‘Let them dance on rooftops’
By Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.05.05, 23:29
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1. Ariel is a Gever
Ian ,   Sydney Australia   (05.12.05)
I take my hat off to Ariel He's done a good job and has had to make decisions that are not easy. I should imagine he feels like he's running the gauntlet. It takes a great man to be a General as well as a Prime Minister. Ariel, I believe, has these qualities. While I'm certain he's not to everyones liking, after all you cant please everybody, I'm sure nobody would want to see Barak as PM again. I have the utmost repect for Ehud as a soldier and a General - he's a military genius. However, he's not good at politics. He doesnt have the gift of the gab and he doesnt seem to understand that we cannot give the arabs everything they want and call it quits. On top of all that his financial policy is, well, rubbish. Peres is one of the most good natured genuine people on the planet. However I dont think he has the decisiveness and initiative of a leader, nor the support of the majority of Israelis and Yehudim in the Galut.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.12.05)
Peres spits on the graves of the 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother and four little daughters murdered by the Islamofascists. The PA hailed their murderers as heroes. Peres spits on the graves of every Jewish man, woman child and unborn child murdered by the Islamofascists - he just cant wait to give the terrorists a terror state. Why are agreements made with TERRORISTS called "peace" agreements??? The agreements are a covenant with death. Savage PLO terrorists were imported into Israel through Oslo to committ mass murder and terrorism. THAT IS WHAT TERRORISTS DO.
3. Peres will say anything
david singer ,   sydney australia   (05.12.05)
Why would you ever believe anything Shimon Peres says. He once gave us all a geography lesson stating "that the Jordan River is not deep enough to serve as a knife-blade cutting one piece of territory into three slices." Now he apparently thinks it is!
4. Peres & His Vile Statements
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (05.12.05)
There is nothing too vile or too extreme that one can expect to hear out of the twisted mouth of Peres. Therefore, his not being "upset" about the terrorists dancing on our brothers and sisters rooftops!should not surprise anyone. It also should also not surprise anyone that Peres has been the "darling" of the international "elite" for decades.
5. Appalling
Aaron Nafthali ,   Denver US   (05.14.05)
. . .that a "leader" like this, who gambled with his people's lives - AND LOST TERRIBLY - should raise his disgraced head again - WITH THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF IDEAS AND PLANS THAT KILLED HUNDREDS AND MAIMED THOUSANDS of Israelis. Go away, deathbringer Peres; you shamer of Israel and of Judaism; you betrayer of your land and your people. You traded LIVES for nothing but promises. . .from liars. Go to your arab or european friends and gamble with THEIR lives instead. Tell THEM these crazy fairy tales that continue to poison world media and the GOI, even after our nation has become permeated with blood and fear, and has been made a haven for treacherous murderers. You should be ashamed.
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