01/26/14)
Israel's economy can’t grow without peace
Op-ed: Israeli business leaders have finally realized they cannot let the last chance for a peace agreement go down the drain
(01:05 ,01/21/14)
West doesn't care about Syrians
Op-ed: Europe's indifference to bodies piling up in Syria eliminates its right to lecture anyone, anywhere
(00:06 ,01/15/14)
Their gain, our loss
Op-ed: Proposal to appoint Stanley Fischer as Fed vice chair should make us both proud and sad
(19:53 ,12/12/13)
Israel lost a great man
Op-ed: As man of ideals, the late Dov Lautman never despaired of working for weak, helpless and poor
(11:22 ,11/25/13)
Who'll blink first?
Analysis: Putin will not hesitate to throw Syrian president and his murderous entourage to the dogs
(11:53 ,09/09/13)
Like a banana republic
Op-ed: PM can put end to BOI governor farce by turning to Israeli economists rooted in this land
(19:59 ,08/11/13)
I chatter, therefore I am
Op-ed: New Israeliness characterized by superficiality, ignorance, inarticulateness, mind filled with nonsense
(19:59 ,06/06/13)
Interim deal on road to statehood
Op-ed: Minister Lapid does not believe permanent agreement with Palestinians would signal end of conflict
(11:16 ,05/20/13)
Netanyahu's boomerang
Op-ed: PM beginning to realize his serious political mistake in forcing Lapid to take Finance portfolio
(10:59 ,05/07/13)
Cause for concern
Op-ed: Buffett's takeover of Iscar does not necessarily serve Israel's national interest
(15:10 ,05/03/13)
Israel's de-haredization plan
Op-ed: Current equal share of the burden campaign natural reaction to ultra-Orthodox coercion, political dominance
(11:12 ,03/06/13)
Middle class won
Op-ed: Next government will have to define economic problems before trying to solve them
(11:44 ,01/23/13)
Obama's revenge
Op-ed: Warm US embrace will quickly be replaced by cold shoulder if Hagel confirmed
(11:00 ,01/08/13)
Israel's nightmare
Op-ed: Possible appointment of Hagel as defense secretary result of Bibi's support for Obama's rivals
(23:54 ,12/18/12)
Vote in favor of PA bid
Op-ed: Adoption of Palestinian non-member state status is something Israel can live with, and even gain from
(20:42 ,11/28/12)
Capitulation speech
Op-ed: Bibi's UN address shows he has adopted Obama administration's stance vis-à-vis Iran
(10:54 ,10/04/12)
Delegates' radicalization
Op-ed: Democratic, Republican conventions exposed sociopolitical phenomenon that threatens US stability
(10:38 ,09/10/12)
Third alternative to Iran crisis
Op-ed: Netanyahu, Barak may lead Israel to lengthy war of attrition that will not prevent nuclear Iran
(17:52 ,08/22/12)
Yitzhak Shamir's mistake
Op-ed: Firm Israeli response to Iraqi missile attacks in first Gulf War would have delayed Mideast arms race
(00:48 ,07/03/12)
Netanyahu must raise taxes
Op-ed: Israeli government needs to impose higher taxes to fight deficit, global economic uncertainty
(11:24 ,06/03/12)
Moving closer to one state
Op-ed: Demographic realities killing two-state solution, but Israelis remain complacent
(13:23 ,05/01/12)
Tyrants are never rational
Op-ed: We should all thank Olmert for recognizing Assad’s madness, bombing Syrian reactor
(00:05 ,02/29/12)
Israel won't blink first
