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The first line of defense
Har Nof's neighborhood watch was set up by local residents after a spate of
Ariela Ringel Hoffman
The children of the Third Intifada
Ynet speaks to Palestinian youths who have chosen to resist Israeli police using
Hassan Shaalan
IN PICTURES: Ethiopians celebrate Sigd in
Exactly 50 days after Yom Kippur, Ethiopian Jews mark the Sigd, a special
'I begged him: Almog, get up, don't leave me
Grieving girlfriend of Almog Shiloni, the soldier stabbed to death in Tel Aviv
Anat Meidan
The Rummenigge file opens: Mossad's top agent in
He grew up with Imad Mughniyeh in Beirut; family members hold key positions in
Ronen Bergman
The Jews and Arabs who want to step back from
Members of society from both sides urge reflection and mutual respect and call
Yedioth correspondents
A leaner, younger IDF
The army is laying off thousands of career soldiers, cutting back on reservists
Yossi Yehoshua
Arafat - arch-terrorist or peacenik?
10 years after the death of the Palestinian leader, Israelis are still divided
Arafat was 'a revolutionary not a statesman'
Arafat 'exercised a personal charisma but he didn't know how to delegate, to
'I didn't raise my children to hate Arabs'
After 27 years, two intifadas and even a life-threatening gunshot wound,
Akiva Novick
'Sometimes being called traitor is a badge of
Amos Oz discusses his new book about Judas Iscariot, the fulfillment of the
Eshkol Nevo
Kastner's killer: I would never have shot him
81-year-old Ze'ev Eckstein reflects on the murder that was the culmination of a
Elad Zeret
The miracle workers
The children of the Chronic Respiratory Care Ward at Herzog Hospital have severe
Shirley Golan
Tensions in Silwan: Another death can lead to an
The home of the J'lem light rail terrorist is a ticking time bomb waiting to
Elior Levy
For or Against? The bill to bypass the High
Two members of the Knesset, from two different ends of the spectrum, discuss
Ayelet Shaked, Zehava Gal-On
'There are parents whose children never come
Yuval Tal-Nir was on the trip of a lifetime to Peru when he and Shir Behar lost
Smadar Perry
Memories of peace: A return to Jordan
It's been 20 years since King Hussein and Yitzhak Rabin exchanged warm words and
Smadar Perry, Amman
Jerusalem light rail - a microcosm of a city
From symbol of coexistence to ghost train, the capital's Jewish residents prefer
Ofer Petersburg
Meet the Israelis trying to bring the entire
Facebook's recent acquisition of an Israeli startup has led its two creators to
Sagi Cohen
Lebanon pulled into war with Islamic State group
Hezbollah faces near daily attacks launched from the Syria border by IS and
Associated Press
Makeshift Shabbat, loss and longing for home:
Two combat soldiers recorded their thoughts and experiences during Operation
Yaniv Tuvitz and Shaul Levin
Profile of an elite IDF soldier: Lessons I
Two reservist fighters from the Duvedevan unit have written a book about their
Anat Meidan
After shipwreck, Syria refugee finds despair in
Mohammad Suleimane, who escaped war and poverty in Syria, underwent many
Associated Press
Tehran 90210: Rich kids of Iran live out of the
The sports cars, swimming pools and booze-soaked parties of Iran's young and
Daniel Batini
'Israel is lacking a leader and leadership'
In wide-ranging interview, Shas leader Aryeh Deri says he believes Netanyahu has
Akiva Novick and Yuval Karni
PLO ambassador: Not looking for clashes with US
Palestinians don't consider Washington an impartial broker, but hope the US does
The Media Line
Home is where the IDF is
While some of Israel’s lone soldiers have a network of familial support in
Rotem Elizera
How Islamic State become the world's richest
Sex slaves, extortion and black market oil are just some of the ways that the
Daniel Batini
'IDF won international praise for conduct of
In his first interview after Protective Edge, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz
Alex Fishman
New Egyptian film celebrates country's opening
Documentary produced by Egyptian historians aims to 'reveal the truth' about the
Roi Kais  
Religious woman soldier has fighting spirit
Haredi-born Rita never thought she would join the IDF, but at the age of 25 she
Israel Moskowitz
IDF orphans celebrate bar and bat mitzvahs with
Group of 50 children holds ceremony at the Western Wall, are later joined by
Akiva Novick
Israeli couples are swinging to survive
One intrepid reporter ventures into the world of group sex, which, its adherents
Gil Korotki
IN PICTURES: The laborers extracting Iran's coal
In the choking coal mines near Tehran, Iranian workers earning some $300 per
Associated Press
Lapid: 'I am not driven by fear'
In the wake of war in the south, and in the throes of a political storm and a
Amira Lam
Syrian man saves cats and humans alike
Aleppo resident Alaa spends $4 per day on meat for the neighborhood's forgetten
Human intelligence under fire
Operating in the gap between the Mossad and the Shin Bet, Unit 504 – the Human
Oded Shalom
Preventing another 'Gilad Shalit incident'
Commanding officers from the Givati reconnaissance battalion, who were fighting
Yoav Zitun  
Where have all the farmers gone?
