'U.S. knew about nuke plans'
By Avner Cohen
Published: 02.06.05, 20:53
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1. WMD'S
ISRAEL has Nuclear weapons. Should the USA invade?
2. Their is one more thing to tell
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (06.02.05)
That is that Israel is blackmailing United States for more then three decades playing its nuclear card. So the U.S should not pressure it into pulling back to Pre June 6th 1967 borders. The blackmailing backfired and the world condemned Israel on its occupation of the Palestinian land. Now their are several tools like the IDF coup, settler take over of the Israeli government and armed forces, turning U.S forces inside Israel into human shields incase of a confrontation, controlling the U.S senate and congress etc. President Bush doesn't have adequate powers to put sanctions on Israel or stop it from building illegal settlements and other crimes that violate the road map agreement. Israeli government will pay the price very soon once President Bush gets the powers that he needed from a very unexpected source. Sharon and his gang will be in great pain after that and will go mad and declare war and face the consequences as stated by the President on several occasions.
3. RE: WMDs
Steve ,   NY, USA   (06.02.05)
Israel is a democratic state where officials are elected into office to represent the people. And they don't go around committing genocide. When they're asked to submit to inspections by an international authority, they do.
4. To Sal Azam
Ian ,   Sydney Australia   (06.03.05)
Sal Final border status is up for NEGOTIATION We are NOT obligated to give in entirely to ALL palestinian demands. Likewise the palestinians are not obligated to give in to all our demands. Gaza belonged to Egypt and the West Bank was part of Trans-Jordan We DO recognize palestinian aspirations for nationhood and to have their own country Having said all that, palestinians need to realize that we also have a claim to this land We ARE willing to negotiate, and that means making compromises Likewise the palestinians should be prepared to compromise. COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATION is code for meeting each other half way It DOES NOT mean that by default one side gets everything that they want and the other side drops all their demands Pull your head out the sand walad and grow the hell up
5. To Sal and company
Seth ,   Woodbury, NY   (06.03.05)
People love bashing Israel for her assumed possession of nuclear weapons (among other reasons.) Israeli leaders obviously felt it necessary to develop and possess nuclear weapons, and only an idiot couldn't understand why. Look at the neighbors for crying out loud?!?! Israel has been under constant military threat from its neighbors from the get go. 22 Arab countries containing almost 300 million inhabitants surround Israel, which contains all of six million people! Arab coalitions have initiated 4 wars since the formation of Israel with the intention of eradicating the presence of the Jewish nation and its people. Miraculously, Israel has won those four battles conventionally, but think for a second...what would the typical Arab country do if it had a nuclear arsenal and was under attack and facing such steep odds as Israel has? If Israel (under constant threat of attack and whose existence is also in somewhat constant danger) hasn't yet detonated a nuclear device given all the hostilities directed towards it, it's safe to say that at the least, Israel has some cool heads running the show. The same cannot be said for the extremists, which inhabit and run the surrounding countries. G-d forbid Iran or Syria or even Egypt gets their hands on nuclear technology. That, Sal, would be something for you to fret about, not some rambling incoherent diatribe regarding some Israeli plot to blackmail the US because of an assumed nuclear weapons program. I can't believe what these Arab Muslims are saying half the time because it is completely lunatic just like their belief system and culture. Thank goodness Israel has the bomb. No other country truly needs one as badly as Israel considering the neighborhood she is in. Remember this: If the Arabs (Muslims) put down their weapons today there would be no more violence. If the Israelis put down their weapons today there would be no more Israel. Think about it...
6. No they dont # 3
Israel has NEvER admitted publicly to nuclear weapons, thus Vanunu, the whistle blower who was incarcerated by the ISarelis for 18 years or so. Israel does not allow inspectors.
7. to sal
Yoaz Carmi   (06.03.05)
US Forces inside Israel? When in the heck have US forces been in Israel?You better not be talking about the troops guarding the american embassy.
8. Nukes for peace or genocide
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA USA   (06.03.05)
Israel hopefully has nukes to protect itself and has never used them. On the other hand, if the crazy arabs in iran get the bomb they will use it to create a genocide in Israel. Israel wants peace and the arabs only want to kill Jews so Mazel Tov for every bomb Israel has and doesn't use and may the arabs never have the bomb to start a war.
9. To supporters of Israel
Michael ,   USA   (06.03.05)
Israel is de juro a democratic state for Jews, but de facto a Nazi state for Palestinians. The Israeli Jews all but forgotten the lessons of Holocoust. And the land of Palestinians (and a big chunk of Israel) was always de facto the land of Palestinians. Enough telling lies. Pull your head out of your ass and read some history books.
