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A billion reasons for a crisis
By Alon Pinkas
Published: 21.06.05, 19:55
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1. Maybe it would be better for the USA
If we broke ties with Israel, and we favored the ARABS instead. Afterall, we CANT trust the Israelis ,it seems- selling this type of info to CHINA. Maybe the Israelis think they can straddle two super powers and milk both sides- against each other- reaping the benefits of China and the USA at odds. I will tell you what- you will lose and be squashed----All the ARABS have to do- is make great deals with China and the USA with their precious OIL and ISRAEL IS NOTHING TO ANY OF US- so just watch out- you are on thin ice. Biblical exile myths only go so far in the international realm of oil and survival.
2. To 1
You mean like how the arab states have done til the collapse of the soviet union? Like how when the US refused to support the Aswar dam the egyptians went to the soviets. And then after the 67 and 73 wars the arabs threatened to start buying american products if the soviets didn't supply them? Or how they were pretty much selling oil to both sides?
3. what's new ?
who trusted the zionists before he was blind or brainwashed , such people can not live without conciperacies , one of their prencipels is to let people falling against each other , they want the wole world to fight together that they stay in the end the only power in the world , and they are able to do this whatever the it will cost , they want use the USA as the stick which they can beat the whole world with it and in the end the USA will become weak from too much wars , then the Israeli monster will come out and eat the Americans without any resistenc then the wole world will have to follow the Jewish state like slaves or they will open the hell for those who will not obey , movie cinareo but it's their dream .... walk up America before it's too late and i am sure the Arabs will be much better friends to the Americans and the Arab world is much better market for the American products than Israel and because of most of the American industry depending on cheap oil so they will suit each other very well ... plus the arabs don't have someone with the name Pollard ..... smile
4. #1, Will China be Like US to the Arabs?
AKIVA ,   CHICAGO   (06.21.05)
Maybe they will decide on an aggressive military policy toward them. The history of the People's Army when they get moving is to conquer and ask questions later. Maybe the model will be the way Uighar Muslim terrorists are dealt with in Xinjang Province, that is, terminally.
5. Sof sof, is the US finally beginning to see the real Israel?
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (06.21.05)
I see your talkback settler groupies are immediately putting the blame on the Arabs; won't be long I guess before Israel is shouting Anti-Semite at Bush, Holocaust denier at Condi and self-haters at all the remaining neo-coms in Washington. At all events, no one can possibly blame Israel for doing anything wrong, can they. Business is business!
6. Labor Jobniks Vote for China
akiva ,   chicago il   (06.21.05)
Very Interesting Change. Labor Knows who the upcoming Superpower is. They can plunk down 1.5 billion for Maytag at the drop of a hat. Does Likkud have the brains to figure this out?
7. to 2
the Egyptian army was fighting in the Yom Kior's war with Russian weapons not American (Mig 21 , 23 Sam 6 rockets ), Nasser went first to the Americans for the Aswan Dam not first to the Russian , the Egyptians refused to be under the russian control that's why we throwed them out , the Egyptians didn't sent any Pollards not to the Americans not to the Russians , because we don't bite the hands who helped us like you did and you stiil doing from the shooting of liberty passing by Pollard ending by china connection ... and more still to come
8. Israeli govt is an open enemy of United States
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (06.22.05)
On China, Palestinian Israeli front, WMD report on Iraq, Israeli espionage, Controlling the U.S foreign policy, Senate, Congress and corporate America Israel is without any doubt an open and powerful enemy of United States. Their is no way the U.S can stop Israel to stop what it has been doing since 1967 and in case of China and inside United States. Sharon and his gang is not scared of anyone except for one person. FBI will finish his mafia in all those segments and then things will go back into the hands of the President of United States. Till then Bush will just complain, urge, plea and play his games on all the fronts with Israel.
9. Well Said
Jay ,   Las Vegas, U.S.A.   (06.22.05)
Mr. Pinkas' comments display a balanced and mature analysis of the situation. His wisdom should be appreciated by all.
