Israel’s new MTV ambassador
By Raz Shechnik
Published: 03.04.05, 20:00
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1. And I am not proud
that Israel is represented by someone who shirks serving in the army.
2. congratulations
ml ,   israel   (04.06.05)
best of luck & i am sure you will be a very good ambassador for Israel.
3. Nobody cares about army
DK ,   Israel   (04.07.05)
Number 1 : get yourself a life! This is MTV Europe and in Europe nobody gives a hell about Israeli army. Serving in the military is not something to be proud of, especially if its IDF.
4. best of luck
i would like to wish jason all the best hosting Switched On, which is my favorite show!! hes really cute and is doing a great job
5. i love jason he is so qute
LIRON   (03.14.06)
6. old friend
marie   (05.05.06)
hi, jason! I am an old friend of your parents. Just tell them that I am sending "mes meilleures pensées" to them. I hope you all are well. neshikot/marie
7. Hard rock karaoke night
Edgar Francken ,   Amsterdam,Holland   (05.10.06)
Hi Jason, just one Question. Have you been to Amsterdam last week joining us at the Wilhelmina pakhuis for The Hardrock karaoke night? some one told me that the TV crew that was filming was workin'for MTV Israel .Is that true because if so i'd like to see images from it. i was playin' saxophone that night. Mazzel Edgar
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