Warning: snakes!
BY Tali Harouti Sover
Published: 16.05.05, 23:21
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1. Been bit!
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (05.17.05)
The Tzfa (Wright's viper) is a nasty bugger who hissis like air coming out of a hose, ,Hence my getting bit while moving iragation pipes from storage on a golan Kibbutz, and hence that bugger s skin being dried and mounted (Yup still hangs on the wall along with his other 2 brothers who tried to bite but lost their heads at the last second) dangerious but tasty when cooked corectly;-)
2. why you're not showing the viper's head?
MP ,   Israel   (05.19.05)
you said that the viper is a prong headed but in the picture you can anything but his head
3. #2 it's there.
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (05.19.05)
in all the pics you see it's head, but the snakes color pattern makes you feel like you need to either put on or clean your classes.;-) now take a closer look at the big picture and relax your eyes and the head will be right there in the direct middle of the pic, as for the other picture the head is close to the tail in one plus by you not seeing it at first try you prove how camoflage works;-)
4. Dogs and a garter snake
Sammie O'dell ,   Provo, Utah   (06.28.05)
when dog come face to face with a garter snake. will the snake attack?
5. Morality Lost?
Anonymous ,   City, USA   (09.22.08)
Please do not kill the snakes.
6. To Kill or not to kill a snake?
Lived in Mississippi ,   St. Paul, Minnesota   (09.30.09)
If the snake is poisonous, and is near an inhabited area, I say kill it so that it might not harm others. I say "Never leave a poisonous snake undone."
7. #6
Rono ,   El Paso, Israel   (05.17.11)
That's a mighty good saying to have, wish I had me one of those quarky sayings... Ima get me one. Best believe.
8. viper bite
adele ,   london UK   (06.11.11)
My son got bitten twice by a viper in southern Israel 11 days ago. He is still in hospital having had 2 operations. Luckily he was dealt with super fast. So it is a very dangerous snake! Not a nice encounter but one we will never forget!
10. encounter with a snake on tour of israel
jean johnson ,   dallas usa   (08.14.11)
i think he was a pit viper triangular head about 5 feet long hissed at me which is why i saw him,,curled up and stood up about 2 feet from me at beth sheda. i am still having nightmares. i am extrem;y afraid of snake wonder what he was. viper ?he was solid black
11. Snakes And Dogs
Melanie ,   Biloxi MS   (03.03.14)
I have four dogs which are like my babies, and you can best believe that if I see a venomous snake in my back yard, it's a gone pecan. I hate snakes, all of them, but I'll cut the the non-venomous one some slack, necause they keep the rodent population under control, and some of them eat the venomous ones. If I'm not sure (and I'm not getting that close to make sure), it's a dead snake. I'm not taking any chances with my dogs, and I have one dog who loves to bark at a snake who lives under my shed (it's a harmless king snake, but what if it wasn't?) So venomous ones go to that snake heaven in the sky, non-venomous ones get a break, and the ones I'm not sure of, too bad for them.
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