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A settlement of insurrection
IDF should put radical settlers in Yitzhar under curfew and stop its funding, writes Ron Ben-Yishai, until they understand that they are not the lords of the land.
(00:59 ,04/09/14)
Now is not time to go back to negotiating table
The Palestinians need to regain their equilibrium after their recent diplomatic coup, and Israel must pay the price for handing them that victory.
(00:51 ,04/04/14)
What's the point of extending peace talks?
Analysis: Both Israel and the Palestinians have a lot to gain if they keep talking, but it's not certain that either of them will use it well.
(01:14 ,04/03/14)
Complacency and arrogance: The failures of Ya'alon and Gantz
Analysis: Defense minister's comments on US, chief of staff's boast of Iranian operations illustrate a worrying and dangerous state of mind.
(01:13 ,03/23/14)
War between wars: New rules of engagement
Analysis: As part of what the IDF calls 'war between wars', Israel and terrorist groups and their state sponsors must play a very dangerous game, according to a new set of rules, while trying to create deterrence that doesn't lead to an all-out regional conflict.
(00:18 ,03/20/14)
Nasrallah seeks revenge without fingerprints
Analysis: If Hezbollah is indeed behind explosive that injured four IDF soldiers, it would be considered a success that seals the current round of vengeful attacks – without taking responsibility.
(18:12 ,03/18/14)
Hezbollah's thirst for revenge will not end
Analysis: Recent explosive targeted at IDF soldiers is part of ongoing revenge for attacking of Hezbollah-bound weapons convoy. The system: An eye for an eye against military targets only.
(10:40 ,03/15/14)
Iranian-inspired rocket fire from Gaza
Analysis: Islamic Jihad avenged killing of its activists, but massive rocket fire may have also been response to seizure of Iranian arms ship. Use of short-range rockets implies organization is not interested in further escalation.
(10:27 ,03/13/14)
Iran's attempt to evade Iron Dome failed
Analysis: Iranian arms smuggling was likely aimed at preparing ground for response to attack on Tehran's nuclear facilities. Question remains whether weapons were meant to reach Gaza groups or Sinai terrorists. Admirable intelligence move spared Israel the answer.
(10:58 ,03/06/14)
Netanyahu's AIPAC speech – predictable and conventional
The prime minister's speech was without passion, just like the speaker himself, telling the audience exactly what they wanted to hear.
(01:27 ,03/05/14)
Hezbollah tried to use the stormy weather - and failed
Is it safe to deduce there was indeed a strike against targets near the Lebanese-Syrian border last night, and it is safe to assume Israel was behind it.
(11:28 ,02/25/14)
At Iran talks, pessimism is name of the game
Analysis: Ron Ben-Yishai discusses the different scenarios available as the two sides meet in Vienna for more talks.
(11:58 ,02/19/14)
Sinai attack's target: Israeli, Egyptian tourism
Egypt and Israel are the common enemy of the radical Salafist-jihadist group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, likely responsible for Sunday's attack which left four dead. The group's weapon of choice? Scaring off tourists
(00:09 ,02/17/14)
IDF draft law must be stopped
Analysis: Instead of advancing an equal share of the burden, the law proposed by the Shaked Committee will only increase inequality.
(15:03 ,02/12/14)
Reformist or conservative - which way will Iran go?
The deployment of warships to the Atlantic is meant for internal Iranian consumption, as Rouhani and his allies seek to quell criticism over the nuclear deal. But can they fend of their conservative detractors?
(00:27 ,02/09/14)
What Abbas did and didn't tell the New York Times
Palestinian president vocal on his own flexibility, but mum on IDF presence in Palestine and why he won't recognize the Jewish state
(20:00 ,02/03/14)
2014 could be even worse
Op-ed: Following release of Shin Bet security data pertaining to terror attacks and defense in 2013, Ynet's Ron Ben-Yishai attributes security escalation to the Palestinian Authority's failing governance, suggests violence could grow worse
(20:09 ,01/27/14)
IDF targeting 'freelance rocket launchers'
Analysis: Instead of automatic response against Hamas, Israel's new policy focuses on targeted assassinations of individuals directly involved in rocket fire
(12:41 ,01/22/14)
Israel will have to do something about the Gaza rockets - but what?
