IDF rabbi composes prayer for Pollard
By Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.04.05, 09:13
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1. Sharon's Treachery Toward Pollard
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (04.11.05)
The depravity of Sharon knows know bounds. While he moved heaven and earth to release a convicted felon like Tannenbaum, Azzam Azzam and released Arab terrorists! he hasn't lifted a finger to help release Pollard, a true Jewish patriot. I am sure that both the US and Israel are petrified if Pollard is released. Apparently the two countries plotted things that most Americans and Israelis would find abhorrent. This is all very credible because the true power in Israel has always been from the left, and they will do anything to stay in favor with their "international" friends. It doesn't matter how much it weakens Israel.
2. Sharon must tell them to free Pollard!
Yafa   (04.11.05)
3. He didn't spied against the US but FOR ISRAEL!
Jew ,   US   (04.11.05)
4. Special Prayer
Jim Gentry ,   U.S.A.   (04.16.05)
Lord, Please keep the Israelis from infiltrating and stealing American intelligence, and endangering the lives of covert operatives abroad. And please protect our intelligence resources from insiders who are illegally passing highly sensitive intelligence to Israeli lobbyists like AIPAC. And Lord, please protect Australia and New Zealand from these Israeli spies as well. Thank you for helping them catch the recent spies who were trying to infiltrate their intelligence agencies.
5. Pollard is a Traitor.
M. Singleton ,   Dallas, USA   (04.22.05)
Pollard is a traitor to my country. He stole Nuclear secrets for a foriegn nation, which promptly sold them to our enemies. That is the textbook definition of Treason, and he is lucky indeed to have escaped hanging. Some say that he was a patriot for Israel. That may be, but it was not Israel that he swore oaths of alliegence to, and it was not Israel that he betrayed. Pollard was a liar and a thief who gambled with thermonuclear war to aid the goals of a foriegn nation. His relase would be an unforgivable travesty.
6. Hypocrites
Les Morgan ,   newfield, n.j.   (04.22.05)
Maybe you American Jews should move to Israel if you think what Pollard did was for the greater good of Israel. To support him is be a traitor to the country you were born and raised! What a bunch of hypocrites. You call for the head of Mordecai Vannunu for whistle blowing the Israeli nuclear supply (The real threat to the Middle East, NOT Iran). Self-serving group of communists!
7. Sharon is very unhappy, sad and angry
Sal Azam ,   Chicago,USA   (04.22.05)
So many things going against his and his governments interests. Israel was dropped from the F-35 project, No to Jonathan Pollard release, No to $1.6 billion of relocation aid request, boycott of two prestigious Israeli universities for their aparthied actions and mentality, AIPAC investigations and several factors are making Ariel Sharon, angry, wounded and sad but still defiant though very dangerous and vulnerable. Till he is in power Israel is in great danger physically. He is like the Mad David Koresh of Waco Texas who lost everything in the end just because a stupid, fabricated fanatical following. His and his followers unpleasant time and days will become more severe and would remain consistent. He is an animal a brutal butcher and for the first time he is facing the music of the world from all corners. This all is of his and his followers making. Whether he and his followers like to admit it or not. The list is long.
8. Israel spies
archers-toronto ,   canada   (04.23.05)
Why not trade Pol(lard) for Vannua,it seems that Israel likes to have it one way. Rabbi needs a lesson in judging people.Pollard stole USA secrets and give them to Israel and then traded them top nuke secrets to Russia for the release of jews.Another sinister deed--to swamp the Palestine nation with Jews. No shame just greed!
9. I hope this is a fake.
jason ,   memphis, USA   (04.23.05)
I really do, mainly because I know some people are completely uninformed and say they hate the jews. printing something like this is what i'd expect to see in some racist magazine trying to show the Jews as crooked. How could you honestly say a spy needs to be freed. spies by definition arent friendly, why sneak around? it's truly scary a man of the book condones such. you have to lie to be a spy.
10. Prayer for Pollard
Ed Langer ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.29.05)
Spying is a nasty business - but witholding life-and-death information from your allies is also very nasty. Why doesn't anyone consider that Adm. Bobby Ray Inmany was holding back on the information Israel needed to protect itself from Saddam Hussein. So Pollard saw he had to give Israel that information. Otherwise there would have been mass hysteria in Israel when those Scud missiles were coming in during the '91 Gulf War. Did you see mass hysteria ? No, the Israelis all had gas masks. Do you know why ? What Pollard told the Israelis was the reason we all had gas masks. So he saved Israel. And what's good for Israel - stopping Saddam - was finally realized by the US as being good for them. Pollard was the first soldier in the war against Saddam - just remember that.
11. Pollard
Steve Sears ,   USA   (06.04.05)
He is a traitor/spy, simple. Israel is not America. Saddam could not hurt America as was lied about. Mordecai told the truth and lost years and still is. As an American I want no-one doing such things, nothing for no-one. America needs to return to taking care of America first. I personally feel we are in this present war only for Israel...not oil. A quick research on the funding to Israel as well as weapons and support tells the story. So sorry, send him to prison and release Vannunu. No-one cares for us but for handouts and support so why should I care?
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