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Israeli media should do some fact checking
Op-ed: While there is little information about the distribution of Israeli voters according to social-economic-demographic characteristics, claims that the Likud only received votes from Sephardim and people with a lower income have been adopted without any reservations.
(00:28 ,03/30/15)
Netanyahu won thanks to improved economy
Op-ed: The left promised to replace Israel's engine, but most voters didn't want an economic turnover; they are satisfied with their economic situation and are willing to settle for small repairs.
(23:52 ,03/22/15)
Likud's real weakness is Netanyahu
Op-ed: Isaac Herzog was late, but perhaps not too late, in rephrasing the decisive question of this election: Not 'do you want four more years of an increasing cost of living?' but 'do you want four more years of a Bibi government?'
(14:12 ,03/15/15)
What has happened to the Likud?
Op-ed: A quick survey of my run-of-the-mill, typical neighborhood shows that there is one prominent cause for the Likud's loss of support, and it is affecting Bennett and Lieberman too.
(10:26 ,03/11/15)
Government abandoned Israel's weak populations
Op-ed: The second and third Netanyahu governments are exclusively responsible for the total failure to help families from the lower echelons with affordable housing.
(18:56 ,02/27/15)
The State of Israel's biggest failures
Op-ed: We are about to leave our children a country afflicted with poverty and occupation – the two malignant growths endangering its future.
(01:24 ,01/19/15)
Islam vs. West: An ongoing clash of civilizations
Op-ed: Journalists murdered in Paris were not victims of a battle over freedom of press; they were victims of a war between radical Islam's world view and Western liberalism's world view.
(00:02 ,01/09/15)
Is there a way out of US-Israel crisis?
Analysis: Israeli and American officials believe next Israeli government's mission will be to restore Bush-Sharon understandings which were violated by Netanyahu government. But is that even possible with the direction Israel's political elite is taking?
(00:07 ,12/29/14)
Netanyahu's blatant election economy
Op-ed: The only goal of the prime minister's plan to eliminate VAT on a small number of supervised food products is to lure voters and buy their support at the polls for a bargain price.
(23:57 ,12/09/14)
Binational state is this election's critical issue
Op-ed: Instead of an anti-Bibi front, centrist and leftist parties should create a front focusing on saving the Jewish state from a violent future.
(00:07 ,12/08/14)
How did Lapid do as finance minister?
Analysis: Fired by Netanyahu and unlikely to be the same position of power after the next elections, we take a look at the Yesh Atid leader's performance at the helm of one of the most important government ministries in his freshman year in politics.
(08:24 ,12/04/14)
Why are Israelis sleepwalking toward a one-state solution?
Op-ed: Avoidance of peace initiatives and delusional West Bank construction threaten Israel's existence as a Jewish and democratic state, yet the silent majority remains silent.
(10:22 ,11/03/14)
No hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace
Experienced American diplomat says hostility between Israelis and Palestinians has reached new levels and gaps are deeper than ever.
(09:30 ,10/27/14)
British MPs' recognition of Palestine is a pro-Israel move
Op-ed: As one-state idea sinks into Palestinian and international consciousness, any recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state is in Israel's best interest.
(00:07 ,10/20/14)
Arab terrorists? Not in Hollywood
Op-ed: Creators of West's popular culture have become fully devoted to imaginary political correctness, which bans presentation of 'bad Arabs' or 'bad Muslims' – unless they are Chechens or good people corrupted by America.
(23:24 ,10/12/14)
No one is talking about peace
Op-ed: After the Yom Kippur War, like now, the concept of 'land for peace' was never taken seriously by Israel's leadership; then, like now, Israel was blinded by hubris.
(23:58 ,10/05/14)
The Arab world versus Islam
Islam has helped to destroy Arabic civilization, argue two Arab intellectuals in emotive essays in separate Western publications, and only intensive introspection by the followers of the faith can lead out of the century-long abyss.
(10:15 ,09/29/14)
No money left for Israel's citizens
Op-ed: Netanyahu-Lapid budget deal will secure Israel's last place among OECD members in terms of funds allotted to economic and social development for many more years.
