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Israeli company launches mobile app for cardiac
GPS-based CathMaps+ uses mobile technology to provide peace of mind and
Israeli study: Breastfeeding helps prevent
Research conducted at Haifa University concludes that nursing decreases
Yaron Kelner
Israeli startup helps elderly walk without fear
New orthopedic shoe being developed in Israel will give seniors a chance to walk
The Media Line
Cosmic exhibition brings stunning space
In an exhibit hosted at the Tel Aviv Port as part of Space Week, photography
Israel to limit number of IVF cycles
According to a new Health Ministry policy, if a woman fails to achieve a
Yaron Kelner
Anti-obesity ads stir controversy
New anti-obesity campaign irks medical officials and regulators who fear
Dr. Itay Gal
Living with Down syndrome in Israel
Large percentage of kids born with genetic disorder in Jewish state belong to
Israeli study: Gum chewing causes migraines
Researchers from Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba find that children, teens who
Dr. Itay Gal
Magen David Adom tells straight man he can't
MDA branch in Haifa refuses to take blood despite Dekel Hasid's regular previous
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli invention: Electric dental 'braces'
New orthodontic system developed by Israeli company promises to shorten daily
Dr. Itay Gal
Israelis find new way for quitting smoking
Using magnetism, researchers from Ben-Gurion University say they can effectively
Zak Edwards
Study: Bris doesn’t reduce sexual pleasure
Research conducted by Australian scientists concludes circumcision has 'no
Daniel Koren
Same-sex couples to be entitled to surrogacy
Health Minister Yael German unveils bill stipulating that gays can use proxy
Yaron Kelner
Immigrants more prone to illnesses
New figures presented by Health Ministry reveal major gaps in Israeli society:
Yaron Kelner
Israel sees rise in stroke-related deaths
Central Bureau of Statistics report reveals decrease in deaths caused by
Yaron Kelner
Report: 1 in 4 Israeli women overweight
Central Bureau of Statistics report reveals Israel lags behind in number of
Yaron Kelner
Israel lags behind in health research
Central Bureau of Statistics report reveals that only 0.7% of country's research
Yaron Kelner
Health trend takes over military kitchen
Defense Ministry introducing whole grain rice, light salad dressings, oatmeal
Reuven Weiss
Showing Scotland another side of Israel
Coexistence work of Emek Medical Center in Afula, where efforts of Jewish and
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Gaza woman gives birth to sextuplets
Four boys, two girls born at West Bank hospital around six weeks premature,
Netanyahu joins vegetarian trend
Prime minister's official residence to serve meatless meals once a week as part
Itamar Eichner
Israel sees alarming rise in HIV infections
Despite global drop in number of new HIV cases in past decades, 495 new
Israeli invention may spare visit to doctor
New device developed by Tyto company can perform almost complete checkup of body
Dr. Itay Gal
Teva: MS drug may reduce brain damage
Israeli pharmaceutical giant, Sweden's Active Biotech say Phase III clinical
Study: Caffeine makes genetic material age
Tel Aviv University researchers discover coffee, alcohol affect cells' ageing,
Dudi Goldman
US research team wins $1M prize in Israel
President Peres presents BrainGate with award for developing technology that
Associated Press
Haredi women less exposed to breast cancer
New study published in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month reveals early
Yaron Kelner
Science brings Israelis, Iranians closer
Two physicists from Tehran university respond to email from Israeli colleague,
Dudi Goldman
Shoah survivor shares Nobel in physics
Jewish Belgian Prof. François Englert, 81, grew up in Nazi-occupied Europe,
Dudi Goldman
Israel records sharp rise in cancer deaths
Disease responsible for more than one-quarter of death cases in country, up 10%
Yaron Kelner
What is most desired profession in Israel?
Country's health system may be collapsing, but survey conducted by Medical
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli nursing guide big hit in Arab world
While Israel is not too popular among Arab countries, local HMO's breastfeeding
Yaron Kelner
Israeli scientists offer solution to famine
Team led by chancellor of Kinneret College develops new technology which may
Aryeh Savir, Tazpit
Israeli study finds cellphone-cancer correlation
Research conducted by TA University establishes connection between long-term use
Graham Sigurdson
Video games help stroke rehabilitation
Israeli researchers find video game-based therapy issues better results for
Daniel Koren
TA hospital announces Meatless Monday
Sourasky Medical Center joins campaign led in Israel by ex-news anchor Miki
Yaron Kelner
Major study: Shoah survivors live longer
Research conducted at Haifa University finds men who survived Holocaust have
Dr. Itay Gal
Israel world leader in blindness prevention
Study shows rates of preventable blindness in Israel may have been slashed in
Daniel Koren
Study aims to help alcoholics stay sober
Israeli researchers suggest that memory plays a significant role in relapses;
Daniel Koren
Mathematical Olympiad: 6 medals for Israel
International competition held in Colombia concludes with one gold medal, three
Shahar Chai
2 Israeli scientists up for UNESCO prize
Natalie Zetoony, Adit Naor singled out for $100,000 award aiming to empower
Ashley Peters
Israel, Singapore launch joint PhD program
National University of Singapore, Hebrew University of Jerusalem to promote
Israelis find new way to fight breast cancer
New strategy developed by research team from Weizmann Institute of Science may
Daniel Koren
Israel wins 5 medals in Physics Olympiad
Students return with one gold medal, three silver and one bronze from
Shahar Chai
4 medals for Israel in Informatics Olympiad
Impressive accomplishment for Israeli youth at prestigious global competition
Shahar Chai
New law to ban smoking in soccer grounds
