Subway in Tel Aviv?
By Yuval Karni
Published: 24.05.05, 11:17
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1. Subway? No way
Raykie ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.05)
Come back in thirty years time and we will continue this discussion at the same level as it it is now.
2. subway
yasha ,   Ra'anana   (05.24.05)
Is it april fools day today? Pull the other one, it has bells on it/
3. I don't think so
Dan ,   Brussels   (05.24.05)
No choice.TA needs a subway system and very soon Otherwise,traffic will become a nightmare lile in Bankok...
4. Trams maybe?
Ian ,   Sydney Australia   (05.25.05)
Could use trams above ground too as a supplement to the tube They have it in melbourne - its quite cute actually and everyone, residents, tourists, the lot, love it. Cheap to run too
5. Re: Trams maybe?
Nadav ,   Melbourne, Australia   (05.26.05)
Trams may look like fun to tourists, but when you're a driver who has to share the road with trams, it becomes a lot less fun than it looks. The only roads in Melbourne where trams actually work well are the wider roads where trams actually have their own section and cars go either side of them. The width of most roads in Tel Aviv makes traffic bad enough - adding trams would be a disaster.
6. subway in tel aviv
Troy ,   Israel   (06.01.05)
The day there will be a subway in tel aviv, is the day people will start saying thankyou in this counrty
7. please let this be serious
Ruben ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.02.05)
I hope this is real. Because the city is chocking up with traffic. We need better space, more green (plant trees instead of building parking lots), i am sure there are talented city planners in Tel Aviv its just a pity to see that money is much more important than anything, even their own residents' health. So I say - subway = less cars on the street = better life for all of us. We absolutely need subway, even if it has to take years to build.
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