Israeli agriculture is in serious decline – 75 percent of the country’s farmers
Yehuda Shohat
'We were never killers, we did what we had to do
Mike Harari, who passed away on Sunday, led the Mossad's special-operations
Ronen Bergman
A transcript of AP's full interview with Egypt's
In first interview with foreign media since taking office, Egyptian president
Associated Press
Casualties of war
Gadi Yarkoni believes his beloved kibbutz, like himself, must find a way to move
Anat Meidan
Syrian opposition activist: Assad is a bigger
Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani criticizes Obama for his inaction on Syria, calls for a
The Media Line
Meet Steve Gar - Israel's Jack Bauer
Counter terrorism expert Steve Gar has committed his life to protecting Jews
A farewell to Hofi
Humble to the core, the former Mossad chief who helped lay the foundations for
Eitan Haber  
The Lebanese Muslim activist who waves the
Drawing inspiration from his father, who was assassinated by Hezbollah, Mostafa
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Israel's lone soldiers are 'never alone'
With more programs than ever for Diaspora Jews wishing to have an IDF
Channa Rifkin
Peres' post-presidency vision: Hamas-free Gaza,
After almost 70 years of public service, Peres has left the president's official
Avner and Reli Avrahami
The politics of war: Protective Edge in
INSIGHT: Part two of Nahum Barnea's in-depth look at the key players and events
Nahum Barnea
Bitter tears of victory: Protective Edge in
In part one of a special feature, Nahum Barnea takes an in-depth look at the key
Nahum Barnea
Egypt sees Gaza conflict as chance to reclaim
Analysis: Serving as the central player in brokering a ceasefire, Sisi's Egypt
The Media Line
Under Fire: Israelis recount the rockets and the
From Ashdod and Ashkelon to Tel Aviv and Modi'in, Israelis share their tales of
The battle of the Gaza tunnels
Why hasn't Israel implemented a secure system to deal with Hamas' terror
Ronen Bergman
Alone on the Gaza frontier: Kerem Shalom
Feature: Residents of kibbutz on Gaza Strip-Israel-Egypt border do not lose
Ilana Curiel
Al-Baghdadi: The man behind ISIS
ISIS leader trained under command of Musab al-Zarqawi, spent 4 years in US
Roi Kais
Justice for Hamas, Fatah victims costly, elusive
Next step in Palestinian reconciliation is compensation for hundreds killed and
Associated Press
Gush Katif evacuees still struggle to create new
Almost nine years after Ariel Sharon led Israel's 'disengagement' from the Gaza
The Media Line
Will American jihad in Syria lead to a future
As many as 11,000 foreigners are fighting in Syrian civil war today; 3,000 of
Roi Kais  
Nazi Enigma encryption machine may have been
British intelligence gave the young IDF some 30 Nazi Enigma encryption machines,
Ron Ben-Yishai  
Israel, Palestinians eye political gain from
Palestinians view decision to start pope's visit in West Bank as recognition of
10 years, 1,000 lashes for Saudi blogger, but
Saudi blogger Raef Badawi criticized his government's 'religious police' and was
Roi Kais
Rogue Libyan general's troops attack parliament
In what some are already calling a 'coup', Libyan general fighting Islamists
Associated Press
Israel's undercover peacemakers
Behind the scenes of many peace efforts are 'civil peacemakers,' private
Lior Lehrs
Illegal immigrants and slums, south Tel Aviv as
State Comptroller report says 1 in 8 residents of Tel Aviv are foreign nationals
Yaron Druckman, Gilad Morag
Olmert's sentence follows history of corruption
