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Casualties of war
Gadi Yarkoni believes his beloved kibbutz, like himself, must find a way to move
Anat Meidan
Syrian opposition activist: Assad is a bigger
Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani criticizes Obama for his inaction on Syria, calls for a
The Media Line
Meet Steve Gar - Israel's Jack Bauer
Counter terrorism expert Steve Gar has committed his life to protecting Jews
A farewell to Hofi
Humble to the core, the former Mossad chief who helped lay the foundations for
Eitan Haber  
The Lebanese Muslim activist who waves the
Drawing inspiration from his father, who was assassinated by Hezbollah, Mostafa
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Israel's lone soldiers are 'never alone'
With more programs than ever for Diaspora Jews wishing to have an IDF
Channa Rifkin
Peres' post-presidency vision: Hamas-free Gaza,
After almost 70 years of public service, Peres has left the president's official
Avner and Reli Avrahami
The politics of war: Protective Edge in
INSIGHT: Part two of Nahum Barnea's in-depth look at the key players and events
Nahum Barnea
Bitter tears of victory: Protective Edge in
In part one of a special feature, Nahum Barnea takes an in-depth look at the key
Nahum Barnea
Egypt sees Gaza conflict as chance to reclaim
Analysis: Serving as the central player in brokering a ceasefire, Sisi's Egypt
The Media Line
Under Fire: Israelis recount the rockets and the
From Ashdod and Ashkelon to Tel Aviv and Modi'in, Israelis share their tales of
The battle of the Gaza tunnels
Why hasn't Israel implemented a secure system to deal with Hamas' terror
Ronen Bergman
Alone on the Gaza frontier: Kerem Shalom
Feature: Residents of kibbutz on Gaza Strip-Israel-Egypt border do not lose
Ilana Curiel
Al-Baghdadi: The man behind ISIS
ISIS leader trained under command of Musab al-Zarqawi, spent 4 years in US
Roi Kais
Justice for Hamas, Fatah victims costly, elusive
Next step in Palestinian reconciliation is compensation for hundreds killed and
Associated Press
Gush Katif evacuees still struggle to create new
Almost nine years after Ariel Sharon led Israel's 'disengagement' from the Gaza
The Media Line
Will American jihad in Syria lead to a future
As many as 11,000 foreigners are fighting in Syrian civil war today; 3,000 of
Roi Kais  
Nazi Enigma encryption machine may have been
British intelligence gave the young IDF some 30 Nazi Enigma encryption machines,
Ron Ben-Yishai  
Israel, Palestinians eye political gain from
Palestinians view decision to start pope's visit in West Bank as recognition of
10 years, 1,000 lashes for Saudi blogger, but
Saudi blogger Raef Badawi criticized his government's 'religious police' and was
Roi Kais
Rogue Libyan general's troops attack parliament
In what some are already calling a 'coup', Libyan general fighting Islamists
Associated Press
Israel's undercover peacemakers
Behind the scenes of many peace efforts are 'civil peacemakers,' private
Lior Lehrs
Illegal immigrants and slums, south Tel Aviv as
State Comptroller report says 1 in 8 residents of Tel Aviv are foreign nationals
Yaron Druckman, Gilad Morag
Olmert's sentence follows history of corruption
Israeli politics has often been marred by crimes small and large, but commitment
On Israel's 66th Independence Day, President
Be it peace with the Palestinians, the increasingly problematic economic gaps in
Yon Feder, Attila Somfalvi
Race to succeed President Peres heats up
Three names – Ben-Eliezer, Rivlin, Shalom – garner most support, but Netanyahu's
Associated Press
Inside the talks' failure: US officials open up
In an exclusive interview, American officials directly connected to the talks
Nahum Barnea
Ben Zygier did not betray his country, says
Attorney Moshe Mazor was one of only people in Israel allowed into Ayalon
Tsach Shpitsen
What would you do if you had to serve in an IDF
The camera rolls, and the people at the Bat Yam boardwalk are asked to
Itamar Rose
IDF revolution – seismic shift in training
Israel's military has overhauled its training apparatus, including the
Yoav Zitun
Intelligence briefing: Israel's military experts
Part 2/2 of special Ynet interview with the heads of the research and analysis