10. To Mike
Seth ,   Woodbury, NY   (06.04.05)
How DARE you compare Israeli actions with the unspeakable atrocities committed by the Nazis. Your post doesn't deserve anyone's response. But, I've read a few history books and here is what I've found... Regarding the Nazi comparison you use when describing Israeli Jews treatment of Palestinians: 1) Israel has nine Arab (dare I say Palestinian) members in the current parliament. Arabs can vote and enjoy freedoms under the Israeli government that no other Arabs enjoy anywhere in the world. The Nazi's certainly never allowed Jews into their government and absolutely forbade them any type of rights aside from the right to die suffering. 2) Intellectuals like you (comic relief) are so vocal about the plight of the "poor" Palestinians. However, in the past 30 years of Israeli rule of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Palestinians' standard of living has become the highest of all their Arab brethren throughout the Middle East. As they and their children’s standard of living rose dramatically, the number of Arab children attending school rose by more than 100%. While Palestinians are holding press conferences telling of how cruel and unjust the Israelis are, let them note that there are now 11 Arab universities there, where there were none before. Oh yes, and their per capita income have increased tenfold. They also receive welfare and excellent medical care under the dreaded ‘Jewish infidels’, which was never available to them under Jordanian rule. Until they started the destructive policy of terrorist bombings, their death rate was far lower than their neighboring Arab states. Regardless of all preceding facts, the hardship they face is BY THEIR OWN DOING. In comparison, the history books I speak of tell about the Warsaw ghetto and of dreadful, inhumane conditions in the concentration camps that Jews were forced to live in. A far cry from the West Bank I assure you. And you dare say Israeli's (Jews) have forgotten the lessons of the holocaust?? Why the hell do you think Israel has built up such a powerful military!?!...Reason: to avoid a second holocaust and keep would-be attackers and ignoramus’s like you away from Israeli lands. De Facto? De Juro??? You sure do use big words for an idiot. Here's another bit of information for you genius.... The Palestinians could already have had their own country consisting of a larger area of land than they eventually will end up getting. HOW??? By accepting UN mandates and Israel's offer of peace way back in 1947. No, instead the Palestinians attacked the nascent Israeli nation and eventually stepped aside allowing the armies of five Arab countries to attempt the extermination of the Jews and with them Israel. The Arab armies lost and the Palestinians lost much of their lands by their own doing. So you can take your "de facto" land of Palestine and shove it up your butthole! In closing, Israelis most certainly do have a vibrant democracy; the Palestinians (and Arab world in general) most certainly do not. The Israelis offered peace once again at Camp David; the Palestinians decided to continue to bring heartache, despair, and hardships upon themselves and started the intifada. That there are people who think as you do is confounding to me Michael. Do me a favor and pull YOUR head out of YOUR ASS.
11. Israel's democracy
Debbie Gordon ,   USA   (06.04.05)
Israel does not submit itself to inspections by international forces, when they commit war crimes. Despite calls for allowing international inspectors into the Jenin refugee camp in 2002, Israel refused to allow that., because they didn't want any witnesses to see what they had done.
12. Dear #11 Debbie - US's Democracy
Ronen ,   Jerusalem   (06.04.05)
Again lies and more lies or inaccuracies at the best: Israel did allow a UN inspection envoy and had an investigation of its own - both determined that there was no slaughter of any sort as was initially claimed by the Palestinians, in Jenin. It is nothing more than a dirty propaganda move on behalf of the Palestinians - which indeed caused a great damage to Israel and just intensified the hatred towards us. It was said that over 500 Palestinians were killed by the IDF that day. The truth is that it was more around 50 palestinians killed that day - most of them were killed when Israeli troops tried to recover 13 bodies of Israeli soldiers that were lynched earlier that day - by murderers. You should point your doubts first to the ethics of US troops in Iraq and their conduct with the local population or war prisoners before you make such accusations at Israel.
13. To # 9 aka 'Michael'
Israeli Guy   (06.04.05)
How dare you compare the Holocaust (and not Holocoust as you spelled it) to what is happening here? You are not even worthy to mention this term - since you have proved zero knowledge both in Palestinian history and no real understanding of the what really happend in the Holocaust. The one with his head inside up his ass is you my friend and not others. The term Palestinian was not even used before 1967... Read here: It will give you more correct facts than those you have in your twisted mind. It is written by an ARAB-American journalist. By the way - IT IS THE PALESTINIANS who have commited mass murders by suicide bombing time and again, endorced by Arafat. If that's not a systematic killing machine - I don't know what is.
14. Debbie, stop lying
Ignatious ,   USA   (06.04.05)
It is hard to believe after the UN found no evidence of a massacre in Jenin that Debbie Gordon continues to promulgate this hateful lie. It either means that Debbie doesn't follow the news and is ill-informed or that she knows what happened but enjoys spreading lies because she is a slimey bigot. These bottom crawlers like Debbie are either so stupid or so bigoted that they don't realize that people of goodwill who are fair look upon them with disdain.
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