Female bomber nabbed
By Hanan Greenberg
Published: 20.06.05, 13:39
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1. Women and Children Shahid Duty
alan ,   south africa   (06.20.05)
The terrorists are now using Children and Women for "Shahid Duty." .....They must be getting hardup for volunteers.. ..( Right at the end of World War 2 , Hitler also used children to fight in the ruins of Berlin ).. What reward in Paradise are they offered-72 Virgin Men for the ladies and 72 X boxes /expensive trainers for the kids .
2. I can't believe it
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (06.20.05)
The IDF must stop searching people. This was an infringement of her rights
3. I wonder what Machsom Watch will say about this
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (06.20.05)
Remember this the next time Machsom Watch cries about delaying people at checkpoints - especially those poor sick people who only want to go to a doctor.
4. accessol
Uzziel   (06.20.05)
Now you show clearly your true face. You can t "believe" that the arabs send their women and children to kill and be killed. But scores of them "succeeded" in blowing themselves in the middle of Israeli civilians. And stil you can t "believe" it. And you dare to protest IDF searching people, but you don t protest against the arabs for carrying bombs. You simply hate when an arab is prevented from murdering jews. You are a bloodthirsty, fact-twister, racist. Better next time one of this terrorists protege of you, knock on your door, rather than killing my people. May be this way you ll change your opinion in a second.
5. Palestinian homocide bomber
Isac ,   Boca Raton   (06.20.05)
Let me get this straight. A women who got a humanitarian permit to visit a Israeli hospital takes advantage to blow up a hospital. How sick must somebody be in the first place to blow up a hospital where people are being brought in to get help including Arabs. On top, the would be homocide bomber claims, that she was sent by the Al Aqsa Martyr brigades. Aren't they suppose to obey by they so called "cease fire". This "cease fire" is a lot of baloney and let's the world know, that as long as the terrorist organizations aren't dismantled and the palestinian society calls on "homocide bombing" what it really is, that there won't be a democratic state of Palestine. This had been told already earlier: the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Then who really cares if they prefer to live in misery.
6. did she want male virgins?
Helena ,   stockholm, sweden   (06.20.05)
Was she hoping to meet 78 inexperienced men eager to satisfy her wildest sex dreams of non-stop copulation?
7. #1, believe it or not but they are offered to serve the men
in heaven. Just sick.
8. Impaired Thinking
Fadi ,   FL, USA   (06.20.05)
I don't understand why they are still trying to carry out attacks from Gaza when the withdrawal is near. Do they know something we don't?
9. truth
Ahmed ,   PALESTINE   (06.20.05)
Its good for the Jews to Leave Palestine for Palestinian People,
10. Do Arabs, Europeans think what she was doing was wrong, why?
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (06.20.05)
Do you believe that what she was going to do was wrong? and why? The answer to this tells me whether or not there is any chance of peace or not.
11. No Way
Action Film ,   Hoolywood   (06.20.05)
This is Musad Tricks and the story False We Know Why in this time , i advise musad mens to go Hoollwoood they have nice actions films
12. Of course
Fadi ,   FL, USA   (06.20.05)
Yeah, it's wrong, she was going to target civilians.
13. Wrong, Ahmed
David ,   Silver Spring, MD   (06.20.05)
It's good to leave the land to the so-called Palestinian people? Why? Haven't the Arabs turned enough of the Middle East into a hell on earth? Maybe it would be nice for the so-called Palestinian people to let their Jewish neighbors live their lives in peace for a change.
14. #9 Ahmed from "balestine"
Uzziel   (06.20.05)
Fine, can you tell where s the land of "palestine" and who the "palestinians" are? It is good for the "balestinians" not to exhaust the Israeli patience, for the civilized behaviour has always an end. As actually I don t see the "palestinian" adult males involved in suicidal terror, you don t have enough children and women to wage such a war...
15. No Way?
David ,   Silver Spring, MD   (06.20.05)
What do you mean, "No Way?" People like you would be funny, if you weren't so twisted. If this sick, deluded woman had succeeded in blowing herself up along with a bunch of Jewish men, women and children, you would have been thrilled. Since the Israelis stopped her (and, by the way, saved her life in the process), you want to claim tha the whole thing was made up by the Mossad. You need to get a better grip on reality.
16. #11
Uzziel   (06.20.05)
And the two Israeli citizens murdered in the last two days are "Musad" tricks too? Oh, I understand, if the terrorist action fails, it is an Israeli trick, if it "succeeds" to kill Israelis, blame it on the "occupation". "Balestine" school of terrorists, thugs, thieves and liars.