(10:12 ,09/21/14)
The stagnant and the whiny
Op-ed: Netanyahu and Ya'alon didn't want to lie, so they carefully formulated their speeches to accurately reflect the true outcome of the war: They didn't win.
(14:07 ,08/31/14)
Don't look for logic in terrorism
Analyzing some pseudo-scientific, pseudo-realistic and outright fallacious phrases that have taken root in the Israeli discourse on terrorism.
(00:26 ,08/25/14)
What if John Kerry was right?
Op-ed: US secretary of state's ceasefire outline was not driven by hostility towards Israel, but rather by concern. He realized that Hamas would drag Israel into an entanglement with unimaginable results.
(00:40 ,08/12/14)
Israel's Gaza operation is a diplomatic turning point
Analysis: Obama plans to resume his efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as soon as the fighting in Gaza ceases, this time with the help of the majority of the moderate Arab world.
(01:08 ,08/04/14)
Destroying Hamas is only way to peace
Op-ed: Israel must advance agreement with Palestinian Authority while eradicating – rather than weakening – Islamic organization in Gaza.
(19:11 ,07/23/14)
Why do wars break out?
Op-ed: Complexity of bloody conflict between two national-religious-ideological movements cannot be simplified down to economic considerations.
(10:57 ,07/13/14)
Remember lessons of first Lebanon War
Analysis: Endless cleansing and destruction operation against Hamas in West Bank will not serve State of Israel's interests.
(00:20 ,06/23/14)
Can global diplomacy solve Mideast conflict?
Analysis: Senior strategists believe it's time to replace Netanyahu and Abbas' indecision with the resolve of Obama, Putin, Merkel and al-Sisi.
(00:08 ,06/02/14)
A president on behalf of morality
Op-ed: Electing Prof. Dan Shechtman as Israel's next president will signify the victory of new politics.
(01:13 ,05/28/14)
Israelis don't care about global anti-Semitism
Op-ed: What's the point of talking about a 'Jewish state' in a country where public opinion has absolutely no interest in world's attitude towards Jews?
(23:53 ,05/18/14)
Two-state solution moving further from reality
Op-ed: It's about time that Israel's political left woke up and started thinking seriously about other alternatives to 'two states for two people.'
(11:30 ,05/12/14)
Jews, get out of Eastern Europe
Op-ed: As anti-Semitism grows, there is no future for Jewish existence in former communist countries.
(00:57 ,04/24/14)
Moscow and Ramallah: The new alliance
Analysis: Palestinians may soon be the ones to threaten US (and Israel) by inviting Russia to the negotiating table as a partner and mediator.
(20:39 ,04/06/14)
Technology in the service of tyrants
Op-ed: People once argued that countries with Internet and social networks would forever be fortified democracies. The past years' events have refuted this argument.
(23:54 ,03/23/14)
Putin exercising caution in Ukraine crisis
Analysis: While sending paratroopers to Crimea, Russian president is working to calm West, stress legitimacy of his moves.
(10:14 ,03/02/14)
The 'politically incorrect' politician
Op-ed: Shulamit Aloni chose not to be a populist. The only people she fought against were the enemies of democracy
(09:32 ,01/26/14)
Israel's economy can’t grow without peace
Op-ed: Israeli business leaders have finally realized they cannot let the last chance for a peace agreement go down the drain
(01:05 ,01/21/14)
West doesn't care about Syrians
Op-ed: Europe's indifference to bodies piling up in Syria eliminates its right to lecture anyone, anywhere
(00:06 ,01/15/14)
Their gain, our loss
Op-ed: Proposal to appoint Stanley Fischer as Fed vice chair should make us both proud and sad
(19:53 ,12/12/13)
Israel lost a great man
Op-ed: As man of ideals, the late Dov Lautman never despaired of working for weak, helpless and poor
(11:22 ,11/25/13)
Who'll blink first?