10. The maggots come out to feed.
Earl Mann ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.22.05)
We cannot kindle when we will the fire which in the heart resides... The previous 'opinions' ,express but one thing, and one thing only...Stupidy rules! Ignorance reigns...and, hatred [of G-d's chosen people] rules supreme ...undaunted by reason, fairness, or faith.
11. question for Israel
Are you the USA's friend or not? how could your govt. betray us like this? I know there are good people everywhere- and some people that are pretty mixed up- this I understand, but the US has stood by you, why no on else has. Please someone explain why you would put the USA in a vulnerable position like this?
12. Dog fight
observor ,   somewhere   (06.22.05)
Dog fight over trade of means of mass destruction, both sides should be tried for murder
13. to #11
can you say hypocryte? the US sells weapons to arab nations all the time. The weapons are more advanced that those in the US arsenol. Oh, I forgot to mention that these are countires officially in a state of war with Israel. Last I checked, the US was not at war with China. The US is worried about its interests in the region? Like what, its soldiers? Well, Israel is concerned about its citizens (innocent men, women and children) being bombed. The US is upgrading China's communication systems, building factories and roads. All those things can be used agasint the US in a time of war. For example, the factories can be used to build tanks instead of trucks as the US did in WWII. Turth be told, the US cannot stand the fact that China signed hte deal with Israel, because if Israel becomes financially independant, it wont need the monetary aid from the US. That would mean thatt the US would have to deal with Israel as an equal and might lose its hold over the region.
14. To 7
Thank you for proving my point. When the Egyptians couldn't get what they wanted they played sides agaisnt one another. When the US refused to help the Aswan dam they went to the Russians. When the US did something and the Egyptians didn't liked it they opened up diplomatic relations. After the 73 war the Egyptians threatened the Soviets if they did not re-supply them. When they did not they went again to the US. Similar story to 56.
15. 13
If Israel becomes independent from the USA- that would be a BLESSING. I hope Israel does not need US aid one day- Our alliance has cost the US in so many ways- financially, security, enemies from the Arab world, international respect. The US can make friends again with th Arabs. But I doubt the Israelis will ever be friends with anyone. your laws are too isolationist and selfish- only caring about those of the jewish race.
16. to 14
what's not logic in such case , i don't understand what you mean ... the Egyptians have been disapointed by the Americans that time and it was logic to go to the other super power .... but at least the Egyptians didn't cheat even the russians like you did , Egypt didn't send a Pollard to Russia , Egypt didn't shoot any russian liberty , Egypt didn't sell any russian technology to it's enemy like you did with Americans .... don't try to compare you the zionists with any other kind of people ... you shake the hand of the devil for your interest and then you kill the devil ... America is in hell because of Israel ... faceing wars and terror and loosing hell of money and diplomacy and spending a big share for it's national security ...all of this because of Israel ... and the result is another stab in the back of the Americans .... i don't have to defend anything because we are more clean ... but you have to defend your self infront of the americans and please without involving any of the Arab countries in such story ... it's an interenal problem between America and it's best fake friend in the middel east Israel ..... smile
17. To 16
Considering that the Liberty was a case of friendly fire I don't see your point, other than your another one of those guys who believes in the zionists conspiracy And please explain me how going to one super power when you are "dissapointed" with the other isn't playing both sides? Actually Israel never sent the USSR any technology from the US. The only case that can really be thought up is when the Israeli army thrashed the Egyptians in 67 and 73. When the Egyptians were retreating they didn't try to destroy the Soviet technology. Allowing Israel to capture it and send multiple pieces to the US. Which in turn saved the US billions because it could properly counter the Soviet tanks instead of doing the guessing game. Pollard was a man who acted on his own. The information he gave was stuff that the US already had to give. But regardless he was punished and that was it. The true fake "best friend" of the middle east is the arabs. The ones who say they support the US yet dance on 9/11. The ones who say "we don't hate america" yet publish some of the most virulent anti-american propaganda in the world. And finally the ones who say they are agaisnt terror but have been funding and continue to fund it till this day. The US working with the arabs is like working with the Devil.
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