Ron Ben-Yishai
AUDIO: Dreaming of breaking down the walls
Think tank leads West Bank tour in hopes of fostering greater Israeli
Margarita Erbach  
Spectators applauded IDF in Eilat: 'Israeli
Hundreds of people gathered near the Port of Eilat to follow the entrance of
Meir Ohayon  
World of American donations to the Jewish State
New generation of US philanthropists continues to donate some $2 billion a year
Yitzhak Benhorin
Six terror attacks in a day: The Shin Bet story
In segment not included in award winning documentary 'The Gatekeepers,' former
Dror Moreh
Six terror attacks in a day: The Shin Bet story
In segment not included in award winning documentary 'The Gatekeepers,' former
Dror Moreh
Palestinians see worrisome trend in 'honor'
Past year saw 27 women slain for 'family honor' reasons in Palestinian-run areas
Newborn lion cubs die in Hamas-run zoo in Gaza
Only two days after their birth, two lions cubs in Gaza Strip zoo die because
Associated Press
Al-Baraq's path from biology student to wanted
Interrogation transcripts attainted by Ynet reveal chilling tale of terrorist
Aviel Magnezi, Elior Levy
Evolving, educating: Israel's Gypsy community
Story of Bulgarian girl found with Greek Gypsy couple draws attention to culture
Roi Mandel
Special police unit evacuates Bedouins; 'it's
Yoav Unit set up ahead of expected Knesset approval of Bedouin resettlement
Ilana Curiel  
Education Ministry advisor: We deserve Nobel
Prestigious award that former Israelis won reflects bleak reality: Third of
Shahar Chai  
Gaza wedding: 15-year-old groom, 14-year-old
Palestinian teenager poses with newly-wed wife in house damaged by 2009 Israeli
Torpedoes and sandals: The daily life of a
A half-billion dollars worth submarine carries IDF soldiers to covert ops
Yoav Zitun  
US, Iran: Decades of complex, troubled relations
Ahead of possible Obama-Rohani meeting at UN General Assembly, AP recounts few
Bradley Klapper, AP
Comment posted, damage done: Online battle for
Internet pages are fighting ring where Israel supporters try to ward off
Eyal Lehmann
US tour empowers Jewish, Arab women
Israelis, Palestinians learn to 'think big' during meetings with American
Miri Arbiv
40 years after Yom Kippur War: The Egyptian
Ynet speaks with Egyptian whose life mission is to teach Egyptians of their
Roi Kais  
Ministers recall Yom Kippur War experiences
Young Shai Piron heard radio break fast's sanctity, officer Uri Ariel was
Lone IDF soldiers reunite with families for
Hundreds of IDF ‘lone soldiers’ with no family in Israel, forced to spend
Revealed: In 1950s Mossad spies married Arabs to
Mossad's Ulysses Project's secret operatives took on false identities, married
Ronen Bergman
They hate Israel, but they hate Hezbollah more
Abdullah Azzam Brigades took responsibility for rocket fire at Israel on
Roi Kais  
Getting high beyond Green Line
Shortage of soft drugs across country leads young Israelis to settlements, where
Itamar Fleishman
Saudi crack addicts get their fix
Easily available, highly addictive drug reaches Saudi Arabia, reeking havoc,
The Media Line
Edgy new play spotlights death row teens in Iran
Production titled 'The Blue Feeling of Death' tells true stories of seven
Associated Press
An inside look at the women of Hezbollah
On the battlefield their role is limited to treatment of wounded, but Rima
Roi Kais
Egyptian Hebrew speakers take Israeli public by
Cairo's revolt reveals Egyptian commentators with surprisingly fluent Hebrew in
Roi Kais
Syrian war splits families, friends in Golan
In region of 20,000 people, only some 300 openly oppose Assad regime. Many are
Aine Pennello
In Israel, no such thing as a civil marriage
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis ineligible to wed. 'Getting married is a basic
The Media Line
Gay Egyptians come out of the closet
Arab Spring, Internet encourage more openness in country where until recently
The Media Line
Nigeria’s 'war on terror' wins tentative support
Local population in Africa’s No. 1 oil producer appears to have had enough of
Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be
According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, European softening, together with
Roi Mandel  
Has multiculturalism failed?