Bill approved by ministerial committee calls for designated smoking areas in
Tova Zimuki
Hot temps likely not tied to heart birth defects
Israeli study says unseasonably hot winter days may be associated with rarest
Bursts of electricity may help fight Alzheimer's
Study conducted by Dr. Inna Slutsky of Tel Aviv University suggests simple
Daniel Koren
Tourist's organs save lives of 3 Israelis
Christian woman dies of heart attack during pilgrimage to holy sites in Israel.
Dr. Itay Gal
Arava peppers headed to space
NASA, Moshav Ein-Yahav looking for resistant vegetable varieties to be grown by
Ofer Petersburg
'Itching' to help us stop scratching
Hebrew University, Harvard researchers discover distinct ‘itch-inducing neurons’
From Nazareth Illit to White House
US First Lady Michelle Obama decides to include recipes of women from northern
Israel Moskowitz
Poll: Israelis cutting down on smoking
Health Ministry survey finds 27.2% of Israeli men, 14.5% of Israeli women are
Sarit Rosenblum
Study improves lives of AIDS patients' kids
Program developed by Prof. Pnina Klein of Bar-Ilan University can give children
David Shear
Jewish NGO fights Chagas Disease
As a result of Dr. Silvia Gold's efforts, Argentina not only produces
Israel has fewer hospitals than Yemen
World Health Organization report reflects grim situation of Israeli health
Dr. Itay Gal
Rabbi okays HIV-positive organ donation
In halachic precedent, Israel's former Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron rules
Dr. Itay Gal
Israel may limit fertility treatments
Health Ministry considering defunding IVF treatments for women over age of 44
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli-American connection saves lives
Maryland governor, president of university where Prof. Avi Rivkind studied in
Boston doctors praise Israeli training
Medical staff treating victims of marathon bombings at Massachusetts General
Stephen Hawking coming to Israel
British theoretical physicist to visit Jewish state in June to participate in
Leonard Carl
Israelis invited to TEDMED Conference
For first time in history, another country other than US to be officially
David Shear
Gaza sees rise in cancer-related deaths
Cancer becomes second-leading cause of death among Palestinians after heart
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli hospitals to serve tastier food
After Health Ministry discovers 40% of hospital patients barely touch their food
Sarit Rosenblum
US refuses visa to caregiver of muscular
Yaniv Aviran, 25, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, needs the company of his
Yaniv Aviran
Gov't to consider lifting ban on gay men's blood
Health Ministry to review section banning men who had sex with other men to
Dr. Itay Gal
Israeli prof. fights China organ harvesting
More voices around globe are calling to ban transplant tourism to China. Prof.
NTD Television
Study links miscarriages to Gaza rockets
Ben-Gurion University researchers find 'statistically significant correlations'
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Public health leaders to visit Israel
Some 70 professionals working to promote health and save lives around world to
Hebrew University takes its place in stars
Former alum names asteroid in honor of university, with appropriate moniker of
David Shear
Israel applies for 2nd astronaut
Jewish state in talks with world's space agencies to send Israeli astronaut to
Itamar Eichner
Sharon's brain scans show leaps in science of
With more tests and research to devise way for former PM to signal whether he is
Study provides insights into cell growth
Hebrew University researchers create newly-engineered strain of mice, whose
Space agency heads coming to Israel
Fourteen leaders of world's top space agencies to mark 10th anniversary of Space
Dudi Goldman
Israel leading force in digital health apps
Tel Aviv conference brings together top international cardiologists, innovators,
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Over 25% of Israeli kids overweight
Health Ministry report reveals haredi, Bedouin children are thinner, shorter
Sarit Rosenblum
Obama's grandma visits Israeli hospital
Sarah Obama has her eyes examined at Israeli medical facility in Equatorial
Ofer Petersburg
Israel bans excessively skinny models
New law taking effect with start of 2013 requires models to have Body Mass Index
Wolf Prize honors scientists, architect
American scientist Robert S. Langer, Eduardo Souto de Mouro of Portugal among
Associated Press
Nobel scientist Levi-Montalcini dies at 103
Italy's so-called 'Lady of the Cells,' a Jew who lived through anti-Semitic
Associated Press
Israeli firm presents breast cancer cure
IceCure Medical develops revolutionary system allowing patients to be treated
Ben-Gurion Uni, Botswana branch
University of the Negev to help establish academic institution in Africa
Itamar Eichner
Study: Dinner-time carbs increase satiety
Research conducted at Hebrew University finds that experimental diet with
'I actually hoped I had cancer'
At mere age of 36, with two small children, Tali Amor discovered she is one of
Edna Abramson
HIV infection rates on the rise in Israel
Figures compiled by Health Ministry show 5,658 people living with AIDS in
Yaron Kelner

Obama's Seder spiced up by Israeli chef
Orly Azoulay
It's not just your grandmother's matzo anymore
Associated Press
Michelin-starred chefs to raise funds for
Itamar Eichner
Israeli Miss World's anti-rape crusade goes
Associated Press
Indian Embassy in Israel seeks new recipes
Itamar Eichner

Tangerine Dream to perform in Israel
Margarita Erbach
Artists to sing for peace process
Danny Spektor
Holocaust-era children's opera staged in Israel
Gad Lior
Rising Israeli maestro Wellber loves Strauss,
Change Rolling Stones date, plead religious
Akiva Novick

Tribute to Israeli duo Golan-Globus to be
Short film shows reality of IDF actions in West
Associated Press
Israeli filmmakers make Cannes lineup
Amir Bogen
Legendary star Mickey Rooney dies at 93
Associated Press
Arab microbiologist is Israel's new 'Master
Raz Shechnik

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