Analysis: Putin will not hesitate to throw Syrian president and his murderous entourage to the dogs
(11:53 ,09/09/13)
Like a banana republic
Op-ed: PM can put end to BOI governor farce by turning to Israeli economists rooted in this land
(19:59 ,08/11/13)
I chatter, therefore I am
Op-ed: New Israeliness characterized by superficiality, ignorance, inarticulateness, mind filled with nonsense
(19:59 ,06/06/13)
Interim deal on road to statehood
Op-ed: Minister Lapid does not believe permanent agreement with Palestinians would signal end of conflict
(11:16 ,05/20/13)
Netanyahu's boomerang
Op-ed: PM beginning to realize his serious political mistake in forcing Lapid to take Finance portfolio
(10:59 ,05/07/13)
Cause for concern
Op-ed: Buffett's takeover of Iscar does not necessarily serve Israel's national interest
(15:10 ,05/03/13)
Israel's de-haredization plan
Op-ed: Current equal share of the burden campaign natural reaction to ultra-Orthodox coercion, political dominance
(11:12 ,03/06/13)
Middle class won
Op-ed: Next government will have to define economic problems before trying to solve them
(11:44 ,01/23/13)
Obama's revenge
Op-ed: Warm US embrace will quickly be replaced by cold shoulder if Hagel confirmed
(11:00 ,01/08/13)
Israel's nightmare
Op-ed: Possible appointment of Hagel as defense secretary result of Bibi's support for Obama's rivals
(23:54 ,12/18/12)
Vote in favor of PA bid
Op-ed: Adoption of Palestinian non-member state status is something Israel can live with, and even gain from
(20:42 ,11/28/12)
Capitulation speech
Op-ed: Bibi's UN address shows he has adopted Obama administration's stance vis-à-vis Iran
(10:54 ,10/04/12)
Delegates' radicalization
Op-ed: Democratic, Republican conventions exposed sociopolitical phenomenon that threatens US stability
(10:38 ,09/10/12)
Third alternative to Iran crisis
Op-ed: Netanyahu, Barak may lead Israel to lengthy war of attrition that will not prevent nuclear Iran
(17:52 ,08/22/12)
Yitzhak Shamir's mistake
Op-ed: Firm Israeli response to Iraqi missile attacks in first Gulf War would have delayed Mideast arms race
(00:48 ,07/03/12)
Netanyahu must raise taxes
Op-ed: Israeli government needs to impose higher taxes to fight deficit, global economic uncertainty
(11:24 ,06/03/12)
Moving closer to one state
Op-ed: Demographic realities killing two-state solution, but Israelis remain complacent
(13:23 ,05/01/12)
Tyrants are never rational
Op-ed: We should all thank Olmert for recognizing Assad’s madness, bombing Syrian reactor
(00:05 ,02/29/12)
Israel won't blink first
Op-ed: Global assumption that Israel will blink first in nuclear showdown with Iran is false
(17:59 ,02/14/12)
War with Iran is coming
Op-ed: Israel will bomb Iran’s nuke sites earlier than predicted, with Western and Arab support
(18:44 ,02/07/12)
Israeli campaign worked
Op-ed: Western oil embargo imposed on Iran can be credited to Israel’s strike threats
(18:46 ,01/24/12)
Beware Egyptian fascism
Op-ed: Radical Muslim takeover would make Egypt Islamic fascism’s regional power base
(12:39 ,11/23/11)
Assad is next in line
Op-ed: If Syria’s president is wise, he will flee his country before the masses get to him
(00:38 ,10/24/11)
Israel, invest in brain power
Op-ed: Government must invest more in universities, the key to Israel’s existence
(18:51 ,10/06/11)
It’s the economy, stupid
Op-ed: So why are Israelis happy? Because our economic situation is excellent
(10:05 ,10/05/11)
9/11 and the economy
While 9/11 attacks exacted heavy economic price, main culprit was Bush - not bin Laden
(13:32 ,09/10/11)
Obama the Zionist
Op-ed: American president adopted essence of Israeli-Zionist narrative in his latest speech
(07:05 ,05/20/11)
I was wrong about Syria
Op-ed: Sever Plocker admits he was wrong, says Israel must not make peace with killers
(00:08 ,04/29/11)
Lessons from Egypt
Op-ed: Victory of non-violent Egyptian protestors a grave blow to al-Qaeda, Global Jihad
(23:58 ,02/17/11)
President Obama’s choice
Op-ed: Obama deeply involved in Egypt regime change; if he’s wrong, we’re in big trouble
(11:09 ,02/08/11)
Who’s afraid of democracy?