With soldier being murdered in London, Paris; immigrants rioting in Stockholm,
Roi Simyoni
Berlin teens meet Israeli expats
During meeting with high schoolers, Israelis who moved to German capital asked
Lebanon: Homosexuals no longer 'perverts,' but
Violent police raid on Beirut LGBT club inspires controversy. Transgender
Roi Kais
As far away from Burgas as possible
Terror victims taken on vacation in New York on behalf of Chabad Terror Victims
Daniel Fahima
American-born MK attuned to Anglos' needs
Rabbi Dov Lipman was inspired to initiate constituent meetings by his experience
The Media Line
Golan Druze divided, afraid over Syria
Majdal Shams residents differ in opinion over Assad regime, with some calling
Hassan Shaalan
'Love to the end or hate from the heart'
Violence keeps escalating between Palestinians, settlers in West Bank, while
Itamar Fleishman
Disrupting their eternal rest
Considered the most important cemetery in Judaism, its dry earth is sent all
Akiva Novick
Disabled Gaza baby lives in Israel hospital
Abandoned by parents, 3-year-old amputee Mohammed won the hearts of his doctors,
Brit Perets, AP
Sexual harassment: Why so few complain?
Investigators ask victims to reveal intimate details, courts reenact traumas;
Omri Efraim
Revenge killings claim hundreds in Yemen
Officials call for end to violence feeding revenge killing in hopes of breaking
The Media Line
300 meters of loathing
Construction of outpost triggers tension, violence between settlers and
Itamar Fleishman
Israeli novice lawmakers feel their way
Domestic issues take center stage as Knesset opens summer session. 'It is
The Media Line
State archives show early years of Israel
In honor of 65th Independence Day, State archives digitized, go online with
Roi Mandel  
Wikileaks reveals 1973 war files: 'Changes in
Website's library of US diplomacy features records of 1973 US ambassador to
Yitzhak Benhorin
Hitler joins gun debate, but history is in
Gun right supporters insist that many more Jews could have survived Holocaust
Associated Press
Drinking tea with the man who killed my father
Her father was killed in an IRA bombing but Jo Berry decided to meet the men
Gili Gurel  
Jimmy Carter: The US president who put on the
Moments before Obama's anticipated visit, minutes covering Israel-Egypt peace
Roi Mandel
State witness in Holyland case revealed
Financial genius, master manipulator or a businessman down on his luck?
Roi Mandel
Kosher and halal – a gastronomic peace
Following successful career in US Department of Energy, 76-year-old Moustafa
Yitzhak Benhorin
Minister in 1983: Mossad was disinformed on
More records of cabinet meetings regarding massacre in Lebanon released,
Roi Mandel
Woman forced to wed at 15: I saw death
Many Arab women forced to marry at very early age, entering life replete with
Hassan Shaalan
A different Middle East: Israelis for Syria
Volunteers from an Israeli organization put their lives on the line to help
Shlomit Sharvit Barzilay  
Pnina Tamano-Shata, blazing a new path
Fighting for social justice since she was a child, new Yesh Atid MK plans to
Nir Cohen
Pen mightier than sword? Arab cartoonists bash
Arab caricaturists never held back criticism for Jewish state, but assault on
Roi Kais
Israeli women soldiers have 'right stuff' for
'We make a real contribution to protecting the country,' says commander of
Hamas flagship university grooms Hebrew teachers
Gaza institution adds Hebrew to list of degrees; 'It is the language of our
Associated Press
Diskin: Bibi, Barak motivated by personal
In second part of interview with director of 'The Gatekeepers,' former Shin Bet
Dror Moreh
Prices go up, seniors go under
As cost of living continues to rise, new survey says seniors give up necessities
Omri Efraim

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