Brit boycott lifted
By Diana Bahur-Nir and Wire Services
Published: 26.05.05, 19:33
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1. Justice is made!
Uri Stein ,   Ramat Aviv, Israel   (05.26.05)
It is very relieving to know that at least some justice is made in the world today.. תודה לאל
2. Allah 1: Anti-Semites 0
Your arms are too short to box with Allah. עם ישראל חי
3. quiet?
Joe ,   Haifa   (05.26.05)
where are you, all you anti-Israel obsessed people who couldn't shut up when the boycott was announced. Now it's been lifted and you're quiet? nothing to say? your theories about the crumbling of Israel are crumbling too? hahaha.
4. sad...
Yoaz Carmi ,   Tampa, Fl, USA   (05.27.05)
wow thats a hit to the balls inst it lol.
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