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Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority
Students unearth a 2000-year-old Jewish settlement
Some 240 eleventh-grade students from Jerusalem’s Boyer High School have ...
Ynetnews (19:00 , 03.27.17 )
Photo: Clara Amit, courtesy of IAA
Hundreds of WWI British soldiers' liquor bottles uncovered near Ramla
An unexpected discovery was made a few weeks ago in an archeological excavation ...
Ynetnews (13:33 , 03.24.17 ) 
Photo: AP
Historic restoration of Jesus’s burial shrine completed
Just in time for Easter, a Greek restoration team has completed a historic ...
Associated Press (23:43 , 03.20.17 )
Photo: AP
In an Israeli warehouse, clues about Jesus’ life and death
In a cavernous warehouse where Israel stores its archaeological treasures, an ...
Associated Press (22:45 , 03.19.17 )
Photo: Yoli Shwartz, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority
1,400-year-old coin hoard discovered while widening Highway 1
A cache of nine bronze coins from the end of the Byzantine period (seventh ...
Ynetnews (19:12 , 03.19.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Egypt says ancient colossus pulled from slum likely not Ramses
A massive eight-meter statue discovered in the ground water of a Cairo slum this ...
Reuters (10:46 , 03.17.17 ) 
Photo: Griffin Aerial Photography Company, courtesy of IAA
2,000-year-old road exposed near Beit Shemesh
A wide 2,000-year-old road dating to the Roman period, in an extraordinary state ...
Ynetnews (09:18 , 03.09.17 )
Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority
Ancient stone engraving unearthed in Upper Galilee
A 4,000-year-old dolmen, a large table-like stone structure, was unearthed near ...
Andrew Friedman/TPS (20:19 , 03.05.17 )
Photo: Dr. Adi Erlich
Large Roman gate discovered in Beit Shearim
A Haifa University archeological dig at Beit Shearim has uncovered a Roman wall ...
Yoni Ariel/TPS and Ynet (13:15 , 02.18.17 )
Photo: Oren Gutfeld
New evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls found
An archeological excavation of a natural cave in the Judean desert has uncovered ...
Ynet (20:46 , 02.08.17 )
Photo: Shai Halevi, Courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority
Antiquities robber caught red-handed in a Byzantine site
A Palestinian from the Gush Etzion region was caught Monda morning digging in ...
Elisha Ben Kimon (22:55 , 02.07.17 )
Antiquities robbers caught red handed by IAA
Officers in the robberies inspections unit of the Israel Antiquity Authority ...
Itay Blumental (21:59 , 01.19.17 )
Photo: A. Nakaryakov
Haifa University archaeologists find ancient Roman theater
Haifa University archaeologists at Sussita, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, said ...
Ilana Messika/TPS (21:50 , 01.13.17 )

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