Consul to Holland arrested for bribery
By Efrat Weiss and Doron Sheffer
Published: 20.04.05, 14:06
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1. Idiots
daniel ,   amsterdam   (04.20.05)
All over the world and in Israel too you have fanatic zionists who would love to have the job Uriel Yitzhaki had. People who would be proud to represent their country, who would do the job and feel no need to cheat, lie and steal. But the state of Israel prefers to have apprachiks and fellow travelers, criminals even, to represent itself. With the likes of Yitzhaki, no wonder our hasbara sucks.
2. Re: idiots
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah - Israel   (04.20.05)
There is nothing "fanatic" about being Jewish Daniel. On the other hand we all know that the selection for government posts escludes Jewish Jews, as the state is a hellenistic evil one. See
3. Daniel #1
Alex ,   Boston   (04.21.05)
So much for innocent until proven guilty I guess? You sure do exhibit tremendous amounts of logic in your posts on Ynet. I just love reading them.
4. Re: Idiots
G. ,   Canada   (01.18.06)
Let's all take a deep breath. If these charges turn out to be true, it's a very serious matter indeed and the full force of the law should be applied. But let's not get carried away with sweeping generalizations about Israel's diplomatic corps. From personal experience, the Israeli diplomats I knew and worked with were decent, hard-working and ethical individuals.
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