Jewish leaders back Sharon
By Yitzhak Benhorin and Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.05.05, 00:28
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1. He really is what they called him!
They are absolutely right. Sharon campaigned as a unprecedented right wing leader, and turned his back on those which put him into his job. He in fact is a unprecedented left wing leader and thats why the leftists love him. And the right wing are supposed to be pleased with him, and put out a red carpet for him! In your dreams!
2. Sharon should be protested for his insane plan.
Daisy ,   USA   (05.23.05)
3. Most Americans would be against this Bush approved plan.
Daisy ,   USA   (05.23.05)
Unfortunately most of the American media is ignoring the expelling of Jews from their homeland because they are liberal pro-Arab radicals. This means that most American don't have a clue about what is going on. If they did the majority would be opposed because even though most Americans, like myself, aren't Jewish, we don't believe in giving into Islamic terrorists!
4. number 3 is stupid
sami ,   philly   (05.23.05)
Mr. pro israel # are a stupid guy...palestinians are getting killed everyday by your are murdurers... leave the palestinian alone you ...
5. The Contemptible Sharon
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (05.23.05)
I am certainly not a Chabadnik, but could not be more in sync with their feelings regarding Sharon than if I were one of them. I was called out of town during the time of this demonstration, but had I been there, I would have called him more vile names than were quoted in this article. Despicable, contemptible do not even begin to describe how I feel about what Sharon is doing to both the "settlers" and to the entire zionist mission.
6. Lubavitch crash Sharon visit
Dan Friedman ,   NYC, USA   (05.23.05)
I was at the demonstration outside. I'm not Lubavitch or even Orthodox. No protesters outside on the street were arrested. The crowd outside was easily larger than the 1200 inside who heard Sharon. Not in the "hundreds."
7. Can't understand.
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (05.23.05)
In the Knesset, the Agudas Yisroael party voted FOR budget to evict the residents of Gush Katif from their homes and businesses. Now I see the Chabad protesting the eviction in front of Prime Minister Sharon. Does Chabad control the Agudas Yisrael, and if not, who does? It appears to me that the "machers" (known in Texas as big-shots) were paid off.
8. If I get $250k, I'll leave my house today
Alex ,   Missouri   (05.23.05)
These Jewish settlers who were illegally occupying and settling in lands that don't belong to them are getting $250k, from American tax-payers money (indeed, Americans don't have a clue what is going on). This is the first time that people will get rewarded for their illegal activities. More than 2/3 of Americans will leave their homes for less than $250,000. Seriously, if I can get $250,000 for my house, I’ll leave it today.
9. Sharon and settlers are one
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (05.23.05)
Those who oppose the disengagment and oppose Road map are part and parcel of Sharon. The fight is a mock one. Hollywood style C grade actors. They all are thieves and in the same bed together. Here is what Sharon the zionist thief said: Sharon’s opinion about illegal Israeli settlements and check posts: "Everybody has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours... Everything we don't grab will go to them." Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998.
10. they show their real colors
allan ,   st. paul   (05.23.05)
As a resident with q very large habad presence (major midwestern site), finally the habad are showing their true colors--orange. They do not recognize the legitimacy of the state, but they fool the people with their "love of Israel." Unfortunately for tthem, like christian fundamentalists, their love of Israel is about the land, and their need for messianic redemption is what propels their opposition to disengagement. Until the rest of the jewish wakes up and realizes that they are working to constinually undermine the legitimacy of the sovereignity of a state, the habad world will go on fooling people about their "love of jews," except the only freelyelected leadership of the jewish people known as the government of Israel.
11. speak for yourself Daisy
Mike ,   USA   (05.23.05)
Most americans WANT the withdrawal AND most Americans are tired of Israel's yacking- and want a more evenhanded approach to the middle east-Question- who are American jews more loyal too, Israel or the USA-
12. sharon in a hall
palastinian ,   jerusalem   (05.23.05)
to all jews and americans whats going here in palastin and israil is belonging to them only as palastinian we realize this fact after half a centiary israil realize this soon and the religen the race is between palastinian and moslems and palastinian and arabs the same about whats going in iraqu also the sme about america and israil the religen and race is related to the same kind allover the world not the oposit or diferent ones otherwise we are going back to nazi times or even to midle centuries it is the same fault in a new dress and it must be more violant due to easy conection allover the world