Op-ed: Global assumption that Israel will blink first in nuclear showdown with Iran is false
(17:59 ,02/14/12)
War with Iran is coming
Op-ed: Israel will bomb Iran’s nuke sites earlier than predicted, with Western and Arab support
(18:44 ,02/07/12)
Israeli campaign worked
Op-ed: Western oil embargo imposed on Iran can be credited to Israel’s strike threats
(18:46 ,01/24/12)
Beware Egyptian fascism
Op-ed: Radical Muslim takeover would make Egypt Islamic fascism’s regional power base
(12:39 ,11/23/11)
Assad is next in line
Op-ed: If Syria’s president is wise, he will flee his country before the masses get to him
(00:38 ,10/24/11)
Israel, invest in brain power
Op-ed: Government must invest more in universities, the key to Israel’s existence
(18:51 ,10/06/11)
It’s the economy, stupid
Op-ed: So why are Israelis happy? Because our economic situation is excellent
(10:05 ,10/05/11)
9/11 and the economy
While 9/11 attacks exacted heavy economic price, main culprit was Bush - not bin Laden
(13:32 ,09/10/11)
Obama the Zionist
Op-ed: American president adopted essence of Israeli-Zionist narrative in his latest speech
(07:05 ,05/20/11)
I was wrong about Syria
Op-ed: Sever Plocker admits he was wrong, says Israel must not make peace with killers
(00:08 ,04/29/11)
Lessons from Egypt
Op-ed: Victory of non-violent Egyptian protestors a grave blow to al-Qaeda, Global Jihad
(23:58 ,02/17/11)
President Obama’s choice
Op-ed: Obama deeply involved in Egypt regime change; if he’s wrong, we’re in big trouble
(11:09 ,02/08/11)
Who’s afraid of democracy?
Op-ed: Israelis fear that Arab world democracy is step towards radical Islamic dictatorship
(00:48 ,01/31/11)
Back to Syrian track?
Op-ed: With Palestinian track going nowhere, return to ‘Syria first’ approach seems natural
(18:07 ,01/02/11)
The world thinks like us
Op-ed: WikiLeaks boosted Israel by revealing that most world leaders share our views
(08:39 ,11/29/10)
America’s Right taking over
Op-ed: US leftist camp paying price for avoiding populism in wake of economic crisis
(00:11 ,10/26/10)
Back to November 1947
Op-ed: Bibi’s demand for recognition of Israel as Jewish state logical but also risky
(00:24 ,10/15/10)
The great national test
Op-ed: A decade after second Palestinian Intifada, Israel approaching fateful decisions
(16:04 ,09/27/10)
I believe in Obama
Op-ed: Sever Plocker believes Obama can secure imperfect Israeli-Palestinian agreement
(00:45 ,08/26/10)
Peace of the cowards
Op-ed: Netanyahu, Palestinians ready for deal but more scared of it than ever before
(11:13 ,07/20/10)
Preoccupied with nonsense
Instead of focusing on Iran, we’re dealing with insignificant haredi drama
(12:58 ,06/18/10)
A great day for Israel
Joining OECD less about economics, more about making history
(17:18 ,05/10/10)
Now Netanyahu gets it
Sever Plocker offers breakdown of Netanyahu-Obama dialogue over past year
(18:06 ,04/07/10)
Our economic success story
While world struggles, Israel’s economy reaches another milestone
(13:08 ,04/05/10)
Scared of Netanyahu
Palestinians shun Bibi because they view him as serious statesman
(10:17 ,01/27/10)
Servants and masters
Former Netanyahu maid weak side in affair and deserves media’s protection
(10:14 ,01/19/10)
What about Gaza?
