Israel blacklisted by U.S.
By Ynetnews
Published: 30.04.05, 21:07
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1. american internationl trade commission
michael ,   oz   (05.01.05)
Oooo ! you are so coy. So, exactly where does Israel rank as one of the world's top intellectual property violators ?
2. Good for Sharon and his zionist madness
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (05.01.05)
This is another feather in the cap of Sharon the chief of thieves settlers. After being dropped from the F-35 project, being rejeted by the U.S for his request of $1.6 billion for the relocation of settlers to Negev and Galilee, the university boycott and on and on, AIPAC becoming dysfunctional...... Sharon proved himself to be a "great" leader. Good for all the zionists who believe in the "samson option".
3. Israel
PaulRevere ,   yourcity, country   (05.02.05)
I don't know why they are worried about this. Israel has been stealing military secrets for years from the U.S. I guess the CEO's of the Pharma Co.'s aren't queer enough to be blackmailed. Not like the Whitehouse.
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