13. Alex and Mike, haven't you both got KKK meetings to attend?
Uri Stein ,   רמת אביב ישראל   (05.23.05)
alex, American tax payers money going to recompensate settlers? Do you have any credible statistics to verify that claim? Illegal Occupation?? Since you're not the brightest star in the sky (judging from your frothing from the mouth hatred of Jews) Let me put it to you clearly: Israel is a Democracy, Israel has been attacked 5 times by the entire Arab world, who sought/seek to eliminate it's population.. Israel, as a Democracy, has a duty to protect it's citizens - Winning territory in self-defence, as in Gaza's case, was perfectly legitimate (and the anti-Israel U.N. resolutions, passed by the 66 Islamic theocracies - aligned with the USSR, are irrelevant)... Israel was attacked, it has a moral obligation to protect it's citizens, and moving it's citizens into territory captured in self-defence, to provide protection to the remaining population is perfectly acceptable.... (not to mention the Jewish people's religious and historical claims to the land).... As for the U.S. aid, you seem to be leaving out the comparable amounts of US aid sent to Egypt, the PA, Turkey, Jordan --- Who, G-d knows what they spend on... and also, they give the U.S. nothing in return, whereas Israel (who will no longer receive Economic aid, within 3 years) provides the US with sacred regional intelligence, anti-Terror technology, and a Democratic presence in the Mid East (P.S. $250,000 isn't enough to buy a decent house, unless you're looking for a Caravan) Mike - The great majority of Americans would much rather side with Democratic Israel - than with the Palestinian Theocratic Dictatorship, where Christians and Jews are murdered, and homosexuals are hanged 42% of Americans sympathise with Israel, 12% sympathise with the Palestinians (Isn't it funny that roughly 12% of the American population is anti-Semitic too!..I dought that it's a coincidence :D) .... Didn't Hitler also question the Jews' loyalty to the Germany?? By the way, I have Jewish relatives in the United States who are loyal, love their country, and are just as American as anyone else -- Anyways, isn't it someone's right as an American to be loyal and believe in what they choose, as long as it's within the law?? I suggest you two tosspots leave your Mobile Homes and take a step into reality!
14. URI-
Mike ,   USA   (05.23.05)
Not if they are Pollard, obviously- when loyalty to America is involved- he's still in jail, no? And Israel is NOT a democracy- it priveleges one race/ religion over others- FACT. It even occupies and oppresses the natives of the area. wow. you must be proud- and all from welfare from the USA.!! more to be proud of!!
15. Me too, Alex
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (05.23.05)
I would also like someone, such as the Israeli Government or the American taxpayer to pay me $250,000.00, to move to my promised land. It is Las Vegas.
16. To Uri
fake democracy this which you speak about , which democracy this which destrebuting it's citizins to katagories , Americans , west eu , east eu and Africans , are they live all the same in Israel ? of course not ... and if you say anything els so you are laing , and the Arabs didn't start 5 wars against Israel because there was no land called Israel they made this wars to elimenat those gangs who came and stolen the land and killing it's people those which you call them now terrorists because they are fighting for their rights , no body called the french risitence terrorists , one million died in Algeria in fighting against the french and no body called terrorists and the history is full of such people and they don's call them terrorists but heros and what i don's understans , is this not Sharon which you elected tow times till now ? you elected him when he was charged as war criminal and now you want to throw him out when he want to make peace ... what a people ....LOL
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.23.05)
Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. JERUSALEM IS MENTIONED OVER 800 TIMES IN THE BIBLE, NOT ONCE IN THE KORAN. Arabs FIRST took the name "Palestinians" in 1967. Arafat was the FIRST LEADER of this NEW PEOPLE. Before 1948, Jews were known as Palestinians! After Jews miraculously transformed desert and swamps into rich agricultural land, Arabs came in large numbers from Arab countries for jobs from Jews. The fact that the overwhelming majority of Arabs resided only briefly in Palestine is attested to by the special UN decree: that any Arab who had resided FOR ONLY 2 YEARS in Palestine before 1948, and then left, would be considered a refugee and so would his descendants! Haj Amin, Jerusalem's Muslim religious leader travelled to Europe and spent the war years HELPING HITLER MURDER EUROPE'S JEWS. Around 1948, Arabs violently ETHNICALLY CLEANSED about one million Jews from Arab countries. Arab governments seized the land, homes, bank accounts, businesses and assets of the Jews. Most of the Jewish refugees fled to Israel. THERE MUST NOW BE A JUST SETTLEMENT FOR THE JEWISH REFUGEES AND THEIR DESCENDANTS.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.23.05)
