PA to ban anti-Semitic TV sermons
By Associated Press
Published: 19.05.05, 16:58
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1. PA TV
JAY ,   CHICAGO   (05.19.05)
2. PA to ban
Sara   (05.19.05)
Seeing is believing and for all you Oslo 1 fans, this kind of virulent incitement was supposed to end there. Ha, Ha, it didn't. Matter of fact it only grew worse and more viciously ugly by the day. It grew worse in all phases of Palestinian society including the PA charter and text books.
3. Anti-Semitic or Anti-Jew?
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Palestine   (05.19.05)
its wierd..i am an Arab( Muslim or need for details) and i feel as semetic as jews... Strop calling everything anti-Semitic! a Semite is not a jew! Jews, Christians and muslims living in this region are all Semites! Its history!
4. To Ramzi Sfeir on Anti-Semitism
Ira ,   USA   (05.19.05)
I am sorry, but it seems that you don't know history yourself. Just to make something clear for you, here is a link to the definition of Anti-Semitism by Wikipedia:
5. What about this, Ramzi?
Shai ,   Israel   (05.19.05)
A simple internet search would show you that the phrase "Anti-Semetic" was originally coined to describe "Anti-Jewish". You guys do the same thing with the words "terrorist", "militant", "crime", "apartheid", "descrimination", "nazi", "wall", "holocaust", "massacre", "war criminal", "freedom fighter" and a host of other words that have become totally meaningless today because of your application of epithets to proper behavior and accolades to improper behavior. Nobody knows what anything means anymore, you've twisted their heads so tight. And odd as well, Arabs are Semites but claim to be descended from everyone from Caananites and Hittites (who were "Hamitic), to Philistines (who were "Japethic), so that you can "one up" the Jews on your origins here. If you lived in Greenland I'm sure you'd be saying you are descendents of the Vikings. You talk about "Judaephying" Al Quds, "ethnic cleansing" of Arab populations under circumstances that don't even come close to the situation in Boznia, the list goes on and on. I've got no problem using the word "anti-Jew", if it really makes a difference - but the fact is that if somebody hates Arabs, they call it Anti-Arab.
6. The Ratings Game
Shai ,   Israel   (05.19.05)
If they're only being watched by 1%, maybe there isn't enough bigotry being broadcast on PA tv? I can't wait to hear how they have to broadcast bigotry to compete with Al Jazeera.
7. why
the Jews are not the only simitics in the world even Hitler he was an anti Jews not ant simitics and not each one do not agree with what you are doing you charge him that he is ant simitic , it's kind of black mailing , face the truth and try to convience the other that you are right or change your self if you see you are wrong , soon this anti simitic story will be old mode and it will not work any more , you are loosing the sympathy of the world day by day and most of the world are fed up from such story , you became like the people of the cave when they got up from sleeping after hundred years abd they didn't realise that the world id changed
8. #3 Being semitic is not the problem
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.20.05)
Ramzi, it's when you put an anti (against or hostile) in front of semitic. At a time when Israelis and Palestinians have an opportunity to improve relations, here we see a Gaza Sheik assert God has predetermined the Jewish problem will be solved with the extermination of the Jews. This goes beyond hate, fuels anger and undermines the PA. How about some sermons that encourage people to seek workable solutions to this conflict.
9. Ramzi: Palestine doesn't exist!
Daisy ,   USA   (05.20.05)
And neither do "Palestinians."
10. Announcement timed for Abbas' visit
Alan ,   Silver Spring Md USA   (05.20.05)
Surprise! The PA announces it will curb virulently anti-Jewish broadcasts -- when? The announcement comes right as Rais Abbas journeys for a vist with President Bush. To any hatemonger out there, don't worry, there's little if any lasting power to such announcements. No doubt the fiery Moslem preacher will soon return with his hate to PA TV -- if in fact he's off the air at all.
