French goalie refuses to play in Israel
By Ynetnews
Published: 24.03.05, 15:52
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1. how typical
ozy   (03.24.05)
for a french "common' man to respond with such ignorance and arrogance... hope they fire him from his squad.... how else could israel respond to an onslaught of barbaric ,sub-human terror from the arabnazim? bartez ,the days of me watching you on tv are over ,i'll just turn you off !and have a lousy day mother fucker!
2. The French Are Shit!
AC   (03.24.05)
Anti-Semitic assholes
3. politics in sports
sam tayar ,   montreal, canada   (03.25.05)
I am personally not surprised by (the) France soccer goalie's verbal hatered for Israelies. The majority of Frenchmen are ignorant of Israel's role in the Middle East specifically and in world affairs in general. I am nevertheless surprised with some jewish talkback profanities in your column. We jews are respected by most of the world's intelligentia for our achievements and intellectual coolness to incitement, slander and inappropriate language. Please maintain a high standard of media coverage by deleting such profanities, as per your terms of use. "Sticks and stones may break by .............................................."
4. French are Shit!!
Charles Attard ,   Australia   (03.25.05)
Re French are Shit.. The whole world knows who are the Shit, ... Sharon and nd his settlers, George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard, and this guy who wrote French are shit, he is himself a disease worse than Syphillis!! He is the Venom the Nazis instilled in Jews, the like we see everyday in Palestine!!
5. Barthez
DAVID ,   Australia   (03.25.05)
6. Football
Birdi Haven ,   Ramat Gan, Israel.   (03.25.05)
Why bring politics into sport???? or is this idiot goalie trying to bring more attention to himself?? he is doing it in the wrong way.
7. French goalie refuses
dave ,   la, ca   (03.25.05)
hi so typical of the Europeans these days--all these see is Israeli "abuses" in the disputed territories. They don't see terrorism, they don't understand why the terrirtories were captured in a defensive war, they don't see a hostile Arab world that has never given Israel a moment of peace since its founding. Freedom fries, anyone?
8. Charles is a nazi
For Charles   (03.25.05)
Go live in France/Saudi Arabia, you will be very popular there.
9. french attitude
paul ,   paris, france   (03.25.05)
Until this day i like Barthez but now Iknow that he is like all stupid french who dont know the situation in Israel. For people who dont know this goalie, just listen to him one time and you will understand how clever he is !
10. God Bless Fabien Barthez
Tom Wallace ,   Boston   (03.26.05)
Fabian is demonstrating the courage and principles that European and American politicians FAIL so miserably at doing. God Bless Him, Tom
11. There are still courageous men
Cherif Loutfi ,   Cairo, Egypt   (03.28.05)
De L'Egypte avec ces septs milles annees de Civilisation, je salu Fabien Barthez pour son courage et sa justice. Dommage qu'a nos jours des hommes comme Fabien n'existe plus beaucoups
12. Boycott racist France
Dov ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.28.05)
How ironic that a Frenchman would want to boycott Israel, when his own country is guilty of ongoing colonialist war crimes on a scale that Israel, or even massive criminal countries like Egypt, could never imagine! Perhaps world soccer should be boycotting racist France?
13. About Barthez' Talkbacks
tom ,   france   (03.30.05)
hello everyone what a lot of hate on these replies. it should be noticed i tought it was a joke at first. i do not have an opinion on barthez interview as Ynetnews is the only source i can find on this. anyway each people should have the right to have a political opinion without such answers in response. Frenchbashing, injure or raise of the antisemitic weapon... I hope middle-east situation will get better for you & palestinians to stop that kind of behaviour.
14. Egyptian poster
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (03.30.05)
Yasalaam! La Civilisation Egyptienne? Chara! Vous avez chassez les 100,000 Juifs de l'Egypte. Vous ne comprenez rien de la civilisation.
15. Another French Antisemite
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (03.30.05)
Barthez is one of many French antisemites. He is from the city of Marseille. A city with many Arabs. He wants get brownie points. He will get his brownie points from the French Arabs, the French antisemites and the Australian Jew bashers / racists who wrote on this Board their usual comments. As to the Egyptian poster who posted in French about Egyptian civilisation, this is pretty arragant. Egypt a country that persecuted and ethnically cleansed itself of 100,000 Egyptian Jews, has no right to preach morality to Israel and to Jews nor does the poster have the impertinence to talk about Egyptian civilisation. As an Egyptian Jewish refugee I know a lot about Egyptian civilisation!
16. Great
Teren   (03.31.05)
Barthez made a great courageous choice in standing against the terrorist state of Israel. Nobody who stands against the illegal presence and actions of israel may be called antisemit : would all the jews standing against israel be antisemite? Nonesens. All the talkbacks including incitement and slander against his decision are miserable reactions.
17. No brave men are left
Cherif loutfi ,   Cairo-Egypt   (01.20.06)
I made a posting about the courage and justice of Barthesz, boycotting the Zionists Istarli Jews. I attacked no one. But it seems I hit a bull in his eye, one Jew calling himself Semsem( In Egypt such names belong only to homosexulas) . He is mixing up Egypt with Spain, Germany and the rest of the European countries who got rid of the Jews by sending them as far away as in palestine. This big ass Semsem should learn history before opening his trap !!
18. Pfft....
Renee ,   Australia   (07.10.06)
France lost - the world cup and respect - Who gives a F__k about Bartez.... hes old, bald and cannot save a ball if his life depended on it!
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