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Israeli experts develop grapes that grow all
Researchers successfully grow existing variety of seedless grape during winter
Amir Ben-David and Akiva Novick
Israel zoo-goers come face-to-face with lost
Amelia, a three-year-old gorilla, fell out of her enclosure onto pedestrian
Adva Cohen, Danny Adeno Abebe
11-year-old fighting for his life – but you can
Cancer patient Noam was diagnosed two years ago; doctors say only an expensive
Dr. Itay Gal
Better care helped save soldiers in latest IDF
Study examines treatment of wounded soldiers during Protective Edge, finding
Yaron Kelner
In Gaza, demand grows for a plastic surgeon's
Some of Salah El-Zanin's patients want to repair scars left by bombs and
Israeli scientists crack the mystery of Saturn's
New research at Tel Aviv University determines that the planet takes seven
Israel to host world's biggest science
Dozens of world renowned scientists, Nobel Prize laureates and 400 young people
Itamar Eichner
Medical students fight over internships at
New list showing which hospitals future doctors would like to conduct their
Yaron Kelner
Study: Israel has the healthiest diet in the
Research published in The Lancet Global Health journal ranks quality of Israeli
Itamar Eichner
Women censored from Medical Association ads
Campaign focusing on collapsing health system banned by billboard company due to
Roi Yanovsky
Israeli snack shows early exposure to peanuts
Researchers at King's College London start study after noticing far higher rates
Associated Press
Jewish scientist behind iconic moon walk video
After fleeing Nazis, Ernest Sternglass studied in Cornel, corresponded with
Remains of 'Dinosaur's cousin' found in Negev
Fossilized skeletal remains of ancient reptile known as Elasmosaurus dating back
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Report: 1 in 3 Israelis will get cancer
Israel has highest rate of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) in the world, according
Yaron Kelner
Israeli doctors help out hundreds of children in
Two physicians join 300 delegation members from 18 countries to provide free
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Israelis live 10 years longer than Palestinians
Physicians for Human Rights report finds Israel spends 10 times as much money on
The Media Line
International summit to advance spiritual care
Nearly 40 spiritual care providers have already been certified in the country
Unmarried women denied fertility treatments at
Laniado medical center, which is owned and run by a haredi association, says its
Yaron Kelner
Einstein postcard from Palestine trip up for
Unique note signed by Jewish German physicist, including self-portrait sketched
Living under threat of terror increases health
New Israeli study links long term exposure to fear of terror to increased heart
The Media Line
Israelis donate masses of hair to cancer
Over 200 salons across country provide free haircuts in three-day marathon to
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Israeli patients will be left without drugs due
Health Appropriations Committee announces it requires treatments worth NIS 2.5
Yaron Kelner
16-year-old med student is struggling to make
Maya Fishman will soon become youngest doctor in Israel's history, but she and
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli cave may prove when humans began using
According to new Israeli study conducted at Tabun Cave in north, humans began
65% of Israelis don't trust public health system
Survey commissioned by Society for Patients' Rights in Israel shows majority of
Yaron Kelner
Israel's health system in critical condition
Health care deficit at record high, but Knesset's dissolution halts funds to
Yaron Kelner and Etti Abramov
Israeli-Palestinian study finds regional flowers
Three-year study conducted by Israeli, Palestinian, Spanish and Greek
Itamar Eichner
Federal guidelines: Circumcision benefits
US health officials say medical evidence supports having procedure done despite
Associated Press
Israel sees rise in HIV infections among gays
Despite drop in general number of HIV cases, Health Ministry reports increase in
Yaron Kelner
Mortality rates still higher among Arab infants
Arab babies have more than double the chance of dying in the first year of their
Yaron Kelner
Israeli-developed MRI can detect brain damage
Research from Ben-Gurion University, Brain Imaging Research Center can help
The Media Line
Israelis are living longer
Average life expectancy in 2013 was 80.3 years among men and 83.9 among women,
Gad Lior
Israeli hospitals see rise in suicide attempts
New immigrants, divorced and older people are at a higher risk of committing
Israeli scientists help you sleep your way to
New research by scientists at Weizmann Institute shows that smelling nasty
2 Israeli children contract dangerous virus
Enterovirus D-68 has arrived in Israel after spreading throughout US and Canada.