Analysis: What will the IDF do if the rocket fire at southern Israel continues? Ynet analyst Ron Ben-Yishai looks at strategies, understandings with Hamas and agreements with Egypt
(01:14 ,01/21/14)
From late response to preventative act
Analysis: Keeping Hamas in charge of Gaza is, paradoxically, in Israel's interest, as alternative rulers are more radical elements
(19:10 ,01/19/14)
Ya'alon's frustration got out of control
Analysis: After being blasted by Kerry and his team as main obstacle to framework agreement with Palestinians, frustrated defense minister had enough, but frustration is no substitute for sophisticated public diplomacy
(13:26 ,01/15/14)
The terrorists that Israel missed
Analysis: Explosion last week thankfully prevented by citizens' awareness, but organization of group, PA's lack of monitoring are cause for concern
(00:14 ,01/03/14)
IDF barely ready for 2014
Analysis: 'Jihadist tsunami' on Israel's borders, Hamas' underground system, renewed threat to strike Iran and possible violent conflict this summer are just some of challenges facing Israeli army in coming year
(13:45 ,01/01/14)
Israel's message to Hezbollah, Lebanon and Syria
The rocket fire from Lebanon was likely the work of some small group aiming to divert Hezbollah forces to southern Lebanon, but Israel will not tolerate ongoing rocket fire on its civilian population
(12:31 ,12/29/13)
Sign of loss of control
Analysis: Abbas must realize that 'popular uprising' he initiated may jeopardize peace talks, as well as PA's survival
(20:07 ,12/23/13)
Without prior warning, West Bank terror spills into Israel
Analysis: Rising tensions, frequent incitement in West Bank, motivated by Hamas' growing involvement, is possible explanation of bus bombing attack. Increase in number of clashes between IDF, Palestinians in West Bank bodes poorly for possible calm. Source: Palestinians not interested in intifada
(23:43 ,12/22/13)
Obama to Israelis: We're not abandoning you
Netanyahu still at odds with US president, secretary of state over Iran, peace deal, but American politicians make it clear to Palestinians, Iranian that Jewish State will remain protected. But what does this message mean for Israel?
(15:26 ,12/08/13)  
US plan for Israel's safety
Analysis: Americans on historic mission to revive deadlocked talks by solving security issues
(19:57 ,12/05/13)
Israel fears Obama is leading region towards catastrophe
Small, ideological group encircling Obama, calling for final deal with Iran, regardless of price, forcing US to lose international leadership position. In Israel, officials believe Israel lost ability to influence White House on deal with Iran, pointing to greatest crisis of confidence in 20 years
(00:48 ,12/03/13)
Fewer threats in 2014
Analysis: Largely optimistic intelligence evaluation includes quite a few causes for concern
(20:02 ,11/28/13)
Pros and cons of Geneva deal
Analysis: Greatest danger is that interim agreement will become permanent, leaving Iran as 'threshold country'
(11:17 ,11/24/13)
It's not a third intifada
Analysis: Afula stabbing attack is part of violent uprising of new nature, which Israel must respond to
(10:39 ,11/14/13)
Alarming precedent
Analysis: According to introduction agreement taking shape, Tehran will be able to run towards bomb whenever it wants
(11:00 ,11/09/13)
Hezbollah-style ambush
Analysis: Gaza border incident that left five soldiers injured shows Hamas employing same tactic used by Hezbollah on northern border
(12:23 ,11/01/13)
Wiretapping game: American paranoia
Analysis: There is no moral, legal or practical justification for US eavesdropping on friendly leaders' phone conversations
(10:22 ,10/31/13)
Benefits of US-Iran reconciliation
Analysis: Historic reconciliation between Iran and the West will yield significant strategic advantages for Israel
(14:03 ,10/25/13)
Iran's strategic landmine
Analysis: If accepted, Tehran's offer to world powers will merely freeze nuclear activity until Khamenei decides to resume it
(13:11 ,10/18/13)
'Spies' in Iran - apparently Kurds
Washington Post's report that Turkey disclosed to Iran names of individuals working with Mossad heightens Erdogan feud with National Kurdish Movement; the spies revealed – apparently Kurdish
(21:23 ,10/17/13)
Hamas merely changed terror method
Analysis: Uncovering of huge tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel proves to int'l community that Hamas has not abandoned its terrorist ways
(09:36 ,10/14/13)
Dangerous slope in West Bank
Terrorist attacks, murder prove that conditions on ground can lead to major eruption of popular terrorism, yet this is not a ‘lite intifada.’ What can security forces, Israeli government do, and what is impact of ‘price tag’ youth?
