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Photo: Eliyahu Yanai, Courtesy of the City of David Archive
Evidence of destruction of ancient Jerusalem unveiled in capital
Evidence of the destruction of First Temple era Jerusalem in 586 BCE at the ...
TPS and Itay Blumental (23:24 , 07.26.17 )
Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority
Fashion, Edomite style: researchers find 3,000-year-old plant dyes at Timna
The mystery of King Solomon’s mines has yet to be solved, but researchers have ...
TPS (15:17 , 06.29.17 )
Photo: Michael Cordonsky, TAU
'Invisible' shard reveals First Temple era inscription
An ancient text thought to have been erased by the sands of time has been been ...
TPS (08:32 , 06.22.17 )
Photo: Vered Bosidan, Israel Antiquities Authority
Schoolchildren uncover 900-year-old jewelry
Israeli schoolchildren from the Modi’in area have discovered a 900-year-old ...
TPS (19:00 , 06.21.17 )
Ancient industrial site discovered in Galilee
Students and experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) discovered ...
Itay Blumenthal (22:19 , 06.16.17 )
Ottoman-era water system discovered during Highway 38 roadwork
An Ottoman-era well and advanced water system was discovered during an ...
Itay Blumenthal (14:32 , 05.29.17 ) 
Photo: Asaf Peretz
Archeologists reveal what Jerusalemites ate 2,000 years ago
Archeologists in Tel Aviv University have discovered the dietary habits of ...
Ynet (18:34 , 05.28.17 )
Photo: Shai Halevi, IAA
Evidence of the last battle in Jerusalem from 2000 years ago uncovered
Upon marking 50 years of the reunification of Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities ...
Itay Bluemntal (21:49 , 05.25.17 ) 
Photo: Clara Amit, IAA
Evidence of WWI battlefield exposed in Rosh HaAyin
Evidence of fierce battles between the British and Ottoman armies in the form of ...
Ynetnews (19:55 , 05.09.17 )
Photo: AFP
Archaeologists restore ancient Roman temple in Israeli port
Archaeologists in Israel have begun work to restore a once-towering ...
Reuters (13:55 , 04.27.17 )

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