PA: Israel distributes carcinogenic food
By Roee Nahmias
Published: 14.06.05, 17:26
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1. And they're silent about cigarettes...
Shai ,   Israel   (06.14.05)
2. What Is The Point Of Printing This Article?
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (06.14.05)
What reason do you have for printing this "blood libel"? The internet circulates all their incitement at Israel/Jews at warp speed. Why join the bandwagon??
3. Don't Forget Our "Impotence Gas" and "Stripper Death Squads"
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (06.14.05)
"Palestinian Doctor Claims Israel Using 'Impotence Gas'" and "PA: IDF is Using Elite Female Stripper Death Squads" And we also "steal body parts" and inject Arabs with the AIDS virus:
4. PA: Israel distributes carcinogenic food
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (06.14.05)
This is very pathetic & laughable! I don’t think any sane person will believe a word of it. If PA authority is serious about peace and the prosperity of its people, it should investigate matter & take an action against Mr. Yousef Abu Safieh. This is a bad propaganda targeting ignorant innocent people.
5. Is the PA retarded?
Dan ,   USA   (06.14.05)
or just plain stupid? This is the dumbest most ridiculous claim I've ever heard. This is why the intelligent world does not care about PA terroist orginization. Their about as asmart as a bag of rocks.
Max ,   UK   (06.14.05)
All that is true and recorded by instants evidences and cases of victims suffered that ‘CIVILIZED ACTS’ of State of Israel, it displays how is Israel going about finishing the job of cleansing the indigenous Arab people of Historical Palestine, All what I say here what goes round must come round……!!
7. Response to Max
AA ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.14.05)
I suppose then that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are also involved in this so called "cleansing of indigenous Arabs"- or maybe cleansing of the entire world? This article is a FARCE!
8. To Max
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (06.14.05)
O.K. Mr. Max! I think readers are very interested to know those "recorded cases." Why don't you correspond with WHO or any other international body that might by interested in those false claims of yours!
9. How about AIDS and poisonous water
Gabriel K. ,   San Francisco   (06.14.05)
What a wonderful peace process this is. Destructive and incompetent dictatorships need to throw their garbage out in this way. If the PA would give only 5% of its energy towards reconciliation, rather than use it for hatred on TV and newspaper and stealing money from its own people and killing political opponents in broad daylight and dragging their bodies in the middle of the street .....then maybe a peace process can commence. This has nothing to do about land...Israel will be here forever!
10. aaaa
aaa ,   aaaa   (06.14.05)
all u people who are defending this evil thing that israel is doing to the palestinian people are very ignorant and evel ,, why would anyone wanna accuse someone else with somthing if its not true , this thing is very true , as a matter of fact i know that israel sends all there bad food that belongs in the garbage , with new labeling and destributing dates to the palestinians , and this happens daily , and how about all those tear gas bombs that are blwing up in between pregnant woman , children and old men , i wonder what damage they cause to all those people , and what about the huge chemical garbege dump that israel created less than half a mile away from the biggest city in the west bank ( nablus ) and what about the nuclear plANT demona , that is causing cancer to many people living east of this plant in jordan , are all of this also lies or u just dont want the world to know how evil this country is!!!!! trust me the whole world is aware of all this , for now no one is doing anything but very soo the world will wake up and bury this evil nation with its evil people under the ground ... u better wake up before its too late ,
11. To "10"
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (06.14.05)
Mr. aaaa from aaaa! So, if I'll accuse you now of being insane, does't mean that you're an actual one? Did you ever hear of the word "propaganda"? If you want to blame, then blame PA. If what you're saying is true, then why PA is permitting it? Why they're importing goods from Israel 1st place? Why it doesn't escalate matter through proper ineternational bodies? By the way, tear gas is used all over the world by different governments, would you still blame Israelis for that? In regards to the nuclear reaction at Nagev, would you think that Israel will hurt its own people? Or may be you think that the atomic radiation will conspire with Israel? An evil country will not help Bosnian Muslims when most of Islamic countries did not move a foot! The whole accusation is nonesense Mr. aaaa!
12. Don't ignore dangers of saccharine for pregnant women!!
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (06.15.05)
I suggest that you discontinue your use of saccharine while you are pregnant. You could try eating your cereal without added sugar and perhaps use some regular sugar in your tea. Saccharin has been deemed safe for the general public, however it is not metabolized and passes through the digestive tract unchanged. Saccharine can cross the placenta barrier into fetal blood, and a fetus is much slower to clear the saccharine from its blood than the mom. So if you are consuming large amounts of saccharin, it may accumulate in the baby's bladder and potentially increase its risk for bladder problems or possibly even bladder cancer. Data is not conclusive, but some studies on saccharin suggest that a person is most vulnerable to development of saccharin-associated bladder cancer when they are exposed to high saccharin intakes in utero and throughout the rest of their life. Although there is not yet enough evidence to show that it is harmful to your unborn baby, it is probably not worth the potential risk. Because of the still unsettled safety record of saccharin and unborn babies, both the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association recommend saccharin be used in moderation during pregnancy. I suggest that if you can control your calorie intake without the use of saccharine it would be the safest course of action. reference:,,8g61,00.html
13. Israel is in violation , to 11
David   (06.15.05)
1st the PA and the Palestinians are under occupation, refer to Geneva Convention regarding occupied land treatment and see how Israel is complied with International law in regards with treatment of people under occupation or land even animals, and you would find that Israel is in violation of all, why the ‘International Community’ is not doing any thing about it and implementing the resolution of its UN security council and so and on and on, you understand that it’s the function this state have been created for to serve the masters of the World Order. Things do change, movement is absolute, and new world order with new Actors would emerge someday that is the motion of social reality. Regarding why the PA don’t stop buying from Israel, because under Oslo Deal, (Paris economic Protocol) they are not allowed, since Israel makes net profit USD$ 4 billion per annum, Israel control Water supply Air Waves Electricity all energy supplies, In Out the list is endless fine out for your self if you have an interest or if your conscious is nagging you.
14. to # 10 and all ur look alikes
aa ,   aa   (06.15.05)
thats all you people have to say when the world speak the truth is propeganda , and more propeganda , when you and the evel people like u created this word , my freind its not propeganda and all of this is happening and much much more , when yasser arafat was still alive you blamed everything on him ,if an earth quake hits israel , u accused yasser arafat , well now that he is dead you come up with ur propeganda bull , for ur information , nothing goes into the west bank and gasa without the approvel of israel whether the palestinians like it or not , and i promise u if the borders where open for the palestinians , nothing will come in from israel , and they will never deal with israel , israel is forcing the palestinians to buy everything from them because the palestinians have no other choice , stop the occupation and free the palestinians and u will see that israel will be the looser in the area and not the palestinians , and this is not ur propeganda either , the zionist people are very evil just like they have been for thousands of years and ( history prooves that ) and they will never change untill they are cleaned from this earth forever........
15. The blame Israel game
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.15.05)
This is how the Palestinians avoid dealing with their bigger, more serious problems. How about creating their own economy and producing their own food products. Remember 2008 is around the corner and this is when Israel will no longer provide jobs to the Palestinians.
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