IDF gets world's best choppers
By Ynetnews
Published: 03.04.05, 20:37
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1. look out palestinian children and women!
edward ,   las vegas   (04.03.05)
new toys have arrived for your masters. it is just a matter of time before they are forced to launch a 'defensive operation' and fire a few 500 lb bombs into your refugee camps. get your kaleshnikovs ready!
2. Come on Eddy
Hamid   (04.04.05)
The arabs you call "palestinians" are far more safer in Israel than in their own countries. If only they were nt so criminal and liars, to cheat and deceive people like you...
3. downside of the english site
hannibal ,   israel   (04.04.05)
posters like you edward, are the downside of the ynet english site. finally you have an israeli site that posts objective news and this is all you can think of
4. wtf
Erek Culbreath ,   Tampa, USA   (04.04.05)
wtf is up with all the neo nazis and terrorists on here.
5. Re: Edwards misguided (to say the least) comments
Ian ,   Sydney, Australia   (04.04.05)
Dear Edward It seems you are ready to jump on the bandwagon at the drop of a hat. 'Bombs' are not used. The 'missles' fired from apache helicopters are adaptations of the anti-tank hellfire missile. They are used EXCLUSIVELY against large static structures, like buildings, and mobile vehicles. Furthermore, the missles have been modified to 'implode', for want of a better word, so as to minimize shrapnel, and therefore minimize collateral damage. The pilot is NOT firing blindly - there is always a laser designation team on the ground to provide realtime intelligence and laser designate the target (the missles are not 'fire and forget'). Missles are NOT used against people who are not in vehicles or in buildings. The pilot has a mini-gun on the nose of the gunship that wil do that job quite adequetly and is highly accurate. Finally, helicopter gunships, whether they be apaches, super cobras or otherwise, are ONLY deployed where time is of the essence in a ticking-bomb senario, or in the case of high profile targets who tend to be very mobile and difficult to track down. In all other circumstances the IDF have special operations units qualified to handle targeted killings in a very effective manner. Why do we hunt these murderers? Well, its very simple - if we dont kill them before they act, we lose lives (because of their actions). Its that simple.
6. Attack helicopters in time of Peace?
sara ,   Israel   (04.04.05)
If Israel is about to embark on a new era of peace in the new Middle East, why is the defense ministry spending a kazillion dollars on the most modern and latest hi tech toys of war and destruction? Wake up everybody.
7. To Sara
Shai ,   Israel   (04.04.05)
1) The helicopters were ordered long before there was a prospect that peace would break out. 2) There is very little certainty, and even there seems not even to be a likelihood, that peace will "take". Abu Mazen will not stand much longer unless he eliminates his opposition's ability to kick him out by military means. 3) Don't forget that we have plenty of enemies, and that not all Palestinians are interested in coming to a settlement. Unfortunately, I expect that we'll see this is true sooner than later. 4) The weapons are meant to defend lives of Israelis and doing so by reducing collateral damage, and are therefore justified in having been purchased. 5) If you noticed, they arrived before the Gaza redeployment. No doubt they will be hovering over Gaza to ensure that Palestinians onlookers who wish to prevent it find the wherewithall to watch passively.
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