Sarit Rosenblum
Israelis versus Ebola
They work in a country from which everyone wants to escape, and experience the
Sarit Rosenblum, Smadar Shir
Heart disease and strokes kill less Israelis,
Study conducted between 2000-2011 shows cancer is biggest cause of death in
Yaron Kelner
Zionist activist's organs save 4 Israelis
Keith Berman, who brought thousands of young Jewish Americans for a gap year
Dr. Itay Gal
Tanda's new mask
Two-ton rhino, suffering from a chronic eye infection, has been fitted with a
Erez Erlichman
Haifa tops Israel cancer list
New data show there are 15% more Haifa residents with disease than in rest of
Yaron Kelner
Exercise at Ben-Gurion Airport simulates arrival
'Ebola patient' rushed to airport clinic and then evacuated in special sealed
Itay Blumental, Yaron Kelner  
Celiacs protest against high costs of
With price of gluten-free bread at 351% more than regular bread, gluten-free
Yaron Kelner
Israeli online program helps prevent bedwetting
Therapee combines an alarm and plastic sheet with sensors, cognitive behavioral
The Media Line
Israeli study: Tumors might grow more quickly at
Weizmann Institute researchers find it may be more efficient to give
The Media Line
Health Ministry: Gay conversion therapy
Minister Yael German adopts Israel Psychological Association's position paper
Yaron Kelner
Israel to send aid to Africa to combat Ebola
After Defense Minister rejected request by US, UN to send field hospitals to
Itamar Eichner
Israeli study finds children born in winter at
New research study in Tel Aviv University reveals that viral infections during
Dudi Goldman
Lancet editor-in-chief apologizes for
After touring country, leading British medical columnist Prof. Horton expresses
Yaron Kelner
Peres Center turns pink for breast cancer
Wearing a pink tie, former president Shimon Peres launches International Breast
Ethiopian medical students study in Israel
International program at Ben Gurion University provides young doctors from
The Media Line
Israel sends experts, aid to Africa to fight
Doctors, medicine and medical supplies sent to Africa in effort to assist fight
Itamar Eichner
Medical student leads 'Hebrew Arabic' project
Arab students teach Jewish students spoken Arabic as part of unique program
Israeli study: Artificial sweeteners may promote
Research suggests sweeteners hamper how well body handles sugar in diet, which
Associated Press
Israeli special needs kids face rockets, and
Pro-Hamas hackers take over website for visually impaired young people with
Israeli study: Alcohol reduces war-induced
Research conducted among 1,300 Israelis during 2008 Israeli operation in Gaza
Dr. Itay Gal
Israel wins international math competition
Students from Tel Aviv University and Technion excel on both team level and
Dudi Goldman
NY Jewish leaders pledge $200,000 to front-line
Donation to Barzilai Medical Center in city of Ashkelon, which has been hit hard
Hamas prevents 3 Gazan children of life-saving
Islamic organization won't let kids suffering from systemic arthritis to get a
Yaron Kelner
Doctors condemn Israeli 'crime against humanity'
Twenty-four physicians and scientists publish open letter against IDF's activity
Dr. Itay Gal
Israel offered medical aid to Gazans, but the PA
Health Ministry prepared millions of shekels worth of medicine, chemotherapy and
Dr. Itay Gal
Nurse suspended for calling IDF soldiers 'war
Arab worker at Sheba Medical Center fails to show up for hearing over
Yaron Kelner
Singing familiar songs helps Alzheimer’s
Small Israeli study confirms that group music therapy sessions using tailored
NFL players praise Israeli company's orthopedic
AposTherapy develops brand of shoes that helps deal with knee and back pain.
