'Syria will not relinquish Lebanon'
By Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 17.03.05, 08:53
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Lin Petro ,   USA   (03.16.05)
I am heartened to read Syrians are contemplating the benefits of democracy. As an American, it doesn't matter to me if they have an American version of democracy, or a Syrian version. Overall, the end result of a democratic society is one in which ALL citizens of a nation are encouraged ,without restraint or duress, to participate in their own government. I would expect a Syrian format to be different in some ways than an American format. That's fine. In response to the author's statement that Palestinian youths are being sent into Lebanon. Think about it, they are disgruntled young men, 18-20, living in a REFUGEE camp in a foreign country (Palestinians in Syria). They are likely jobless and hopeless. It should come as no surprise that some of them would be willing to accept a BRIBE from Syria to go to Lebanon to "stir up trouble." These boys are to be pitied for their pathetic situation. The Syrians "hiring" them should be ashamed of themselves. Aren't there BETTER ways to "employ" young men then sending them off to stir up trouble in a neighboring country? The best road to peace is democracy. What ever format you choose. Just CHOOSE DEMOCRACY and PEACE. It is far better to NEGOTIATE than OBLITERATE. Talk, rather than kill. Until more people in the Middle East choose democracy - you will continue to see strife within and between neighboring nations, with no peaceful means of resolving their differences. Peace to the Middle East Lin in America
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