Israeli politics has often been marred by crimes small and large, but commitment
On Israel's 66th Independence Day, President
Be it peace with the Palestinians, the increasingly problematic economic gaps in
Yon Feder, Attila Somfalvi
Race to succeed President Peres heats up
Three names – Ben-Eliezer, Rivlin, Shalom – garner most support, but Netanyahu's
Associated Press
Inside the talks' failure: US officials open up
In an exclusive interview, American officials directly connected to the talks
Nahum Barnea
Ben Zygier did not betray his country, says
Attorney Moshe Mazor was one of only people in Israel allowed into Ayalon
Tsach Shpitsen
What would you do if you had to serve in an IDF
The camera rolls, and the people at the Bat Yam boardwalk are asked to
Itamar Rose
IDF revolution – seismic shift in training
Israel's military has overhauled its training apparatus, including the
Yoav Zitun
Intelligence briefing: Israel's military experts
Part 2/2 of special Ynet interview with the heads of the research and analysis
Ron Ben-Yishai
AUDIO: Dreaming of breaking down the walls
Think tank leads West Bank tour in hopes of fostering greater Israeli
Margarita Erbach  
Spectators applauded IDF in Eilat: 'Israeli
Hundreds of people gathered near the Port of Eilat to follow the entrance of
Meir Ohayon  
World of American donations to the Jewish State
New generation of US philanthropists continues to donate some $2 billion a year
Yitzhak Benhorin
Six terror attacks in a day: The Shin Bet story
In segment not included in award winning documentary 'The Gatekeepers,' former
Dror Moreh
Six terror attacks in a day: The Shin Bet story
In segment not included in award winning documentary 'The Gatekeepers,' former
Dror Moreh
Palestinians see worrisome trend in 'honor'
Past year saw 27 women slain for 'family honor' reasons in Palestinian-run areas
Newborn lion cubs die in Hamas-run zoo in Gaza
Only two days after their birth, two lions cubs in Gaza Strip zoo die because
Associated Press
Al-Baraq's path from biology student to wanted
Interrogation transcripts attainted by Ynet reveal chilling tale of terrorist
Aviel Magnezi, Elior Levy
Evolving, educating: Israel's Gypsy community
Story of Bulgarian girl found with Greek Gypsy couple draws attention to culture
Roi Mandel
Special police unit evacuates Bedouins; 'it's
Yoav Unit set up ahead of expected Knesset approval of Bedouin resettlement
Ilana Curiel  
Education Ministry advisor: We deserve Nobel
Prestigious award that former Israelis won reflects bleak reality: Third of
Shahar Chai  
Gaza wedding: 15-year-old groom, 14-year-old
Palestinian teenager poses with newly-wed wife in house damaged by 2009 Israeli
Torpedoes and sandals: The daily life of a
A half-billion dollars worth submarine carries IDF soldiers to covert ops
Yoav Zitun  
US, Iran: Decades of complex, troubled relations
Ahead of possible Obama-Rohani meeting at UN General Assembly, AP recounts few
Bradley Klapper, AP
Comment posted, damage done: Online battle for
Internet pages are fighting ring where Israel supporters try to ward off
Eyal Lehmann
US tour empowers Jewish, Arab women
Israelis, Palestinians learn to 'think big' during meetings with American
Miri Arbiv
40 years after Yom Kippur War: The Egyptian
Ynet speaks with Egyptian whose life mission is to teach Egyptians of their
Roi Kais  
Ministers recall Yom Kippur War experiences
Young Shai Piron heard radio break fast's sanctity, officer Uri Ariel was

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