(15:31 ,10/11/13)
Intelligence dispute continues
Analysis: US, Israeli intelligence agencies in disagreement over which track Iran is pursuing on way to nuclear bomb
(10:29 ,10/06/13)  
No shticks or tricks: Speech to Obama and Putin
Analysis: PM Netanyahu's masterful UN address added credibility to Israel's threat of solo strike on Iran
(11:31 ,10/02/13)
Obama coming to Rohani's aid
Analysis: US president, EU's Ashton launched diplomatic assault aimed at bolstering moderate camp in Iran
(11:52 ,09/29/13)  
Rohani speech proves sanctions stifling Iran
Analysis: Iranian president's UN address indicates he is desperate to ease western sanctions, but fears conservatives in Tehran
(08:45 ,09/25/13)  
What's hiding behind Rohani's smile?
Analysis: Iran can afford to make concessions to West now that it is so close to achieving nuclear capability
(10:51 ,09/20/13)
Looks good on paper
Analysis: US-Russian deal to eliminate Assad's chemical weapons obviously positive, but its implementation will not be easy
(12:11 ,09/15/13)
Syrian deal: World interest map
Obama evaded attack, made Russia fold; Putin killed three birds with one stone; Assad is left standing; Europeans can quietly recuperate from crisis. Meaning of upcoming Syria deal for Israel, Iran
(19:59 ,09/10/13)  
Putin's desperate attempt to save Assad
Analysis: Proposal to disarm Syria of WMDs promising, but may also present great danger if not implemented immediately
(09:44 ,09/10/13)
Obama blinked first
Analysis: Decision to delay strike against Syria sends dangerous message to cruel regimes, terrorists everywhere
(00:56 ,09/01/13)
The battle for legitimacy
Op-ed: In order to carry out strike in Syria, US needs legal, political and public legitimacy. From Israeli point of view, this legitimacy is crucial, particularly because of nuclear threat from Iran
(08:09 ,08/31/13)
No need to panic
Analysis: Israelis must keep in mind that while Assad regime is cruel, it has always acted rationally
(22:59 ,08/28/13)
Western coalition to attack Syria
Analysis: Kerry's statement was unequivocal. There are 2 possible courses of action: Striking chemical weapons reserves or attacking Syrian army, regime establishments. How will Assad act against Israel, what will Russia do?
