End of road for Ayalon
By Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 21.05.05, 21:35
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1. shalom, a loser
oded ,   deep south   (05.22.05)
just like the rest of the foreign ministry staff.... what a joke they all are. they can barely speak english , and are so self absorbed and centred it's sickening...
2. Shalom, A Loser
NYC Girl   (05.23.05)
Unfortunately, it's Israel that's the real loser because the Foreign Ministry appears to be particularly adept at shooting themselves in the foot. An Israeli ambassador to the U.S. is a very critical post and requires a very effective spokesperson. Both Danny Ayalon and Alon Pinkas had the necessary qualities and now they've been removed from their positions. No wonder the Arabs have been winning the public relations war. Israel can't afford to be fighting turf wars at a time when the Arab propaganda machine is in high gear.
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