In 1922, Arabs were given MOST OF PALESTINE - 80%. The area became Jordan, giving the Arabs their Arab Palestinian state. IT WAS ETHNICALLY CLEANSED OF JEWS. This area was part of ancient Biblical Israel, given by G-D to the Jews, and along with present-day Israel, including Judea, Samaria and Gaza, was recognized by the League of Nations as part of the Jewish homeland. In 1948, Egypt invaded Gaza and ETHNICALLY CLEANSED ALL JEWS. In 1948 Jordan invaded Judea-Samaria (West Bank) and east Jerusalem, and ETHNICALLY CLEANSED ALL JEWS. Opposing G-D, Jordan destroyed 58 synagogues in Jerusalem. When Israel won Islam's religious war of aggression against it in 1967, Jews returned to the areas of their homeland they had been ethnically cleansed from for 19 years. Islamofascists deceitfully call this return "occupation". Under international law, territories are considered "occupied" only when they are taken in an act of aggression which does not apply to Israel. Judea, Samaria and Gaza are not 'occupied territories' according to international law because they were not taken from any foreign sovereign. All land, properties and homes stolen from the Jews during the 19 years of illegal occupation by Jordan and Egypt, must be returned IMMEDIATELY to the Jews. As a non-Jew, I PROTEST this massive violation of the human rights of Jews, ethnically cleansing Jews to give their Jewish land and assets to the terrorists who attack and murder them. IT IS EVIL! I protest that Jews will be jailed if they resist giving their land and assets to murderers. I protest this evil plan that gives terrorists an Islamic terror state in Israel's Biblical heartland. I protest this so called "peace process" that has, as its goal a second holdocaust of the Jewish people.
19. To Linda again
what was the name of this land before 1967 ? and who told that the Arabs who lived there were not Jewish and then they changed the relegion ? and when there was a land called Israel ? egypt is origin Christan coptic land but we can not say the moslems stolen the land but we can say that many Christians became Moslems , but in the end they are all Egyptians even the Jews who lived in Egypt they were Egyptians , the fact is the Jews lived their whole life isolated from the rest of the people free will because they hated everything which is not Jew , till now EU still they isolate them selfs from the rest of the people , and soon the Israelians will not be welcome in most of the world like south Africa before and the normal good Israelians will feel shame to belong to such place ... nay you will say that it's not true ... but that days will show you this ... look how much from the symathy account Israel lost till now in world , and soon the Hollowcost will not be enough reason to go on by this way ... take it easy baby ....LOL
20. to linda
palastinian girl ,   jerusalem   (05.23.05)
dear one i can say what i want if iam not afraid from any thing and more i can whishe what ever i want even iam afraid even ihave a plaster on my mouth or cut my toung or remove my eyes the most important to look where my feet is stnd fromm there i can begin the first step infront actually as a clock to be real depending on it forwords only the past is past i remember mine proud of it keep it in mind always no one to ruin it and my feet still on lande my eyes also to ground first befor iam looking to horozon may a hole near the foot so the first step must be on ground also
21. Real Leaders Oppose Ethnically Cleansing Jews
Jew ,   Judea   (05.23.05)
Evidently, these aren't Jewish leaders any more than the Judenrat were.
22. whoa
Uri Stein ,   ramat aviv israel   (05.23.05)
Mike; Israel is not a Democracy?? Wow!!! So, the U.N. (a highly biased organisation, dominated by Arab oil money) US, EU - are lying when they say that Israel is the only full, liberal democracy in the Mid East?? How about the UN's Human Rights watchdog, that rates Israel 22, right next to Germany, and France --- Israel's parliament has 11 Arabs And you seem to be leaving out the fact that Israeli-Arabs have a higher life expectancy than Americans, and most white Europeans And, apparently you have no idea about the droves of priveleges that Israeli-Arabs get...they have much lower standards for the psychometric test to get into University.. plus! they only have to pay half price for University courses (to name 1 of the few special rights granted to Israeli Arabs) Mike, Name one credible Historian who denies the Jewish people's connection to Israel (Ethnically, Religiously, etc.) And, U.S. economic aid to Israel constitutues 0.3% of Israel's economy.... yep, we sure are 'living it up' on your tax dollar :)
23. Meanwhile
Dora ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.23.05)
"On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted with a 2/3 majority to partition western Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. The Arabs rejected it. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Husseini stated: "I declare a holy war by my Moslem brothers" "Murder them all. Murder the Jews."" .html How can Judea make peace with those who, even more than they will care for their own people , seek to destry others? some more histories: php?article_id=4467 Meanwhile, Judeans cannot afford to be naive.
