The Circleville, Ohio, Hitlers
By Associated Press
Published: 23.06.05, 16:37
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1. what next?
edward ,   las vegas   (06.23.05)
netanyahu blvd?
2. Ohio Hitlers
Linda Rubin ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.25.05)
I remember applying for an apartment rental from a Hitler family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the mid-1970s. They are still listed there.
3. Ohio Hitler family
Jim Duffy ,   Indianapolis, IN USA   (07.29.06)
My great-grandmother was Ellen Hitler, Circlevillle. Her daughter, Lillian Phillips, married my grandfather, Leon Gardner Duffy, all of Circleville. i was raised in Cleveland area.
4. hitler in the usa
mark balthazar ,   bloomington, il   (06.04.11)
Please don't pretend that the name Hitler isn't exactly dead --still a shocker to live to or for.
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