Boy carrying 5 bombs detained
By Efrat Weiss
Published: 12.04.05, 23:03
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1. For all those who questioned Israeli actions...
Shai ,   Israel   (04.12.05)
Some of you read us the riot act last week on "murdering children" when 3 teenagers were killed by Israeli soldiers who suspected that they were smuggling weapons. As you see, the Palestinians use civilians and youngsters in ways that cannot but compromise either Israel's safety, or any fair person's sense of what's right and wrong when inevitably Israeli soldiers treat people carrying weapons who are under 18 as combatants, not children. The obvious message should be one that ought to be directed at the Palestinians, and that's to cease using children to do their dirty work. Same is true for ambulances, hospitals, etc. They have no scruples when it comes to defending or preventing harm to civilians or children.
2. Just one of many Arab-Palestinian hypocrisies
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City, OK   (04.12.05)
I have yet to figure out how so many people the world over can buy into the constant din of Arab-Palestinians crying about their children being killed when they consistently give birth to and raise them up as fodder for war. If I had the power and authority I would arrest the parents of all children who are caught attempting such acts. Of course, if I had the power and authority I would put an end to tall the hypocrisies that the Arab-Palestinians are selling to the world. Unfortunately, I am neither a powerful person nor one in authority. So, all I can do is continue speak out when I have the opportunity and pray for Israel without failing.
3. To Shai
The problem is that the international community completely ignores this event.
4. international lemmings
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City, USA   (04.13.05)
Unfortunately the international community has become too dependant on the major media sources for their decision making and morality. Since I can't even get the more conservative media sources in the U.S. to post this story (even though they all posted the one about the kids supposedly playing soccer), it stands to reason that the liberal sources wouldn’t post it. And as I said, if the people aren’t told to be offended by the media, they’re generally too ignorant or lazy to be offended on their own. It is a sad sign of our times.
5. Important Article for Defenders of Israel
Cathy Richmond ,   Norfolk, Va.   (04.13.05)
Commentator/Blogger Michael Freund picked up on this story and drove home a simple point: "Were it not for those checkpoints, a lot more innocent people would no longer be with us. G-d bless the IDF." We defenders of Israel's cause in the United States must add this incident to our arsenal to enable us to refute on the fly Israel bashers. Freund's analysis on the article is a must read:
6. this story is a complete fabrication
edward ,   las vegas   (04.13.05)
the only reason this was published was to help justify the child murder from last week. media manipulation, lesson one of occupation
7. Edward if this is all fabrication
Why do you keep coming to this site? Are you denying that previous incidents similar to this one didn't happen? Do you believe Israel is behind 9/11?
8. A Note To Edward
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City, USA   (04.13.05)
The fact is there is more than sufficient evidence to prove that the “Arabs” (Palestinians for the PC police) are the ones who fabricate soccer games and innocent childish activity to cover the fact that they are training children to fight their war to take Israel. The best way to make Israel appear bad to the world is to put soldiers out there that the world can never see as anything but innocent victims. The parents of these children who get caught and/or killed need to be held accountable and those who are training and arming them need to be dealt with accordingly. Anyone who refuses to see this and simply believes everything the Arabs tell them is either blind, ignorant or both.
9. of course not
edward ,   las vegas   (04.13.05)
israel and 9/11 have nothing in common, other than the fact that if the US was not overwhelmingly biased towards israel and did not turn a blind eye to all of the israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, there would be 3000 more americans alive
10. re: of course not.
Joseph ,   LA, US   (04.13.05)
Hi Edward. It seems so obvious, doesn't it? "The US supports Israel, and, therefore, the US is under attack by terrorism." Yet it is false! For, there exists clear and incontrovertible evidence that the exact opposite is true. Namely, Israel is under attack by terrorism, because Israel supports the US. Israel is under attack by terrorists, as a US presence on "Arab" land. So, you see what appears so "obvious" can by quite misleading. Unfortunately, you are buying into Palestinian propaganda, when you take the position that the US is under attack for supporting Israel, since the exact opposite is true. Hope this helps. Joseph
11. Recent 15 y.o. PA 'almost" bomber
LRD ,   Cleveland USA   (04.13.05)
This is to Edward in Las Vegas-it's sad that there are so many people here (US) that are literal osterichs. I guess if you bury your head in the sand long enough, you can avoid getting it cut off...why do you feel it's not ok for Isreal to defend itself (from their children being slaughtered, infants shot while in the arms of their parents, innocent people blown to bits by cowards afraid to face life? ). Perhaps you should study history (REAL history, not the revised crap they are spewing) and see that there NEVER was a "Palestinian" people-they are refugees from various Arab countries-and if it's SO bad for them, why don't these countries help them??
12. Support is not the same as bias
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City, USA   (04.13.05)
If the United States did not support Israel it would no longer exist because those poor little Arabs you're so intent on defending live for no other reason than to drive ALL Jews and Christians from the Middle East. Of course, if you are Muslim you already know this.
13. Edward and 9/11
Alvaro ,   Málaga, Spain   (04.14.05)
There you have it—edward's another Ward "Little Eichmans" Churchill in the making: "[...] if the US was not overwhelmingly biased towards israel and did not turn a blind eye to all of the israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, there would be 3000 more americans alive." In other words, what edward's saying here is that's morally justifiable to rape women as long as they wear miniskirts, because "they had it comin'." No, in fact there would be 3,000 more americans alive today if nineteen Arab/Muslim terrorists hadn't hijaked and flown three commercial airplanes into buildings and tried to pull the same stunt on the passengers of AA Flight 93. To pretend otherwise is to condone terrorism, plain and simple.
14. Arab child 'Bombers'
Corin Baxter-Wright ,   Barnard Castle, UK   (04.14.05)
Me, I rather like the idea of Arab children using Israeli jails to boost their grades. It reflects well on the children and the Israelis. Clearly it's the parents who are to blame. The kids seem to be getting it right. Hope for the future?
15. Child Bombers
Dennis Moran ,   Rio, WI USA   (04.15.05)
Edward and Joseph both missed it. Israel is under Islamic attack because it's Israel. Period. And if the US didn't support Israel, it would still be no more exempt from Islamic terror than anything else that's non-Islamic. This is about Islam vs everything that isn't - and Israel, especially.
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