MIKE ,   USA   (05.23.05)
Israel is NOT a self sufficient country- and US aid is mostly military- you cannot put a price on that- Every other week you hear of Sharon coming to the USA asking more money for the settlers-or negev or the "wall". so to me, ISrael is a welfared country- I know that many jews from around the world donate privately- i have lived in Israel- I know how many people live off of the govt. in someway- in fact- every jew must join the army, no? and , you can pretend all you want that Israel is a democracy- but then why does it privelege JEWS only?, giving them instant citzenship etc. Only jews can buy land in certain areas- I know many of the racial inequalities, are flying under the radar, but I have SEEN EMPLOYMENT ADS THAT SAY_ JEWS ONLY.
25. example of HUMAN RIGHTS abuse by Israel
Mike ,   USA   (05.23.05)
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Families torn apart by discriminatory policies The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law which bars family unification for Israelis who are married to Palestinian residents of the Occupied Territories was extended by six months in July. This Law explicitly discriminates against Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip and implicitly discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel and against Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, for it is they who usually marry Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. As such, the law formally institutionalizes a form of racial discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality. Successive Israeli governments over the years have pursued policies which have made it difficult at best and often impossible for Palestinian citizens and residents of Israel to obtain family unification and live in their own country with their spouses and children. For these reasons, thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been living with their spouses in Israel and in East Jerusalem illegally for years or even decades, with no health insurance or other social rights and every day fearing arrest, expulsion and separation from their spouses and children. United Nations human rights bodies, including the Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination and the Human Rights Committee, have called on Israel to revoke this law and to reconsider its policy with a view to facilitating family unification on a non-discriminatory basis. Amnesty International calls on the Israeli authorities to repeal this law, to resume the processing of family unification applications for spouses and children of Israeli citizens and Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and of the Occupied Territories according to the principle of non-discrimination, to put in place a mechanism to promptly process the thousands of backlog applications and to re-examine applications which were refused prior to the suspension of the processing of applications, and to provide details in writing of the specific grounds for the rejection of any application for family unification application, so that those concerned may mount a defence and challenge the rejection.
26. Sharon At Baruch College
Chana ,   NY, NY   (05.23.05)
Allan from St. Paul - You've got it right! and so does Sharon! I was there and heard the 4 protesters inside who were ejected. What a disgrace to call themselves Jews! Their behavior violated every rule of the Torah they claim to espouse. Shame on them! The government of Israel, duly elected by the people to provide them with security is trying to do just that. Isn't it about time we stood up and helped them!
27. Understanding why the pull outof Gaza.
Murray GOrelick ,   CHestnut Hill MA.USA   (05.24.05)
To those that don"t understand why Prime Minister Sharon wants to pull out of GAZA. It is simple, when Israel was first votedin the UN in Nov 1947 it was to confrim a promise made in Declarationat the end f World War ! that there should be a Homeland for the Jewsih people and it should be called Paelestine with Jerusalem as the Capital. The Arab Nations were opposed to this and IT wasnm;t till after the Secound World War When all the Arab States were tied into helping the Germans and took satisfaction that the Jews were being killed that they decided to take the land,houses, business ,money of the Jews in thier land and chase them out without and restitution. . The Germans have stated that they azre sorry for what they did and paid reprations to the Jewish Country Isreal.The accnowleged that there was a Holocustand they havde madee a vow nerver to forget. When Israel was voted into existance in May of 1948 % Arab Nation Attackes this small country with these worlds we will push them into the sea and finish what Hitler didn:t Well they not only could not push them in to the SEa they wree Defeated.Inbthe History of the Worls there has never been a cricumstance where the defeated had rights to demand from the victor concessions. To the victor belong the spois. At the tiume that these five countries were attacking Israel They were telling those Arabs that were iving there that the Jews will come kill their young and rape their women. The fled to the nerighborigncountries anf there they were refugees and the wereolaces in sghacks or tents were not alloowed to vote, own land,go to school and there they were kept for 57 years. Crying to the UNand the world that the Jews placed thm in this position.While those that remanined became Israeli Citizens were sent to school were able to open their own busnesses, were given medical care, and if they so desired they could run for public office and the females were given the same opportunities. those pioners who settled in the West Bank and Gaza in 57 years they were overtaken by their population growth. These peole that were living in thedelapeted conditions had nother better to do that sit outside the coffrewe houses smlke cigarettes and make babies. They didnot have to worry about taken care of them as the world was sending food so they didnot have to work. Thpse that wanted to work were hired not by there government but the Israeli's. They hired them by the thousands.
28. sami you are the stupid one!
Daisy ,   USA   (05.24.05)
I'm a woman idiot! Why don't you go back to where you came from and get out of my country !
29. Keep speaking the truth Linda!
Daisy ,   USA   (05.24.05)
30. Mike; most Americans don't support Arab terrorists like you!
Daisy ,   USA   (05.24.05)
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