'Israel is leaving Gaza'
By Miri Chason
Published: 19.03.05, 22:32
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1. A dismal failure
Daniel ,   Ramat Gan   (03.19.05)
I was there. There was a very low turnout, and an extremely poor organization resulted in serious endangerment. This relatively moderate density prevented, however, a disaster as people were seen pushing against police barriers underneath Dizengoff Square. Since people cannot be compressed much, a higher turnout would have meant more pressure and serious injuries. The obstacle was removed in time, but if there had been a stampede in this narrow street...
2. Nazi Jews!
Daisy ,   USA   (03.20.05)
Terror groups hamas and islamic jihad love these idiot Jews! Keep it up and give them all your land. What a bunch of losers!
3. Loony Leftist
Jonathan Sabbah ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.20.05)
How about the majority? they sure did come out tonoght. I would like to know how come not even one member of the so-called peace camp (i.e. appeasers) did not mention the fact that Abu Mazen declared that once the IDF is out of Gaza, he will invite the leaders of the terrorist groups to set up shop in Gaza? The left is so blinded with the illusionof peace that it does not realize that they are placing the whole country within rocket range which is an existensial danger to the State of Israel.
4. The left is scared of a referendum - now we know why
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (03.20.05)
100,000 people have signed a petition vowing to carry out civil disobedience - even at the price of going to jail, in order to stop the disengagement. 10,000 solidiers have signed a petition vowing to disobey orders in order to stop the disengagement. The left can barely scrape up 10,000 to come out on a Saturday night for two hours. No wonder they are scared to death of a referendum.
5. The fact that the far end left is loony,
Boaz ,   Ramat-Gan, Israel   (03.20.05)
Does not mean that the far end right is sane. I support the pullout from Gaza. I just don’t want to give my support to a bunch delusional lefties ideas, that still believe the occupation is the root cause of the conflict.
6. "The Majority"
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (03.20.05)
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon paid for the "majority" by shmearing the Agudat Yisrael with money. Is that "Democracy" or "Democracy purchased?"
7. Corrections Johnny
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (03.20.05)
Agudat Israel abstained, The majority comes from every poll taken on the disengagement issue.
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