Daniel Koren
Israeli envoy offers vaccinations instead of
Instead of hosting festive Independence Day reception, Israeli Embassy in
Itamar Eichner
New Israeli chemical scanner could change
New gadget scans chemical makeup of foods and drugs, allowing shoppers to make
Associated Press
Israel records first drop in suicide rates since
Health Ministry report shows new immigrants from Ethiopia and former Soviet
Yaron Kelner
Circumcision linked to lowered prostate cancer
Canadian researchers suspect connection may be lower rate among circumcised men
IDF officer fights his fiercest battle - against
Despite being diagnosed with incurable disease ALS, 24-year-old Captain Omri
Yaron Kelner
'Physician-assisted-suicide' bill passes first
Ministerial Committee approves legislation on assisted suicide for terminally
Moran Azulay
Israeli-American team unveils revolutionary drug
Team member Jacob Schachter of Sheba Medical Center believes the new treatment
Nechama Duek
Israeli study: Gay dads' brains show activity
Research provides first evidence of changes in brain activity of homosexual men
Jerusalem: Land of medicine or miracles?
Tower of David Museum hosts exhibition exploring 3,000 years of medicine in holy
The Media Line
Israeli students excel at Asian Physics Olympiad
Israeli delegation returns from Singapore with two silver medals, three bronze
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Israeli, Chinese universities to collaborate on
Tel Aviv University president says agreement built from the bottom up 'because
AP and Ynetnews
Israeli team designs prosthetic fin to save
Inspired by design of US warplane, team of Israelis design prosthetic fin for
Associated Press
Complications rare with baby circumcisions
New analysis finds risk of complications after boys are circumcised rises
WHO report finds: Israeli men live longer
Men in Israel live until the average age of 80.2, behind only 3 other countries;
Yaron Kelner
Engineered measles vaccine wipes out woman's
Scientists believe dose of engineered MV-NIS virus, selectively toxic to myeloma
Hadassah doctors announce agreement after night
Agreement between doctors, hospital's management includes termination of 30
Yaron Kelner
17 million-year-old shrimp sperm found in
Australian site yields rich deposit of fossils including 'the oldest fossilised
WHO report: Israel ranks 12th in air pollution
According to World Health Organization, Ashkelon is most polluted city in Israel
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli, US scientists make insulin-producing
Team reports clearing important hurdle in quest to make 'personalized stem
Head of Israel's debt collection agency: Debtors
In letter to deputy attorney general, David Madioni says black market
Aviel Magnezi
Israelis still in the race for mission to Mars
The Mars One project hopes to colonize Mars and is offering four crews the
Margarita Erbach
Israeli mom’s invention goes global
Debby Elnatan of Jerusalem, who developed special harness to help her child walk
Anav Silverman, Tazpit

WATCH: Lebanese celebrities campaign for LGBT
Beware: The 'Soup Nazi' is coming to Israel
Raz Shechnik
Israeli restaurant named best restaurant in UK
Roy Yerushalmi
Palestinian hairstylist wins Israeli contest
Itamar Eichner
Legendary left-wing Tel Aviv café to shut down
Shachar Chai

One Republic visits IDF's Iron Dome
Ami Friedman
One Republic headed to Israel
Raz Shechnik
Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea to perform in
Ami Friedman
Israel places 9th in Eurovision final
Associated Press
Israel's 'Golden Boy' performs at Eurovision
Amit Cotler, Reuters  

Israel a no-show at Cannes Film Festival,
Amir Bogen, Ran Boker
Actress and comedian Anne Meara, mom of Ben
Associated Press
New Palestinian film criticizes Hamas
Amir Bogen
Portman says new Israeli film isn't political
Associated Press
Wrenching 'Son of Saul' brings Nazi death camp

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