11. Daisy
Mustafa ,   Potomac, MD   (05.20.05)
Again, I feel sorry for your ignorance seem full of hatred. The Palestinians are descendent of the Canaanites (or Phillistines in your Bible) the first owners of the land they called Phillistine or Palestine (do you see the similarity or hate blinds you??). The arabic word for Palestine is Philistine. The Israelites came to this fertile land from the drought of Egypt lead by our prophet Moussa (or Moses) and lives among the Canaanites for years, from which they learned there language and customs... Unfortunately there isn't much space here to teach you...please go read books..unless you're a KKK...then you're hopeless! Peace-Salam
12. Responses..
Ramzi Sfeir ,   PALESTINE   (05.20.05)
its funny how you people let out your hate each time you hear something you don't like! I love it! Anyways... Dearest Daisy...Maybe palestine doesnt exist on the map but it sure does exist in the hearts of millions of people! Anyways, If you claim that palestinians don't exist, then you have a problem! I am a Palestinian, i am called "Palestinian" by ALL the countries and all the law books of the world, including the Israeli law! and Want more ? I feel palestinian! AND I LOVE IT! Whether you guys in the USA dont like it or i dont know what, WE DO EXIST and anybody claiming the opposite is against EVERY kind of Logic! and lacks a lot of Common sense! Anyways, I still call Anti-Semitism RACISM! For the person who gave me a link to read about Anti-Semitism, i didnt loose my time looking at it! Its not because you define it the way you want that it will mean MORE! I know exactly what racism is , and being ANTI any enthnicity is being a Racist! And yes, this sheikh from gaza is a Big Racist! so are a lot of you people posting here! I will not start opening History books to proove myself right because i find this completely insane! Instead of going back in history, we must learn to look at Today and Tomorrow! History is way behind us! And what was true 3000 years ago , 60 years ago or even 10 years ago is not true anymore! and i ask you , people who post proudly from the USA , instead of having hateful hearts, Try to follow the news! Try to know what is really happening instead of having one track minded brains, wierdly enough, in all the messages full of hate, I never learned anything! I didnt see any Valid argument! nothing made me think twice or touched me! On the contrary! I LAUGHED! Please LEARN TO TALK! If you are harming anyone with your messages, Its ISRAEL that is getting harmed the most! oh...did i say israel ? well yes i did! See ? I believe that israel exists! did this shock you? MOST of the palestinians ( About 89%) believe that israel exists but sadly, people like you dont believe that we exist and you talk about peace! PEACE IS NOT ONE SIDED! If we dont exist, then peace doesnt exist either! You choose... but the funny thing is that you are not in a place that allows you to choose, and the funnier thing is that nobody gives a damn about what you believe! And i am sure that what you KNOW is much less important than what you believe and this is what saddens me more! Anyways... Its hard to talk to people who dont want to listen! its a loss of time, but i am sure that SOMEONE will read this message and that i will get insulted again and again... But who cares? Since i get a lot of great feedbacks about what i write, ESPECIALLY FROM ISRAELIS ! Thank you people for this support...
13. Mustafa
Ezra ,   Israel   (05.20.05)
Do you really want to link youself to the Cananites whom Allah descibed as abominablle, inveterate evil doers and idol worshippers? Whom Allah commanded to wipe out completely? Or is it the Philistines or Pelishtim who were a sea people who invaded the coasts and whose very name means invaders? Who were the enemy of Daoud and Allah? Before 1948 only the Jews called themselves "Palestinians" because the British called this area by the Roman name:Palestine. The people calling themselves Palestinians today are Arabs, or Ishmaelites, if you prefer Allah's term. You should stop believing all the lies you're being told and find out the truth for yourself.
14. About origines...
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Palestine   (05.20.05)
its not clever to say who is the Descendant of who...Because as far as i am concerned, i am the descendant of my grandfather who is the descendant of his father,who always lived in Jerusalem until his house was ROBBED by a european family in 1948...and by the way, my grandfather was born palestinian! So did his father! and so another proof that palestinians DO EXIST, and its not something NEW! Do i have to give you my family tree in order to believe it? i don't think so...
15. Ramzi and his tall tales
Ignatious ,   USA   (05.20.05)
It's pathetic that you believe the stuff that your are writing. FYI, Europeans did not steal houses or anything else from "Palestinians". There would have been no Arab refugees either if the Arabs had accepted the UN partition of the land into a Jewish and Arab State and had not waged war against Israel. Those Arab countries and the Arab followers of the nazi Mufti of Jerusalem, BY ATTACKING AND TRYING TO DESTROY ISRAEL AND THE JEWS are responsible for the Arabs who left during the War. Likewise, there would be no Arab refugees from the 6 Day War if Jordan had not attacked Israel.
