Law honoring Zionist forefather passed
By Ilan Marciano
Published: 23.03.05, 20:05
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1. Zeev Jabotinsky
Rose Richter ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.23.05)
MY Grandfather, Dr Lionel Bergson, the FIRST JEWISH doctor in Southern Rhodesia, was ALSO THE FOUNDER OF THE REVISIONIST PARTY IN RHODESIA and in 1938, when Jabotinsky visited Africa, MY GRANDFATHER HOSTED HIM IN HIS HOME IN BULAWAYO, RHODESIA!! MY mother was 9 years old then and remembered Jabotinsky in her parents' home!!!
2. Zeev Jabotinsky
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (03.24.05)
Zeev Jabotinsky traveled to many Eastern European countries during the 1930's, warning the Jewish inhabitants of the pending dangers of Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, most Jewish people did not listen to him. Then it became too late.
3. Jabotinsky day
Jonathan Mark ,   NY, USA   (03.25.05)
What day will it be? When? The article never says.
Mordechai levy ,   New York NY USA   (03.20.06)
B'SD It was Zev Jabotinsky who also told set up armed self-defense units to protect Jews all across the world. His slogan "Jewish Youth Learn to Shoot " in the face of violent Jew-Hating attacks is as timely now as it was then. In fact the Jewish Defense Organization runs a huge training camp in his honor where Jewish youth learn yto defend their fellow Jews. Our boys from the Camp Jabotinsky in 1991 went right to the Crown Heights Pogrom to help protect Jews. One can actually see photos of Jews training at the camp WWW.JDO.ORG
5. JDO Opens Training Camp Jabotinsky
jeff silver ,   NYC USA   (02.27.08)
B'SD The Jewish Defense Organization has an armed training camp named after him in the Catskills where young Jews learn guns, kickboxing and how to defend Jews in America from anti-semitic attack. It is called Camp Jabotinsky and you can see pictures of it at Jabotinsky founded the Jewish-self-defense organization in Russia to protect Jews from pogrom riots agaisnt Jews !
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