(20:42 ,08/27/13)  
Israel estimates US will attack in Syria
Day after Gantz-Dempsey conversation, security establishment officials say US expected to operate against Assad forces even without UN mandate
(21:05 ,08/24/13)  
IDF sending message to Beirut
Analysis: Israel chose to target Palestinian site in Lebanon for its location, hoping sound of blast would reach Lebanese, Hezbollah leaders in Beirut
(13:17 ,08/23/13)
Sunnis exact revenge on Hezbollah with rocket attack
International jihadist forces which fired rockets on Galilee wish to inflict damage on Israel – for which their hatred is second to none – but also to harm Hezbollah in revenge for Nasrallah's involvement in the Syrian civil war
(20:40 ,08/22/13)
Assad senses West's weakness
Analysis: Syrian president's use of chemical weapons against opposition should also concern Israel
(08:42 ,08/22/13)
US arrogant and unreliable
Op-ed: Egypt crisis finds US more concerned about nurturing image as champion of democracy rather than safeguarding interests of important Mideast ally
(19:39 ,08/20/13)  
Egypt's war of attrition
Analysis: Chaos in Egypt is in fact well planned strategy, on part of both Muslim Brotherhood, state; Brotherhood provokes security forces, uses high losses to gain public favor. US, EU pushing both sides to rein in talk, ignoring fact that Brotherhood not interested in compromise
(01:04 ,08/18/13)
Street battles in Cairo, and the Israeli connection
Collapse of talks, tensions accompanying conclusion of Ramadan, fear of growing support for Muslim Brotherhood are what prompted Egyptian army to act to dismantle Nahda, Rabaah al-Adawiya mass sit-ins
(20:04 ,08/14/13)
Attack on Egyptian soil, problematic but probably necessary
Analysis: If reports of Israel's alleged attack of terror cell in Sinai are true, it would be second time since 1979 peace treaty Israel has breeched Egyptian sovereignty – a risky move justified only if terror cell was posing immediate threat to Israeli lives
(15:26 ,08/10/13)
Sinai jihadists have Eilat in sights
Analysis: Temporary closure of southernmost city's airport most likely linked to smuggling of shoulder-launched missiles into Sinai
(23:54 ,08/08/13)
Al-Qaeda's psychological victory
Analysis: Temporary closure of US embassies in Mideast, North Africa amid terror threat may be overreaction
(08:16 ,08/04/13)
Decision to release prisoners legitimate
Israel's increased isolation, Iranian nuclear threat left PM with no choice but to accept Palestinian demands
(17:09 ,07/28/13)
Peace talks boost security
Analysis: Bolstering of PA as a result of negotiations is crucial; terror groups have no reason to ruin the party – yet
(10:14 ,07/21/13)
Preventing an early 'explosion'
Analysis: Peace talks will have better chance of succeeding because Netanyahu, Abbas not participating directly
(20:01 ,07/20/13)
Failed US policy endangers Israel
Analysis: Political disputes in Washington putting Israel's citizens in truly dangerous situation
(20:23 ,07/15/13)
We'll pay heavy price if Gantz exaggerated
Analysis: IDF's multi-year plan may have severe repercussions, but change in operational outlook is critical
(08:57 ,07/12/13)
Secrecy has its reasons
Analysis: Exposing someone like Zygier or Prisoner Y could help enemy cross-check information, put people's life in danger
(18:01 ,07/11/13)
Hezbollah gets taste of own bitter dish
Analysis: Beirut explosion indicates Syrian civil war spilling over into Lebanon
(23:51 ,07/09/13)  
Israel, Syria and rebels wait with guns drawn
Analysis: Assad's use of Palestinian groups to attack IDF positions does not bode well for Golan residents
(20:05 ,07/07/13)
Egypt's hangover
Analysis: Millions celebrating Morsi's ouster, but second revolution's success remains uncertain
(08:22 ,07/04/13)
Warning: Egypt may become failed state
Analysis: Chaotic Egypt in need of massive foreign assistance, not Obama's call for political dialogue; anything less is doomed for failure
(14:43 ,07/02/13)
Standoff between Hamas, Islamic Jihad behind rocket fire on Israel
Conflicting allegiances on Syria come between Iran, Hamas; the beneficiary: Gaza's second largest, currently richest, terror group
(14:08 ,06/24/13)
Beware of Rohani's trap
Analysis: Israel must make certain Obama, Ashton are not dazzled by seemingly moderate Iranian president-elect
(07:48 ,06/16/13)
Solution to S-300 missiles needed, before it's too late
Past experiences taught Israeli military establishment valuable lessons regarding Russian missiles: Every system has technological, operational response. Nonetheless, no need to jump to conclusions regarding immediate danger posed by S-300
(19:05 ,05/30/13)
Bogie's and Benny's little bluff
Defense ministry, IDF warn of loss of 'preparedness' in event of budget cuts; yet this false alarm is a smoke screen to avoid undertaking any real streamlining
(14:47 ,05/28/13)
Putin is unreliable; on to direct messages to Assad
Recent statements by security officials send direct message to Syrian president: Israel does not want all out war, will not allow for Golan Heights escalation, transfer of advanced weapons to militants
(19:46 ,05/23/13)
Will Israel destroy Russian missiles?