16. About my Tall Tales...
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Palestine   (05.21.05)
The funny thing Mr Ignatious is that Not only i believe what i am writing, But i have Pictures to proove it! and the Funnier thing is that in this case, the UN has nothing to do with the Story! My grandpa's house was Stolen! and this is VERY BAD! but my grandpa refused to become a refugee and now is a 93 years old man who kept his dignity and who will keep it till the end! Date of brith: 1914 : Place of birth: JERUSALEM!! Hello ? Thank god our Identity cards are printed by israel! for your information, I am not a Refugee! I am fully a Palestinian and the only thing that i want from Israel is my LIBERTY! My freedom of movement! My freedom of EXISTING! Whether you like it or not , i am a PALESTINIAN and i exist!I refuse to get locked up at my house just because 10 or 20 racist illegal settlers decided to live next to my house and HAVE TO BE protected by the Army, who in fact doesnt give a damn about who is there! You know that more than 70% of the checkpoints INSIDE the westbank (1967...the UN partition...) are there in order to protect settlers, who in the first place have nothing to do there?!! The WESTBANK and Gaza are palestinian! And one day or another, this will become the state of Palestine!WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!You are living in a pure contradiction! By the way, you are talking about the UN partition...but what is funny is that in that same partition, there is a very clear part talking about a Palestinian state! You are quite selective with the day you find them Pro-Palestinian and you dont listen to what they say, the second , you Use them in order to defend your cause...well PLEASE avoid contradictions! again, a person from the USA claiming to know more than the people of the land...give everyone a break! We don't need your opinion on the matter! Nobody ever consulted you and nobody will do!
17. Of course Ramzi refuses to listen
Ignatious ,   USA   (05.21.05)
Ramzi, your attitude is exactly why The Palestinians continue be stuck in the Middle Ages. You refuse to consider anything that you don't agree with. First of all, there would have been a Palestinian State in 1948, alongside a Jewish State but the Arabs rejected it because they wanted to destroy the Jewish State and get it all. Compromise,, unfortunately, does not seem to be in the vocabulary of the Palestinians. When Egypt seized Gaza and Jordan seized the West Banduring Israel's 1948 War of Independence, there was no thought to giving the indiginous Arabs their own State. Once again, even though the Arabs rejected the partition plan, they had another chance for Statehood during Oslo. All they had to do was to stop the violence against Israelis and stop the nazi-like propaganda against Jews and Israel. Then, Clinton and Barak made unbelievable offers to Arafat (confirmed by Clinton) and Arafat responded by launching a terrorist war against Israeli children and women. Thus, the reason there is no Palestinian State is that the Palestinians have no desire to live in a State alongside Israel. They want a state that would include all of Israeland will not compromise. As far as having homes stolen from them, thousands of Jews in Arab Countries had their homes stolen from them as they had to flee to Israel because of the Arab persecution. So you see Ramzi, as long as you close your mind to the other side and continue to believe the hatful propaganda and plan revenge, you will stay stuck in your misery.
18. Ignatious...
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Palestine   (05.22.05)
Ok...Fair want to criticize and its your right! But why dont you try to listen too ? I have no problem with the very own existence of the state of israel! I have never had any Hate feeling against Jews! And i am not the only one! My problem is how israel is acting against me and my people! I dont care about what Arafat has done or about what the arab states have done! What i know is that we have more than 9 000 000 Victims here because of personal problems between sharon and Arafat! we have people , Two Nations! Palestinian and israeli nation HOSTAGES OF WHAT SHARON CALLS Security and what i call complete insanity! Closures and checkpoints and walls and barriers etc etc etc will NEVER stop terrorists! only a Just solution will shut them up! Leave the WestBank , Leave Gaza! Give us our 1967 frontiers and nobody will fight anymore!you always talk about the Arab countries! The Arab countries left us behind...A long long time ago... i want you to live 1 week in my place and tell me how you feel! Just 1 week! You are going to tell me to live one Day in Israel..right? and Face Terror....well I did! I lived there and ....believe me, its NOTHING compared to what is happening in the WestBank and...I will not mention Gaza! a WALL is getting built! A WALL for god's sake! but i am sure that it will fall along with Sharon and all his friends! War was never the Solution to any problem! Especially when one side has tanks and planes and the other has riffles and home made rockets! I dont call this WAR! I call it a SHAME!
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