London mayor snubbed in Miami, L.A.
Published: 01.04.05, 12:18
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1. Ken livingstone
elgin emmerson ,   london uk   (04.02.05)
Pleas, the world is quite frankly fed up of people being labled as "demeaning the memory of the Nazi Holocaust" when ever they say some thing to some one who is jewish.
2. Reply to Elgin
Daniel Zylbersztajn ,   London   (04.02.05)
Call a black person in the UK or the US a plantation slave driver because something you don't like and see what will happen to you! Why think that issues relating to Jews should be different. History is there to learn and take adjustments in our behaviour, and not to cock about proudly because you think you really know how we should feel. I think that your short response was only written to put some provocative anti-shoa point in here. I agree that the holocaust has been overemphasized in the UK and the US, because it is easy to talk about other people's crimes, especially if they are Germans. Let's thus talk about something that is more meaningful: slavery and how many people were killed or sold by your ancestors and how much you have done to make good the effects of slavery.
3. You get what you vote for
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (04.03.05)
the mayor of London was voted in by the people . looks like London is on my not to visit list till someone else is voted in.. Livingstone is just nothing more then a Moron that doesn't know when both his feet are in his mouth... the Mayors of LA and MIA have taken the officail step. now it's up to the rest of the mayors to take that step. Elgin did you vote for this twit that is even too stupid for a Python scetch?
4. On the impartiality of US Politicians' comments about Israel
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.20.05)
As most politicians who want to succeed in the US and receive sufficient funds to get themselves (re-)elected have to follow the party line of the Israel Lobby, whatever comments they might make about Ken Livingstone are worth about as much as a Pavlovian dog's saliva. Unlike many of them, Ken was relected without bribery, coercion, blackmail or pressure from any foreign power.
5. England's Anti-Semitism
s trilokekar ,   San Diego, CA   (07.20.05)
Coercion, bribery from the Israel Lobby ? As an Indian Jew, I can tell you that you English have no historical credibility in making such comments about American politicians or in judging Israel. Israel and India suffer daily the deaths of innocents due to the hypocracy and support that England offerred to Muslim terrorists - both when you were a colonial bully and down to today when you are reduced to begging for contracts from Arab despots. Remember that the Almighty says in speaking of the Jewish people: "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you". That is one of the reasons that both India and America have left Britain in the dust both economically and spiritually!
6. The "red" is Red Ken is the same as in the Nazi Flag
7. Unfortunately i voted for him :-(
Gil ,   London soon Tel Aviv   (07.21.05)
I wish to G-d that I didn't what a huge mistake. For those who want to boycott London I say please help us by boycotting London. For those with family here ask them to visit you in Israel or wherever else you live. Again, apologies for this mistake.
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