Analysis: West assumes Israel will be forced to launch additional attacks on Hezbollah-bound arms convoys
(13:25 ,05/18/13)
Netanyahu to meet Putin amid Syria missile worries
Kremlin confirms Israeli PM will meet Russian president in Russia next week. Netanyahu will urge Putin to back out of deal to supply Syria with S-300 air defense system
(16:42 ,05/11/13)
Israel, US coordinate to thin out Syria's weapon stockpiles
Analysis: This time impact of strike, which attests to IDF's impressive capabilities, is undeniable, leading Assad to reconsider his options; a reprisal, however, is unlikely
(14:07 ,05/05/13)
Attack into Syria – message to Iran
Analysis: Obama using Israel to show Assad supporters that US is serious when it says 'all options are on the table'
(20:28 ,05/04/13)
Obama and Netanyahu's new red line
Analysis: Israeli government banking on US promise to strike Iran should diplomacy, sanctions fail to stop nuke program
(11:21 ,05/05/13)
US gains more from arms deal
Analysis: Americans building Mideast coalition to assist them in case they will have to act in Iran or Syria
(10:41 ,04/28/13)
What happened to Iron Dome?
Analysis: Salafist, Jihadist leaders in Gaza increasing pressure on Sinai terrorists to launch rocket attacks on Israel
(11:55 ,04/18/13)
Red lines still far apart
Analysis: Obama, Netanyahu still at odds over Iran, but both agree Syrian WMDs must not fall into terrorists' hands
(20:22 ,03/24/13)
Erdogan's miscalculation
Analysis: Turkish PM realized his aggressive policy against Israel was only causing him damage in West
(12:11 ,03/24/13)
Friction behind the smiles
Analysis: Obama's visit will likely be hailed as a success, but disagreements on Iran nuke program, stalled peace process remain
(00:29 ,03/21/13)
Obama will talk to Bibi, but think of China
Analysis: US president's upcoming visit meant to incorporate Israel into Washington's new global strategy
(20:57 ,03/18/13)
Unrest may lead to uprising
Analysis: Abbas looking to create explosive situation that will force Netanyahu, Obama to discuss PA's demands
(12:15 ,02/25/13)
Iran determined as ever to get nuclear bomb
Analysis: Installation of some 180 highly advanced centrifuges at Natanz plant proves Tehran has no plans to accept West's demands
(11:02 ,02/22/13)
ASIO 'burned' Zygier
Analysis: Australian intelligence agency's conduct played key role in Mossad operative's decision to commit suicide
(12:10 ,02/17/13)
Many questions remain unanswered
Op-ed: 'Prisoner X' affair shows Mossad, PM's Office do not understand how media works in information revolution era
(09:45 ,02/14/13)
North Korea's nuke test encourages Iran
Analysis: Pyongyang's conduct teaches Tehran it can lift Western sanctions without halting nuke program
(20:39 ,02/12/13)
Hezbollah's strategy: Rockets on Tel Aviv, raids on Galilee
Analysis: Nasrallah hopes to gain moral victory by inflicting heavy casualties on IDF, Israeli home front at onset of next conflict
(20:56 ,02/11/13)
Hezbollah moves into south Lebanon villages
Analysis: Terror group storing rockets in private homes it sold to poor Shiite families at bargain prices
(23:42 ,02/10/13)
Quiet intifada: Abbas' statehood plan
Analysis: UN recognition, pressure from Obama, Israel's isolation and a 'peaceful intifada' – this is how the Palestinians plan to achieve statehood without having to forgo right of return or recognize Israel as Jewish state
(22:44 ,01/30/13)
Bloodshed to continue
Analysis: Like in Afghanistan, Syria infighting will continue long after Bashar Assad's regime falls
(12:27 ,12/29/12)  
Rare human being
Op-ed: Journalist remembers sensitive, courageous and charismatic IDF chief of staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak
(11:29 ,12/20/12)
IDF restraint policy backfires
Analysis: Young Palestinians drawing inspiration from videos showing IDF soldiers running away from rioters
(00:06 ,12/13/12)  
Only time will tell
Analysis: There is a good chance that Operation Pillar of Defense will improve security, reducing missile threat on southern and central Israel
(12:22 ,11/22/12)


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