17. would-be hospital bomber
nannette ,   london   (06.20.05)
Israel should stop treating terrorists as if they were human! They want all Israelis dead and want the whole of the middle east Judenfrei (as if they don't have enough land in the 1 million square miles of the ME and much more territory globally)...
alan ,   South Africa   (06.20.05)
Ahmed ( 9)and otherGaza Crazies-It is also good to leave Israeli hospitals for Israelis.. . Let the Gaza patients take their sick bodies and sick minds to some hospital other side of El Arish. (I see Israel health department is working on something to stop these Criminals arriving in Israel hospitals ). Every time the Jihadis do some amazingly wicked trick,which disgusts even their own people, the Palestinians blame the Mossad. . I am not sure ,but I think Hamas is run by a few Medical Doctors. Let them treat the Gaza people. They are Doctors of Death , not Medicine.
19. #4
Shira ,   Brooklyn, NY   (06.20.05)
Uzziel, I believe that #2 (accesol's) comment was intended as sarcasm.
20. Wafa who is young enough for me to call "Ya Binti"...
meaning My Daughter... this is your Jewish mother...I know what causes you enough pain to want to commit such a horrific action. There is a different way. A way that pays the Koran and the Tanach a higher honor... a way that remember that always Yitzhak and Ismail are the sons of the same father.
21. No. 19
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (06.20.05)
No I was not
22. Shira
Uzziel   (06.21.05)
Irony, even sarcasm, are signs of intelligence...
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.21.05)
Islam regards every non-Muslim country as the house of war to be taken for Islam. That is why ALL Palestinian Authority maps show the new State of Palestine covering ALL Israel, with ALL Jerusalem as their capital. Islam's goal of conquest of ALL Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state is no secret. The Palestinian Authority teach the murder of Jews as a religious obligation through their mosques, media and public education system. THOUSANDS of PA society Muslims celebrate in the streets every time Jews are murdered by Islamist human bombs. Last summer, the Islamist murderers of the 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother and four little daughters were hailed as heroes by the Palestinian Authority. Broadcast from Gaza mosque Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them." The Road Map Islamic terror state reduces TINY Israel to a 9 mile wide border at its middle. No longer a viable country. The U.S. is even demanding little Israel is cut into pieces - compacting Israel into the world's most over-crowded Jewish ghetto with utterly INDEFENSIBLE borders. Ensuring a second holocaust. They call this method of killing Jews the "peace process". Hitler called it the final solution.
24. Accessol
Markus Bergstrom ,   Sweden   (06.21.05)
Yes you were. Uzziel, it´s called sarcasm and is real big in some parts of the blasé middle-class europe. About what this woman intended to do I can in some way understand her,but I´ll never accept it.And the men behind it are just coward fags who persuade the poor to become means for their own internal power-struggle. Cause that´s what most of this conflict emanates from-what group will get their hands on the power and the money from west. Sad. But true.
25. Ahmed
DAP ,   Nashville, TN   (06.21.05)
It's good for Palestinians to leave Israel for Jews. You can have whatever you want on your side.
26. Reply to Uzziel
What about killing the thousands of palestinian and destroying houses this is not a terrorist??? Palestinian whether was women or men or even childrens they are defending against the killers and thieves of "israelian"
27. go to the arab countries
nekama ,   tel aviv   (06.21.05)
mr. ahmed, please go urself, to the arab countries, please, and leave us our small piece of land on this planet. thank u.
28. siucide-bomb in your hospital
astrid anna ,   denmark   (06.22.05)
cant beleive that someone from England made a comment on that the IDF must stop searching people. Everywhere in the world where people cross borders they will have to be searched if there is a suspicion. So stop being dobbelmoral. The situation here is not like England. Think about that this woman was about going to a treatment and follow up in the University Hospital Soroka in Beer Sheva. The Al-Aqsa brigade wanted to abuse this for terror. Do you think it will make things easiere in the region? Im an exhange student in Soroka Hospital and I just cant imagine the horror of this action of a 21 one year old palistinian woman allowed medical treatment in Israel. Terror is not the way to peace. Hospitals here are for everybody. Also palistinians who need spezialist treatment. To want to blow a bomb in a hospital is the most horrible thing you can do and I guess thats what the palistinian terror movements want!! And if you want to talk about right I think you should take a look at the palistinian prisons. Here are 53 people waiting for death penalty! Half of them accused for being to " Israel-friendly". Where is the freedom in Gaza and the West-Bank? Has Amnesty International made a seriuos repport on this conditions of re-introducung death-penalty? When wanting to blow a suicide-bomb in t hospital the consequence will be increaced check-up on borders to prevent more bombs. This suicide-action only harms inicent civilians on both sides.
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