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Photo: Shai Halevi, IAA
Evidence of the last battle in Jerusalem from 2000 years ago uncovered
Upon marking 50 years of the reunification of Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities ...
Itay Bluemntal (21:49 , 05.25.17 ) 
Photo: Clara Amit, IAA
Evidence of WWI battlefield exposed in Rosh HaAyin
Evidence of fierce battles between the British and Ottoman armies in the form of ...
Ynetnews (19:55 , 05.09.17 )
Photo: AFP
Archaeologists restore ancient Roman temple in Israeli port
Archaeologists in Israel have begun work to restore a once-towering ...
Reuters (13:55 , 04.27.17 )
The Jewish pyramid of Adullam
On a hilltop near Hirbet Madras in the Adullam Grove Nature Reserve lies an ...
Assaf Kamar (11:42 , 04.17.17 )
Photo: Temple Mount Sifting Project
Fragment of ancient Egyptian statue finger found in City of David
On the eve of the holiday of Passover, Israeli archeologists discovered a ...
Ilana Messika/TPS (23:21 , 04.10.17 )
Photo: Gilad Cinamon, Israel Antiquities Authority
New 70km hiking trail brings Sanhedrin sites to life
A 70km hiking trail named after the Sanhedrin is currently being constructed in ...
Frank Sweetyns (20:13 , 04.06.17 )
Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority
Students unearth a 2000-year-old Jewish settlement
Some 240 eleventh-grade students from Jerusalem’s Boyer High School have ...
Ynetnews (19:00 , 03.27.17 )
Photo: Clara Amit, courtesy of IAA
Hundreds of WWI British soldiers' liquor bottles uncovered near Ramla
An unexpected discovery was made a few weeks ago in an archeological excavation ...
Ynetnews (13:33 , 03.24.17 ) 
Photo: AP
Historic restoration of Jesus’s burial shrine completed
Just in time for Easter, a Greek restoration team has completed a historic ...
Associated Press (23:43 , 03.20.17 )
Photo: AP
In an Israeli warehouse, clues about Jesus’ life and death
In a cavernous warehouse where Israel stores its archaeological treasures, an ...
Associated Press (22:45 , 03.19.17 )
Photo: Yoli Shwartz, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority
1,400-year-old coin hoard discovered while widening Highway 1
A cache of nine bronze coins from the end of the Byzantine period (seventh ...
Ynetnews (19:12 , 03.19.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Egypt says ancient colossus pulled from slum likely not Ramses
A massive eight-meter statue discovered in the ground water of a Cairo slum this ...
Reuters (10:46 , 03.17.17 ) 
Photo: Griffin Aerial Photography Company, courtesy of IAA
2,000-year-old road exposed near Beit Shemesh
A wide 2,000-year-old road dating to the Roman period, in an extraordinary state ...
Ynetnews (09:18 , 03.09.17 )
Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority
Ancient stone engraving unearthed in Upper Galilee
A 4,000-year-old dolmen, a large table-like stone structure, was unearthed near ...
Andrew Friedman/TPS (20:19 , 03.05.17 )
Photo: Dr. Adi Erlich
Large Roman gate discovered in Beit Shearim
A Haifa University archeological dig at Beit Shearim has uncovered a Roman wall ...
Yoni Ariel/TPS and Ynet (13:15 , 02.18.17 )

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