Op-ed: Israelis fear that Arab world democracy is step towards radical Islamic dictatorship
(00:48 ,01/31/11)
Back to Syrian track?
Op-ed: With Palestinian track going nowhere, return to ‘Syria first’ approach seems natural
(18:07 ,01/02/11)
The world thinks like us
Op-ed: WikiLeaks boosted Israel by revealing that most world leaders share our views
(08:39 ,11/29/10)
America’s Right taking over
Op-ed: US leftist camp paying price for avoiding populism in wake of economic crisis
(00:11 ,10/26/10)
Back to November 1947
Op-ed: Bibi’s demand for recognition of Israel as Jewish state logical but also risky
(00:24 ,10/15/10)
The great national test
Op-ed: A decade after second Palestinian Intifada, Israel approaching fateful decisions
(16:04 ,09/27/10)
I believe in Obama
Op-ed: Sever Plocker believes Obama can secure imperfect Israeli-Palestinian agreement
(00:45 ,08/26/10)
Peace of the cowards
Op-ed: Netanyahu, Palestinians ready for deal but more scared of it than ever before
(11:13 ,07/20/10)
Preoccupied with nonsense
Instead of focusing on Iran, we’re dealing with insignificant haredi drama
(12:58 ,06/18/10)
A great day for Israel
Joining OECD less about economics, more about making history
(17:18 ,05/10/10)
Now Netanyahu gets it
Sever Plocker offers breakdown of Netanyahu-Obama dialogue over past year
(18:06 ,04/07/10)
Our economic success story
While world struggles, Israel’s economy reaches another milestone
(13:08 ,04/05/10)
Scared of Netanyahu
Palestinians shun Bibi because they view him as serious statesman
(10:17 ,01/27/10)
Servants and masters
Former Netanyahu maid weak side in affair and deserves media’s protection
(10:14 ,01/19/10)
What about Gaza?
Instead of needless Haiti mission, Israel should establish Gaza field hospital
(00:50 ,01/18/10)
Obama’s year in office
American president’s performance much better than his critics claim
(14:30 ,01/15/10)
Don’t make me laugh
At this time, Israel financing US deficit and not the other way around
(18:02 ,01/11/10)
Billion dollar baby
Avatar a lousy movie subscribing to self-righteous, anti-American worldview
(19:15 ,01/07/10)
Things can only get better
Looks like gloomy prophecy of war of civilizations was realized in first decade of 21st century
(00:13 ,01/05/10)
Clean air starts at home
Copenhagen failure shows futility of bombastic climate control conferences
(11:17 ,12/23/09)
Global policeman is back
Obama’s doctrine as revealed in Nobel speech stuns Europeans, far Left
(00:43 ,12/16/09)
Death of a ‘process’
Leaders on both Israeli, Palestinian side appear to be satisfied with impasse
(00:47 ,11/12/09)
A thorn in the world’s side
Israel in midst of freefall on global front, yet we’re preoccupied with nonsense
(18:19 ,11/03/09)
A predictable setback in Gaza
Gaza War’s disastrous diplomatic implications were easy to predict
(09:01 ,10/18/09)
Beware ‘economic peace’
Past Palestinian uprisings followed diplomatic dead-end, economic success
(11:48 ,10/08/09)
We are not animals
Shalit tape another facet of Hamas’ attempt to gain global legitimacy
(18:18 ,10/04/09)
Colossal scandal at UN
Western presence during Ahmadinejad’s UN speech a moral outrage
(11:48 ,09/22/09)
The point of no return
Half a million Jews beyond Green Line make West Bank’s evacuation impossible
(18:49 ,09/09/09)
3 tips for America
American economy will sink again should it fail to adopt Israeli model
(10:06 ,07/30/09)
They don’t want a state
Researchers increasingly argue that Palestinians uninterested in statehood
(17:54 ,07/08/09)
Pay our ministers more
Higher wages will attract talented, capable Israelis to public service
(10:01 ,06/11/09)
Has anything changed?
Sever Plocker says not much has changed since Netanyahu’s 1996 visit to Washington
(18:41 ,05/19/09)


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