Entire bus stop stolen
By Eli Senior
Published: 21.03.05, 21:51
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1. Bus stops and the Iranian connection
monty   (03.22.05)
Actually this story explains quite well why I couldn't find the bus stop a few years ago at the Armoured Corps Museum in Latrun. My wife and I were visiting the tanks (they were doing fine) when we walked outside but could not find a bus stop. Eventually we had to walk all the way back to Jerusalem. When I called Egged to complain about it a girl said something like 'oh yes, that one again' and hung up. So now it appears bus stops have been dissappearing all over the country. Maybe there is an international trade in well built bus stops? God knows how much money is involved. Maybe the Iranians want Israeli bus stops for their nuclear weapons? They obviously assume those Israeli bus stops are bomb proof. Maybe they think it's the best protection against any strike by the air force. Question though, who took the effort to fotograph the bus stop before it was stolen. Ask yourself: have you ever made a picture of a bus stop? Is Amram Cohen a spy?
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