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Israel’s nuclear options
By Jason Gitlin
Published: 30.04.05, 19:40
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1. Double standards don't work
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (05.01.05)
United States did the right thing by asking Israel to foreswear its nuclear program which is very large. It is believed that Israel is between 400-500 sophisticated nuclear weapons. Israel has no right to complain about Iran having 50-100 nukes. Israel has proved in 1981 that it can strike at weaker countries like Iraq at Osirak and can fabricate intelligence in invading it and occupying weak countries like Iraq just to distract the world attention from its "holy" crimes in the Palestinian territories against Palestinian Muslims and Christians. The bad news for Sharon is the U.S, Europe, Russia and U.N would remained focus on Israel that is Sharon no matter what Sharon does to distract it from its commitments on the road map. Like the failed China card, Revava, settlers sham civil war and a Pandora of other failed tricks. Sorry Sharon the world knows what you are and what you are upto. You can run but you cannot hide. Quote from President George Bush for the terrorists. :))
2. nuclear ambiguity
alec gabe ,   aurora, canada   (05.01.05)
Israel must never give up its nuclear optin, cause no one would come to its defense in a pinch, ex. WW II.
3. it's not the nukes stupid.
daniel ,   amsterdam   (05.06.05)
France has nukes yet Holland feels no need to have its own nuclear option. Could the reason be that France is a democracy and as a democracy is no threat to Holland? If there ever was a country that does not these weapons it is France. The issue is not Weapons of Mass Destruction, the issue is WHO has them. Despite of their smelly cheezes we can trust the French not to nuke anyone. We can trust the Russians and even the Chinese because they are rational secularists. For an extend we can trust the Indians and the Pakistani's since they are locked in mutual assured destruction. Can we trust the Iranians? Think about whether it Is a good idea to have religous fanatics -people who fund suicide terrorism- to have such an awesome weapon? What will happen to the terror-weapon once it can operate onder a nuclear umbrella? Iran can fund anyone, send terror squads anywhere without having to worry about either sanctions or military action. Heck, they can have an Hezb'alla in every country on the globe. Iran going nuclear will either guarantee the outbreak of nuclear war or cause terrorism to escalate beyond the wildest predictions... And the funny thing is that it doesn't make one bit of difference if Israel has the bomb or not.
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