Instead of needless Haiti mission, Israel should establish Gaza field hospital
(00:50 ,01/18/10)
Obama’s year in office
American president’s performance much better than his critics claim
(14:30 ,01/15/10)
Don’t make me laugh
At this time, Israel financing US deficit and not the other way around
(18:02 ,01/11/10)
Billion dollar baby
Avatar a lousy movie subscribing to self-righteous, anti-American worldview
(19:15 ,01/07/10)
Things can only get better
Looks like gloomy prophecy of war of civilizations was realized in first decade of 21st century
(00:13 ,01/05/10)
Clean air starts at home
Copenhagen failure shows futility of bombastic climate control conferences
(11:17 ,12/23/09)
Global policeman is back
Obama’s doctrine as revealed in Nobel speech stuns Europeans, far Left
(00:43 ,12/16/09)
Death of a ‘process’
Leaders on both Israeli, Palestinian side appear to be satisfied with impasse
(00:47 ,11/12/09)
A thorn in the world’s side
Israel in midst of freefall on global front, yet we’re preoccupied with nonsense
(18:19 ,11/03/09)
A predictable setback in Gaza
Gaza War’s disastrous diplomatic implications were easy to predict
(09:01 ,10/18/09)
Beware ‘economic peace’
Past Palestinian uprisings followed diplomatic dead-end, economic success
(11:48 ,10/08/09)
We are not animals
Shalit tape another facet of Hamas’ attempt to gain global legitimacy
(18:18 ,10/04/09)
Colossal scandal at UN
Western presence during Ahmadinejad’s UN speech a moral outrage
(11:48 ,09/22/09)
The point of no return
Half a million Jews beyond Green Line make West Bank’s evacuation impossible
(18:49 ,09/09/09)
3 tips for America
American economy will sink again should it fail to adopt Israeli model
(10:06 ,07/30/09)
They don’t want a state
Researchers increasingly argue that Palestinians uninterested in statehood
(17:54 ,07/08/09)
Pay our ministers more
Higher wages will attract talented, capable Israelis to public service
(10:01 ,06/11/09)
Has anything changed?
Sever Plocker says not much has changed since Netanyahu’s 1996 visit to Washington
(18:41 ,05/19/09)
The Ahmadinejad doctrine
Europeans shunned Iran leader, but we should be worried about rest of world
(17:36 ,04/22/09)
No longer refugees
On Pesach eve, Sever Plocker says he is a Zionist so his children won’t be refugees like his mother
(13:09 ,04/08/09)
The unfinished city
Tel Aviv is a city under constant construction, which makes it both beautiful and ugly
(12:24 ,04/07/09)
Playing the ‘socialist’ card
Labor may recover from election defeat by playing socioeconomic card
(00:55 ,03/05/09)
Israel doesn’t want to win
If we really wanted to win Gaza war we would kill Hamas leaders, topple its regime
(12:19 ,01/13/09)
Postpone elections to June
Fateful Gaza op must not be managed against backdrop of needless elections
(02:02 ,12/31/08)
Depression in Washington
Sever Plocker says mood in American capital gloomier than he has ever seen before
(19:01 ,12/07/08)
America turns left
Sever Plocker says Obama win opens unfamiliar social-democratic chapter in US history
(06:26 ,11/05/08)
A despicable journalistic act
Sever Plocker outraged at TV channels’ decision to interview Rabin killer Yigal Amir
(14:31 ,10/31/08)
6 economic myths
Sever Plocker analyzes six fallacies that prominently feature in Israel’s economic discourse
(00:58 ,10/20/08)
Forget about the stock market
Stocks are not a wise long-term investment; Israelis should rely on brainpower
(20:47 ,10/07/08)
Expect a tough year
It isn’t late to save the global economy, but it won’t be an easy year for us
(10:48 ,10/02/08)
The fall of Wall Street state
Just like alchemists, investment banks failed to make gold out of nothing
(01:45 ,09/17/08)
Will Kadima survive?
Kadima aims to represent Israel’s middle class, which is hungry for reform
(11:29 ,09/16/08)
Leftists irritated by Palin
VP candidate’s inexperience calls attention to the fact that Obama is no better
(12:02 ,09/02/08)
No need to wait 4 years
As we regularly have early elections anyway, why not make it the rule?
(00:04 ,08/21/08)
Russia lost the war
War with Georgia proved that Russia not strong enough to deter even tiny country
(17:02 ,08/14/08)
Lowest of the low
PM ignores lowly approval rating, adopts scorched-earth policy to save himself
(17:23 ,07/27/08)


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